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Delta will return to flying ex-LATAM A350s on its Los Angeles – Auckland route...

Since the launch of its LA - Auckland route, Delta has been using the A350-900s that it acquired from LATAM to fly between Los Angeles and Auckland but up until recently, the schedules showed Delta's original A350s taking over the route from 20 May and continuing to operate the route through the summer and through the next winter season. This is no longer the case.
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Delta adds more flights to Shanghai from Detroit

A little over a weeks ago we had United Airlines announcing that it would be re-launching its route between Los Angeles and Shanghai and increasing capacity to Hong Kong and now, in a recent schedule update, Delta has added more flights to Shanghai out of Detroit.
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Delta confirms that it will restart its New York – Tel Aviv route (albeit...

All three of the major US carriers suspended their routes Tel Aviv following the horrendous incidents we saw in Israel in October last year, but now these routes are starting to come back.
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Delta has scheduled its new Los Angeles – Brisbane route

United Airlines serves Brisbane from San Francisco, American Airlines has announced a new route to Brisbane that will launch in October, and now we know that Delta will start giving Brisbane a little more attention by launching a new seasonal route between the West Coast and the capital of Queensland.
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Delta is bringing back its 3rd daily flight between Atlanta and London

As things stand, Delta offers a double daily service between Atlanta and London using its Boeing 767-400 aircraft, but once the summer season rolls along, not only will one of these flights be upgraded to a larger aircraft, the route will get back its 3rd daily flight that hasn't operated in seven years.
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Delta delays the resumption of its Los Angeles – Shanghai route (again!)

Before the coronavirus pandemic, Delta operated over 300 flights across multiple routes to two cities in China - Beijing and Shanghai - but since the world began getting back to normal, Delta has been taking its time getting its old routes to China back up and running.
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There’s an excellent Amex offer for Delta flyers [Targeted]

American Express is currently targeting select cardholders for one of the better Delta offers that I've seen in some time. The effective rebate that's available isn't particularly impressive, but the offer itself is easy to use and as you'll see below, the offer doesn't require you to make a Delta flight booking anytime soon.
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Delta is resuming flights to Cuba next year

Delta has confirmed that it plans to restart service to Havana in the first half of next year following the route's suspension in March 2022. The route will operate twice daily from Miami and will link into Delta's service from ten other US airports.
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Delta enhances its European summer schedule (in a good way!)

Delta has announced that next year's summer season will see it relaunching a number of routes that were suspended while we dealt with the pandemic, relaunching a number of routes that the airline hasn't operated for years, and launching at least one completely new route (albeit not a very interesting one!). Most importantly from my point of view, Los Angeles will finally be getting a little love.
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Delta announces a huge order for an aircraft that Boeing has threatened not to...

After two or three years of rumors, Delta has used the Farnborough International Airshow to finally announce that it plans to throw Boeing a lifeline by ordering up to 130 of its 737 MAX aircraft. As with most aircraft orders that get announced at airshows, this order may or may not be fulfilled in the way that it's currently being presented but because this order involves the MAX 10, there's actually an outside chance that the order will not be fulfilled at all.
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Delta will offer three new routes to Hawaii next winter

The current winter season may still have over a month left to run but Delta is already getting ready for winter 2022/23 by planning a number of new routes to Hawaii. Both Oahu and Maui will be seeing new services from Delta with the new routes originating in Atlanta, Detroit, and New York.
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Odd: Disappearing Delta Amex offer has reappeared [Targeted]

Back in the middle of October, I wrote about a great deal that Amex had targeted to select cardholders in which they could earn $125 on just $300 of spending with Delta. Despite writing about this offer, I somehow forgot to add it to any of my targeted cards (not a proud moment) and when I finally remembered to do so, the offer had disappeared. Today, the offer is back, so if you missed out the first time around check your accounts because you may have been given an unexpected second chance.
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Delta Expands Flights To Paris & Adds A Route To The South Of France

