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United brings back Los Angeles – Shanghai & boosts Los Angeles – Hong Kong

The main route news out of United Airlines yesterday was the announcement that the airline would launch new services to Marrakesh, Cebu, and Medellin, but there was other promising route news too as the airline confirmed its plans to bring back its route between LA and Shanghai and told us that it would boost capacity on its route between LA and Hong Kong.
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United Airlines launches new routes to Africa, South America & Asia Pacific

Yesterday, United Airlines used its various social media accounts to tease its audiences about three new routes that the airline is launching in 2023 and in the past hour, we've finally had confirmation of what those new routes will be. 
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United Airlines to resume Tel Aviv service next month

Following the horrific incidents in October of last year, the three major US carriers as well as most European carriers took the decision to suspend their services to Israel. Since then, we've started to see some European carriers resume their Tel Aviv operations, but up until now, we haven't had any solid indication as to when the US carriers will follow suit.
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United Airlines slightly improves schedules on select summer 2024 transatlantic routes

In the past few days, United Airlines has pushed through a number of updates to its schedules which have seen the airline make (mostly) positive changes to a number of the transatlantic routes that it plans to operate during summer 2024.
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United Airlines announces new/refreshed Polaris amenities from Therabody & Saks

United Airlines has said that it is undertaking "the largest overhaul since 2016" of United Polaris Business Class. Sadly, this only appears to refer to the amenities offered in the Lounges and in its Business Class cabins and doesn't refer to a much needed return to what Polaris was like when it was first rolled out.
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United Airlines delays the return of three transpacific routes

United Airlines probably has the strongest international route network out of all the US carriers and that network was due to get even stronger with the reinstatement of a transpacific route that fell by the wayside when the Covid pandemic hit and two other transpacific routes that were suspended last year. With the latest schedule changes, however, that all changed.
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Was the latest United Airlines flash promotion a rip-off? What am I missing?

Some links to products and travel providers on this website will earn Traveling For Miles a commission that helps contribute to the running of...
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United Airlines opens a new Grab-and-Go “club concept” in Denver

Designed to coincide with the opening of the Concourse B expansion at Denver International Airport, United Airlines has today opened a new "club concept" at the airport which allows eligible flyers to get some food and drinks "to go" before heading to their gates to catch their flights.
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United Airlines announces new routes to Spain, Germany, Italy & more

United Airlines likes a good teaser more than most and it was back to its old ways yesterday in a social media post that suggested that we should expect new routes to far-flung parts of the globe. Well, the teasing is now over as United has just announced its latest plans for 2023.
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United Airlines has a new route and a new partnership with Emirates

We've known for a few weeks that United Airlines and Emirates were going to be announcing a closer working relationship but it was only in the last 24 hours that full details finally emerged and, to be frank, they're a little underwhelming. A new route that is being born out of this relationship may interest some readers but on the whole, anyone expecting something exciting will almost certainly be disappointed.
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United Airlines adds new plant-based items to menus on select routes & in select...

Some links to products and travel providers on this website will earn Traveling For Miles a commission that helps contribute to the running of...
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United will resume its San Francisco – Melbourne route in May

United Airlines hasn't operated either of its routes between the United States and Melbourne since the pandemic put life on pause but in a move that appears to be aimed at getting a head start on Qantas, the airline has now scheduled the return of its route between San Francisco and Melbourne.
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United Airlines announces expanded Cape Town service (Business Class awards available)

After a long hiatus brought about by the pandemic, United Airlines restarted its route between Newark and Cape Town in December last year with the same 3x/week seasonal service that it used before the travel world closed down. Now and with passenger numbers clearly on the rise, United is keeping a promise it made in 2019 and expanding its service to the Cape.
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United Airlines is set return to Singapore in January

We've had a lot of news from United Airlines in the past few weeks and between the new flights, new routes and route reboots we heard about a month ago and the 22 daily flights that the airline says it will operate to London next year, I failed to pick up on the fact that I hadn't seen United give more than a vague update on the longest route that it served before the pandemic - the route between San Francisco and Singapore.
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United opens up bookings for its new Washington – Amman service (awards available)

