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British Airways’ CEO Talks BAEC, WiFi, New Seats, LCCs & More With The Points...

The Points Guy secured an interview with British Airways CEO Alex Cruz and sat down to talk to him about all things BA. Kudos to TPG for getting this interview and for getting a few bits of information out of the BA boss.
British Airways Economy Class A320

British Airways To Introduce A 1% Credit Card Booking Fee – UK Only

It is has been reported that British Airways is set to scrap its current £5 flat fee for all UK credit card bookings in favor of a a 1% fee capped at £20 per flight. How you feel about this move will depend completely on how much your bookings normally cost but, regardless of whether you come out ahead or behind, this just highlights how BA loves to charge its home audience.
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British Airways Cabin Crews Vote On Strike Action

Discontent within the ranks of British Airways' cabin crews has been brewing for a long time and it looks like things are about to come to a head. From Wednesday 16 November over 2,000 members of British Airways' "Mixed Fleet" crew will start voting on whether or not to resort to industrial action to get their voices heard.
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British Airways Gatwick Move Update

Back in February British Airways announced that it was pushing back its proposed move from Gatwick North to Gatwick South. The terminal swap with easyJet would no longer happen in November of this year and, instead, the move would go ahead in January 2017. Well, it would seem as if things are still on course for the January move.
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British Airways: More Seats, Less Comfort & Definitely No Class

On Friday British Airways' parent company IAG held its annual "capital markets day" which is essentially the company's equivalent of the State of the Union speech. It's a day on which some of the most senior members of the company make a presentation to bondholders outlining how all the airlines under its umbrella have been performing and what the company expects going forward.
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FARE WAR: London – USA West Coast From £377 Return!

British Airways announced a new route to Oakland yesterday and in doing so took on Europe's best transatlantic low cost carrier - Norwegian. I have no idea how British Airways intends to compete with Norwegian on a long-term basis but they appear to be starting the fight with some incredibly low fares....and that's fantastic news for travelers.
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BAD NEWS: No More British Airways Avios or Tier Points On Great Qatar Airways...

This is still very much a story in progress and the closest things we appear to have from an official channel are some tweets from the BA Twitter account...but the news isn't good. It would appear as if the cheaper Qatar Airways Business Class fares (the ones that book into fare code R) no longer earn any Avios or Tier points. It would also appear that this change has been put through with absolutely notice to customers whatsoever.
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British Airways Opens Up 7 New European Routes

British Airways has opened up reservations on seven new routes between the UK and Europe with the first routes set to launch on 28 March 2017. This new route expansion comes on top of the recent announcements that British Airways will begin service to New Orleans from next year and that we'll see British Airways flying to Ft. Lauderdale from 6 July 2017.
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British Airways New Route To Oakland, California

Someone has clearly put something in the water at Waterside because British Airways just keeps coming out with new route announcements! Last week British Airways announced that, from next year, it will begin service to New Orleans, then we got an announcement that we'll see British Airways service to/from Ft. Lauderdale from July 2017 and now the airline has announced a new route to Oakland, California.
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FARE ALERT: Milan – New York From $1,460/€1,335 Roundtrip (Oneworld)

British Airways has published a very good fare for travel between Milan and New York (JFK) on American Airlines and on British Airways. The fact that it's British Airways that's published the fare (and not American) is excellent news for a lot of AAdvantage members - I'll explain why a little later on.
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Pre-Booking A British Airways Meal – My Experience

A couple of weeks ago Joanna and I flew to Miami with British Airways in the World Traveler (Economy Class) cabin and, because I don't fly in BA long-haul Economy Class very often and because I write this blog, I wanted to make sure that I tried out as many different facets of BA's Economy Class service as possible.
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British Airways Adds New Route To Florida From 2017 – Great Fares Available &...

It has been a busy time for the British Airways route schedulers with the airline dropping its Chengdu route from early next year, announcing a new route to New Orleans and now announcing a second new route to the southern United States.
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British Airways: How To Get More Value When You Only Need A One Way...

There will be times when all you want to do is book a short-haul one way fare with British Airways but you'll find that the airline has decided to make things a little difficult for you. On certain routes and at various times of the year British Airways makes buying a one way short-haul fare annoyingly expensive but, while there isn't often too much you can do about the cost, there is something you can do to get a bit more value.
British Airways 787-9 Dreamliner

British Airways Launches Route To New Orleans – Award Seats Available

Hot on the heels of cancelling its route to Chengdu British Airways has announced that, from spring 2017, it will be offering a non-stop service between London Heathrow and New Orleans. On the grounds that the aircraft that British Airways will be using on its new route is the same as the aircraft type used for the Chengdu service (787-8 Dreamliners) it's unlikely that the two pieces of news are unrelated.
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American Airlines Cancels Routes, British Airways Changes Washington Service & United Flys Its 777...

