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NEW: Our favorite all-round travel card now comes with a 75,000 point welcome offer

The Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card has been a favorite card of miles & points fans for as long as I can remember and it's a card that currently takes up a key slot in my wallet. Now, and for a limited time, it now comes with an increased welcome offer which allows successful new applicants to earn 75,000 bonus points after spending $4,000 in the first three months of card membership.
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An interesting new twist to the Ink Business Cash® Credit Card welcome offer

The Ink Business Cash® Credit Card has just had its welcome offer refreshed and while the overall cash back (or points) that are available hasn't changed, the way the offer is structured has changed and Chase has added an extra bonus for new cardholders that could make the card a little more valuable in the first year.
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Comparing the five Marriott Bonvoy consumer credit cards (2024)

Since Amex and Chase both launched new mid-tier Marriott Bonvoy credit cards back in 2022, the number of Bonvoy consumer cards open to new applicants has stood at five. This article compares the annual fees, the earning rates, and the key benefits that these five cards offer in what is an easily digestible format to make it easier to see which Bonvoy card (if any) will work best for you.
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6 of the best credit cards for dining, takeout & delivery services

A wide variety of cards offer bonuses or cash back for spending on dining, takeouts, and food delivery services, so I've pulled together a selection of five cards that I think offer some of the best returns available on dining expenditure. With no-annual-fee cards sharing this list with ultra-Premium cards, there should be a card that fits most people's wallets in this selection.
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These are the 2024 Q2 bonus categories for the Chase Freedom cards

The Chase Freedom Q2 bonus categories for 2024 have now been revealed and as of 15 March, registration is open and things are looking good. For the second quarter running, the bonus categories look good and Chase has given cardholders a reasonably straightforward path to maximising the rebate/points on offer.
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This card’s fantastic 100,000 point welcome bonus is still the most tempting out there

Most miles and points credit cards are currently offering some kind of welcome bonus, but when you look out at the sea of deals that are out there, one offer stands out more than any other, and it stands out because it comes attached to a fantastic credit card and because it could be considered to be one of the most valuable publicly available welcome offers on the market.
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Is the Ritz-Carlton™ credit card going to make a surprising return

The Ritz-Carlton™ credit card has been unavailable to new applicants for almost six years and a general rule says that no major credit card that has been removed from circulation reappears in a similar guise a few years down the line. But could the Ritz-Carlton™ credit card become the exception to that rule?
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The credit card you can’t apply for but can still get

Some credit cards have a shelf life, so while cards like the American Express® Gold Card seem to have been around forever (in one form or another), there are others that have come and gone and are (mostly) forgotten in the mists of time. Not all these cards, however, disappear completely.
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IHG One Rewards Premier Credit Card review (2024) – 140,000 bonus points on offer

The IHG® Rewards Premier Credit Card is a fantastic card to hold if you're a fan of IHG properties as not only does it currently come with a fantastic welcome offer, but it also offers cardholders a number of key benefits that can improve their stays with IHG and, crucially, save them money and points.
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The Chase Ink Business Unlimited® credit card review (2024)

The Ink Business Unlimited Card is a no annual fee card aimed at small businesses looking to maximize their earnings every time they make a purchase. While a number of other business cards offer great earning rates in very specific shopping categories, the Ink Business Unlimited Card's party trick is that it offers a good earning rate regardless of which category a user is shopping in.
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IHG One Rewards Traveler Credit Card review (2024) – earn 80,000 points with no...

There are two IHG One Rewards co-branded consumer credit cards that are currently open to new applicants and while the premium card usually gets most of the attention, this post focuses on the less discussed IHG One Rewards Traveler credit card which is currently offering a great welcome bonus and which gives cardholders one of the most valuable IHG Rewards benefits around.
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This is our favorite credit card for United Airlines frequent flyers

Over here at TFM, we're not huge fans of airline co-branded credit cards because overall, we find that we can get better value out of quite a few of other cards that we have in our wallets. As with most things in life however, there are exception to this, and the card discussed in this article falls into our list of exceptions because for United Airlines frequent flyers, it's a must-have card.
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The Chase Ink Business Preferred® credit card review (2024) – still offering the best...

The Ink Business Preferred® Credit Card from Chase continues to offer one of the best welcome bonuses on the market, but there's a lot more to this card than just a one-off points bonanza - this is a credit card that offers excellent spending category bonuses, that makes other great credit cards even better, and that offers one of the rarer (and more useful) credit card benefits around.
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11 reasons to love the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card (most are reasons why I...

