Delta WIll Continue To Block Middle Seats Through April 2021

Delta has today announced an extension of the measures it first introduced back in April 2020 as the airline says that it will continue to block the middle seat in its aircraft through April 2021. 

Delta Offer: Spend $200 & Save $40 With Amex [Targeted]

American Express may have launched a new offer specifically at its Delta co-branded cards this morning (new offers were launched for various other co-branded cards but as I don't hold an Amex Delta card  I can't be 100% sure) but there's also a Delta offer available on non-co-branded cards too. This deal may not offer a huge cash discount but considering how easy it should be to use (assuming that you fly with Delta), it's still an offer that's worth keeping in mind.

[Updated] Delta Is Waiving Fare Differences On Select International Fares (Very Limited Time)

With the US Center for Disease Control announcing that it is introducing a requirement for international travelers to undergo pre-departure COVID-19 testing from 26 January, Delta has announced that it's bringing in a short-term measure to help some travelers with existing bookings who wish to travel before the new requirement comes into force.

Now Delta Bans Emotional Support Animals

First Alaska Airlines banned emotional support animals at the end of December, then American Airlines announced a ban earlier this week and now Delta has announced that it too will no longer ticket emotional support animals from Monday, 11 January.

Delta Eliminates Change Fees On Select International Bookings

Back in November, American Airlines announced that it was eliminating change fees on most international bookings that originate in the United States and now, three weeks later, Delta has followed suit with a similar announcement of its own.

Delta & KLM Will Offer COVID Testing On Flights From Atlanta

Barely a day goes by without an airline or airline partnership announcing that it's launching coronavirus testing on one or more of its routes and today is no exception. In recent days American Airlines has announced testing on its routes to Chile and the USVI, United said that it was bringing testing to Houston and now Delta and KLM have said that they will soon offer testing on flights from Atlanta to Amsterdam.

Delta Plans To Offer Quarantine-Free Travel To Italy (For Eligible Travelers)

In recent days and weeks, we've seen United Airlines launching free Covid-19 tests on select flights between New York and London and we've seen American Airlines and British Airways launching a trial of a series of Covid tests as airlines look to persuade governments to open up travel across the Atlantic. Now Delta is getting in on the act.

Delta Is Already Scaling Back Transatlantic Plans For Winter Season

It was less than four weeks ago that Delta first unveiled its transatlantic plans for the upcoming winter season (and for summer 2020) and, at the time, I pointed out that the proposed plans looked ambitious in the light of what was going on around us. Delta has now posted a long list of updates to its worldwide schedules for winter 2020/21 and it looks like the airline has come to the same conclusion that I did as it cuts routes and frequencies proposed just 4 weeks ago.

Great Deal: Save $120 On Delta Bookings With This Amex Offer [Targeted]

We've seen an incredible number of hotel deals appearing among the various Amex Offers that all cardholders have access too but it's been a long time since we saw an offer for air travel. Well, if you've been waiting for a good Amex Offer for spending with an airline, your wait is over.

Delta’s Misleading Cancellation Email Really, Really Annoyed Me

Just as I was arriving home last night, I heard the iPhone in my pocket "ping" in the way it always does when a new email drops into my inbox and, upon closer inspection, it turned out to be an email from Delta letting me know that my December trip home to Los Angeles had been cancelled. Considering the state of flux that the airline schedules are currently in, the cancellation of my flight wasn't a huge surprise so I wasn't overly disappointed, but the wording Delta used in its email really, really annoyed me.

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