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Virgin Atlantic will fly to the Maldives and the Turks & Caicos from next...

British Airways may have announced yet another route to the US yesterday, but Virgin Atlantic has just stolen all the thunder in the UK by announcing that it plans to launch services to the Maldives and the Turks & Caicos Islands in 2023.
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Virgin Atlantic delays (slightly) the introduction of its new A330-900neo aircraft

Virgin Atlantic was excited to announce that it will join the SkyTeam alliance in 2023 earlier today but what it hasn't come out and told its flyers is that it won't be launching its new A330-900neo aircraft on the originally published schedule - the inaugural flight has been pushed back by a couple of weeks.
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Big news: Virgin Atlantic will join SkyTeam in 2023

Big news in the world of airline loyalty - Virgin Atlantic has announced that it will join the SkyTeam Alliance next year and this means that Virgin Atlantic Flying Club members will soon have access to more routes and more elite benefits when flying with other SkyTeam airlines.
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A quick look at the new Virgin Atlantic A330neo Premium cabin

Virgin Atlantic recently unveiled its impressive new Upper Class (Business Class) cabin that will debut on its new A330neo aircraft and at the same unveiling, the airline also gave us a look at what the Premium (Premium Economy) cabin will look like on the same aircraft.
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I got a good look at the new Virgin Atlantic Upper Class seat &...

Last night, I was fortunate enough to attend the unveiling of the new Virgin Atlantic Upper Class seat that will debut on the airline's new A330-900neo aircraft so, for once, I didn't have to rely on a press release to get a feel for what a new seat is going to offer.
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Virgin Atlantic confirms that it will launch flights to Tampa

Following a few weeks of rumors, Virgin Atlantic has now confirmed that it plans to launch a new service between London Heathrow and Tampa later this year as it continues to grow its post-pandemic route network.
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UK drops last travel restrictions + British Airways & Virgin Atlantic drop mask requirements

While guidance has remained in place in some areas, the UK population has been free of domestic Covid restrictions for almost a month and despite a sign that hospitalisations due to Covid may be on the rise, the UK government has announced that all remaining travel restrictions are being lifted and the UK's two long-haul carriers have announced an end to mask-wearing onboard.
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The Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse at London Heathrow T3 – A Review

The Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse at London Heathrow Terminal 3 is often talked about in the same breath as some of the best airport lounges around the world so as I was passing through T3 on a recent trip, I made some time to get some pictures of the Clubhouse and to reacquaint myself with a lounge that I seem to like more each time I visit.
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Virgin Atlantic reduces service and removes the A350 on its Los Angeles route in...

If you're booked to fly with Virgin Atlantic to Los Angeles this December it may be time to check your seat reservations, and if you're considering booking Virgin Atlantic Business Class for travel to/from Los Angeles in December, it may be time to consider other options because the airline will not be flying its A350 to LAX for a period of 31 days.
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Flying Virgin Atlantic from Los Angeles? Here’s what you need to know

Following a 20 month hiatus, travel between the UK and the United States will be restarting on Monday (8 November) and if what we're hearing is true, there will be a flood of people crossing the Atlantic in the coming weeks. If you're one of those people and you plan on flying with Virgin Atlantic out of Los Angeles, the information in this post may useful.
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Limited Time: Get $50 back on Virgin Atlantic bookings with this offer [Targeted]

Earlier, I wrote about Citi bringing some easy-to-use offers for IHG properties in the United States but this targeted Citi offer isn't one that I recall ever seeing before. Targeted cardholders are being offered $50 back on all Virgin Atlantic bookings made in the US and US territories with the caveat that only bookings made before the end of October (for travel into 2022) will trigger the saving.
Virgin Atlantic A350-1000 Upper Class Cabin

Virgin Atlantic A350 Upper Class Review (New Suites – Daytime Flight)

Because something called COVID became a word all too familiar to all of us just a few months after Virgin Atlantic started offering the new Upper Class suite, it took a lot longer than I had hoped before I got to fly in the new cabin. Thankfully, earlier this year and after many cancellations and rebookings, I managed to make the most of an exceptionally good Business Class fare between London and Los Angeles to finally try out the new Virgin Atlantic product. I'm not embarrassed to say, I was very excited.
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Something To Watch: Will The Amex Platinum Cards Offer Access To Virgin Atlantic Clubhouses?