I hold considerably more credit cards than I can fit into my wallet, so only a few of my cards come with me wherever I am and wherever I go. Some cards have a home in my smartphone wallet but not my actual wallet, and some have to make do with a space in my desk drawer until such time that they're called into action. One or two, however, never leave my side.
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Chase Ultimate Rewards: Transfer partners & transfer times [updated 2024 edition]

Chase Ultimate Rewards offers holders of select Chase credit cards the opportunity to earn one of the four big transferable currencies in the miles & points world – Ultimate Rewards points - and these points can be transferred across to a variety of other loyalty programs affiliated to major airlines and hotel chains. In this article, we take a look at these airline and hotel partners.
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Which credit cards are best for overseas everyday spending?

There are increasingly more and more credit cards that don't charge foreign transaction fees when you use them abroad, and that's a trend that has been very good for those of us who like to travel. But when it comes to general everyday spending when you're outside of the US, most of these cards don't offer a great return. So which cards do?
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Comparing the three IHG Rewards credit cards (2024) – which is best for you?

There are currently three credit cards linked to the IHG One Rewards program and in this article you'll find a comparison of the annual fees, the earning rates, and the key benefits that these cards offer in what is (hopefully) an easily digestible format to make it easier to see which card (if any) will work best for you.
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Possible reasons not to wait around if you want this excellent 100,000 point welcome...

Our favorite business credit card has been offering a fantastic 100,000 point welcome bonus for longer than I can remember, and amazingly, the spending needed to trigger the bonus has been at a comparatively low level since the middle of last year. That's all great news for miles and points collectors, but there's something that I've been wondering for the past few days and that's the reason for this article - I'm wondering if this will be the next card to see it's fantastic offer revised.
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This is why you should have one of the two Chase Sapphire cards

Chase issues the Chase Sapphire Reserve and the Chase Sapphire Preferred credit cards and if you like to travel, if you enjoy playing the miles and points game and if you like being able to earn valuable points with relative ease, you should probably have one of these cards in your wallet...but not necessarily because of what these cards offer on their own.
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Comparing the three Southwest Rapid Rewards consumer cards (2024)

This article compares the annual fees, the earning rates, and the key benefits that the Southwest Rapid Rewards consumer credit cards cards offer in what is (hopefully) an easily digestible format to make it easier to see which card (if any) will work best for you.
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Now Live: Chase Freedom Flex® 1Q 2024 bonus categories

Not only have we just entered a new year but a new quarter as well and, as usual, that means that Chase has updated the bonus categories that it offers for holders of its Freedom credit cards. This quarter, there are three bonus categories for cardholders to enjoy.
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The new best business credit card for shipping purchases

In this article we take a quick look at what credit cards offer the better returns when they're used to pay for a business' shipping purchases, and we focus on the one card that we think stands head and shoulders above them all.
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A new set of credit card spending bonuses are about to be revealed

October 1st will be the first day of the last quarter of the year and that means that holders of select co-branded credit card may be targeted for new set of spending bonuses that will take us through to the end of the year.
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These are the new Chase Freedom bonus categories for 4Q 2023

We're two weeks away from the start of the 4th quarter of 2023 and, as usual, Chase has revealed, ahead of time, the Freedom bonus categories that will go live on 1 October and which will remain in place for the rest of the year.
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This Chase free night certificate “glitch” is annoying

Free night certificates that come as a credit card benefit are mostly pretty simple to use, but things aren't always as straightforward as they should be. I, for example, have recently had an incredibly annoying time trying to redeem one particular certificate and as a quick web search has revealed that I'm far from alone, I thought that I'd flag the issue so that anyone reading this knows what can go wrong and how I eventually got around the problem I faced.
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Chase Sapphire Preferred® card review (2024) – still one of the best cards around

The Chase Sapphire Preferred Card is one of the cards that gets a lot of people started in the miles and points world, and when you consider the card's relatively low annual fee together with the benefits that it offers and the power that the card has to make other cards even better, that isn't particularly surprising. In fact, I think so highly of this card that it now has a permanent place in my wallet.
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I didn’t know that Chase Freedom bonus points can be earned retroactively (sometimes)

Something that most people reading this article will probably know is that every quarter, the Chase Freedom Flex® credit card and the Chase Freedom credit card (not open to new applicants) offer bonus points for spending in select categories to cardholders who register their cards after the quarterly categories have been announced.
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Chase Freedom Flex® credit card 1Q 2023 bonus categories announced

We're now in the middle of December and that means that the 1Q 2023 bonus categories for the Chase Freedom Flex® credit card and the legacy Chase Freedom credit card have now been published.
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Chase Freedom Flex℠ Credit Card Review (2024) – One of the best no annual...

