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Remember to be patient when redeeming these two Hyatt Milestone Awards

At the beginning of the year, we a saw Hyatt push through a few changes to the World of Hyatt program and most of these centered around its Milestone Rewards. Mostly, the news was positive (even if not all the changes went far enough) and two of the changes that were introduced means that it can now pay to be patient when it comes to redeeming a couple of Hyatt's Milestone awards.
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Hilton’s second global promotion for 2024 is now live

Hilton's first major promotion of 2024 ended yesterday and in true Hilton fashion, its second global promotion of the year went live earlier today. This latest promotion runs to 2 September 2024 and, thankfully, is noticeably better than the one it is replacing.
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Bonvoy elites can earn 50,000 bonus points per stay with Marriott Homes & Villas...

Marriott Homes & Villas has launched a new promotion to celebrate its 5th anniversary and with 50,000 bonus points being offered per stay (select stays only), this is one of the most rewarding promotions that we've seen from the Homes & Villas team to date.
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Get a 40% bonus on Chase transfers to Marriott (this has its uses)

Chase has brought back a Marriott transfer promotion that we seem to see appear every few months and while this promotion doesn't offer the highest transfer bonus that we've seen in recent times, in a select number of cases the 40% bonus that's now on offer can make transfers worthwhile.
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IHG One Rewards is targeting select members for a 2x elite night promotion (check...

Ok, I'm very late with this news but blame email spam filters and not me - IHG One Rewards is emailing select members with an offer of double elite nights on their next two stays. The maximum bonus nights that you can earn is 14, but if you're chasing IHG status or IHG milestones and have been targeted, that's still a very nice boost to be given.
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Mr & Mrs Smith properties are now being added to the World of Hyatt,...

As we were promised a few months ago (following Hyatt's purchase of the Mr & Mrs Smith booking platform), Hyatt is now adding Mr & Mrs Smith properties to the World of Hyatt, and we finally know what these properties will offer members when they stay. Frankly, I'm underwhelmed.
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Have you been targeted for one of Hyatt’s new promotions? (check these links)

Hyatt has brought back a series of targeted deals that we last saw published at the beginning of 2023. There seem to be slightly fewer targeted deals in this iteration of the promotion (18 deals in 2024 v 23 deals in 2023) and it looks like the target audience may be narrower in 2024 than it was in 2023, but some of the offers still look good so it will be worth checking to see if Hyatt lists you among the chosen few.
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IHG promotion: Get 15% off award bookings (co-branded cardholders + select elites)

IHG has brought back an excellent deal that we last saw at the beginning of January so, once again, select IHG One Rewards members can enjoy a 15% discount on award stays made in the next few weeks.
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IHG One Rewards 2Q 2024 promotion announced – register now

After a few fallow months, IHG has finally unveiled a new global promotion and this one is set to run for two months in the second quarter of 2024. Like quite a few recent promotions that we've seen, this one isn't going to get many people excited, but if there's any chance that you're going to be booking with IHG anyway, you should register now and pick up a few bonus points along the way.
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Earn 3x points on select Marriott Homes & Villas bookings

If you ever miss out on a Marriott Homes & Villas promotion, don't worry as another promotion is almost certainly around the corner. To prove that point, just a few days after the last promotion ended, the Homes and Villas team has launched a new deal in which select bookings will earn triple base Bonvoy points.
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How the Hyatt Leverage program works & how it can help you save on...

Not everything in the miles & points world is aimed squarely at individuals (although you could be forgiven for thinking that's the case) so you'll find that some of the big names in the airline and hotel industries offer programs designed to secure the loyalty of small- and medium-sized businesses as well. In this article, I'm going to focus on one of the less well-known small business programs - the Hyatt Leverage program.
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The Rio Hotel & Casino Las Vegas joins the World of Hyatt

Hyatt has now confirmed that effective 1 March 2024, the Rio Hotel & Casino Las Vegas has joined the World of Hyatt while it's still in the middle of its renovations, and it has been added to the program as a Category 3 property costing 9,000/12,000/15,000 points per night on off-peak/standard/peak dates.
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Why I think Hyatt is publishing weak promotions (and why I think it can...

