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Alaska Airlines adds three new routes from/to Southern California

Alaska Airlines has recent history of bolstering its presence in California and that presence is soon going to be bolstered even further when the airline introduces three new SoCal routes later this year.
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Two big Alaska Airlines promotions: up to 30% off flights and up to 3x...

Alaska Airlines seems to be working hard to shake of the latest bit of Boeing-induced drama by offering two promotions to tempt flyers back into the skies in February. The first promotion is offering up to 30% off select bookings made by tomorrow while the second, is offering double or triple elite qualifying miles on all February flights.
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Alaska Airlines announces two new coast-to-coast routes

Alaska Airlines is probably best known for being a West Coast carrier specializing in flights out of the Pacific Northwest, but it has some transcontinental routes too and starting this winter, two new coast to coast routes will be added to the airline's schedules.
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Flash Sale: Alaska Airlines fares from $39 one-way (Transcon from $99 & Hawaii from...

Alaska Airlines is currently running a flash sale in which it's offering one-way fares from $39. Unsurprisingly, the $39 fares aren't particularly exciting but there are a few interesting $49 fares available and with transcontinental fares starting at $99 and fares to the Hawaiian Islands starting at $119, this is definitely a sale worth checking out if you're planning a trip but keep in mind that it ends tonight!
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Alaska Airlines introduces a Flight Pass for California, Nevada & Arizona

Well, this is new! Alaska Airlines has announced that it is introducing a subscription-based product designed to allow frequent flyers to save as they use the airline to fly within California, Nevada, and Arizona. 'Flight Pass' is already live with subscriptions starting from $49 per month.
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Alaska Airlines will expand & upgrade select lounges in Seattle & Portland

Alaska Airlines has just announced what it's calling "a significant, multi-million dollar renovation and expansion of [its] most popular Lounges" which will see select lounges in Seattle and Portland get a short-term makeover before, longer-term, they're moved to new locations within their respective airports.
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Alaska Airlines will launch a new service to Miami next year

Alaska Airlines has been busy announcing new routes for most of this year with Mexico, California, Montana, Chicago, and Austin all benefiting from the airline's expansion. Its latest service announcement is probably its biggest of the year with Alaska Airline confirming that it will return to Miami for the first time in over 10 years with a non-stop service between Seattle and Miami next year.
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Today Only: Get up to 25% off Alaska Airlines fares (save 10% on First...

I don't recall seeing this announced but it looks like Alaska Airlines has brought back a promotion that it ran throughout that last football season in which it offered discounts on fares based on the performance of Russell Wilson, the Seattle Seahawks quarterback.
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FLASH DEAL: Alaska Airlines Launches BOGO Sale & 10% Off First Class Sale

Alaska Airlines has launched a new "buy one, get one free" offer for Main Cabin travel between October and mid-December. First Class fares don't qualify for the BOGO promotion but a 10% discount on First Class fares is being offered. Restrictions apply (e.g. blackout dates), but if you're considering a trip that's covered by the Alaska Airlines route map, this deal could be a nice money saver.
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Alaska Airlines Adds Three New Routes To Mexico For Winter 2021/22

Bay Area residents rejoice. Alaska Airlines has today announced that it's adding three new routes to Mexico for Winter 2021/22 and all three routes will be originating in San Francisco. Alaska Airlines already boasts more non-stop flights between the West Coast and Mexico than any other airline and this news just shores up that lead.
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Alaska Airlines Announces New Winter Routes From The West Coast

In the past three months, Alaska Airlines has announced new routes out the Pacific Northwest, new routes to California's wine country, and new routes between California and a number of National Parks in Montana. Now the airline is back with news that it will be launching four new winter routes out of three of the West Coast cities that it serves.
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Alaska Airlines Adds More California Services

At the beginning of last month, Alaska Airlines announced four new seasonal routes out of California's three biggest airports and now the airline has announced that it's about to offer more services to the very heart of wine country from a variety of airports in Southern California.
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Alaska Airlines Announces Another Four New Routes

It was less than a week ago that Alaska Airlines announced four new routes out of California and today the airline is back again with another announcement of new routes that should please travelers based in the Pacific Northwest.
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Alaska Airlines Adds Four New Seasonal Routes Out Of California

Alaska Airlines appears to be increasing its focus on California. Earlier this week we saw the airline offering California residents free flights just for joining the Alaska Mileage Plan loyalty program, and now we have the airline announcing four new seasonal routes that will operate out of the state's three major airports.
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FLASH SALE: BOGO With Alaska Airlines & Get 10% Off First Class (Hawaii Included!)