Plaza Premium seems to be on a little bit of a roll. Recently, Capital One announced that its new lounge in Denver will be operated in partnership with Plaza Premium, and now we’re hearing that Plaza Premium has just taken over the running of all Virgin Atlantic Clubhouses outside of the UK. For holders of the Platinum Card® from American Express, and the Business Platinum Card® from American Express, this may turn out to be good news.
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Virgin Atlantic Will Bring Its New Business Class To Orlando (And Other Leisure Routes)

Earlier this morning, Virgin Atlantic announced that in honor of International Women's Day it will be naming two of its aircraft after "iconic women". As praiseworthy as that gesture is, another piece of news buried within the same announcement will probably be of most interest to flyers - Virgin Atlantic will be bringing its new and hugely improved Business Class cabin to Orlando and other leisure routes.
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Virgin Atlantic Now Has One Of the Best Cancellation & Refund Policies

As global airlines slowly come to terms with the fact that travel will not be getting back to normal any time soon, and that a lot of people are still very leery of booking trips in the future, we're starting to see flexible booking policies being extended. Virgin Atlantic is the latest airline to have extended its flexible booking policy and it looks like the carrier now has one of the best policies around.
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Virgin Atlantic’s Cancellation Policy Is Excellent (And I Made Good Use Of It)

Virgin Atlantic can be a bit slow to process refunds from flights that it has cancelled (although it doesn't come close to being as slow as some airlines I could name), but the airline offers a couple of options in place of refunds and in instances where a traveler chooses to cancel a trip that are excellent and well worth highlighting.
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Pictures & Notes From The Virgin Atlantic 747 Farewell

A couple of weeks ago Virgin Atlantic hosted a very low-key farewell for the last of its Boeing 747 aircraft which, on December 21st, took off from Heathrow in Virgin Atlantic livery for the final time. I was one of just 42 incredibly fortunate people who were able to snap up tickets for the final goodbye and what follows are some of the pictures that I took on the day.
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Virgin Atlantic Will Sell Tickets To A Farewell For Its Boeing 747

Airlines like British Airways and Virgin Atlantic were set to operate their 747s for a few more years before the coronavirus rolled into town. Then, with schedules pared to the bones and with passenger numbers going through the floor, there was suddenly no viable reason to keep the uneconomical 747s in the skies. The virus saw to it that the British Airways aircraft didn't get the farewell they deserved, but now Virgin Atlantic is giving a few lucky fans the chance for one last moment in time with the Queen of the Skies.
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Virgin Atlantic Black Friday Sale (1) – Upper Class From £999 Roundtrip (UK)

Virgin Atlantic appears to be the first of the major transatlantic carriers to come out with some truly spectacular Black Friday Business Class fares for travel from the UK to the United States, the Caribbean, and select destinations in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. With Upper Class fares starting at £999 for a wide variety of routes, this is definitely a way to get people's attention.
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Virgin Atlantic Will Operate Just 14 Routes During England’s Lockdown

Virgin Atlantic has now published its flight schedules for the rest of November as the airline responds to the month-long lockdown that the British Government has imposed on England. With at most 14 routes operating between now and 2 December, Virgin Atlantic's schedule has been pared to the bone.
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Virgin Atlantic Announces A New Caribbean Route

Virgin Atlantic may still be fighting for its very existence (alongside a host of other airlines) but that hasn't stopped it from announcing a new route between the UK and the Caribbean that, all being well, it plans to launch next summer.
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Virgin Atlantic Will Offer Its New Business Class To Barbados

For the Northern Hemisphere Winter Season, Virgin Atlantic has scheduled one of its new Airbus A350-1000 aircraft to operate its route between London and Barbados. This means that customers flying in the airlines Upper Class cabin will be treated to Virgin Atlantic's best Business Class seats.
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[Updated] Virgin Atlantic Plans Three Routes To Pakistan From December 2020

Virgin Atlantic has today announced that it plans to offer three new services between the United Kingdom and Pakistan from December 2020. To some, this may seem like an odd path for Virgin Atlantic to choose, but the fact is that what we're witnessing is an airline coming to terms with a very key weakness and looking for ways to mitigate the risks that weakness brings.
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What Does The Free Virgin Atlantic Covid-19 Insurance Cover?

