Delta Pauses Automatic Advance Upgrades & Blocks Middle Seats

Delta has just announced a series of new measures which it hopes will help passengers to continue practice social distancing in the air as well as on the ground. These measures include pausing advance complimentary upgrades and blocking seats in most cabins across the airline's remaining route network.

I Love Air Canada’s Innovative Offers To Its Elite Flyers

I don't have very many dealing with Air Canada so I can't really comment on how well or badly the airline is dealing with customers in the current environment, but I can say that I love a couple of innovative offers that the airline put to its elite members in an announcement it released yesterday.

How To Get A Refund From British Airways – The Last Working Ways

British Airways has been one of the many airlines that have been trying their very best not to offer customers refunds (or making refund requests as difficult as possible) when their flights have been cancelled, and this is despite the fact that the European Commission and the US Department of Transport both recently restated that refunds have to be offered.

Did An Airline Cancel Your Flight? The US & EU Authorities Confirm You’re Entitled...

It's no secret that a significant number of airlines around the world have been attempting to circumvent or ignore regulations that order them to offer passengers full cash refunds when their flights are cancelled by the airlines. Actions taken by these airlines have resulted in passengers being fooled or frustrated into accepting vouchers for future travel when the cost of their trips should have been fully refunded, and a sudden rise in complaints to the authorities has seen some regulators take action.

Delta Extends Change Waiver Fees On Select Booking Through 2022!

Delta has just announced that, following a review of its current fee waiver policies, it has decided to extend the change fee waiver period for select bookings through to May 2022. That's a date that's well over two years away and when you see which bookings get this exemption you'll also see that this isn't a cash reservation exercise by Delta - this appears to be a genuinely nice move.

A Quick Update On British Airways Refunds

A little over a week ago, a couple of workarounds were found (by people a lot more tech-savvy than me) which allowed British Airways customers to request their refunds via an online form rather than having to wait on the phone lines for hours on end and, as I seem to be getting more and more questions about the state of these refunds, I thought I'd post a quick update on what I've experienced and what I've noticed.

American Airlines Has Extended Its Change Fee Waiver

Up until now, American Airlines has been waiving change fees for bookings made through 31 March 2020 (today) but with no sign that anything around us is getting any better soon the airline has now extended that booking period by a month.

Review: American Airlines A321T Business Class (LAX-JFK)

American Airlines operates its best narrowbody aircraft (complete with lie-flat seats in First & Business Class) on a few select transcontinental routes on which the airline feels that it needs to compete for premium passenger traffic. One of the routes on which these aircraft operate is the route between Los Angeles and New York (JFK).

Incredible! Now Some Airlines Are Seeking Permission To Rip You Off

I've long thought that most airlines (not all) are run by people with little or no soul and by people who have little to no regard for their customers. Sadly, it's taken a worldwide pandemic to prove me right.

Warning: Don’t Accept Travel Vouchers If An Airline Cancels Your Flight(s)

A worrying number of airlines are currently doing their very best to either make it very hard for customers to request the full refund that the law says they're entitled to, or they're offering passengers incentives to accept travel vouchers in place of refunds. This is not good news for flyers and you should almost certainly refuse a travel voucher if a refund is due to you.

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