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Finnair is bringing its new Business Class & Premium Economy cabins to Miami

Towards the beginning of the year, Finnair surprised quite a few people when it unveiled a new and very different Business Class seat alongside its long rumored Premium Economy Cabin. Since then, we've seen the new cabins appearing on select routes to Asia as well as on a couple of Finnair's US routes, and now they're coming to Miami. 
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Finnair is bringing its new Business & Premium Economy cabins to the United States

Back in February, Finnair surprised the world when it unveiled a new (and different) Business Class seat alongside a new Premium Economy Cabin. At the time, it was thought that until a significant number of Finnair's long-haul aircraft had been retrofitted with the new cabins, the new seats would be limited to the airline's Asia routes but as it turns out, that's not going to be the case.
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Finnair’s delayed Dallas route will launch in 3 days

In the past year, we've seen Finnair placing more emphasis on the US market with the addition of new services to Miami, Los Angeles, and New York as well as the promise of a new service to Seattle from 1 June. The airline was also supposed to be launching flights between Helsinki and Dallas/Fort Worth in February but for reasons that Finnair never really clarified, that route was delayed. 
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This is the new Finnair Premium Economy cabin

Earlier today I wrote about Finnair revealing an entirely new Business Class cabin but, arguably, the bigger news of the day was that Finnair has also said that it will be fitting a Premium Economy cabin to all of its long-haul aircraft for the first time in its history.
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Finnair unveils its new Business Class Cabin

Finnair has been teasing this for weeks, but today the teasing ended and the airline finally unveiled its new Business Class cabin, a reworked Economy Class cabin, and announced that it will be introducing a long-haul Premium Economy cabin for the first time in its history. This post will look a the new Business Class cabin while subsequent posts will explore the new Economy and Premium Economy cabins. 
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Finnair will launch yet another new US route in 2022

As far as its US network is concerned, it has been a big six months for Finnair. In July it announced a new service between Stockholm and Miami, in September it announced new routes from Stockholm to Los Angeles and New York, and in November it announced a new route between Helsinki and Dallas Fort Worth that's set to launch in February 2022. Now the airline has gone a step further and announced yet another new US Route which will launch in summer 2022.
Finnair A350 Business Class Seat

Finnair Europe Black Friday Sale: Great Business Class fares to Asia & USA

Finnair has launched its Black Friday sale and in contrast to a lot of the other airline sales that we've been seeing, this one is definitely worth a closer look. Great deals are available out of at least five European counties (including the UK) and while most of the good Business Class fares center around a handful of cities in Asia, there are good fares available on two of Finnair's new USA routes too.
Finnair A350 Business Class Cabin

Finnair Announces Two New US Routes & Increases Service To Chicago

Following on from its July announcement of new routes from Stockholm to Bangkok, Phuket, and Miami, Finnair has now confirmed that it plans to launch two more US routes out of the Swedish capital and that it plans to turn what has traditionally been a transatlantic summer route into a route that's operated year-round.
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Finnair Adds A New 7th Freedom Flight To The United States

Finnair has announced that it plans to base three of its Airbus A350 aircraft at Stockholm's Arlanda Airport this coming winter season and use them to operate three new 7th freedom flights. Two of these flights will be heading to Asia while the third will be crossing the Atlantic to the United States.
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Finnair’s Business Light Fares May Not Be So Bad (For Some)

For the past few days, things have been looking pretty gloomy on the Finnair Business Class fares front, but a little bit of digging has revealed that the news may not be quite as bad as we thought. In fact, the news could have been a lot worse.
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Finnair Plans To Restart Two US Routes & Will Boost Service To NYC

With most of Europe planning to open its doors to US travelers this summer, Finnair has announced that it plans to restart two of the transatlantic routes that it operated pre-pandemic and it has confirmed that it will also be increasing its flight frequencies to New York JFK.
Finnair A350 Business Class Cabin

