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Earn double World of Hyatt points at MGM Las Vegas properties

Hyatt has announced a new promotion in conjunction with MGM in which World of Hyatt members can earn double points at MGM's Last Vegas properties for the next three months. Registration is required.
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Marriott Bonvoyed my Suite Night Awards too

Most people with extensive experience with Marriott know that Bonvoy Suite Night Awards are not as valuable as Marriott would like everyone to think. Sometimes, they can be utterly useless. Still, having Suite Night Awards in your account is better than not having any at all so when Marriott appeared to have extended the validity of some of my SNAs to the end of this year I was pleased. Surprised, but pleased.
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Dear “My Hyatt Concierge”, you’re fantastic!

There are a few obvious reasons why Hyatt Globalist status is so nice to have - excellent suite upgrades, waived resort fees on cash bookings, 4 pm late check-outs, free parking on award nights, etc... - but none of these is the reason I've got extra love for the World of Hyatt program right now.
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Earn top-tier Hilton Diamond status through March 2024 in just 12 Nights

Last year, Hilton Honors fans were given a very easy path to top-tier Diamond Elite status when the Diamond Elites status match requirements were dropped to just 9 elite nights and while this current promotion isn't quite as generous, it still offers an incredibly easy path to top-tier Hilton status through March 2024.
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Buy World of Hyatt Points and get a 30% bonus

The World of Hyatt has launched a new points sale today and this time around, the program has brought back the deal we last saw running between the end of January and the beginning of March - all members can now buy points with a bonus of up to 30%.
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This is the kind of nonsense Marriott Bonvoy needs to cut out

There are a number of serious issues with the Marriott Bonvoy program and a lot of them are a result of Marriott allowing various brands and individual properties to plow their own furrow and to pick and choose what aspects of the Bonvoy program they want to adopt.
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Want hotel elite status? IHG’s promotion could be the answer

IHG has overhauled what was previously a mostly useless loyalty program (IHG Rewards) and turned it into a program that's better and more interesting (IHG One Rewards). As part of the big refresh and with a view to getting more people interested in what its loyalty program has to offer, IHG is currently offering a very easy path to mid-tier and top-tier status which is worth looking into.
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Earn 2x points & free night awards with Marriott’s Homes & Villas program

If you were considering making a Marriott Homes & Villas booking now may be a good time to do exactly that as for the next 9 days, the Homes & Villas team is running a promotion in which Bonvoy members can earn double base points and a free night award on stays consumed by the end of the year.
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The excellent IHG award sale ends tomorrow

For the past couple of weeks, IHG Rewards has been running an excellent award sale in which it has been offering targeted members and holders of its co-branded credit cards a 20% discount on select award stays. This offer ends tomorrow so if you’ve been targeted but have not made your bookings yet, you’re running out of time to make the most of this deal.
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Marriott Bonvoy dynamic pricing is yielding some unexpected results

Over the past few days, the Marriott Bonvoy program has moved over to a dynamic pricing model for award bookings, and while some of the results of that move are far from unexpected, some of the things that I'm seeing are a little surprising.
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Marriott’s move to dynamic pricing is delayed…but only by a few hours

Yesterday was supposed to be the last day that Marriott Bonvoy members could book awards at a variety of high-end properties (and a number of less high-end properties) at the rates set out in the program's award charts, but that's not how things have turned out.
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Can everyone now get 20% off select IHG Rewards awards? (for a limited time)

Last week, IHG Rewards brought back an excellent sale which sees the cost of awards reduced by 20% for stays of up to 3 nights commencing no later than 25 May. At the launch, the sale was only open to holders of select IHG Rewards co-branded credit cards but we were promised that it would be opened up to all IHG Rewards members within a few days.
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Marriott Bonvoy eliminates award charts & moves to dynamic pricing tomorrow

Towards the end of October last year, Marriott dropped the bombshell news that it was planning to make significant changes to how the Bonvoy program works, and now that we're less than 24 hours away from these changes coming into effect, I thought I'd post a reminder of what we should expect.
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Buy Choice Privileges Points with a 40% bonus

Choice Privileges Rewards has launched a new sale in which it’s offering members a 40% bonus when they purchase a minimum of 24,000 points and an increased purchase limit of 180,000 points (excluding bonus). If you’re a fan of Choice properties and you’re low on points, this may be an opportunity to top up your account if the math makes sense for you.
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New targeted IHG promotion: Earn up to 50,000 bonus points

