Kabukichō, Tokyo street with many colorful signs

New York gets a new route to the heart of Tokyo with American Airlines...

Back in November, both United and American applied to the Department of Transport for the right to use the slot at Tokyo's Haneda Airport that had become vacant after Delta decided that its proposed Portland - Haneda route wasn't viable after all, and after a couple of months of lobbying, American Airlines has won the day.
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United Airlines to resume Tel Aviv service next month

Following the horrific incidents in October of last year, the three major US carriers as well as most European carriers took the decision to suspend their services to Israel. Since then, we've started to see some European carriers resume their Tel Aviv operations, but up until now, we haven't had any solid indication as to when the US carriers will follow suit.
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Hyatt has opened a new all-inclusive resort in the Caribbean [Updated with new WoH...

Hyatt has announced the opening of Secrets Playa Blanca Costa Mujeres making it the latest resort to join the World of Hyatt's 'Inclusive Collection'. The adults only all-inclusive property sits on the northeast corner of Mexico's Yucatan peninsula and is being opened across three phases.
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The latest Qantas schedules confirm reduction in US flights from Australia

Back in December Qantas gave an indication that it would be reducing the amount of flying that it planned to do to/from the US for the Northern hemisphere winter, so we already had a heads up that there would be cuts on the routes between Australia and the US. The latest schedules, however, show that the cuts to capacity are going to be slightly deeper than we first thought.
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Delta delays the resumption of its Los Angeles – Shanghai route (again!)

Before the coronavirus pandemic, Delta operated over 300 flights across multiple routes to two cities in China - Beijing and Shanghai - but since the world began getting back to normal, Delta has been taking its time getting its old routes to China back up and running.
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American Airlines brings back a Hawaii route & will use a widebody aircraft

The number of domestic routes on which US airlines offer widebody aircraft is, unsurprisingly, low (these aircraft are usually better employed on long-haul routes), but starting this winter, American Airlines will offer one more such route, and it's a route to Hawaii.
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Emirates will finally resume service to Adelaide this year

It's easy to forget that the fallout the airline industry felt from the coronavirus pandemic is, to some degree, still with us, but the fact is that a significant number of routes that were operating before the pandemic have not yet been restarted, so it's always nice to hear when one such route returns.
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BIG NEWS: Hilton & Small Luxury Hotels of the World (SLH) agree a new...

Hilton and Small Luxury Hotels of the World (SLH) have announced a new partnership which as the press release puts it, will 'dramatically expand the luxury experiences offered by Hilton' and will see SLH properties participating in the Hilton Honors program.
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American Airlines will offer a new service to Brisbane later this year [Updated for...

American Airlines has announced that it plans to operate a seasonal service between Dallas-Fort Worth and Brisbane from later this year signalling the arrival of a new longest non-stop route for the airline, and over the weekend, the airline added the flights to its schedule.
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British Airways has pulled its third daily service to/from Newark

Coming up to two years' ago, British Airways announced that it would add a third daily flight to its Heathrow - Newark route and give New York flyers a 'daytime' transatlantic option that doesn't involve JFK.
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Aer Lingus has moved in with American Airlines in Chicago

Historically, Aer Lingus has operated out of Terminal 5 at Chicago O'Hare but as of 24 January, the airline has moved out of the international terminal and is now sharing a terminal with American Airlines.
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UK now won’t lift airport liquids restrictions until 2025

By June of this this year, all the UK's major airports were meant to have new scanners which would have meant the end on the liquid restrictions that have been in place since 2006 (yes, we've been putting up with this nonsense for nearly 2 decades). That deadline is now in tatters.
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A big issue that I have with Hyatt’s US expansion plans

Nowadays, an easy, almost lazy, way to criticise Hyatt is to complain about the size of its footprint compared to the large footprints enjoyed by Marriott, Hilton, and IHG. But that overlooks the fact that Hyatt has been working hard to add more and more properties to the World of Hyatt program, and that overall, it has been doing a pretty good job of expanding its footprint where it can.
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The BA First Wing security lanes are closed. This is what it’s like now.

