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How American Airlines & Alaska Airlines reciprocal upgrades work (includes details of a new...

Reciprocal upgrades have been available to American Airlines AAdvantage and Alaska Mileage Plan elites since 2021, and as a very recent change to the upgrade rules has improved the upgrade benefit for Alaska's flyers, this seems like a good time to recap how these upgrades work.
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This is how much top-tier airline status costs me each year

I gave up on the AAdvantage program and Executive Platinum status as soon as American Airlines introduced Elite Qualifying Dollars and the concept of a minimum spend requirement, and since then, I've been using the British Airways Executive Club as my primary airline program.
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American Airlines announces positive changes to the AAdvantage program

American Airlines has put out a press release addressing its plans for the AAdvantage program in 2024 and surprisingly, the news is actually good. Benefits are not being enhanced away, elite status is not being made harder to earn, award charts aren't being decimated, and there's no suggestion that the airline plans to hold the members of its frequent flyer program in the same contempt as Delta holds SkyMiles members.
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Significant changes coming to the American Airlines AAdvantage program

The AAdvantage program's current incarnation is still very new (it only came into being earlier this year) but American Airlines is already pushing through new changes which, on the whole, are probably going to be unpopular.
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Got Hyatt status? You may be able to get free American Airlines status too

As we enter the last couple of days of the registration period for a promotion that gives AAdvantage elite flyers free World of Hyatt status (see here), a new promotion seems to be appearing in select American Airlines accounts that's offering World of Hyatt elites free (but temporary) American Airlines elite status.
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Reminder: Easy World of Hyatt status for American Airlines elites (2 days left to...

Since the end of August, Hyatt has been running a pretty good promotion for American Airlines flyers in which it's offering automatic (limited-time) elite status in the World of Hyatt program and a chance for flyers then to boost that status through stays. The promotion still has over 3 months to run, but registration closes in just 2 days' time.
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American Airlines handled my self-inflicted 500-mile upgrade issue very well

As I'm usually more than happy to call out airlines when they're acting poorly (or like imbeciles) it's only fair that I give credit where credit is due when an airline does something well. In that spirit, I'd like to point out how helpful the agents at AAdvantage customer services were when I caused a minor issue for myself that need never have arisen.
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Earn 1,000 bonus AAdvantage Miles per stay with Hyatt this summer (USA only)

Hyatt has announced a new promotion, in conjunction with American Airlines, which sees it reprising an offer we last saw back in October of last year. Starting on 5 July, members of the American Airlines AAdvantage program will be able to earn a bonus of 1,000 AAdvantage miles per qualifying stay at over 150 participating Hyatt hotels in cities across the U.S.
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American Airlines & JetBlue add more reciprocal elite benefits

Today, American Airlines and JetBlue have taken another step towards cementing their alliance (despite the fact that the DoJ is actively trying to break the alliance up) by announcing further reciprocal status benefits for their elite flyers and by confirming that customers flying with JetBlue will finally be allowed to use their Admirals Club memberships to access American's lounges.
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American Airlines ends Award Wallet access

For a little over 8 years, Award Wallet has had an agreement in place with American Airlines which has allowed it to access flyer data via an API that, in turn, allowed it to keep members informed of any changes to their flights and AAdvantage account balances. As of today, that access has been revoked and Award Wallet members can no longer use the application to track their American Airlines flights or AAdvantage accounts.
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Fast-track to American Airlines elite status with Business Extra

Earning or retaining American Airlines Advantage elite status has never been easier than it has been for most of this year but for business travelers who have somehow missed out on the promotions, deals, and extensions, the airline has just rolled out yet another way to lock in AAdvantage status in double-quick time - a fast-track offer has been launched.
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3 days left to transfer Citi points to American Airlines AAdvantage (should you transfer?)

