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A strange British Airways advert on Instagram

Following a recent flight, I had some spare time on my hands thanks to the fact that someone at Heathrow doesn't appear to understand that scheduled flights require someone to meet them and to operate their assigned jetbridge, so I pulled out my phone and started scrolling through Instagram.
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British Airways free inflight messaging is rolling out at a (seemingly) good pace

At the beginning of March, British Airways confirmed that as part of its £7bn transformation plan, it would begin to roll out free inflight messaging for its Executive Club members (of all tiers) from 3 April and that all its wifi enabled aircraft would offer this service within 2 weeks of the rollout starting.
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Heathrow T5 First Wing security has reopened (liquid restrictions lifted)

In the first week of January, the First Wing security lanes at Heathrow T5 were closed to allow the airport to upgrade the scanners in line with the UK government's requirements and, at the time, it was believed that the upgrades would take 3 to 4 months. Amazingly, however, a little over 10 weeks after the security lanes were closed they're now up and running again complete with all the shiny new equipment that should make life a lot easier for passengers fortunate enough to have access to the First Wing.
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British Airways will return to Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok

British Airways has still not quite restored all of the routes it operated before the pandemic (primarily because it still hasn't replaced all of the 747s that it retired), but a recent update from the airline has told us that two of its Asia routes will be returning before the end of the year.
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British Airways is celebrating the Lunar New Year with surprise upgrades & new menu...

Apparently, 10 February is the Lunar New Year, so in honor of the 'year of the dragon', British Airways is adding a few new things to its menus (for a limited time), and on select long haul routes, some passengers will receive a surprise upgrade into Business Class.
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British Airways has pulled its third daily service to/from Newark

Coming up to two years' ago, British Airways announced that it would add a third daily flight to its Heathrow - Newark route and give New York flyers a 'daytime' transatlantic option that doesn't involve JFK.
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Review: British Airways A321neo Club Europe (Business Class)

Club Europe is the name that British Airways gives to its short haul Business Class cabin and on this trip, I was traveling between London and Cyprus which, at over 2,000 miles, is one of the longer routes on which Club Europe is offered. It's also a route on which BA often operates its largest short haul aircraft - the Airbus A321neo - so as we haven't reviewed this aircraft before, this trip gave me chance to put that right.
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The British Airways First lounge at T5 has been given a minor refresh

I haven’t passed through the British Airways First Lounge at Heathrow T5 since mid-October last year, but since my last visit the lounge has undergone a minor refresh.
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The BA First Wing security lanes are closed. This is what it’s like now.

As we reported last week, British Airways has, without any real warning, closed the two security lanes that are attached to the First Wing at London Heathrow T5 while works are done to install new scanners. Since then, I’ve had a chance to try out the alternative arrangement and as promised in last week’s article, here’s an update on what eligible passengers can expect.
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Connecting through Heathrow with British Airways? Check your bookings!

If you're traveling with British Airways and connecting at Heathrow Terminal 5, you may need to check your booking to make sure that everything is still in order because thanks to a small change that the airline has made, some passengers will need to be rebooked on to an alternative connecting flight.
British Airways First Wing Heathrow T5

British Airways closes its top-tier elite security lines at Heathrow (temporarily)

Access to the 'First Wing' at London Heathrow Terminal 5 is one of the big perks of British Airways top-tier status as it offers First Class travelers, Executive Club Gold members, and Oneworld Emeralds a sea of tranquillity amidst, what can be, an ocean of stressed-out passengers, screaming children and security lines that go on for miles.
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British Airways extends its double Tier Points offer through 2024

Following on from Tuesday's news that British Airways will be moving, in part, to a revenue based loyalty program, the airline has now also announced that it is again extending its offer of double tier points on bookings made through its British Airways Holidays subsidiary.
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Make sure you make the most of the British Airways ‘Best Price Guarantee’

The fact that most large hotel chains offer some sort of price guarantee is pretty well known. What appears to be less well known is that a number of airlines offer a similar policy and as I've recently had quite a bit of luck with the British Airways best price guarantee, I though that mention it here to make sure that readers aren't missing out on easy (albeit small) savings.
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I tried out the British Airways ‘Best Price Guarantee’ earlier today

The fact that most large hotel chains offer some sort of guarantee that the price a customer will pay when they book directly through them is the lowest price available is pretty well known. What appears to be less well known is that a number of airlines offer a similar policy and earlier, I finally had a chance to see how well (or badly!) BA's best price guarantee policy can work.
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British Airways is now permitting fee-free flight changes for Heathrow & Gatwick arrivals (Border...

