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Etihad will offer double daily service to New York starting this summer

Etihad has announced that with advanced bookings looking strong and with demand for travel not really showing much sign of waning (despite the economic outlook), it will increase its frequencies between Abu Dhabi and New York to offer flyers in those cities a double daily service.
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[Updated] Etihad is bringing back its A380s this summer

The rumors that Etihad would bring back at least some of its A380 grew strongest in late summer and now, after a period in which the airline hasn't been saying much about its Whale Jets, we finally have news that the rumors were true. Four Etihad A380s will be returning to the skies later this year.
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Etihad is the first airline to restart non-stop service to Beijing

When Etihad flight EY888 landed in Beijing this morning at 05:25 (local time) it was a significant occasion. After all the turmoil that the past two years have thrown up, EY888 signaled the start of the first regular non-stop international passenger service to Beijing by a foreign carrier since the Chinese capital's authorities announced that services could resume.
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Etihad brings back Abu Dhabi stopover deals – 3 offers available

As the travel world continues to recover from the shock of the past two years and airlines start to see demand claiming back towards levels last seen in 2019, Etihad has brought back its stopover deals for travelers transiting through Abu Dhabi.
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Etihad confirms its return to Heathrow Terminal 4

Like all the pre-pandemic residents of T4, Etihad had to move into temporary accommodation as the pandemic ran roughshod over the travel industry and demand for flights plummeted, but with Terminal 4 now scheduled to reopen next week, the carrier has confirmed that it will be shuttering its operations in Terminals 2 and 3 and heading back to its original home.
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Etihad unveils its new A350 Business Class seats in Dubai

The Dubai Airshow is currently in full swing and amidst a few impressive fly-bys and a lot of industry talk, a cabin that a lot of us have been waiting to see has made its first public appearance - the Etihad A350-1000 Business Class cabin has finally been unveiled.
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Etihad Extends Offer Of Free COVID-19 Insurance

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Is This The End Of The Etihad A380?

The Etihad Airbus A380 is home to the most opulent way of traveling on a commercial airliner (The Residence), one of the world's best First Class seats (the Etihad First Class Suite) and it's only one of two commercial aircraft to offer an onboard shower. Sadly, if you were hoping to try out any of these indulgences you won't be doing so any time soon. 
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Etihad Expands Hand Baggage Only Fares To Select Long Haul Destinations

It was September 2018 when Etihad became the first of the Gulf carriers to introduce a "hand baggage only" fare but, unlike most other airlines that offer a similar option, Etihad has only been offering these fares on select short-haul routes in its local region. As of this month, however, things have changed and flyers can now buy Etihad's "Deal Fare" on routes further afar.
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Etihad Plans Increased Services To Chicago & New York

Etihad has joined the growing list of airlines that are scheduling increased services between their home hubs and various cites in the United States and, in some cases, restarting routes that have been mothballed since the start of the current crisis. Etihad's latest schedule changes seen the airline planning to significantly increase services to Chicago and New York in just a few weeks' time.
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Would You Buy An Etihad Travel Voucher With A 50% Bonus?

Through 24 June 2020, Etihad is selling travel vouchers with a 50% bonus as it looks to boost its cash reserves to help it ride out the current storm, but considering the state of the airline industry right now, is this an option people should be considering?
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Get 10% Off Etihad Flights With American Express (Not Targeted & Not Location Specific)

If you have an American Express card in your wallet you can probably currently get up to 10% off almost all Etihad bookings courtesy of a new offer that has appeared today. Bookings must be made by 14 September 2019 but flights can be taken at any time within the current booking window.
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Etihad Adds A 4th Daily Service To London

There’s no shortage of service between the UAE and London with Etihad currently offering 3 daily flights between Abu Dhabi and Heathrow and Emirates offering 78 flights/week between Dubai and various London Airports, but apparently, there’s still room for more.
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Great Etihad Business Class Fares From Europe to Asia/Middle East/Indian Ocean/Oceania