It was a nice surprise when back in July, Citi suddenly announced that its ThankYou Points would be transferable to the American Airlines AAdvantage program for a limited time and as no other bank's transferable currency has a partnership with AAdvantage, this has been a very useful transfer option to have for the past few months. Sadly, with no signs that Citi will extend this offer, ThankYou cardholders have just three days left to make the most of this opportunity.
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American Airlines just made Lifetime Elite status a little more valuable (in one way)

American Airlines recently ripped up the rules surrounding elite status qualification for the AAdvantage program and introduced a whole new system through which its flyers can earn elite status. For some, the fact that the new system will probably create more low-level elites means that Lifetime Gold and Lifetime Platinum status has just been devalued (more competition for benefits). For others, however, Lifetime AAdvantage Elite status will have just become more useful.
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This was my ‘panic’ American Airlines award booking

On Monday afternoon, I wrote that I was looking at different ways in which I could spend the 170,000 AAdvantage miles that were sitting in my account and I mentioned a number of options that I had been considering. At the time, I had no idea which option (or options) I most wanted to go for and I was prepared to keep thinking things through for a few more weeks. A tweet that I saw on Monday evening quickly changed all of that.
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American Airlines extends elite statuses & allows a ‘double dip’ for status earning

Yesterday, the big talking point for American Airlines flyers was undoubtedly the news that American has completely reinvented how elite status is earned in the AAdvantage program. There were, however, a couple of other pieces of news that were put out at the same time that cover the current elite qualification period and the start of the next, and those pieces of news are covered here.
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Huge News: American Airlines reinvents how elite status is earned

Today looks like it's a day for surprises. I didn't expect Marriott to announce the huge Bonvoy devaluation that we've seen, while the cataclysmic changes that I was expecting American Airlines to make to its awards charts never materialized. Instead, what American Airlines announced today was a wholesale change to how AAdvantage elite status is earned.
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How would you spend 170,000 American Airlines Miles?

A few weeks back I picked up 150,000 AAdvantage miles at a nicely reduced rate and by doing so, I immediately broke a cardinal rule of the miles & points world because I had no real plan for what I was going to do with the miles. I had a few ideas, but the truth is that chance to buy miles at 1.36 cents each was too big a temptation and I was happy to risk an AAdvantage devaluation before I got a chance to burn the miles in return for such a good deal.
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American Airlines & JetBlue now offer reciprocal elite benefits (award bookings are on the...

American Airlines and JetBlue first announced their (slightly surprising) partnership back in July last year but other than offering members of each other’s loyalty programs the ability to earn their preferred currency when flying, so far the partnership has offered little in the way of reciprocal elite status benefits. Starting this today, however, that has all changed.
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I’m amazed that American Airlines honored last week’s points sale error

Last Friday, American Airlines launched yet another points sale which, on the face of things, looked very similar to a lot of the other points sales that we usually see it running. The sale was offering up to 35% off the regular cost of miles and should have priced American's currency at over 2 cents per mile. But it didn't. It priced it far lower.
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Why Does Alaska Airlines Have A High Segment Requirement For Top-Tier Status & American...

Last week we finally got to find out a lot more about the new top-tier elite status that Alaska Mileage Plan first mentioned back in January and one of the bigger surprises that we were given was the news that to earn top tier MVP Gold 100K status, flyers will have to book 24 segments that are marketed and operated by Alaska Airlines. In this post, I speculate on what the key driver of this requirement may be and why American Airlines doesn't have a similar requirement.
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Earn 1,000 Bonus AAdvantage Miles Per Hyatt Stay (Select Regions)

Hyatt is currently sending out emails to members of its World of Hyatt program offering them 1,000 bonus American Airlines miles for every qualifying stay they make at properties in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and India. Registration is required so make sure you check the details below if you think that you'll be able to make the most of this offer.
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Citi Transfers To American Airlines Don’t Appear To Be Instant

Over the weekend, Citi gave those of us in miles and points world a very nice surprise when it announced that, for a limited time, its ThankYou Points would be convertible into American Airlines AAdvantage Miles. Considering Citi's close relationship with American Airlines I had assumed that transfers to AAdvantage would be instantaneous (as they are for a number of other ThankYou partners) but early indications appear to suggest otherwise.
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Two Recent Small Changes In The Miles & Points World Really Helped Me Out

This weekend saw two small changes occur in the miles & points world that shared two things in common. Both were a little surprising and both turned out to be especially good news for me.
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Unexpected Enhancement: You Can Now Transfer Citi Points To AAdvantage (For A Limited Time)

Citi’s ThankYou Points can be incredibly useful in certain situations but up until now I have  found them to be less useful than the points issued by Amex and Chase. Now, however, courtesy of a very surprising program enhancement (of the good kind!) Citi’s ThankYou points have suddenly been made considerably more useful…albeit for a limited time only.
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They’re Back: Hyatt & American Airlines Are Offering Targeted Elite Status Challenges