A couple of days ago, British Airways announced that because Heathrow Airport was suffering significant delays and issues due to weather, it would permit some passengers to change their outbound flights. Now, the airline is saying that some passengers whose arrival dates coincide with the UK Border Force's strike days later this month, can make select fee-free changes to their bookings.
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British Airways is offering limited free flight changes for Heathrow departures

In the past few days, southern England has seen a light dusting of snow and because most of the UK's transport infrastructure is utterly incapable of dealing with any kind of weather that isn't light rain, various services have been disrupted.
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British Airways Black Friday sale 2022

British Airways has finally launched its offers for Black Friday 2022 and if you were waiting for (or hoping for) some good premium cabin airfare deals, prepare to be disappointed. If you've been waiting to book a package or holiday deal, there may be something for you in what follows.
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British Airways has just announced a new route to the United States

Speculation that British Airways was planning to announce a new route to the US has been growing for some time and the range of potential new US destinations that people have been suggesting has been impressive - Indianapolis, Hartford, Detroit, Cleveland, and Salt Lake City are just a few destinations that have been mooted. The time for speculation is now over, however, as we finally know what the new route will be.
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British Airways is trialling biometrics for international departures

Biometrics are not exactly a new thing in the travel world - British Airways has been using biometrics to speed up boarding on domestic flights since 2017 and American Airlines, British Airways, Lufthansa, and others have been using biometric boarding gates at various US airports since 2018 - but now British Airways has announced a trial that will take things a step further at London Heathrow.
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British Airways will add more flights to Pittsburgh in 2023

Pittsburgh Airport has announced that British Airways will be increasing the number of flights that it offers to/from London Heathrow once the summer 2023 schedule is in place.
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Review: British Airways A320 Club Europe (Business Class)

Club Europe is the name that British Airways gives to the short-haul Business Class product offered on its flights within Europe and last week, I got to see what the current Club Europe product is looking like when I flew on a British Airways A320 to Sofia.
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British Airways website not working? This workaround may be able to help

Over the weekend, British Airways was, once again, having serious issues with both its desktop site and its app and as this is becoming a common occurrence, now seems like a good time to mention that the next time you're struggling to access your British Airways account or check-in for a flight online, there is a small workaround that can sometimes come to your aid.
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British Airways calls up an A380 for the FIFA World Cup

It may have four engines, it may require special jet bridges and it may not be as efficient as a lot of more modern aircraft but anyone who called time on the A380 once the pandemic shut the travel world down appears to have jumped the gun.
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British Airways has launched a “Luxury Sale” for UK departures

The pound has plummeted and the cost of fuel has sky-rocketed so I didn't have particularly high hopes when I heard that British Airways has just launched a new "Luxury Sale". To my surprise, however, it looks like there may be one or two deals here that are worth a closer look. There's nothing spectacular, but given the direction that prices have been going recently, this could have been considerably more depressing!
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Save time by using British Airways ‘overnight bag drop’ at Heathrow & Gatwick

Air travel is noticeably less fun when the hours before a flight are spent in a seemingly never moving line waiting to drop off your checked baggage instead of relaxing in a lounge or at the gate and when it comes to long lines, London's two primary airports can be especially bad. Fortunately, some British Airways flyers may be able to save themselves from the lines by using the airline's 'overnight bag drop' option.
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British Airways will fly the new Club World suite to Singapore & Sydney

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Short-haul flash sale: British Airways is offering 600,000 seats to Europe for under £39...

British Airways has just announced a flash sale in which it's selling 600,000 short-haul seats for under £39 each way. The sale applies to flights to Europe departing from Heathrow and Gatwick and ends at midnight (UK time) on 26 September.
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[Updated] British Airways reacts to the chaos at Heathrow with an improved flexible booking...

