One $1,555 Trip Will Get Me 78% Of The Way To British Airways Gold...

At the beginning of last month, I highlighted a pretty amazing Tier Point run that was available for travel between London and the West Coast and, at the time, I said that I was tempted to make a booking for 2021. Well, a few weeks passed by, the fares for the trip didn't disappear (this trip is still bookable), and the temptation to jump on such a fantastic deal grew to such an extent that I couldn't hold out any more - the deal was too good to miss so I had to book.

Qatar Airways Appears To Be Pulling Its Best Business Class Deals

Last Thursday, we discovered that Qatar Airways had introduced one of the most amazing cancellations/rebooking policies most of us have ever seen which opened up a wealth of possibilities for anyone willing to book speculative travel for later this year. Within 24 hours of this policy being confirmed, we started to see the airline taking measures to limit how easy this policy is to game with a number of rule changes and, over the weekend, it looks like the airline went even further.

Incredible Tier Point Runs Available From London (Travel In 2021)

British Airways is far from a perfect airline but it's still one of the airlines with a loyalty program that allows travelers to earn valuable elite status relatively cheaply if they're prepared to take circuitous routings on some of their trips. In this post I'll show you how you can earn British Airways Silver status for £1,200/$1,500 and how you can earn over half the points needed for British Airways Gold status for only marginally more. In both cases only one trip is needed.

Still Available: Incredible Qatar Airways Qsuites Fare: JFK – Kyiv From $1,627 Roundtrip (Qsuites)

This is a fare that first appeared at the beginning of March (just as the current crisis was getting going in the US and Europe) but now it’s cheaper than ever, availability has improved, and the fare is still widely available well into 2021 – you’re unlikely to find a cheaper way to try out one of the world’s best Business Class products on a route originating in the US.
British Airways New Club World Suite - Image courtesy of British Airways

Fare War: Great Business Class Fares For London – North America (Oneworld, Star Alliance...

British Airways has been running a premium cabin sale offering some very good Business Class fares between the UK and North America since the end of February, but it now seems that a number of other airlines have joined the party and I'm seeing a lot of good deals being offered by the likes of Virgin Atlantic, United, Delta, Air France, and KLM.

DEALS: Fantastic Business Class Fares USA – UK/Ireland/Europe

From now through to the end of April, Aer Lingus is offering some truly fantastic Business Class fares between select US cities and cities in Ireland, the United Kingdom, and continental Europe as the airline reminds passengers that travel between the US and UK/Ireland isn't covered by the ban and that US citizens and residents are still allowed to travel back and forth across the Atlantic unencumbered (at least for now).

American Airlines Business Class Awards To Europe From 84,000 Miles Roundtrip

They say that every cloud has a silver lining and the silver lining to the current coronavirus scare appears to be that American Airlines is finally releasing premium cabin saver award availability and, somewhat unbelievably, premium cabin Web Special availability too.

KLM Updates Its Business Class Dream Deals To Europe

KLM has updated its Dream Deals Business Class offers for travel between the US to include considerably more routes than the original offer (which is only about a week old) and to reduce the fares on a number of routes by up to $200. There aren't any amazing fares on offer in this set of Dream Deals but the prices do represent a significant saving on what we often see transatlantic Business Class fares costing so this is well worth a closer look.

WOW: Fantastic Oneworld Business Class Deals Between Paris & Many US Cities

Right now American Airlines, British Airways, Iberia and Finnair are, between them, offering some truly fantastic fares between Paris and every US city I've had time to check. Better still, these fares appear to be available from April through to the end of the year...and in some cases into January 2021 too.

Earn 720 Tier Points For £1,525/$1,982 (Oneworld Sapphire Status for £1,573/$2,045)

British Airways and Qatar Airways are both running very good Business Class sales right now (I've written about both today) and, if you know what to look for, it's possible to combine some of the better offers from these sales to rack up a serious number of Tier Points in the British Airways Executive Club. It's even possible to earn oneworld Sapphire status for under £1,600.

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