IHG is on a roll! Not only is it currently offering a very nice discount on select awards bookings but it has also now unveiled a targeted promotion in which members can earn up to 50,000 bonus points for stays made in the upcoming weeks.
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Hyatt’s award costs are going up tomorrow – book now to avoid higher rates

This is a reminder that Hyatt's 2022 award category changes come into effect from tomorrow, 22 March, and that means that we have less than 24 hours in which to lock in the current award prices at 70 World of Hyatt properties that will soon cost considerably more. 
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Get 20% back on select award bookings with the World of Hyatt Credit Card

A new promotion has been launched for holders of the World of Hyatt credit card in which a 20% rebate is being offered on award stays made at Hyatt's Thompson properties between 1 April and 5 June 2022.
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Is this a new annoyance on Marriott’s website?

Ordinarily, I find Marriott's website to be pretty user-friendly and mostly free of the kinds of glitches that cause me to want to rip what remains of my hair out of my head (I wish I could same the same about ba.com!) but in the past few weeks, I've noticed one particular oddity appear three times while I've been performing award searches and I like to know if anyone else has noticed anything similar.
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Don’t assume that you know a hotel’s award cancellation window

One of the often-mentioned major benefits of making a hotel booking with points is that points bookings are usually considerably more flexible than the cheaper cash rates on offer. Where a discounted cash rate is often non-refundable once booked, a points booking is usually considered to be cancelable, without penalty, until a few days before arrival. This, however, is not always the case so it pays to read the small print carefully before you make an award booking.
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Marriott.com adds lowest rates calendar to booking searches

In the past couple of days, Marriott has made a small enhancement (a real one) to its website and it now offers customers the option of accessing a property's rates across a whole month directly from the search results page. In the grand scheme of things, this isn't groundbreaking, but it's a nice addition to Marriot.com.
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Ignore this terrible advice from a Twitter travel chat

Yesterday, I happened upon a scheduled Twitter chat that was covering the miles and points world and I watched as various contributors answered questions that were designed to give less experienced miles & points enthusiasts some ideas on how to get good value out of their balances. Usually, I ignore these kinds of chats but on this occasion, I watched this chat long enough to see a truly terrible bit of advice being handed out.
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Get A 50% Bonus When You Buy Marriott Bonvoy Points

Marriott has brought back a similar points sale promotion to one that we saw around this time last year in which it's offering Bonvoy members a bonus of up to 50% on purchases made in the next 6 weeks. For some, this will be a promotion that's well worth considering while for others this is clearly a promotion to avoid.
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Devaluation: Hyatt announces award category changes for 2022

The World of Hyatt has just announced that 146 of its properties will be changing award categories in a little over a month's time and while the changes are pretty evenly split between properties moving up a category and properties moving down, it's interesting (and a little worrying) to see that Hyatt will be moving nine of its properties into Category 8 which up until now, has been reserved for SLH properties only.
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World of Hyatt is still offering points in exchange for expired certificates

This is a post to remind World of Hyatt members that if you can't find an economical or worthwhile use for a Hyatt free night certificate, there's no need to make a booking for the sake of it or to watch the certificate go to waste - Hyatt will often be happy to give you points in exchange for any free night certificates that you allow to expire.
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Earn 20 Bonvoy Points per dollar with Marriott’s Homes & Villas (Limited Time Offer)

Homes and Villas by Marriott launches a new promotion today in which it's offering quadruple points on select stays booked by the end of 11 February 2022. Neither the booking period nor the period in which stays have to be consumed is particularly long but with at least 20 points/dollar on offer, this is still a promotion that may be worth checking out.
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ENDING TOMORROW – Select IHG credit card holders get 20% off award bookings

For the past few weeks, IHG has been running a promotion for targeted holders of its Chase-issued credit cards in which it has been offering 20% off the cost of all awards. Sadly, the promotion is set to end tomorrow, February 8th, so there's only a little time left to make the most of what can be an excellent deal.
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A guide to Marriott Bonvoy Annual Choice Benefits (make your selections by 7 January...

