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Review: Hilton London Canary Wharf

Continuing our recent run of London hotel reviews, today's review takes a look at the Hilton London Canary Wharf which sits in a eastern area of the city and in one of London's two financial centers.
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Hilton’s second global promotion for 2024 is now live

Hilton's first major promotion of 2024 ended yesterday and in true Hilton fashion, its second global promotion of the year went live earlier today. This latest promotion runs to 2 September 2024 and, thankfully, is noticeably better than the one it is replacing.
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BIG NEWS: Hilton & Small Luxury Hotels of the World (SLH) agree a new...

Hilton and Small Luxury Hotels of the World (SLH) have announced a new partnership which as the press release puts it, will 'dramatically expand the luxury experiences offered by Hilton' and will see SLH properties participating in the Hilton Honors program.
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It’s back again: Buy Hilton Points and get 5 nights in the Maldives for...

Hilton has launched its first major points sale of the year in which it's offering a mystery bonus. For me, this mystery bonus is the 100% bonus that seems to come around as frequently as our neighborhood cat, so while this may not be what you've been targeted for, the chances are that it is.
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The hotel points game is alive and well, you just have to play harder

At the risk of sounding old, I'm going to say that the miles & points game was a lot easier 15 years ago. Back then, most travel loyalty programs still had fixed award charts, international flight upgrades weren't rarer than unicorns, hotels didn't (usually) play games with elite benefits, and 'Bonvoy' wasn't a verb.
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This is the first Hilton Honors promotion for 2024

While IHG is only currently running a promotion for January and while Hyatt and Marriott haven't yet shown any interesting in launching global promotions of their own, this is a reminder that Hilton Honors appears to be the only major hotel loyalty program that's currently running a promotion that runs for a significant part of this year.
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Earn 2x or 3x points in Hilton’s 4Q 2023 promotion

I'm a little bit late writing about this, but as Hyatt reveled its latest promotion yesterday and as Marriott's latest global promotion is now live, I thought that I should probably catch up and write about Hilton's 4Q promotion that's been live since last week.
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Hilton’s free night certificates will now be usable every day of the week

Three of Hilton's co-branded credit cards have, historically, allowed cardholders to earn free night certificates that could be used at any Hilton property in the world...but only on weekends. Now, however, it looks like Hilton is turning a temporary, pandemic-induced enhancement into a permanent enhancement and making the certificates considerably more valuable.
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Great deal: Get double elite nights on Hilton stays

Hilton has launched a new promotion in which it's offering double elite night credits on all eligible stays made between today and the end of the year.
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How to edit or disable Hilton’s two-factor authentication

Hilton seems to be using two-factor authentication a lot more of late and that may or may not suit all the Hilton Honors members out there. If you're in the position of needing to change or disable your two-factor authentication settings, this article will show you just how easy that is to do.
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Which major hotel loyalty programs offer Lifetime Elite status?

Hotel elite status can be both vastly overrated and extremely useful depending on which status level and which hotel program we're discussing, and people's opinions can vary quite significantly. But, as a rule, having status is better than not having status so people will go to varying degrees of effort to maintain their hotel privileges from year to year.
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Earn top-tier Hilton Diamond status through March 2024 in just 12 Nights

Last year, Hilton Honors fans were given a very easy path to top-tier Diamond Elite status when the Diamond Elites status match requirements were dropped to just 9 elite nights and while this current promotion isn't quite as generous, it still offers an incredibly easy path to top-tier Hilton status through March 2024.
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This will be Hilton’s first new global promotion of 2022 (register now)

Hilton is still running its 'Power Up' global promotion in which it's offering double points on stays completed by 31 December but it has now revealed the promotion that will take over from it on 1 January. Registration for Hilton's new 'Points Unlimited' promotion is now open.
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Hilton confirms that free night award expiration dates are being extended

