Air New Zealand will finally launch its long awaited New York service this year

In what now seem like the carefree days before the pandemic and before yet another war took over our TV screens, Air New Zealand was set to launch one of the longest flights in the world between Auckland and New York. Then the world put up the closed sign and the plan was mothballed. Now, with New Zealand taking its first tentative steps towards reopening, the Auckland to New York route is back on the agenda and scheduled for later this year.

Deal: New York – London Business Class from $1,596 roundtrip

TAP Air Portugal is currently offering some impressively low Business Class deals for travel between New York and London via Portugal. The majority of the better deals are to be found from August onwards but there's limited availability from as early as next month.

Air Canada will bring back flights to Brisbane & Auckland and increase flights to...

With Australia now open to vaccinated travelers and with New Zealand set to welcome vaccinated travelers from over 60 countries in early May, Air Canada has chosen this moment to announce that it's going to increase its services to the Southern Pacific starting from this northern hemisphere summer.

British Airways clarifies its face covering rules…sort of

A couple of days ago, British Airways announced that it would be dropping its rule that requires passengers to wear face coverings onboard all of its flights but then, 24 hours later, we heard that British Airways was telling staff that it was backtracking on that decision and that face coverings would continue to be required. It was hard to know what was going on. Now, finally, we have a bit more information.

Qatar Airways will bring back its service to London Gatwick

At the height of the pandemic, Qatar Airways was the largest airline in the world as it continued to operate a significant number of international routes as other airlines mothballed their fleets. The airline's Doha to London Gatwick route, however, didn't survive those dark days but in a sign that we're continuing on the road back to normality, Qatar Airways has confirmed that it will return to Gatwick this summer.

British Airways backtracks on face coverings policy (mask wearing still required)

48 hours ago, we first started to hear stories that British Airways was planning to remove its rule that requires passengers to wear face coverings on all flights. Less than 24 hours ago, British Airways announced that as of today, face coverings would only be required onboard flights where the relevant authority with jurisdiction over the flight requires masks to be worn. Now, a story has emerged which suggests that British Airways has had a change of heart.

American Airlines is moving more flights to Heathrow Terminal 5 (the British Airways terminal)

Just when you thought that American Airlines and British Airways couldn't get any closer to one another - they're both members of the oneworld alliance, they're both members of a transatlantic joint venture, and British Airways will soon be moving into American's home at JFK - American Airlines has announced that this summer season will see it operate a significant number of flights out of BA's terminal at London Heathrow.

UK drops last travel restrictions + British Airways & Virgin Atlantic drop mask requirements

While guidance has remained in place in some areas, the UK population has been free of domestic Covid restrictions for almost a month and despite a sign that hospitalisations due to Covid may be on the rise, the UK government has announced that all remaining travel restrictions are being lifted and the UK's two long-haul carriers have announced an end to mask-wearing onboard.

Qantas brings its A380 back to London & announces restart of the Perth –...

It's safe to say that Qantas has been one of the airlines worst hit by the chaos that the pandemic brought to world travel but with most of Australia now reopened to vaccinated travelers, it looks like the airline is getting things back to 'normal' as quickly as events allow.

Aer Lingus is restarting another US route tomorrow

In the past few months, I've written about Aer Lingus more than at any other point in the short life of this site but somehow, somewhere down the line, I appear to have missed the announcement that from tomorrow, Aer Lingus is heading back to the West Coast.

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