With the year almost over, with Marriott having dropped a lot of elite night credits into member accounts in February and with Bonvoy members having been given a double elite nights promotion earlier in the year, a significant number of people will now have enough elite night credits in their Bonvoy account to trigger Marriott's Annual Choice Benefits. With that in mind and because Annual Choice Benefit selections need to be made by 7 January 2022, I've taken a look at what benefits Marriott is offering Bonvoy members when they credit 50 and 75 nights to their accounts in 2021.
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Marriott Bonvoy is sending out new targeted promotions

Marriott Bonvoy's global promotions are almost always incredibly disappointing but every now and again the program sends out a few targeted offers that are worth a second look. Right now is one of those times as select Bonvoy members are starting to see new promotions appearing in their accounts.
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This will be Hilton’s first new global promotion of 2022 (register now)

Hilton is still running its 'Power Up' global promotion in which it's offering double points on stays completed by 31 December but it has now revealed the promotion that will take over from it on 1 January. Registration for Hilton's new 'Points Unlimited' promotion is now open.
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Hyatt has announced its next Bonus Journeys global promotion (register now)

Hyatt has finally announced the details of its next Bonus Journeys global promotion which, unfortunately, won't go live until next year even though registration for the promotion is now open. As with a number of previous Hyatt promotions, there's an extra bonus available for holders of Hyatt co-branded credit cards but I'll warn you right now that anyone expecting a repeat of what we saw in previous promotions will almost certainly be disappointed.
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Earn 5x points at IHG properties worldwide (2 days only!)

IHG's promised "biggest member event" appears to be here with the hotelier boosting its current 4Q promotion to offer customers 5 times the usual number of base points per dollar on bookings made in the next two days.
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Hilton confirms that free night award expiration dates are being extended

In the past few days, Hilton has made it possible for Honors members to view full details of their free night awards on its website, and some people have noticed that the expiration dates of those awards have been extended. Up until today, Hilton hadn't passed comment on these changes but we now have confirmation that a number of extensions are being processed.
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Go to Super Bowl LVI with Bonvoy Moments

Marriott Bonvoy Moments is the heir to SPG Moments and is a program that allows Marriott Bonvoy members to spend their points on sports, concerts, and experiences rather than on hotel stays. Right now (and has been the case in most recent years), Marriott is giving Bonvoy members a chance to use their points to book tickets to Super Bowl LVI in Los Angeles.
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IHG has now extended the validity of select free night certificates

At the beginning of the month, IHG Rewards sent out emails to its members to let them know that the expiration dates of some free night certificates would be extended and if my account is anything to go by, it looks like those expiration extensions have now been processed.
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Hyatt & Exhale will end their partnership from January 2022

Hyatt purchases Exhale Spas back in 2017 and we saw the program added to the World of Hyatt a few months later. Since then, World of Hyatt members have been able to earn and burn points at Exhale Spas around the country, and World of Hyatt elites have been able to enjoy extra benefits at Exhale locations too. Sadly, not for much longer.
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Citi Adds Wyndham Rewards as its second hotel partner

It was only a few weeks ago that Citi announced that Choice Privileges would become the ThankYou program's first hotel partner since Hilton departed a few years ago, and now here we are seeing Wyndham Rewards being added as a ThankYou partner too.
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Odd: Are IHG free night certificates a little better than I thought?

I have an IHG free night certificate that's expiring at the end of the year and as I was performing a few random searches to see what I could and couldn't book with it last night, I stumbled across something that I'm pretty sure I've never seen before - the free night certificates can sometimes be more useful than points.
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Is one of the best World of Hyatt award redemptions effectively dead?

Up until now, most of the research that I've been doing around the World of Hyatt program since seasonal pricing was introduced hasn't thrown up anything that's hugely negative or anything that was totally unexpected. That was until I started trying to work out just how far out I'd have to book to be able to reserve the amazing Alila Venata Big Sur at no more than 35,000 points per night (Category 7 peak rate). What I've discovered is more than a little disappointing.
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Another Targeted Hyatt Promotion (Earn 50,000 bonus points)

Last week we saw the World of Hyatt emailing members with a targeted offer in which 30,000 bonus points are on offer for every 10 nights consumed and which looks tailor-made for road warriors. Now we're hearing about another targeted offer that's out there in the wild in which fewer points are on offer but which will work a lot better for guests staying fewer nights.
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How to use Chase & Amex Marriott Free Night Certificates (multi-night bookings)