The latest World of Hyatt promotion goes live tomorrow and as promotions go, this one is weak. Very weak. And this appears to be the continuation of a recent Hyatt trend. Prior to last year, Hyatt had been known for offering promotions that offered real value (yes, even before the pandemic forced hotel chains to be nicer to everyone), but in the past twelve months, things seem to have gone noticeably downhill. 
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The IHG European spring sale is now live (up to 20% off)

The IHG spring sale (for bookings at the chain's participating European properties) is now live and runs through to 5 March for stays into 2025. The sale is in two parts. For most IHG properties the sale is offering IHG One Rewards members up to 20% off a property's best flexible rate, while the Iberostar Beachfront Resorts have their own deal with savings of up to 15%.
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The World of Hyatt 2024 devaluation (key category movers & a few statistics)

As is usual this time of year (pandemics aside), the World Hyatt has now announced its hotel category changes for 2024 and once again, it's not great reading if you're a Hyatt fan. Yes, the announcement that came yesterday could have been a lot worse, but even so, there isn't much to be happy about with the changes that are on the way.
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Hyatt’s new Bonus Journeys promotion is now open for registration

As was first rumored two weeks ago, Hyatt has today formally announced its latest Bonus Journeys promotion and not only is registration for the promotion now open, but it looks like all the details that were accidentally leaked towards the beginning of the month were correct, so don't expect fireworks!
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How I may use the upcoming Hyatt promotion to help me retain top-tier Globalist...

Officially, Hyatt isn't currently running a global promotion and no global Hyatt promotion has been announced, but thanks to what appears to have been an unintentional leak, we think we know what will be announced in the coming days, and I may be able to use this promotion to my advantage.
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Be careful, Marriott’s new promotion isn’t quite as generous as it has been in...

Marriott's latest global promotion is now live and it's one of the best Marriott promotions that we've seen for a while. It isn't, however, quite as generous as a similar promotion that it has run in the past, so this is a gentle warning not to expect too much.
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This is the new IHG One Rewards Diamond fast track offer (targeted)

IHG One Rewards is targeting select members for its latest fast track to top-tier elite status promotion which is running through 24 March 2024. The promotion requires targeted members to stay just 8 nights at any of IHG's properties around the world before the promotion's end date, and that will then earn them top-tier Diamond elite status.
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Details of Hyatt’s new global promotion have now been released (sort of)

It was just yesterday that our roundup of current hotel promotions mentioned that Hyatt was the only major hotel chain not to have any kind of targeted or global promotion in the works, and today, details of the next promotion appear to have surfaced.
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Buy Marriott Bonvoy points from 0.89 cents each (possibly targeted)

Marriott has launched its first major points sale of the year this week and in it it's offering Bonvoy members a bonus of up to 40% when they purchase points before the end of March.
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A roundup of all the current major hotel promotions

A number of hotel chains are currently running promotions so as some have been around for a while and as some are quite new, we've rounded them all up into a concise article so that you can see what's on offer and where.
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BIG NEWS: Hilton & Small Luxury Hotels of the World (SLH) agree a new...

Hilton and Small Luxury Hotels of the World (SLH) have announced a new partnership which as the press release puts it, will 'dramatically expand the luxury experiences offered by Hilton' and will see SLH properties participating in the Hilton Honors program.
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Ending today: Buy up to 300,000 IHG points at 0.5 cents each

Over the past few days, IHG has been running a points sale in which IHG One Rewards members can buy up to 300,000 points at a cost of just 0.5 cents per point. Today, however, is the last day of the sale so if you still need to top up your account, time is running out.
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Ultimate Rewards is offering a 60% bonus on transfers to IHG