As we reported last week, British Airways has, without any real warning, closed the two security lanes that are attached to the First Wing at London Heathrow T5 while works are done to install new scanners. Since then, I’ve had a chance to try out the alternative arrangement and as promised in last week’s article, here’s an update on what eligible passengers can expect.
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Connecting through Heathrow with British Airways? Check your bookings!

If you're traveling with British Airways and connecting at Heathrow Terminal 5, you may need to check your booking to make sure that everything is still in order because thanks to a small change that the airline has made, some passengers will need to be rebooked on to an alternative connecting flight.
British Airways First Wing Heathrow T5

British Airways closes its top-tier elite security lines at Heathrow (temporarily)

Access to the 'First Wing' at London Heathrow Terminal 5 is one of the big perks of British Airways top-tier status as it offers First Class travelers, Executive Club Gold members, and Oneworld Emeralds a sea of tranquillity amidst, what can be, an ocean of stressed-out passengers, screaming children and security lines that go on for miles.
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Hyatt will open the Hyatt Place London Paddington next year

As I was poking around the Hyatt pipeline website a few days ago, I noticed an (apparently) unannounced piece of news - Hyatt plans to open a new Hyatt Place property in London next year and its location should please quite a few people. 
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American Airlines applies for a new Tokyo Haneda route

Following United's announcement (yesterday) that it has applied to the DoT to operate a service between Houston and Tokyo Haneda, American Airlines has now stepped up and confirmed that it has applied to operate a new service between New York JFK and Haneda.
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ITA Airways will fly between Rome and Chicago in 2024 (Business Class awards available)

ITA Airways (Italy's Alitalia in a new guise) will be operating between Rome and Chicago from April next year and seats for this new route are already on sale. From a miles & points perspective, it's good to see that Business Class awards are also now available with surcharges starting at just $5.60.
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United Airlines slightly improves schedules on select summer 2024 transatlantic routes

In the past few days, United Airlines has pushed through a number of updates to its schedules which have seen the airline make (mostly) positive changes to a number of the transatlantic routes that it plans to operate during summer 2024.
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Multiple changes made to Qatar Airways & Emirates schedules/aircraft for winter season

Qatar Airways and, to a much lesser extent, Emirates have both made updates to their winter 2023/24 schedules. These updates include flights being added and removed and changes to the aircraft that are set to operate select routes, so if you have a booking with either carrier, this would be a good time to check your bookings and your seat selections.
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United Airlines announces new/refreshed Polaris amenities from Therabody & Saks

United Airlines has said that it is undertaking "the largest overhaul since 2016" of United Polaris Business Class. Sadly, this only appears to refer to the amenities offered in the Lounges and in its Business Class cabins and doesn't refer to a much needed return to what Polaris was like when it was first rolled out.
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United Airlines delays the return of three transpacific routes

United Airlines probably has the strongest international route network out of all the US carriers and that network was due to get even stronger with the reinstatement of a transpacific route that fell by the wayside when the Covid pandemic hit and two other transpacific routes that were suspended last year. With the latest schedule changes, however, that all changed.
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Emirates is bringing Premium Economy to São Paulo & Tokyo

It was only earlier this year that Emirates celebrated its first full year of offering a Premium Economy cabin on select routes (it came late to the game), but the rollout has been pretty steady and now we're told that two more of its routes will offer the airline's newest product by the end of 2023.
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Lufthansa confirms new A320 cabins are coming in 2025

Lufthansa operates somewhere in the region of 80 Airbus A320 aircraft on its short- and medium-haul routes and today, the airline has confirmed (it has been rumored for a while) that a sub-set of these aircraft will be retrofitted with new cabins starting in 2025.
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Now JetBlue is courting disgruntled Delta SkyMiles members

The radical changes to Delta's SkyMiles program were only made public a couple of weeks ago, but already the vultures are circling. On Monday, Alaska Airlines was the first to offer SkyMiles members an alternative home and now JetBlue has joined the fray with what appears to be a very generous status match offer to Delta flyers looking for a more appropriate frequent flyer program.
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Alaska Airlines is tempting Delta flyers with a new route & a generous status...

