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Emirates has opened its refreshed Hong Kong lounge

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Emirates will finally resume service to Adelaide this year

It's easy to forget that the fallout the airline industry felt from the coronavirus pandemic is, to some degree, still with us, but the fact is that a significant number of routes that were operating before the pandemic have not yet been restarted, so it's always nice to hear when one such route returns.
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Multiple changes made to Qatar Airways & Emirates schedules/aircraft for winter season

Qatar Airways and, to a much lesser extent, Emirates have both made updates to their winter 2023/24 schedules. These updates include flights being added and removed and changes to the aircraft that are set to operate select routes, so if you have a booking with either carrier, this would be a good time to check your bookings and your seat selections.
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Emirates is bringing Premium Economy to São Paulo & Tokyo

It was only earlier this year that Emirates celebrated its first full year of offering a Premium Economy cabin on select routes (it came late to the game), but the rollout has been pretty steady and now we're told that two more of its routes will offer the airline's newest product by the end of 2023.
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Emirates brings its Airbus A380 Whale Jet back to Tokyo

Earlier this week, finally Japan caught up with the rest of the world (well, most of it) and fully reopened its doors to visitors for the first time since the pandemic first became a thing. Now, as demand for travel to Japan starts to spike, airlines are rushing to meet that demand in whatever way they can.
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United Airlines has a new route and a new partnership with Emirates

We've known for a few weeks that United Airlines and Emirates were going to be announcing a closer working relationship but it was only in the last 24 hours that full details finally emerged and, to be frank, they're a little underwhelming. A new route that is being born out of this relationship may interest some readers but on the whole, anyone expecting something exciting will almost certainly be disappointed.
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The new Emirates lounge dedicated to unaccompanied minors

In recent years, a number of airlines have stopped offering dedicated services for unaccompanied minors but Emirates appears to be bucking that trend with the announcement of a new Dubai lounge for the exclusive use of young passengers who are traveling solo.
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Emirates has scheduled its A380 to return to Melbourne

It wasn't long after we started seeing signs that Australia was starting to open up that Emirates scheduled an A380 to taker over its route to Sydney and now, in a further sign that airlines are increasingly confident that travel to Oz will be a lot more 'normal' in the near future, Emirates is set to return the A380 to Melbourne as well.
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Emirates is bringing back the A380 to Bangkok

Pre-pandemic, Emirates often operated over 30 weekly flights between Dubai and Bangkok so it's a sign of the times that only 13 weekly flights are operating right now. Still, demand for travel to Bangkok is clearly picking up as Emirates is adding more flights to the Thai capital and bringing back the A380 on this route.
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Emirates may finally upgrade its 777 Business Class cabins

This week's Dubai Air Show had already given us a couple of pieces of good news (here & here) when we heard Emirates confirm that it will upgrade over 100 of its aircraft with its new Premium Economy cabin, but a more important piece of news (for premium cabin flyers) that came out at the same time was the news that Emirates may finally upgrade its sub-par Business Class cabins.
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Emirates will add its Premium Economy cabin to 100+ aircraft

Emirates has used this week's Dubai Airshow to announce that following the success that it has seen with the limited rollout of its new Premium Economy cabin, it is committing to installing the cabin on a further 105 aircraft starting next year.
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Emirates Will Launch A New Route To Miami This Summer

Since the beginning of the year, we've seen Emirates announce the resumption of services between Dubai and various US cities that saw their non-stop ties to Dubai cut when the pandemic first took hold. Now the airline tells us that it's ready to go one step further by launching a completely new route to the US - to Miami.
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Emirates Is Bringing Back Its Milan – New York JFK Route

In January Emirates announced that it was restarting operations to Seattle, Dallas/Fort Worth, and San Francisco, in February it announced that its Athens-Newark route would return in June, two days ago it announced that it was restarting its Orlando route, and now the airline has confirmed that a favorite 5th freedom route is also coming back.
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Emirates Announces That Another US Route Is Coming Back