Chase has started the month with a new promotion for those of us with Ultimate Rewards points and in it, it's offering anyone transferring points across to IHG One Rewards a 60% bonus. On the face of things, a 60% bonus probably sounds pretty good, but as I'll show below, this is a bonus that most people should be ignoring.
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Complete guide to the Marriott Bonvoy elite breakfast benefit

One of the benefits that comes with Marriott Bonvoy Platinum and Marriott Bonvoy Titanium status is complimentary breakfast, but Marriott has made the benefit so complicated that you need a definitive guide to understand it. Here is your guide.
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Great Marriott Bonvoy promotion: Bonus elite nights and bonus points on stays through April

Marriott Bonvoy has launched a great new promotion (which may or may not be targeted) in which it's offering bonus elite night credits and bonus points for every night consumed during the 76-night promotion period.
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IHG is back with another points sale – buy up to 300,000 points at...

IHG has launched a new short-term points sale in which its allowing IHG One Rewards members to buy up to 300,000 points at a cost of just 0.5 cents per point. The sale runs for the next eight days so while there's no immediate need to rush if you need to top up and account, don't wait too long and forget!
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Reminder: RewardsPlus is currently running a special promo for United & Marriott top-tier elites

As we covered the Marriott/United partnership yesterday, now seems like a good time to for a reminder that top-tier Marriott Bonvoy and with United MileagePlus elites are being offered a limited-time promotion which allows them to earn upgrades in the other's  loyalty program. 
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What is the InterContinental Ambassador program and is it worth it? (2024 edition)

IHG One Rewards is the primary loyalty program associated with all of IHG's brands, but the InterContinental brand has its own rewards program too. This is called InterContinental Ambassador and in this article, we take a look at what benefits this program offers and what value those benefits can provide. 
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How the Marriott Bonvoy & United Airlines partnership works

In recent weeks we have highlighted Marriott's recently enhanced partnership with Singapore Airlines and its partnership with Emirates, so it makes sense to now cover the more major of Marriott's airline partnerships - it's partnership with United Airlines MileagePlus.
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It’s back again: Buy Hilton Points and get 5 nights in the Maldives for...

Hilton has launched its first major points sale of the year in which it's offering a mystery bonus. For me, this mystery bonus is the 100% bonus that seems to come around as frequently as our neighborhood cat, so while this may not be what you've been targeted for, the chances are that it is.
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How the Marriott and Emirates partnership works

Marriott's partnership with Singapore Airlines was making news a couple of weeks ago, but that's not the only airline partnership that the hotel giant has. There's Marriott's strong partnership with United Airlines and as I'm about to discuss, there the partnership with Emirates as well.
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Hyatt is still offering points in exchange for expired certificates (probably select members only)

Thanks to a recent bit of stupidity, I managed to let a World of Hyatt free night certificate expire before I had a chance to use it but, fortunately for me, it looks like Hyatt continues to be prepared to offer select World of Hyatt members a good haul of points in exchange for their expired certificates.
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The hotel points game is alive and well, you just have to play harder

At the risk of sounding old, I'm going to say that the miles & points game was a lot easier 15 years ago. Back then, most travel loyalty programs still had fixed award charts, international flight upgrades weren't rarer than unicorns, hotels didn't (usually) play games with elite benefits, and 'Bonvoy' wasn't a verb.
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I’m giving away my Hyatt Club Access Awards (expire end of February)

As a Hyatt Globalist member, the Club Access Awards that I have earned over the past two years are not of any real use to me as my status gives me access to Hyatt’s clubs/lounges anyway and, up until now, they have just gone unused. Now, however, thanks to the gifting option that’s live on Hyatt’s website, I can give them away to someone who can use them on a future stay … so that’s what I plan to do.
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Details of the new Marriott Bonvoy/MGM Rewards partnership (brace for disappointment!)