The dust may not have yet settled on the remains of the old Delta Skymiles program, but with details of the new Skymiles program already angering, upsetting or annoying what appears to be a significant number of people, Alaska Airlines is making moves to capitalize on Delta's disenchanted flyers.
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The Lufthansa A380’s are making their comeback on routes to the US

In 2021, Lufthansa's CEO told the world that the airline's A380 would not return from their pandemic-induced grounding and in April 2022, the same CEO reiterated that Lufthansa's A380s were gone for good. Just 3 months later, however, the narrative suddenly changed and the largest passenger aircraft around found itself with a new lease of life within the Lufthansa fleet.
close-up of a white airplane with black text on it

Lufthansa will operate three new routes to the US in 2024

Business travel may not be back to pre-pandemic levels, but that doesn't appear to be a major issue for Lufthansa with the airline announcing three new routes to the US from summer next year (two of which include destinations that the airline has not served in the past).
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Emirates will offer an ‘all A380’ service to/from Sydney

In the past few hours, Emirates has announced that it will be moving to offer an all-A380 service on its route between Dubai and Sydney before the end of the year. It has also confirmed that it is in talks with Adelaide airport with the aim of restarting service to South Australia once the airline's new Airbus A350s begin to arrive.
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British Airways extends its double Tier Points offer through 2024

Following on from Tuesday's news that British Airways will be moving, in part, to a revenue based loyalty program, the airline has now also announced that it is again extending its offer of double tier points on bookings made through its British Airways Holidays subsidiary.
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Alaska Airlines announces two new coast-to-coast routes

Alaska Airlines is probably best known for being a West Coast carrier specializing in flights out of the Pacific Northwest, but it has some transcontinental routes too and starting this winter, two new coast to coast routes will be added to the airline's schedules.
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British Airways announces five more ‘Avios only’ flights for 2023/24

In recent times, Qantas is probably the best known airline to publish flights on which all seats can only be purchased using miles or points (rather than cash), but in April this year, British Airways joined in the fun when it announced 'Avios only' flights to/from Sharm El Sheikh and Geneva.
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The InterContinental Carlton Cannes will reopen as the Carlton Cannes, a Regent Hotel, on...

The final months of 2022 brought bad news for members of the InterContinental Ambassador program. In November, IHG confirmed that Ambassador benefits will no longer be offered at Regent Hotels & Resorts and that the programs free weekend night certificate will no longer be useable at Kimpton properties. And in December, we were told that the InterContinental Carlton Cannes would be reflagged as the Carlton Cannes, a Regent Hotel, following refurbishment works.
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The very odd booking issue with JetBlue’s new Paris route

Yesterday was the day that JetBlue opened up bookings on its new route between New York JFK and Paris and while it was nice to see the airline offering special discounted rates to publicize its new flights, it was a little odd to find that JetBlue had failed to highlight one key issue that some customers will face when trying to book.
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JetBlue’s new Paris route is now on sale (special launch pricing available)

Towards the end of November last year, JetBlue announced that following the success of its transatlantic routes to/from London, it would be launching new routes to Paris in 2023 and beyond. Today, the first of those routes has been opened up for bookings and there are a few discounted deals available (in both cabins) to celebrate the new flights.
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Etihad will offer double daily service to New York starting this summer

Etihad has announced that with advanced bookings looking strong and with demand for travel not really showing much sign of waning (despite the economic outlook), it will increase its frequencies between Abu Dhabi and New York to offer flyers in those cities a double daily service.
a group of people in a line at an airport

British Airways is now permitting fee-free flight changes for Heathrow & Gatwick arrivals (Border...

