British Airways New Club World Suite - Image courtesy of British Airways

Two More Routes To Get The New British Airways Club Suite

On 18 March this year British Airways unveiled the new Business Class seat it is fitting to its soon-to-be-delivered Airbus A350-1000 aircraft. The new 'Club Suite' looks like it's going to be fantastic and will be such a significant step up from the current Club World seat that it's got a lot of people justifiably excited....especially those of us who have to cross the Atlantic with any great frequency.

British Airways Pilots & Crews Move A Lot Closer To Industrial Action

At the end of November 2018, in a somewhat surprising show of solidarity, the three unions who represent the majority of the British Airways workforce submitted a joint pay claim calling for an improved 3-year deal for their members with improved profit sharing. Negotiations between the unions and the airline commenced in December but, at the end of February, the unions announced that discussions really weren't going anywhere.

British Airways Crews Are Unhappy With Their Uniforms & Dress Requirements

It's British Airways' centenary year this year and among the various promotions, nostalgic revivals of old liveries and new commercials the airline is also unveiling a new uniform for its cabin crews....but the cabin crews aren't happy.

British Airways Will Offer £100 Roundtrip Fares From London City Airport Next Week

British Airways has announced that it will be offering 100 'return seats' for just £100 to each of 3 British Airways leisure destinations which the airline serves out of London City Airport. The airline hasn't actually said what the 3 leisure destinations are but it has confirmed that the promotion will start next week and that the public will also have the chance to win a number of other prizes.

How British Airways Handled A Recent Service Failure

A few weeks ago I wrote a post explaining why I'm finding myself actively choosing to fly with British Airways a lot more than I have done in the past but, rather ironically, just a few days after the post was published I had an annoying (albeit non-major) service failure onboard the very next British Airways flight I took - this is what happened and how BA dealt with it.

Big British Airways Sale: UK – USA First Class From £1,798/$2,355

British Airways has launched a new sale for departures out of the UK and, a little surprisingly, there are some great value redemptions in both First Class and Business Class. The sale suns through to 21 May and includes most of BA's short-haul and long-haul routes as well as the airlines holiday packages and car hire deals.

British Airways Will Offer Lounge Access At More European Destinations This Summer

While British Airways has quite an impressive European route network it's lounge network is less than stellar, and there are quite a few popular destinations around Europe where British Airways and oneworld don't offer elites or premium cabin passengers a lounge to relax in before a flight.

Why I’m Starting To Choose British Airways More (And Why American & United Should...

I haven’t exactly been the biggest fan of British Airways since I started this blog and I’m usually one of the first to point out the airline’s failings and shortcomings but, despite the fact that not much has really changed in how BA operates, I’m slowly starting to actively choose to fly with BA more than in the past.

British Airways Revives Its “Upgrade To First” Promotion (Possibly UK Only)

British Airways has brought back a promotion which offers customers a free upgrade to First Class on one sector of their journey as long as they purchase a qualifying roundtrip Business Class fare.

Earn British Airways Silver Status In One Trip (Oneworld Sapphire)

Thanks to the way in which British Airways awards Tier Points (the points needed for British Airways status) it's often possible to use a little creativity to earn a significant number of Tier Points from one trip...and that's exactly what's possible right now.

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