Following the decision by Heathrow Airport to attempt to limit the number of passengers that pass through its doors this summer, British Airways has temporarily updated its flexible booking policy to make it easier and cheaper for customers to change their plans.
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Alert: 700 British Airways employees have voted to go on strike

With European airports already struggling with the increased demand in travel and with UK airports currently being hit particularly hard, it looks like things may get a lot worse for some passengers once the summer holidays are upon us.
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British Airways ends its ‘Book With Confidence’ policy

Like pretty much every major airline around the world, British Airways introduced a flexible cancellation policy shortly after the Covid pandemic started playing havoc with everyone's travel plans. The policy was designed to encourage travelers to make future bookings at a time when the travel environment was highly unstable so with the worst of the pandemic apparently now behind us, the airline has chosen this moment to roll back its 'Book With Confidence' policy and to go back to its historic fare rules.
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British Airways is paying out compensation from a recent meltdown

A few weeks ago, BA had one of its bigger meltdowns of recent years when an unspecified IT failure meant that, among other things, BA crews (both air and ground) could not be scheduled correctly which led to the airline canceling most of its short-haul flights on Saturday 26 February.
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British Airways clarifies its face covering rules…sort of

A couple of days ago, British Airways announced that it would be dropping its rule that requires passengers to wear face coverings onboard all of its flights but then, 24 hours later, we heard that British Airways was telling staff that it was backtracking on that decision and that face coverings would continue to be required. It was hard to know what was going on. Now, finally, we have a bit more information.
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British Airways backtracks on face coverings policy (mask wearing still required)

48 hours ago, we first started to hear stories that British Airways was planning to remove its rule that requires passengers to wear face coverings on all flights. Less than 24 hours ago, British Airways announced that as of today, face coverings would only be required onboard flights where the relevant authority with jurisdiction over the flight requires masks to be worn. Now, a story has emerged which suggests that British Airways has had a change of heart.
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UK drops last travel restrictions + British Airways & Virgin Atlantic drop mask requirements

While guidance has remained in place in some areas, the UK population has been free of domestic Covid restrictions for almost a month and despite a sign that hospitalisations due to Covid may be on the rise, the UK government has announced that all remaining travel restrictions are being lifted and the UK's two long-haul carriers have announced an end to mask-wearing onboard.
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British Airways announces a new service to New York

British Airways has announced plans to launch a new daily service between London Heathrow and Newark Liberty later this year as the airline continues to revive its long-haul network following two years in the doldrums.
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The British Airways Club Suite: My first impressions

After more cancelled flights than I care to think back upon, I have finally had the chance to try out the (relatively) new Club Suite that British Airways is slowly using to replace its outdated Club World (Business Class) seats. A full review of the Club Suite will appear on TFM once I've experienced the seat on an overnight flight but, for now, I thought that I'd share my first impressions.
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A basic hack to get around the latest British Airways annoyance

If you've tried to get through to British Airways to deal with a booking issue, you will probably have noticed that getting to speak to a fellow human being has become almost impossible. It doesn't matter what time of day you call, the automated phone service will almost inevitably hang up on you. Fortunately, there appears to be an incredibly simple way to get around this problem and it relies on the airline's greed.
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British Airways will finally fly to Portland from next summer (and will restart another...

British Airways announced that it would be the first airline to operate a year-round direct flight from the UK to Portland, Oregon, almost exactly two years ago but because of a little thing called a coronavirus, the route never launched as planned. Now the route is back on the BA map and all things being equal, it will launch almost exactly two years late.
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British Airways UK Black Friday Deals: £282 fares to the US & more

British Airways has released details of its attempt at a Black Friday sale and to say that it's underwhelming would be an understatement. The airline is offering a limited number of roundtrip fares to the US East Coast from just £282 (which, admittedly, isn't too bad), there are one or two interesting Business Class deals (which aren't officially part of the Black Friday sale) and a few savings on holiday bookings. That's pretty much it.
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British Airways will have four more US routes operating by early December