A couple of days ago, British Airways announced that because Heathrow Airport was suffering significant delays and issues due to weather, it would permit some passengers to change their outbound flights. Now, the airline is saying that some passengers whose arrival dates coincide with the UK Border Force's strike days later this month, can make select fee-free changes to their bookings.
a snow covered street with trees and buildings

British Airways is offering limited free flight changes for Heathrow departures

In the past few days, southern England has seen a light dusting of snow and because most of the UK's transport infrastructure is utterly incapable of dealing with any kind of weather that isn't light rain, various services have been disrupted.
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Delta is resuming flights to Cuba next year

Delta has confirmed that it plans to restart service to Havana in the first half of next year following the route's suspension in March 2022. The route will operate twice daily from Miami and will link into Delta's service from ten other US airports.
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[Updated] Etihad is bringing back its A380s this summer

The rumors that Etihad would bring back at least some of its A380 grew strongest in late summer and now, after a period in which the airline hasn't been saying much about its Whale Jets, we finally have news that the rumors were true. Four Etihad A380s will be returning to the skies later this year.
a close up of a seat

[Updated] Did British Airways just slash award surcharges for US departures? (Yes & No)

British Airways appears to be pushing through some big changes to its loyalty program today and because we haven't yet had a public announcement from the airline, it's not yet clear what all the changes will look like.
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These are the luxury EMEA properties that Hyatt has in the pipeline

Hyatt has issued a new update on its plans for luxury hotel openings in Europe, the Middle East and Africa and although a number of the properties included in the update have been mentioned (at one point or another) in the past, the fact that the pandemic caused so much havoc with some of these plans means that it's good to see where things now stand.
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Finnair is bringing its new Business Class & Premium Economy cabins to Miami

Towards the beginning of the year, Finnair surprised quite a few people when it unveiled a new and very different Business Class seat alongside its long rumored Premium Economy Cabin. Since then, we've seen the new cabins appearing on select routes to Asia as well as on a couple of Finnair's US routes, and now they're coming to Miami. 
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InterContinental Ambassador members lose an important option in Europe

The past few weeks haven't brought good news for members of the InterContinental Ambassador program. Back in November, IHG confirmed that Ambassador benefits soon won't be offered at Regent Hotels & Resorts and that the programs free weekend night certificate will no longer be useable at Kimpton properties, and now we're told that a major InterContinental property in Europe is being reflagged.
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Iberia will add more flights to Dallas & has moved into JFK T8

Iberia has confirmed that it will be increasing the number of flights that it offers on its route between Madrid and Dallas and that it has now followed in the footsteps of British Airways by moving its New York JFK operations into Terminal 8 alongside American Airlines.
a aerial view of a resort

Marriott will open three new high-end all-inclusive properties in Mexico

It has been a while since we heard Marriott talk about its plans for its all-inclusive collection, but the silence has now been broken with news that we can expect Marriott to open three new high-end all-inclusive properties in Mexico in the next three years.
a house with a pool and trees

Hyatt announces plans to buy Dream Hotel Group (more properties coming to the World...

Hyatt has today announced plans to purchase Dream Hotels Group, which is expected to add twelve properties to the World of Hyatt program in the short-term and a further 24 properties in the medium term.
a pool with a hot tub and a gazebo

IHG is adding up to 70 all-inclusive properties to its portfolio

IHG is the latest of the big hotel groups to decide that it needs to increase its foothold in the all-inclusive market so in a move that will see up to 70 new properties coming under the IHG umbrella, it has announced a strategic partnership with Iberostar Hotels & Resorts.
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Virgin Atlantic will fly to the Maldives and the Turks & Caicos from next...