With France having announced that it will be accepting fully vaccinated visitors from the United States from 9 June, Delta has announced that it is adding flights to Paris from Minneapolis/St Paul and Boston and that a seasonal service to the south of France will also operate this summer.
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Delta Has Announced A New Service To Croatia

Although the European Union has made some positive noises about opening up its borders to travelers from the United States, nothing concrete has yet been put into place and that has left the bigger US airlines looking around for destinations that they don’t yet serve and that are happy to accept visitors with a year’s worth of travel dollars burning holes in their pockets.
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Delta Has Extended All Voucher Expiration Dates & Its Global Travel Waiver

The headline-grabbing announcement we got from Delta yesterday was the one that let us know that the airline was making the quest for Medallion elites status considerably easier for this year, but a more important announcement was also released at the same time - Delta travel vouchers will no longer expire in 2021 and the airline's global waiver has been extended.
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Delta Is Adding New Seasonal Routes Out Of Los Angeles

As part of a broader set of domestic route announcements, Delta has confirmed that it plans to follow in the footsteps of Alaska Airlines and offer more seasonal services between California and destinations that offer travelers access to wide open spaces, national parks, mountains and more outdoor activities than most people can handle.
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Delta Expands Quarantine-Free Flights To Italy (For Select Travelers)

Back in November, Delta announced that it was running a trial in which it was offering customers and crew traveling between Atlanta and Rome, a series of COVID tests during their journey with the aim of allowing all participants to enter Italy without being subjected to the countries quarantine rules. A similar trial was carried out for travelers flying between Atlanta and Amsterdam.
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Delta Introduces Contactless Payments Onboard & Trials Seatback Menus

Delta has announced that starting from 16 March, its cabin crews will be equipped with tap-to-pay processing terminals that will allow customers to start making onboard purchases without the need for them to come into contact with the terminal.
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Delta WIll Continue To Block Middle Seats Through April 2021

Delta has today announced an extension of the measures it first introduced back in April 2020 as the airline says that it will continue to block the middle seat in its aircraft through April 2021. 
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[Updated] Delta Is Waiving Fare Differences On Select International Fares (Very Limited Time)

With the US Center for Disease Control announcing that it is introducing a requirement for international travelers to undergo pre-departure COVID-19 testing from 26 January, Delta has announced that it's bringing in a short-term measure to help some travelers with existing bookings who wish to travel before the new requirement comes into force.
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Now Delta Bans Emotional Support Animals

First Alaska Airlines banned emotional support animals at the end of December, then American Airlines announced a ban earlier this week and now Delta has announced that it too will no longer ticket emotional support animals from Monday, 11 January.
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Delta Eliminates Change Fees On Select International Bookings

Back in November, American Airlines announced that it was eliminating change fees on most international bookings that originate in the United States and now, three weeks later, Delta has followed suit with a similar announcement of its own.
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Delta & KLM Will Offer COVID Testing On Flights From Atlanta

Barely a day goes by without an airline or airline partnership announcing that it's launching coronavirus testing on one or more of its routes and today is no exception. In recent days American Airlines has announced testing on its routes to Chile and the USVI, United said that it was bringing testing to Houston and now Delta and KLM have said that they will soon offer testing on flights from Atlanta to Amsterdam.
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Delta Plans To Offer Quarantine-Free Travel To Italy (For Eligible Travelers)

In recent days and weeks, we've seen United Airlines launching free Covid-19 tests on select flights between New York and London and we've seen American Airlines and British Airways launching a trial of a series of Covid tests as airlines look to persuade governments to open up travel across the Atlantic. Now Delta is getting in on the act.
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Delta Is Already Scaling Back Transatlantic Plans For Winter Season

It was less than four weeks ago that Delta first unveiled its transatlantic plans for the upcoming winter season (and for summer 2020) and, at the time, I pointed out that the proposed plans looked ambitious in the light of what was going on around us. Delta has now posted a long list of updates to its worldwide schedules for winter 2020/21 and it looks like the airline has come to the same conclusion that I did as it cuts routes and frequencies proposed just 4 weeks ago.
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Delta’s Misleading Cancellation Email Really, Really Annoyed Me

