Emirates Brings Back ‘Dubai Connect’ For Long Layovers

With Dubai now open to more visitors than at any other time in the past 6 months, Emirates has decided to bring back its 'Dubai Connect' offer for passengers transiting through Dubai who have a long layover between flights.

Emirates Plans To Ramp Up A380 Service For Summer 2021 (Tentative)

For the upcoming Northern Hemisphere winter, Emirates has only been able to justify scheduling its Airbus A380s on 7 of its routes, and for an airline with well over a hundred such aircraft in its fleet, that's an issue. Now, in the latest update to its Summer 2021 schedule, Emirates is looking a bit more optimistic as it prepares to increase the number of routes on which it plans to operate the world's largest passenger aircraft.

Emirates Will Offer Its A380 On Just Seven Routes This Winter

Emirates operates the largest fleet of Airbus A380 aircraft in the world and it's safe to say that without the investment Emirates put into the A380 program, the aircraft would have gone out of production a lot earlier than this year. Still, even a behemoth like Emirates isn't immune to the current travel crisis and few things highlight that fact better than the airline's plans for the Winter 2020/21 season which will see it operating its A380 on just seven international routes.

Emirates Cuts Capacity And Delays Restarts On Routes To The United States

As I seem to keep saying, if you think that we're anywhere the end of this current crisis you just have to look at the various plans the airlines are making to see that we're not even close. We're seeing a lot of airlines eliminating routes and cutting capacity on routes seemingly every time a new set of schedule changes is released, and the latest airline to post less than optimistic schedules is Emirates.

Emirates Restarts Services To Two US Cities & Increases Services On Others

Emirates has announced that the month of August will see it recommence operations on two of the US routes it suspended earlier this year taking the number of routes that it operates between Dubai and the United States to six.

Emirates Starts To Reopen Lounges & Restarts Services To 11 Destinations

Emirates has announced the reopening of one of its lounges in Dubai and has confirmed that its Chauffeur Drive service is once again being offered to customers with select premium bookings. In addition, the airline has continued to restart routes to countries around the world and will offer services to over 50 cities in July.

Emirates Brings Back Its A380 To London & Paris

The Airbus A380 may be the world's largest commercial aircraft but in an era of economical aircraft like the A350s, the A330neo, and the Boeing Dreamliners, the A380 is an uneconomical dinosaur. None of the airlines that operate the A380 have been flying them during the current crisis and some airlines have gone as far as to say that they'll never fly their A380s again...but for Emirates that's not an option.

Emirates Returns To Washington DC And Nine Other Destinations

Emirates has announced plans to boost flights to 14 of the cities it currently serves and it has confirmed the dates on which it plants to recommence services to 10 destinations it dropped when the current crisis took hold. It won't be all plain sailing, however, as some of the planned destinations are currently closed to overseas visitors, but Emirates has a plan for this.

Emirates is Restarting Flights To Nine Destinations

Most of the world may be living under significant travel restrictions but Emirates has announced plans to restart flights to nine destinations from later this month as it looks to find a way out of the current crisis. The first flights the airline will offer since it grounded its fleet at the end of March are mostly to cities within Europe, but the United States and Australia will be seeing select services resume too.

Emirates’ New Cancellation Options Are Fantastic (Especially If You’ve Already Accepted A Voucher)

Emirates is one of the many airlines that have been showing a very serious reluctance to offer passengers refunds on their canceled flights even though refunds are exactly what these passengers are entitled to but, somewhat unexpectedly, Emirates has had a big change of heart and is offering customers a variety of options that now put a lot of other airlines to shame.

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