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Air France news: More US flights & more US routes to get new Business...

Air France has issued a reminder of its network plans and things are looking good for transatlantic flyers. We have a new route, a restarted route and more flights on the way (all previously announced), and the airline is promising to roll out its newest Business Class product on more North American routes this summer.
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Good Air France Business Class fares available ex-UK

We don't normally see many good Business Class deals for travel that originates in the UK but Air France is currently running a sale that may be worth a closer look. If you're expecting amazing fares to all Air France destinations you may be a little disappointed but with most major regions covered in one way or another and with roundtrip long-haul fares starting at under £1,300, this is a good sale by UK standards.
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Air France UK offer: Save £50 on your next flight (includes codeshares)

Air France has just launched a limited-time offer on bookings for departures out of five UK airports. The offer comes with a minimum spend requirement and isn't valid for travel to the United States but it can still be a very nice money saver at a time when fares are anything but cheap.
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Air France introduces a new route between the US and the Caribbean

It was back in August that Air France first mentioned that it would be adding a couple of new (and a little unusual) routes to its network and as the dates for those route launches approach, I thought that I'd follow up my earlier post on Air France's routes to the US with a reminder that we'll soon be able to use Air France to fly from the US (and Canada) to the Caribbean.
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Air France brings back a US route and will offer up to 122 weekly...

With the United States having finally opened its borders to travelers originating in the Schengen Area, Air France has announced that it will ramp up its transatlantic operations to levels not seen since before the pandemic. The airline has confirmed that it will operate to 11 US destinations and will offer up to 122 weekly flights this winter season and that's great news for flyers.
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Air France Is Now Replacing The A380s In Its Schedules

It has been over two months since Air France announced that its A380s wouldn't be taking to the skies again (at least not as a part of Air France's commercial operations) but it's only now that Air France has updated its schedules to show what aircraft it will be using on the routes that the A380 once operated.
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Air France’s Tahiti Route Returning To LAX in September

A couple of days ago I published Air France's plans for its USA routes in the months of September and October but, while the new schedules look good for SkyTeam flyers based in the US, there was no news surrounding the return of Air France's flight between Los Angeles and Tahiti which was set to return in August. Well, we now have news.
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Air France Is Reintroducing More “Normal” Meal Services Onboard

Now that airlines are trying to get their schedules back on track and tempt people back into the skies, we're seeing more and more carriers announcing the return of a little more "normality" onboard and Air France is the latest airline to confirm that passengers can expect to see improved service levels and offerings from this month onwards.
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Air France USA Routes & Frequencies For Sept/Oct 2020

Most airlines have been operating skeleton schedules for most of the past few months but, over the past few weeks, we've slowly started to see a few airlines announcing plans to increase the number of flights they offer. The latest airline to announce increased routes and services to/from the US is Air France.
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Air France Retires All Its A380 Aircraft…And Does Me A Favor

Air France hasn't shown its A380s much love for quite some time but it was still a big surprise to most when the airline took time out yesterday to announce that it was retiring all of its A380 aircraft with immediate effect.
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Air France Launches Domestic Business Class Service

One of the oddities of Air France is that although it offers one of the best First Class long-haul cabins, some excellent long-haul Business Class cabins and (admittedly mediocre) Business Class cabins on short-haul routes traveling outside of France, the airline hasn't offered a premium cabin domestically for years.
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Air France Making Positive & Negative Changes To Its San Francisco Service

Sometimes it can be quite amazing what a difference an aircraft swap can make and a recent change of heart by Air France is a great example of how an airline's decision on which aircraft to use can make a significant difference (both positive and negative) to its offering on any given route.
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Air France Will Start Installing More Efficient Overhead Bins From 2020

Air France is the latest airline to take steps to alleviate the overcrowding problem in its aircrafts' overhead bins by announcing that it will begin fitting Safran Cabin's newest ECOS luggage compartments to its A320 and A321 aircraft.
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Air France Takes Delivery Of Its First Airbus A350-900 (First Impressions)

Air France has taken delivery of its first Airbus A350-900 aircraft which is set to make its first commercial flight in just 10 days' time. The new aircraft, the first of 28 Airbus A350's that Air France expects to integrate into its fleet, will be rolled out to 6 destinations by 2020.
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BIG DEAL: Air France Business Class To North America From €1,299/$1,430 (Companion Fare)