October was a busy month for United Airlines from a route scheduling point of view with the airline announcing 22 daily flights to London and 10 new flights and five new destinations for Europe and the Middle East. One of those new destinations was Amman, Jordan, and today United's new route between Washington D.C and Amman finally went on sale.
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Review: United Airlines Business Class 787-9 Dreamliner (LHR-SFO)

Earlier this year, I booked a fantastic Business Class deal that should have seen me flying to Los Angeles with SWISS and back to Europe with United but with airlines playing around with their schedules as much as they were, my booking got changed multiple times and I ended up having to fly with United in both directions. That wasn't ideal, but it gave me a chance to try out three of the airline's long-haul Business Class cabins and this is a review of the first cabin in my itinerary.
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United Airlines announces 22 daily flights to London in 2022 (1 new route)

Yesterday, a low-key United Airlines teaser appeared to suggest that it would be announcing at least one new international route at 08:00 today to go alongside the 10 new flights and 5 new destinations that the airline announced on 14 October. Well, 08:00 ET has now passed and we now know what United's teaser was all about.
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Heads up: United Airlines will add yet more international routes

United Airlines launched a big teaser earlier this month which gave us all a lot of clues as to what new international routes the airline was planning to announce. Those new routes were promptly revealed just a day later but now United is suggesting that its news doesn't end there.
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United Airlines announces 10 new flights and 5 new destinations for Summer 2022

After two days of teasers, United Airlines has now revealed that it plans, what it's calling, its largest transatlantic expansion in history with the launch of 10 new flights and the addition of 5 new destinations in the summer of 2022. 
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United Airlines will announce new routes tomorrow (we have clues)

Early yesterday, United Airlines posted a cryptic teaser on Instagram which suggested that the airline would be making some kind of announcement at 08:00 ET today. Well, the appointed hour has now passed and we now know that the cryptic message was just a lead-in to a new video (just posted) that contains clues to help us all guess where United plans to fly to before the official announcement tomorrow at 08:00 ET.
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United Airlines Reschedules Its New Route To Africa

A little over a year ago, United Airlines announced that it planned to start offering a variety of new flights from Chicago, San Francisco, and Washington DC. One of those routes was to Lagos, Nigeria, and was scheduled to launch in late spring this year. For reasons that are all too obvious, that route never launched but now United says that it's ready to give it another try.
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Quick Look: United Airlines 737-900 First Class (SFO-LAX)

Recently, I needed to get from San Francisco back home to Los Angeles, and rather than flying with one of the carriers I would normally choose (American Airlines or Alaska Airlines), I found myself flying with United. The short nature of the journey means that this flight clearly doesn't warrant a full "review", but I thought I'd share a few pictures and thoughts about the flight nevertheless.
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United Should Probably Rethink Its Boarding Group Numbering

Recently, I took my first flights with United Airlines for over a decade and while a number of observations came out of those flights (observations that will come up in future posts), one thing that my recent experiences appear to suggest is that United should probably consider changing how it numbers its boarding groups.
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United Airlines Signs Agreement To Go Supersonic

United Airlines turned all mysterious yesterday when it deleted all of its images from Instagram and used its social media channels to tease an announcement scheduled for 6:00 am Central Time. Well, the teasing is now over and we know what it was all about - United is the first airline to sign a commercial agreement to buy aircraft from Boom Supersonic.
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United Airlines Has Launched Its JFK Routes To Los Angeles & San Francisco

After a series of delays and postponements, United Airlines has finally returned to New York JFK and is now operating a transcontinental schedule to both Los Angeles and San Francisco.
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United Adds New Routes Between The Midwest & The East Coast

United Airlines has announced a series of new routes for the summer season which will see it linking seven cities in the Midwest with a variety of popular getaway destinations in New England and the South.
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United Airlines Adds A New Route To London Heathrow

United Airlines has announced that it will be expanding its global network with a new route to London Heathrow from later this year which, according to the airline, will make it the only US carrier to offer non-stop service between the nation's top seven business markets and London Heathrow.
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Odd: Is United Not Reducing Planned Service Out Of JFK After All?