Marriott Bonvoy and MGM Rewards have finally announced the details of their upcoming partnership that is set to go live at some point this year. The partnership covers benefits offered to each program's members when they stay at Marriott and MGM properties, the assimilation of four MGM properties into three of Marriott's brands, and the creation of the MGM Collection.
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This is the first Hilton Honors promotion for 2024

While IHG is only currently running a promotion for January and while Hyatt and Marriott haven't yet shown any interesting in launching global promotions of their own, this is a reminder that Hilton Honors appears to be the only major hotel loyalty program that's currently running a promotion that runs for a significant part of this year.
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The Marriott Bonvoy & Singapore KrisFlyer status match offer

When you look into the Bonvoy program closely, you'll find that Marriott has relationships with considerably more airlines that any other hotel loyalty program and that with some airlines, like Emirates and United Airlines, it even has a reciprocal benefits agreement (of sorts).
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Four ways Hyatt should have gone further with its World of Hyatt changes

Some aspects of the World of Hyatt program (Milestone Rewards and the Guest of Honor benefit) have been refreshed for 2024 and, on the whole, the changes that Hyatt has made are positive. The fact is, however, that as far as some benefits are concerned, the changes didn't really go far enough.
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Marriott Bonvoy is giving members ‘soft landings’ this year

If you had Marriott Bonvoy elite status in 2023 but didn't earn enough elite night credits to retain elite status 2024, you may be expecting to lose that status after your benefits run out at the end of February. That is, after all, what usually happens (when pandemics aren't ravaging the planet).
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Is this an unethical use of one of Hyatt’s new benefit changes?

After considering one of the recent changes made to the World of Hyatt program, I can see a way to use the change in a way that could benefit our household but that isn't in the spirit of how the benefit is supposed to work, so I'm now considering the ethics behind using the change/benefit in this way.
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Hyatt & Chase really need to address this frustrating issue

One of the major selling points of the World of Hyatt credit card is that cardholders can earn 2 elite night credits for every $5,000 of spending charged to their card. For big spenders, this can offer an easy pathway to World of Hyatt elite status without the need for many Hyatt stays while for the rest of us, these nights can make earning or retaining status slightly easier.
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Marriott Bonvoy changes to suite night awards for 2024

With the deadline for Marriott's Annual Choice Benefits approaching (7 January) and with the default option for those not meeting that deadline being 5 Suite Night Awards, this seems like an opportune time to remind TFM readers that Marriott Suite Night Awards will be getting a new name and will work in a slightly different way this year.
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The promised changes to the World of Hyatt are now live

Hyatt announced a few key changes to the World of Hyatt program back in November last year and now that the new year has come around, those changes are in full effect. Fortunately, this set of changes hasn't brought about much to disappoint most Hyatt loyalists, but with Milestone Rewards and Guest of Honor benefits now looking very different to how they looked last year, now seems a good time to go over just what these changes are.
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2024: Another year in travel, miles & points coming up

So, here we go again. Another year has past and another begins and that means that, for a lot of us, the the quest for the miles and points that make that our travels more comfortable and more affordable begins all over again.
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IHG brings back its very best points sale (buy up to 500,000 points)

On exactly the same day as last year, IHG One Rewards has brought back the very best version of its points sale in which it's possible to buy up to 500,000 points at just 0.5 cents each. This sale may be targeted so it's possible that not everyone reading this will have access to the deal that's discussed below.
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Which key credit cards offer hotel elite status?

 Frequent visitors to this site may have already seen our article coveringing hotel loyalty programs that offer lifetime elite status and our article that looks at whether or not lifetime elite status with hotel loyalty programs is a worthwhile thing to pursue, so a natural progression from those articles is to take a look at the credit cards that offer cardholders elite status with some of the major hotel chains as part of their overall package of benefits.
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Deal ending: Buy World of Hyatt Points and save 25%

Hyatt has been running its current points sale since the beginning of September and now there are just hours to go before the sale ends. As Hyatt points sales go, this one isn't the best but it's also not too bad, and if it's used correctly it has the potential to save some World of Hyatt fans quite a bit of money.
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Ends today: Buy 300,000 IHG One Rewards Points at 0.5 cents each

The current IHG points sale has been running since the beginning of last week and it has been allowing IHG One Rewards members to buy up to 300,000 points at a cost of just 0.5 cents per point. Today, however, is the last day of this sale so if you can make economical use of this offer, you don't have much longer to stock up on some points.
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Save $100 and earn up to 8,000 Choice points by stacking these two offers...