With the UAE's vaccination program going very well and with the United States aiming to have given most of its population at least one of two vaccine doses by June, Emirates has decided that it's prudent to bring back one more of its routes that was suspended almost as soon as pandemic was declared.
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Emirates Now Allows Flyers To Pay For An Empty Adjacent Seat

Emirates has announced that it is now allowing Economy Class passengers the chance to pay to reserve seats that adjoin the seat they are booked to travel in should they require more personal space on their flight. The principle seems simple enough but there's one little catch that makes this a less impressive option than it may otherwise be.
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Emirates Will Restart Athens – Newark Service In June

At the beginning of the year, Emirates announced that it would be restarting three of its suspended US routes in the first quarter of this year and that it would be boosting services to New York and Los Angeles as well. Now, the Middle Eastern carrier has confirmed that it will be continuing to bring back suspended services and that it will resurrect its route to Newark (via Athens) in June.
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Emirates Brings Back Flights To Three US Cities (And Boosts Flight To Two Others)

As things stand, Emirates offers non-stop services between Dubai and six major US cities. Starting from next month, Emirates will start to bring back a number of its previously-operated Americas routes which will see the airline will serving nine US destinations by the beginning of March. In addition, two of Emirates' existing US routes will see services boosted.
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Emirates Brings Back The ‘My Emirates Pass’

Countries like the US and UK may still be struggling with huge coronavirus infection rates but some parts of the world are starting to see a bit of normality returning. One sign that Dubai is starting to see a return to normality is the welcome return of the 'My Emirates Pass' which sees an Emirates boarding pass turned into a discount coupon for spending at over 450 locations.
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Emirates’ New Premium Economy Cabin Will Operate Between Dubai & London

Emirates recently unveiled its new (and first) Premium Economy cabin that has been installed in the latest Airbus A380 to be delivered to the airline and we now know the route on which the cabin will first appear. 
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Emirates Refreshes Its A380 First, Business & Economy Class Cabins

Earlier today, Emirates unveiled the new Premium Economy cabin that has been installed on its newest Airbus A380, but that wasn't the end of the news the airline had to share. The latest Emirates A380 to be delivered also comes with First, Business, and Economy Class cabins that have been retouched and refreshed.
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Emirates Finally Unveils Its New Premium Economy Cabin

The only things that feel like they have been around longer than the pandemic are the rumors surrounding the new Emirates A380 Premium Economy cabin, but those rumors have finally been put to rest with today's unveiling by the Middle Eastern carrier.
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Emirates Is Starting To Reopen Its Worldwide Lounge Network

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Emirates Brings Back ‘Dubai Connect’ For Long Layovers

With Dubai now open to more visitors than at any other time in the past 6 months, Emirates has decided to bring back its 'Dubai Connect' offer for passengers transiting through Dubai who have a long layover between flights.
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Emirates Plans To Ramp Up A380 Service For Summer 2021 (Tentative)

For the upcoming Northern Hemisphere winter, Emirates has only been able to justify scheduling its Airbus A380s on 7 of its routes, and for an airline with well over a hundred such aircraft in its fleet, that's an issue. Now, in the latest update to its Summer 2021 schedule, Emirates is looking a bit more optimistic as it prepares to increase the number of routes on which it plans to operate the world's largest passenger aircraft.
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Emirates Will Offer Its A380 On Just Seven Routes This Winter

Emirates operates the largest fleet of Airbus A380 aircraft in the world and it's safe to say that without the investment Emirates put into the A380 program, the aircraft would have gone out of production a lot earlier than this year. Still, even a behemoth like Emirates isn't immune to the current travel crisis and few things highlight that fact better than the airline's plans for the Winter 2020/21 season which will see it operating its A380 on just seven international routes.
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Emirates Cuts Capacity And Delays Restarts On Routes To The United States

As I seem to keep saying, if you think that we're anywhere the end of this current crisis you just have to look at the various plans the airlines are making to see that we're not even close. We're seeing a lot of airlines eliminating routes and cutting capacity on routes seemingly every time a new set of schedule changes is released, and the latest airline to post less than optimistic schedules is Emirates.
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Emirates Restarts Services To Two US Cities & Increases Services On Others