Late last week we got news that United Airlines was pushing back its planned return to New York JFK for a second time, and connections within the airline told Zach Griff that United would be scaling back its planned frequencies on its new transcontinental routes. Well, the schedules are now showing the new launch dates for United's JFK services but, strangely, the frequencies remain unaltered.
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United Airlines Will Add A New Hawaii Service From SoCal

With Southwest less than a month away from launching new services to Honolulu and Maui out of its base in Long Beach, United Airlines has now announced that it will be upping its game in Southern California by launching its own new route to Honolulu in a few months’ time.
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United Airlines Pushes Back Its Return To New York JFK (Again)

Back in November, United Airlines announced that it was planning to reintroduce service out of New York JFK at the beginning of February 2021. Then, in early January, that proposed launch date was moved back to the end of February. Now, that launch date has been moved once again.
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United Airlines Passengers Can Now Skip Hawaii’s COVID Document Screening

United Airlines has announced that following on from measures put in place last year, it is now taking further steps to help customers prepare for their trips to Hawaii and to help them bypass Hawaii's document screening lines upon arrival into the islands
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United Airlines Launches Its ‘Travel-Ready Center’ For Travel In The Time Of COVID

We've already seen Etihad and Emirates sign up to the IATA Travel Pass, we've seen American Airlines go all-in with its 'Health Passport' in partnership with VeriFly and now United Airlines has launched its own version of a COVID travel wallet with the introduction of its 'Travel-Ready Center'.
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United Airlines Follows The Rest And Bans Emotional Support Animals

It started with Alaska Airlines towards the end of December, and then American Airlines and Delta banned emotional support animals in statements issued last week. Now the last of the 'Big 3' US airlines has come into line with United Airlines changing its terms and conditions to reflect that it too will no longer accept emotional support animals onboard.
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United Airlines Brings Coronavirus Testing To Houston

United Airlines may have been the first US airline to announce Covid-19 tests for travelers heading to Hawaii and it may have been the first US airline to announce measures to test transatlantic passengers for coronavirus before their flights, but it was American Airlines that was first to act when it comes to testing on routes to Latin America and the Caribbean. Now, United is making moves in those regions too.
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United Airlines Is Piloting Free Covid Testing For Transatlantic Travel

United Airlines has today announced that it will be launching a 4-week pilot program that will offer passengers on select transatlantic flights free rapid Covid-19 tests. This pilot is set to start up next month and, if successful, could be the beginning of a larger program to help get transatlantic travel moving again.
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United Airlines Brings Back Non-Stop Service To Shanghai

For most of this year, only a limited number of flights have been permitted between the United States and China with United Airlines and Delta being the only US carriers offering services to Shanghai. Up recently, both airlines have been serving Shanghai via Seoul but with Delta planning non-stop service to Shanghai during the upcoming winter season, United Airlines has now announced that it too will be resuming non-stop service to Shanghai from later this month.
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United Airlines Announces Significant Route Resumptions & Expansions

United Airlines has just announced that it will be resuming service on "nearly 30 international routes" across Asia, Europe, and South America as well as offering customers expanded services to destinations in the Caribbean, Hawaii, Central America, and Mexico.
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United Airlines New Hawaii Routes Now Open For Reservations

A little under three weeks ago, United announced a number of new international routes to Africa and India as well as two new domestic routes that the airline said would “make it easier than ever to travel nonstop to Maui and Kona for the 2021 summer season”. Following a weekend schedule update, the new Hawaii routes are now in the systems and United.com is taking reservations.
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United Airlines Will Offer Covid-19 Testing From Next Month

United Airlines has just announced that it will be the first US airline to make Covid-19 tests available to customers as it looks to help flyers meet entry conditions put in place by states (like Hawaii) and various nations around the world as they look to protect their populations from the spread of the coronavirus.
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United Airlines Already Forced To Improve Its “No Change Fees” Policy

United Airlines was the first of the major US airlines to announce that it would be eliminating change fees for most fares booked for travel within the United States, to/from Puerto Rico and to/from the US Virgin Islands but Delta and American Airlines quickly followed with their own announcements and, in American's case, its announcement went further than United's and now United has been forced to play catch-up.
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United Airlines Announces Seven New Non-Stop Routes (International & Domestic)

