39 New Properties Join The World Of Hyatt…But There’s A Catch!

Hyatt's loyalty program has been expanding at an impressive rate over the past 18 months and after integrating 8 Destination Hotels properties into the World of Hyatt in August/September, and after adding a further 49 SLH properties to the program in October, Hyatt has now announced that a further 39 Destination Hotels properties will join the World of Hyatt in the next week....but this time there's a catch.

ENDING: Buy Hyatt Points With The Best Bonus Usually Offered (And An Increased Purchase...

The latest Hyatt points sale offers World of Hyatt members the same 40% bonus that was on offer over the summer and, just as it did then, this represents the best bonus that Hyatt generally offers in its points sales - if this sale doesn't work for you its unlikely that any that follow will work for you either.

49 More Properties Join The World Of Hyatt

I have to hand it to Hyatt, they've been doing an exceptional job of incorporating properties from the Small Luxury Hotels portfolio into the World of Hyatt and today sees another 49 such properties join the program taking the overall total of participating SLH hotels to over 250.

PROMO: Earn Double Hyatt Points In Las Vegas Through 28 December

Out of all the major hotel chains Hyatt seems to have been by far and away the most generous on the promotion front this year and with a number of Hyatt promotions still running (some only just!) the hotelier is back with yet another promotion that will help World of Hyatt members see out the year.

Register: Hyatt Has Published Its “Bonus Journeys” Year-End Promotion

The various hotel year-end promotions are now starting to appear and with Hilton and IHG's offers already out there for all to see it's now Hyatt's turn to let us know what it plans to offer travelers in the last months of 2019.

New Hyatt Promotion: Earn Double Points Through 31 October (Register Now – Possibly Targeted)

Hyatt has been on a roll with its promotion of late and with a 10% discount on award bookings still available (for those who have already registered) and double elite night credits still available at two of Hyatt's brands, the hotelier is back with a promotion offering double points through 31 October 2019.

BEST DEAL: Buy Hyatt Points With A 40% Bonus

The two most important things you probably need to know about Hyatt’s latest points sale are as follows: The promotion isn’t targeted (everyone can earn the same bonuses) and with a maximum bonus of 40% on offer this is as good as Hyatt’s points sales get. If this sale doesn’t work for you it’s unlikely that any other Hyatt points sales will work any better.

Destination Hotels Will Start Joining World Of Hyatt Next Month

You have to hand it to Hyatt, there isn’t another hotel chain that seems to be doing as much to expand its footprint, and it’s doing so by adding properties that readers of this blog will probably actually want to visit (I’m bored of press releases informing me of another hotel opening in a location only business people may be interested in visiting).

Hyatt Extends & Expands Bonus Points Offer At New Properties

At the beginning of May Hyatt introduced a promotion in which World of Hyatt members could earn 500 bonus points per night for stays at new Hyatt properties that had just come online. At the time the promotion was launched only nine properties were participating and bonus points could only be earned through 31 July. Now, with a little under a month remaining to earn bonus points at the original nine properties, Hyatt has added more hotels to the promotion, and some are offering bonus points for stays made through 30 September.

Earn Double World Of Hyatt Elite Status Credits At These Two Brands

It's a Hyatt news day today - first the hotelier begins to introduce the Alila properties into its World of Hyatt loyalty program and now we have news that two Hyatt properties are offering double credit towards World of Hyatt elite status.

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