The Chase Freedom Flex® credit card is one of the newer cards to be added to Chase's credit card lineup and it hasn't taken long for it to become one of the most important miles & points credit cards on the market. With no annual fee, great earning rates, and excellent benefits, this is a card that would fit very well with most people's wallets.
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Why the Chase Sapphire Reserve® credit card is still a hard card to replace...

Despite being devalued in a number of ways since it was first launched, the Chase Sapphire Reserve® credit card is still a major player in the miles & points world so with the card's current excellent welcome offer about to be pulled*, I though that I'd take a look at how, despite everything, this remains a card that's surprisingly hard to replace without making some sacrifices.
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The World of Hyatt credit card review (2024)

The World of HYatt credit card is the only consumer co-branded Hyatt credit card in existence and is without question a card that should have a place in every Hyatt fan's wallet. Between the earning rates and the great benefits that the card offers, the modest annual fee is easily covered, and with Hyatt often giving cardholders added bonuses in its global promotions, this is a card that keeps getting more valuable.
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A great welcome bonus on the best card for United Airlines spending

The United Club℠ Infinite Card is probably the most important card a United Airlines frequent flyer can hold as it's the card that offers the best earning rate for spending with United Airlines, and it's also the one card that can help make membership of United Airlines Clubs a lot more economical. To add to all that, the United Club℠ Infinite Card currently comes with a fantastic welcome bonus that makes its offering all the more tempting.
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Now Live: Chase Freedom Flex® credit card 4Q bonus categories

We're now in the first days of October so we're into the final quarter of the year and that means that the new bonus categories for the Chase Freedom Flex® credit card and the legacy Chase Freedom credit card have now gone live.
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The Ritz-Carlton™ credit card just got better (I didn’t see this coming)

Yesterday was a big day for announcements in the world of Marriott Bonvoy co-branded credit cards with news that the Marriott Bonvoy Brilliant™️ American Express® Card has been refreshed and the news that two new mid-tier cards have been launched. There was, however, one other piece of Bonvoy credit card news that didn't get any fanfare at all and for some, it was the best news of the day.
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Chase Freedom Unlimited® credit card review (2024)

The Freedom Unlimited® Credit Card is a $0 annual fee credit card from Chase that has always been a good card to hold for unbonused spending. Its makeover way back in September 2020, however, turned it from a good card to an excellent card that can form a key component of an Ultimate Rewards strategy.
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Alternatives to the United℠ Explorer Card for you to consider

I've said in the past that I'm not a big fan of most airline credit cards as I find their offerings too limiting, and the United℠ Explorer Card is a card that illustrates what I mean by that quite well.
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Chase Freedom Flex® credit card 3Q bonus categories revealed (registration is open)

Chase has now revealed the Q3 bonus categories for its Freedom cards so anyone holding a Freedom Flex® credit card or a legacy Freedom Credit Card should head over to the registration page and make sure that they've registered their card(s) so they're ready for the moment the bonus categories go live.
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Chase & British Airways improve the Travel Together companion voucher

Earlier today, I wrote about British Airways improving the Companion Voucher issued by UK-issued American Express cards and while that news probably wasn't particularly interesting to US-based readers, the follow-up news that Chase and British Airways have improved the Travel Together benefit that comes with the British Airways Visa Signature® card will probably attract more attention.
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Chase Freedom Flex® Credit Card 2Q 2022 bonus categories now live!

Chase revealed the Freedom Q2 bonus categories a couple of weeks ago but it's only from today that the new bonus categories are active. Anyone holding a Freedom Flex® Credit Card or a legacy Freedom Credit Card should head over to the registration page (if they haven't done so already) and make sure that they've registered their card(s).
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How to transfer Chase Ultimate Rewards Points to airline & hotel programs (2022)

I frequently say how much I love the Ultimate Rewards points that I earn from my Chase Sapphire Reserve and Chase Freedom cards so I thought I'd write a quick step-by-step guide showing how easy it is to make a transfer from Ultimate Rewards to an airline loyalty program.
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How to combine Chase Ultimate Rewards Points (Freedom Cards to Ultimate Rewards Cards)

