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Bonvoy elites can earn 50,000 bonus points per stay with Marriott Homes & Villas...

Marriott Homes & Villas has launched a new promotion to celebrate its 5th anniversary and with 50,000 bonus points being offered per stay (select stays only), this is one of the most rewarding promotions that we've seen from the Homes & Villas team to date.
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Get a 40% bonus on Chase transfers to Marriott (this has its uses)

Chase has brought back a Marriott transfer promotion that we seem to see appear every few months and while this promotion doesn't offer the highest transfer bonus that we've seen in recent times, in a select number of cases the 40% bonus that's now on offer can make transfers worthwhile.
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Earn 3x points on select Marriott Homes & Villas bookings

If you ever miss out on a Marriott Homes & Villas promotion, don't worry as another promotion is almost certainly around the corner. To prove that point, just a few days after the last promotion ended, the Homes and Villas team has launched a new deal in which select bookings will earn triple base Bonvoy points.
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Be careful, Marriott’s new promotion isn’t quite as generous as it has been in...

Marriott's latest global promotion is now live and it's one of the best Marriott promotions that we've seen for a while. It isn't, however, quite as generous as a similar promotion that it has run in the past, so this is a gentle warning not to expect too much.
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Buy Marriott Bonvoy points from 0.89 cents each (possibly targeted)

Marriott has launched its first major points sale of the year this week and in it it's offering Bonvoy members a bonus of up to 40% when they purchase points before the end of March.
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Complete guide to the Marriott Bonvoy elite breakfast benefit

One of the benefits that comes with Marriott Bonvoy Platinum and Marriott Bonvoy Titanium status is complimentary breakfast, but Marriott has made the benefit so complicated that you need a definitive guide to understand it. Here is your guide.
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Great Marriott Bonvoy promotion: Bonus elite nights and bonus points on stays through April

Marriott Bonvoy has launched a great new promotion (which may or may not be targeted) in which it's offering bonus elite night credits and bonus points for every night consumed during the 76-night promotion period.
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Reminder: RewardsPlus is currently running a special promo for United & Marriott top-tier elites

As we covered the Marriott/United partnership yesterday, now seems like a good time to for a reminder that top-tier Marriott Bonvoy and with United MileagePlus elites are being offered a limited-time promotion which allows them to earn upgrades in the other's  loyalty program. 
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How the Marriott Bonvoy & United Airlines partnership works

In recent weeks we have highlighted Marriott's recently enhanced partnership with Singapore Airlines and its partnership with Emirates, so it makes sense to now cover the more major of Marriott's airline partnerships - it's partnership with United Airlines MileagePlus.
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How the Marriott and Emirates partnership works

Marriott's partnership with Singapore Airlines was making news a couple of weeks ago, but that's not the only airline partnership that the hotel giant has. There's Marriott's strong partnership with United Airlines and as I'm about to discuss, there the partnership with Emirates as well.
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The hotel points game is alive and well, you just have to play harder

At the risk of sounding old, I'm going to say that the miles & points game was a lot easier 15 years ago. Back then, most travel loyalty programs still had fixed award charts, international flight upgrades weren't rarer than unicorns, hotels didn't (usually) play games with elite benefits, and 'Bonvoy' wasn't a verb.
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Details of the new Marriott Bonvoy/MGM Rewards partnership (brace for disappointment!)

Marriott Bonvoy and MGM Rewards have finally announced the details of their upcoming partnership that is set to go live at some point this year. The partnership covers benefits offered to each program's members when they stay at Marriott and MGM properties, the assimilation of four MGM properties into three of Marriott's brands, and the creation of the MGM Collection.
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The Marriott Bonvoy & Singapore KrisFlyer status match offer

When you look into the Bonvoy program closely, you'll find that Marriott has relationships with considerably more airlines that any other hotel loyalty program and that with some airlines, like Emirates and United Airlines, it even has a reciprocal benefits agreement (of sorts).
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Marriott Bonvoy is giving members ‘soft landings’ this year

If you had Marriott Bonvoy elite status in 2023 but didn't earn enough elite night credits to retain elite status 2024, you may be expecting to lose that status after your benefits run out at the end of February. That is, after all, what usually happens (when pandemics aren't ravaging the planet).
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Marriott Bonvoy changes to suite night awards for 2024