British Airways may have announced yet another route to the US yesterday, but Virgin Atlantic has just stolen all the thunder in the UK by announcing that it plans to launch services to the Maldives and the Turks & Caicos Islands in 2023.
a gazebo with a city in the background

British Airways has just announced a new route to the United States

Speculation that British Airways was planning to announce a new route to the US has been growing for some time and the range of potential new US destinations that people have been suggesting has been impressive - Indianapolis, Hartford, Detroit, Cleveland, and Salt Lake City are just a few destinations that have been mooted. The time for speculation is now over, however, as we finally know what the new route will be.
people looking at the eiffel tower

Big news: JetBlue announces new transatlantic routes to Paris

JetBlue is obviously very happy with how its first foray into the transatlantic market has been going (the airline's London routes) because it has just announced that it will be adding two new transatlantic services to Paris next year.
a man walking in a building

British Airways is trialling biometrics for international departures

Biometrics are not exactly a new thing in the travel world - British Airways has been using biometrics to speed up boarding on domestic flights since 2017 and American Airlines, British Airways, Lufthansa, and others have been using biometric boarding gates at various US airports since 2018 - but now British Airways has announced a trial that will take things a step further at London Heathrow.
a swimming pool inside a building

Hyatt announces a new all-inclusive resort for Europe (new WoH properties coming this year)

Hyatt got into the all-inclusive resort business when it bought Apple Leisure Group for $2.7 billion back in November 2021 and just recently, it showed its commitment to expand on that purchase when it announced that it would open 5 new all-inclusive properties in Bulgaria over the next two years. Today, that expansion continues with the news that Hyatt will open the Dreams Madeira Resort Spa & Marina in Portugal in 2024.
a plane on the tarmac

British Airways will add more flights to Pittsburgh in 2023

Pittsburgh Airport has announced that British Airways will be increasing the number of flights that it offers to/from London Heathrow once the summer 2023 schedule is in place.
a living room with a table and chairs

Marriott is introducing the “Apartments by Marriott Bonvoy” brand

Marriott has today put out an announcement to say that it's expanding its portfolio beyond hotels, resorts, timeshares, and home rentals and that it plans to offer apartment-style accommodations in locations around the world.
a building with a balcony and a balcony

Hyatt has opened a new Unbound Collection hotel in NYC…and I’ll be avoiding it

Hyatt has confirmed that Grayson Hotel has become the first Unbound Collection property to open its doors in New York City.
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United Airlines opens a new Grab-and-Go “club concept” in Denver

Designed to coincide with the opening of the Concourse B expansion at Denver International Airport, United Airlines has today opened a new "club concept" at the airport which allows eligible flyers to get some food and drinks "to go" before heading to their gates to catch their flights.
a large airplane on a runway

British Airways calls up an A380 for the FIFA World Cup

It may have four engines, it may require special jet bridges and it may not be as efficient as a lot of more modern aircraft but anyone who called time on the A380 once the pandemic shut the travel world down appears to have jumped the gun.
an airplane flying in the sky

Emirates brings its Airbus A380 Whale Jet back to Tokyo

Earlier this week, finally Japan caught up with the rest of the world (well, most of it) and fully reopened its doors to visitors for the first time since the pandemic first became a thing. Now, as demand for travel to Japan starts to spike, airlines are rushing to meet that demand in whatever way they can.
a sign on a brick wall

Aer Lingus will return to Connecticut after a 3 year hiatus

Aer Lingus has confirmed that its Dublin - Harford (CT) route will be returning next year following its suspension at the start of the Coronavirus pandemic. News of the returning route is the second US announcement that Aer Lingus has made recently following the news that Cleveland will be added to the airline's network next summer.
a white airplane with blue writing on it

United Airlines announces new routes to Spain, Germany, Italy & more

United Airlines likes a good teaser more than most and it was back to its old ways yesterday in a social media post that suggested that we should expect new routes to far-flung parts of the globe. Well, the teasing is now over as United has just announced its latest plans for 2023.
a building with a sign on the top

IHG announces that it will open new Paris property in 2023

IHG announced the launch of the 'upscale' voco brand back in 2018 and we're told that to date, the brand has expanded at a faster pace than any other brand in the IHG stable. In 2023, that expansion is set to continue with the opening of the voco Paris Porte de Clichy.
the tail fin of an airplane