Just as I was arriving home last night, I heard the iPhone in my pocket "ping" in the way it always does when a new email drops into my inbox and, upon closer inspection, it turned out to be an email from Delta letting me know that my December trip home to Los Angeles had been cancelled. Considering the state of flux that the airline schedules are currently in, the cancellation of my flight wasn't a huge surprise so I wasn't overly disappointed, but the wording Delta used in its email really, really annoyed me.
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Delta Follows United’s Lead & Eliminates Domestic Change Fees

United Airlines caught a lot of people off guard when it announced that it would be eliminating most change fees for domestic itineraries with immediate effect and, not all that surprisingly, Delta has followed suit and confirmed that it has also eliminated most domestic change fees with immediate effect.
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Delta’s Transatlantic Plans For Winter 2020/21 & Summer 2021

Delta has announced that it plans to significantly increase the number of flights it offers across the Atlantic and across the Pacific in the coming winter and summer seasons. The airline says that the peak will come in the summer 2021 season when it will be operating over 50 more transoceanic flights than it had in the summer 2020 schedule.
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Delta’s Transpacific Plans For Winter 2020/21 and Summer 2021

Delta has announced that it plans to significantly increase the number of flights it offers across the Atlantic and across the Pacific in the coming winter and summer seasons. The airline says that the peak will come in the summer 2021 season when it will be operating over 50 more transoceanic flights than it had in the summer 2020 schedule.
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Delta & United Airlines Add More Flights To Shanghai

Delta and United currently operate two weekly flights each between the United States and Shanghai with both airlines routing their operations through Seoul Incheon Airport. An agreement announced yesterday between the United States and China to increase the number of flights between the two counties from four to eight will now see both carriers doubling the number of flights they offer to Shanghai.
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Which Delta Sky Clubs Are Open And Which Are Opening?

Delta managed to keep approximately 15 of its Sky Clubs open for most of the current crisis and, so far in July, the airline has reopened a further 4 Sky Clubs and is promising to reopen at least 3 more before the end of the month.
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Delta Has Restarted Select Beverage Services On Domestic Flights

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Delta Will resume Flights To China In 3 Days Time…But There’s A Twist

Back in May, it was suggested that Delta would be restarting services to China from the beginning of this month but 1 June came and went and there was no sign that Delta was ready to head back to China. Now, in an announcement put out today, Delta has confirmed that it's restarting operations to Shanghai later this week...but they're restarting with a twist.
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Delta Restarts Two Routes To Europe & Adds Cape Town To Its Network

As of today, Delta is operating two more routes between the United States and Europe than it operated last week (it plans to offer nine transatlantic routes in June) and the airline's president told yesterday's employee virtual town hall that Delta would be modifying its operations to/from South Africa to include Cape Town when those services resume.
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Delta Confirms It Is Retiring Its Boeing 777 Fleet This Year

Delta is the proud operator of 18 Boeing 777 aircraft and it has refitted each of these aircraft with its highly acclaimed "Delta One Suites" that have taken US airline premium cabins to a whole new level. With that in mind, it's more than a little surprising to see Delta announce that it will be retiring all 18 of these aircraft by the end of this year.
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Delta Is Raising $3 Billion To Ease Its Liquidity Issues

Yesterday, I wrote about United Airlines heading to the stock market to raise up to $1.1 billion to add to the $5 billion the US government just handed the airline, and now it's Delta's turn to tap up big investors for more cash as it announces a bond issue and a new Term Loan B facility which will total an impressive $3 billion.
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Delta Pauses Automatic Advance Upgrades & Blocks Middle Seats

Delta has just announced a series of new measures which it hopes will help passengers to continue practice social distancing in the air as well as on the ground. These measures include pausing advance complimentary upgrades and blocking seats in most cabins across the airline's remaining route network.
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Delta Extends Change Waiver Fees On Select Booking Through 2022!