With the deadline for Marriott's Annual Choice Benefits approaching (7 January) and with the default option for those not meeting that deadline being 5 Suite Night Awards, this seems like an opportune time to remind TFM readers that Marriott Suite Night Awards will be getting a new name and will work in a slightly different way this year.
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Marriott’s 4Q 2023 worldwide promotion is now live

While the latest World of Hyatt global promotion doesn't go live until next month, Marriott's idea of a 4Q 2023 promotion is now live so if you haven't already registered, now is probably the time to do so.
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A mostly pointless Marriott Bonvoy elite status is getting more expensive

Ambassador Elite status is the very highest level of status that you can earn with the Marriott Bonvoy program and it's the only Bonvoy Elite status that currently comes with a spending requirement. In 2023, that spending requirement will be going up.
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Ends today: Buy Marriott Bonvoy points from 0.83 cents each

This past seven days, Marriott has been running a pretty good points sale as part of its "Week of Wonders" promotion but, unfortunately, the sale (and the promotion week as a whole) ends today so you have just hours left to top up a Bonvoy account is the number work for you.
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Revealed: Marriott’s ‘Week of Wonders’ promotions (prepare for colossal disappointment)

A few days ago, I noted that Marriott was bringing back its 'Week of Wonders' promotion but at the time, details of the promotion were unavailable. Today, the promotion went live and the full extent of what Marriott is offering is now there for everyone to see.
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Marriott’s ‘Week of Wonders’ promotion returns for 2022

It was in October 2020 that Marriott first introduced us to what it called its "Week of Wonders" promotion in which it offers a variety of deals and discounts across a period of 7 days. The promotion returned in October 2021 and as a new landing page is now up and running, it looks like the promotion is back for 2022 as well.
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Will Marriott devalue Bonvoy Platinum Elite status?

It's not much of a secret that there are few things that Marriott likes more than a good old-fashioned devaluation so following the news that Bonvoy Platinum Elite status is now being handed out as a credit card benefit, speculation has been growing that the benefits associated with Platinum Elite status will soon be cut. So, is a devaluation imminent?
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Which major hotel loyalty programs offer Lifetime Elite status?

Hotel elite status can be both vastly overrated and extremely useful depending on which status level and which hotel program we're discussing, and people's opinions can vary quite significantly. But, as a rule, having status is better than not having status so people will go to varying degrees of effort to maintain their hotel privileges from year to year.
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Marriott Bonvoyed my Suite Night Awards too

Most people with extensive experience with Marriott know that Bonvoy Suite Night Awards are not as valuable as Marriott would like everyone to think. Sometimes, they can be utterly useless. Still, having Suite Night Awards in your account is better than not having any at all so when Marriott appeared to have extended the validity of some of my SNAs to the end of this year I was pleased. Surprised, but pleased.
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This is the kind of nonsense Marriott Bonvoy needs to cut out

There are a number of serious issues with the Marriott Bonvoy program and a lot of them are a result of Marriott allowing various brands and individual properties to plow their own furrow and to pick and choose what aspects of the Bonvoy program they want to adopt.
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Earn 2x points & free night awards with Marriott’s Homes & Villas program

If you were considering making a Marriott Homes & Villas booking now may be a good time to do exactly that as for the next 9 days, the Homes & Villas team is running a promotion in which Bonvoy members can earn double base points and a free night award on stays consumed by the end of the year.
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Marriott Bonvoy dynamic pricing is yielding some unexpected results

Over the past few days, the Marriott Bonvoy program has moved over to a dynamic pricing model for award bookings, and while some of the results of that move are far from unexpected, some of the things that I'm seeing are a little surprising.
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Marriott’s move to dynamic pricing is delayed…but only by a few hours

Yesterday was supposed to be the last day that Marriott Bonvoy members could book awards at a variety of high-end properties (and a number of less high-end properties) at the rates set out in the program's award charts, but that's not how things have turned out.
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Marriott Bonvoy eliminates award charts & moves to dynamic pricing tomorrow

Towards the end of October last year, Marriott dropped the bombshell news that it was planning to make significant changes to how the Bonvoy program works, and now that we're less than 24 hours away from these changes coming into effect, I thought I'd post a reminder of what we should expect.
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Is this a new annoyance on Marriott’s website?