With the US borders once again open to travelers originating in the UK, British Airways hasn't been wasting any time as it moves to increase capacity and get transatlantic services restarted. We've already seen the airline bringing back its A380s to serve four of its US routes and now BA has confirmed that it will have four more US routes back online by early December.
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These are the routes on which British Airways will fly its Airbus A380

With multiple airlines questioning the viability of their A380s once the scale of damage the pandemic was doing to the travel industry became apparent, there was a time not very long ago when it looked like Emirates may end up being the only airline operating the biggest commercial airliner we've ever seen. Fortunately, that's not going to be the case and after announcing that it will fly its A380 to Johannesburg in January, British Airways has now scheduled the 'Whale Jet' on multiple other routes.
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All British Airways 777s will have the new Club Suite by the end of...

British Airways has issued an update on the progress that it's making with retrofitting its new Club Suite to its long-haul fleet and while the news out today is mostly good, some information that's missing from the update may point to a longer rollout timeframe than was originally envisioned.
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British Airways will codeshare with Kenya Airways (Avios & Tier Points earnings on the...

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British Airways has launched a new sale (long-haul & short-haul)

British Airways has launched a sale on flights and holidays for travel deep into 2022. With the US ban on travelers originating in the UK, Ireland, and the Schengen Area expected to be lifted next month, there's a strong focus on the United States in this sale but other popular destinations are included too.
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UK Sale: British Airways is offering up to £300 off holidays to Mexico &...

Some links to products and travel providers on this website will earn Traveling For Miles a commission that helps contribute to the running of...
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British Airways Will Restart One Of Its Routes To California

As has been the case with most airlines, the pandemic caused British Airways to take an ax to large parts of its route network and even though a lot of those routes have been restored in recent months, the airline still isn't flying to all of the US destinations that it served before the coronavirus changed the world. Starting next month, however, one more route to California will be back in the airline's schedules.
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BA’s New Short-Haul Onboard F&B System Seems Excellent

At the beginning of the year, British Airways announced that it would stop serving food and drinks from an onboard cart on its short-haul routes. It wasn’t clear from the original announcement whether this was a short-term COVID measure or if this was yet another cost-cutting exercise but regardless, customers have spent the past months having to pre-order food and drinks in the days leading up to their flights as there has been no option to order onboard. Now, those days appear to be behind us.
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BA Flash Sale: 500,000 Seats For Under £40 Each Way (From UK Only)

British Airway has announced a short-haul flash sale in which it says that it's offering half a million seats for under £40 (~$55) each way. This sale is running in parallel with the main sale that British Airways is currently promoting and will end at midnight (GMT) on Monday 13 September.
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British Airways Will Reopen Its Concorde Rooms Tomorrow

As has been the case with most airport lounge networks around the world, British Airways has been operating a skeleton lounge network since the pandemic first took hold. Recent weeks have seen the airline opening a number of its Business Class lounges at London Heathrow and now BA is ready to take things further by reopening the lounges it dedicates to First Class travelers.
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British Airways Extends Travel Voucher Expiration Dates & Its Book With Confidence Policy

Like just about every major passenger airline in the world, British Airways has spent most of the past 16 months issuing passengers with travel vouchers for flights that either it or its customers have cancelled courtesy of the Covid pandemic. Up until today, these vouchers had an expiration date in April 2023 but with travel on a lot of BA's routes still significantly restricted, the airline has now extended that expiration date by a further 5 months.
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DEAL: Save 20% On Most British Airways Bookings Into May 2022 [UK Accounts Only]

British Airways has today launched a new promotion in which offering all UK-based Executive Club members a 20% discount on Economy Class, Premium Economy, and Business Class flights taken between August and the last week in May next year. Unfortunately, the booking window is a short one so you'll have to be quick if you want to make the most of this deal.
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British Airways UK Sale – First Class From £1,665 Roundtrip

British Airways has launched a new sale for departures out of the UK and there are some great value redemptions in both First Class and Business Class. The sale runs through to 22 June and includes most short-haul and long-haul routes that British Airways is operating or planning to operate as well as the airline's holiday packages and car hire deals.
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British Airways Opens ‘Forty Winks’ Sleep Lounge At Heathrow (Also Coming To NYC)

