Updated: What Change Fee Waivers Are American, Delta & United Offering?

American Airlines was the first US legacy carrier to waive change fees for travel across its network and now that Delta and United have both caught up and issued their own change fee waivers I thought that I may be helpful to show what all three carriers are offering in one single post.

Review: British Airways 747 First Class (MIA-LHR)

For a recent trip, I was booked to fly in British Airways Club World (Business Class) on an overnight flight between Miami and London. I asked the agent at the check-in counter if they were offering any upgrades to First Class and was quoted a price of $950 - I turned it down. On an overnight flight where I'm going to spend the majority of my time resting or sleeping $950 is considerably more than I'm prepared to pay.

KLM Updates Its Business Class Dream Deals To Europe

KLM has updated its Dream Deals Business Class offers for travel between the US to include considerably more routes than the original offer (which is only about a week old) and to reduce the fares on a number of routes by up to $200. There aren't any amazing fares on offer in this set of Dream Deals but the prices do represent a significant saving on what we often see transatlantic Business Class fares costing so this is well worth a closer look.

Help Me Understand Delta’s Change Fee Waiver – Something Seems Odd

I'm in the process of putting together a post showing exactly what each of the 3 US legacy carriers is offering with their "Change Fee Waivers" that have recently been announced, but there's one particular aspect of Delta's waiver that I'm struggling to understand because, to me, it looks more than a little odd...but I may be missing something.

What Routes Does/Will Virgin Atlantic Operate The A350 (New Business Class)

When an airline takes delivery of a new type of aircraft it's not always a key moment in its timeline but, in Virgin Atlantic's case, the day its first Airbus A350-1000 took to the skies with a planeload of passengers was the day that Virgin Atlantic finally brought its A-game to the transatlantic premium cabin table.

Fly In More Comfort With These Four American Airlines Domestic Wide-Body Services

Widebody aircraft mean large premium cabins (good for upgrades from cargo class), large numbers of seats with extra-legroom (for when the upgrade doesn't clear) and lie-flat seats in the frontmost cabin (for when the upgrade does clear or for when you're paying to fly upfront) so it's always good news when we see Dreamliners and 777s scheduled to fly between various US cities.

Incredible Qatar Airways Business Class Fare: JFK – Kyiv From $1,695 Roundtrip (Qsuites)

As the headline says, there's an incredible Qatar Airways fare on offer for travel between New York JFK and Kyiv (Kiev) right now and with the flights between New York and Doha offering the famous Qsuites you're unlikely to find a cheaper way to try out one of the world's best Business Class products on a route originating in the US.

Now British Airways Is Waiving Change Fees For New Bookings

British Airways has announced that it will be waiving all change fees for new bookings made between Tuesday 3 March 2020 and Monday 16 March 2020 with the policy set to cover all routes that the airline operates.

American Airlines Is Waiving Change Fees On New Bookings

American Airlines has followed the likes of JetBlue and Alaska Airlines by waiving change fees for customers booking travel in the next couple of weeks. However, in two key ways, American's latest move is significantly different from what Alaska and JetBlue are offering.

WOW: Fantastic Oneworld Business Class Deals Between Paris & Many US Cities

Right now American Airlines, British Airways, Iberia and Finnair are, between them, offering some truly fantastic fares between Paris and every US city I've had time to check. Better still, these fares appear to be available from April through to the end of the year...and in some cases into January 2021 too.

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