Emirates has announced that the month of August will see it recommence operations on two of the US routes it suspended earlier this year taking the number of routes that it operates between Dubai and the United States to six.
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Emirates Starts To Reopen Lounges & Restarts Services To 11 Destinations

Emirates has announced the reopening of one of its lounges in Dubai and has confirmed that its Chauffeur Drive service is once again being offered to customers with select premium bookings. In addition, the airline has continued to restart routes to countries around the world and will offer services to over 50 cities in July.
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Emirates Brings Back Its A380 To London & Paris

The Airbus A380 may be the world's largest commercial aircraft but in an era of economical aircraft like the A350s, the A330neo, and the Boeing Dreamliners, the A380 is an uneconomical dinosaur. None of the airlines that operate the A380 have been flying them during the current crisis and some airlines have gone as far as to say that they'll never fly their A380s again...but for Emirates that's not an option.
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Emirates Returns To Washington DC And Nine Other Destinations

Emirates has announced plans to boost flights to 14 of the cities it currently serves and it has confirmed the dates on which it plants to recommence services to 10 destinations it dropped when the current crisis took hold. It won't be all plain sailing, however, as some of the planned destinations are currently closed to overseas visitors, but Emirates has a plan for this.
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Emirates is Restarting Flights To Nine Destinations

Most of the world may be living under significant travel restrictions but Emirates has announced plans to restart flights to nine destinations from later this month as it looks to find a way out of the current crisis. The first flights the airline will offer since it grounded its fleet at the end of March are mostly to cities within Europe, but the United States and Australia will be seeing select services resume too.
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Emirates’ New Cancellation Options Are Fantastic (Especially If You’ve Already Accepted A Voucher)

Emirates is one of the many airlines that have been showing a very serious reluctance to offer passengers refunds on their canceled flights even though refunds are exactly what these passengers are entitled to but, somewhat unexpectedly, Emirates has had a big change of heart and is offering customers a variety of options that now put a lot of other airlines to shame.
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On Which Routes Does Emirates Offer its New First Class?

In early 2018, Emirates launched a new First Class product on a small number of its Boeing 777-300ER aircraft and the new cabin was instantly hailed as the best First Class product in the skies. Shortly after the initial excitement started to fade, people started noticing one small issue when it came to booking the super-deluxe product – it was very hard to find.
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Emirates Schedules Service Between Dubai & Mexico City (Via Barcelona)

Emirates has now announced that it will be launching service between Dubai and Mexico City via Barcelona in the coming winter season, and the airline has confirmed that it will be a 2-class 777-200LR which will operate the route.
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Emirates Will Trial Passport-Free Flights Between Australia & The UK

Whether we like it or not biometric technology is here and it’s rapidly becoming part of the fabric of air travel. We’ve already seen multiple airlines using biometric gates for domestic and international flights and now Emirates plans to take the technology a step further – it’s trialing passport-free travel.
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Bombshell: Emirates Is Now Offering A ‘Basic’ Business Class Fare

Emirates has quietly dropped a bombshell on the travel world by introducing a Business Class fare that has a lot of the usual Business Class benefits stripped out. At the time of writing, there's no mention of this move on the Emirates media page and I haven't seen it mentioned by any of Emirates' official outlets but the fare is very real indeed.
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Emirates Will Offer Its New First Class Cabin To/From The Maldives This Summer

Emirates offers three daily non-stop flights between Dubai and the Maldives during the summer season (in winter this increases to four) and all of these flights are currently operated by the airline's standard 777-300ER aircraft.These aircraft all offer a First Class cabin which has been around for some time (and which is similar but not identical to the cabin on the airline's A380s) and they offer a poor Business Class cabin which has been out of date for most of this decade....but things are about to change.
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End of An Era: Emirates Converts A380 Orders To A350s & A330s