American Express has launched a targeted offer for stays made at two brands that come under the Choice Privileges umbrella, so as Choice Hotels also has a offer running in which a guest can earn 8,000 bonus points (enough for a free stay), the two combined may make it worth considering a booking at a Cambria or Ascend property.
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Now live: Hyatt ‘Bonus Journeys’ 4Q 2023 global promotion

Hyatt latest global promotion (once again called 'Bonus Journeys') is now live, so any stays made between today and the end of November will qualify for the bonus points on offer. As we've seen in previous promotions, holders of Hyatt's co-branded credit cards get the chance to earn a bonus that others don't, but no one will be ending this promotion with an enviable stack of points they wouldn't otherwise have earned.
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Buy 300,000 IHG One Rewards Points at 0.5 cents each

IHG is back with yet another one of its points sales so, for the next few days, IHG One Rewards members can buy up to 300,000 points at a cost of just 0.5 cents per point. These sales may not be as lucrative as they once were but this is one of IHG's better sales and with a bit of work, someone looking to make an IHG booking should be able to use this sale to save some cash.
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Get at least 25% off IHG’s best flexible rates in its latest Europe &...

Registration for the IHG One Rewards end of year promotion opened yesterday, and now the IHG has announced a sale event for stays made at its European portfolio properties between now and the end of May next year. This latest sale (for Europe and the UK) is now live and offering savings on bookings made by 16 October.
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Registration for the IHG One Rewards end-of-year promotion is open

Like all of the 4Q promotions that we've seen so far, this one isn't going to get anyone particulalry excited, but if there is any chance that you may make one or more IHG stays before the end of the year, you should probably register now.
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Earn 2x or 3x points in Hilton’s 4Q 2023 promotion

I'm a little bit late writing about this, but as Hyatt reveled its latest promotion yesterday and as Marriott's latest global promotion is now live, I thought that I should probably catch up and write about Hilton's 4Q promotion that's been live since last week.
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IHG promotion: Get 15% off all award bookings (initially just for co-branded cardholders)

IHG is currently running a very nice promotion in which it's offering a 15% discount on select award stays completed by 26 October 2023. For the time being, this promotion is only open to anyone who holds one or more IHG One Rewards credit cards, but as with similar promotions in the past, this offer should open up to all IHG One Rewards members in the next few days.
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Marriott’s 4Q 2023 worldwide promotion is now live

While the latest World of Hyatt global promotion doesn't go live until next month, Marriott's idea of a 4Q 2023 promotion is now live so if you haven't already registered, now is probably the time to do so.
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Register now for Hyatt’s latest global promotion (extra offer for co-branded cardholders)

Hyatt has now opened up registration for its latest global promotion so, as usual, it's time to take a few seconds out of your day to sign up before you forget and miss out on points you would have otherwise earned. Yes, even if you don't plan on making any Hyatt stays as you never know when you plans may change.
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This Chase free night certificate “glitch” is annoying

Free night certificates that come as a credit card benefit are mostly pretty simple to use, but things aren't always as straightforward as they should be. I, for example, have recently had an incredibly annoying time trying to redeem one particular certificate and as a quick web search has revealed that I'm far from alone, I thought that I'd flag the issue so that anyone reading this knows what can go wrong and how I eventually got around the problem I faced.
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Pick your IHG summer 2023 promotion & register from today

IHG One Rewards has announced its plans for its 2023 summer promotion and because coming up with new ideas can be hard, it has decided not to waste any time on innovation and, instead, has simply rebooted the promotion that it ran between September and December last year.
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Yet another Hyatt property is playing around with award availability

When it comes to award night availability, the World of Hyatt rules are simple – if a property is selling an entry-level room for cash, that same room must also be made available for award bookings. This is part of the ‘no blackout dates’ policy enshrined in the World of Hyatt terms and conditions and it's one of the things that a lot of us really love about Hyatt's loyalty program.
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Hyatt’s latest global promotion is now live (register before you stay)

Hyatt announced its latest global promotion a few weeks ago, but in case that had slipped your mind, here's a reminder that the promotion is live from today and here's a recap of what Hyatt is offering.
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Reminder: Hyatt will give you up to 1.54 cents in value per World of...