Hyatt and American Airlines have just announced that they're once again offering elite status challenges to members of each other's loyalty programs. From today, select AAdvantage and World of Hyatt members will be offered the chance to earn elite status in the other's loyalty program through January or February 2023. Challenges are targeted, require registration, and are appearing on dedicated American Airlines and Hyatt web pages.
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Retain American Airlines status through credit card spending from next week

Throughout the pandemic, all the major US airlines have taken measures to try to keep their frequent flyers happy and American Airlines has, for the most part, been at the forefront of some of the better initiatives that we've seen. This is a reminder that one such initiative will be live in just 7 days' time.
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Earn elite status quicker with these American Airlines promotions

At the end of April, United Airlines offered its customers three different promotions which all gave flyers a chance to boost their progress along the path to elite status, and now American Airlines appears to have followed suit. The key difference here, however, is that flyers can sign up to all three of American's promotions while United asked flyers to choose one from three.
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Earn 25% Bonus AAdvantage Miles When You Convert Select Hotel Currencies

American Airlines has published a new offer which we last saw in October 2020 and which sees the airline offering a 25% bonus to AAdvantage members who choose to convert IHG Rewards points or World of Hyatt points into miles.
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American Airlines & JetBlue Now Offer Reciprocal Mileage & Elite Qualifying Credits On Most...

American Airlines and JetBlue have today announced that they are now offering near-universal reciprocal mileage earning and elite status credit accrual for members of the AAdvantage and TrueBlue programs. Flyers from both airline programs can now choose whether to earn AAdvantage Miles or TrueBlue points when they book with either airline and depending on which they choose, they'll also earn credits towards elite status too.
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Earn Thousands Of American Airlines AAdvantage Miles When You Buy Or Sell A Home

Every year we seem to hear of new ways for people to earn miles and points from sources that have absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with travel, and while I have no idea how long this source of miles has been around, I've just discovered that you can earn a substantial number of American Airlines miles when you buy or sell a home.
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New Promo: Earn 1,000 American Airlines Miles Per Night With Hyatt [Targeted]

Back in November, Hyatt launched a promotion in which it offered 1,000 AAdvantage Miles per night for stays at select Hyatt resorts, and now that that offer has ended (it ended on 4 April), Hyatt is back with a bigger and better (albeit targeted) deal - earn 1,000 AAdvantage Miles per night at hundreds of World Hyatt properties around the world.
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Sale: Buy American Airlines Miles with a 40% discount

American Airlines has launched a new mileage sale in which it is offering a discount of 40% on the regular price of miles. There's nothing majorly complicated about this sale as for once, this is an AAdvantage sale in which it doesn't matter how many or how few miles you buy, the cost per miles doesn't vary.
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American Airlines Unveils New Benefits For Executive Platinum & Platinum Pro Elites

In the middle of October American Airlines announced a series of changes to the AAdvantage program with a view to keeping its elite flyers happy. Among other things, the changes announced included the introduction of new rewards for flyers who earn AAdvantage Executive Platinum and Platinum Pro status but further details surrounding these rewards weren't forthcoming. Now, American has told us more and there's some very good news for Platinum Pro elites.
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[Promo Now Live] American Airlines Is Sending Gifts To All AAdvantage Members

American Airlines has announced that it will be sending each and every member of the AAdvantage program a gift this festive season and members of the program who are based in the United States will be entered into a draw to win six mega prizes.
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Buy American Airlines AAdvantage Miles from just 1.75 cents each

American Airlines has followed up its Black Friday flight promotion with a new mileage sale in which it's selling its currency at one of the lowest rates we've seen. At 1.75 cents/mile, this may actually be an AAdvantage sale that's worth considering.
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Surprising: American & Alaska Airlines Will Offer Reciprocal Upgrades

With Alaska Airlines expected to join the oneworld alliance at the end of the first quarter of 2021, it's not a major surprise to find out that the two airlines plan to offer reciprocal elite benefits next year. What is surprising, however, is that both airlines say that they will go as far as offering select elite flyers from the other airline's loyalty program complimentary domestic upgrades on the flights they operate.
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Earn 1,000 AAdvantage Miles/Night At Select World Of Hyatt Resorts