Virgin Atlantic has been on a roll with announcements of late and, once again, the latest announcement (published yesterday) caught most people unawares. For flight bookings for travel through the end of March 2021, the airline will offer all passengers free Covid-19 insurance with no restrictions on age, travel class, or length of journey. But what exactly does this insurance cover?
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Virgin Atlantic Will Only Be Flying To Five US Destinations By October

Virgin Atlantic has been fighting for survival for most of the summer and it's only recently that the airline has been back in the skies and flying back and forth across the Atlantic. A recent schedule update published by the airline confirmed that, for September/October 2020, it will offer customers flights to just five US destinations.
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Virgin Atlantic Plans To Be Flying To 23 Destinations By October

Virgin Airlines has been living on the edge ever since the current crisis first hit the headlines as, unlike a lot of its competitors, it found itself unable to access the aid on offer from its home government. In its fight for survival, we have seen the airline cut over 35% of its workforce and abandon one of its hub airports and we have seen multiple pleas for help from the UK government go unanswered...but the airline keeps soldiering on.
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Good News: California Will Get More A350 Service From Virgin Atlantic

In a recent schedule update, Virgin Atlantic has reversed a decision taken back in February which saw California lose the prospect of getting a new A350 route and it has added a further A350 flight to a city already served by the airline's flagship aircraft. If the schedules don't change again (admittedly that's a very big "if"), California will be getting a lot more A350 service from Virgin Atlantic starting from this fall.
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Richard Branson Is Raising $400m To Help Rescue Virgin Atlantic

"Vieco 10" probably won't mean much to most people but it's the name of the investment company owned by Virgin Group (and therefore Richard Branson) which holds a controlling interest in Virgin Galactic. Last night, in a statement to the New York Stock Exchange, Vieco 10 confirmed that it is disposing of up to 25m shares in Virgin Galactic as Richard Branson seeks to raise funds to save a number of ailing travel enterprises.
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Virgin Atlantic Is Abandoning Gatwick & Cutting Over 35% Of Its Workforce

Virgin Atlantic has just announced that it plans to "reshape and resize" its operations in a bid to survive the current crisis. With the airline struggling to raise desperately needed funds and with the British government still apparently not inclined to offer a lifeline, Virgin Atlantic says that it will be closing down its operations at Gatwick and shedding 3,150 jobs.
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Review: Virgin Atlantic Premium Economy (Airbus A330-300)

Virgin Atlantic's Premium Economy cabin is known for offering the widest seats you'll find outside of a First or Business Class cabin and, combined with the airline's reputation for friendly flight attendants, that's what made this cabin an appealing choice for an overnight flight that I had to take between Washinton D.C. and London at a time when Business Class fares were sky-high.
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This Is Pure Theatre: Virgin Atlantic Will Get Government Aid

Over the weekend, reports emerged that discussions between the UK government and Virgin Atlantic had collapsed following the airline's request for a £500m ($620) government loan to help keep it afloat. The Telegraph reported that a buyer would now have to be found if the airline was to survive and that Richard Branson had set a deadline of 31 May before the airline would be put into administration.
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Of Course Virgin Atlantic Should Be Saved…It Just Has To Be Done Correctly

There's an incredible amount of nonsense doing the rounds right now and the lastest involves suggestions that the British government shouldn't be offering assistance to Virgin Atlantic and that the airline should be allowed to go to the wall. As usual, these suggestions are coming from people with little or no understanding of what Virgin's demise would mean, people who don't understand how bailout could be structured and people who are incapable to see past their dislike of Sir Richard Branson. Hopefully, the UK government will ignore them all.
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On What Routes Does Virgin Atlantic Fly The A350 (New Business Class)

When an airline takes delivery of a new type of aircraft it's not always a key moment in its timeline but, in Virgin Atlantic's case, the day its first Airbus A350-1000 took to the skies with a planeload of passengers was the day that Virgin Atlantic finally brought its A-game to the transatlantic premium cabin table.
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Review: Virgin Atlantic Upper Class A330-300 (LHR-IAD)

It has been quite some time since I last flew with Virgin Atlantic and while my last experience in the airline's Premium Economy cabin was very good, my feelings towards the older of the Virgin Atlantic Upper Class A330 cabins were less than positive. It would be interesting to see how I felt this time around.
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The New Virgin Atlantic A350 Is Coming To LAX From 19 April 2020