Yesterday I wrote about a number of very good Business Class fares that Etihad is currently offering out of Toronto (roundtrip fares start at under $1,800) and now it seems that the good deals have extended into Europe.
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GREAT DEAL: Etihad Sale From Toronto – Business Class From CA$2,353/US$1,745

Etihad has just launched an aggressive Business Class sale for departures from Toronto in which it's offering roundtrip fares from just CA$2,353 or ~US$1,745. There isn't exactly a broad set of destinations to which Etihad is offering these great deals but if you're looking to visit The UAE, India or Pakistan this is a sale you should probably be checking out.
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Offer Extended: Get 2 Nights Free Accommodation In Abu Dhabi With Etihad

Back in April Etihad unveiled a promotion in which it was offering flyers in all cabins a two-night complimentary stopover in Abu Dhabi for travel through to 15 July 2019. Now, thanks to the popularity of the promotion, Etihad has extended this deal to include travel through to the end of 2019.
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Great News: Etihad Awards Appear To Be Bookable On AA.com

Some links to products and travel providers on this website will earn Traveling For Miles a commission which helps contribute to the running of...
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Get 15% Off Etihad Bookings Made By 15 April (Select European Countries)

Etihad has launched a promotion in which it is offering up to 15% off Economy Class and Business Class bookings made by 15 April 2019 and, although the travel dates may be considered restrictive, this could add up to a very nice saving for anyone looking to fly with Etihad before the summer is out.
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You Can Now Use Etihad Guest Miles To Bid For Etihad Upgrades

Etihad introduced the concept of allowing flyers to bid for a one cabin upgrade back in 2012 but, up until now, the only form of payment Etihad recognised for upgrades was cash. This has now changed.
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Etihad Eliminates First Class To Frankfurt & Increases Capacity To Rome

Etihad has announced that it will be putting through a number of aircraft changes on its Frankfurt and Rome routes this summer and, depending on the cabin you like to book, this news could be positive or negative.
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Save $25/Person Off Etihad Flights Departing The United States

Etihad is offering US-based customers a $25 discount per person on all its flights to the UAE, India and Pakistan. Clearly this isn't a major saving but it's a saving nonetheless and, as it's valid for all cabins and valid per person (not per booking), it should be useful to quite a few people.
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GOOD DEAL: Buy Etihad Guest Miles & Book Cheap AAdvantage Awards

Etihad is currently offering a 20% bonus on the sale of its miles and this could signal a good opportunity to buy miles cheaply with a view to using them on American Airlines for great value saver awards....if you can find availability.
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Etihad Adds Seoul As Only Its 6th Airbus A380 Destination

Unlike Emirates (an airline which has more A380 aircraft than most other airlines put together) Etihad has just 10 Airbus A380s and right now those aircraft serve just 5 of Etihad's worldwide destinations. From July the airline is adding a 6th - Seoul.
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The Etihad UK Sale Is On Now – Roundtrip Business Class Fares From £1,719

Etihad has launched an Economy & Business Class sale for departures out of London and Manchester and if you don't like having to take positioning flights into Europe (to catch the excellent Qatar Airways Business Class deals) then this sale appears to offer the next best set of Business Class deals between the UK and Asia.
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Book The Etihad 15th Birthday Sale And Get Your Stopover For Free! (UK)

Believe it or not Etihad has only just turned 15 years old (it feels like it's been around a lot longer than that) and the airline is celebrating its Birthday by launching a few Business Class and Economy Class promotional fares out of London and Manchester. Not only do the promotional fares offer a discount on what the airline usually charges but they also come with a free 2-night stopover in Abu Dhabi courtesy of Etihad - i.e the airline will pay for your hotel.
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Etihad Introduces Hand Baggage Only Short-Haul Fares

Etihad has announced that it has now fully launched its "Deal Fare" which was trialled late last year and this makes the airline the first of the 3 big Middle Eastern airlines to introduce a "hand baggage only" (HBO) fare.
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Etihad Adds New Buy-Onboard Products To Its Menus

Back in December 2017 Etihad embarked on yet another "let's try to stop losing money" venture when it began offering its amenity kits for sale to all and sundry. At the same time the airline also started to offer a limited number of food and drink items for sale in the Economy Class cabin in addition to the complimentary items already offered - now that "buy onboard" range has been expanded.
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You Can Now Book Etihad Chauffeurs On The Web

It wasn't all that long ago that Etihad was truly one of the best airlines you could fly and I loved redeeming AAdvantage Miles for travel in the airlines' A380 Business Class cabin. Sadly things are a bit different now.
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News: Emirates Will Fly To Chile, Starbucks Will Do Something Pointless & Etihad Cuts...