Ordinarily, I find Marriott's website to be pretty user-friendly and mostly free of the kinds of glitches that cause me to want to rip what remains of my hair out of my head (I wish I could same the same about ba.com!) but in the past few weeks, I've noticed one particular oddity appear three times while I've been performing award searches and I like to know if anyone else has noticed anything similar.
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Marriott.com adds lowest rates calendar to booking searches

In the past couple of days, Marriott has made a small enhancement (a real one) to its website and it now offers customers the option of accessing a property's rates across a whole month directly from the search results page. In the grand scheme of things, this isn't groundbreaking, but it's a nice addition to Marriot.com.
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Get A 50% Bonus When You Buy Marriott Bonvoy Points

Marriott has brought back a similar points sale promotion to one that we saw around this time last year in which it's offering Bonvoy members a bonus of up to 50% on purchases made in the next 6 weeks. For some, this will be a promotion that's well worth considering while for others this is clearly a promotion to avoid.
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Earn 20 Bonvoy Points per dollar with Marriott’s Homes & Villas (Limited Time Offer)

Homes and Villas by Marriott launches a new promotion today in which it's offering quadruple points on select stays booked by the end of 11 February 2022. Neither the booking period nor the period in which stays have to be consumed is particularly long but with at least 20 points/dollar on offer, this is still a promotion that may be worth checking out.
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A guide to Marriott Bonvoy Annual Choice Benefits (make your selections by 7 January...

With the year almost over, with Marriott having dropped a lot of elite night credits into member accounts in February and with Bonvoy members having been given a double elite nights promotion earlier in the year, a significant number of people will now have enough elite night credits in their Bonvoy account to trigger Marriott's Annual Choice Benefits. With that in mind and because Annual Choice Benefit selections need to be made by 7 January 2022, I've taken a look at what benefits Marriott is offering Bonvoy members when they credit 50 and 75 nights to their accounts in 2021.
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Marriott Bonvoy is sending out new targeted promotions

Marriott Bonvoy's global promotions are almost always incredibly disappointing but every now and again the program sends out a few targeted offers that are worth a second look. Right now is one of those times as select Bonvoy members are starting to see new promotions appearing in their accounts.
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Go to Super Bowl LVI with Bonvoy Moments

Marriott Bonvoy Moments is the heir to SPG Moments and is a program that allows Marriott Bonvoy members to spend their points on sports, concerts, and experiences rather than on hotel stays. Right now (and has been the case in most recent years), Marriott is giving Bonvoy members a chance to use their points to book tickets to Super Bowl LVI in Los Angeles.
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How to use Chase & Amex Marriott Free Night Certificates (multi-night bookings)

Recently, I've shown how Bonvoy members can locate free night certificates in their accounts and how they can use those certificates to book single night stays. In this post, I take a look at how a Marriott free night certificate can be incorporated into a multi-night booking.
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How to use Chase & Amex Marriott Free Night Certificates (single night bookings)

In a post yesterday I showed how Bonvoy members can locate their free night certificates in the desktop site and the Bonvoy mobile app, and today I'm going to go through the simple process of making a single night reservation with a Marriott Bonvoy free night certificate.
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Marriott will extend elite statuses, free night awards & more

It's impossible to get away from the fact that yesterday's news out of Marriott was pretty unpalatable for most of us and the repercussions will probably rumble on for some time. Still, there's a tiny silver lining to the noxious plumes of black smoke billowing off the dumpster fire that is the Bonvoy program - members will get their statuses extended again and will have a little more time in which to use up some of their benefits too.
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Burn Bonvoy Burn: Marriott moves to dynamic pricing and eliminates award charts

Today was supposed to be the day that American Airlines gutted its loyalty program for a second time (it didn't - more on that later) so while most of us were focusing heavily on AAdvantage and waiting for the hammer to fall, Marriott sneaked up on the outside and caught a lot of people by surprise when it dropped the biggest bomb of the day in announcing a massive change to the Bonvoy program.
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Good Deal: Transfer Marriott Bonvoy Points To United With A 30% Bonus