I'm not sure what's going on at Hyatt HQ but we're seeing promotion after promotion coming out of Chicago right now. This latest promotion is offering guests 1,000 bonus American Airlines AAdvantage Miles for every qualifying night spent at select Hyatt resorts in Mexico and the Caribbean.
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American Airlines Is Eliminating More Award Fees & Extending Mileage Expiration Dates

American Airlines has just announced some good, positive changes to its AAdvantage program which will come into effect from tomorrow, 11 November 2020. Two fees are being eliminated and mileage expirations are being extended so, although for most people this year will almost certainly be remembered for the terrible toll that Covid-19 has taken, a small crumb of comfort may be that it's also the year that has seen airlines roll back a swathe of fees that most of us have resented for years. 
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Avoid The New American Airlines Mileage Sale – It’s Abysmal

American Airlines has now launched a new mileage sale for November and it's a sale that absolutely nobody should be participating in. Considering the levels at which we've seen AAdvantage Miles sold in the past (and not just during a pandemic), you would have to have taken leave of your senses before thinking that buying miles in this sale is a good idea.
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Big News: American Airlines Lowers Elite Status Requirements In 2021, Introduces New Rewards &...

American Airlines has today announced a series of steps its AAdvantage program is taking in an effort to keep flyers happy and to keep them engaged with the program as the current travel crisis continues. Elite status will be easier to earn in 2021 (as long as you are prepared to fly!), new rewards are being introduced, a promised improvement to Basic Economy bookings is now here, and there's more good news too.
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Earn 3x AAdvantage Miles with World of Hyatt [Targeted]

The World of Hyatt is currently sending out emails to targeted members with an offer of three AAdvantage Miles per dollar on all Hyatt stays through the end of the year. Considering this offer will stack (very nicely) with the upcoming promotion in which WoH members can earn up to four times the usual number of base points, this is an incredibly generous offer to receive.
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Buy American Airlines AAdvantage Miles from 1.82 cents each

American Airlines has come up with another promotion for anyone interesting in buying its currency and in this promotion the airline is selling miles at approximately 1.82 cents each. The promotion runs through the end of the month so there's no big hurry to dive in (do your research) but it's worth noting this is one of the cheaper rates at which the airline offers AAdvantage Miles.
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Earn 2x lifetime elite miles with American Airlines [targeted]

American Airlines is currently running a targeted promotion in which it's offering a very specific kind of elite bonus - the airline will give targeted flyers double the usual number of miles towards lifetime elite status for flights taken by the end of the year. 
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AAdvantage credit cards now earn miles towards Million Miler status

Up until 2011, all miles earned through credit card spending counted towards American Airlines Million Miler status while the miles earned from the Citi AAdvantage Executive Card counted through 2012. Since then, only miles earned by flying (better known as "butt-in-seat" miles) have qualified to move the needle in the Million Miler program...until now.
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Niche Play: Get a 25% bonus when you convert Hyatt points to AAdvantage Miles

Every now and again American Airlines offers a bonus for converting hotel points into AAdvantage Miles, and right now there's a promotion running in which anyone with a World of Hyatt balance can transfer their points into the AAdvantage program and receive a 25% bonus on top of the points that are normally on offer. For most people, this remains a less than tempting proposition but it may still be useful for some.
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The Latest AAdvantage Miles Sale Is A Hard Pass

Around the beginning of this month, American Airlines launched the best mileage sale I've ever seen the airline offer and I was sorely tempted to dive in and load up (I didn't). Now, just days after the last sale ended, American is back with another sale and I'm here to suggest you stay well away.
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American Airlines Status Extensions & More – The Good, The Bad & The Pointless

American Airlines has now joined Delta, United and Alaska Airlines in announcing status extensions for its elite members and, just like its competitors, American used the status extension announcement to reveal a few more moves that it's taking. From a customer perspective, some are good, some are bad and some are utterly pointless.
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American Airlines Is Now Offering Elite Status Credits On Alaska Airlines Flights

Back in 2017 American Airlines and Alaska Airlines announced some significant negative changes to their partnership and it was only October last year that American Airlines removed Alaska Airlines from its list of award partners...but that was then and this is now.
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Alaska Airlines & American Are Offering Improved Reciprocal Mileage Earning