The Airline Cancelled My Flight So This Is What I’m Going To Do

Yesterday, I got an email from British Airways to let me know that my Finnair flight from Helsinki to Los Angeles (booked for a few months' time has been cancelled) so I thought I'd write a quick post setting out how I plan to tackle this minor set back in the hope that it may give less experienced travelers an idea of how to approach any similar situations they may encounter.
Finnair A350 Business Class Seat

FARE ALERT: Los Angeles – Moscow Business Class From Under $2,400

At the beginning of April Finnair restarted non-stop service between Helsinki and Los Angeles after a 25-year hiatus and, courtesy of the restarted route, we now have a pretty decent Business Class deal for travel between LA and Moscow's Sheremetyevo Airport.
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DEAL: Finnair Business Class Stockholm – Bangkok From $1,737 Roundtrip

Today is the last day to book some of the very good Business Class fares that Qatar Airways is offering between the Nordic countries and Asia but, if those fares don't work for you or if you haven't got the time to book before the fares expire, Finnair may be able to help you out.
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Finnair Adds new Seasonal Routes To Japan & The Caribbean

Finnair has announced that it will be adding two new routes to its winter schedule for 2019/20 and, although the frequencies on the routes aren't exactly impressive, the fact that this is an airline known for the occasional great deal means that they should prove popular with oneworld flyers.
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DEAL: Roundtrip Business Class Sweden – US West Coast From $1,659 (Oneworld)

Today is the last day to book the fantastic oneworld Business Class fares on offer between Germany and the West Coast but, if you need more time to make plans or if those fares don't work for you, you now also have the option to start your journey in Sweden.
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GOOD DEAL: Oneworld Business Class Europe – Asia From $1,634 Roundtrip

Finnair is currently offering a number of good Business Class fares between Budapest and Asia so, if you're looking to get to cities like Beijing, Hong Kong or Bangkok (amongst others) in comfort, these are the fares you should probably be considering....especially as the aircraft on offer has a great Business Class cabin.
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Finnair Will Introduce A Premium Economy Cabin….But Not Until 2020

You only have to look back a little over a decade to see a time when most transatlantic airlines didn't offer a Premium Economy cabin and when the likes of British Airways and Virgin Atlantic offered a product that few others did. Air France and KLM added Premium Economy cabins in 2009 but things didn't start to speed up in the sector until 2014 when Lufthansa joined the Premium Economy club. Since then we've seen American Airlines, Iberia, Delta, LOT and United Airlines(amongst others) jump on the Premium Economy bandwagon. Now it's Finnair's turn.
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Finnair Will Offer More Flights To Asia In 2019

Finnair is a member of the oneworld alliance so if you're a fan of the American Airlines AAdvantage program or the British Airways executive club it's an airline that should be firmly on your radar.
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Finnair Adds A350 Service To Dubai

Finnair is a oneworld partner of British Airways and American Airlines so, if you like collecting and using AAdvantage Miles or Avios it's an airline you should know about and pay attention to. At one time Finnair used to offer very good Business Class deals to a lot of the destinations it serves but those deals haven't been around for a while and have probably been consigned to history......but it isn't all bad news.
Finnair Short-Haul Business Class

Review: Finnair Short-Haul Business Class (LHR-HEL)

Finnair flys its excellent Airbus A350 between London Heathrow and Helsinki on a daily basis but, as luck would have it, the A350's schedule wouldn't get me into Helsinki in time to connect on to my Qatar Airways flight to Doha so I was stuck with a narrow-body A319. I don't normally book myself into short-haul Business Class (either with miles or points) as I don't generally see the value in paying considerably more for a cabin that differs only slightly from Economy Class. On this occasion, however, I had chosen to overpay for my flight and book the frontmost cabin as the math behind the tier points I'm earning this year showed that it was the right thing to do.
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Finnair Extends Services To Chicago & San Francisco

Finnair launched its service to Chicago back in 2014 while the service between Helsinki and San Francisco only launched last summer. Both routes are seasonal summer routes for Finnair but, for summer 2018, the airline is stretching the definition of that season to include more flights to both destinations.
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BREAKING NEWS: Oneworld Transatlantic Basic Economy Fares Are Coming – Here’s What You Need...