Air France has launched a truly fantastic companion fare deal (2 people must travel together) in which it's offering non-stop Business Class fares between France and North America for as little as €1,299/$1,430 roundtrip. 
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DEALS: KLM/Air France UK Sale Is Back – Business Class Fares From Just £1,117

KLM and Air France are back with a new UK sale (presumably to compete with the British Airways sale that's currently in progress) and with this sale offering deals to North American destinations as well as to destinations in the Caribbean, the Middle East, Asia, and Africa, there should be something here for most people.
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Air France Introduces New Business Class Meals For North America Flights

Air France is well-known for partnering with French Michelin-starred chefs when it comes to creating meals for its Business Class and First Class cabins across all its worldwide routes…but now the airline has turned to an American for some culinary inspiration.
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Book USA – Europe Roundtrip Business Class From $1,847

As big a fan as I am of the Air France 777-300ER Business Class cabin I have to admit that I don't really pay too much attention to the Air France/KLM websites because, historically, I haven't found very much use for it (outside of the times where I found a fare elsewhere and then headed over the site to get the fare ticketed). Well, my lack of interest may have been a little foolish because I just discovered that KLM offers a very useful webpage which lists out all the current Business Class fares on offer for travel out of the United States to Europe, Africa, and India.
Air France New A330 Business Class Seat

KLM/Air France UK Business Class Sale – Caribbean Fares From £1,549 Roundtrip

KLM and Air France appear to be offering more and more Business Class sales for travel origination in the UK (I'm starting to think this is a regular monthly occurrence) and some of the deals the airlines are offering right now are well worth checking out if you're looking to fly to Asia, the Caribbean, South America or Africa.
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KLM/Air France UK Business Class Sale – Great Deals To Many Destinations (Christmas Travel...

KLM and Air France are back with another Business Class sale for departures out of the UK and this one may be very tempting for UK travelers who prefer not to have to position into Europe to get the best deals. All the sale prices are for flights which will require a connection in either Amsterdam or Paris but as all the flights originate at the UK's major airports that shouldn't be too much of an issue.
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FARE ALERT: JFK – Moscow Business Class From Just $1,735 [SkyTeam]

Some links to products and travel providers on this website will earn Traveling For Miles a commission that helps contribute to the running of...
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Air France Unveils Its Michelin-Starred Chef’s Business Class Dishes For 2Q 2019

Air France is one of the few airlines that regularly updates us on what it's offering customers onboard. Most airlines rotate their menus reasonably frequently (especially in premium cabins) but I can't think of another airline that's as keen to share what it serves onboard as Air France - I take that as a good thing.
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Airfare Alert: Air France/KLM Business Class Sweden – Bangkok From $1,716

Air France/KLM have published a very good fare for travel between Sweden and Bangkok throughout most of the current booking period. If you're careful with your flight choices and fly with Air France the long-haul flights to and from Asia will be operated by the airline's new Boeing Dreamliners meaning that flyers are guaranteed to be traveling in the excellent Air France reverse herringbone Business Class cabin.
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Air France Reavels Its New First Class ‘Comfort Kit’

Last month, more than a little late, Air France announced its new First Class meals for the first quarter of 2019 and we heard about the new amenity kits that the airline has introduced for Business Class and Premium Economy passengers.Now Air France has unveiled its new La Première (First Class) 'comfort kit' which has debuted onboard in the past few days.
Air France New A330 Business Class Seat

Air France Is Now Flying Its New A330 Business Class Cabin (Premium Economy &...

An Air France Airbus A330-200 aircraft took off from Paris-Charles de Gaulle on its route to Accra yesterday and, ordinarily, this would really classify as "news"...but this aircraft was a little different. This particular Air France A330 is the first of 15 such aircraft to feature the airline's new A330 Business Class cabin as well as refurbished Premium Economy and Economy Cabins.
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Air France Announces New First Class Meals For 1Q 2019

It's a busy time of year for airline catering departments as new menus and meals are launched in an attempt to keep passengers happy for another few months.  Last week we had Air France announcing the latest creations from its Michelin-starred chefs for the first few months of the year, yesterday Cathay Pacific announced its new meals across all long-haul cabins and now we have Air France back again to let us know about the creations we can expect in its First Class "La Première" cabin.
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Air France Unveils Its Michelin-Starred Chef’s Business Class Dishes For 1Q 2019