In this post, I set out a simple step-by-step guide that will show you how to combine the points earned by the Chase Freedom Flex® Card, the Chase Freedom Unlimited Card, and the legacy Chase Freedom Card (which is no longer open to new applicants) with points earned by one of Chase's Ultimate Rewards credit cards.
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Time probably running out to lock-in a great IHG Rewards credit card pairing (select...

ln a little over 6 weeks' time, the IHG Rewards Club Premier Card will be getting refreshed and the good news is that the changes that are being made are almost entirely positive. The less good news is that it looks like once the changes go live, a great two-card pairing that currently remains open to holders of the legacy IHG Rewards Club Select Card will no longer be an option.
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Chase Freedom Flex℠ credit card 1Q 2022 Bonus Categories Revealed

With two weeks left in the last quarter of 2021, Chase has revealed the 1Q 2022 category spending bonuses for the Chase Freedom Flex credit card (review) and the legacy Chase Freedom credit card (no longer open to new applicants). Registration for the new bonus categories is now open.
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Chase Aeroplan® Credit Card (details in brief)

Today has seen the launch of the new Chase Aeroplan World Elite Mastercard Credit Card and after a lot of rumors and speculation, we now have confirmation of exactly what the new card offers. I'll write a full review of the credit card in good time but for now, here are the details of what the credit card offers.
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Success! I finally got the one credit card I’ve been wanting more than any...

Where Hollywood has its awards season, I have a card applications season and as I mentioned the other day, I'm in the middle of application season right now and I intend to make it a good one. Last year's season was a bit of a flop but a little patience and luck have helped me get this season off to a flying start with a successful application for the one card that I've been after for a very long time.
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Hyatt Launches the World of Hyatt Business Credit Card

After a few weeks of rumors suggesting that Hyatt and Chase may be about to release a premium co-branded consumer card, we now know that those rumors were slightly wide of the mark. While it's true that a new World of Hyatt credit card is being introduced, it's not a premium consumer card. Instead, Hyatt has just announced the launch of the World of Hyatt Business credit card which is a Visa card issued by Chase.
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Register now for the Chase Freedom Flex® 4Q 2021 bonuses

With just over two weeks left in the third quarter of 2021, Chase has revealed the 4Q 2021 category spending bonuses for the Chase Freedom Flex® credit card (review) and the legacy Chase Freedom credit card (no longer open to new applicants). Registration for the new bonus categories is now open.
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Chase Freedom Flex® credit card 3Q 2021 bonus categories revealed

With just over two weeks left in the second quarter of 2021, Chase has revealed the 3Q 2021 category spending bonuses for the Chase Freedom Flex® credit card (review) and the legacy Chase Freedom credit card (no longer open to new applicants). Registration for the new bonus categories is now open.
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Chase Freedom Flex® credit card 2Q 2021 Bonus Categories Are Now Live

It's April 2nd and that means that we've moved into the second quarter of the year. A new quarter means the new Chase Freedom Flex® bonuses are live so assuming that you're a cardholder (and why wouldn't you be?), it's time to make sure that you've registered your card and that you know what new bonuses your card is offering.
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Reminder: Chase Sapphire card holders get added benefits at SBE properties

Accor Hotels took over full ownership of the sbe hotel brands in late 2020 (brands which, among others, include the Delano, Mondrian, SLS, and Redbury brands) so I thought I'd write a quick post to remind holders of the Chase Sapphire cards that their cards give them valuable additional benefits when they stay at select hotels in the sbe portfolio.
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Chase is discontinuing the legacy Hyatt Credit Card + offering bonuses to all Hyatt...

The original Chase Hyatt Credit Card has not been open to new applicants for a number of years (the World of Hyatt Credit Card took its place) and although existing cardholders have been able to use their card as normal since the card was withdrawn from circulation, Chase and Hyatt have now decided to retire the card for good.
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My experience applying for & using the World of Hyatt credit card

Towards the beginning of October I mentioned that I was planning to apply for three new credit cards in the coming months so, now that my first application is out of the way, I thought I'd write a post on how the application process went and on the timeline I encountered when it came to being able to make use of the various benefits that the World of Hyatt credit card offers.
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Chase is changing the timeframe for earning a free night with the World of...