Now that American and Alaska are playing nicely together again both airlines are offering significantly improved reciprocal mileage earnings on each other's flights - flyers can now earn and redeem Alaska miles on all American Airlines flights and they can earn and redeem American Airlines AAdvantage miles on all Alaska Airlines flights.
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Earn An Easy 1,000 AAdvantage Miles Through The E-Shopping Portal

With a substantial percentage of the population being advised to stay home as much as possible there's a very good chance that a lot of people are doing even more online shopping than ever before so, if that's the position you find yourself in, why not earn some easy (and free) miles while you shop?
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I’m Taking The American Airlines/Etihad Situation Seriously

At the end of last week OMAAT published a post showing that American Airlines had removed Etihad from the list of partners it displays on its website and, unsurprisingly, this sent the rumor mill into overdrive.
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American Airlines & Hyatt Offering New Elite Status Challenges [Targeted]

Hyatt and American Airlines have just announced that from today, select AAdvantage and World of Hyatt elites will be offered challenges to earn elite status in the other's loyalty program through 2022. Challenges are targeted, require registration, and are appearing on dedicated American Airlines and Hyatt webpages.
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American Airlines Business Class Awards To Europe From 84,000 Miles Roundtrip

They say that every cloud has a silver lining and the silver lining to the current coronavirus scare appears to be that American Airlines is finally releasing premium cabin saver award availability and, somewhat unbelievably, premium cabin Web Special availability too.
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Use AAdvantage Miles to upgrade your flights

With American making premium cabin saver awards harder and harder to find it has definitely become a lot more challenging to find great uses for AAdvantage miles in recent years (especially if you're based in the US), but the lack of saver award space doesn't have to mean that an AAdvantage balance is worthless or near-impossible to use effectively.
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Huge News: Alaska Airlines To Join Oneworld + American Expands In Seattle

Alaska Airlines and American Airlines have issued a joint statement in which they have announced a new "West Coast International Alliance" under which Alaska's West Coast network will connect up to (and feed) American's long-haul network, which will see Alaska Airlines becoming a member of the oneworld alliance in 2021 and which will see American Airlines launching a new route to Asia and a new route out of Alaska's hub in Seattle.
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American’s AAdvantage Program Ends Three Hotel Partnerships

The American Airlines AAdvantage program is emailing members to let them know that it will be ending its partnership with three significant hotel chains from later this year and, although members are being given 2 months' notice of the changes, some will still find this a disappointing move by the airline.
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PROMO: Earn 3 AAdvantage Miles per dollar with Hyatt & partners [Targeted]

At the beginning of March last year American Airlines and Hyatt announced a partnership that has seen reciprocal elite status offered to select AAdvantage and World of Hyatt members and which allows travelers to earn Hyatt points when they book American Airlines flights and AAdvantage miles when they book Hyatt stays.
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Book American Airlines One-Way International Business Class Awards From $600 + Taxes With This...

In this post I'm going to show how you can use a current Etihad promotion, a Marriott Bonvoy benefit and a current Marriott Bonvoy points sale to generate cheap Etihad Guest Miles which you can then use to book great value American Airlines premium cabin awards.
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Earn 70,000 Or 75,000 AAdvantage Miles With These Two Credit Card Offers

Citi has brought out a couple of new welcome offers on its CitiBusiness/AAdvantage Platinum Select World Mastercard and although both offers are very similar there's a slight difference between them that may see you prefer one offer over the other.
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American Airlines Removes Alaska Airlines As An Award Partner

Sometimes I wonder if American Airlines genuinely can't help itself. On the same day that the airline was finally able to announce a genuine improvement to its AAdvantage earnings charts (just a few days after the airline was left embarrassed by the loss of a key oneworld partner), it shoots itself in the foot by promptly announcing the end of yet another arrangement with a valued partner airline.
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American Airlines Boosts Elite & Mileage Earnings On Qantas

Earlier today, Executive Traveller wrote about Qantas "turbocharging" the points and status credits that its flyers can earn when flying with American Airlines. This got me wondering if American Airlines would do the same for AAdvantage members...and the answer is a resounding yes!
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New Way To Earn AAdvantage Miles – Introducing “Simply Miles”