A round-up of some of the airline news I've noticed over the past few days including American Airlines cancelling three of its routes out of Philadelphia, British Airways changing the aircraft it uses on its London - Washington DC route and United Airlines scheduling a brief flurry of 777 service between San Francisco and Las Vegas in January 2017.
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British Airways Cancels A Route & Brings Forward A380 Service To Vancouver

British Airways has finally succumbed to what most people in the know thought was inevitable even before the route was launched - it has cancelled its route to/from Chengdu. As fascinating as Pandas are (Chengdu is the research base for the Giant Panda breeding program) I've never understood what made British Airways believe that a service between London and Chengdu was a good idea.
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British Airways Adds Flights To Germany From London City Airport

Earlier this year British Airways nearly doubled the number of flights it offers between London City Airport and Germany when it added 33 weekly flights to Berlin and Hamburg and now the airline has announced a further expansion. For the winter 2016/17 British Airways will add an extra 34,000 seats on its routes from London City Airport to Hamburg and Dusseldorf.
British Airways Economy Class A320

British Airways Schedules Multiple Flight Changes For Summer 2017

This is just a quick heads up for anyone booked on a British Airways flight from London Heathrow next summer that the airline has scheduled a few changes (including cancellations) that may affect your plans. The destinations impacted are Boston, Tel Aviv, Las Vegas, Santiago (Chile), Nassau and Grand Cayman.
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CONFIRMED: British Airways Will Charge For Food On Short – Haul Fights

The rumors have been doing the rounds for a few weeks now but finally, today, British Airways has announced that it will be charging for all food and drink in the Economy Class cabin on its short-haul flights. The airline has confirmed that the change will be brought in at the beginning of next year and that the food will be catered by Marks & Spencer.
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British Airways Status May Be About To Become Much Harder To Earn (For Some)

I was sitting in an airport lounge idly browsing through my Twitter feed when I noticed two tweets, one after the other, which made me sit up and pay attention...literally. They weren't tweets from an official source but they were from someone who's got a pretty decent track record of getting information before it has been released and, if I understand these tweets correctly, some BA flyers are about to find that earning status is going to get a lot harder.
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Review: British Airways A380 First Class (SFO-LHR) – Part 2

In Part 1 of this review I focused on the British Airways A380 First Class cabin and seat while in this part I'll take a look at everything else that makes up the British Airways First Class experience. I've already said that although the British Airways First Class seat is spacious and comfortable it isn't that much better than some of the excellent Business Class seats you can book...so will all the other aspects of the First Class experience justify what BA regularly likes to charge for this cabin?
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Review: British Airways A380 First Class (SFO-LHR) – Part 1

Back in July I took Joanna on a trip to Las Vegas and San Francisco (introduction and full details of the trip are here) and now we were on our way back to the UK. We'd already tried out the Cathay Pacific lounge and the British Airways First Class lounge at SFO and now we were about to fly back to the UK in First Class on a British Airways A380.
British Airways Birthday Bonus

British Airways Sends Me A “Birthday Bonus”

I've been a British Airways Executive Club member for over a decade now and, although I've heard of the "Birthday Bonus", I've never actually been a recipient of it....until now. I've no idea what's triggered this sudden outpouring of generosity from BA but it certainly can't be anything I've written in this blog!
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British Airways Opening The “First Wing” At Heathrow T5

British Airways has revealed details of an upgrade it is introducing to the First Class check-in experience at Heathrow Terminal 5. From April 2017 British Airways First Class passengers and OneWorld Emerald card holders will have access to what the airline is calling a new "First Wing" which should make the whole check-in process feel a little more "premium".
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British Airways: Buy Up To 100,000 Avios With A 35% Bonus

British Airways has temporarily increased the number of Avios it is prepared to sell to its Executive Club members and, as an added incentive, it's offering a bonus of up to 35% on Avios purchases made through 27 September 2016.
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How The British Airways Triple Avios Promotion Works

British Airways announced a Triple Avios promotion last week which, rather than causing unbridled jubilation, seems to have caused a large number of Executive Club members to waste a lot of their time trying to figure out exactly what the promotion is offering. That humble BAEC members have been having trouble agreeing on what the promotion offers is hardly surprising when it would appear that British Airways doesn't have a clue either.
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British Airways Doesn’t Understand Its Own Promotion

British Airways launched a Triple Avios promotion last week but, what should have been a simple enough promotion to understand, turned out to be confusing and contradictory. The blame for the mess lies squarely at the feet of whoever drafted the promotion details and whoever gave the go ahead to post those details to the British Airways website.
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British Airways Cancels An A380 Service To The US & Qatar Cancels An A350...