Yesterday, United Airlines used social media to run a teaser trying to get customers (and potential customers) to guess what new routes the airline was set to announce today. If you didn't see that teaser or if you failed to guess the new routes, this latest announcement will tell you all you need to know - United Airlines will be flying five new international routes to Africa and India, as well as offering two new routes to Hawaii.
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Deal: London – San Francisco True Polaris Business Class From £1,250 Roundtrip

The British Airways Business Class sale has a number of great long-haul First & Business Class deals but if you're looking for a combination of great price and a great Business Class cabin to the West Coast, you'll be hard pushed to beat this one. United's Polaris Business Class is considerably better than BA's standard Club World and at £1,250 roundtrip from London, this West Coast deal is fantastic.
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United Airlines Will Operate 40% Of Its October Schedule Next Month

United Airlines has just announced its planned schedules for September and October and the airline has confirmed that when its routes are taken as a whole (i.e. international + domestic routes together), it is expecting to operate 34% of its full schedule in September and 40% of its full schedule in October. These figures are in comparison to the routes operated in the same months last year.
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United Airlines Is Eliminating Select Change Fees Permanently

With the travel industry in a state of crisis, airlines are being forced to try and find new ways to persuade travelers to choose them over their competitors. So far we've mainly seen airlines playing the "who's aircraft are cleanest" game with airlines sometimes appearing to claim that they've found a new and better way to sterilize an aircraft every week. Now, however, we've seen United Airlines fire the first new salvo for a while - the airline claims it's elimination change fees permanently.
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Delta & United Airlines Add More Flights To Shanghai

Delta and United currently operate two weekly flights each between the United States and Shanghai with both airlines routing their operations through Seoul Incheon Airport. An agreement announced yesterday between the United States and China to increase the number of flights between the two counties from four to eight will now see both carriers doubling the number of flights they offer to Shanghai.
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What’s The Point Of United’s Health Self-Assessment?

United Airlines has announced that it is now asking all passengers to complete a health self-assessment during the check-in process as part of its "CleanPlus" approach to customer safety....but I'm struggling to see the point if it. Can anyone help?
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United Airlines Is Raising $2.25 Billion To Pay Off A Loan

Towards the end of last month, United Airlines announced that it was planning to raise $1.1 billion from a public stock offering to go alongside the $5.0 billion the airline has received from the US government and now the airline is heading back to the markets to raise yet more cash. This time it's cash that it needs to pay down an existing loan.
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United Airlines Is Raising $1.1 Billion From The Stock Market

It was just last week that United Airlines revealed that it was receiving a $5 billion bailout from the US government with around $3.5 billion of that bailout coming as a government grant which will never have to be repaid. Apparently that wasn't enough as the airline has now announced that it's now raising over a billion dollars in cash from a public offering of common stock.
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This Is Why I’ll Never Be A United Airlines Frequent Flyer

Right now there are a few corporations in the travel world that aren't doing a very good job of looking after their customers but there's only one that's actually taken measures that will very obviously make their customers' lives worse...and all at a time where the very opposite is what's needed - meet United Airlines.
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Updated: What Change Fee Waivers Are American, Delta & United Offering?

American Airlines was the first US legacy carrier to waive change fees for travel across its network and now that Delta and United have both caught up and issued their own change fee waivers I thought that I may be helpful to show what all three carriers are offering in one single post.
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United Adds A 777 To A Transcon Route (Summer Months Only)

Savvy travelers are always looking to book the most comfortable cabins possible when planning their trips and with most domestic routes dominated by narrow-body abominations, the appearance of a wide-body aircraft on a domestic route is often a great chance to travel that route in considerably more comfort than normal and a great chance for flyers to try out an international premium cabin for a lot less than it would usually cost.
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Odd: United Adds True Polaris Business Class To A Seasonal Route

United's Boeing 787-10 Dreamliners all offer true Polaris Business Class seats and are mostly (possibly entirely) based at the airline's Newark hub and, in a recent schedule change, one such aircraft has been scheduled on a route that I didn't expect to see it operate.
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United Adds Summer Domestic Wide-Body Service Out Of Denver