Austrian Airlines adds more Premium Economy seats to its 777s

Austrian Airlines updated its 777 aircraft to include a Premium Economy cabin back in 2018 and now, just 4 years later (keep in mind that for two of those years the travel world was at a standstill), the airline has confirmed that it will increase the size of its Premium Economy cabin by 67%.
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Radisson Rewards is introducing dynamic awards & more

It has been a long, long time since I last considered myself to be a fan of Radisson Rewards and outside of the occasional good points sale/promotion, I had stopped engaging with the program in any meaningful way some time before it split in two and became ever more cumbersome to use than ever before. 
a plane flying through a window

Delta makes earning elite status more expensive & adds new choice benefits

In the miles & points world, it's often a bad sign when you read of a loyalty program announcing that it is "enhancing" benefits, as no one running any of the major loyalty programs appears to know what that word means.
a building with a glass roof

Hyatt is adding 31 existing European properties to its portfolio

It was only yesterday that I noted that Hyatt has been on a European announcement spree of late with its La Zamba property opening in Spain, news that Bulgaria will be getting Inclusive Collection resorts, the opening of the new Thompson in Madrid, and the signing of a luxury UK property, and just as I thought that the announcements would dry up, Hyatt now tells us that it has signed a deal to add 31 existing European properties to its portfolio.
a swimming pool with lounge chairs and umbrellas

IHG has opened a new Kimpton in the Mediterranean

IHG has announced the opening of its latest property in Spain with the Kimpton Aysla Mallorca now accepting guests. We're told that the property "emulates a sanctuary of luxury and wellness" and that it has "a strong and exclusive commitment to active leisure and local contemporary art" (no, I don't know how a hotel can have an "exclusive commitment to active leisure either).
a large stone house with a lawn and trees in the background

Hyatt is adding a beautiful luxury UK property to its portfolio

Hyatt has been on a European announcement spree recently with its La Zamba property opening in Spain, news that the Inclusive Collection is coming to Bulgaria, and the opening of the new Thompson in Madrid. Now, that announcement spree continues with news that Hyatt is adding a new luxury UK property to its Destination brand.
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British Airways will fly the new Club World suite to Singapore & Sydney

Some links to products and travel providers on this website will earn Traveling For Miles a commission that helps contribute to the running of...
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Worrying – Alaska Mileage Plan says it’s bringing in a “simplified award chart”

At some point in the past 24 hours, a new message has been uploaded to the Alaska Airlines airlines award chart page and miles & points fans of a nervous disposition are not going to like it. The wording seems innocuous but those of us who have been around this hobby for some time will recognize that something bad may be heading our way.
a plane flying in the sky

Aer Lingus has announced a surprising new route …to Cleveland

If you sat me down and asked me to name as many transatlantic routes as I can (both existing and potential), I'm not sure that the Dublin to Cleveland route would appear in my first thousand guesses. That, however, is exactly the route that Aer Lingus has now announced that it plans to fly.
a patio with chairs and a view of a city

Double dip Avios & ALL points with the new Qatar Airways/Accor partnership (but be...

The Qatar Airways Privilege Club and Accor Live Limitless (ALL) have announced an expansion of their partnership that will allow travelers to earn the currencies of both loyalty programs on just a single booking.
the seat in a plane

Virgin Atlantic delays (slightly) the introduction of its new A330-900neo aircraft

Virgin Atlantic was excited to announce that it will join the SkyTeam alliance in 2023 earlier today but what it hasn't come out and told its flyers is that it won't be launching its new A330-900neo aircraft on the originally published schedule - the inaugural flight has been pushed back by a couple of weeks.
the tail of an airplane

Big news: Virgin Atlantic will join SkyTeam in 2023

Big news in the world of airline loyalty - Virgin Atlantic has announced that it will join the SkyTeam Alliance next year and this means that Virgin Atlantic Flying Club members will soon have access to more routes and more elite benefits when flying with other SkyTeam airlines.
a row of seats in a plane

Delta enhances its European summer schedule (in a good way!)