Alaska Airlines has launched a new flash sale which it's running through to the end of the day, today, and in which it's offering great deals on flights across its network. The airline is offering free companion tickets in Economy Class for parties of up to 6 people and 10% off First Class fares for all travelers.
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Ends Today: The Excellent Alaska Airlines BOGO Offer

I'm pretty sure no other US airline has run as many promotions as we've seen Alaska Airlines offering in the last quarter of this year (Alaska appears to be the Hyatt of the airline industry), but what is probably the last Alaska Airlines promotion of the year ends today.
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GREAT DEAL: Alaska Airlines BOGO California Offer – Book Today Only!

Most of California may currently be under a stay at home order of one kind or another (I've had 4 months of stay at home orders this year so you have my sympathies) but Alaska Airlines is doing its bit to put a smile on Californian faces (and the faces of anyone wanting to visit California) with an excellent "buy one, get one free" offer that it's running through to the end of today.
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Qatar Airways Adds Seattle To Its Network & Will Partner With Alaska Airlines

Qatar Airways has confirmed that it plans to operate flights between Doha and Seattle from the first quarter of next year taking its tally of US destinations up to 11. The airline has also said that it also plans to enter into a frequent flyer partnership with Alaska Airlines (headquartered in Seattle) ahead of that airline's entry into the oneworld alliance.
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Save 10% On Alaska Airlines First Class & Main Cabin Fares (Today Only)

Alaska Airlines is running a fun promotion for the duration of the NFL season in which it has been offering some fantastic discounts on fares out of select states. The promotion is built around the scoring prowess of Russell Wilson, the quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks, and runs after every Seahawks home game in which Wilson scores.
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Alaska Airlines Swaps Airbus A320s For New Boeing 737-9 MAX

In the past few days the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) lifted its ban on Boeing's 737 MAX aircraft (other jurisdictions have yet to follow suit) and we're already seeing airlines lining up to give support to the beleaguered aircraft. Alaska Airlines is the latest US carrier to provide a show of faith to the MAX as the airline confirms that it is swapping a number of its Airbus A320 aircraft for new Boeing 737-9 MAX aircraft.
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Alaska Airlines Will Join Oneworld On 31 March 2021

Originally it was meant to happen by the end of this year, but when Alaska Airlines realized just how complicated joining a global airline alliance can be, the date for it to join oneworld was pushed back to "not before the end of the first quarter" of 2021. Well, as vague deadlines go, that one turned out to be remarkably accurate because Alaska Airlines has now announced that it will join the oneworld alliance on 31 March 2020.
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DEAL: 30% Off Alaska Airlines Flights (TODAY ONLY)

Alaska Airlines is running a fun promotion for the duration of the NFL season in which it's offering a fantastic discount on fares out of select states. The promotion is built around the scoring prowess of Russell Wilson, the quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks, and runs after every Seahawks home game in which Wilson scores.
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Alaska Airlines Will Add Another Five New SoCal Routes This Winter

Alaska Airlines is continuing to build on its new friendship with American Airlines by adding a number of routes out of Los Angeles and Palm Springs as well as increasing the frequencies on a further three routes that it already operates out of LAX. Coming on top of the airline's previously announced expansion at LAX, this is another big bit of positive news for travelers based in Southern California.
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FLASH SALE: 40% Discount On Select Alaska Airlines Fares (Today Only)

Alaska Airlines is running a fun promotion for the duration of the NFL season in which it's offering a fantastic discount on fares out of select states. The promotion is built around the scoring prowess of Russell Wilson, the quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks, and runs after every Seahawks home game in which Wilson scores. 
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Alaska Airlines’ Admission To Oneworld Delayed (Good News For Some?)

When the news that Alaska Airlines was planning to join the oneworld alliance broke last February, it was news that very few people had expected to hear. The airline followed up that surprise with another one when, earlier this summer, it suggested that its membership of the oneworld alliance may be complete before the end of this year. Sadly, that's a target that the airline no longer expects to meet.
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Now Alaska Airlines Eliminates Change Fees Permanently (Is There A Hidden Bonus?)

