I Was Very Impressed With How American Airlines Handled My Refund

One very noticeable theme that has been running through the travel world since the current pandemic brought daily life to a grinding halt has been the theme of airlines doing everything in their power to withhold refunds from customers to whom refunds are owed. With that as a backdrop, I wasn't sure what to expect when I submitted a refund request to American Airlines but, as the title of this post suggests, I've been very pleasantly surprised.

If You Have To Fly, Wear A Face Mask (It’s Really Not A Lot...

While in recent weeks, it has been heartening to read reports that fewer and fewer people are choosing to ignore the "wear a mask" advice, it's clear that there are still a significant number of flyers who, for reasons best known to themselves, are refusing to wear a mask on board an aircraft...and that's a shame. At a time when we should be doing our best to act in the interests of everyone around us as well as ourselves, this kind of selfishness is, to put it mildly, disappointing.

Good News: California Will Get More A350 Service From Virgin Atlantic

In a recent schedule update, Virgin Atlantic has reversed a decision taken back in February which saw California lose the prospect of getting a new A350 route and it has added a further A350 flight to a city already served by the airline's flagship aircraft. If the schedules don't change again (admittedly that's a very big "if"), California will be getting a lot more A350 service from Virgin Atlantic starting from this fall.

What’s The Point Of United’s Health Self-Assessment?

United Airlines has announced that it is now asking all passengers to complete a health self-assessment during the check-in process as part of its "CleanPlus" approach to customer safety....but I'm struggling to see the point if it. Can anyone help?

The Japan Airlines July International Schedule Shows How Bad Things Still Are

It can be hard for a lot of travelers (like me) to get a feel for how things are really looking in the aviation world right now, but if you want to see how bad things still are (in the very near term) you only have to take a look at the latest international schedule Japan Airlines (JAL) has published for July

Would You Buy An Etihad Travel Voucher With A 50% Bonus?

Through 24 June 2020, Etihad is selling travel vouchers with a 50% bonus as it looks to boost its cash reserves to help it ride out the current storm, but considering the state of the airline industry right now, is this an option people should be considering?

British Airways Is Now Issuing Some Refunds Within 24 Hours

A disappointing number of global airlines have spent most of the past few months doing their best to avoid offering customer refunds when their flights have been cancelled. British Airways has been particularly poor at letting passengers know when they're entitled to refunds (a lot of people have mistakenly accepted vouchers from BA because they didn't know a refund was due) and, even when a refund was processed, the airline has been taking weeks and weeks to return customer funds. Those days may be coming to an end.

Air France Retires All Its A380 Aircraft…And Does Me A Favor

Air France hasn't shown its A380s much love for quite some time but it was still a big surprise to most when the airline took time out yesterday to announce that it was retiring all of its A380 aircraft with immediate effect.

Delta Restarts Two Routes To Europe & Adds Cape Town To Its Network

As of today, Delta is operating two more routes between the United States and Europe than it operated last week (it plans to offer nine transatlantic routes in June) and the airline's president told yesterday's employee virtual town hall that Delta would be modifying its operations to/from South Africa to include Cape Town when those services resume.

Quick Look: British Airways Club World Boeing 777 Cabin

On overnight flights, I like to board, settle down and get some rest as quickly as possible (especially on flights as short as the New York - London route) so I generally don't eat any of the meals served and my interactions with the crew are pretty limited. That's why what follows isn't going to be anything like a standard flight review and, instead, is just a look inside the Club World (Business Class) cabin of a British Airways 777.

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