Welcome To Traveling For Miles

Traveling For Miles is a Miles & Points centric site that provides travelers with information and knowledge that will help make travel easier, cheaper, and much more comfortable than it often can be.

There’s no great mystery to the Miles & Points world but a working knowledge of how various loyalty programs work, which loyalty programs are offering good promotions/bonuses, and how best to grow your Miles & Points balances is essential to anyone wanting to travel in comfort (and sometimes luxury). That’s what Traveling For Miles provides.

Who’s behind TFM?

It’s always better to know who you are dealing with when it comes to all things online. So, with that in mind, I’m Ziggy and I own Traveling For Miles. I split my time between the US and the UK, so I get to experience travel and loyalty programs on both sides of the Pond.

I hold top-tier status with British Airways, top-tier status with Hyatt, lifetime top/tier status with Marriott, and lifetime mid-tier status with American Airlines, and while those statuses certainly help to mold my travels, I get to play around with trips involving quite a few other airlines and hotels as well.

I fly anywhere between 100,000 and 150,000 miles a year and I stay in hotels, resorts, and rented accommodations on average 60 nights per year, so I get to try out a good variety of places to stay.

I use my own money for all the travel you’ll read about on the site and any miles & points that I use will have been earned from that travel, or from the tips and tricks that I’ll share on this site.

What you’ll find on TFM?

  • Airline reviews
  • Airfare deals
  • Hotel reviews
  • Trip reports
  • Miles & Points offers
  • Credit card news/reviews
  • Travel industry news

So what makes TFM different from some other travel sites?

I like to try out a number of things you don’t see too often on other miles & points sites and produce some content that will be useful to a broad segment of the traveling public. Things like:

  • Introductions to my trips – I’ll set out how much my trips cost to do and, if miles & points were used, how those miles & points were earned in the first place. This should give readers a realistic idea of what trips cost and how promotions can be maximized to keep spending down.
  • Economy Class and Premium Economy reviews – while I’m not about to give up all my Business Class flights (there’s no way I’d survive 100,000 miles a year in Economy!) – I still fly my share of Economy and Premium Economy flights too. You’ll find reviews of these flights mixed in with the reviews of the more upscale cabins I fly in too.
  • Ex-Europe flights – a lot of my trips start in the UK which means I’m at the mercy of the high taxes that are imposed on travelers departing from a UK airport and the high fares associated with a high-demand location. To get around these drawbacks I take ‘positioning flights’ to various European cities before starting my main journey from there. As you’ll see from my reviews the cost savings can be substantial and they can often more than make up for the extra hassle and travel time that positioning flights bring with them.

What doesn’t appear on TFM?

Financial advice. Hopefully this is obvious, but it’s probably worth mentioning. A large percentage of miles & points earned by travelers every year come from financial products like credit cards, so these get mentioned frequently on this site.

I am not a financial adviser and at no point am I offering the reader advice on ANY of these financial products just as I’m not recommending any financial product for anyone’s personal circumstances.

Your finances are your responsibility so do your research and get expert advice before diving in. For more details please read the disclaimer you’ll find at the foot of every TFM page.


CardRatings.com, Booking.com, Amazon, Qatar Airways, Air France, KLM, British Airways, TAP Air Portugal, Points.com, Marriott, Hilton, IHG, Priority Pass, and ExpertFlyer.com are all Traveling For Miles advertising partners and more are being added all the time.

You’ll find banners and javascript with links to TFM partners dotted around the site and the site earns a commission from purchases you make once you’ve clicked through to the partner sites. In addition, you will also find links to partners in articles where relevant to the topic at hand.

All commissions go to covering the overheads of the site.


One of the most important things I hope this site manages to do is to help travelers get the most out of whatever trips they take.

The whole point of disclosing how much my trips cost, how many miles & points I use, and how I earn them is to give readers an idea of what’s possible with a little effort. I don’t churn credit cards and I don’t participate in too many crazy point-earning strategies, so most of the things I discuss should be accessible to a lot of people.

What you can and can’t do will vary depending on your budget but there’s almost always something that you can be doing (for little or no cash outlay) that will improve the trips you take – so why not do it?

I’m always happy to answer as many questions as possible, so feel free to use the Comments section below the articles (or contact me via email – admin (at) travelingformiles.com) to ask whatever is on your mind.

If there’s anything you’d like to see me cover, or if you see/hear about a good deal you’d like to share then let me know and I’ll look into it.

Enjoy reading!