United Airlines is currently offering its flyers a 30% bonus when they transfer various hotel currencies across to their MileagePlus account and while I wouldn't recommend that readers transfer over points from programs like Hilton Honors, the World of Hyatt, or IHG Rewards, a transfer from Marriott Bonvoy can make a lot of sense.
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Marriott’s New 4Q Promotion Has Now Been Published (Register Now)

After what seems like an inordinate amount of time, Marriott has finally published a new promotion to take us through to the end of the year (almost) but considering just how long Bonvoy members have had to wait for the chance to earn a few bonus points, Marriott has, once again, been less than generous with its offering - set your expectations low and you won't be disappointed.
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Marriott Brings Back Its “Bonvoy Moments” Experiences

With most of the entertainment and sporting world effectively closed to the public for the past year, the Moments program had been put on ice, but with live audiences now back in arenas and with sporting stadia filling up, Marriott has announced that its Moments packages are on their way back.
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Marriott Is Selling Bonvoy Points With A 30% Discount

Marriott Bonvoy has launched a new points sale promotion in which it's offering members a 30% discount on the regular price of points for all purchases of 2,000 points or more.
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Marriott Will Extend The Validity Of Select Free Night Certificates & RC Upgrades

With it looking increasingly likely that international travel won't be an option for a lot of people until July at the very earliest, and with parts of the world announcing new lockdown measures, Marriott has taken the positive step of confirming that it will be extending the validity of some Marriott Bonvoy free night certificates and the validity of some Ritz-Carlton upgrade certificates.
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Amex Is Offering A 40% Bonus On Transfers To Marriott Bonvoy [Targeted]

Before today, we hadn't seen a new Marriott transfer bonus from American Express since September 2020 but as of this morning, anyone wishing to transfer Membership Rewards Points over to their Bonvoy account can do so with a 40% bonus thrown in for good measure.
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A Good Example Of A Truly Bad Marriott Bonvoy Policy

Marriott is the largest hotelier in the world (by some distance) so it stands to reason that its Bonvoy rewards program has more members than any other hotel rewards program around. Sadly, size isn't everything, and while a lot of Bonvoys deficiencies are well documented, I've just been given another reminder of just how bad some of Marriott Bonvoy's policies can be...even if you hold top-tier status.
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Less Than 48 Hours To Go Before Marriott’s Hotel Category Changes Kick In

At the beginning of last month, Marriott announced one of the more benign series of hotel category changes that most of us can remember but with a little over two hundred properties changing categories in two days time, it's still worth remembering that some properties should be booked asap while bookings at others should be put off for a few days.
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New joiners can earn up to 6,000 bonus points with Marriott’s dining program

Marriott introduced its Eat Around Town dining program in the latter half of 2019 but, since then, it hasn't really done very much to promote the program or to incentivize its use. Now, however, that's just changed with Marriott's unveiling of a nice bonus for new joiners.
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This Is How You Can Pool/Combine Marriott Bonvoy Points

Although Marriott Bonvoy doesn't offer the option of a household account, there is a simple method that Bonvoy members can use to pool their points from multiple accounts. Knowing how to do this can be the key to maximizing the value out of any points that a family or group of friends has banked, and key to making the most of any great points sales that come along.
a building with a Marriott sign on it

Confirmed: Some Marriott Reward Nights Will Earn Double Elite Night Credits In The New...

Registration is now open for the first big Marriott promotion of the year and with double points and double elite night credits on offer, it's always worth making sure that you're clear on the rules. One promotion rule, in particular, struck me as ambiguous so I got in touch with Marriott and asked for clarification. The reply brought good news.
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Register now for the Marriott Bonvoy Double Elite Nights promotion

Back in January, Marriott gave us a few hints as to what its first big promotion of the year would look like, and now, as of a few hours ago, we have all the details we need and registration is open for the promotion that launches in a couple of weeks' time.
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LAST DAY: Select Your Marriott Bonvoy Annual Choice Benefits