Emirates has just announced a deal to purchase 40 Airbus A330-900neos and 30 Airbus A350-900 which will be delivered between 2021 and 2024 and this almost certainly signals the end of the road for the Airbus A380.
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Emirates Announces A New 5th Freedom Route

Emirates operates around thirty 5th Freedom Routes around the globe with the better known ones including Milan - New York, Athens - New York and Bangkok - Hong Kong. Now the airline has announced that it will start up another 5th Freedom route in Asia.
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Emirates Adds A380 Service To Boston In Winter 2019/2020

Emirates first flew is A380 to Boston as a one-off flight in summer 2017 but we had to wait until mid-January 2019 before the airline announced seasonal A380 service between Dubai and Boston during the 2019 summer season.
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Here’s How Emirates Is Celebrating Valentine’s Day

My feelings about Valentine's day are not suitable for publication in a blog that tries to avoid using profanities and language unbecoming of a civil human being but, as I'm sure there will be a lot of people flying in Emirates aircraft on and around February 14th, I though I'd share what you can expect from the airline around the ultimate Hallmark holiday.
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Emirates Is Reducing Baggage Allowances On Select Fares

From 4 February 2019 Emirates is lowering the baggage allowances on select Economy Class fares across its entire network. The changes only kick in for bookings made from 4 February onwards so existing reservations remain unaffected...but this is still a pretty negative move by Emirates.
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Good News: Emirates Adds Seasonal A380 Service To Boston

Last summer Emirates flew an A380 to Boston as a one-off exercise and left many people wondering if this was a sign of things to come. Since then the Dubai - Boston route has continued to be served by an Emirates 777-300ER and there's been no further news surrounding the A380....until now.
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FLASH SALE: Emirates Discounted Business & Economy Class Fares From The UK

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Emirates Expands Skywards Loyalty Program & Adds Flights To Europe

Over the past few days Emirates has announced that it has expanded its Skywards loyalty program to include its low-cost subsidiary flydubai. The airline has also announced more flights between Dubai and Europe as a result of “strong market demand”.
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Take A 3D Tour Of An Emirates Airbus A380

You can now explore the 3 cabins inside of an Emirates Airbus A380 on Emirates.com courtesy of "web virtual reality (VR) technology". As things stand the aircraft on view is home to the older style First Class cabin but Emirates says that the technology will soon include all configurations of the A380 and its Boeing 777 aircraft.
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Emirates Has Come Up With A Truly Bad Idea

Clearly I'm not as clever or as business-savvy as Tim Clark (the president of Emirates) or I would be a multimillionaire and flying around the world without wondering if I'm crediting my trips to the right loyalty program or if I'm using my miles wisely.....but I still know a bad idea when I hear one.
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Emirates Will Fly Its A380 To Osaka

Emirates currently operates a daily flight between Dubai and Osaka using its 777-300ER aircraft but travelers on this route can expect a significant upgrade from October 2018. Emirates operates a fleet that is solely made up of Airbus A380 and Boeing 777 aircraft but the differences in the onboard experience offered on the two can be very different. The 777 that Emirates currently employs on the Osaka route offers very similar First Class suites to the one's you'll find on the Airbus A380 but that's just about where the similarities end.
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Emirates Brings It’s New First Class Cabin To Hamburg

Earlier today I wrote about Emirates scheduling A380 service between Dubai and Hamburg from October this year and, while researching that article, something else jumped out at me - the Emirates 777-300ER that's scheduled to fly the second daily flight between Dubai and Hamburg only has 6 seats in the First Class cabin.
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Emirates Schedules A380 Service To/From Hamburg

One of the more common misconceptions amongst those not immersed in the world of travel is that Emirates offers great premium cabin products throughout its fleet - it does not. The airline's business class cabin on most of its 777 aircraft is actually pretty poor with 7-across seating throughout and with no direct aisle access for half of the cabin. The fact that not even an airline like American still offers such a cabin configuration on its wide-body aircraft should tell you just how antiquated the Emirates layout is and why Business Class flyers on the Hamburg - Dubai route will be delighted with the news that was announced yesterday.
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Check-in At Home, Your Hotel Or At Work With Emirates (Dubai Only)