In the past few days, Hilton has made it possible for Honors members to view full details of their free night awards on its website, and some people have noticed that the expiration dates of those awards have been extended. Up until today, Hilton hadn't passed comment on these changes but we now have confirmation that a number of extensions are being processed.
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Hilton Extends Elite Statuses Into 2023 & Lowers Status Requirements For 2022

The pandemic is still with us, international travel is still fraught with issues and a lot of people are still not booking trips, so Hilton has decided that it's time for another set of measures to keep its more loyal guests happy. Elite status extensions, lower elite status qualification requirements for 2022, and a continuing freeze on points expirations are just three of the things announced by Hilton today.
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Register For Hilton’s New Power Up Promotion (Starts September 7th)

We're now into the final quarter of 2021 so we're starting to see the various hotel loyalty programs unveiling the promotions that will take them through to the end of the year. Hilton's latest promotion is now open for registration and it's offering guests up to triple points on stays through 31 December.
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Hilton’s Second Major Promotion For 2021 Is Live – Register Now

Hilton's new big promotion for 2021 is now live and runs through 6 September. Unlike the promotion that recently ended, this promotion favors guests making longer stays over stays of just one or two nights so it's likely to favor the leisure traveler more than a lot of road warriors but, that being said, there are still plenty of bonus points up for grabs regardless of your length of stay.
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Mistake Or Deliberate? Did Hilton Just Roll Back Some Positive Changes?

At the beginning of last year, Hilton made a few small but customer-friendly changes to the terms and conditions of its Hilton Honors loyalty program but for reasons that are as yet unclear, these changes appear to have been rolled back.
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Get A 40% Bonus When You Transfer Amex Points To Hilton [Targeted]

The last time I recall seeing an Amex Hilton transfer bonus was back in September/October last year so it has been a while since we've seen that offered. Right now, however, a new Hilton Amex transfer bonus has appeared in targeted accounts, and just like in October the best bonus on offer appears to be 40%.
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A Workaround To See Your Rollover Nights On The Hilton App

As seems to happen at the beginning of every year, the Hilton Honors website and app don't appear to be showing travelers the number of nights that they have rolled over from the previous year, their current progress to elite status, or their progress to the next milestone reward, but a Loyalty Lobby reader appears to have found a workaround that may help some readers get around this issue.
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Register Now For Hilton’s New 2021 Promotion

Hilton is the first of the major hotel chains to announce a new quarterly promotion for 2021 (Hyatt chose to extend its existing excellent promotions) and it's a promotion that we've seen Hilton run in the past. It's also a promotion that will be popular with anyone booking multiple short trips and less popular with those booking a small number of longer trips.
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All Hilton Diamond Elites will be able to gift elite status for 2021

Hilton Honors has announced that from next week it will be extending a "one-time opportunity" to its Diamond and Lifetime Diamond Elite status holders which will allow them to gift status for one year to a family member or friend.
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Hilton Honors Extends Statuses Again, Reduces Elite Status Requirements & More!

Hilton has just announced a number of adjustments to its loyalty program that should bring smiles to a lot of faces - from further status extensions and reduced status thresholds through lower targets for milestone bonuses to extended benefits for Hilon co-branded American Express cardholders, there's quite a lot of good news here. 
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Registration is now open for Hilton’s new Double Rewards promotion

Hilton's current "Points Unlimited" promotion ends on 7 September and details of the promotion to follow this one are now live. The new "Double Rewards" promotion is one that builds on the Points Unlimited promotion in a way that should please Hilton loyalists and in a way that makes earning top-tier elite status through a status match incredibly easy. Registration is now open.
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How To Pool Hilton Honors Points (It’s Free!)