For any Marriott Annual Choice Benefits that were earned in 2020, Bonvoy members must make their selection(s) by 11:59 p.m. ET TODAY, 8 January 2021. If no selection is made by the end of today, five Suite Night Awards will be automatically deposited in the member’s account.
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More Marriott Bonvoy Members Are Being Targeted For Promotions

Marriott appears to be continuing to take the same lackadaisical approach to global promotions that we've come to expect from the hotelier (it hasn't bothered to come up with a new global promotion for Q1) but in the lead up to Christmas, we started to see select Bonvoy members being targeted for a variety of new deals. Now, more people appear to have been targeted.
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Marriott Bonvoy Has Now Extended Expiring Certificates & Travel Packages

Towards the end of October Marriott announced that it would once again be extending the validity period of all free night certificates and upgrade certificates that were set to expire before 31 July 2021. True to its word, that's exactly what Marriott has now done.
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Marriott Promotion: Book Most Properties At Off-Peak Award Rates

Marriott has brought back a promotion that originally debuted back in June and which allows Bonvoy members to book most of the properties in Marriott's portfolio at off-peak award rates. This time around the promotion is a little more generous than the June promotion as the travel window is a month longer, but be aware that the booking window is still relatively short.
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ENDS TODAY: Buy Marriott Bonvoy Points At Best Ever Rate

Marriott has been running a flash sale this week in which it's offering a bonus of up to 60% on Bonvoy Points purchases. Historically speaking, this is the highest bonus we have ever seen Marriott offer (it matches the bonus offered back in May) and we now apparently have it on good authority that this will be the best offer we see during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales.
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Patience: Marriott’s Best Ever Points Sale May Be Bettered

In the past 24 hours, Marriott launched a new sale in which it's offering Bonvoy members the opportunity to buy points with a bonus of up to 60% thrown in. Historically speaking, this is the highest bonus we have ever seen Marriott offer (it matches the bonus offered back in May) but there's an outside chance that there's something better to come.
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Marriott Will Extend Ritz-Carlton Upgrade Certificates

The Ritz-Carlton Credit Card issued by Chase has a number of very useful benefits (it's why I got the card earlier this year) and among them are the upgrade certificates that allow cardholders to upgrade select paid stays three times a year. The Covid crisis put paid to most people's chances of using their certificates this year but it looks like those certificates will now be given a second lease of life.
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Marriott Bonvoy Extends Free Night Award Validities & Further Pauses Points Expirations

One of the more rewarding benefits that come with the various Marriott Bonvoy co-branded credit cards are the free night awards that are offered on a cardholder's card anniversary or as part of a very generous credit card welcome offer. These free night awards are also often earned through promotions, annual choice benefits, or travel packages but sadly, as most of us are still not in a position to travel freely, these free night awards haven't been of much use this year. Thankfully, Marriott has just made them a little more useful.
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The Current Marriott Promotion Has Been Extended

It was almost exactly two months ago that Marriott released details of its latest global promotion which, at the time, was set to run through to 18 October. Now, and with the promotion end-date nearly upon us, Marriott has quietly extended the date through which guests can earn the bonus points on offer.
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DEAL: Marriott’s dining program is offering 8 points/dollar in October

Marriott’s Eat About Town dining program has just announced a new promotion in which it’s offering all Bonvoy members 8 points per dollar at participating restaurants all around the United States. New joiners to the program have the opportunity to earn a bonus of 1,000 points on their first dine and as you don’t have to use a Marriott Bonvoy credit card to participate, there’s scope to earn a significant number of points with this promotion.
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Marriott Bonvoy Status Match Is Back (Limited Time)

Marriott has brought back its elite status challenges for a limited period of time (although we haven't been told when that limited period of time will end). Travelers with elite status in a number of other major hotel loyalty programs can now earn Marriott elite status at a greatly accelerated rate by booking and consuming a pre-set number of nights at Marriott properties within a 90 day period.
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How To Apply Marriott Suite Night Awards To A Reservation In 6 Simple Steps...