Etihad offers the ability for passengers to check-in at various city locations in Abu Dhabi and you can check-in for various flights in downtown Hong Kong but Emirates has just gone one better - you can now check in from pretty much anywhere in Dubai.
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RUMOR: Emirates To Fly To Mexico City Via Barcelona

A number of Spanish news sources have reported that Emirates has reached agreement with Spanish and Mexican authorities to launch a 5th freedom flight between Barcelona and Mexico City. The Middle Eastern carrier has been looking for a way to start up service to Mexico's capital for a number of years and now, finally, appears to have found a way.
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Emirates Reveals New 777-200LR Cabins – Business Class Just Got Better

Back in November Emirates confirmed that it would be refitting its ten 777-200LR aircraft with new interiors before launching the refreshed aircraft in March. We've known from the outset that the aircraft would be losing its First Class cabin and that Business Class would be losing a seat from each row but, until now, we didn't really know much more.
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News: Emirates Improves Houston Service Significantly, New Ritz-Carlton In The Caribbean & More

A roundup of some of the latest airline and hotel news announced recently. Includes details of a new Ritz-Carlton resort coming to the Caribbean, news that Emirates will restart its A380 service between Dubai and Houston, information on how you can check-in a case of wine for free on Alaska Airlines & details of when the Malaysia Airlines lounges in Kuala Lumpur will reopen.
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Emirates Will Fly To Auckland Via Bali From June 2018

Emirates has announced plans to start a new service between Dubai and Auckland which will stop off in Bali along the way. Thanks to 'Fifth Freedom' rules travelers will be able to fly solely between Auckland and Bali or Bali and Dubai if they so choose.
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News: Emirates Will Fly To Chile, Starbucks Will Do Something Pointless & Etihad Cuts...

A roundup of some of the news I've noticed over the past 48 hours including details of Emirates' new flights to Chile, news that Starbucks is going down a path that I don't understand and news that Etihad is apparently so desperate for cash that it's cutting another premium cabin benefit.
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Emirates Adds Non-Stop Newark Service & Reinstates Daily Service To Two Other US Cities

Over the past year Emirates' scheduling team has been very active when it comes to the airline's routes to/from the US with Emirates apparently happy to tinker with its schedule on what seems like a very frequent basis. We've seen Emirates reduce services to Los Angeles, Seattle, Boston and Florida and, as recently as 16 January, I noted that Emirates is no longer taking reservations for one of its JFK flights through 26 November 2018.
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Emirates Tentatively Orders More A380s & Potentially Saves The Aircraft

Recently Emirates has been making noises to indicate that it's not happy with the current offering from Airbus (the airline would like to see the aircraft fitted with new and considerably more efficient engines) while Airbus has been suggesting that Emirates' requests are uneconomical to bring to fruition. Things have been coming to ahead for some time and Emirates has been making noises indicating that it may drop the A380 if it can't come to an agreement with Airbus.
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News: Lufthansa Eliminates First Class From Two US Routes, New Singapore Cabins For London...

News that Lufthansa is eliminating First Class from two routes to the US (at least for summer 2018), news of a new Hilton opening in a beautiful part of Europe, details of an Emirates schedule change which sees an extension to the cut in service to New York and news that Singapore Airlines has scheduled its new A380 on its routes to London and Hong Kong.
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[VIDEO] Emirates’ Latest Marketing Campaign – Upgrade Your Airline, Not Just Your Seat

Emirates has unveiled a new marketing campaign in which it encourages travelers to upgrade the airline they're flying on and not just their seat. The latest campaign pokes fun at travelers who try all kinds of tricks to try to score an upgrade (we've all seen them!) and ends with an apparently contented traveler checking in with Emirates.
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Emirates Makes Frankfurt An All-A380 Destination