As well as giving cardholders a certificate for a free night at any Category 1 - 4 Hyatt property every year (just for holding the card), the World of Hyatt credit card also gives cardholders the opportunity to earn a further free night certificate through spending. Starting next year, Chase is changing the timeframe cardholders are given to earn that second free night. The change isn't bad or majorly significant, but it's a change that for one year only, opens up an opportunity.
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Chase Sapphire Spending Bonuses & Statement Credits Ending – 3 Days Left

The Chase Sapphire Reserve and Chase Sapphire Preferred credit cards have been offering special benefits and enhanced earnings in select shopping categories since the beginning of July, but with the end of September rapidly approaching, cardholders have just days left to make the most of what these cards currently offer.
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I’m Taking A Cautious Approach To The Ritz-Carlton Card’s $300 Credit

The Ritz-Carlton credit card that's issued by Chase offers an annual $300 credit for incidental spending with airlines but with most people either not able to travel or not interested in travel, Chase has extended the credit to cover grocery spending and dining expenditure too.
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Chase Quietly Extends Marriott Bonvoy Credit Card Bonus Earnings

Since July 15, Chase Marriott Bonvoy credit cards (including credit cards that are no longer available to new applicants) have been offering bonus points for spending on dining and at gas stations and although this promotion was scheduled to end in a little over a week's time, it looks as if Chase has extended the offer without actually telling anyone.
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Confirmed: Chase Ritz-Carlton Card’s Travel Credit Can be Used On Groceries & Dining

The Ritz-Carlton credit card from Chase comes with a $300 travel credit that, under normal conditions, can only be used to offset incidental travel costs like seat selection fees, baggage fees, and lounge memberships (airfares, hotel costs and the like can not be reclaimed). Now, however, with the travel world still at a standstill, that travel credit has been expanded to include spending made at grocery stores and on dining.
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Select Chase Ink cards now offering bonus points & cash back in new categories...

Chase is emailing select holders of its Ink Business cards to announce that, for a limited time, their cards will now offer bonus points in two new spending categories. I've seen this bonus targeted to my Chase Ink Plus card (which is no longer open to new applicants) and to the Ink Business Cash card, but there's every chance that other Ink cards are being targeted too.
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Why The Ritz-Carlton Credit Card’s Club Level Upgrades Can Be Deceptively Bad

I've recently tried to use one of the major benefits of the Ritz-Carlton credit card and I quickly found myself counting my blessings that it wasn't one of the benefits I'm relying on to help me get real value out of the card. The experience turned out to be more than a little disappointing.
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Lesson Learned: Don’t Mess With Chase!

The annual fee on my Chase Ink Business Plus credit card posted earlier this month and over the weekend I decided to see if I could get Chase to waive the annual fee or, at the very least, to give me a spending bonus to help offset the fee. Things didn't go according to plan.
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My Very Small But Very Annoying Issue With Chase

On the whole, I'm a fan of Chase. I've never really had any problems with the bank and I'm a big fan of a number of its travel-related credit cards which I'm very happy to hold. Just recently, however, I've had one small but annoying issue with Chase that I thought I'd share.

Earn 75,000 IHG Rewards Points From A Credit Card That Costs Nothing

It's no secret that I'm not a big fan of IHG or IHG Rewards right now (I haven't been for some time) but that doesn't mean that I don't know a good IHG deal when I see one...and right now there's a very good deal on offer for the IHG Rewards Club Traveler credit card.
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Oops!…Chase Did It Again!

It was only yesterday that I was giving Chase a well-deserved hard time for altering credit card benefits without any advance warning and sometimes even without informing cardholders at all  (cardholders are left to find out by chance or from the various blogs that write about this stuff...and that's if they ever find out at all!) and now it seems that the card issuer has repeated the trick with another one of its credit cards...albeit a credit card that's no longer open to new applicants.
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The Chase Sapphire Cards take a hit (a small but important one)

One of the big reasons why I think the Chase Sapphire Reserve card still has its uses is because, despite the highly annoying news we got last week, the card still offers some of the best consumer travel protections around...as does its sister card the Chase Sapphire Preferred.
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Oh Chase, what are you thinking?!