Way back in April 2017 (those seem like halcyon days right now!) when Hilton refreshed its Honors loyalty program, part of the refresh included the addition of a points pooling feature that is remarkably easy to use. There's no fee to pool Hilton Honors points and up to 11 people can participate so this is definitely something all Hilton Honors members should be aware of.
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All 2020 Hilton Elite Nights Will Rollover Into 2021

Over the weekend we saw Marriott's bonus elite nights dropping into members' Bonvoy accounts but Hilton has just upped the ante by announcing that all Hilton Honors elite nights earned in 2020 will rollover into 2021 making Hilton elite status a whole lot easier to earn next year. 
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Hilton’s Extends Its “Points Unlimited” Promotion

In news that's probably not going to have a material effect on most people's plans (mainly because they don't have any!), Hilton has extended its "Points Unlimited" promotion that it unveiled at the start of the year. Originally set to end on 3 May, the promotion now ends on 7 September 2020. 
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Hilton Isn’t Changing Diamond Status Benefits (For Now)

At the beginning of the week, there was a rumor circulating that Hilton Honors may be in the process of withdrawing a benefit that is considered among the most valuable by its top-tier Diamond status holders but based on a recent update, those fears were unfounded.
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Buy Hilton Points & Book 5 Nights In The Maldives For $1,900

At a time when almost nobody is traveling anywhere, it may seem a little odd to find a loyalty program offering a sale of its currency but there's probably a quite a bit of logic behind Hilton's decision to offer up a 100% bonus on Honors Points purchases made in the next two months.
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Nice Move: Hilton Honors Extends Status For 2020 & 2021

Hilton Honors has today announced that it is extending the status expiration dates of all its elite members around the world and, in a surprise move, it has announced that this extension will also apply to elite members who were due to lose their status at the end of this month.
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Amex Is Offering A Hilton Transfer Bonus Of Up To 50% [Targeted]

American Express has launched a new bonus of up to 50% for transfers between Membership Rewards and Hilton Honors made by 14 April 2020. Historically such transfer bonuses have been targeted and have ranged between 10% and 50% so you'll have to log in to your online account to see what bonus Amex has chosen to offer you.
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You Can Now Redeem Hilton Honors Points For Lyft Rides (But You Probably Shouldn’t)

Back in May Hilton and Lyft announced a partnership that allows Hilton Honors members to earn points on the rides they book with the ridesharing service and today the partnership expands to allow riders to use Hilton Honors points for their trips instead of cash...but don't get too excited.
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So What If Hilton Has Added Another 120,000 Point/Night Property?

A few years back Hilton Honors decided that the practice of publishing award charts was a bad idea as it gave customers a lot more information than Hilton wanted to them to have, and although that's certainly not how Hilton framed their award chart elimination, that's certainly why you'll no longer find them on Hilton.com.
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EASY: Hilton Honors Will Give You 1,000 Points For Getting A Lyft

In May 2019 Hilton Honors and Lyft launched a new partnership under which Hilton Honors members can earn points towards future stays when they use the Lyft ridesharing service. Now Hilton is back with a new offer to tempt guests to link their Honors and Lyft accounts.
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New Sale: Buy Hilton Points With A 100% Bonus

Hilton has now launched a new points sale in which it's offering a 100% bonus to Hilton Honors members who buy a minimum of 10,000 points. With this being the best bonus we generally see Hilton offering when it's selling its currency this is the promotion in which to buy Honors points if you need to top up an account.
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New Promo: Sign-Up To Earn Up To 7,500 Hilton Honors Points In 2 Stays...

If you weren’t fortunate enough to be targeted for the recent Hyatt double points promotion, then perhaps this Hilton promotion will bring you a little more joy. Targeted Hilton Honors members can earn up to 7,500 Hilton Honors point through January 2020.
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AMEX Is Offering Bonuses Of Up To 50% On Transfers To Hilton Honors [Targeted]

AMEX Transfer bonuses to the likes of British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, and JetBlue are not uncommon, and now we're seeing a range of transfer bonuses on offer to the Hilton Honors loyalty program.
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LAST DAY: Hilton Still Selling Points At 0.5 Cents Each