Emirates operates 3 daily flights between Dubai and Frankfurt and, as things stand, one of those flights is operated by an Emirates Boeing 777 aircraft while the other two flights are operated by the A380s that are now almost synonymous with the airline.
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Emirates Adds Another Flight To Sydney As Cathay Pacific Cuts A European Route

Emirates has decided that 2 daily flights between Dubai and Sydney simply isn't enough for the European summer season (which is actually Australia's Winter) and Cathay Pacific has announced that it's cutting a route to Europe almost two years to the day from when the route was launched.
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Emirates Launches Its New Onboard Lounge

The onboard bar that Emirates offers Business Class and First Class passengers in its Airbus A380 aircraft is one of the things that the airline used differentiate itself when it introduced the concept back in 2008. Other airlines like Virgin Atlantic offered a version of the onboard bar before Emirates came along with its concept, but it's the Emirates version that most people seem to think of when you mention a bar at 38,000ft.
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Emirates Says It “Boosts U.S. Economy By $21 Billion”

Feelings are still running high when it comes to relations between the big three Middle Eastern carriers and the big legacy US carriers and Emirates has just fired the latest shot in a war of words that shows no sign of abating. In recent weeks we've seen Qatar Airways setting out its aim to take a 10% stake in American Airlines, Doug Parker penning a rather weak missive to American's employees attacking the Middle Eastern carriers and Delta releasing a factually flawed video which was also aimed attacking the Middle East three....so there's not much loved lost between the rival airlines.
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In Brief: Fly On Delta’s 747 From Hawaii, El Al Expands Newark Service &...

A few of the stories that have caught my eye recently but that didn't warrant a post of their own. Includes a one-off opportunity to fly on a Delta 747 between Honolulu and the mainland, news of El Al's greatly increased service to Newark, Singapore Airlines launching a corporate loyalty program and Emirates adding back flights to Orlando.
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Emirates Makes Beijing & Shanghai All A380 Routes

Since November last year Emirates has operated a fleet of just Airbus A380 and Boeing 777 aircraft. There isn't another aircraft type in there and the airline loves it's A380s which it flys to as many destinations as it can get away with. Premium class passengers love the Emirates A380 too because, unlike on the 777, the A380 offers an excellent (if a bit bling-y) Business Class cabin which compares well with just about any other Business Class cabin out there (although I still prefer the Etihad A380 product).
an airplane parked at an airport

Emirates Now Only Operates Airbus A380s and Boeing 777s

Emirates operates the world's largest commercial A380 fleet with an amazing 85 aircraft and it operates the world's largest commercial 777 fleet with an even more amazing 160 aircraft. No other airline even comes close to matching those figures. Today Emirates announced that it has retired the last A340 and A330 aircraft in its fleet leaving it with nothing but A380s and 777s to operate its global network.
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Emirates Opens Its New Business Class Lounge In Dubai

Emirates has announced that it has completed its 2 year, $11m renovation of its Business Class lounge at Dubai Airport's Concourse B and, if the pictures are anything to go by, it was worth the wait. The revamped lounge is almost 10,000 square feet in area and can hold up to 1,500 passengers (a 40% increase on the old facility).
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Emirates Announces Flights To Ft Lauderdale Will Start This Year!

Ok, I'm going to have to start taking Ft. Lauderdale airport a bit more seriously because, if I'm being completely honest, I've always seen it as an overspill airport for Miami and really only useful if you're a big JetBlue flyer......but apparently it's more than that. Emirates has just announced that it will begin flights between Dubai and Ft. Lauderdale in December this year and the airline will be operating a daily service.
a white airplane on a runway

Emirates Schedules Another A380 To Australia & New Zealand

Emirates has made some convoluted changes to its schedule but, once you work through exactly what the airline has done, it's Christchurch that comes out as the big winner. The changes come into effect from 30/31 October 2016 and will see Emirates yet again increase its A380 service to New Zealand and add another A380 to Sydney.
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Qatar Airways Reduces Service To Australia & Emirates Cancels Colombo Flight