Back in December 2019 when Hyatt announced that it would be introducing peak and off-peak pricing, a further announcement was also made, but that announcement got a little lost among the noise generated by the award chart devaluation and the pandemic that followed shortly thereafter.
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Booking IHG reward nights? Beware the hidden junk fees!

When you make an award booking with Hilton or Hyatt you don't have to worry about resort/destination/amenity fees because those chains waive their junk fees on award bookings. You don't even have to hold elite status with Hilton or Hyatt to avoid these fees because everyone gets junk fees waived when booking awards with these guys. Sadly, the same is not true of award bookings with IHG or Marriott.
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World of Hyatt devaluation – these are numbers & some key movers

Last week, Hyatt announced that a significant number of properties that participate in the World of Hyatt program will be moving categories at the end of this month. Overall, the news isn't good, but a look at the numbers shows that how someone views the upcoming changes will probably depend on where in the world they most enjoy spending their points so the upcoming changes will almost certainly not be universally disliked.
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IHG credit card holders get 20% off select award bookings (for a limited time)

IHG has brought back a promotion that we've seen it run at least twice in the past in which it's offering a 20% discount on select award bookings to holders of its co-branded credit cards.
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Accor ALL points now convert to Flying Blue in a ratio of 1:1

Flying Blue, the loyalty program for Air France and KLM, has had a partnership with Accor's ALL program for some time and in the past few hours, that partnership has got a little bit more interesting as the ratio in which Accor points transfer across to Flying Blue was improved significantly.
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Get 2,000 bonus points for select Park Hyatt stays

Apparently, it's a day for Hyatt promotions because as well as the promotion that has just launched for Hyatt House/Hyatt Place stays, Hyatt has also published a limited promotion for stays at select Park Hyatt properties.
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Earn bonus points for select Hyatt House/Place stays (co-branded card holders)

Over the past couple of years, one of the many bonuses of holding a Hyatt co-branded credit card has been Hyatt's bonus points promotions targeted at card holders only. Well, it has been a while since we last saw such a promotion, but starting early next year, a new one will go live.
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Got Hyatt status? You may be able to get free American Airlines status too

As we enter the last couple of days of the registration period for a promotion that gives AAdvantage elite flyers free World of Hyatt status (see here), a new promotion seems to be appearing in select American Airlines accounts that's offering World of Hyatt elites free (but temporary) American Airlines elite status.
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Reminder: Easy World of Hyatt status for American Airlines elites (2 days left to...

Since the end of August, Hyatt has been running a pretty good promotion for American Airlines flyers in which it's offering automatic (limited-time) elite status in the World of Hyatt program and a chance for flyers then to boost that status through stays. The promotion still has over 3 months to run, but registration closes in just 2 days' time.
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IHG adds two more deals to its Cyber sale

As promised last week, IHG has added to its existing Cyber sale (see here) and opened up two new offers for members of the IHG One Rewards program. Both offers are only around for a limited time (one of them ends tomorrow) but both will have uses in their own ways.
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New Black Friday promo: Triple points on select Accor stays (5 days only)

Today has seen Accor ALL launch a new Black Friday promotion in which it's offering double or triple points on stays in 34 European countries, 1 principality, and 2 further countries (outside of what it generally recognized to be "Europe"). The sooner you book the better the deal gets as the triple points promo ends in just 5 days' time while the double points promo will run through the first week in January.
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Accor Black Friday sale: Up to 30% off in North & Central America