One of the cheaper ways of trying out an international premium cabin product is to find a domestic route on which one of the big international airlines is using a widebody aircraft in full international configuration, and right now that what United has scheduled on one of its routes out of Denver.
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United Cuts Service To Hong Kong (Again) As American Doubles Down On Tel Aviv

These are tough times in Hong Kong and with the protests showing no real sign of dying down for good (and having dragged on for far longer than anyone had expected) the appetite for travel to the 'Special Administrative Region' has dropped significantly.
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United Announces The First 15 CRJ-550 Routes (Flights On Sale Tomorrow)

United Airlines has announced that fares for flights on its new regional Bombardier CRJ-550 aircraft will go on sale from 12 October 2019 for travel commencing 27 October 2019. The airline has also announced the first 15 routes on which the CRJ-550 will operate.
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Huge News: United Is Eliminating Old Upgrades & Introducing “PlusPoints”

United Airlines has today announced that it is replacing Regional Premier Upgrades (RPUs) and Global Premier Upgrades (GPUs) with a new upgrade benefit called "PlusPoints". The new system shouldn't see any members disadvantaged and, instead, should add a bit more flexibility to how members can upgrade their flights.
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United is Adding/Removing True Polaris Business Class On A Number Of Routes

United Airlines has pushed through a sizeable number of service, schedule and aircraft changes over the past few days and the net result of these changes is that some of the airline's routes will cease to offer true Polaris Business Class (some just for a short period of time) while some will see it added.
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United Schedules Polaris Business Class On Another Los Angeles Route (Temporarily)

United’s Polaris Business Class cabin (the real cabin, not the fake one) is undoubtedly a considerably better Business Class product than the airline has offered in the past, but the rollout of the new product has been painfully slow. Fortunately, with the delivery of its new 787-10 aircraft and an improved refurbishment schedule, we’re starting to see United offer its best Business Class cabin on more and more routes, and the latest route to get Polaris Business Class is one out of Los Angeles.
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United Airlines Will Offer 100% True Polaris Business Class Between Newark & London

The New York – London route is said to be one of the most lucrative airline routes in the world and the race for hearts and minds of premium cabin passengers on this route is well and truly on.
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United Rolls Out ConnectionSaver – A Tool To Help Travelers Avoid Misconnects

There are few things more frustrating in the world of travel than missing your connecting flight when you, as the traveler, have done nothing wrong but the airline you're flying has somehow contrived to screw things up in spectacular style (I've been there!).  It can get even more frustrating if it becomes obvious that, despite the issues which caused your delay, a little thought and common sense on the part of the airline could have salvaged the trip.....and that's where United's 'ConnectionSaver' appears to come into play.
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United May Have Just Delayed The Restart Of Its Service To Delhi…..Again

Back in April United Airlines suspended its service between Newark and Delhi for an initial period of two weeks as the airline struggled to balance the closure of Pakistani airspace and strong headwinds (both of which significantly increased flying time) with the number of hours a cabin crew is allowed to work without rest.
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Tentative: Winners & Losers In The Haneda Slot Lottery

It seems long ago than February but it was only three months ago that United, together with American, Delta, and Hawaiian, applied to the US Department of Transport to operate the new Tokyo Haneda slots that are up for grabs. The US DoT has just 12 slots it can bestow upon the carriers it thinks will use them best (in the interest of consumers) but, between them, the US carriers applied for 19 so that left the DoT with some decisions to make.
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United’s New Safety Video Is A ‘Mini-Drama’ Featuring Spider-Man

United Airlines will be launching its new safety video from 1 June and the airline has just released the full version for us all to see. At 4 minutes 44 seconds in length it's a bit of an epic (which would explain why it has been described as a 'mini-drama') and it features the work of Spider-man and an appearance by United's CEO Oscar Munoz.
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Why I’m Starting To Choose British Airways More (And Why American & United Should...

