IHG brings back its very best points sale (buy up to 500,000 points)

On exactly the same day as last year, IHG One Rewards has brought back the very best version of its points sale in which it's possible to buy up to 500,000 points at just 0.5 cents each. This sale may be targeted so it's possible that not everyone reading this will have access to the deal that's discussed below.

Now live: IHG One Rewards end of year promotion

Registration has been open for a couple of weeks but today is the day that the last major IHG One Rewards promotion of the year finally goes live. Like all the 4Q promotions that we've seen so far, this one isn't going to get anyone particularly excited, but if you're going to be making some IHG stays anyway, why not pick up a little bonus along the way.

Ends today: Buy 300,000 IHG One Rewards Points at 0.5 cents each

The current IHG points sale has been running since the beginning of last week and it has been allowing IHG One Rewards members to buy up to 300,000 points at a cost of just 0.5 cents per point. Today, however, is the last day of this sale so if you can make economical use of this offer, you don't have much longer to stock up on some points.

Buy 300,000 IHG One Rewards Points at 0.5 cents each

IHG is back with yet another one of its points sales so, for the next few days, IHG One Rewards members can buy up to 300,000 points at a cost of just 0.5 cents per point. These sales may not be as lucrative as they once were but this is one of IHG's better sales and with a bit of work, someone looking to make an IHG booking should be able to use this sale to save some cash.

Get at least 25% off IHG’s best flexible rates in its latest Europe &...

Registration for the IHG One Rewards end of year promotion opened yesterday, and now the IHG has announced a sale event for stays made at its European portfolio properties between now and the end of May next year. This latest sale (for Europe and the UK) is now live and offering savings on bookings made by 16 October.

Registration for the IHG One Rewards end-of-year promotion is open

Like all of the 4Q promotions that we've seen so far, this one isn't going to get anyone particulalry excited, but if there is any chance that you may make one or more IHG stays before the end of the year, you should probably register now.

IHG promotion: Get 15% off all award bookings (initially just for co-branded cardholders)

IHG is currently running a very nice promotion in which it's offering a 15% discount on select award stays completed by 26 October 2023. For the time being, this promotion is only open to anyone who holds one or more IHG One Rewards credit cards, but as with similar promotions in the past, this offer should open up to all IHG One Rewards members in the next few days.

This Chase free night certificate “glitch” is annoying

Free night certificates that come as a credit card benefit are mostly pretty simple to use, but things aren't always as straightforward as they should be. I, for example, have recently had an incredibly annoying time trying to redeem one particular certificate and as a quick web search has revealed that I'm far from alone, I thought that I'd flag the issue so that anyone reading this knows what can go wrong and how I eventually got around the problem I faced.

Pick your IHG summer 2023 promotion & register from today

IHG One Rewards has announced its plans for its 2023 summer promotion and because coming up with new ideas can be hard, it has decided not to waste any time on innovation and, instead, has simply rebooted the promotion that it ran between September and December last year.

Booking IHG reward nights? Beware the hidden junk fees!

When you make an award booking with Hilton or Hyatt you don't have to worry about resort/destination/amenity fees because those chains waive their junk fees on award bookings. You don't even have to hold elite status with Hilton or Hyatt to avoid these fees because everyone gets junk fees waived when booking awards with these guys. Sadly, the same is not true of award bookings with IHG or Marriott.

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