LATAM Will Leave Oneworld In October 2020

At the end of September it was announced that the planned joint venture between American Airlines and LATAM would not be going ahead following the failure of both airlines to find a solution to an unfavorable ruling by the Chilean Supreme Court earlier in the year.

How I’m Choosing My Flights Should Worry American Airlines

A few months ago I explained why I thought American Airlines often makes it easy for travelers to dislike it and with no signs on the horizon that American Airlines management has any interest in improving its customer-facing operations, I thought I'd share how my own travel choices have been changing and why this should be of concern to the airline.

Hong Kong Airlines Has Scaled Back Planned Service To Vancouver

Last week's move to cut its route to Los Angeles left Hong Kong Airlines airline with only a route between Hong Kong and  Vancouver as evidence of its once big plans for transpacific travel and, as some suspected, a recent schedule update now shows this route is also facing an uncertain future.

Quick Look: The New British Airways Lounge In Johannesburg

British Airways has announced the reopening of its lounge at Johannesburg International Airport following extensive renovation works and the airline has now shared some images and details of what customers can expect when they next visit the facility.

Virgin Atlantic Is Adding More Flights To Las Vegas & Orlando

I'm always happy to see airlines adding new routes or more capacity to existing routes as the more seats that airlines have to fill the harder it is for them to increase prices...and I hate paying any more than I absolutely have to for the flights I book.

Delta Opens A New Sky Club In New Orleans Today

If you're a Delta flyer based in New Orleans the airline has some good news for you - as of today, 6 November 2019, the latest Sky Club is opening at Louis Armstrong New Orleans international airport.

Hong Kong Airlines Cancels Los Angeles Route And Exits The US Market

After flying its last flights between Hong Kong and San Francisco at the beginning of October, Hong Kong Airlines has now announced that it will be closing down its route to Los Angeles from February 2020.

Big News: JetBlue & Norwegian Say They Intend To Partner Up

JetBlue and Norwegian have just announced that they have signed a Letter of Intent for an interline agreement which will "allow customers to combine low fares in a convenient single booking for connecting flights between the Americas and Europe".

Norwegian Is Adding More Flights Between the US & Europe

Norwegian hasn't been going through the best of time of late with but with a big restructuring underway and a number of creditors placated (at least for the time being), the airline is now looking to increase services on some of its high-value routes as its quest for profitability continues.

Air New Zealand Will Offer More Legroom In Economy Class (For A Price)

Air New Zealand appears to believe that there are a significant number of flyers for whom its standard Economy Class seats are too tight and for whom the cost of Premium Economy is too high and it plans to monetize this group - welcome to "Economy Stretch".

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