In an announcement to the travel industry British Airways has confirmed that it and its fellow transatlantic joint venture partners will offer "unbundled fares" on select transatlantic routes from as early as next month. In plain speak this means that oneworld Basic Economy fares are about to be unleashed on the flying public. Here's everything you need to know.
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British Airways, Qatar Airways & Finnair Business Class To Asia From $1,451

British Airways, Finnair and Qatar Airways are all offering discounted Business Class fares to cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Singapore and Bangkok and, as these are all oneworld carriers, you can earn a LOT of Elite Qualifying Miles (EQM)/Tier Points and Redeemable Miles/Avios when you credit these flights to AAdvantage of the British Airways Executive Club.
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Finnair Adds More A350 Flights To Asia – Good News For Oneworld Flyers

Regular readers of this blog will know that I'm a fan of Finnair and a fan of the A350 aircraft too so, to them, it won't come as too much of a surprise when I say how happy I am that Finnair will be adding more frequencies and more capacity to two of its Asia routes and it will be doing this with its A350 aircraft.
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Finnair Will Fly To San Francisco In 2017

In news that's sure to be welcomed by oneworld flyers, Finnair has announced that it intends to operate a seasonal route between Helsinki and San Francisco from summer 2017. The Scandinavian airline plans to employ its Airbus A330-300 aircraft on the new route which will operate 3x/week.
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Finnair Airbus A350 Business Class Deals To Asia From $1,517

Finnair has a few good Business Class deals available right now for travel between Europe and Asia and, as long as you can travel between now and May or June next year (depending on the route you want to fly), you should be able to find something that works well for you. These may not be the very cheapest Business Class flights you'll find between Europe and Asia but, if you want to keep off airlines like Ukraine International and if you want to earn miles/points in OneWorld rewards programs, these are probably some of the better choices for you.
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Good Finnair Business Class Fares To Bangkok & Shanghai

While Qatar Airways is usually my go-to airline when I'm looking for good Business Class fares between Europe and Asia, Finnair comes a close second in the "who can offer the best fares?" stakes. Right now Finnair has a couple of respectable if not spectacular Business Class fares from Europe to Bangkok and Shanghai starting at $1,580/£1,210/€1,414.
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Fantastic Business Class Fares – Paris To US From $1,435 (£990/€1,282)

Last week I posted about a great Business Class fare for travel between Milan and New York which I thought would be pretty hard to beat but that's exactly what's happened. Once again the fare is for travel with the oneWorld alliance and, once again, it's Finnair that's the key to the deal.
American Airlines 767 Business Class

Business Class Milan – JFK & 35,000 Miles From $1,590 (£1,095/€1,420)

There is a great Business Class fare currently available for travel between Milan and New York JFK that's not only good value price-wise but could earn you a significant number of miles as well. The one issue is that the fare isn't available for too many dates but, if you can be flexible with your dates, this may work well for you.
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Finnair A350: Delays To Service On Select Routes

The Finnair's introduction of the Airbus A350 into their fleet was very good news for OneWorld flyers. Finnair offers some of the best value...
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Etihad “Moonlight Check-In”, Fly Finnair A350 To NYC, New Partner For Flying Blue &...

A roundup of some of the airline news from the past few days including an innovative check-in incentive from Etihad, an opportunity (albeit brief) to fly on Finnair's A350 between Helsinki and New York, a new transfer partner for the Flying Blue loyalty program and a new route for ANA's 787 Dreamliner.
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Cathay Pacific A350 To Serve Gatwick, United Throws Toys Out Of Pram & Fly...