There have been rumors floating around about possible changes to the Chase Sapphire Reserve credit card for at least a year and these rumors came to a head a couple of days ago when a few specific changes were mooted. Now, despite the fact that Chase has yet to officially inform any cardmembers of impending changes, we're being reliably told that January 12th will see the Chase Sapphire Reserve credit card get a mini-makeover...and it's not going to be a good one.
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Chase Is Starting To Make Slight Changes To Some Cards’ Benefits

When I get an email from a credit card issuer with a subject line that reads "Please read: Important changes to your credit card benefits" I usually expect the worst. Following the drastic cuts made by Citi, the changes being made by Barclays and the recently announced benefit reshuffle at American Express I think I'm entitled to feel a little concerned when I get an email from a fourth credit card issuer to let me know that changes are on the way
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Live Now: Activate Chase Freedom 4Q 2019 Bonuses

As we move into the final quarter of 2019 its time for Chase Freedom Card holders to make sure that they have activated the new category spending bonuses that their credit card offers, and to make sure that they're maximizing the cashback/points available for spending in those categories.
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Why I Still Don’t Like The Chase British Airways Visa Card

Towards the end of last month Chase made a small but noticeable improvement to its British Airways Visa card when it added "taxes and fees" statement credits to the list of benefits the card offers but, having attempted to reassess my negative view on this card, I still can't escape the conclusion that this really isn't a very good credit card at all.
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Chase Is Sending Out Upgrade Offers To Select Marriott Bonvoy Cardholders

I’ve held a Chase/Marriott co-branded credit card for years, and when Chase refreshed its Marriott credit card offering my card (the Marriott Rewards Premier card) was closed to new applicants and renamed the Marriott Bonvoy Premier Card. Chase also released the new Marriott Bonvoy Boundless credit card.
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I Got A Very Nice Surprise From My IHG Rewards Credit Card

It was in March last year that we first started receiving information that Chase and IHG were planning some changes to their IGR Rewards credit card and it was less than a week later that we finally got confirmation that one of the best benefits in the miles & points world was being significantly devalued.
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New Chase Freedom Quarterly Bonuses Are Now Live

The second quarter of 2019 is now over which means that we have a new set of Chase Freedom bonus categories live as of today. These new bonus categories offer Chase Freedom credit card holders the chance to earn 5% cash back through 30 September 2019.
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Get 10% Off Hyatt Award Bookings This Summer (Co-Branded Credit Card Holders Only)

Hyatt has just launched a very nice promotion in which it's offering a 10% rebate on all World of Hyatt award bookings for stays this summer. Unfortunately, the promotion is limited to holders of Hyatt's Chase co-branded credit cards so if you don't have one of those your luck is out.
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Ending Sunday: Get A 30% Bonus On Chase Transfers To British Airways

Chase surprised the miles and points world in the last week of April when it launched its first ever Ultimate Rewards transfer bonus. Now, almost 8 weeks later, the 30% bonus on transfers to the British Airways Executive Club is about to end. 
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Chase Is Offering A 30% Bonus For Points Transfers To British Airways

In a move that we haven't seen before, Chase has just introduced a 30% bonus for Ultimate Rewards Point transfers across to the British Airways Executive Club.Historically Chase hasn't offered transfer bonuses to any of its Ultimate Rewards partners so this is a significant moment in the history of transferable points and, with a bit of luck, it may signal the start of Chase offering transfer bonuses to other partners too.
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These Are The Chase Freedom Bonus Categories For Q2 2019

The first quarter of 2019 is slowly drawing to an end and, as another quarter starts up in a couple of weeks, Chase has released details of the new bonus categories which will offer Chase Freedom credit card holders the chance to earn 5% cash back in the second quarter of 2019.
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No, The Chase British Airways Credit Card Sign-Up Bonus Hasn’t Gone Away

I've seen reports flying around which suggest that Chase is no longer offering a traditional sign-up bonus on its British Airways Visa Signature Card, but those reports are inaccurate. If you'd like a sign-up offer on the Chase British Airways Signature card there's still 100,000 bonus Avios on offer and, if that sign-up offer isn't to your taste, there's a second offer that may work better for you.
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Chase Is Offering Bonus Marriott Points Through 31 March 2019

Chase is sending out emails to Marriott Rewards credit card holders inviting them to register for a promotion which earns them bonus points for spending through 31 March 2019. Based on the T&Cs of my offer it looks as if Chase is varying the promotion from person to person so, if you have a Chase Marriott Rewards credit card but haven't received an offer, I suggest checking your spam filters/folders in case it has been caught up there.
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Chase Freedom Q1 2019 Bonus Categories Announced

The last day to register for the Chase Freedom Q4 2018 bonuses is tomorrow (14 December) and that means that it's time for Chase to reveal the bonus categories for the Chase Freedom card for 1Q 2019. In Q4 2018 the Chase Freedom card earned 5% cashback (or 5/dollar if you also have a Sapphire branded Chase card) on the fist $1,500 spent at department stores, wholesale clubs and everywhere that card holders used Chase Pay to pay their bills.
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Have You Checked Out Your New Chase Offers Yet?