A roundup of some of the news I've noticed over the past 48 hours including details of Emirates' new flights to Chile, news that Starbucks is going down a path that I don't understand and news that Etihad is apparently so desperate for cash that it's cutting another premium cabin benefit.
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News: Asiana Adds More Flights To Europe, Etihad Will Sell You Its Amenity Kits...

A roundup of some of the news I’ve noticed over the past few days which didn’t really merit a whole post of their own but that may well be of interest. Includes news that Etihad is now selling premium cabin amenities in Economy Class, details of Asiana's latest new routes to Europe and how to access the "secret" champagne at the new Qantas lounge in London.
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News: Etihad Will Fly Dreamliners To Geneva, Air France Heads To Nairobi & More

A round-up of some of the latest news items that didn't really warrant a whole article each but that could be of interest nonetheless. Includes details of a n improvement in the Etihad offering to Switzerland, news of the latest hotel opening in Sydney and details of Air France's new route to Kenya.
Etihad Business Class A380

New Etihad Business Class Sale Is On (UK/Amsterdam)

Etihad has launched a new Business Class sale out of various European cities and, after quick search to see what's on offer, it looks like the more interesting fares are for departures out of Amsterdam and a number of UK cities.
Etihad Business Class 777-300

Etihad Reduces Service To Los Angeles For Winter 2018

The Big 3 Middle Eastern carriers have been showing increasing signs of fragility over the past few months with various cost cutting measures that have, up until now, not been something we've associated with Etihad, Emirates or Qatar Airways. Amongst these measures have been a number of service reductions on various routes flown to the US by the ME3 and Etihad has just scheduled the latest such service cut for winter 2017/18.
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Etihad Guest Devaluations Are Coming

Etihad is currently sending out emails to its Etihad Guest rewards program members with a subject line to worry any seasoned miles and points enthusiast. No one who's been around this hobby for any length of time likes to receive an email from a rewards program where the subject line reads "An update to your programme benefits" - they're almost always bad news.
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Etihad Scraps Free Chauffeur Service For First & Business Class

Under the innocuous heading of "Etihad Airways introduces new changes to ground and inflight services" the airline has put out a press release announcing that it is to stop offering a complimentary chauffeur service to passengers booked into First and Business Class at all of its world wide destinations. The one exception to this will be Etihad's home base of Abu Dhabi.
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Etihad’s UK Sale Has Some Attractive Deals (Economy & Business Class)

Etihad is running an Economy & Business Class fare sale out of the UK and while the fares aren't exactly staggeringly fantastic there's definitely value to be had on certain routes. These Economy Class fares will probably have a pretty broad appeal while the Business Class fares will appeal most if you're a UK-based traveler for whom flying out of other European countries just to get the lower Business Class fares isn't really an option.
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Etihad Adds More Flights To Madrid & Dublin

Etihad has announced a significant increase in service between Abu Dhabi and two of its European destinations from 2017. Dublin will see services from Abu Dhabi increase from Spring 2017 while Madrid will get added flights from summer.
Etihad Business Class 777-300

Etihad Reduces Flights To The West Coast

Following last week's announcement that Etihad will be increasing service to Dallas/Ft Worth the airline has now announced that it will be decreasing service to San Francisco from early next year. Etihad will reduce it's daily service between Abu Dhabi and San Francisco to just 3 flights per week and this may go some way to expelling where the airline is getting the aircraft to operate the extra flights to Dallas/Ft Worth.
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Etihad Announces Increased Service To Dallas/Fort Worth

In an earlier post I mentioned how I expect premium cabin fares to/from the US to be nice and low next summer thanks to the likes of LOT, SAS and KLM adding new routes and more frequencies to their existing Europe-US routes. Since I drafted that post Emirates has announced a new route between Dubai and Ft Lauderdale and now Etihad has announced that it will increase the number of flights it operates between Abu Dhabi and Dallas/Fort Wort. Capacity to the US is on the up.
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Etihad Aligns Benefits Across All Its Partners & A Possible Way To Make The...