I haven’t exactly been the biggest fan of British Airways since I started this blog and I’m usually one of the first to point out the airline’s failings and shortcomings but, despite the fact that not much has really changed in how BA operates, I’m slowly starting to actively choose to fly with BA more than in the past.
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Flash Sale: United Is Offering 50% Off Economy Plus Upgrades (Ends Sunday)

United has just emailed out details of a flash sale in which it's offering 50% off the cost of upgrades to Economy Plus. The sale runs through Sunday 17 March and is only valid for travel through 31 March 2019 but it may still offer good value if you have a United Economy Class reservation to make.
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United Applies To Operate Six New Routes To Tokyo Haneda

United Airlines has announced that it has filed an application with the US Department of Transport (DoT) to operate six new to Tokyo Haneda. Five of the new routes are set to be from cities across the US with the sixth route originating in Guam.
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QUICK: Up To 40% Off United Saver Awards To Tahiti (TODAY ONLY)

United Airlines has just launched a pretty fantastic set of discounts for anyone looking to use their MileagePlus miles to get to Tahiti. For today only (February 8 2019) MileagePlus members can book roundtrip Economy Class travel to Tahiti from just 42,000 miles.
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Big United Airlines News: 1,600+ New Premium Seats Coming Across The Fleet

United Airlines has announced that it plans to add more than 1,600 Polaris Business Class and "United First" seats to approximately 250 international and domestic aircraft. As well as adding extra premium cabin seats to its mainline fleet United has confirmed that it will be adding the 2-cabin Bombardier CRJ 550 aircraft to "key regional routes" in a push to offer customers "more legroom, storage and amenities than any other 50seat regional aircraft operating today".
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United Now Offers Free Live TV On Its 737 Fleet

United Airlines has just announced that, effective immediately, over 100 channels of live TV are now free to view on over 200 of its Boeing 737 aircraft.
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United Will Start Adding True Polaris Business Class To Its Dreamliners This Year

United has finally been making some headway with the rollout of its Polaris Business Class product over the past 12 months as it took delivery of aircraft featuring the new cabins, refitted a number of existing aircraft with the new Polaris seat and finally got its lounge program back on track too (the LAX lounge opened last week). The problem is that a lot of United's long-haul fleet still doesn't offer the real Polaris Business Class product and, because of the deceptive way the airline names its Business Class cabins, this fact isn't alway obvious to the infrequent traveler.
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Fare War 2: Milan – New York Business Class From $1,736 Roundtrip (Star Alliance)

It looks as if a fare war has broken out on the Milan - New York route and it may just be that it's the Qatar Airways backed Air Italy that has triggered it. Earlier I wrote about the fares that SkyTeam is offering between Milan and New York (the Air Italy post is coming up) so in this post I'm going to focus on the roundtrip Business Class Star Alliance fares between Milan and New York that start at around $1,700. 
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United Airlines Announces HUGE Expansion Out Of San Francisco

United Airlines has just announced that it plans to grow its services out of San Francisco quite dramatically in 2019. The airline is calling this move its "largest ever international network expansion" and when you see the routes being added you'll see why.
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United Caves – Basic Economy Fares Now Qualify For Elite Credits

Let's be honest and open about this - Basic Economy fares are a rip-off. Airlines would love for us all to blindly believe that Basic Economy fares are just super-cheap, no-frills fares brought in to compete with the low-cost carriers...but they're nothing of the sort. Basic Economy fares are no cheaper than the cheapest fares that were around before Basic Economy was even a thing - they just come with considerably fewer benefits.  Remember that the next time you read about an airline CEO telling us all how Basic Economy is great news for the budget traveler.
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You Can Now Buy United Miles With An 85% Bonus….But Should You?

Barely a day goes by when one of the major airlines doesn't have a points sale in progress so we're living in an age where "standard" prices are only really placeholders while the airlines get ready for the next discounted offering. American launched its sale (with a twist) a few days ago and now United is offering a bonus of up to 85% on its miles through 19 December 2018.
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United’s Premium Economy Cabin Goes On Sale On Monday (December 3rd)

United Airlines in the last of the three US legacy carriers to introduce a true Premium Economy product and the airline has just announced that the first seats will go on sale in a few days. As of Monday 3 December 2018 United will begin selling it's "Premium Plus" product for travel on select international flights starting 30 March 2019.
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United Will Fly Between Denver & Frankfurt From 2019