Marriott Bonvoy allows its members to choose 5 suite night awards as part of their benefits package when they earn 50 elite night credits in a year (the Annual Choice Benefits), and it allows members to choose a further 5 suite night awards as part of their benefits when they earn 75 elite nights in a year. That makes it pretty important to know how to apply these upgrades online.
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This Is Why Marriott Suite Night Upgrades Are A Joke

On the face of things, Marriott Bonvoy Suite Night Upgrades look like a very nice benefit to be offered, but there are so many ways in which Marriott has allowed the upgrades to be devalued that they can often feel like a chore to use rather than the fantastic benefit they should be.
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My Ritz-Carlton Award Booking Dilemma

From a social distancing point of view and from a 'staying healthy' point of view, the Ritz-Carlton Tenerife and Tenerife itself seem like as good a place as any to visit right now...but I'm hugely conflicted about how to book the accommodation.
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LAST DAY: Buy Marriott Bonvoy points at their historic low

Unlike a lot of loyalty programs, Marriott didn't start selling its currency at a discount until April last year. Since then, however, the hotelier has offered up at least three further sales and the sale ending today sees Marriott Bonvoy offering its biggest bonus to date. Bonvoy members have just hours left to make the most of this sale.
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Bonus Elite Night Credits Have Now Posted For Marriott Lifetime Elites

Almost exactly a month ago, Marriott announced that on top of the elite status extensions that it has offered to all of its Bonvoy elites, it would also be adding bonus elite night credits to member accounts by the end of this month. On Friday night, most Bonvoy accounts were updated (unexpectedly early) but the accounts of a lot of Lifetime Elites remained unchanged, and this led to some confusion. 
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You Can Now Buy Marriott Bonvoy Points At A Historically Low Price

Unlike a lot of loyalty programs who have been discounting their miles and points for years, Marriott didn't start selling its currency at a discount until April last year. Since then, however, we've seen at least two further sales and now the hotelier is back with its biggest bonus to date.
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Marriott Raises $920 Million From Chase & American Express

Marriot has just announced that it has raised $920 million in cash through the agreements it holds with JPMorgan Chase and American Express and, in doing so, follows Hilton in using its credit card partners to raise much needed liquidity during the current crisis.
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Marriott Status & Suite Night Extensions Are Now Appearing In Bonvoy Accounts

Marriott Bonvoy acted relatively quickly when, as far back as 13 March, it announced that it would be extending the expiration date of suite night awards and the free night awards that come with various Marriott co-branded credit cards, but it wasn't until 8 April that Bonvoy joined the party and followed Hilton, Hyatt, and Radisson in extending all elite statuses into 2022.
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Marriott Bonvoy (Finally) Extends Elite Status Through 2022

Marriott is in the process of sending out emails signed by Arne Sorensen (Marriott President and CEO) in which the hotelier finally confirms that, amongst other things, it is extending elite status for all Bonvoy members through February 2022.
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Marriott Hacked (Again): Have You Been Bonvoyed?

If you've ever had any dealing with Marriott you'll probably already know that its IT systems are pretty useless but what you may not know is that its IT systems aren't very secure. In fact, their security appears to be laughably easy to circumvent.
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Marriott Bonvoy Waives Change/Cancellation Fees, Pauses Points Expiration & More

Marriott has just issued a release from its President and CEO Arne Sorenson in which it outlines what it is doing to keep guests safe during their stays, how it is changing its cancellation policies and what steps its taking to minimize the losses by Marriott Bonvoy members.
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Register Now For Marriott’s Latest Promotion (It’s Terrible, But You May As Well Register)

With the coronavirus putting the world in full-on shutdown mode and with hundreds of travel plans being canceled by the second it wouldn't be unreasonable to expect the larger hotel chains to be doing whatever they can to encourage anyone still traveling to choose their properties. Not Marriott.
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I Knew Marriott Would Make This Mistake…But At Least It’s In My Favour!