Air France is one of the few airlines that regularly updates us on what it's offering customers onboard. Most airlines rotate their menus reasonably frequently (especially in premium cabins) but I can't think of another airline that's as keen to share what it serves onboard as Air France - I take that as a good thing.
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Good SkyTeam Business Class Fares From Madrid To Multiple US Cities (From $1,789)

Delta and its SkyTeam partners have released a few good Business Class fares for travel between Madrid and at least 5 US cities for travel starting almost straight away so, if you're looking to head to the US, these could be an economical way to get there in a little bit of comfort.
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Air France Launches New Amenity Kits & A New A La Carte Menu

Air France has launched a set of limited edition amenity kits to celebrate its 85th anniversary and has announced a new a la carte dining menu for Economy and Premium economy passengers who are happy to pay a little extra to swap out the meals offered as part of their fare.
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Air France Is Launching A New Healthy Menu On Its Long-Haul Flights

From tomorrow, 9 January 2019, Air France is launching a new premium a la carte menu called "healthy" (I hope they didn't pay anyone to come up with that name!) and, according to the airline, it will offer a "light and balanced" option "inviting customers to enjoy fresh, gourmet products on board a long-haul flight".
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Flying Air France Out Of Paris CDG? You Can Now Check Your Bags In...

Air France has partnered with the French national train operator to offer passengers departing Paris Charles de Gaulle the opportunity to check their bags at a central Paris railway station on the day of their flight.
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FARE ALERT: Helsinki – Dubai Roundtrip Business Class From $1,042/€920

Air France & KLM are currently offering a fantastic Business Class fare for travel between Helsinki and Dubai and the fare is available for multiple months of 2019.
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Attention AvGeeks: Air France Will Sell You Accessories Made From Concorde Seats

If you've been struggling to find a gift for the AvGeek in your life Air France may be able to help you out. Soon, and for a limited time, you'll be able choose to buy up to three new products that have been created from the fabric used to cover the seats in Air France's Concorde fleet.
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Air France Launches New Amenity Kits

If you’ve flown in Air France Premium Economy or Business Class this month you may have noticed that the airline has refreshed two of its onboard amenity kits for the second half of the year (I haven’t heard about any changes to the First Class offering). The new amenity kits debuted on flights back on 1 July and they will be offered onboard through 31 December 2018.
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Air France Integration Coming To Amazon Alexa

I've just bought an Amazon Echo Dot. It was on sale, it wasn't expensive and I wanted to see what it could do. So far I've managed to get it to pair it with my Sonos speakers (but haven't managed to get to to play anything other than Amazon Music) and I've managed to pair it with with my TV (but it refuses to control it) so you could say that my Amazon Alexa experiment is a work in progress - I'm still not sure just how useful it is.
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Joon Takes Over Another Air France Route

Air France has been slowly ceding it's less popular routes (or the routes with increased low-cost competition) to Joon and now the lower-cost carrier is getting a new destination courtesy of Air France.
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Excellent Business Class Fares Between Warsaw & China/Hong Kong/Thailand/India/South Korea

Blog posts about good Business Class sales between Europe and Asia usually center around Qatar Airways and, occasionally, Finnair....but this time neither of those airlines is involved. Surprisingly, at least to me, SkyTeam is currently offering a selection of excellent Business Class fares between Warsaw and various cities in Asia.
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News: Etihad Will Fly Dreamliners To Geneva, Air France Heads To Nairobi & More

A round-up of some of the latest news items that didn't really warrant a whole article each but that could be of interest nonetheless. Includes details of a n improvement in the Etihad offering to Switzerland, news of the latest hotel opening in Sydney and details of Air France's new route to Kenya.
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Air France Will Finally Refurbish Its Airbus A380s….But Not Until 2020

The Air France A380s that are currently flying around the world offer one of the oldest style Business Class cabins offered by a major European airline. When I tell you that British Airways Club Wold is more progressive than the Air France A380 offering you should get some idea of what we're dealing with here - the Business Class cabin doesn't even offer true lie-flat seats.
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Air France Launches Seattle Service From Summer 2018