It looks as if Hilton hasn't sold out of the points packages it put into a flash sale a little over a week ago so you still have the rest of today to pick up some Hilton Honors points at 0.5 cents each if the math makes the deal worthwhile for you.
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Act Quick: Buy Hilton Points Packages At 0.5 Cents/Point

Hilton has launched a new points sale only this time around the hotelier is doing things a little differently and, when you take a look at the rules, you'll see why it may be a good idea to act sooner rather than later if this deal suits you.
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Last Day To Buy Hilton Points At Just 0.5 Cents Each

Hilton has been running its current points sale since early April but today is the last day to make the most of the bonus offer that sees points being sold at just 0.5 cents each.Historically, 0.5 cents is the lowest cost we see Hilton Honors points sold for so if you need to top up an account this may be a good time.
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NEW: Earn Hilton Honors Points When You Book With Lyft

Hilton and Lyft have just announced a partnership that allows Hilton Honors members to earn points on all the rides they book with the ridesharing service. The partnership is effective immediately so the sooner you link your Hilton and Lyft accounts the sooner you'll start earning Hilton Honors points.
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Register Now For Hilton’s Summer Promotion – ‘Go More, Get More Points’

Hilton is the first program to open up registration for its second major points promotion of 2019 and with no gap between the first promotion and this new one there’s no let-up in points earning opportunities for Hilton Honors members.
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Sale: Buy Up To 160,000 Hilton Points At 0.5 Cents Each

Hilton is back with another points sale and just like its first promotion of 2019 it's offering a bonus of up to 100%. This time around the maximum bonus is available on all points purchases of 5,000 points or more and that's just about as good as Hilton points sales get.
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Hilton Honors Says Its Expanding Its Lineup Of “Extraordinary Experiences”

Over the past few years hotel loyalty programs have expanded the ways in which members can use their points and one of the biggest areas of expansion has been in the field of entertainment. Starwood Preferred Guest (RIP) was the first hotel program to bring its entertainment offering to my attention with SPG Moments and Marriott added 'Marriott Moments' (now Bonvoy Moments) as it began to integrate Starwood into its portfolio.
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ENDING TODAY: Buy Hilton Points With A Bonus Of Up To 100%

Hilton has been running its first points sale of the year since mid-January but, as with all good things, the sale is coming to an end and it's ending tonight at 11:59pm Eastern - if you haven't  purchases the points you need you have just a few hours left to do so.
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I Have Lifetime Status With Marriott But I May Defect To Hilton

I have been a Marriott loyalist for as long as I can remember and I recently earned the highest level of lifetime status that Marriott has on offer....but I'm seriously considering a move across to Hilton.
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Hilton’s First 2019 Promotion Announced – Sign Up For “Points Unlimited”

Hilton is the first of the major hotel chains to announce a promotion for the first few months of 2019 and it's offering guests the opportunity to earn extra points on every stay and yet more points for multiple stays/nights.
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Ending Tomorrow: Buy Up To 320,000 Points At Hilton’s Cheapest Rate

Hilton has been selling Honors points at its cheapest rate since the beginning of November and it's currently allowing Honors members to buy twice as many points as in the past but there's less than 48 hours left to make the moat of this promotion before it goes away.
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How To Make The Most Of The Amex Hilton Transfer Bonus

American Express is currently offering a targeted bonus for cardholders looking to transfer Amex Membership Rewards Points over to Hilton Honors. The bonuses people are being targeted for range from 30% through to 50% and there's definitely value to be had here.
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Buy Up To 320,000 Hilton Points For 0.5 Cents Each [Targeted]

Hilton is back with a new points sale and this one is slightly more interesting than normal. There are three pieces of good news in this promotion: The first bit of good news is that Hilton's latest offer is for bonuses of up to 100% as long as you buy at least 10,000 points - that's the most generous offer we ever see from Hilton. Unfortunately it looks like this may be a targeted so if you don't see the full 100% bonus in your account consider yourself unlucky.
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Register For Hilton’s Double/Triple Points Promotion