I have a strange love/hate relationship with Virgin Atlantic. I love Virgin's crews, its ground staff, the atmosphere onboard its aircraft and the airline's excellent Premium Economy Class product, but I hate the airline's Upper Class seat with a passion....and that's why I've been waiting for this news for months!
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Virgin Atlantic Is Adding More Flights To Las Vegas & Orlando

I'm always happy to see airlines adding new routes or more capacity to existing routes as the more seats that airlines have to fill the harder it is for them to increase prices...and I hate paying any more than I absolutely have to for the flights I book.
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Virgin Atlantic Will Reconfigure Some of Its New Airbus A350 Aircraft

With Virgin Atlantic launching its A350 on the London – New York JFK route earlier this week there’s been quite a bit of press coverage of the new aircraft but one tidbit of information that Virgin Atlantic’s PR team put out caught my eye – not all of Virgin’s A350s will be configured in the same way.
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Virgin Atlantic’s New Business Class Cabin Is Now Available To New York

esterday was a big day for Virgin Atlantic as the airline launched its brand new Airbus A350 aircraft (complete with new cabins) on its London - New York (JFK) route. With British Airways not scheduled to operate an aircraft with its new Club Suite on its own London - New York route until late October, Virgin Atlantic has stolen a march on one of its biggest competitors.
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Great News! Virgin Atlantic Makes Another US City Its Second A350 Destination

Although British Airways has now scheduled a couple of reconfigured 777 aircraft (complete with its new Business Class cabin) to operate between London and New York later this year, Virgin Atlantic has managed to steal a march on its competitor by scheduling its first four A350 aircraft to serve the New York market....and it's stolen a march in another US market too.
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Virgin Atlantic Expands New Business Class Cabin Service To New York

Virgin Atlantic will be introducing its new A350-1000 to London Heathrow – New York JFK route from 10 September, and the reason for all the excitement surrounding the introduction of the A350 to Virgin’s schedules it that the aircraft comes equipped with Virgin’s new Upper Class (Business Class) cabin.
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DEAL: Fly Virgin Atlantic’s New Upper Class Cabin From £1,359 Roundtrip

Virgin Atlantic only recently announced the flights on which you can try out its new Upper Class suite and now it looks as if the airline has loaded a very good fare on which you can try it out.
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NEWS: Virgin Atlantic Schedules First A350 Service From September

Virgin Atlantic will be taking delivery of its first Airbus A350-1000 aircraft over the summer and the aircraft will come with the airline's all-new Upper Class Cabin. We've known for a while that the Virgin Atlantic A350-1000 would debut on the London - New York route, but there hadn't been any sign of the aircraft appearing in the schedules...until today.
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Virgin Atlantic Follows Delta & Orders The A330-900neo

Delta and Virgin Atlantic have been growing closer and closer since the US carrier bought a controlling stake in Virgin back in 2012 so, with both airlines often saying that they're looking to offer passengers a similar experience regardless which carrier they fly with, it was only a matter of time before Virgin Atlantic followed Delta's lead and chose the Airbus A330-900neo to replace part of its aging fleet.
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Virgin Atlantic’s New Upper Class Cabin – My First Impressions

On April 8th Virgin Atlantic released details of the new Business Class seat it will be installing on its soon to be delivered Airbus A350-1000 aircraft and the new seat received a mixed reception.
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Delta & Virgin Atlantic Plan Increased Service Between The East Coast & London

Delta and Virgin Atlantic have announced that they will begin to offer non-stop service to London's Gatwick Airport from Boston Logan and New York JFK in summer 2020.
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Virgin Atlantic Confirms A New Route To Sao Paulo (Good For Low Surcharge Awards)

Earlier today Virgin Atlantic's Twitter account put out a teaser suggesting that the airline would be announcing a new route to a destination in the southern hemisphere which has more than 6,000 pizzerias and is "famous for football" (soccer). That destination has now been confirmed as Sao Paulo, Brazil.
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Is This Evidence That Virgin Atlantic Will Not Introduce A Suite In Business Class?