Etihad doesn't belong to an airline alliance but, thanks to its investment in a number of other airlines, it does have what it calls "a partnership". The partnership is made up of 8 airlines contains Alitalia and, more surprisingly, airberlin which is a member of the oneworld alliance. Up until now, from a flyer benefits perspective, the partnership hasn't been that well coordinated...but Etihad has just changed all of that.
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Virgin Australia Hands Over Sydney – Abu Dhabi Route To Etihad

Virgin Australia is currently in the process of moving around its Boeing 777-300ER fleet to allow the airline to resume service on the Melbourne - Los Angeles route and it looks like its Sydney - Abu Dhabi route is taking the fall. While this may not appear to be a major change (and it isn't) it could still be a nice boost for travelers hoping to use AAdvantage Miles between the Europe/Middle East and Australia.
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Etihad Sale Extended – Truly Amazing Discounts Still Available!

For the past week Etihad has been running a fantastic global sale with up to 50% off regular prices that was meant to end last night (5 September), but this has not been extended to anywhere between 9 and 14 September depending on the departure country. This is good news for those of us who meant to book one of the sale fares but got distracted and forgot (like me) and means that the spectacular Business Class fares, like Europe - Australia for under $2,000 are still around.
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Etihad Announces Service To Venice & Qatar Airways Cancels Another Route

Etihad has officially announced details of its new service between Abu Dhabi and Venice which will see the airline competing against Qatar Airways for travelers heading to the Gulf and beyond. And, speaking of Qatar Airways, the Middle Eastern carrier has quietly cancelled the launch yet another route - this time to/from Europe.
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Airberlin – Fantastic Hotel Deal With Abu Dhabi Stopover!

Air Berlin is a member of the oneworld alliance and is generally known for being a useful option for those looking to redeem Avios for flights to the US and Middle East because it doesn't charge carrier surcharges on Avios redemptions. Something that the airline is less known for is being 49% owned by Etihad, the Abu Dhabi based carrier, and that's probably why the airline has just announced a new program.
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UK News: Virgin Atlantic Service Changes, British Airways Completes 747 Refurb & More

A roundup of some of the more UK-centric news that I've noticed over the past week or so. The news includes Virgin Atlantic making changes to its Boston and Dubai operations, British Airways completing an aircraft refurbishment project and Etihad adding more A380 service to London.
Etihad 2-Class 787-9

QUICK! Fantastic Etihad Business Class Sale (Europe – Asia) Ends 30 July

I'm not going to claim that I've been searching for Etihad Business Class deals for years but it's been long enough and this could be the best Etihad Business Class sale I've come across for a while. Some of the fares are unbelievably low for travel on one of the world's best Business Class airlines. Not only are some of the fares amazing but availability is fantastic, there are numerous destinations to choose from and travel dates run from September through June 2017!
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Up To 50% Off Etihad Business Class Fares From Hong Kong

Etihad has opened up a Business and Economy Class sale for departures from Hong Kong for travel between 15 September 2016 and 31 May 2017. The airline is calling this a "50% off sale" but it's worth noting that the discounts are actually up to 50% off...so don't expect massive savings on all Etihad fares from Hong Kong.
Etihad Business Class A380

50% Off Etihad Business Class Fares From UK – Just 5 Days To Book!