Delta has just announced that, following a review of its current fee waiver policies, it has decided to extend the change fee waiver period for select bookings through to May 2022. That's a date that's well over two years away and when you see which bookings get this exemption you'll also see that this isn't a cash reservation exercise by Delta - this appears to be a genuinely nice move.
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Delta Issues A Change Fee Waiver For Flights To/From Europe

Following the news that the United States is banning select travelers from entering the country if they have been traveling in any one of the 26 European countries signed up to the Schengen Agreement in the past 14 days, Delta is waiving change fees for bookings to/from certain European counties...including some countries not included in the ban.
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Updated: What Change Fee Waivers Are American, Delta & United Offering?

American Airlines was the first US legacy carrier to waive change fees for travel across its network and now that Delta and United have both caught up and issued their own change fee waivers I thought that I may be helpful to show what all three carriers are offering in one single post.
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Help Me Understand Delta’s Change Fee Waiver – Something Seems Odd

I'm in the process of putting together a post showing exactly what each of the 3 US legacy carriers is offering with their "Change Fee Waivers" that have recently been announced, but there's one particular aspect of Delta's waiver that I'm struggling to understand because, to me, it looks more than a little odd...but I may be missing something.
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Delta Schedules More A330-900neo Service Out Of Seattle

Delta started taking delivery of the new Airbus A330-900neo back at the end of May and it has been operating the latest-generation aircraft on routes out of Seattle since July. So far we've seen the aircraft operating to Seoul, Shanghai and Tokyo Narita but a recent schedule update shows Delta adding more A330-900neo service out of Seattle in 2020.
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Delta Opens A New Sky Club In New Orleans Today

If you're a Delta flyer based in New Orleans the airline has some good news for you - as of today, 6 November 2019, the latest Sky Club is opening at Louis Armstrong New Orleans international airport.
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Delta’s Reconfigured 767-400 Are Coming To 2 More Routes

Back in April of this year, Delta confirmed that it would not be fitting its aging 767 aircraft with it's new Delta One Business Class suites and, instead, it announced that a sub-set of its 767 fleet (the 767-400s) would be getting an entirely new (if not entirely different) Business Class seat.
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Oneworld Loses A Major Airline As Delta Wins Big

South American airline LATAM has confirmed that it will be withdrawing from the oneworld alliance following the airline's decision to cease joint venture negotiations with American Airlines and enter into a partnership with Delta instead.
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A New AMEX Deal Is Offering Savings On Delta Bookings & Add-Ons [Targeted]

In comparison to some of the pretty impressive AMEX offers we've been seeing lately this latest offer aimed at cardholders booking Delta flights is a little tame...but it's still nice to get free cash back for doing not very much at all! 
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Delta Announces A Refresh Of International Economy Class Service

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Book USA – Europe Roundtrip Business Class From $1,847

As big a fan as I am of the Air France 777-300ER Business Class cabin I have to admit that I don't really pay too much attention to the Air France/KLM websites because, historically, I haven't found very much use for it (outside of the times where I found a fare elsewhere and then headed over the site to get the fare ticketed). Well, my lack of interest may have been a little foolish because I just discovered that KLM offers a very useful webpage which lists out all the current Business Class fares on offer for travel out of the United States to Europe, Africa, and India.
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Delta Delays A330-900neo Service On Two More Routes

Delta took delivery of its first Airbus A330-900neo just a few weeks ago with the aircraft set to enter service on the airline's Seattle - Shanghai route from 1 July. Earlier this month that entry into service date was pushed back to 15 July but the schedules on Delta's two other planned A330-900neo routes remained firm....up until now.
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Delta Unveils New TUMI Amenity Kits For Business Class & Premium Economy

Delta's TUMI amenity kits have traditionally been pretty good (I still have a couple stashed away somewhere) so regular Delta flyers will be pleased to hear that the airline is refreshing its amenity kit offering across all cabins (yes, even Economy Class is getting a little bit of love) and the new kits should start to appear onboard later this month.
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Delta’s New Airbus A330-900neo – What You Need To Know