Recently, I've shown how Bonvoy members can locate free night certificates in their accounts and how they can use those certificates to book single night stays. In this post, I take a look at how a Marriott free night certificate can be incorporated into a multi-night booking.
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Targeted Hyatt promotion: Earn up to 150,000 bonus points in 10 weeks

Hyatt appears to be targeting select World of Hyatt members for a promotion that could be very lucrative for anyone planning to enjoy quite a few nights at Hyatt properties in the next 10 weeks. The offer is being emailed to targeted World of Hyatt members but in case your spam filters are a little too aggressive, there's a link to the registration page in this post where you can check to see if Hyatt has chosen you for this offer.
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IHG will extend more statuses & expiration dates of select free night certificates

Almost a week after the news quietly first appeared on its website, IHG Rewards has now started sending out emails to members to let them know that their elite status will be extended through February 2023. The emails also contain further good news so we now also know that select free night certificates will have their expiration dates extended and that two other IHG elite status programs will be extending select elite statuses.
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How to use Chase & Amex Marriott Free Night Certificates (single night bookings)

In a post yesterday I showed how Bonvoy members can locate their free night certificates in the desktop site and the Bonvoy mobile app, and today I'm going to go through the simple process of making a single night reservation with a Marriott Bonvoy free night certificate.
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My first look at the World of Hyatt post devaluation (has value remained?)

On 26 October, seasonal pricing was introduced to the World of Hyatt program meaning that while no properties moved hotel categories on that date, Hyatt stays from March 2022 onwards can now cost up to 25% more than they currently do. With Hyatt's seasonal calendars now live, I've taken a look at a few regular Hyatt properties and a few well-known and higher-end Hyatt properties to see what the calendars show and to see if I can answer three key questions that have been on my mind.
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Forget better benefits, IHG thinks customers want more ways to use their points

Accenture recently published a mini-interview with the CEO of IHG Hotels & Resorts, Keith Barr, and while most of the short video doesn't directly relate to the miles and points world, a 40-second segment within it gives us a brief insight into what IHG thinks it needs to do to keep customers engaged with its loyalty program.
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IHG Rewards extends elite statuses through January 2023

It was the last week of April 2020 when IHG announced that it would offer elite status extensions through January 2022 and now that Hilton (in September) and Marriott (yesterday) have both announced that members of their loyalty programs will continue to enjoy their elite statuses into 2023, IHG has followed suit.
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The new World of Hyatt award calendars are now live

As most people reading this will probably know, the World of Hyatt introduced peak and off-peak pricing yesterday, 26 October, and while the new pricing system doesn't affect stays made before the end of February 2022, all of Hyatt's properties are now displaying their respective award calendars for all bookable dates from 1 March 2022 onwards. 
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Marriott will extend elite statuses, free night awards & more

It's impossible to get away from the fact that yesterday's news out of Marriott was pretty unpalatable for most of us and the repercussions will probably rumble on for some time. Still, there's a tiny silver lining to the noxious plumes of black smoke billowing off the dumpster fire that is the Bonvoy program - members will get their statuses extended again and will have a little more time in which to use up some of their benefits too.
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Burn Bonvoy Burn: Marriott moves to dynamic pricing and eliminates award charts

Today was supposed to be the day that American Airlines gutted its loyalty program for a second time (it didn't - more on that later) so while most of us were focusing heavily on AAdvantage and waiting for the hammer to fall, Marriott sneaked up on the outside and caught a lot of people by surprise when it dropped the biggest bomb of the day in announcing a massive change to the Bonvoy program.
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Devaluation coming tomorrow: Book your 2022 Hyatt stays now

Hyatt originally planned to introduce peak and off-peak pricing back in March 2020 but the pandemic got in the way of those plans and the devaluation was postponed. Now, however, the postponements are over and Hyatt's move to peak, off-peak, and standard award pricing comes into effect tomorrow and with some bookings set to cost up to 25% more, now is the time to make any bookings that you think you may need.
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Hyatt peak & off peak pricing will not affect free night awards

Yesterday was the day when we finally had official confirmation that the World of Hyatt would, after numerous postponements, finally introduce peak and off-peak season pricing from Tuesday, 26 October 2021 at 10:00 am CT for stays made on or after 1 March 2022. While clearly devaluation, this isn't as bad as it could have been, and one of the silver linings around the dark cloud of seasonal spring is that Hyatt's free night awards will not be affected by what's on the way.
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Double Tier-Qualifying nights at Andaz properties for Hyatt credit card holders