We've seen a lot of expansion and capacity increases from the major Middle Eastern carriers over the past year so it's a little bit surprising to see Qatar Airways puling flights from one of its Australian destinations and Emirates reducing its services to and from Colombo during the norther hemisphere winter.
an airplane on a runway

Emirates Makes Manchester An All-A380 Route & Changes Birmingham Services

Right now, just about every post I seem to write about Emirates involves the Middle East carrier adding yet more A380 service to one of its routes....and this post is no different. In July the airline announced an A380 service to Auckland and more A380 service for both Kuala Lumpur and Milan and it seems to have a developed a taste for turning some of its routes "all A380" (Düsseldorf and Munich being the latest beneficiaries of this). Now it's Manchester's turn.
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Emirates Adds More A380 Service To Europe & Asia

Emirates took delivery of an incredible 80th Airbus A380 back on 21 June as the airline has continued its seemingly relentless deployment of its Whale Jets through 2016. This year alone we've seen Heathrow get a 6th daily A380 flight, the Munich & Dusseldorf routes go all-A380, Los Angeles and Amsterdam getting second A380 flights and announcements that Melbourne, Dallas & Auckland will all see A380 service later this year. But it turns out that Emirates isn't finished there.
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Emirates To Fly A380 To Auckland, Singapore Airlines Adds More A380 Service To London...

A look at some of the news stories that I noticed over the past week that didn’t merit a blog post of their own but that may be of interest or of use nonetheless. Stories include Lufthansa getting closer to offering wifi on short and medium-haul flights, Singapore Airlines adding capacity to its London route, and Emirates adding an A380 to its Auckland route.
men in the cockpit of a plane

Emirates 360° Video Of An A380 Flight Deck

If you've ever wondered what the inside of an Airbus A380 flight deck looked like or what some of the controls do then this could be the video for you. Emirates has released a 360° video of the inside of their 79th A380 aircraft which they took delivery of at the at the Hamburg Air show earlier this year.
a jet plane spraying water

Emirates Adds A380 Service To Melbourne & Moscow

Emirates has announced that it is to resume A380 service to Moscow nearly two years after it last used the aircraft to operate a regular route to the Russian capital. Melbourne is to get some A380 love from Emirates too as the airline confirmed that it is to operate a second daily non-stop flight between Dubai and Melbourne from October this year.
a white airplane on a runway

Emirates Considering Premium Economy Cabins

A report in Australian Business Traveller indicates that Emirates, the biggest of the Middle Eastern carriers, is looking at introducing a Premium Economy cabin on to its aircraft at some point in the future. To put things in perspective this isn't going to happen overnight and may yet not happen at all but Emirates is definitely looking into its options.
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Emirates Business Class From $1,899 Return (MXP-JFK)

There's been a lot of hand-wringing over the past few days as Alaska Airlines increased the cost of some Emirates First Class awards by between 67% and 100% without any notice whatsoever. One of the better award redemption opportunities disappeared overnight and caught a lot of people off guard (as the move was designed to do). Deals come and deals go, that's the nature of this game and the best way to move on is to find a good deal elsewhere. Here's a good deal you may enjoy.
Emirates A380 at LAX

Emirates & Qatar Airways To Add More Wide-Body Service To Europe

The Middle Eastern carriers are continuing to add more capacity to their flights between their home bases and Europe with Emirates and Qatar Airways both announcing new wide-body services this week.
a plane flying in the sky

Emirates Expands At Heathrow With 6th Daily A380 Flight

I've mentioned before how Emirates is easily the biggest supporter of the Airbus A380 aircraft and it probably wouldn't be going too far to...
the tail fin of an airplane

Emirates Gives Düsseldorf And Munich All-A380 Service From Summer 2016

Emirates is the biggest supporter of the Airbus A380 in the world...and by quite some distance. Almost 30% of their entire fleet is made up of A380 aircraft (73 in total) while the second placed airline in the A380 stakes, Singapore Airlines, has just 19. So it's not that surprising to see the Emirates A380 appearing all over the world.
an airplane on a runway