Delta has now taken delivery of its first Airbus A330-900neo aircraft (with a further 34 deliveries expected to follow) so, with the aircraft scheduled to fly its first Delta long-haul international route in July, I thought I'd take a closer look at the latest addition to the Delta fleet.
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Delta Delays Airbus A330-900neo Introduction To Mid-July

Delta took delivery of its first Airbus A330-900neo at the end of last month and was scheduled to become the first US airline too operate the new aircraft on a long-haul route in a little under a month's time. Well, based on what the Delta reservation system is currently showing, Delta will still be the first airline to operate the A330-900neo but the aircraft will no longer be entering service on 1 July as had been expected.
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Tentative: Winners & Losers In The Haneda Slot Lottery

It seems long ago than February but it was only three months ago that United, together with American, Delta, and Hawaiian, applied to the US Department of Transport to operate the new Tokyo Haneda slots that are up for grabs. The US DoT has just 12 slots it can bestow upon the carriers it thinks will use them best (in the interest of consumers) but, between them, the US carriers applied for 19 so that left the DoT with some decisions to make.
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FARE ALERT: JFK – Moscow Business Class From Just $1,735 [SkyTeam]

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Delta Swaps Out Boeing 767s On 8 International Routes

Delta's international Business Class product on its A330 aircraft is great and the introduction of the Delta One Suites on the airline's A350s has been a big success, but Delta also has a lot of 767 aircraft flying its network (78 of them to be precise) and these aircraft offer a Business Class cabin that has seen better days.
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Delta Will Start Trialing Free Wi-Fi From Next Week

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Delta Will Finally Launch Service To Mumbai From 22 December

Around this time last year Delta announced that it planned to launch service between the US and Mumbai in 2019 but gave no further details of its plans. There was no mention of which US city would offer the new service, no details of how often the route would be flown and no details of what aircraft we could expect the airline to use.
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Delta & Virgin Atlantic Plan Increased Service Between The East Coast & London

Delta and Virgin Atlantic have announced that they will begin to offer non-stop service to London's Gatwick Airport from Boston Logan and New York JFK in summer 2020.
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Delta Will Not Fit Delta One Suites To Its 767-400 Aircraft

Delta received a lot of praise for being one of the first airlines to offer a true suite-style product in Business Class when it unveiled its Airbus A350 and, since then, we've seen the Delta One suite slowly installed on the airline's 777s and, we're told, we'll soon see it offered on its new A330-900s too....but the suite is not coming to the 767-400.
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Fare Alert: Delta Premium Select Los Angeles – Shanghai From $822 Roundtrip

It's not often we see transpacific Premium Economy fares under $900 but that's exactly what  Delta is currently offering for non-stop travel between Los Angeles and Shanghai on its new Airbus A350 aircraft.
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Delta Has Announced Its First Airbus A330-900 Routes

Delta will soon be taking delivery of its first Airbus A330-900neo aircraft and, from what I can tell, the airline has just announced the first international routes we can expect to see the aircraft fly....although it hasn't explicitly stated that these are its first A330-900 routes.
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American & Delta Propose New Routes To Tokyo Haneda

With the US Department of Transport currently negotiating a new airline agreement with Japanese authorities we should soon see new slots opened up at Tokyo Haneda for the use of US airlines. United was first out with news that they're applying to operate 6 new routes between the continental US and Tokyo Haneda and now Delta and American have put forward their applications for new Haneda routes in 2020.
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Delta Expands Its Meal Pre-Selection Option To Most Domestic Mainline Flights

Delta first introduced pre-select meals back in March 2018 on in select Delta One cabins departing from Atlanta and New York JFK. In December last year the airline announced that it was expanding the pre-select option globally as well as offering it on long-haul domestic routes where Delta One is offered. Now Delta is going a step further.
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Good SkyTeam Business Class Fares From Madrid To Multiple US Cities (From $1,789)