Well, this has certainly been a good start to the week for US flyers. First, we have United Airlines announcing that it would eliminate most domestic change fees, then Delta followed suit, and American Airlines rounded off the news from the "Big 3" by improving upon United's change fee announcement and improving its Basic Economy fares too. Now Alaska Airlines has joined in by confirming that has eliminated all change fees on most domestic and international bookings.
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Alaska Airlines Extends Travel Credit Expirations

Alaska Airlines has announced two pieces of news that should please customers whose plans have been disrupted. The airline is extending the expiration dates for all valid travel credits (vouchers) that are currently sitting in customer accounts and it will be offering customers who have yet to receive/accept travel credits a considerably longer period of time in which to use those credits.
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Huge News: Alaska Airlines To Join Oneworld + American Expands In Seattle

Alaska Airlines and American Airlines have issued a joint statement in which they have announced a new "West Coast International Alliance" under which Alaska's West Coast network will connect up to (and feed) American's long-haul network, which will see Alaska Airlines becoming a member of the oneworld alliance in 2021 and which will see American Airlines launching a new route to Asia and a new route out of Alaska's hub in Seattle.
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Here’s A Look At Alaska Airlines’ New “Cabin Experience”

Alaska Airlines has recently unveiled the refurbished interiors of its Airbus aircraft that it eventually plans to roll out across its entire fleet and the airline is keen to show off what passengers can expect onboard.
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Alaska Airlines May Soon Be A Oneworld Connect Partner….But What Does That Even Mean?

The oneworld alliance has scheduled a meeting for 5 December at which, it is said, that a new full member of the alliance will be unveiled (the first new member in over six years) and at which Alaska Airlines is rumored to be unveiled as the second airline to become a "oneworld connect" partner. We don't know for sure which airline will be joining oneworld as a full partner (it looks like it will either be Royal Air Maroc or Philippine Airlines and neither see particularly exciting) but the more interesting story may be the one which suggests that Alaska Airlines will become a oneworld connect partner.
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Alaska Airlines Opens Bookings From Paine Field (Sale Fares & Double Miles On Offer)

Alaska Airlines has announced that it has opened bookings for 18 daily non-stop flights between Paine Field and eight cities on the West Coast. As long as the government gives the go-ahead (which it will) the flights will launch on 11 February 2019.
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Alaska Airlines Introduces A New Seasonal Menu

When we get airlines announcing "new seasonal menus" they're often promoting a new offering found only in their premium cabin(s) but this time around that's not the case. Alaska Airlines has announced that its rolling out a new "seasonally inspired" menu for its main cabin customers and it actually looks pretty good.
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Alaska Airlines To Introduce ‘Group Boarding’ From July

Alaska Airlines has announced that it want's to "make life easier" for passengers by changing the way its calls people to board its aircraft. Importantly, it's not how the airline will have passengers board the aircraft that's changing so much as how Alaska Airlines identifies who boards when.
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The Alaska & Virgin America Merger Is Almost Complete – 25 April Is The...

Alaska Airlines and Virgin America have been in the process of merging their operations since December 2016 and, as of 25 April 2018, the merger will be all but complete and the Virgin America brand will mostly disappear into history. We'll still see a few aircraft with the Virgin America livery dotted around various airports until all aircraft have been repainted in the Alaska Airlines colors but, from 25 April, that will be the only physical sign that Virgin America ever existed.
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Alaska Airlines Will Fly Between JFK & San Jose From This Summer

Alaska Airlines has announced a new route it will be offering flyers from summer 2018 as it launches flights between New York's JFK airport and San Jose, California. The airline has also now offered up a timeframe for the opening of its new Alaska Lounge at JFK so travelers will have somewhere to rest/work before their flights.
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Alaska Airlines Upgrades Its First Class Menu & Will Upgrade Onboard Amenities Too

I the last ten days we've heard United announce some changes to its domestic buy onboard menu, we've heard Delta saying that it's improving its international Main Cabin meals (and Delta One meals on one route) and we've heard American Airlines say that it's going to try to be more like JAL on its transpacific routes. Now it's Alaska's turn to tell us about its menu upgrades.
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News: Emirates Improves Houston Service Significantly, New Ritz-Carlton In The Caribbean & More

A roundup of some of the latest airline and hotel news announced recently. Includes details of a new Ritz-Carlton resort coming to the Caribbean, news that Emirates will restart its A380 service between Dubai and Houston, information on how you can check-in a case of wine for free on Alaska Airlines & details of when the Malaysia Airlines lounges in Kuala Lumpur will reopen.
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NEWS: Alaska’s New Route To Hawaii Is Now Operating, Star Alliance Improves Beijing Transfers,...