Some links to products and travel providers on this website will earn Traveling For Miles a commission that helps contribute to the running of...
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Promo: Double points with Radisson Rewards everywhere but the Americas

Radisson Rewards has launched a new double points promotion for stays in Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Asia-Pacific through the end of the year (almost). The promotion is not open to Radisson Rewards Americas members but because everyone can have both types of Radisson Rewards account and because points can be transferred freely between the two, this is a promotion open to all fans of Radisson.
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Earn 500 bonus points/night for stays at any of these 28 Hyatt properties

Hyatt has been offering 500 bonus points/night to World of Hyatt members who stay at the newest properties in its portfolio for some time (it even offered a bonus of 1,000 points/night earlier this year) so as we've seen numerous new properties added to the Hyatt portfolio since I last wrote about this deal in March, this seems like a good time to remind readers of where you can pick up some very easy points around the world.
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Hyatt brings back triple points on dining & launches a free night offer

For a limited time, Hyatt has brought back a popular (with some) dining promotion that we first saw offered back in July last year and which ran for a significant number of months. The hotelier has also introduced a limited-time deal in which it's offering guests free nights when they use their World of Hyatt points to book stays at any of its Miraval properties.
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Sometimes I Have To Force Myself Not Save Elite Benefits For Some Hypothetical Future...

Miles, points, and elite status benefits are all there to be used (it's pointless hoarding miles and points because they'll devalue over time and what's the point of benefits if you don't use them?) but sometimes I have to give myself a good solid kick in the you-know-where when I realize that something is stopping me from acting in a rational and sensible way. One such kick was needed this weekend.
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Hilton Extends Elite Statuses Into 2023 & Lowers Status Requirements For 2022

The pandemic is still with us, international travel is still fraught with issues and a lot of people are still not booking trips, so Hilton has decided that it's time for another set of measures to keep its more loyal guests happy. Elite status extensions, lower elite status qualification requirements for 2022, and a continuing freeze on points expirations are just three of the things announced by Hilton today.
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Buy Choice Privileges Points with a 30% bonus (points cost 0.76 cents)

Choice Privileges Rewards has launched a new sale in which it's offering members a 30% bonus when they purchase a minimum of 15,000 points and an increased purchase limit of 250,000 points (excluding bonus). If you're a fan of Choice properties and you're low on points, this may be an opportunity to top up your account if the math makes sense for you.
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Good Deal: Transfer Marriott Bonvoy Points To United With A 30% Bonus

United Airlines is currently offering its flyers a 30% bonus when they transfer various hotel currencies across to their MileagePlus account and while I wouldn't recommend that readers transfer over points from programs like Hilton Honors, the World of Hyatt, or IHG Rewards, a transfer from Marriott Bonvoy can make a lot of sense.
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Register For Hilton’s New Power Up Promotion (Starts September 7th)

We're now into the final quarter of 2021 so we're starting to see the various hotel loyalty programs unveiling the promotions that will take them through to the end of the year. Hilton's latest promotion is now open for registration and it's offering guests up to triple points on stays through 31 December.
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A Good Indicator That A “Best…” List Is Utter Nonsense

If you're immersed in the miles and point world and aren't blinkered in your approach to the various loyalty programs that are available (i.e you don't blindly "love" a single program and see no wrong with it), you probably have a good idea which loyalty programs are good and which are second rate. Unfortunately, a lot of people aren't so fortunate and they often rely on the various "top" and "best" lists that get published all too frequently.
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Marriott’s New 4Q Promotion Has Now Been Published (Register Now)

After what seems like an inordinate amount of time, Marriott has finally published a new promotion to take us through to the end of the year (almost) but considering just how long Bonvoy members have had to wait for the chance to earn a few bonus points, Marriott has, once again, been less than generous with its offering - set your expectations low and you won't be disappointed.
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Another 31 SLH properties & 1 experience have been added to the World of...