Hilton's latest promotion will be starting in a few days time so, as its likely to be one of the better hotel promotions this fall and as it's free to sign up, you should make sure you're registered for it whether or not you think you'll be staying at Hilton properties this fall.
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Promotion Extended: Get Double Points With Hilton Through 9 September

IHG may offer the more interesting points earning opportunities when it releases its quarterly Accelerate promotions but Hilton is definitely the chain which offers the greatest points earning opportunities year-round – compared to Marriott, Starwood and Hyatt Hilton is the chain that just keeps giving.
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Hilton Honors Points Sale – 30% Discount For Everyone

Hilton is back with another points sale which everyone is eligible for (Hilton often sends out targeted promotions that not everyone gets). This time around, rather than offering bonus points on all purchases, Hilton is offering a 30% discount on the regular price of points....but is the discounted price even worth considering?
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Did You Know That You Can Earn TRIPLE Points With Hilton In July?

Hilton's second big promotion of 2018 has been running since 1 May and offers all Hilton Honors members double points for stays made at most Hilton properties through 31 August 2018. As Hilton promotions go this a reasonably good one but I've only just noticed that for some of us, it's actually better than I thought.
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It’s Easy To Match To Hilton Diamond Status Right Now

I've held Marriott top-tier status for quite a few years but I've recently been considering a move over to Hilton. Most of the reasons I'm considering moving my stays across to Hilton are for another time (I'll write a post about this soon) but one of the bigger attractions is that I wouldn't have to give up my top-tier hotel status if I moved.
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Earn Up to 30,000 Hilton Honors Points Through January 2019 (Targeted)

Right now there's an interesting promotion being emailed out to select Hilton Honors members which allows them to earn up to 30,000 points for stays made at Hilton resorts in the Americas.
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Hilton Is Selling Points With A 100% Bonus – Good Or Bad Deal?

Hilton is back with another points sale and, once again, there's a 100% bonus on offer as long as you buy at least 5,000 points. For some this will be an improvement over the 100% offer we saw launched back in February as this time around the bonus isn't targeted - everyone qualifies.
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Hilton’s 2Q Double Points Promotion Is Open For Registration

Hilton has opened up registration for its second quarter promotion which is offering double base points on all stays. Almost all properties in the Hilton portfolio are participating (a few properties in China are excluded) so it should be easy enough to rack up a few bonus Hilton points if you have some stays coming up.
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ENDING TODAY: Buy Hilton Points With A 100% Bonus [Targeted]

The latest Hilton promotion is ending on 16 March so you have to the end of this week to decide if you need to top up an account or splurge on the full number of points Hilton is prepared to sell you. This promotion, which started back at the beginning of February, is targeted but if you hold a Hilton Amex credit card the chances are that you'll be able to purchase Hilton points with the full 100% bonus that's on offer.
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Buy Hilton Honors Points And Get A 100% Bonus [Targeted]

Hilton is back with a new points promotion and if you hold a Hilton Amex credit card the chances are you've been targeted for the maximum bonus. The last Hilton promotion ended at the end of December and it offered a bonus of up to 80% to all Hilton Honors members. This time around it looks as if everyone is being offered an 80% bonus at the very minimum but, if you hold one of the Amex Hilton credit cards (including the free card), you're likely to have been targeted for a bonus of 100%.
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I Don’t Understand What Hilton Is Doing With Its Loyalty Program

Hilton has been putting through a number of changes to its Honors loyalty program recently and, having sat back and taken a look at what's been happening, I'm not sure I understand what Hilton is up to. From where I'm sitting it would appear as if a large portion of the chain's customers no longer have all that much incentive to make more stays at Hilton properties than they may otherwise have done....and isn't that what the Honors program is supposed to encourage?
Hilton Honors

Hilton Honors Is Eliminating “Points & Miles”, Changing Elite Earnings & Adding New Bonuses