The Elemis Spa that once sat between the British Airways First Class lounge and the Concorde Room was confirmed as a permanent casualty of the pandemic a few weeks ago and now the often forgotten Business Center in the First Class lounge has been confirmed as a permanent casualty too. It hasn't, however, taken British Airways long to come up with a plan for the spaces that these two facilities once occupied.
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Has British Airways Got The Key To Unlock The Travel World

If you're one of the lucky ones who has been able to travel internationally in recent months you'll know all about the circus that can surround pre-departure Covid-19 tests, and if you're reading this while waiting for your chance to finally get back to exploring the world you should know that it's a circus that you'll soon have to deal with too.
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British Airways Will Let You Book A Check-In Time Slot

If you’re lucky enough to have mid-tier airline status or higher or if you only fly in premium cabins, you’re probably not accustomed to having to worry about the length of the lines at airport check-in desks. That, however, is not a privilege shared by the overwhelming majority of travelers around the world.
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British Airways Is Trialling In-App COVID-19 Document Certifications

British Airways is the latest airline to try to incorporate a COVID-19 certification area within its own app and the airline has announced that it is running a trial whereby all customers eligible to travel to India will be able to upload negative COVID-19 test results and other required documentation directly into their reservation via ‘Manage My Booking’ on ba.com.
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British Airways Club Europe May Offer A Lot More Value This Summer

As a general rule and as long as I'm not indulging in a Tier Point run, I avoid British Airways Club Europe as I find it to be a colossal waste of money. This summer, however, it looks like some routes may offer a Club Europe option that will be considerably better than the norm and possibly even great value for money.
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AARP renews its fantastic British Airways discounts (& how to get a cheap membership)

The AARP has been offering great discounts on British Airways flights for years and with the recent announcement that the discounts have been renewed for yet another year, and the news that it's currently possible to get an AARP membership for the cost of a couple of coffees, this seems like a good time to remind readers of what and how they can save.
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How To Upgrade British Airways Bookings Using Avios

Avios are often a much-maligned currency due to the high surcharges that are usually added to most long-haul awards by British Airways. Using Avios to upgrade a cash fare, however, can be an excellent way to get great value out of the currency so I've put together a brief post showing just how easy it is to upgrade a British Airways booking using Avios.
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British Airways Extends The Expiration Date For Its Travel Vouchers

Just a few days ago, British Airways finally extended its 'book with confidence policy' as it because obvious that limiting the policy to travel through September was looking short-sighted. At the time I speculated that it probably wouldn't be long before British Airways addressed the expiration date of its travel vouchers and, following an update today, that exactly what the airline has now done.
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British Airways Finally Extends Its ‘Book With Confidence’ Policy

For some time now, British Airways has been waiving changes fees for bookings involving travel through 31 August 2021 but while that deadline may have seemed appropriate back in October or early November last year, it has been in need of review for some time. Luckily, British Airways has finally come to that realization.
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British Airways Makes Real Improvements To Short-Haul Economy Class Catering

British Airways has today announced an unexpectedly good update to its short-haul Economy Class catering that sees the airline pulling back further from the cuts that it began to implement just a few years ago.
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What It’s Like Flying British Airways Club World During Lockdown (Daytime Flight)

Recently, I took my first flights since the beginning of March and I finally got home to Los Angeles for a few days. I've been putting off a return to LA for months (I've cancelled four separate trips) but, eventually, things came to a head and I had no choice but to fly.
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British Airways Launches An Embarrassingly Bad Black Friday Sale

British Airways management has had a lot to be embarrassed about this year (the poor treatment of staff and the poor treatment of customers being the main ones) and it appears to be hell-bent on continuing to embarrass itself with a woeful offering in its Black Friday sale.
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You Can Now Apply For British Airways Refunds Online (Again)