Accor, the hotel group that includes well-known brands such as Fairmont, Sofitel, and SLS, is running a new sale in which it’s offering customers up to 30% off stays made through the end of June next year. The headline discount is 25%, but members of Accor’s free-to-join loyalty program (ALL) get a further 5% off.
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A mostly pointless Marriott Bonvoy elite status is getting more expensive

Ambassador Elite status is the very highest level of status that you can earn with the Marriott Bonvoy program and it's the only Bonvoy Elite status that currently comes with a spending requirement. In 2023, that spending requirement will be going up.
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The InterContinental Ambassador program is rolling back some positive changes

There aren't many things that you can point to that got better as a result of the Covid pandemic but the rules surrounding some of the benefits offered by the InterContinental Ambassador program can be counted among them. Now, because the world is almost back to how it was in 2019 (albeit, sadly, without the low interest rates!), IHG is rolling back those positive changes.
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IHG has pulled it’s incredible Diamond elite status promotion (it’s now wait-and-see time)

Yesterday, I wrote about an incredible promotion in which IHG One Rewards was giving away top-tier Diamond elite status through the end of the year to anyone who wanted it. Unsurprisingly, less than 24 hours later the promotion appears to have been pulled.
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Ends today: Buy Marriott Bonvoy points from 0.83 cents each

This past seven days, Marriott has been running a pretty good points sale as part of its "Week of Wonders" promotion but, unfortunately, the sale (and the promotion week as a whole) ends today so you have just hours left to top up a Bonvoy account is the number work for you.
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[Expired] Incredible deal: Get instant IHG Diamond status (and a chance to keep it...

Wow. IHG has released a fantastic promotion in which it's giving its One Rewards members instant top-tier Diamond status through the end of the year and a chance to keep that status through the end of next year with stays made by 31 December 2022.
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Hilton’s free night certificates will now be usable every day of the week

Three of Hilton's co-branded credit cards have, historically, allowed cardholders to earn free night certificates that could be used at any Hilton property in the world...but only on weekends. Now, however, it looks like Hilton is turning a temporary, pandemic-induced enhancement into a permanent enhancement and making the certificates considerably more valuable.
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Great deal: Get double elite nights on Hilton stays

Hilton has launched a new promotion in which it's offering double elite night credits on all eligible stays made between today and the end of the year.
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Radisson Rewards is introducing dynamic awards & more

It has been a long, long time since I last considered myself to be a fan of Radisson Rewards and outside of the occasional good points sale/promotion, I had stopped engaging with the program in any meaningful way some time before it split in two and became ever more cumbersome to use than ever before. 
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Revealed: Marriott’s ‘Week of Wonders’ promotions (prepare for colossal disappointment)

A few days ago, I noted that Marriott was bringing back its 'Week of Wonders' promotion but at the time, details of the promotion were unavailable. Today, the promotion went live and the full extent of what Marriott is offering is now there for everyone to see.
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Marriott’s ‘Week of Wonders’ promotion returns for 2022

It was in October 2020 that Marriott first introduced us to what it called its "Week of Wonders" promotion in which it offers a variety of deals and discounts across a period of 7 days. The promotion returned in October 2021 and as a new landing page is now up and running, it looks like the promotion is back for 2022 as well.
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Excellent deal ending: Buy World of Hyatt points from just 1.68 cents each

Hyatt's current points sale has been running since late August and has been offering World of Hyatt members a great opportunity to top up their accounts at the cheapest rate that we usually see Hyatt offer. Unfortunately and as will all good things, this sale has to end and it's ending today so you have just hours left to lock in this deal if the numbers work for you.
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Will Marriott devalue Bonvoy Platinum Elite status?