The last time we noticed Hyatt adding more Small Luxury Hotels (SLH) to the World of Hyatt program was, unsurprisingly, before the pandemic brought the world to a standstill. Now, a recent announcement from Hyatt indicates that 12 more SLH properties were added to its loyalty program back in April (who knew?) and that a further 22 SLH properties/experiences were added just yesterday.
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They’re Back: Hyatt & American Airlines Are Offering Targeted Elite Status Challenges

Hyatt and American Airlines have just announced that they're once again offering elite status challenges to members of each other's loyalty programs. From today, select AAdvantage and World of Hyatt members will be offered the chance to earn elite status in the other's loyalty program through January or February 2023. Challenges are targeted, require registration, and are appearing on dedicated American Airlines and Hyatt web pages.
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The new (and very good) Hyatt global promotion is live – register now

Hyatt's latest 'Bonus Journeys' promotion is now live and offering guests the opportunity to earn a significant number of World of Hyatt points between now and 15 September. Registration for the promotion is a prerequisite for earning all the bonus points that are available so now is probably as good a time as any to register to make sure that you don't miss out.
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This Is What The Next World Of Hyatt Promotion Will Look Like

In the current World of Hyatt promotion, members have been able to earn up to 2,500 bonus points for every 2 qualifying nights consumed during the promotion period and if we're being completely honest, it hasn't been one of the most exciting promotions we've seen. Now, however, with the current promotion coming to an end today, Hyatt has given us a look at when the next promotion will look like and it looks promising.
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GOOD NEWS: Hyatt Will Delay The Introduction Of Peak Season Pricing (Again)

When the pandemic first started to take hold last year, Hyatt announced that the planned introduction of peak/off-peak award pricing that had been set to take place on 22 March 2020 was being postponed until 2021. Then, In October 2020, Hyatt confirmed that the new award pricing would go live from July 2021. Now, however, Hyatt has a change of heart and it has announced that the peak and off-peak award pricing will not be coming into effect this year.
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Hyatt Credit Card Holders Get 25% Back On Select Award Bookings

Hyatt is reviving a good promotion that we've seen it offer a few times in the past but with the vaccine program going well in the US and the world starting to open up to travelers, it's worth noting that this year's promotion isn't as generous as the promotion we saw offered last year.
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Confession: I’m Breaking A Significant Rule Of The Miles & Points Game

The miles and points game is full of unwritten rules that help guide us away from doing something stunningly stupid, that help us make the most of the opportunities we’re presented with and that, on the whole, help us to travel in a lot more comfort and luxury than the people who know nothing of the game we play. Right now, however, I’m breaking what could be classified as the most important unwritten rule of them all.
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LAST CHANCE: Register for Hyatt’s Bonus Journeys promotion

Hyatt's current global promotion has been running since the beginning of March and with an end date of 15 June is still has a few weeks left to run. If, however, you have yet to register for this promotion (it's free to register), you have until the end of tomorrow to do so because the registration period is about to end.
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Marriott Is Selling Bonvoy Points With A 30% Discount

Marriott Bonvoy has launched a new points sale promotion in which it's offering members a 30% discount on the regular price of points for all purchases of 2,000 points or more.
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My Strange World Of Hyatt Credit Card Statement Credit

As most of you with Chase credit cards will know, for the past few years Chase has been publishing offers that give cardholders a small credit for spending with select retailers and, occasionally, with one or two hoteliers. Recently, a credit from one of these offers hit my World of Hyatt credit card account but, a little amusingly, I have no idea what that credit is doing there.
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Hilton’s Second Major Promotion For 2021 Is Live – Register Now

Hilton's new big promotion for 2021 is now live and runs through 6 September. Unlike the promotion that recently ended, this promotion favors guests making longer stays over stays of just one or two nights so it's likely to favor the leisure traveler more than a lot of road warriors but, that being said, there are still plenty of bonus points up for grabs regardless of your length of stay.
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Marriott Will Extend The Validity Of Select Free Night Certificates & RC Upgrades

With it looking increasingly likely that international travel won't be an option for a lot of people until July at the very earliest, and with parts of the world announcing new lockdown measures, Marriott has taken the positive step of confirming that it will be extending the validity of some Marriott Bonvoy free night certificates and the validity of some Ritz-Carlton upgrade certificates.
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New Promo: Earn 1,000 American Airlines Miles Per Night With Hyatt [Targeted]

Back in November, Hyatt launched a promotion in which it offered 1,000 AAdvantage Miles per night for stays at select Hyatt resorts, and now that that offer has ended (it ended on 4 April), Hyatt is back with a bigger and better (albeit targeted) deal - earn 1,000 AAdvantage Miles per night at hundreds of World Hyatt properties around the world.
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Another IHG Mess – The Promotion You Were Targeted For May Not Be Valid