Since early March, customers have had to put in a call to British Airways if they wanted a refund for a trip that the airline had cancelled but now, finally, British Airways has brought back the option to request a cash refund online. The option to request a refund on an Avios booking has yet to be brought back online and the availability of the cash refund option is far from obvious, but it's there.
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AA & BA To Launch Free Covid-19 Trials On Select Transatlantic Routes

American Airlines has recently started offering Covid-19 tests (that customers have to pay for) on a number of its routes from the United States to the Caribbean and Central America. Now the airline is joining forces with British Airways to trial an enhanced free Covid-19 testing program for passengers traveling on select flights between the United States and Europe.
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Warning: British Airways Cancellation Notices Can Be Misleading

British Airways will start suspending at least 46 routes starting from tomorrow so, in the next few days, a lot of people will be receiving messages that inform them that their flights have been canceled or that they have been rebooked on to other flights. If you receive one of these notifications, please be careful as their contents do not fully inform you of your rights.
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British Airways Is Suspending These 46 Routes Starting Tomorrow

Yesterday, a letter sent out by Mark Muren, BA’s head of global sales, gave a very strong indication that the airline was about to start canceling a significant number of its routes following England's descent into its second lockdown of the year. Now, courtesy of a document shared with another blog, we know that at least 46 routes will be suspended during the coming month with a number of suspensions kicking in as of tomorrow.
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Warning: Get Ready For A Stream Of British Airways Flight Cancellations

England went into lockdown for the second time today and with all outbound travel being discouraged and with airlines already at the mercy of England's ever-changing quarantine rules, this is a body-blow to the likes of Virgin Atlantic and British Airways. So far, there hasn't been too much evidence of deep route cuts from the UK's primary long-haul carriers but, based on a letter just sent out by BA's head of global sales, a significant number of cancellations appears to be on the way.
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British Airways Brings Back Hot Meals On Long Haul & Ends Partnership With M&S

As of 25 October, British Airways is once again serving hot meals across all cabins on select long-haul flights and, according to one UK newspaper, the airline has decided to sever its relationship with Marks & Spencer and enter into an agreement with "another great British brand" who will supply the airline's buy-on-board Economy Class menus.
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Big News: Alex Cruz Replaced As British Airways CEO

International Airlines Group (IAG), the parent company of British Airways, has announced that Alex Cruz is stepping down as CEO of the UK's flag carrier and, following a transition period, will be relinquishing his role as chairman too. All of this comes towards the end of a year which has seen the airline industry brought to its knees by Covid-19 and thousands of employees losing their jobs at British Airways.
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BOOK QUICK: British Airways Club World Flights From £961 Roundtrip (Just 747 Tickets!)

British Airways has just said farewell to its final two Boeing 747s which have now departed London Heathrow for the final time. To celebrate the amazing aircraft's history, British Airways is selling 747 Club World seats and a "jumbo reduction" for under £1,000 each. If you find the fares on BA.com they're yours!
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The Last British Airways Heathrow 747s Will Depart Tomorrow (Flypast Arranged)

Well that was quick! In the middle of July, British Airways announced that it would be retiring all of its Boeing 747s, in the middle of August the retirements began, and now we're being told that the last two British Airways 747 based at London Heathrow will depart tomorrow morning.
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Amazing Deals: British Airways 160 Tier Point Fares From Just £146 Roundtrip

British Airways operates a number of short-haul routes on which Business Class fares earn an impressive 160 Tier Points for roundtrip travel. For the next ten days, British Airways has lowered the cost of Business Class fares on some of these routes to levels that I don't recall having ever seen before so some of the deals on offer are nothing short of fantastic.
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The “New” British Airways First Class Seat Is Nothing To Get Excited About

It all started yesterday when an over-eager British Airways employee put out a tweet (now deleted) that let the world know that British Airways would be offering a new First Class option in the not too distant future. Earlier today, British Airways emailed staff to let them know that a "modified First seat experience" is on the way (this has been widely leaked already) but the reality behind the news is far less exciting than most had probably hoped.
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British Airways Responds To Virgin Atlantic: Adds New Route To Pakistan & Accelerates Another