Delta and its SkyTeam partners have released a few good Business Class fares for travel between Madrid and at least 5 US cities for travel starting almost straight away so, if you're looking to head to the US, these could be an economical way to get there in a little bit of comfort.
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Fare War 1: Milan – New York Business Class From $1,701 Roundtrip (SkyTeam)

It looks as if a fare war has broken out on the Milan - New York route and it may just be that it's the Qatar Airways backed Air Italy that has triggered it. Right now SkyTeam, Star Alliance and Air Italy are all offering roundtrip Businesses Class fares between Milan and New York from ~$1,700 and, as each alliance/carrier offers something a little different, I'm writing about them separately rather than in one gargantuan post.
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Temporary Changes Coming To Delta’s Complimentary Comfort+ Upgrades (Select Routes Only)

Delta has posted a Medallion Member update in which it has announced that automatic upgrades from its Main Cabin to Delta Comfort+ will not be available on select routes from later this year. 
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Delta & SkyTeam Significantly Expand Operations Out Of Boston

Delta and its SkyTeam partners have announced a significant increase in their services to/from Boston for 2019 and, coming on top of Delta's other increased Boston services over the past two years (a new Las Vegas service and new services to Nashville, San Francisco, Jamaica) this puts Delta in a very strong position in Boston.
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Delta Says It’s Eliminating Zonal Boarding – Boarding By “Branded Fare” Is Coming

Delta has announced that boarding aircraft by zones "will soon be a thing of the past" as the airline changes the way it herds passengers onboard to a system governed by the fare brand that passengers have purchased.
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You Can Now Upgrade Your Existing Delta Bookings Online

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On What Routes Does Delta Offer Its Delta One Suites?

While Delta's A350s have slowly been coming on line the airline has also been refitting its 777 aircraft with the new Delta One Suite and we're now finally starting to see the suite offered on enough routes that a sighting is no longer a rarity....but on what routes does Delta actually offer Delta One Suites?
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Delta One Pre-Select Meals Are Now Available Globally

Back in May Delta announced that customers flying in its Delta One Business Class cabins flying select routes from the US to Europe would be able to choose their meals in advance starting 1 June. At the end of September the number of flights departing the US for Europe and offering pre-select meals was increased, a number of flights departing Europe (for the US) were added to the pre-select program, all Delta One domestic routes began offering the pre-select service and select routes between the US and Asia/Australia joined in too.
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Looking Likely: Delta Will Install 29 Business Class Suites On Its New A330s

Delta is the first and only US airline to have installed suites into some of its long-haul aircraft and it's a move which has seen the airline go from having one of the older Business Class products on the market to an airline offering one of the best. As things stand the Delta One suite is only to be found on the airline's new Airbus A350 aircraft and on a select number of its 777s but, if a clever bit of sleuthing turns out to be correct, the Delta One suites will soon be coming to another of Delta's aircraft.
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Delta Will Link Atlanta & Burbank In 2019

Delta is an airline I'm starting to pay a lot more attention to as I consider my options going forward. As someone who splits his time between LA and London Delta isn't the most convenient airline for me to fly but it's starting to feel like an airline that at least cares about offering service at a level I want (unlike United and American who appear fixated on their race to the bottom).
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Delta Adds A New Route To/From California

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Delta Is Adding Delta One Suites To Multiple New Routes (LAX Gets Some Love!)

