50% bonus on Chase transfers to Marriott (this has its uses)

Chase has brought back a promotion that we last saw it offer in July and August in which it's offering a 50% bonus on all points transfers between Ultimate Rewards and Marriott Bonvoy. For anyone with no immediate plans for any Bonvoy points they generate, this is a promotion to sit out. For anyone looking to use their Bonvoy points before the March 2022 devaluation, this promotion can have its uses (as I'll show).

Forget better benefits, IHG thinks customers want more ways to use their points

Accenture recently published a mini-interview with the CEO of IHG Hotels & Resorts, Keith Barr, and while most of the short video doesn't directly relate to the miles and points world, a 40-second segment within it gives us a brief insight into what IHG thinks it needs to do to keep customers engaged with its loyalty program.

New Sale: Buy 500,000 IHG Rewards Points At 0.5 Cents Each

IHG has launched a new flash sale (of sorts) in which it’s offering customers the opportunity to buy up to 500,000 points at a cost of just 0.5 cents per point. Despite the fact that IHG surprised members with an unpleasant devaluation earlier this year, this sale can still offer incredible value (as I show in this post).

IHG Rewards extends elite statuses through January 2023

It was the last week of April 2020 when IHG announced that it would offer elite status extensions through January 2022 and now that Hilton (in September) and Marriott (yesterday) have both announced that members of their loyalty programs will continue to enjoy their elite statuses into 2023, IHG has followed suit.

The new World of Hyatt award calendars are now live

As most people reading this will probably know, the World of Hyatt introduced peak and off-peak pricing yesterday, 26 October, and while the new pricing system doesn't affect stays made before the end of February 2022, all of Hyatt's properties are now displaying their respective award calendars for all bookable dates from 1 March 2022 onwards. 

Marriott will extend elite statuses, free night awards & more

It's impossible to get away from the fact that yesterday's news out of Marriott was pretty unpalatable for most of us and the repercussions will probably rumble on for some time. Still, there's a tiny silver lining to the noxious plumes of black smoke billowing off the dumpster fire that is the Bonvoy program - members will get their statuses extended again and will have a little more time in which to use up some of their benefits too.

Burn Bonvoy Burn: Marriott moves to dynamic pricing and eliminates award charts

Today was supposed to be the day that American Airlines gutted its loyalty program for a second time (it didn't - more on that later) so while most of us were focusing heavily on AAdvantage and waiting for the hammer to fall, Marriott sneaked up on the outside and caught a lot of people by surprise when it dropped the biggest bomb of the day in announcing a massive change to the Bonvoy program.

Devaluation coming tomorrow: Book your 2022 Hyatt stays now

Hyatt originally planned to introduce peak and off-peak pricing back in March 2020 but the pandemic got in the way of those plans and the devaluation was postponed. Now, however, the postponements are over and Hyatt's move to peak, off-peak, and standard award pricing comes into effect tomorrow and with some bookings set to cost up to 25% more, now is the time to make any bookings that you think you may need.

Hyatt peak & off peak pricing will not affect free night awards

Yesterday was the day when we finally had official confirmation that the World of Hyatt would, after numerous postponements, finally introduce peak and off-peak season pricing from Tuesday, 26 October 2021 at 10:00 am CT for stays made on or after 1 March 2022. While clearly devaluation, this isn't as bad as it could have been, and one of the silver linings around the dark cloud of seasonal spring is that Hyatt's free night awards will not be affected by what's on the way.

A guide to Marriott Bonvoy Annual Choice Benefits (2021)

With the year gradually drawing to a close, with Marriott having dropped a lot of elite night credits into member accounts in February and with Bonvoy members having been given a double elite nights promotion earlier in the year, a significant number of people will now have enough elite night credits in their Bonvoy account to trigger Marriott's Annual Choice Benefits. With that in mind, I've taken a look at what benefits Marriott is offering Bonvoy members when they credit 50 and 75 nights to their accounts in 2021.

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