Changes are coming to the Hilton Honors program from 1 April 2018 and the news appears to be a mixture of good and bad depending on how often you stay at Hilton properties, what status you hold and what earning option you prefer.
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ENDING TODAY: Buy Hilton Points With An 80% Bonus

For the past month Hilton has been offering a bonus of up to 80% when you buy Honors Points in its latest sale and, if you haven't taken advantage of this so far, today is your last chance to do so.
Buy Hilton Honors Points

Hilton’s 1Q 2018 Promotion Is Live – Register Now

So far we've seen the 1Q 2018 promotions from IHG Rewards, Marriott and Starwood and now Hilton has released its first quarter promotion which it's calling "Points Unlimited". The promotions released to date have been mixed (to say the least!) - there's a pretty good promotion from IHG (for some people) and two woeful promotions from both Marriott & Starwood - so I've been waiting to see what Hilton reveals with keen interest.
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Hilton Offering Bonuses Of Up To 80% On Points Purchases

Hilton has joined in the points selling party that we've been seeing recently and has launched its latest campaign in which it's offering Hilton Honors members a bonus of up to 80% when they purchase points.
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Did Hilton Honors Lie To Members Or Is Something Else Going On?

It should come as absolutely no surprise to anyone when I say that you should never take at face value anything a loyalty program representative says/types when they announce something. Loyalty programs have been lying to members for as long as I can remember and, while the person delivering the message may not be aware that he/she is lying, someone high up inside the loyalty program always knows exactly what they're doing.
Buy Hilton Honors Points

Big Devaluation In Hilton “5th Night Free” Benefit

I'm certainly not going to put myself forward as an expert on all things Hilton but a recent change Hilton has made to the wording of how its "5th Night Free" benefit works reads like a massive devaluation to me.
Hilton Honors Gold Status Challenge

Get Hilton Honors Gold Status In Just 4 Nights – Here’s How

Some links to products and travel providers on this website will earn Traveling For Miles a commission which helps contribute to the running of...
Buy Hilton Honors Points

Buy Hilton Points At Half Price Through 5 October 2017

Hilton has launched its latest points promotion in which it’s offering a flat 50% off the regular price of points. The promotion doesn’t appear to be targeted (a sure sign of targeting is when I only get a 40% offer and that hasn’t happened this time!) and the offer runs through to 5 October 2017.
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50% Discount On Hilton HHonors Points – Should You Buy?

Hilton HHonors is currently selling points with a 50% discount and, as the promotion isn't targeted, this means that all Hilton HHonors members can buy points for just 0.5 cents each. The promotion runs through 5 December 2016 and, while a lot of points promotions can be a 50-50 proposition , this one definitely has the potential to save most Hilton fans some money.
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Hilton Offering 100% Bonus On Points Purchases

The last Hilton promotion ended a few weeks ago and, as that promotion was targeted, different people had different offers made available to them. I was offered a 40% discount on the price of points while the more fortunate Hilton HHonors members were offered a 50%. Now Hilton has uploaded a new promotion to its site and this one looks a little bit better.
a cell phone with a hotel app on the screen

Hilton Improves Year End Promotion – Get Triple Points On All Stays

Since the beginning of September Hilton has been running a "Double Points" promotion which, for most casual travelers, is probably the best year end promotion on offer from any of the major hotel chains. The Hyatt promotion requires too many stays, the Marriott promotion is better than some of its other promotions but it's still not great, the Starwood SPG Fall promotion isn't exactly generous, and the IHG Accelerate promotion is good (if you got an easy offer) but can require quite a bit of work if you're to extract maximum value. The Hilton promotion is simple and rewarding...and it just got better.
Hilton Status Match

Hilton Is Changing Its Best Price Guarantee

All of the big hotel chains offer some sort of a "best price guarantee" but, as the hotel chains have started to use any excuse to weasel out of their own guarantee, they have become more of a marketing gimmick than an actual benefit to customers. Hilton is the latest of the big-chain hotels to change its best price guarantee and, as long as you can get the chain to honor it, the change could be a positive one for a lot of travelers.
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Sign Up For The Hilton Double Up Promotion

