Finally! The UK Government Has The Right Way To Deal With Airlines Begging For...

One of the bigger recent news stories surrounding the effect the current crisis is having on businesses has been the news that airlines worldwide are begging their respective governments to bail them out now that most people are not flying anymore.

Remember How Airlines, Hotels and Agencies Are Acting Right Now

At some point in the future, life will return to what it was like just a few months ago and people will be going about their lives and doing their best to forget the chaos that we're witnessing right now...but I hope we don't forget everything.

There Should Be Three Key Conditions Attached To Any US Airline Bailout

Ever since airlines around the world started begging their respective governments to give them ridiculous sums of taxpayer money to help them stay afloat, we've seen various suggestions of what the airlines should have to offer up in return for government subsidies. Some suggestions have been great while others have been poorly thought through so I thought I'd join in and list the three key things that I'd like to see the US government insist upon before US airlines are given a cent of our money.

How To ‘Force’ The British Airways Website To Offer A Cash Refund (Canceled Flights)

There's a saying that says that desperate times call for desperate measures, and a number of airlines appear to be taking that saying very literally as they blatantly attempt to circumvent laws that dictate that passengers are due a refund if an airline cancels their flights. British Airways is one such airline.

This Is Why I’ll Never Be A United Airlines Frequent Flyer

Right now there are a few corporations in the travel world that aren't doing a very good job of looking after their customers but there's only one that's actually taken measures that will very obviously make their customers' lives worse...and all at a time where the very opposite is what's needed - meet United Airlines.
British Airways New Club World Suite - Image courtesy of British Airways

Fare War: Great Business Class Fares For London – North America (Oneworld, Star Alliance...

British Airways has been running a premium cabin sale offering some very good Business Class fares between the UK and North America since the end of February, but it now seems that a number of other airlines have joined the party and I'm seeing a lot of good deals being offered by the likes of Virgin Atlantic, United, Delta, Air France, and KLM.

DEALS: Fantastic Business Class Fares USA – UK/Ireland/Europe

From now through to the end of April, Aer Lingus is offering some truly fantastic Business Class fares between select US cities and cities in Ireland, the United Kingdom, and continental Europe as the airline reminds passengers that travel between the US and UK/Ireland isn't covered by the ban and that US citizens and residents are still allowed to travel back and forth across the Atlantic unencumbered (at least for now).

American Airlines Cuts Summer Flights By 34% (Transatlantic Cut By 50% In April)

The latest big changes to hit the US airlines are the ban on travel between select European countries and the US (which comes into force tonight) and the ban on travel between the US and Argentina that the Argentinian authorities have announced. In response to this very fluid situation, American Airlines has moved to reduce the number of flights it plans to operate in the coming months very significantly.

British Airways Announces Change Fee Waivers For USA Flights

With a lot of people about to fall foul of a ban on travel between most European countries and the US, we're starting to see airlines updating their waivers to include transatlantic travel and British Airways has been one of the first out of the blocks.

Delta Issues A Change Fee Waiver For Flights To/From Europe

Following the news that the United States is banning select travelers from entering the country if they have been traveling in any one of the 26 European countries signed up to the Schengen Agreement in the past 14 days, Delta is waiving change fees for bookings to/from certain European counties...including some countries not included in the ban.

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