To date American Express has been the only one of the major card issuers to have any meaningful money-saving offers available to cardholders (Citi dabbles with offers every now and again but I've yet to see anything worth mentioning) but now it looks like Chase is trying to get in on the action too.
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There’s A Issue With Marriott Free Night Certificates That I Haven’t Seen Mentioned

There have been a lot of changes taking place with Marriott's loyalty program over the past few months (not least the merger of Marriott Rewards and Starwood Preferred Guest) and, among those changes, we've seen the complete overhaul of the Marriott award chart and the introduction of some new credit cards. A lot of the important changes have been discussed over and over again so most people are pretty familiar with what to expect going forward....but there's one little issue that I haven't yet seen addressed.
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It Just Got Easier To Dislike The British Airways Signature Visa Card From Chase

I’ve written about the British Airways Visa Signature Card from Chase before and I’ve made no secret of the fact that it’s a card I have very little time for…..and now it has just got even easier for me to dislike the card. American Express Membership Rewards Points and Chase Ultimate Rewards Points both convert across to Avios in a ratio of 1:1 so, ever since the Platinum Card from American Express started offering 5 points/dollar spent on airfare and Chase introduced the Sapphire Reserve Card (which earns 3 points/dollar on almost all travel and 3 points/dollar on dining worldwide) the British Airways Visa Card (which earns 3 Avios/dollar spend with British Airways only and 1 Avios/dollar spent everywhere else) has seemed more than a little redundant.
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NEW RULES WARNING: You May Wish To Rethink Upgrading Your Chase Marriott Visa

With the merger of Marriott Rewards and Starwood Preferred Guest there are some significant changes coming to the credit cards associated with both programs. Historically Amex has offered the SPG credit cards while Chase has been in partnership with Marriott…but that’s all changing.
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I Have The SPG Amex & Marriott Visa Cards But Holding Both Is Pointless...

Like a lot of readers I hold both the Starwood Preferred Guest credit card from American Express as well as the Chase Marriott Rewards Premier Credit card and, with SPG and Marriott Rewards becoming one unified program in August, I've been wondering what to do with my credit cards.
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The New World Of Hyatt Card Is Good But A Reality Check Is Needed...

I wrote about the surprising announcement of a new World of Hyatt credit card from Chase last week and it would be fair to say that I like a lot of what the new card offers. It always struck me as odd that the old Chase Hyatt credit card wasn’t the best credit card to use at Hyatt properties (it wasn’t even the best card issued by Chase to use at Hyatt properties) and it was a little strange that the card offered no enhanced path to earning Hyatt status.
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Don’t Forget To Register: New Chase Freedom Bonus Categories Go Live This Weekend

Another quarter is over and another one is about to begin - that always means a new set of Chase Freedom bonuses are about to go live. Sunday is the first day of a new quarter so, starting then, Chase Freedom credit card holders will be able to earn 5% cash back or 5 Ultimate Rewards points per dollar (if they also hold a Chase Sapphire card) when spending in three new categories:
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SURPRISE: Chase Launches New Hyatt Credit Card…And It Looks Good

I've never held the Hyatt credit card from Chase because, just as I was thinking it was time to sign up (previously I'd had a lot of other cards prioritized ahead on the Hyatt card) Chase devalued the sign-up bonus from 2 nights at any property to a meagre 40,000 points. Add to that the fact that the changes to the Hyatt Loyalty program were not to my liking and the fact that the Hyatt credit card did nothing to boost my chances of top-tier status and you'll probably understand why I haven't considered the card for a while....but that may have just changed.
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The Chase British Airways Visa Card You’ve Probably Never Heard About

Although I'm not as fastidious as some I still keep a pretty close eye on my credit card portfolio as I hate paying any more in annual fees that I actually have to. This generally means that I review my credit card usage on a reasonably frequent basis and, when an annual fee becomes due, I do my very best to persuade the card issuer to either waive the fee or to at least offer me some miles/points to help offset the fee in some way.
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Marriott & Starwood New Combined Loyalty Program – New Credit Cards Coming