The First aircraft to get the acclaimed Delta One (Business Class) suite were the Airbus A350s that Delta has recently been receiving but the airline has also been refurbishing its 777 fleet to offer a near identical product…and that has been good news for Delta’s premium cabin flyers.
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Delta & Virgin Atlantic Are Opening A London Pub (Temporarily)

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Delta Has Released Official Images Of Its Refurbished Boeing 777-200 Aircraft

I wrote about Delta's newly reconditioned (and reconfigured) Boeing 777-200 aircraft shortly after the aircraft was unveiled to the press. At the time we only had images of the refit courtesy of @AirlineFlyer but now Delta has supplied us with its own official photographs.
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A Look Inside Delta’s First Refitted Boeing 777-200

Delta showed us that it has stepped up its game when it unveiled the new Delta One Suites which are fitted to the airline's new Airbus A350 aircraft. Sadly, with just 11 A350s in the Delta fleet, the opportunities to try out the great-looking product have been few and far between....but now they're about to become a little more common.
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Delta Tightens Up Its Support Animal Policy (Again)

Delta has added a couple of new restrictions to its support animal policy which, when you find out what they are, will probably leave you wondering what some passengers are trying to get away with.
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Delta Will Launch Seattle – Osaka Service In 2019

On Wednesday Delta announced that it would be launching a route between Minneapolis/St. Paul and Seoul in 2019 thanks to its increasingly close ties with Korean Airlines. Now Delta has announced that 2019 will also see it launch a new service between Seattle and Osaka in conjunction with Korean Air.
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Delta Will Fly From Minneapolis/St. Paul To Seoul From 2019

Delta and Korean announced a "world-class" joint venture back in March of this year and, since then, the two airlines have been working closely to increase the number of codeshare flights offered. Now Delta is adding a new route to Seoul.
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Delta Is Moving Forward With Modernization At LAX

Delta and Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) have confirmed that they're moving forward with the much needed $1.86bn project to bring LAX Terminals 2 & 3 into the 21st Century. As much as I love LA (and I love it a lot) not even I can call the city's primary airport anything other than a mess so the investment is very welcome.
Delta airlines at LAX

Delta Is Increasing Service To Europe – Seasonal Routes To Go Year-Round

Delta has announced that a number of its routes between the US and Europe which were originally scheduled to operate just for the summer season will now be returning for the winter 2018/19 season too. Travelers based in Los Angeles, New York, Orlando and Indianapolis will now have more European options that was originally expected.
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Delta and Virgin Atlantic Increase Service Across The Atlantic (And Delta Improves Business Class...

Delta and Virgin Atlantic have just started flying some of the summer season schedules across the Atlantic and, as the airlines are very keen to stress, they're increasing the number of seats on offer and, in Delta's case, making some much needed improvement to the Business Class seats on offer on some routes.
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Delta Adds Service Between Boston & Las Vegas

Back in August 2016 Delta announced a number of new services out of Boston, in September of the same year it added flights to Dublin, as of 1 April this year the airline will offer Delta One service between Boston and LAX and now Delta has said that it will offer flights to Las Vegas out of Beantown.
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Delta Introduces New Delta One & Main Cabin Meals (Pre-Select Is Coming Too)

Airlines (and especially US airlines) are slowly running out of ways to differentiate themselves from one another as each copies the other's latest fares, cabin changes and frequent flyer devaluations. In a perverse way this has actually been good news for passengers as airlines gradually turn to their soft product (service, food etc...) to try to make their offering a little more appealing than that of their competitors.
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Delta Changes Access To International Third-Party Business Class Lounges

Delta has announced that it will be changing the rules surrounding which flyers have access to third-party lounges at select destinations. In some cases lounge access is being withdrawn entirely while in others its elite members that are seeing their access rights withdrawn.
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Comparing Basic Economy: American v Delta v United – Who Offers What?

While all three legacy carriers now offer Basic Economy fares not all the offerings are the same (in fact there are some notable differences between the 3 airlines), so it's worth knowing which airlines offers what. With that in mind, I've read through the information on Basic Economy fares provided by the three legacy carriers and put the pertinent pieces into the tables below. Hopefully these will allow readers to compare what each airline offers and highlight areas where one airline is better than the other(s).
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Which Delta Credit Cards Override Basic Economy Rules?