It's not much of a secret that there are few things that Marriott likes more than a good old-fashioned devaluation so following the news that Bonvoy Platinum Elite status is now being handed out as a credit card benefit, speculation has been growing that the benefits associated with Platinum Elite status will soon be cut. So, is a devaluation imminent?
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IHG One Rewards finally reveals its year-end promotion (register now)

We've known what year-end promotions Marriott, Hilton, and Hyatt are offering for some time so I was starting to wonder if IHG had forgotten that a promotion was due or if was so overwhelmed by the recent hack that it had given up on the idea of a promotion altogether. Well, apparently IHG hasn't forgotten and it hasn't given up as today saw it launch its "Pick Your PayOff" promotion that will run through the end of 2022.
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Double dip Avios & ALL points with the new Qatar Airways/Accor partnership (but be...

The Qatar Airways Privilege Club and Accor Live Limitless (ALL) have announced an expansion of their partnership that will allow travelers to earn the currencies of both loyalty programs on just a single booking.
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How to edit or disable Hilton’s two-factor authentication

Hilton seems to be using two-factor authentication a lot more of late and that may or may not suit all the Hilton Honors members out there. If you're in the position of needing to change or disable your two-factor authentication settings, this article will show you just how easy that is to do.
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How Hyatt credit card elite night credits work & key differences in how they’re...

Chase issues two Hyatt co-branded credit cards (a consumer card and a business card) and as both offer cardholders a way of earning World of Hyatt elite night credits from the spending they put on their cards, I thought that I'd write a quick article covering how these credit card elite nights work.
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Recap: Marriott, Hilton & Hyatt 4Q 2022 promotions

With Marriott's year-end promotion going live tomorrow and with no sign that IHG intends to give us something to smile about any time soon, now seems like a good time for a quick recap of the promotions that Hyatt, Hilton, and Marriott are offering their loyalty program members through to the end of the year.
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Hyatt brings back its 3x on dining offer

For a limited time, Hyatt has brought back a popular dining promotion that we first saw offered in 2020 in which it's possible to earn three times the unusual number of World of Hyatt points when dining at select eateries within the Hyatt portfolio.
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Three examples of how hotels can make it hard for you to use points

Some links to products and travel providers on this website will earn Traveling For Miles a commission that helps contribute to the running of...
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Is Lifetime Elite status with hotel programs worth aiming for?

On Friday, I took a look at which of the major hotel loyalty programs offer members the chance to earn lifetime elite status, and as that information leads to questions surrounding how worthwhile lifetime status is and if lifetime elite status is something that travelers should be actively trying to earn, a post addressing these questions seemed appropriate.
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Reminder: Hyatt credit card holders can currently earn 20% back on select award bookings

One of the many reasons I like holding the World of Hyatt credit card is that holders of Hyatt's co-branded cards are often given access to offers that non-cardholders don't get. Right now, one such offer is in progress and while this offer is valid into September, the deadline for registrations is rapidly approaching.
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Which major hotel loyalty programs offer Lifetime Elite status?

Hotel elite status can be both vastly overrated and extremely useful depending on which status level and which hotel program we're discussing, and people's opinions can vary quite significantly. But, as a rule, having status is better than not having status so people will go to varying degrees of effort to maintain their hotel privileges from year to year.
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Earn double World of Hyatt points at MGM Las Vegas properties

Hyatt has announced a new promotion in conjunction with MGM in which World of Hyatt members can earn double points at MGM's Last Vegas properties for the next three months. Registration is required.
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Marriott Bonvoyed my Suite Night Awards too

Most people with extensive experience with Marriott know that Bonvoy Suite Night Awards are not as valuable as Marriott would like everyone to think. Sometimes, they can be utterly useless. Still, having Suite Night Awards in your account is better than not having any at all so when Marriott appeared to have extended the validity of some of my SNAs to the end of this year I was pleased. Surprised, but pleased.
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Dear “My Hyatt Concierge”, you’re fantastic!

There are a few obvious reasons why Hyatt Globalist status is so nice to have - excellent suite upgrades, waived resort fees on cash bookings, 4 pm late check-outs, free parking on award nights, etc... - but none of these is the reason I've got extra love for the World of Hyatt program right now.

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