In August last year, Marriott announced a couple of significant changes to the way its Points Advance reservations work and when these changes came into effect in September, I pointed out that the Bonvoy program's systems appeared to be incapable of dealing with one of these changes correctly. I also pointed out that I thought I could see how Marriott's solution to this system flaw may actually benefit some guests....and I was right.
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How to find your Marriott Free Night Certificates in your Bonvoy account

This post is the first in a series of three which will examine how to find Marriott free night certificates in your Bonvoy account (via desktop and via mobile app), how to apply a free night certificate to a single night booking and how to apply a certificate to a multiple night booking.
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Marriott Adds Gas To The Bonvoy Dumpster Fire

Marriott Bonvoy has released details of all its properties that are moving categories in a few weeks' time and if there was anyone left out there who still viewed Bonvoy as a great rewards program, even they are going to have to now concede that Bonvoy is a dumpster fire that just had gas added to the flames.
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This Is What Comes In The Marriott Lifetime Titanium Package

I had absolutely no idea that Marriott sends out special packs to Bonvoy members who earn Lifetime Elite status (I haven't even been sent an elite status card for the last 3 years) and, even though I earned the staus back at the end of 2018, it was only over the recent holiday period that I received my pack in the mail.
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I Don’t Think Marriott Really Cares About Its Bonvoy Program

Make no mistake, hotel loyalty programs are not in existence to make guests happy or to thank frequent visitors for their continued loyalty. They exist purely to make hotels chains money and to encourage travelers to make irrational decisions by offering benefits that guests aspire to have. 
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SALES: Buy points from IHG, Hyatt, Radisson, Marriott & Choice (includes 3 of the...

While only three of the major airlines are offering mileage sales worth considering this Black Friday, the hotel chains appear to be making more of an effort. With the exception of Hilton, all the major hotel loyalty programs are running points sales right now and most are well worth a closer look.
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Annoying: Marriott Has Made Suite Night Awards Officially Harder & More Expensive To Use

I've had mixed fortunes with Marriott's Suite Night awards this year with great success at stays in Sydney and, most recently, in Venice, but I've also had my fair share of frustrations with various properties choosing not to allow me to apply a Suite Night award to my reservation because Marriott allows them to opt-out of offering that particular benefit (the London Edition and the Langley both spring to mind). Now it looks as if Marriott has officially made Suite Night awards officially harder to use.
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Hours Left: Buy Marriott Bonvoy Points At 0.875 Cents Each (And Use The Higher...

This is just a quick reminder that Marriott's points sale in which it's offering a 30% discount on the regular cost of points is ending tonight at 23:59 ET. If you need to top up an account or if you need to buy some points to transfer across to one of the airline loyalty programs you have just hours left to do so.
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LAME: Marriott’s End-Of-Year Promotion Is A Snoozefest

While programs like Hilton Honors, the World of Hyatt and even IHG Rewards have all been running year-end promotions for some time, Marriott Bonvoy has only just announced its offer for the last few weeks of the year (and the first two weeks of next year) and it really wasn't worth waiting for.
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Marriott Is Messing Up Points Advance Reservations

In August Marriott finally gave us some long-awaited news about the new Marriott Bonvoy program and amongst the changes announced was a change to the way Marriott's very useful Points Advance program works. The changes to Points Advance bookings were supposed to only affect new reservations made from 14 September 2019 but that doesn't appear to be the case and it looks like you'll probably have to call Marriott to get things straightened out.
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Here’s How You Can Manufacture United Miles From Just 1.01 Cents Each [My Valuation]

Earlier this week I wrote about a great way to generate "cheap" miles with which you can then book American Airlines premium awards at a very good rate (assuming you can find the awards you need), and now it looks like it's possible to do something similar with United MileagePlus.
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Join Marriott’s New Dining Program & Earn Bonvoy Points When You Eat Out

A number of airline and hotel loyalty programs run dining programs that allow their members to earn bonus miles/points when they eat out (these are points earned in addition to any earnings they get from the credit cards they use) but, up until now, Marriott Bonvoy hasn't been one of the participants. Marriott's new "Eat About Town" program changes all of that and Bonvoy members can now earn points towards a future stay just by eating out at a participating eatery
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Marriott Promo: Earn 3,000 Bonus Points At Participating US Properties

Marriott appears to be the only major hotel chain that has yet to publish a fall/end of year promotion but, while we're waiting for the brains at Bonyoy to come up with something dull (Marriott promos usually are!), there's a promotion running which is offering Bonvoy members up to 3,000 bonus points/stay at select properties in the US.
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Buy Marriott Bonvoy Points At 0.875 Cents Each

It was only in April this year that Marriott launched its first ever discount on the sale of its currency and now the hotelier is back with a slightly improved offer which runs through 18 October 2019.
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Marriott Bonvoy Introduces Dynamic Award Pricing (Sort Of)

The introduction of seasonal pricing finally came into effect at Marriott Bonvoy over the weekend but, now that we can see how it's going to work, it's safe to say that what we've been given isn't what most people were expecting.
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Avoid This “Deal” – AMEX Is Offering A 30% Bonus On Transfers To Marriott...