I already knew that the past few weeks would have been busy for the United Airlines scheduling team (I have no idea if that's what they're really called) with all of the 787-10 Dreamliner routes being planed for next year but it now it would appear they've been working on more than just that - there's a new European route coming next year too.
a map of europe with red lines

United Airlines Announces First 787-10 Dreamliner International Routes

Just last week I wrote a post detailing the more important aspects you may need to know about United's new Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner and now we know what the airline has planned for its new aircraft's first long-haul routes.
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What You Need To Know About United Airlines’ New 787-10 Dreamliner

United Airlines took delivery of its first 787-10 Boeing Dreamliner on Monday and in one fell swoop became the first U airline to take delivery of this Dreamliner variant and the first airline in the world to operate all three Dreamliner variants (787-8, 787-9 & 787-10). The Dreamliners get bigger as you progress though the list and the 787-10 is 18 feet longer that the previous longest Dreamliner United Airlines operated. This has allowed United the freedom to incorporate 4 different seat classes into its aircraft.
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United Airlines Adds A New Service To Tel Aviv

United Airlines has announced that it plans to add non-stop service between Washington Dulles and Tel Aviv Ben Gurion Airport from spring 2019. This will be United’s fourth non-stop route between the US and Israel and will be the first non-stop service offered by a US airline between Washington DC and Tel Aviv.
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United Airlines Orders New Dreamliners & Embraer-175s

United Airlines has just announced plans to purchase 4 new Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners and 25 new Embraer E-175 aircraft with deliveries expected in 2019 and 2020.
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United Changes Up Its North American Menus For Spring

United Airlines has announced that it has expanded its menu selections of its onboard "Snack Shop" and "Bistro" as well as creating a new menu for customers flying from Canada to the US. The airline also says that, starting this summer, it will be offering Wheatley as its exclusive brand of Vodka on all of its worldwide flights.
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United Announces First 737 MAX 9 Routes & Adds A Bit Of Nonsense For...

United Airlines has announced the first routes on which we'll see the airline try out its new Boeing 737 MAX 9 aircraft and, with the announcement, the airline's PR team couldn't resist adding in a small bit of nonsense in the hope that no one will them out on it.
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Comparing Basic Economy: American v Delta v United – Who Offers What?

While all three legacy carriers now offer Basic Economy fares not all the offerings are the same (in fact there are some notable differences between the 3 airlines), so it's worth knowing which airlines offers what. With that in mind, I've read through the information on Basic Economy fares provided by the three legacy carriers and put the pertinent pieces into the tables below. Hopefully these will allow readers to compare what each airline offers and highlight areas where one airline is better than the other(s).
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United Airlines Makes It So Easy For Me To Dislike It

Back before I discovered the joys of the miles and points world my main carrier across the Atlantic was United - I liked to "fly the friendly skies" - but I haven't set foot on a United aircraft in years. It's not that I've made a deliberate choice not to fly United it's just that the airline hasn't offered me what I need in over a decade - there have always been better and cheaper options available out of the places I've lived.
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News: A New Kimpton in SoCal, United Copies Delta (Again), Try The QSuites At...

A roundup of some of the hotel and airline news from the past few days. Includes news of a new Kimpton property to be opened in southern California, details of how United is copying Delta (again) and clamping down on fake emotional support animals (expect American Airlines to follow any day now) and news of a new Grand Hyatt opening in the Caribbean.
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Which United Airlines Credit Cards Override Basic Economy Hand Baggage & Boarding Rules?

The degree to which Basic Economy fares strip out passenger benefits varies from airline to airline but they all inconvenience passengers in one way or another. Holding airline status or the right credit card can go a long way to mitigating some of these inconveniences and making the whole Basic Economy experience a little more tolerable.
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NEWS: Alaska’s New Route To Hawaii Is Now Operating, Star Alliance Improves Beijing Transfers,...