Earlier this month, a significant number of IHG Rewards members had a message dropped into their accounts informing them that they could earn 10,000 bonus points for every 10 nights they consume at IHG properties in 2021. Well, there's a very good chance that if you saw that message in your account it was there in error and you weren't really targeted for that promotion at all.
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Avoid, Avoid, Avoid – Don’t Buy IHG Rewards Points In The Latest Sale

This is nothing more than a rehash of the article that I usually post whenever IHG Rewards comes up with a sale that offers anything but a 100% bonus, so it's going to be one of the shorter posts that I write this year. All I really want this post to achieve is to make newcomers to the miles & points hobby aware that the current IHG Rewards Club points sale isn't very good and to let them know that we're definitely going to see better sales than this one in months ahead.
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Some Six Senses Resorts Are Now Bookable With IHG Rewards Points

IHG announced the purchase of Six Senses Hotels Resorts for $300m in February 2019 and IHG Rewards members shave been waiting patiently ever since to be given a chance to use their points to book these luxurious properties. Now, that wait is over (at least in part) because 6 of the Six Senses properties are now showing award night availability on IHG's website.
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Reminder: Award Bookings At Ten Hyatt Properties Will Cost More From Tomorrow

A couple of weeks ago, Hyatt announced that a total of eleven of its properties would be changing award categories this month and that award bookings at ten of those properties would soon be costing more. Tomorrow morning is when these changes kick in so if you need to book an award at a property that's moving up a category, now is the time to book it.
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IHG Promotion: Earn 10,000 Points Every 10 Nights (And A Bonus 20,000 Points Too)

Right now, most (possibly all) IHG Rewards Club members are eligible for a promotion that will see them earn a bonus of 10,000 points for every 10 nights they spend at IHG properties in 2021, but the chances are that they have no idea that this promotion is in progress.
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Mistake Or Deliberate? Did Hilton Just Roll Back Some Positive Changes?

At the beginning of last year, Hilton made a few small but customer-friendly changes to the terms and conditions of its Hilton Honors loyalty program but for reasons that are as yet unclear, these changes appear to have been rolled back.
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Wyndham Promotion: Earn 1,000 – 7,500 Bonus Points On Stays

Throughout March, Wyndham Rewards is running "Member Month" and each week it's offering new ways to enjoy or earn Wyndham Rewards points. The points sale from week 1 is still ongoing, the opportunity to earn up to 35 points/dollar through various shopping portals is still going strong, and this week members are being offered bonus points for staying with Wyndham through the end of May.
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Earn 1,000 bonus points/night at select Hyatt Properties

Hyatt has been offering a 500 point bonus/night to World of Hyatt members who stay at the newest properties in its portfolio for some time, but the hotelier has now (temporarily) doubled that offer to 1,000 points in honor of the opening of its 1,000th property - the Alila Napa Valley.
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Amex Is Offering A 40% Bonus On Transfers To Marriott Bonvoy [Targeted]

Before today, we hadn't seen a new Marriott transfer bonus from American Express since September 2020 but as of this morning, anyone wishing to transfer Membership Rewards Points over to their Bonvoy account can do so with a 40% bonus thrown in for good measure.
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Get A 40% Bonus When You Transfer Amex Points To Hilton [Targeted]

The last time I recall seeing an Amex Hilton transfer bonus was back in September/October last year so it has been a while since we've seen that offered. Right now, however, a new Hilton Amex transfer bonus has appeared in targeted accounts, and just like in October the best bonus on offer appears to be 40%.
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11 Hyatt Properties Will Move Hotel Categories On 25 March (7 More Than Expected)

Back in October, twelve Hyatt properties moved award categories, Hyatt confirmed that it would be introducing peak and off-peak award pricing from July 2021, and we were told that a further four Hyatt properties would be moving award categories this month. Now, in a new update, Hyatt has said that a further 7 properties will be move award categories in a couple of weeks' time taking the total number of properties moving award categories to 11.
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Wyndham Rewards launches “Member Month” with weekly special offers

Wyndham Rewards has today launched "Member Month" which will see the loyalty program offering its members special offers across five separate weeks. The promotion kicks off with members being given a bonus on all points purchases made through 5 April.
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A Good Example Of A Truly Bad Marriott Bonvoy Policy