American Express Membership Rewards offers transfers to just three hotel loyalty programs and one of these is Marriott Bonvoy. Right now AMEX is offering a 30% bonus on all Membership Rewards points transferred over to Marriott by 31 October 2019 but this is a "deal" that almost everyone should be ignoring.
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Who Knew?! Marriott Elites Can Demand A Replacement Benefit If Resort Fee Covers Internet...

Yesterday I highlighted the fact that the JW Marriott Los Angeles has joined the growing number of properties that charge guests a rip-off "Destination Fee", and I lamented the fact that the property is claiming that the new fee is in place (in part) to cover the cost of internet access (an amenity which a lot of Marriott elites are supposed to get for free).
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Two Simple Things Marriott Could Do To Improve Its Bonvoy Loyalty Program

Ok, let's get one thing very clear before I continue: I know full well that there's a LOT wrong with Marriott Bonvoy right now but this post isn't about fixing the whole program in one go (that's not actually possible) - this is about a couple of changes which should be possible to implement and which would make Bonvoy a noticeably better program overnight.
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Why You Should Be Making Marriott Points Advance Reservations Now

Last month Marriott finally got around to setting a date for the introduction of a number of changes to the Bonvoy program that we've been expecting for some time. Judging by some of the online reaction (parts of which where unnecessarily hysterical) you would have thought that everything Marriott announced in August was brand new information (which it wasn't) - most of the information was old news and, in practice, still doesn't really let us know how damaging some of the changes to the Bonvoy program will be.
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Marriott Bonvoy Program Changes – What You Really Need To Know

Last Thursday Thursday Marriott finally got around to announcing that some long-expected changes to its Bonvoy loyalty program will be coming in to effect from 14 September 2019, and it announced a few small unexpected tweaks to the program to – this is what you need to know about the changes ahead.
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Chase Is Sending Out Upgrade Offers To Select Marriott Bonvoy Cardholders

I’ve held a Chase/Marriott co-branded credit card for years, and when Chase refreshed its Marriott credit card offering my card (the Marriott Rewards Premier card) was closed to new applicants and renamed the Marriott Bonvoy Premier Card. Chase also released the new Marriott Bonvoy Boundless credit card.
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Marriott Revives Starwood’s Emirates Partnership – Make Sure You Register!

Some links to products and travel providers on this website will earn Traveling For Miles a commission that helps contribute to the running of...
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New Marriott Bonvoy Promotions Launched [Targeted]

One of the few aspects of SPG that Marriott Bonvoy appears to have adopted is the idea of targeted promotions which appear in members' accounts ever now and again - there doesn't seem to be any pattern to when they're loaded. Right now a new set of Marriott Bonvoy targeted promotions appear to have been loaded and, from what I've seen so far, there are at least three different offers doing the rounds.
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Sign Up Now For Marriott’s Summer Promotion

Marriott has finally taken time out its busy schedule of 'Bovoying' its customers into despair to launch a promotion for the summer months. The 2019 summer promotion is called "Endless Earning" and runs through to the middle of September.
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Ending Tomorrow: 25% Discount On Marriott Bonvoy Points

Marriott Bonvoy launched its first ever points sale back in the middle of April and anyone interested in topping up an account has less than 48 hours to do so before the promotion expires.
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Marriott Tweaks The Rules Of ‘Points Advance’….And Why It Doesn’t Really Matter

Marriott has made a small change to how its 'Points Advance' award booking benefit works (which seems to have raised a few hackles in the Twittersphere) but, when you think through the change that Marriott has pushed though, it's hard to see how it makes any great difference at all.

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