At the beginning of September, Virgin Atlantic announced that it would be launching three new routes to Pakistan from later this year as the airline looks to move away (at least temporarily) from its heavy reliance on transatlantic traffic. Now, less than two weeks after Virgin Atlantic's announcement, British Airways has responded and it's not good news for the smaller carrier.
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More Savings + Marriott Resort Credits In The British Airways Sale [UK]

Last week, British Airways launched its latest sale in which it's offering some fantastic First Class and Business Class long-haul deals out of the UK, and in which it's offering some incredibly cheap short-haul Business Class fares that will earn flyers 160 Tier Points in just one roundtrip. Also in this sale (this is an aspect I haven't touched on so far) are a number of deals available from British Airways Holidays which shouldn't go unnoticed.
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British Airways Will Offer Its Club Suite On Flights To The Maldives

British Airways' Business Class offering was given an enormous boost when the airline announced the introduction of its new Club Suite but with the new suite limited to the airline's new Airbus A350 aircraft and a number of refitted 777s, it's a product that's not available on the majority of BA's routes. From later this year, however, British Airways is scheduled to offer its new Business Class cabin to/from the Maldives.
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British Airways Sale: Business Class & First Class From £1,181 & £1,593 Respectively (UK)

British Airways has launched a sale on flights and holidays for travel deep into 2021. Over 150 destinations are included in the sale but I'm going to be focusing on the best long-haul Business Class and First Class fares that I've found. Some are very good indeed.
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British Airways Has Started To Retire Its 747 Fleet

In the middle of last month, British Airways announced that it planned to retire its 31 Boeing 747 aircraft with immediate effect and starting yesterday, the airline's 747s are now being shipped out to meet whatever fate awaits them.
British Airways New Club World Suite - Image courtesy of British Airways

British Airways Schedules Club Suite Service To Los Angeles (Finally!)

After months of waiting, Los Angeles-based oneworld flyers will soon no longer have to choose between a great Business Class seat combined with poor service (American Airlines) or a poor Business Class seat with pretty good service (BA) as British Airways has finally scheduled a Club Suite equipped aircraft to serve LAX from later this year.
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RIP BA1 – British Airways Retires Its All-Business-Class A318

IAG, the parent company of British Airways, has published its latest quarterly results and alongside the news that the airline group made a loss of €1.3bn ($1.55bn) between April and June of this year, IAG announced that it was "exiting" the A318 fleet as part of its response to the current crisis and, with that, signaled the end of the all-business-class service that British Airways operated between London and New York.
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British Airways Won’t Fly From London Gatwick Before November

If anyone you know needs a reminder that the current crisis is far from over, point them in the direction of an airline schedule. While some airlines are clearly doing their best to ramp up operations and restart routes (e.g. Qatar Airways), a lot of major airlines are still running vastly reduced services and are pushing back the dates for planned service resumptions.
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Be Careful When Using Select British Airways Vouchers (Itineraries Not Ticketing)

As I've been navigating the various processes involving British Airways vouchers I've been finding out quite a bit about how they work but, more importantly, I've also been finding out that the process of applying a voucher for future travel isn't always a smooth one and caution is required.
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British Airways To Retire ALL Boeing 747s With Immediate Effect

In an email sent out to employees a few hours ago, British Airways effectively announced the end of the road for its Boeing 747s. With the travel world still in turmoil and with recovery not expected for a number of years, the viability of BA's least efficient aircraft was always going to be called into question, so it's not altogether surprising to read that the 747 has flown its last commercial flight for British Airways.
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Are People Actually Jealous Of Legacy British Airways Cabin Crew?

The dispute between British Airways crews and management has been well documented in the press and on various blogs and, aside from the actual plight that the British Airways crews find themselves in, the thing that has struck me most in all of this has been the nature of some of the comments directed at British Airways legacy cabin crews made by people seemingly unconnected to the airline - they make no sense.
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British Airways Is Now Issuing Some Refunds Within 24 Hours

A disappointing number of global airlines have spent most of the past few months doing their best to avoid offering customer refunds when their flights have been cancelled. British Airways has been particularly poor at letting passengers know when they're entitled to refunds (a lot of people have mistakenly accepted vouchers from BA because they didn't know a refund was due) and, even when a refund was processed, the airline has been taking weeks and weeks to return customer funds. Those days may be coming to an end.
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Quick Look: British Airways Club World Boeing 777 Cabin