Following on from my earlier post (which just covered the facts surrounding the new combined loyalty program) I'm now going to take a look at what we've been told we can expect from the new Marriott/SPG credit cards that will be coming out later this year and what changes are coming to the credit cards that are already available.
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Friend Question: Chase Ink Business Preferred Or Chase Ink Business Cash

A friend of mine sent me a text the other day asking which Chase business credit card he should apply for. He was sitting in front of a Chase banker at the time and the banker was advising him to apply for the Chase Ink Cash card but Andy wanted to know what I thought.
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Chase/IHG Is Seriously Devaluing The IHG Rewards Card

There are credit cards you hold for their points earning and then there are the credit cards you hold for the befits they offer and, for me, the current IHG Rewards credit card has always fallen into the latter category.  I book most of my paid hotels stays through Marriott so the bonus points the IHG Rewards card offers for my infrequent stays at IHG properties has never been a major attraction to me.....but the free night I get from the credit card every year is a benefit I love.
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Almost Confirmed: Big Changes To The Chase IHG Rewards Card

The IHG Rewards credit card has long been one of the very best deals you can get in the miles & points world. As a card that offers a free night at any IHG hotel in the world in exchange for an annual fee of just $49 it has been selling itself for years. But the card looks to be on its way out and the opportunities to sign up for it as fast disappearing.
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10,000 Shell Gas Stations Now Accept Chase Pay

If you're looking for a way to make sure you make the most of your second quarter Chase Freedom bonus categories then Chase may have just helped you out. The Chase Freedom 2Q bonus categories include grocery store spending, PayPal spending and, for the second quarter running Chase Pay spending. The Chase Pay option is probably the weakest of the three options on offer as it's still not accepted in all that many places.
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The Chase/Marriott/United Promotion Most Should Be Avoiding

Chase is running a promotion in conjunction with Marriott and United Airlines which may tempt some people but I'm here to tell you that it's not really a great promotion at all. On the face of things the promotion may seem perfectly ok but when you look closely at the value on offer (and the value most would be giving up if they took part) the promotion really isn't one that most should be participating in.
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Chase Unveils Two New Airline Credit Cards….And I Really Don’t Like Either

I'm an unabashed fan of Chase and a large number of the credit cards the bank issues but I'm struggling to see the point of the Chase Iberia Visa credit card or the Chase Aer Lingus credit card announced by the bank towards the end of last week.
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Don’t Forget To Register For The Chase Freedom 2Q Bonuses

My Chase Freedom card is one of the few free credit cards that I hold that's guaranteed to get a place in my wallet every quarter. While I'm a big fan of fee-free credit cards most of mine don't offer big  enough spending bonuses to warrant being used on a regular basis....but Chase Freedom is different.
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BIG NEWS: Marriott Announces New Credit Card Deal With Chase AND Amex

Marriott's takeover of Starwood threw into question the future of the hotel chain's credit card contract. Marriott has traditionally had its co-branded cards issued by Chase while Starwood has had a long association with Amex and we've been waiting to hear what the outcome of recent negotiations would be. Now we know.
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Here’s How To Earn More Chase Ultimate Rewards Points

Last week I took at look the transfer partners of the four major transferable loyalty currencies - Chase Ultimate Rewards, Citi ThankYou, American Express Membership Rewards and Starwood's Starpoints. All are currencies I value highly and all a currencies I prefer to individual airline miles or hotel points. As a follow up to those articles I'm taking a look at the best ways to earn the four transferable loyalty currencies and hopefully giving you some idea of what you can do to earn more points and to boost your balances quickly and/or frequently.
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This Is A Fantastic Credit Card Offer For California Residents

I don't often write about credit card sign-up bonuses because, to be frank, I don't find most of them to be all that fantastic or exceptional (with a few occasional exceptions). But now we have a credit card sign-up bonus from Southwest & Chase that, as long as you're a California resident, is one you shouldn't be passing up.
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Points, Points, Points! Double Avios For Shopping, Bonus Chase Ultimate Rewards & Double Carlson...

There's a small points bonanza going on at the moment and for those interested in Avios, Chase Ultimate Rewards points and Club Carlson Gold points there are some very good opportunities to earn bonus points without much effort.
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Chase Ultimate Rewards Transfer Partners – Which Programs Are Included?

This week I'm taking a look at the four major transferable rewards currencies individually and listing out the airline and, where relevant, hotel rewards programs those currencies can be transferred into. In this first (of four) posts I'm taking a look at Chase Ultimate Rewards.

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