Emirates Adds More Airbus A380’s To Its Routes

There seems to have been a lot of news surrounding the Middle East carriers recently and it just keeps coming. Qatar Airways has ramped up the roll out of its new high-density 777-300 aircraft giving passengers in Economy class less room, Etihad has confirmed the routes on which it will operate its new 2-class 787-9 Dreamliner and now Emirates has scheduled a slew of changes to aircraft operating its long-haul routes.
Emirates A380

Emirates Granted New A380 Route At Schiphol

Towards the end of November I reported on how Emirates wasn't having much luck with obtaining permission for a new A380 route to Amsterdam's...
Emirates A380

Emirates Adds Airbus A380 Services To 4 Routes

Emirates has more Airbus A380 aircraft than any other airline....and it shows! Recent schedule changes from Emirates have seen the airline replacing a number of its Boeing 777-300 aircraft with the larger Airbus A380.
China Eastern Economy Class

Airline Roundup: New Alliances, New Routes & More

A roundup of some of the latest news in the airline world including new alliances being formed, old alliances being reconfirmed, a new route to Cuba for European flyers and an increase in Asia - Chicago services.
Emirates A380

Emirates Wants To Fly The A380 To Amsterdam Twice A Day

Emirates CEO Tim Clark has a twice-daily A380 service between Dubai and Amsterdam on his wish-list but he's not getting much support from the Dutch authorities. Emirates is the only Middle Eastern carrier to fly the A380 into Amsterdam but it would like to increase the frequency from one to two per day. Currently the second daily Emirates service between Dubai and Amsterdam is served by a Boeing 777-300ER.
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Inside the Emirates 615-Seat Airbus A380 – Is It Really That Bad?

How aircraft stay in the air is still a little bit of a marvel to me. Yes, I know all about the aerodynamics, the different speeds the air is moving over/under the wings and all that good stuff but, whenever I see the larger planes coming in to land, something just doesn't look natural (probably because it's not!).
Emirates A380

Emirates Changes Its Mind – Good News For London Gatwick

Back in June Emirates replaced one of its Boeing 777-300ER aircraft on its Dubai-London Gatwick route with an Airbus A380 "Super Jumbo" giving Emirates their second A380...
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Interesting Travel Links: Manure To Fuel Planes, New JAL App for Android, EU Bans...

These are a few of the travel-related, interesting/informative links I've noticed around the Web in the past few days: JetBlue Opens Outdoor Space at JFK...
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News Roundup: New W Hotel, Hold Fares On Emirates, Delta flys to Osaka &...

A few bits of news that don't warrant a whole post of their own but that may be of interest: Starwood have announced a new...
Emirates 15th Birthday Promotion

Win 1,000,000 Emirates Skywards Miles

As part of their 15th birthday celebrations Emirates is splashing around their SkyWards Miles. Emirates will be making 15 "Skywards Millionaires" between now and the...

Etihad Files Response to “Open Skies” Debate

The row between the big 3 airlines in the US (American, Delta & United) and the Big 3 Middle East Carriers (Etihad, Emirates &...
Emirates to Fly to Orlando

Emirates Adding A Daily Service To Orlando

Some news I missed from last month but that may be useful: From 1 September 2015 Emirates will begin serving Orlando, on a daily basis,...
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Good Business Class Fares From Europe to Asia (OneWorld/Star Alliance/SkyTeam)

We've found some found some reasonably good business class fares for anyone looking to fly out of Europe to Asia in September/October/November this year. If...
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Mayor Of Fort-Worth Sides With American In Open Skies Dispute

In other news the Pope says he's a Catholic, Le Bron says he's partial to a game of Basketball and McDonalds tell us they like...
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Starwood News: Emirates Partnership, Keyless Room Entry and Mercedes F1 Experiences

Starwood/Emirates Partnership Back in March Starwood began a new partnership with Delta that they branded 'Crrossover Rewards'. The partnership was put into place to encourage elite...

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