Marriott is the largest hotelier in the world (by some distance) so it stands to reason that its Bonvoy rewards program has more members than any other hotel rewards program around. Sadly, size isn't everything, and while a lot of Bonvoys deficiencies are well documented, I've just been given another reminder of just how bad some of Marriott Bonvoy's policies can be...even if you hold top-tier status.
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Less Than 48 Hours To Go Before Marriott’s Hotel Category Changes Kick In

At the beginning of last month, Marriott announced one of the more benign series of hotel category changes that most of us can remember but with a little over two hundred properties changing categories in two days time, it's still worth remembering that some properties should be booked asap while bookings at others should be put off for a few days.
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New joiners can earn up to 6,000 bonus points with Marriott’s dining program

Marriott introduced its Eat Around Town dining program in the latter half of 2019 but, since then, it hasn't really done very much to promote the program or to incentivize its use. Now, however, that's just changed with Marriott's unveiling of a nice bonus for new joiners.
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Hyatt’s New Global Promotion Revealed – Register Now

Hyatt has now announced details of its new global promotion which is set to take over when the current crop of great deals ends on Sunday. The new Hyatt Bonus Journeys promotion will run from 1 March through 15 June and will offer guests bonus points for every two qualifying nights as well as the chance to earn a free night certificate.
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I’m Genuinely Excited To Find Out What Hyatt’s Next Promotion Will Be

Before this year, the last hotel promotions that I genuinely looked forward to were IHG's Accelerate promotions which had all but fizzled out by the end of 2018. Since then, a lot of the promotions that hoteliers have been publishing have been boring and pedestrian but Hyatt's performance in the second half of last year now has me eager to find out what more it has in store.
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Earning Hyatt Globalist Elite Status – How Much Did It Cost Me? (And How...

When, in late 2020, Hyatt announced that it would be slashing its elite status requirements for 2021 and that all stays made through 28 February 2021 would earn double elite night credits, I knew immediately that I would set out to earn Hyatt's top-tier Globalist status. Late last month I achieved my target and as a few people have been asking, I thought I'd share how much Hyatt Globalist status ended up costing me (and how much I actually consider it cost me).
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This Is How You Can Pool/Combine Marriott Bonvoy Points

Although Marriott Bonvoy doesn't offer the option of a household account, there is a simple method that Bonvoy members can use to pool their points from multiple accounts. Knowing how to do this can be the key to maximizing the value out of any points that a family or group of friends has banked, and key to making the most of any great points sales that come along.
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Hyatt Bonus Journey elite nights have posted (again)

If you're one of the many people chasing top-tier Hyatt status courtesy of the incredibly generous promotion that Hyatt is currently running, I have some good news for you. Any bonus elite night credits that you may have been due for stays made so far in 2021, should have now posted to your account.
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Confirmed: Some Marriott Reward Nights Will Earn Double Elite Night Credits In The New...

Registration is now open for the first big Marriott promotion of the year and with double points and double elite night credits on offer, it's always worth making sure that you're clear on the rules. One promotion rule, in particular, struck me as ambiguous so I got in touch with Marriott and asked for clarification. The reply brought good news.
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Register now for the Marriott Bonvoy Double Elite Nights promotion

Back in January, Marriott gave us a few hints as to what its first big promotion of the year would look like, and now, as of a few hours ago, we have all the details we need and registration is open for the promotion that launches in a couple of weeks' time.
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Register Now For Radisson’s First Major Promotion Of 2021

We may have already seen a points sale and an award promotion from Radisson in 2021 but we've been waiting to see what the hotelier's first big worldwide promotion of the year will look like. Over the weekend, we got our answer.
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SALE: Get up to 30% off Choice Privileges points (best rate)

Choice Privileges Rewards has launched its latest points sale in which it's offering members a discount of up to 30% when they purchase points by the middle of February. This sale is offering Choice Privileges points at the cheapest rate that we usually see but the number of points that you have to buy to lock-in the cheapest rate will probably vary from member to member.
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IHG Rewards Is Extending The Expiration Date Of Some Free Night Certificates

Back in December, IHG left it as late as it possibly could before extending the expiration date of all the free night certificates that were due to expire at the end of 2020. Now, IHG has confirmed that it is extending the expiration date of yet more free night certificates.

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