Delta has announced that next year's summer season will see it relaunching a number of routes that were suspended while we dealt with the pandemic, relaunching a number of routes that the airline hasn't operated for years, and launching at least one completely new route (albeit not a very interesting one!). Most importantly from my point of view, Los Angeles will finally be getting a little love.
a city next to a body of water

Marriott will open a new luxury EDITION property in the Italian Lakes

Lately, Marriott has been making a lot of announcements regarding its plans for new properties but the one that piqued my interest most was the announcement of a new luxury property that will open in the Italian lakes in 2025.
a pool in a resort

Hyatt has opened a new property in Spain (and it may turn out to...

It was as far back as December 2020 that Hyatt let us know that it planned to add a number of properties to its European portfolio by the end of 2023 and it's one of the hotels mentioned in that announcement that has just opened its doors in southern Spain.
a large airplane on a runway

Qatar Airways brings back the A380 on yet another route

The Qatar Airways CEO doesn't like the Airbus A380 and had everything gone to plan his airline's Whale Jets would have never flown in its livery again. Things, however, haven't been going to plan and that's why you'll find a number of Qatar Airways A380s operating at this very moment and that's why the airline has just confirmed that yet another of its routes route will soon be served by the world's largest passenger aircraft.
a group of people in uniform

United Airlines has a new route and a new partnership with Emirates

We've known for a few weeks that United Airlines and Emirates were going to be announcing a closer working relationship but it was only in the last 24 hours that full details finally emerged and, to be frank, they're a little underwhelming. A new route that is being born out of this relationship may interest some readers but on the whole, anyone expecting something exciting will almost certainly be disappointed.
a tall building in a city

The Ritz-Carlton New York, NoMad is now open

Marriott has confirmed the opening of its latest hotel in New York City - the Ritz-Carlton New York, NoMad - which is situated in the heart of Manhattan between the Empire State Building and the Flatiron Building.
a large white airplane on a tarmac

El Al brings back plans for non-stop flights to Australia

It wasn't very long ago that EL AL's route options were incredibly restricted thanks to the political situation in the Middle East. With various Arab countries refusing to give the airline permission to pass through their airspace, flights to a number of destinations to Israels's east were uneconomical or logistically impossible. Recent events, however, have started to change this.
an aerial view of an airport

[Updated] British Airways reacts to the chaos at Heathrow with an improved flexible booking...

Following the decision by Heathrow Airport to attempt to limit the number of passengers that pass through its doors this summer, British Airways has temporarily updated its flexible booking policy to make it easier and cheaper for customers to change their plans.
a large white airplane on a runway

Air New Zealand will boost capacity to Los Angeles (temporarily)

Air New Zealand has announced that it plans to temporarily boost the number of flights that it offers to one of its key destinations - Los Angeles will see more Air New Zealand flights from mid-August.
a seat in a plane

A quick look at the new Virgin Atlantic A330neo Premium cabin

Virgin Atlantic recently unveiled its impressive new Upper Class (Business Class) cabin that will debut on its new A330neo aircraft and at the same unveiling, the airline also gave us a look at what the Premium (Premium Economy) cabin will look like on the same aircraft.
an airplane flying over a city

Delta announces a huge order for an aircraft that Boeing has threatened not to...

After two or three years of rumors, Delta has used the Farnborough International Airshow to finally announce that it plans to throw Boeing a lifeline by ordering up to 130 of its 737 MAX aircraft. As with most aircraft orders that get announced at airshows, this order may or may not be fulfilled in the way that it's currently being presented but because this order involves the MAX 10, there's actually an outside chance that the order will not be fulfilled at all.
a large white airplane at an airport

Qantas is removing its vaccination mandate for international travel

Towards the end of 2020, Qantas was one of the first airlines to introduce a rule that required all passengers to be vaccinated against Covid-19. Now, following the Australian government's decision to allow unvaccinated travelers to enter the country, Qantas has said that it will roll back its vaccination rule.
the seat in a plane

I got a good look at the new Virgin Atlantic Upper Class seat &...