American Airlines has launched a new way for AAdvantage credit card holders to earn extra miles and the new program, called SimplyMiles, works in a similar way to the offers we see Chase and American Express target at their cardholders.
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Beware: American Airlines Is Showing Phantom Cathay Pacific Award Availability

As of yesterday Cathay Pacific awards can now be booked on the American Airlines website but it looks like American may be having a few integration issues that travelers should be aware of - not all the awards you'll see on AA.com are actually available to book.
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You Can Now Book Cathay Pacific Awards On AA.com

Over the past year American Airlines has been adding the ability for users of its website to book awards on a number of its partner airlines (like Etihad and Japan Airlines) and now one of oneworld's more popular carriers can be booked on American's website too - Cathay Pacific awards are now live on AA.com.
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This Is American Airlines’ Latest Miles Sale…But Is It Any Good?

If we’re in a month with at least 28 days in it there’s almost bound to be an American Airlines miles sale in progress so, with the last sale having ended just ended a few days ago, it’s no surprise to see the airline back with another attempt to squeeze some money out of its flyers.
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You Can Now Book Japan Airlines (JAL) Awards On AA.com

One of the few things that American Airlines has improved over the past few years is the ability to book partner awards though AA.com. There was a time (in the not too distant past) where Alaska Airlines, British Airways, and Cathay Pacific were just about the only partners whose awards could be reliably booked via the American Airlines website – now we have 17 different partner airlines to choose from on AA.com.
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Buy AAdvantage Miles & Use Them For Great Partner Awards (Best Deal Of The...

Towards the beginning of June American Airlines launched a mileage sale which was supposed to run through to the end of the month but, for reasons best known to the airline, the sale has been extended through to 2 August.
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BEST DEAL: Buy AAdvantage Miles From Just 1.72 Cents Each

American Airlines has launched its latest miles sale which runs through to the end of the month and this time around it's selling its currency at the lowest rate we generally see - 1.72 cents/mile. If you're short of AAdvantage miles this is probably the time to buy as you're unlikely to find a better deal - even the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale didn't offer a price as low as this last year.
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Ending Very Soon: Buy AAdvantage Miles From 1.92 Cents Each

American Airlines offers discounts and bonuses on the sale of its miles more often than just about any other airline out there....and the latest deal is about to come to an end.The best prices at which we see AAdvantage Miles offered are usually around the 1.75 cents mark so, comparatively, the current rate of 1.92 cents/mile doesn't look particularly attractive....but that doesn't mean you shouldn't check this offer out further.
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Hyatt & American Airlines Now Offering Select Elite Members Fast Track Challenges To Status

At the beginning of March the World of Hyatt Hyatt and American Airlines AAdvantage announced they would be launching a partnership that would offer members of both loyalty programs reciprocal points earning, status challenges and, for American's very top-tier elites, complimentary World of Hyatt Globalist status. At the time of the announcement there weren't too many solid details available but now we're starting to see progress.
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Improved 65,000 Points Sign-Up Bonus On This AAdvantage Credit Card [Targeted]

Citi is emailing out customers with a slightly improved sign-up offer on the Citi AAdvantage Platinum Select World Mastercard but the nature of the offer means that not everyone who's in the market for this card will want to take it up - it will suit some more than others.
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Buy American Airlines Miles From 1.92 Cents Each (Useful For Great Partner Redemptions)

In news that will surprise absolutely no one American Airlines is selling miles at a discount again and this time around the airline is offering up to 40% the standard rate to anyone prepared to buy miles in the latest promotion.
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Great News: Etihad Awards Appear To Be Bookable On AA.com

Some links to products and travel providers on this website will earn Traveling For Miles a commission which helps contribute to the running of...
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Last Day: Earn 60,000 Miles After A Single Purchase With This Credit Card

I'm going to start off by admitting that I'm not a massive fan of the American Airlines AAdvantage Aviator Red Mastercard despite the fact that it happens to be a credit card that I currently hold (for now).The recent changes to the card that Barclays has pushed through has made the card's long-term usefulness questionable but the current sign-up bonus (which ends tonight) is so good that it's almost certainly worth taking out the card for that alone.
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Buy American Airline Miles & Get 100,000 Bonus Miles Thrown In