A roundup of some of the news I've noticed over the past few days which didn't really merit a whole post of their own but that may well be of interest. Includes news that Alaska's latest route to Hawaii is up and running, details of United's latest give-away, news that Star Alliance carriers may soon offer a smoother experience for travelers in Beijing and news that Qatar Airways is increasing service to Australia.
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United Airlines Announces It Will Fly To Tahiti In Winter 2018

After teasing us with images on social media yesterday United Airlines has today announced that it will offer 3x/week service between San Francisco and Tahiti between 30 October 2018 and 28 March 2019.
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TODAY ONLY: USA – Auckland From $395 Roundtrip (United)

I don't cover all that may Economy Class fares here on TFM but every now and again some appear that just have to be mentioned - this is one such occasion. United has posted a series of roundtrip fares between the US and Auckland with prices starting at an incredible $395. Add to that the fact that the fare is available throughout most of the bookable 2018 calendar and this suddenly becomes a deal that a lot of people should be able to make use of.
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United Airlines Now Let’s You Get Boarding Passes For Partner Airlines Via Its App

United Airlines has just announced that, with immediate effect, passengers traveling on United and connecting on to a partner airline will be able to receive their partner airline boarding passes via the United mobile app.
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Warning: Don’t Be Confused By United Airlines Business Class (When Polaris Isn’t Polaris)

A lot of things that frequent travelers find easy or simply take for granted can be actually be confusing and even a little bewildering to those who don't fly so often so, when an airline appears to go out of its way to complicate matters unnecessarily, I get annoyed.
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News: United Cancels A Route To Europe, American Downsizes A Route (Temporarily) & More

Snippets of news that I noticed in the past few days that didn't really warrant a blog post of their own but that may be of help/use/interest to readers anyway. Includes information on the latest route to be cut between the US and Europe, Qatar Airways finding more use for its idle A320s and more.
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United Airlines Will Let You Bid To Be Bumped Off An Overbooked Flight

Since the Dr David Dao incident United has said that it will no longer call law enforcement to remove paid and seated passengers if they don't agree to give up their seat and it has raised the maximum amount it is willing to pay a passenger for voluntarily giving up his/her seat to $10,000. Now United looks set to introduce a new program that it hopes will further minimize the chances of another David Dao situation arising.
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News: Korean Ends Houston Service, Air Canada Cancels Planned Tokyo Service & United Upgauges...

The latest airline schedule changes that were put through over the weekend include news that Korean Air looks like it has cancelled its route between Seoul and Houston, Air Canada appearing to reverse a decision to fly between Toronto and Tokyo Narita and United Airlines improving the aircraft it operates on one of its routes to Europe.
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United Airlines Adds New Services To Europe For 2018

United Airlines has announced four new seasonal services to Europe for summer 2018. The new services will include routes to Porto (Portugal), Reykjavik (Iceland),  Zurich (Switzerland) and Edinburgh (Scotland). That's two new destinations and two existing destinations for anyone who's keeping track.
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News: United Adds Wide-Body Service To Cancun & Delta Schedules Atlanta – Shanghai Service

These are a couple of airline route updates that don't really warrant a full post of their own but may well be of interest to those looking to travel on these routes in the coming few months - United's addition of a wide-body aircraft on one of its Cancun routes should open up opportunities for greater comfort and Delta's resumption of its Shanghai service out of Atlanta will be welcomed too....especially considering the aircraft being employed.
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United Airlines Will Fly From Houston To Sydney In 2018 – Saver Awards Available!

United Airlines has just announced that it plans to commence service between Houston (IAH) and Sydney from early 2018 and, although the aircraft being used doesn't exactly offer a premium product (in any cabin), there are Business Class saver awards available (at the time of writing).
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United Airlines Launches A New Route To The UK

As part of United Airlines' celebrations of 80 years of service to/from Denver it has announced that it will operate a new daily non-stop seasonal service between Denver International Airport and London Heathrow.
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United Airlines Is Selling Miles With A 100% Bonus

United Airlines has launched its latest "buy points & get a bonus" promotion and, on this occasion, it's offering MilagePlus members the opportunity to earn a 100% bonus if they buy enough miles. The question is, however, just how good of a promotion is this and should you be looking to buy?
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United Expands Polaris Business Class To Three More Routes

In its latest schedule update United Airlines has added its 777-300ER aircraft to three new routes and, while ordinarily that may not be all that interesting, the fact that the 777-300ERs come fitted with the airline's new Polaris Business Class cabin makes this newsworthy.

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