Hilton has revealed its Fall 2016 promotion and it's basically the same as what we've seen from Hilton during the rest of 2016 - Double Points for stays between 1 September and 31 December 2016. That may not sound too exciting but, unlike the recently announced Hyatt fall promotion, at least this one is valid through the end of the year.
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Hilton Offering Points With A Discount Of Up To 50% (0.5 Cents/Point)

Hilton is offering to sell you HHonors points at a discount but you won't know what that discount is until you log in to your Hilton HHonors account. The offer runs through 16 September 2016 and, from what I've seen, sees the discount capped at 50%. For what it's worth I was targeted for a 40% discount on any points purchase and I'm probably going to pass.
a group of logos on a white background

Buy Hilton HHonors Points For 0.56 Cents Each (5 Days Only)

Hilton has opened up a new Buy Hilton HHonors Points promotion that runs for just 5 days (14 July - 18 July) and that allows Hilton HHonors members to purchase up to 80,000 points with an 80% bonus thrown in. This is a very egalitarian promotion as it doesn't matter how many points you buy - whether you buy the minimum number of points (1,000) or the the maximum (80,000) you'll still get an 80% bonus and you'll still pay 0.56 cents per point:
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Hilton HHonors Hotel Category Changes – March 2016

Hilton HHonors does its hotel category changes a little differently to most of the other large hotel loyalty programs. Rather than putting though all the hotel category changes (for a year) in one big sweep, Hilton prefers to publish its hotel category changes on a quarterly basis. As of 30 March 2016, 24 Hilton properties will cost more HHonors points for an award night while 14 properties will require fewer points - this is a comparatively tame set of changes.
Hilton Status Match

Buy Hilton HHonors Points With Up To 80% Bonus (0.56 Cents/Point)

Hilton HHonors is running what appears to be a targeted promotion that allows HHonors members to purchase points with a bonus of up to...
Hilton HHonors Points Sale

Hilton Points On Sale For 0.56 Cents

Hilton HHonors has launched a promotion whereby customers can purchase HHonors points for 0.56c (approximately) through 8 February 2016. The offer entitles customers to an 80% bonus on purchased points and, as the bonus isn't tiered (i.e. you get an 80% regardless of how many points you buy), the cost per point is the same if you were to buy the minimum amount of points (1,000) or the maximum (80,000).
a street with palm trees and a building

Los Angeles: Using Points At Big Chain Tourist Hotels – Part 1

Los Angeles is a city I know reasonably well after having lived there for over 5 years. It's a city for which I have...
Hilton HHonors Double Points Promotion 2016

Hilton HHonors Double Points/Miles Returns For 2016

The hotel loyalty programs are all starting to release their promotions for the first quarter of 2016 and it's interesting to see how they differ. Yesterday I posted details of IHG's Accelerate 2016 promotion which, for new joiners to its loyalty program, is nowhere near as generous as before but is still pretty good for some existing members (like Joanna). Now Hilton has announced its first promotion of 2016.
Hilton Status Match

Now Hilton Offers To Match Your Status And It Could Be More Useful Than...

It's the season to be generous in the Hotel Loyalty stakes. Hilton appears to have taken a leaf out of Hyatt's book and announced (sort of) that they're willing to match status from other hotel loyalty programs - and you don't even need to have made any stays with that program.
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Hilton, Hyatt, IHG & Starwood – Buy Hotel Points & Get A Bonus

As Black Friday and Cyber Monday approach we're seeing more and more hotel programs bringing out their seasonal offers for those looking to top up their account balances. American Airlines have had their offer out for a while now but here's a round-up of the hotel points-buying offers out there.
Hilton Summer Sale 2015

Hilton’s Summer Sale: Europe, Middle East & Africa

Hilton has kicked off the summer season sales with an "Up to 30% Off" sale on properties across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Hilton HHonors...

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