A roundup of some of the news I've noticed over the past few days which didn't really merit a whole post of their own but that may well be of interest. Includes news that Alaska's latest route to Hawaii is up and running, details of United's latest give-away, news that Star Alliance carriers may soon offer a smoother experience for travelers in Beijing and news that Qatar Airways is increasing service to Australia.
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Win 4 Nights In Hawaii For 2 With Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines is apparently getting all "misty eyed" over its 10 year anniversary of flying to Hawaii and it has launched a sweepstakes to send 8 people to Hawaii (in pairs, not all together!) for a 4-night stay on a Hawaiian island of their choice with a rental car and spending money thrown in.
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Alaska Airlines Announces Gogo 2Ku Satelite Wi-Fi Fleet-Wide & Extends Free Chat & Movies...

Alaska Airlines has confirmed that it has selected Gogo to provide its “next generation” in-flight wi-fi service across all of its aircraft (Boeing and Airbus) and has provided more details of what customers can expect.
Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan

Alaska Mileage Plan Offering Bonuses Of Up To 50% On Purchased Miles

If you have an Alaska Mileage Plan account you may have been targeted for a healthy 50% bonus on any miles you purchase before 5 October. Generally I’m pretty negative about buying miles from airlines but, when it comes to Alaska Miles, I’m a little more positive.
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Big Changes To The Alaska Airlines & American Airlines Partnership

Alaska Airlines has long been a haven for flyers who like to credit their American Airlines flights to Alaska's Mileage Plan program for its better (and often easier) redemptions on a variety of airlines. Unfortunately, following an announcement today, that haven will soon disappear as Alaska and American Airlines dissolve most of their partnership.
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Virgin America & Alaska Airlines Aligning Check-in Times, Baggage Sizes & More

Alaska Airlines is moving ahead with integrating Virgin America into its business and has recently announced a series of changes intended to align Virgin America's policies and procedures with its own. Some of these will be seen as improvements while some will probably be seen as annoyances - each to their own!
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British Airways & Alaska Airlines Expand Codeshare Agreement

British Airways and Alaska Airlines have expanded their codeshare agreement to cover a further 11 of Alaska's West Coast and Hawaiian routes with immediate effect. British Airways already has very strong ties with American Airlines who also operates on some of the routes that this expanded codeshare agreement covers, but being able to select Alaska Airlines flights could be a nice bonus for British Airways flyers.
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Alaska Airlines Announces Havana Flights From 2017

Alaska Airlines is the only US airline to have been, provisionally, awarded the right to fly from the West Coast to Havana and the airline has now announced when it expects to begin that service (subject to Cuban government approval). Both American and Delta have already announced that they will be serving Havana from late November and the beginning of December respectively, but it looks like Alaska's operations won't be starting until early next year.
Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan

Why UK & European Travelers Should Have An Alaska Mileage Plan Account

Alaska Airlines is an airline that operates entirely within the confines of North America, Mexico and Central America so it probably sounds a bit strange for me to say that travelers based in Europe and the UK should have an account with Alaska's loyalty program. It may sound strange but I have a very good reason for suggesting this...as I'm about to show.
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Alaska Airlines Mystery Bonus On Purchased Miles – What Did You Get?

It's always nice to see a little bit of variation to the usually mundane "buy points with a bonus" offers that come out every month and Alaska is doing its bit to help. Alaska Airlines is offering a mystery bonus to anyone who buys Mileage Plan miles through 29 September 2016.
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Alaska Airlines & JAL Announce Codeshare & Frequent Flyer Agreement

Alaska Airlines & Japan Airlines (JAL) have announced that they plan to commence codesharing from 29 June 2016 (subject to government approval) and, with that, Alaska Airlines has taken another big step towards even closer ties with the OneWorld Alliance.
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Alaska Airlines Adds “Space Bins” And Increases Overhead Storage Space By 50%

Alaska Airlines is set to be Boeing's launch customer for their new "Space Bins" which have been designed specifically for the 737 aircraft. The new overhead bins will significantly increase luggage space inside the aircraft cabin and should help to speed up boarding and alleviate delays.
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British Airways Avios Devaluation Continues – Partners

Some links to products and travel providers on this website will earn Traveling For Miles a commission which helps contribute to the running of...
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Good Fares to Hawaii From Seattle Nov-Feb (DL/AS/HA/UA)

We're always on the look out for any decent deals to our favourite group of islands and it looks like some of the airlines...

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