Qatar Airways Adds Qsuite Service To Another UK Airport

Thanks to the introduction of new aircraft and the increased speed with which Qatar Airways is refitting its older aircraft, the Qsuite Business Class cabin is not nearly as hard to find and book as it once was...but it's still exciting to see it being rolled out to more and more new cities.

Qatar Airways Announces 8 New Routes (And One Is Great News For Me)

Qatar Airways is undoubtedly one of the best airlines in the world (especially if you're flying in Business Class) and thanks to some of the amazing premium cabin fares that it offers between Europe and Asia it's also one of the more popular airlines too. That's why the news that the airline is launching 8 new routes between March and November 2020 will bring a smile to quite a few people's faces...and to mine in particular thanks to one specific route coming later this year.

Qatar Airways Qsuites Review – A350-1000 (DOH-LHR)

The Qatar Airways Qsuites are considered by many to be one of the very best Business Class products around so it was with great interest that I booked myself on a Qatar Airways A350-1000 (flying between Doha and London Heathrow) to see just exactly how great the world's first Business Class suite really is.

Two More US Cities Will Get Qatar Airways Qsuites Service This Year

Qatar Airways has gradually been increasing the number of aircraft and number of routes on which it offers its highly acclaimed Qsuites Business Class cabin and 2020 will be the year in which all of the airline's US routes will finally offer passengers Qatar's premium Business Class cabin.

Review: Qatar Airways A380 Business Class (Perth – Doha)

It has been a while since I've posted a review of the Qatar Airways A380 aircraft and that's probably because, despite the fact that I fly with Qatar Airways reasonably frequently, I rarely seem to find myself traveling on routes where the airline offers its largest aircraft. On a recent trip to Australia that all changed and I found myself booked on the Qatar Airways whale-jet for the 11+ hour flight between Perth and Doha.
Qatar Airways A350-1000 Qsuite

Fly Qatar Airways Qsuites USA – Bangkok From $2,774 Roundtrip

The Qatar Airways Qsuites are one of the very best Business Class products in the world and here in the US we're lucky to have the product on offer out of multiple cities around the country. Sadly, it's usually pretty expensive to book Qatar Airways Business Class out of the US so when the cabin is bookable at a notable discount it's definitely newsworthy. Right now is one of those times.
Qatar Airways A350-1000 Qsuite

Qatar Airways Adds More Qsuite Service To Copenhagen

Select high-value destinations (e.g New York and London) have seen Qatar Airways offer them Qsuite Business Class service on multiple daily flights for some time but now that exclusive list is growing and it looks like Copenhagen will be the next city to have more than one daily flight offering Qsuites Business Class service.
Qatar Airways A350-1000 Qsuite

USA Qatar Airways Qsuite Deals From $2,471 Roundtrip

It's no secret that the very best Qatar Airways Business Class deals can usually be found for departures from Europe's Nordic countries but we have been seeing a few more reasonable Qatar Airways Business Class deals out of the US recently. A Qatar Airways USA Business Class sale ended just recently but there still appear to be at least a couple of good deals around if you're looking to try out the airline's highly acclaimed Qsuites cabin.
Qatar Airways A350-1000

SALE EXTENDED: More Excellent Qatar Airways USA Business Class Fares

On Thursday I wrote about a number of pretty good Qatar Airways Business Class deals that are currently available for departures from the US. The deals I wrote about out at the time were the ones being promoted by the airline and were somewhat India-centric so, after having had time to search for some other fares, I'm back with a few more suggestions that take in a few more locations in Asia.

Qatar Airways Business Class Deals (Nordic Countries) – Fares From $1,615 Roundtrip

Qatar Airways has launched a global sale with deals on offer for departures from just about every country the airline serves. As usual, as far as deals out of Europe go some of the best fares available are for departures out of the Nordic countries and you’ll find a number of these deals in the post below.

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