Chase Is Offering Bonus Points For Using Contactless [Targeted]

While most of the developed world (and significant parts of the developing world) have embraced chip and pin technology on the credit cards they issue the US lags significantly behind, and we're only now seeing US credit card issuers beginning to offer customers cards with in-built contactless technology to help speed up transactions (countries like the UK have been using this technology for over a decade).

Chase Just Reduced The IHG Rewards Club Traveler Card’s Annual Fee To ZERO

I cannot remember the last time I saw a credit card issuer actually lower the annual fee on one of its cards, but that appears to be exactly what Chase has done on one of its less well known and often undervalued credit cards.

Chase Offering Sapphire Reserve Cardholders 20% Boost On Apple Purchases Made With Points

I'm a big fan of Chase Ultimate Rewards but my primary use for the currency revolves around transferring points across to the World of Hyatt and using them for stays at some of my favorite properties and not for any of the other ways that Ultimate Rewards points can be used...but that doesn't mean that the other options should be ignored.

Chase Is Starting To Make Slight Changes To Some Cards’ Benefits

When I get an email from a credit card issuer with a subject line that reads "Please read: Important changes to your credit card benefits" I usually expect the worst. Following the drastic cuts made by Citi, the changes being made by Barclays and the recently announced benefit reshuffle at American Express I think I'm entitled to feel a little concerned when I get an email from a fourth credit card issuer to let me know that changes are on the way

Live Now: Activate Chase Freedom 4Q 2019 Bonuses

As we move into the final quarter of 2019 its time for Chase Freedom Card holders to make sure that they have activated the new category spending bonuses that their credit card offers, and to make sure that they're maximizing the cashback/points available for spending in those categories.

Why I Still Don’t Like The Chase British Airways Visa Card

Towards the end of last month Chase made a small but noticeable improvement to its British Airways Visa card when it added "taxes and fees" statement credits to the list of benefits the card offers but, having attempted to reassess my negative view on this card, I still can't escape the conclusion that this really isn't a very good credit card at all.

Chase Ultimate Rewards: Transfer Partners & Transfer Times

Chase Ultimate Rewards offers cardholders of select Chase credit cards the opportunity to earn one of the three big transferable currencies in the miles & points world – Ultimate Rewards points - and these points can be transferred across to a variety of other loyalty programs affiliated to major airlines and hotel chains.

AMEX Platinum, Chase Reserve & Citi Prestige – Which Card Offers Which Protections?

Right now the three most high-profile (and probably most widely held) premium bank cards are the Platinum Card from American Express, the Chase Sapphire Reserve Card and the Citi Prestige card so, with the Citi Prestige card seeing its protection benefits slashed, I thought I’d take a high-level look at the main protection benefits each card offers.

Yes, The Sign-Up Bonus On The IHG Rewards Premier Credit Card Looks Impressive…But It’s...

Chase and IHG appear to be making an extra effort to push the IHG Rewards Premier credit card right now as, not only have old IHG Rewards credit card holders been receiving upgrade offers, Chase has also launched a huge sign-up offer for new applicants. Still, amongst all the excitement that the new sign-up offer has generated, I’d like to urge caution – this isn’t just a case of an amazing sign-up offer that everyone should jump on.

Chase Is Sending Out Upgrade Offers To Select Marriott Bonvoy Cardholders

I’ve held a Chase/Marriott co-branded credit card for years, and when Chase refreshed its Marriott credit card offering my card (the Marriott Rewards Premier card) was closed to new applicants and renamed the Marriott Bonvoy Premier Card. Chase also released the new Marriott Bonvoy Boundless credit card.

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