Air France Retires All Its A380 Aircraft…And Does Me A Favor

Air France hasn't shown its A380s much love for quite some time but it was still a big surprise to most when the airline took time out yesterday to announce that it was retiring all of its A380 aircraft with immediate effect.

Delta Restarts Two Routes To Europe & Adds Cape Town To Its Network

As of today, Delta is operating two more routes between the United States and Europe than it operated last week (it plans to offer nine transatlantic routes in June) and the airline's president told yesterday's employee virtual town hall that Delta would be modifying its operations to/from South Africa to include Cape Town when those services resume.

Quick Look: British Airways Club World Boeing 777 Cabin

On overnight flights, I like to board, settle down and get some rest as quickly as possible (especially on flights as short as the New York - London route) so I generally don't eat any of the meals served and my interactions with the crew are pretty limited. That's why what follows isn't going to be anything like a standard flight review and, instead, is just a look inside the Club World (Business Class) cabin of a British Airways 777.

The Airline Cancelled My Flight So This Is What I’m Going To Do

Yesterday, I got an email from British Airways to let me know that my Finnair flight from Helsinki to Los Angeles (booked for a few months' time has been cancelled) so I thought I'd write a quick post setting out how I plan to tackle this minor set back in the hope that it may give less experienced travelers an idea of how to approach any similar situations they may encounter.

Aer Lingus Extends Change Fee Waivers & Voucher Bonuses

Towards the end of March, Aer Lingus began offering passengers a 10% bonus if they chose to accept a voucher for future travel in place of the cash refund they were entitled to, but the offer only applied to customers with bookings for travel through 31 May. Well, with 31 May rapidly approaching and with there being no sign that the travel industry is ready to reboot, Aer Lingus has now extended its offer.

Norwegian Completes Restructuring & Qualifies For Government Aid

On 19 March 2020, the Norwegian government announced that it was prepared to inject 6 billion Norwegian Krone (~$600m) to airlines under its jurisdiction with half of that sum earmarked for Norwegian. However, unlike a number of other governments who have bailed out their national carriers with very few caveats, the Norwegian government insisted that Norwegian meet certain strict criteria before it could qualify for all the aid available. As of today, Norwegian has met all those criteria.

Qatar Airways Is Now Codesharing on American Airlines Flights

Back in February, American Airlines backtracked on two key positions it had taken in recent years. First, the airline did a u-turn on its relationship with Alaska Airlines and the two are now best friends and, just a few days later, American Airlines forgot that it had been calling for Qatar Airways to be banned from operating services to/from the US and announced a strategic partnership with the Middle Eastern carrier. The first stage of that partnership has now kicked into action.

British Airways vs Cabin Crew: A Lot Of People Are Missing Two Key Points

It's no secret that we're in the midst of the biggest crisis the airline industry has ever seen so it's no surprise that a large number of airlines are currently taking significant measures to protect their business. One such airline is British Airways and the measures that British Airways is taking have led the airline into direct conflict with a key part of its workforce - the cabin crew.

Qatar Airways Appears To Be Pulling Its Best Business Class Deals

Last Thursday, we discovered that Qatar Airways had introduced one of the most amazing cancellations/rebooking policies most of us have ever seen which opened up a wealth of possibilities for anyone willing to book speculative travel for later this year. Within 24 hours of this policy being confirmed, we started to see the airline taking measures to limit how easy this policy is to game with a number of rule changes and, over the weekend, it looks like the airline went even further.

Delta Confirms It Is Retiring Its Boeing 777 Fleet This Year

Delta is the proud operator of 18 Boeing 777 aircraft and it has refitted each of these aircraft with its highly acclaimed "Delta One Suites" that have taken US airline premium cabins to a whole new level. With that in mind, it's more than a little surprising to see Delta announce that it will be retiring all 18 of these aircraft by the end of this year.

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