Air France has announced that it will launch a non-stop service between Paris Charles de Gaulle and Seattle from summer 2018 using its Boeing 777-200 aircraft.
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Review: Air France Business Class 777-300ER (CDG-JFK)

Air France would appear to start its international boarding process earlier than most airlines I've flown because, when I got to the gate with a little over an hour to go before departure, I was faced with a sea of travelers ahead of me and boarding had already started.
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How Air France & Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport Gave Me Quite A Shock

Thanks to the purser on my flight from Madrid I had a very good idea of where I had to go once I arrived at Paris Charles deGaulle but, after I had disembarked off the short-haul flight, I still stopped by the first set of information screens to check what gate my New York bound flight would be departing from.
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Review: Air France A320 Business Class (MAD-CDG)

This was my first flight on Air France in years (I'm not even sure I remember the last time I flew with the airline), it was my first flight in Air France's short-haul Business Class and my first flight in an Air France A320. That's a lot of "firsts". Combine those facts with the fact that I'd just flown in to Madrid on an Iberia A320 and you'll see why I was interested to see what Air France would offer.
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Air France-KLM Launching A New Airline

Air France-KLM has announced that it will be forming a new company with the aim of competing directly with the three major Middle Eastern airlines. The airline announced the news as part of its "Trust Together " project aimed at restoring Air France-KLM to profitability and to a "leadership position" in the airline industry.
Air France/KLM Germany to Singapore Business Class Fare

Air France-KLM To Add WiFi To International Routes But A380 Refurbishment Is Put Back

As I mentioned in a post earlier today, I've got the opportunity to try out a few non-oneworld airlines in the coming months and, thanks to a generous Amex promotion, it looks as if Air France and/or KLM are going to be on my radar....so I'm paying a bit more attention to the news they're releasing. This week we've had both good news and bad news from Air France-KLM but I'll start with the good news first.
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AMAZING! Delta Business Class Fares Madrid – New York From $1,052!

I have no idea what's going on over at Delta but there are some ludicrously low Business Class fares available right now for travel between Madrid and New York. Not only are the fares absolutely fantastic but they're also available through May 2017!
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RoundUp: Qatar Adds Chiang Mai, New Austrian Codeshare Partner & ANA’s “Doctor On Board”

A roundup of some of the recent airline news that's interesting and possibly even useful but that didn't really merit a whole post of its own - Qatar Airways adds a new route, ANA has a new inflight health initiative, Air France decides a new "sleep suit" is what their La Première customers want and Austrian Airlines partners with a low cost carrier in Asia.
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News Links: It’s Now Easier To Join PreCheck, Marriott Rewards Promotion, Ultra Long Range...

Various bits of travel-related news from around the Web. Including a new aircraft that could possibly fly further than you'd want to, TSA are going to work longer to make your life easier, Marriott and Hertz want to give you some points (in return for your money) and more.
Air France Copenhagen to Los Angeles

Friday Fare Alert (1): Copenhagen – Los Angeles, Air France, From $461 (£307/€415)

Fare Alert: Air France (SkyTeam) has posted a good fare between Copenhagen and Los Angeles for travel between November 2015 and March 2016.
Air France/KLM Germany to Singapore Business Class Fare

Singapore Fare Alert (2): AF/KLM Business Class From $2,028/£1,350/€1,810

Air France/KLM have a couple of great fares available to book right now for travel to Singapore. And with travel dates from January through to the end of the booking period in August of 2016 there are plenty of dates to choose from.
Virgin Atlantic B787-9

Airline News Roundup: US Airlines Face Lawsuits, New A350 First Class, Qantas Gets HBO...

A round up of some of the latest news from the airline industry that I've noticed over the past few days - some may...
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News Round Up: Hilton Singapore Offer, New Radisson Blu In Cape Town & More

Bits & Pieces that don't warrant a post of their own. Hilton Singapore Offer: To honour Singapore's Golden Jubilee celebrations the Hilton Singapore and the Conrad...
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Good Business Class Fares From Europe to Asia (OneWorld/Star Alliance/SkyTeam)

We've found some found some reasonably good business class fares for anyone looking to fly out of Europe to Asia in September/October/November this year. If...

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