On overnight flights, I like to board, settle down and get some rest as quickly as possible (especially on flights as short as the New York - London route) so I generally don't eat any of the meals served and my interactions with the crew are pretty limited. That's why what follows isn't going to be anything like a standard flight review and, instead, is just a look inside the Club World (Business Class) cabin of a British Airways 777.
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British Airways vs Cabin Crew: A Lot Of People Are Missing Two Key Points

It's no secret that we're in the midst of the biggest crisis the airline industry has ever seen so it's no surprise that a large number of airlines are currently taking significant measures to protect their business. One such airline is British Airways and the measures that British Airways is taking have led the airline into direct conflict with a key part of its workforce - the cabin crew.
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British Airways Extends Voucher Validities & Cancellation Fee Waivers

British Airways has today announced that it is extending the validity of all the travel vouchers it has issued (and will issue) for a period of up to two years and it has confirmed that it is extending its flexible changes policy to cover bookings for travel through the end of July 2020.
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Gold Star Service From A Fantastic British Airways Cabin Crew

've been meaning to write about this experience for some time and just haven't got around to it but, now that we're living through a period when most of us can't travel and when airline crews must be going through a terrible time, I thought it might be nice to recognize some really nice, kind and thoughtful service Joanna and I received on a flight earlier this year.
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British Airways Refunds: It May Still Be Possible To Request Refunds Online

Up until a couple of weeks ago there were at least a couple of well-documented workarounds to requesting a British Airways refund online but British Airways got wise to these loopholes and shut them down pretty quickly. Of late, it has appeared as if last remaining ways to request a refund from BA involve phone calls or emails and that all online options have been removed...but that may not be so.
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How To Get A Refund From British Airways – The Last Working Ways

British Airways has been one of the many airlines that have been trying their very best not to offer customers refunds (or making refund requests as difficult as possible) when their flights have been cancelled, and this is despite the fact that the European Commission and the US Department of Transport both recently restated that refunds have to be offered.
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A Quick Update On British Airways Refunds

A little over a week ago, a couple of workarounds were found (by people a lot more tech-savvy than me) which allowed British Airways customers to request their refunds via an online form rather than having to wait on the phone lines for hours on end and, as I seem to be getting more and more questions about the state of these refunds, I thought I'd post a quick update on what I've experienced and what I've noticed.
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How To ‘Force’ The British Airways Website To Offer A Cash Refund (Canceled Flights)

There's a saying that says that desperate times call for desperate measures, and a number of airlines appear to be taking that saying very literally as they blatantly attempt to circumvent laws that dictate that passengers are due a refund if an airline cancels their flights. British Airways is one such airline.
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British Airways Announces Change Fee Waivers For USA Flights

With a lot of people about to fall foul of a ban on travel between most European countries and the US, we're starting to see airlines updating their waivers to include transatlantic travel and British Airways has been one of the first out of the blocks.
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Review: British Airways 747 First Class (MIA-LHR)

For a recent trip, I was booked to fly in British Airways Club World (Business Class) on an overnight flight between Miami and London. I asked the agent at the check-in counter if they were offering any upgrades to First Class and was quoted a price of $950 - I turned it down. On an overnight flight where I'm going to spend the majority of my time resting or sleeping $950 is considerably more than I'm prepared to pay.
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Now British Airways Is Waiving Change Fees For New Bookings

British Airways has announced that it will be waiving all change fees for new bookings made between Tuesday 3 March 2020 and Monday 16 March 2020 with the policy set to cover all routes that the airline operates.
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Great British Airways First & Business Class Deals Out Of London

British Airways has launched a new premium cabin promotion in which the airline is offering some very nice deals for First Class and Business Class deals on a number of its routes. Most of the better long-haul deals are for travel across the Atlantic but there are a few good deals to other parts of the world too and Club Europe is on sale too.
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Review: BA1 – British Airways A318 All-Business Class Flight (LCY – JFK)

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