The introduction of Basic Economy fares by the US legacy carriers has ushered in a new era of fare unbundling and benefit stripping as the airlines attempt to nickel and dime as many passengers as is physically possible. The degree to which Basic Economy fares strip out passenger benefits varies from airline to airline but they all inconvenience passengers in one way or another. Holding airline status or the right credit card can go a long way to mitigating some of these inconveniences and making the whole Basic Economy experience a little more tolerable.
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Delta Moves To Curb Fake Service & Support Animals On Board

If you ask US road warriors to list out the things that annoy them the most when they fly most of them will put unruly fake support animals down somewhere on their list.  Because the Air Carriers Access Act requires airlines to provide in-cabin travel for for service and support animals without charge, the number of animals seen onboard domestic flights had ballooned out of proportion and a lot of us suspect that a large percentage of these animals are neither genuine service animals or genuine support animals.
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News: New Delta Sky Club, Facial Recognition From British Airways And Delta & More

A roundup of some of the news I've noticed over the past few days which didn't really merit a whole post of their own but that may well be of interest. Includes news that Delta is bringing facial recognition software to Atlanta, British Airways is doing the same at Los Angeles, details of A new Delta Sky CLub in New York and news that easyJet is expanding its 'worldwide by easyJet" technology to Milan.
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Delta Adds “Farm-Fresh” Menus On Delta One Flights Out Of Los Angeles

As of Friday 1 December travelers booked into a Delta One cabin flying out of Los Angeles to New York JFK or Washington Reagan airport have new meal options on board. Delta says that its new partnership with LA-based chefs Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo will see the airline offering dishes featuring "farm-fresh, seasonal ingredients from some of L.A.’s most beloved farmers and purveyors".
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Delta Is Selling Medallion Qualifying Miles & Segments For 2018 Status

Through 15 February 2018 Delta is running a promotion it's calling "Elevate Your Status" in which Medallion members can purchase Medallion Qualifying Miles and Medallion Qualifying Segments in order to boost their Medallion status for 2018.
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GREAT NEWS: Delta Will Offer Complimentary Upgrades To Delta One On Domestic Routes

Delta will be adding its Delta One premium cabin to a number of new domestic routes from next year and, in an announcement today, the airline has confirmed that it will be shifting its domestic upgrade policy to include Delta One cabins going forward.
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Why I Don’t Mind Delta’s Ridiculous $250,000 Credit Card Spend Requirement For A MQD...

Delta is the only one of the 3 legacy airlines that offers customers the chance to have the spend requirement (Medallion Qualification Dollars or MQD) for top-tier status waived. United and American Airlines will let you earn a waiver of some of the spend requirement....but not enough so that you can earn top-tier status.
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Delta News: Automatic Check-In, Pre-Select Meals In Delta One & Improvements To International Economy...

Over the past few days Delta has come out with a series of announcements to let us all know about the improvements it's introducing to make travel less stressful and more pleasant for its customers. Sadly none of the announcements tell us that the airline will be giving us all more legroom which, let's face it, is what most people would probably put at the top of their wish-list, but some of the improvements do look good.
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Delta Adds More Airbus A350 Routes – Europe Finally Gets Some Love

Delta has just announced that it will add its new Airbus A350 (complete with new Delta One suites) to two new routes in 2018 and one of those routes will see Delta's first A350 service to Europe.
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News: Delta Cancels A European Route & Air New Zealand Increases Flights To The...

Delta is very good at letting us all know when it's adding new routes and expanding its network but it's definitely not the best at giving us the news when the contrary is true. In the latest set of updates one of Delta's routes to Europe is noticeably absent from the schedules and there has been no word from Delta as to why this may be.
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Delta Will Offer Free In-Flight Text Messaging From This Weekend

Delta has announced that it plans to offer passengers free text messaging on all its Gogo-enabled flights from 1 October 2017 as an addition to the free in-flight entertainment that's already on offer.
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Delta Significantly Improves Its Business Class Between The US & UK

Delta has announced a shake up in its routes between the US and UK which will take place from next summer. The shake up sees Delta change the aircraft it operates on three of its routes to the UK as well as relinquishing one of its New York - London flights to its partner Virgin Atlantic.

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