Etihad has launched a very nice Business Class promotion for travel between the UK and the Middle East and beyond. The airline is offering 50% off its Business Class fares for departures from London, Manchester and Edinburgh and, while not all the fares are fantastic, there are a few great deals to be had.
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British Airways Improves Immigration At JFK & Etihad Giving Away Points For “Moonlight Check-In”

A look at a couple of stories that I've noticed over the past few days. One will help you earn easy Etihad Guest Miles if you're departing on a flight from Abu Dhabi to anywhere other than the US and the other is good news for British Airways travelers flying into New York JFK.
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Etihad Opens New First Class Lounge In Abu Dhabi

It's been a long time coming and faced a number of long delays but the Etihad First Class Lounge & Spa Abu Dhabi is finally open as of today. Without having visited the lounge in person (clearly!) I'm not in much of a position to comment on what the Etihad First Class lounge in Abu Dhabi is like so, what follows is all the information and pictures Etihad has supplied so far.

Update: Etihad To Replace Jet Airways Aircraft Sooner Than Originally Expected

Things move fast in the airline industry and, 48 hours after scheduling a series of aircraft swaps that saw the Etihad operated Jet Airways aircraft replaced from the end of October onwards, Etihad has changed the aircraft scheduling again.
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Etihad Improving Aircraft On Premium Routes

Jet Airways is a Mumbai based Indian airline in which Etihad has held a 24% stake since 2013. The airline has been hemorrhaging money for quite a while and, although their accounting figures have improved in the last year, they still posted losses of over $300m in 2015. Over the past few years Etihad has been leasing some of Jet Airway's 777-300ER aircraft - in part to patch up their own fleet until new aircraft come on-line and in part to prop up their investment. While this may have been good news for Jet Airways, it hasn't been such good news for Etihad's passengers.
Etihad Business Class 777-300

Review: Etihad Business Class 777-300 (AUH-LHR)

After a relaxing time in the Etihad Premium Lounge it was time to try out my second Etihad Business Class product of the trip - this time on their Boeing 777-300ER aircraft. I arrived at the gate after boarding had already commenced but there was no line for priority boarding so I was soon on the jet bridge looking at the aircraft that I was about to board.
Etihad 2-Class 787-9

Etihad 2-Class 787-9 Dreamliner Routes Confirmed

Etihad has a new cabin layout for some of its Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners and, with this layout, First Class is eliminated in favor of...
Etihad Business Class A380

Review: Etihad Business Class A380 (LHR-AUH) – Part 2

In part one of my review of the Etihad Business Class A380 product (posted yesterday) I concentrated on the Etihad A380 cabin and the Etihad Business Class "Business Studio" seats while, in today's post, I'll take a look at the rest of the onboard product including the entertainment, the connectivity, the food and the service provided.
Etihad Business Class A380

Review: Etihad Business Class A380 (LHR-AUH) – Part 1

This is the third post in an Etihad to Abu Dhabi trip report. Etihad To Abu Dhabi - Introduction Review: Etihad Business Class Lounge...
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Etihad “Moonlight Check-In”, Fly Finnair A350 To NYC, New Partner For Flying Blue &...

A roundup of some of the airline news from the past few days including an innovative check-in incentive from Etihad, an opportunity (albeit brief) to fly on Finnair's A350 between Helsinki and New York, a new transfer partner for the Flying Blue loyalty program and a new route for ANA's 787 Dreamliner.
China Eastern Economy Class

Airline Roundup: New Alliances, New Routes & More

A roundup of some of the latest news in the airline world including new alliances being formed, old alliances being reconfirmed, a new route to Cuba for European flyers and an increase in Asia - Chicago services.
an airplane wing with a sunset in the background

News Links: Etihad Reduces A380s From Heathrow, A US Airline To Offer Free WiFi,...

A roundup of some of the airline news from the past week - new routes, old routes restarted, airlines making travel even less comfortable....it's all in here :)

Etihad Files Response to “Open Skies” Debate

The row between the big 3 airlines in the US (American, Delta & United) and the Big 3 Middle East Carriers (Etihad, Emirates &...
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Good Business Class Fares From Europe to Asia (OneWorld/Star Alliance/SkyTeam)

We've found some found some reasonably good business class fares for anyone looking to fly out of Europe to Asia in September/October/November this year. If...
Middle East Airlines

Mayor Of Fort-Worth Sides With American In Open Skies Dispute

In other news the Pope says he's a Catholic, Le Bron says he's partial to a game of Basketball and McDonalds tell us they like...

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