Later this year Virgin Atlantic will be taking delivery of its first Airbus A350-1000 aircraft and with it the airline will be introducing new Premium Economy and Business Class cabins...but we know next to nothing about what to expect from the new products.
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FARE ALERT: Brussels – Shanghai Roundtrip Business Class From $1,735 (BA/Virgin Atlantic)

Virgin Atlantic and British Airways are both currently offering very good Business Class deals for travel between Brussels and Shanghai for travel though to the end of the current booking period.
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Virgin Atlantic Adds Tel Aviv To Its Network – I Don’t Get It

Over the weekend Virgin Atlantic announced that it plans to launch flights between London and Tel Aviv from September this year. This route has been rumored for quite some time so it's not surprising to see Virgin Atlantic launching a flight to Israel but I'm not convinced it's a good idea.
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The UK High Court Forces A Virgin Atlantic Pilots Union To Cancel Its Christmas...

Here's a bit of good news for Virgin Atlantic flyers this holiday season - your travels should now be free from industrial action and, all things remaining the same, Virgin's flights should be operating as normal for the next few weeks.
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Virgin Atlantic Winter Sale Now On (UK)

Virgin Atlantic has now launched its winter sale for departures from the UK and there are a few deals available which are worth investigating if you're looking to fly across the Atlantic to the US or the Caribbean or if you're looking for flights to select cities in Asia and South Africa.
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Some Virgin Atlantic Pilots Are Planning To Strike Over The Holidays

Some links to products and travel providers on this website will earn Traveling For Miles a commission which helps contribute to the running of...
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Virgin Atlantic Says That It Won’t Be Flying Its New A350 To Newark On...

The schedule currently shows that Virgin Atlantic's daily flight between London and Newark on 9 September 2019 will be operated by an Airbus A350-1000 aircraft so, despite the fact that all the hints from the airline have suggested that Virgin would first deploy the new aircraft on one of its routes to Asia, the evidence suggests that this where and when we'll first see the Virgin Atlantic A350-1000 in commercial flight....but this may not actually be the case.
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Virgin Atlantic A350-1000 First Flight & Seat Map Revealed (Possibly)

Earlier today I wrote about the fact that Virgin Atlantic will be introducing a new Business Class seat and revamped Premium Economy and Economy Class cabins when it unveils its Airbus A350-1000 aircraft scheduled to be delivered in 2019. At the time of writing that was all the information that was was generally available but now we may know a little more. Virgin Atlantic hinted that the first routes the A350-1000 will be deployed on will be its routes to Asia but that not may turn out to be the case - it looks as if New York will be getting the first Virgin Atlantic A350-1000 service.
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Virgin Atlantic May Be About To Get A Lot More Interesting For Premium Cabin...

Virgin Atlantic has a solid Premium Economy product, a pretty reasonable Economy Class product (or so I'm told - I haven't flown it in years) and a truly terrible Business Class product. I tried out the Virgin Atlantic A330 Upper Class (Business Class) seat on an overnight flight not all that long ago and it's one of the only Business Class seats that has ever made me wish I was back in British Airways Club World. I genuinely have no idea how a modern, European airline gets away with such a bad seat....but deliverance may be on the way.
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Delta & Virgin Atlantic Are Opening A London Pub (Temporarily)

Some links to products and travel providers on this website will earn Traveling For Miles a commission which helps contribute to the running of...
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GOOD FARE: Los Angeles To Europe From $464 Roundtrip

Right now there’s a very good Economy Class fare available between Los Angeles and Europe which isn’t on a low-cost carrier and isn’t a Basic Economy fare either so you’ll have a carry-on and checked luggage allowance included in the cost.
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Warning: If You’re Booked With Virgin Atlantic Check Your Seat Reservations

Virgin Atlantic has made a large number of changes to the type of aircraft it will be using on flights out of London and Manchester so if you have reserved specific seats on a flight for late this year (or early 2019) I would check to see if those reservations are still in place.
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Traveling Virgin Atlantic Economy Class? Avoid These Aircraft!

Towards the end of January I wrote about the new Airbus A330-200 aircraft Virgin Atlantic has brought into its fleet and, at the time, I focused my thoughts on the lack of a Premium Economy cabin and the different Business Class cabin that the aircraft currently have. I should have looked closer at the Economy Class cabin.
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Virgin Atlantic Is The Latest Airline To Offer Basic Economy (Hand Baggage Only) Fares

Delta, Air France/KLM led the way with transatlantic Basic Economy fares, last week the oneworld airlines joined in and now Virgin Atlantic has also announced that it will start offering Basic Economy (aka "hand baggage only) fares across the Atlantic within the next few months. Virgin Atlantic is actually doing things slightly differently to the other legacy airlines in that it's sub-dividing its Economy Class cabin into three separate offerings each of which offers a little bit more that the last.
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Look Out For Virgin Atlantic’s “New” Aircraft

