Are People Actually Jealous Of Legacy British Airways Cabin Crew?

The dispute between British Airways crews and management has been well documented in the press and on various blogs and, aside from the actual plight that the British Airways crews find themselves in, the thing that has struck me most in all of this has been the nature of some of the comments directed at British Airways legacy cabin crews made by people seemingly unconnected to the airline - they make no sense.

British Airways Is Now Issuing Some Refunds Within 24 Hours

A disappointing number of global airlines have spent most of the past few months doing their best to avoid offering customer refunds when their flights have been cancelled. British Airways has been particularly poor at letting passengers know when they're entitled to refunds (a lot of people have mistakenly accepted vouchers from BA because they didn't know a refund was due) and, even when a refund was processed, the airline has been taking weeks and weeks to return customer funds. Those days may be coming to an end.

Quick Look: British Airways Club World Boeing 777 Cabin

On overnight flights, I like to board, settle down and get some rest as quickly as possible (especially on flights as short as the New York - London route) so I generally don't eat any of the meals served and my interactions with the crew are pretty limited. That's why what follows isn't going to be anything like a standard flight review and, instead, is just a look inside the Club World (Business Class) cabin of a British Airways 777.

British Airways vs Cabin Crew: A Lot Of People Are Missing Two Key Points

It's no secret that we're in the midst of the biggest crisis the airline industry has ever seen so it's no surprise that a large number of airlines are currently taking significant measures to protect their business. One such airline is British Airways and the measures that British Airways is taking have led the airline into direct conflict with a key part of its workforce - the cabin crew.

British Airways Extends Voucher Validities & Cancellation Fee Waivers

British Airways has today announced that it is extending the validity of all the travel vouchers it has issued (and will issue) for a period of up to two years and it has confirmed that it is extending its flexible changes policy to cover bookings for travel through the end of July 2020.

Gold Star Service From A Fantastic British Airways Cabin Crew

've been meaning to write about this experience for some time and just haven't got around to it but, now that we're living through a period when most of us can't travel and when airline crews must be going through a terrible time, I thought it might be nice to recognize some really nice, kind and thoughtful service Joanna and I received on a flight earlier this year.

British Airways Refunds: It May Still Be Possible To Request Refunds Online

Up until a couple of weeks ago there were at least a couple of well-documented workarounds to requesting a British Airways refund online but British Airways got wise to these loopholes and shut them down pretty quickly. Of late, it has appeared as if last remaining ways to request a refund from BA involve phone calls or emails and that all online options have been removed...but that may not be so.

How To Get A Refund From British Airways – The Last Working Ways

British Airways has been one of the many airlines that have been trying their very best not to offer customers refunds (or making refund requests as difficult as possible) when their flights have been cancelled, and this is despite the fact that the European Commission and the US Department of Transport both recently restated that refunds have to be offered.

A Quick Update On British Airways Refunds

A little over a week ago, a couple of workarounds were found (by people a lot more tech-savvy than me) which allowed British Airways customers to request their refunds via an online form rather than having to wait on the phone lines for hours on end and, as I seem to be getting more and more questions about the state of these refunds, I thought I'd post a quick update on what I've experienced and what I've noticed.

How To ‘Force’ The British Airways Website To Offer A Cash Refund (Canceled Flights)

There's a saying that says that desperate times call for desperate measures, and a number of airlines appear to be taking that saying very literally as they blatantly attempt to circumvent laws that dictate that passengers are due a refund if an airline cancels their flights. British Airways is one such airline.

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