The last time American Airlines launched a mileage sale (back in February) I advised readers not to purchase miles as, based on past history, I expected American Airlines to offer a significantly better promotion in March than it was offering at the time. Specifically I suggested that American Airlines would sell AAdvantage Miles at 1.81 cents each.Well...I was right and I was wrong.
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Hyatt & American Airlines Will Offer Crossover Earnings & Benefits

Ok, now this is very interesting. Hyatt and American Airlines have announced that they plan to offer elite members of their respective rewards programs the opportunity to earn more points and miles when they fly with American or book stays with Hyatt.
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This Is Why Some American Airlines Elite Benefits Are A Joke

Arguably three of the more valuable benefits that come with American Airlines top-tier status are the 4 Systemwide Upgrades that elites receive each year, the unlimited domestic upgrades and the bonus miles that top-tier elites earn on all flights....but at least two of these have been reduced to a farce by current American Airlines management.
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Can You Earn AAdvantage Miles & Elite Credits On Royal Jordanian’s New Etihad Codeshares

Etihad and Royal Jordanian have just announced a new codeshare partnership which will see the airlines place their respective codes on select routes out of Amman and Abu Dhabi. With Royal Jordanian being a member of the oneworld alliance a reader has written in to ask if he can earn American Airlines miles and credit towards elite status if he books an Etihad flight though Royal Jordanian.
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American Airlines Is Selling Miles Again….But It’s Next Promotion Will Be Much Better

Paying attention to small details sometimes pays off and the fact that I write this blog means that I have to keep a reasonably close eye on what the various mileage sales look like....and that helps me spot trends. Whoever is in charge of releasing American Airlines mileage deals is clearly too busy with other matters to put any effort into these sales as they've become incredibly predictable.
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American Airlines Premium Economy Awards Are Here – This Is What You Need To...

It has been a long time coming considering how many months we have been able to book Premium Economy cash fares but American Airlines has finally got around to publishing its Premium Economy award charts.
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“Buy” 7,400 AAdvantage Miles For Just 1.34 Cents Each (Probably)

American Airlines holds very frequent mileage sales (there's one in progress right now) and in those sales we rarely see the cost/mile drop below 1.7 cents (I think the lowest cost/mile I've ever seen is 1.68 cents) but, right now, there a way of generating 7,400 AAdvantage Miles at 1.34 cents each.
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The Time When Having Good Airline Status Really Paid Off

I had only been back home in LA for a few days before it was time to fly out again and make the journey back across the Atlantic that I seem to do so very often. On this occasion I was routing via Dallas as I was using up my last American Airlines systemwide upgrade from last year and the only upgrade availability at the time of booking had been on the Dallas - London sector. I wasn't prepared to go on the upgrade waitlist for the non-stop flights to London out of Los Angeles as, since American changed the way it treats upgrade priority, I felt my chances of seeing the upgrade clear were slim and my systemwide upgrade would go to waste.
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Earn 10 AAdvantage Miles/Dollar At Marriott, Get 20% Off In DC & Free Parking...

I'm often saying that airline & hotel shopping portals are a great way to keep your balances ticking over and preventing accounts expiring and, right now, the AAdvantage shopping portal has a great deal available for Marriott bookings.
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Reminder: AAdvantage Award Chart Changes Kicking In From 16 January

Back at the beginning of December American Airlines announced a number of changes to its award charts that will be kicking in for bookings from 16 January 2019. The changes that are being introduced introducing center around Canada and Hawaii and, while the news for Hawaii isn't good the news for Canada is mixed.
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Here’s The Latest American Airlines Mileage Sale…..And Why You Should Avoid It

American Airlines is back with a new offer in its near-monthly attempt to sell miles to the public. In this promotion the airline is offering a bonus of up to 50% on miles purchases through 31 January 2019 and, while that may appear appealing to some, I'm going to show why this is a truly woeful deal for most.
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The Incredible American Airlines Award That Came & Went

American Airlines has recently started publishing some discounted Economy Class awards which it's calling "web specials". This is almost certainly as a result of Delta's ever more frequent flash sales but, up until now, American's web specials have only been offered on select domestic routes. Yesterday that changed....briefly.
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Was Earning BA Gold Status Cheaper Than Earning American Airlines Executive Platinum?