I'm not exactly a fan of Virgin Atlantic's Upper Class product (at least not the A330 product I tried) but the airline's Premium Economy product is actually pretty good (for what it is) and, as I'm keen to give Virgin another go across the Atlantic, it was with interest that I noted that the airline is taking delivery of four new aircraft.
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I Couldn’t Bring Myself To Book This Great Business Class Fare – Here’s Why

Every now and again I find myself taking a path that I'm not sure too many other people would take given similar circumstances. It's no secret that I like to travel in premium cabins wherever possible (at least on long-haul routes) but sometimes not even a great price can persuade me to pull the trigger on a fare when something doesn't feel quite right.
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Will Richard Branson Get To Kick Willie Walsh Where It Hurts? (Oh How I...

I really don't like Willie Walsh. I've never met the man and I have no wish to meet him, but anyone who thinks it's a good idea to stand up at a investors briefing in front of a slide that reads "show me the f*cking money" and then repeats the phrase is an idiot in my book.
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Virgin Atlantic Is Adding More Seats On Select Routes To The US

The latest schedule changes posted to the reservations systems show Virgin Atlantic taking over one of the USA - UK routes currently operated by Delta as well as adding extra seats to two US cities out of its Manchester base. if you're looking for Premium Economy seats the news is good but, on the other hand, if you're hoping to book Upper Class rewards I'd brace for disappointment.
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Virgin Atlantic’s Refurbished A330’s Announced On More Routes

It wasn’t all that long ago that I posted a review of the Virgin Atlantic A330 “Upper Class” cabin and I concluded that it was possibly the worst modern Business Class cabin I’ve tried out. It was terrible. It would appear that Virgin Atlantic may agree with me (at least to a degree) as it is in the process of refitting its A330s with a different Upper Class cabin.
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Review: Virgin Atlantic A330 Upper Class (Business Class)

When booking our flights from New York to London on Virgin Atlantic I'd had a decision to make: Do I book us to fly out of JFK where Virgin has a highly lauded Clubhouse lounge and fly on an Airbus A330 or do I book us to fly out of Newark (where the lounge isn't really anything special) and fly on Virgin's Dreamliner which is reported to have the best Upper Class cabin?
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Review: Virgin Atlantic A330 Premium Economy

Joanna and I had been planning to visit New York for some time and we were still in the middle of making our plans when the travel Gods smiled down on us in two wonderful ways. First Virgin Atlantic came out with some fantastic premium cabin fares for travel between London and New York and then Amex came out with an offer of $200 off a $1,000 spend with Delta.....and it doesn't really get better than that.
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Here’s A Fantastic Use Of Virgin Atlantic Flying Club Miles

Last week Virgin Atlantic announced quite a big shake up in how it calculates the miles and tier points flyers will earn when flying on Delta and crediting their trips to the airline's Flying Club program. On top of that Virgin also changed the number of miles needed to book awards on Delta with Economy Class awards generally decreasing in cost but some Business Class award increasing in cost by over 70%. Award costs and earnings on Delta had long been out of step with earnings and award costs for flights taken on Virgin Atlantic so it was only a matter of time before Virgin put through the changes needed to align the two - that's what last week's announcement was all about.
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BREAKING NEWS: Virgin Atlantic Changes Earnings & Award Costs On Delta

Virgin Atlantic has just announced some big and wide-reaching changes to rules governing how many miles Flying Club members will earn when flying on Delta, how many Flying Club miles members will need to book awards on Delta and how many Tier Points members will earn when flying on Delta. These changes are very significant!
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Virgin Atlantic To Add 3rd Daily Service To Los Angeles – Good News For...

Virgin Atlantic has announced that, just in time for its co-habitation agreement with Delta at LAX Terminal 2, it will be adding a third daily service between London Heathrow and Los Angeles from May 2017. The move will give Virgin Atlantic more non-stop daily flights between Heathrow and Los Angeles than its arch rival British Airways......although BA, as part of its joint business agreement with American Airlines, will still have a share of four daily flights between the two cities.
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Major Virgin Atlantic Flying Club Changes – In Easy Summary Form

Yesterday afternoon Virgin Atlantic put though a series of major changes to its Flying Club rewards program that not many of us saw coming. The changes are widespread and affect all aspects of the Flying Club program including; how many miles are earned, how many miles are needed for award flights, what bonuses elite flyers are awarded and how many tier points flyers can earn. I'm in the middle of a manic trip right now so, rather than dissect the changes and critique each one individually, I've put together some summary tables together with some bullet points that will hopefully illustrate what's changing and when.
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Virgin Atlantic Worldwide Sale Is Now On!