Last night, I was fortunate enough to attend the unveiling of the new Virgin Atlantic Upper Class seat that will debut on the airline's new A330-900neo aircraft so, for once, I didn't have to rely on a press release to get a feel for what a new seat is going to offer.
an airplane on the runway

2,500 bonus miles for checking in early with Etihad

In anticipation of a very busy July, Etihad has been trying to improve the check-in facilities that it offers at Abu Dhabi International airport and it has brought back a check-in option that we last saw back in December. This time, however, that check-in option also comes with a bonus offer.
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Air Canada & Emirates announce a new partnership (reciprocal benefits on the way)

Air Canada and Emirates have announced a new 'strategic partnership' that the airlines say will create more options for customers when traveling on both of the carriers’ networks and which is expected to improve the customer experience for members of Aeroplan and Emirates Skywards.
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Virgin Atlantic confirms that it will launch flights to Tampa

Following a few weeks of rumors, Virgin Atlantic has now confirmed that it plans to launch a new service between London Heathrow and Tampa later this year as it continues to grow its post-pandemic route network.
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Singapore Airlines will add flights to Los Angeles & extend Vancouver service

Singapore Airlines has announced that it expects its SIA group capacity to reach 81% of pre-pandemic levels by the end of this year and to help with that aim, it has confirmed that it will be increasing its frequencies to Los Angeles and Paris and that it will be extending its Vancouver service into the winter season.
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Star Alliance’s EVA Air will launch two new routes to Europe

As things stand, EVA Air offers flights from Taipei to just four European cities - Amsterdam, London, Paris, and Vienna - but following an announcement earlier today, two more cities will soon be added to that list.
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SAS flies for chapter 11 bankruptcy in the United States

SAS, the Scandinavian airline, has been in financial turmoil for some time and had announced a plan to restructure its business earlier this year in an attempt to get its house in order. Now, however, with its pilots out on strike, the airline has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in the United States.
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Etihad is the first airline to restart non-stop service to Beijing

When Etihad flight EY888 landed in Beijing this morning at 05:25 (local time) it was a significant occasion. After all the turmoil that the past two years have thrown up, EY888 signaled the start of the first regular non-stop international passenger service to Beijing by a foreign carrier since the Chinese capital's authorities announced that services could resume.
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Alert: 700 British Airways employees have voted to go on strike

With European airports already struggling with the increased demand in travel and with UK airports currently being hit particularly hard, it looks like things may get a lot worse for some passengers once the summer holidays are upon us.
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Qatar Airways will reduce select services to support flights for the 2022 FIFA World...

This coming winter, Qatar is set to be the host of the 2022 FIFA World Cup which will see tens of thousands of football (soccer) fans descending on the Middle Eastern state to support their national teams. For Qatar Airways, this represents a considerable challenge as it now has to work out how to transport all of these fans from and to their home countries.
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Oman Air confirms that it will join the oneworld alliance…eventually

OK, I admit it. I didn't think that this would be a post that I'd find myself writing. The rumors that Oman Air was looking to join the oneworld alliance have been going around for some time (they date back well before it was ever suggested that Alaska Airlines would join oneworld) and I never really thought anything would come of it.
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JetBlue secures permanent London Heathrow slots & adds a new Gatwick flight

JetBlue has made a number of announcements today that see the airline firming up its position at London Heathrow, expanding the service that it offers between New York JFK and London Gatwick, and slightly improving its customers' ground experiences at London's two biggest airports.
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Korean Air will restart its Las Vegas route next month

From 1 July, Korean Air will bring back services thrice-weekly services to Milan Malpensa, and Vienna, while from 10 July it will also start to operate three weekly flights between Seoul Incheon Airport and Las Vegas.

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