A round up of some of the airline news from the past few days including a new route for Cathay Pacific, a cancelled route for United Airlines and another opportunity to try out Finnair's new A350 without having to fly long-haul.
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OneWorld Business Class Deals: Europe – Singapore From $1,402 (£935/€1,310)

Three of the OneWorld Alliance airlines are offering some incredibly good Business Class fares between Europe and Singapore. Sri Lankan, Finnair and Qatar Airways have all posted fares that could be very enticing for anyone looking to escape the European winter or, as some of the deals are available right away, for anyone looking to earn some end of year status miles or tier points.
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Finnair Forced To Deny IAG Takeover Rumors – Is Europe Going the Way Of...

With the ink on the Aer Lingus take over barely dry is IAG already setting its sights on its next take over target? Possibly, as yesterday Finnair was forced to issue a statement denying that negotiations with IAG are ongoing or that any contact had been made.
Finnaie A350XWB

VIDEO: Finnair Airbus A350 XWB Landing At Heathrow

Back on 15 October I took a quick day-trip to Helsinki to try out the latest Finnair aircraft - an Airbus A350XWB - which was still flying "crew orientation" flights around Europe. The Finnair Airbus A350XWB is fitted with two exterior cameras - one on the underside of the aircraft and one on/around the tail - and the cool thing is that you can watch the feeds from these cameras on the personal TV screen at your seat. This is a video of what I could see on my TV screen as we came in to land at London Heathrow Airport - I haven't edited the sound or picture in any way so the noise and the shake are very real! :)
Yes, there were teething problems. The entertainment system needed re-booting The WiFi didn't really work There were a few loose bits of plastic around the seats But flights like this are about ironing out those teething problems so that's not a complaint from me. 

Review: Finnair Business Class A350 XWB (HEL-LHR) – Part 2

In Part 1 of this review I took a look a the pre-boarding/boarding experience with Finnair and the cabins & seats on the Airbus A350XWB. In this part of the review I'll take look at the rest of the offering onboard from the entertainment and WiFi to the food and service offered.
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Review: Finnair Business Class A350 XWB (HEL-LHR) – Part 1

This was the big event and the whole point of my lightning trip to Helsinki. The Finnair A350XWB wasn't anywhere to be seen when I landed at Helsinki Airport and there was good reason for that....it was en route from Munich on another of its "crew familiarisation" trips.
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Review: Finnair Economy Class A320 (LHR-HEL)

I’m starting to find myself flying on Finnair a lot more nowadays. They’re a member of the OneWorld Alliance which means that I can credit my flights on Finnair to my American Airlines AAdvantage account. That, in turn, means that I earn AAdvantage miles as well as miles towards American Airlines status which I value quite highly.
Business Class Fares to Hong Kong

Business Class Europe – Hong Kong OneWorld/Star Alliance From $1,998 (£1,330/€1,785)

Following on from the last two days of good fares to Singapore and yesterday's emergence of a good British Airways fare to Hong Kong, a few other airlines offering good fares to Hong Kong have appeared on my radar.
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Singapore Fare Alert (1): Finnair Business Class CDG-SIN From $2,009/£1,340/€1,795

Finnair is offering business class tickets between Paris Charles-De-Gaulle and Singapore (via Helsinki) from just $2,009/£1,340/€1,795.
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More Routes: American Adds New Route To Mexico, Delta Seasonal Flights Now Bookable, New...

A round up of new routes, expanded routes, seasonal routes and route changes that have been announced over the past few days. American's New Route...
Finnair European Business Class

Review: Finnair Business Class A321 (HEL-LHR)

After a good couple of days in Helsinki and a pleasant hour in the Finnair business class lounge at Helsinki airport it was time...
Qatar Airlines OneWorld

Excellent Business Class Fares (Europe – Asia) For Next 11 Months!

Hot on the heels of the Staggeringly Cheap Fares (Europe - Los Angeles), it looks like there are also some excellent Business Class fares for flights from continental...
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Good Business Class Fares From Europe to Asia (OneWorld/Star Alliance/SkyTeam)

We've found some found some reasonably good business class fares for anyone looking to fly out of Europe to Asia in September/October/November this year. If...

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