Virgin Atlantic has launched a UK sale to most (possibly all?) of the destinations that it flys to and the sale is across all of the cabins that it operates - so Premium Economy and Upper Class are included as well as Economy Class. Tickets for the sale fares must be booked by 21 September 2016 although the dates for which the sale fares are valid vary from location to location.
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UK News: Virgin Atlantic Service Changes, British Airways Completes 747 Refurb & More

A roundup of some of the more UK-centric news that I've noticed over the past week or so. The news includes Virgin Atlantic making changes to its Boston and Dubai operations, British Airways completing an aircraft refurbishment project and Etihad adding more A380 service to London.
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Delta/Virgin Atlantic Business Class From $1,787/£1,350 (UK – New York)

Manchester appears to be the center of a mini fare war between American Airlines and Delta/Virgin Atlantic and this is great news for UK-based travelers. I'm running two back-to-back posts today which separate out the Delta/Virgin and American Airlines fare to make each a little easier to read and digest - this post details the Delta/Virgin Atlantic fare so, if you're looking for the American Airlines fare follow this link.
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Delta & Virgin Atlantic Add & Swap Routes Between The US and UK

Delta and Virgin Atlantic may not be part of the same worldwide alliance but they've been very strongly connected ever since Delta took a 49% stake in Virgin Atlantic back in 2013. It wasn't long after the tie-up with Delta that Virgin Atlantic started to withdraw from a lot of its non US/Caribbean routes to focus on the leisure sector between the US and the US.
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Virgin Atlantic Launching New Route To Seattle

There's been no announcement from Virgin Atlantic and, as far as I can tell there haven't even been any rumors of this in the travel press but, according to the latest schedule update, Virgin Atlantic is launching a new non-stop flight between London and Seattle in 2017.
Virgin Atlantic 747

Virgin Atlantic Reward Seat Sale: Europe-USA From 12,250 Miles

Virgin Atlantic Flying Club is holding a Reward Seat Sale and they're doing a particularly bad job of advertising it. The promotion doesn't appear anywhere on...
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Virgin Atlantic Delays Deployment of 787-9 On Dubai Route & Norwegian Updates Gatwick 787-9...

Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner News: Virgin Atlantic delays its aircraft deployment on the Heathrow - Dubai route while Norwegian shows its hand with planned 787-9 routes from Gatwick to all over the US.
Virgin Atlantic Upper Class Fares

Virgin Atlantic Upper Class: New York (JFK) – Paris (CDG) $2,200 R/T

I've been looking for a decent Virgin Atlantic Upper Class fare for some time (you may have noticed I haven't posted a single Virgin Atlantic airfare deal before today) and, while $2,200 R/T may not be fantastic compared to some of the amazing Business Class deals we've seen across the Atlantic in 2015, this is definitely one of the better Virgin Atlantic Upper Class fares I've spotted for a while.
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Virgin Atlantic 747 Services Ending Sooner & Vueling Adds Another Gatwick Route

Virgin Atlantic are clearly in a hurry to send their Boeing 747-400 aircraft to the boneyard. Originally the last Virgin Atlantic 747 services out of Heathrow were scheduled for 17 & 19 April 2016...but that was brought forward to 20 & 21 February in August of this year. Now the airline has announced that its last 747-400 flights out of Heathrow will take place on 12 & 13 January 2016.
Virgin Atlantic B787-9

Airline News Roundup: US Airlines Face Lawsuits, New A350 First Class, Qantas Gets HBO...

A round up of some of the latest news from the airline industry that I've noticed over the past few days - some may...
London O2 Arena

Delta And Virgin Atlantic Opening a Lounge Bar in London

Back in April, Amex announced that they're opening a private lounge for cardholders in London's O2 Arena and now, it seems that Delta and Virgin...
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Virgin Atlantic To Provide Satellite Based “High-Speed” Internet

Virgin Atlantic isn't an airline that automatically springs to mind for most US based travellers. Although they fly out of eight major US cities...

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