Late last year I wrote a post in which I concluded that simple mathematics suggested that I shouldn't credit my 2018 flights to the American Airlines AAdvantage program. Now, almost a year to the day since I wrote that post, I've finished my flying for 2018 and it's time to see how that decision played out.
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American Airlines Is Selling Miles From 1.77 Cents Again….But There’s A Very Important Twist...

American Airlines has launched yet another sale of its miles (the last sale ended on 26 November) but, unusually for the airline, this latest sale comes with an interesting and important twist - the bonus on offer will decrease every day through 15 December 2018 so the sooner you buy the better the deal is.
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American Airlines & China Southern Expand Partnership (Reciprocal Elite Benefits On The Way)

Some links to products and travel providers on this website will earn Traveling For Miles a commission which helps contribute to the running of...
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FLASH SALE: Buy American Airlines Miles From 1.77 Cents Each

For the third year running (and as I predicted just a few days ago) American Airlines has launched a mileage sale in which AAdvantage Miles can be purchased for as little as 1.77 cents each...and that's just about as cheap as we ever seen them being sold.
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[PREDICTION] American Airlines Will Soon Sell Miles From 1.77 Cents Each

One of the unexpected bonuses of American Airlines not having any real creativity is that the airline can be very predictable. Admittedly when the airline is predictably delayed or predictably bad at anything that involves customer service this bonus is hard to see...but when the airline is too lazy to freshen up its promotions it can be very helpful.
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American Airlines Is Selling Pointless Status Again And Some Offers Make No Sense At...

You know that the year is drawing to a close when American Airlines starts sending you emails suggesting that you pay them quite a bit of cash in exchange for a bump up to a status level you probably don't need (or which offers few worthwhile benefits). Two such emails have recently dropped into the TFM household's inboxes and, try as I might, I just don't understand the logic behind them.
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American Airlines Simply Doesn’t Care About AAdvantage Or Its Members

There was a time when the American Airlines AAdvantage program was the clear leader in the airline loyalty sector and when the airline saw it as a genuine asset to its business. Nowadays all of that is rapidly becoming a distant memory as the current leadership team at American Airlines continues to dismantle AAdvantage and with it what little loyalty that is still felt towards the increasingly hard-to-like airline.
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Significant Changes Coming To American Airlines AAdvantage In 2019

American Airlines has just announced a series of changes to the AAdvantage loyalty program that will come into effect on 1 January 2019. The changes affect how many Elite Qualifying Dollars are required to earn top-tier status, how many elite qualifying miles are earned with select partner airlines and more.
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Earn Up To 50 Miles/Dollar At Airline Shopping Portals This Labor Day

It's a holiday weekend so naturally there are sales and deals appearing all over the place right now. Some are pretty good while others are a complete waste of time but, if you can drag yourself away from the grill, some of the offers at the airline shopping portals may be of use.
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American Airlines Launches The AAdvantage MileUp Credit Card

If I wasn't expecting a the relaunch of the Chase Hyatt credit card last week I certainly wasn't expecting to hear news that American Airlines and Citi have decided to rebrand and relaunch the AAdvantage Bronze credit card....but that's exactly what has just happened.
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Earn 5,000 AAdvantage Miles, Big Flyers Get Big Bonuses & More American Airlines Website...

The American Airlines website is changing in layout and i content and it looks as if some of the first changes have been rolled out in the past 24 hours. There aren't any glaringly obvious changes to the site on the homepage (at least not at the time of writing) but the "your account" page certainly looks a little different.
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You Can Now Buy AAdvantage Miles From 1.72 Cents Each

American Airlines is selling miles at a discount again and this time it's selling them at the lowest rate we normally see. If you follow the AAdvantage miles sales closely you won't be surprised to know that miles are now on sale at 1.72 cents each because this is exactly the same offer that came around last June.
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American Airlines Devalues AAdvantage Gold Status A Little Bit More

There was a time when all American Airlines status levels offered genuine benefits to flyers but, as the airline has slowly devalued the AAdvantage program over recent years, the actual value that some status levels offer has become questionable. Now the airline may have put the final nail in the coffin of its lowest status tier.
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Where To Credit Qatar Airways Business Class Flights If Status Isn’t An Issue?

This year I'm crediting most of my flights to the British Airways Executive Club because I've worked out that it's cheaper for me to earn top-tier status with BA than it is with American Airlines.....but what if you don't care about status? Where should you credit your flights? But what if you didn't care about earning status?

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