Back Again: Buy Hilton Points With A 100% Bonus (5 Nights In The Maldives...

Hilton's last points sale ended on 11 May but just a couple of weeks later the hotelier is back with a new points sale that's pretty much exactly the same as the last one...but that's a good thing. Once again, members can buy up to 320,000 points at 0.5 cents each and used tactically, those points could open up a world of great value redemptions.

Hilton’s Second Major Promotion For 2021 Is Live – Register Now

Hilton's new big promotion for 2021 is now live and runs through 6 September. Unlike the promotion that recently ended, this promotion favors guests making longer stays over stays of just one or two nights so it's likely to favor the leisure traveler more than a lot of road warriors but, that being said, there are still plenty of bonus points up for grabs regardless of your length of stay.

Mistake Or Deliberate? Did Hilton Just Roll Back Some Positive Changes?

At the beginning of last year, Hilton made a few small but customer-friendly changes to the terms and conditions of its Hilton Honors loyalty program but for reasons that are as yet unclear, these changes appear to have been rolled back.

Get A 40% Bonus When You Transfer Amex Points To Hilton [Targeted]

The last time I recall seeing an Amex Hilton transfer bonus was back in September/October last year so it has been a while since we've seen that offered. Right now, however, a new Hilton Amex transfer bonus has appeared in targeted accounts, and just like in October the best bonus on offer appears to be 40%.

ENDING: Buy Hilton Points & Book Luxury 5-Night Stays For Just $1,900

Hilton has been running its current points sale since the middle of January but with the sale ending on Monday, there are just a few days left in which to lock in the 100% bonus. Points are on sale at just 0.5 cents each which is a rate at which, if you hold Hilton elite status, would allow you to book 5 nights at some of Hilton's most luxurious properties at a cost of just $1,900.

Which Hotel Loyalty Programs Offer Lifetime Elite Status?

Hotel elite status can be both vastly overrated and extremely useful depending on which level and which program we're taking about and people's opinions can vary quite significantly. But, as a rule, having status is better than not having status at all so a lot of people reading this blog will go to varying degrees of effort to maintain their hotel status from year to year. But wouldn't it be nice not to have to renew your status year in, year out?

Earn Two Years Of Top-Tier Hilton Diamond Status In Just 9 Nights

Hilton Honors has been one of the more active loyalty programs when it comes to keeping its members happy with confirmation that elite statuses have been extended through March 2022, confirmation that points expirations have been paused through December 2021, and that elite status requirements for 2021 have been slashed by 50%. As if that wasn't enough, Hilton has also now made it incredibly easy to earn its top-tier Diamond status.

A Workaround To See Your Rollover Nights On The Hilton App

As seems to happen at the beginning of every year, the Hilton Honors website and app don't appear to be showing travelers the number of nights that they have rolled over from the previous year, their current progress to elite status, or their progress to the next milestone reward, but a Loyalty Lobby reader appears to have found a workaround that may help some readers get around this issue.

Register Now For Hilton’s New 2021 Promotion

Hilton is the first of the major hotel chains to announce a new quarterly promotion for 2021 (Hyatt chose to extend its existing excellent promotions) and it's a promotion that we've seen Hilton run in the past. It's also a promotion that will be popular with anyone booking multiple short trips and less popular with those booking a small number of longer trips.

All Hilton Diamond Elites Will Be Able To Gift Elite Status For 2021

Hilton Honors has announced that from next week it will be extending a "one-time opportunity" to its Diamond and Lifetime Diamond Elite status holders which will allow them to gift status for one year to a family member or friend.

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