Airlines have been putting through a lot of schedule updates over the past couple of weeks and they keep coming think and fast on pretty major routes. In this post I'll take a look at two of the more significant changes I've seen over the past few days including British Airways changing its mind on an A380 service to the US and Qatar Airways withdrawing a planned A350 service to Europe.
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British Airways Brings Back The “Free Upgrade To First” Promotion

British Airways has announced that it's bringing back its "free upgrade to First" promotion for select Club World (Business Class) bookings. The terms and conditions of this promotion are very specific when it comes to both the qualification criteria and how the fares must be booked so make sure you read them thoroughly before making any bookings.
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British Airways Is Offering A Triple Avios Promotion All Flights & All Fares

British Airways is offering travelers the opportunity to earn triple Avios on all its flights as well as flights on its transatlantic partners for travel though 11 December 2016. This promotion goes a step further than most promotions we've seen the airline release in the recent past as there don't seem to be any restrictions on fare class or routings.
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A Useful Airline Baggage Rule I Didn’t Think I Knew

Every now and again the universe decides that I'm getting a little bit too confident with the various rules surrounding airlines and travel so it sends me a timely reminder that I'm as fallible as anyone (perhaps even more so!) Fortunately for me, on this occasion, the reminder came in the form of a rule that benefitted me rather than penalised me and for that I was very grateful.
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British Airways Encourages You To Visit The Flight Deck

A far a today's traveling children go I'm firmly of the opinion that most of them have no idea how lucky they are so it's unusual for me to feel sorry for them in any way whatsoever. But there is one experience in which I think that they're missing out and it's one that I look back upon with a great deal of fondness.
British Airways Euro Traveller A319

British Airways Removes An Exit Row Selection Restriction

One of the major benefits of oneworld Emerald and Sapphire status, when you're booking flights with British Airways, is that the status allows you to select seats for free at the time of booking - everyone else has to pay (even those booked into discounted Business Class). Some of the most coveted seats in Economy Class cabins are the exit row seats and, up until now, these seats have been "protected" for those with status. Not any more.
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UK News: Virgin Atlantic Service Changes, British Airways Completes 747 Refurb & More

A roundup of some of the more UK-centric news that I've noticed over the past week or so. The news includes Virgin Atlantic making changes to its Boston and Dubai operations, British Airways completing an aircraft refurbishment project and Etihad adding more A380 service to London.
British Airways First Class

Review: British Airways First Class 747 (LHR-LAS) – Part 2

In the part one of this review (posted earlier today) I took a look at the first impressions I got of the British Airways First Class cabin on the 747 aircraft as well as a closer look at the seat that was to be my home for 10+ hours. In this second and final part of the review I'll take a look at the amenities, the food, the entertainment options and the service before I go on to conclude my thoughts of the experience as a whole.
British Airways First Class 747

Review: British Airways First Class 747 (LHR-LAS) – Part 1

This was the first time I'd flown in First Class since 2012 and only the second time I've ever flown international First Class in my life (Business Class is more than enough for my needs) so I was particularly keen (ok, I was excited!) to see what it was going to be like. The fact that this was going to be British Airways First Class added and extra element of interest as I'm really not a fan of the BA Business Class product at all....so how would First Class turn out?
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British Airways Getting Strict On Lounge Access

With the busy summer season firmly underway British Airways has been reminding staff and agents to enforce lounge access rules to the letter of the law. In a memo posted on the British Airways Speedbird Club site the airline underlines the importance of managing overcrowding in its airport lounges by ensuring that passengers are not allowed to guest more people into the lounge than their status or class of travel allows.
British Airways Airbus A319

Comparing British Airways Club Europe & Euro Traveller Experiences

The first two segments of Joanna's mystery trip were back to back British Airways short haul flights between London Heathrow and Dublin separated by a break in the Dublin Airport Executive Lounge. Both segments were flown on British Airways Airbus A319 aircraft with the only difference being that the outbound flight was taken in the Euro Traveller cabin (Economy Class) while the return flight was in Club Europe (Business Class). This gave me a good opportunity to compare the two cabins/products and to see just what you get for paying to sit up front on British Airways short-haul.
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British Airways News In Brief: Increased Baggage Allowance To Tokyo, Summer Cancellations From London...

A round-up of a few British Airways related stories that I noticed over the past couple of days including: News of a series of BA CityFlyer cancellations in and out of London City Airport this summer, an increased baggage allowance for World Traveller passengers on flights to/from Tokyo and a number of aircraft changes on long-haul routes for winter 2016/17.
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Review – British Airways Galleries Club Lounge Heathrow T5 (B-Gates)

My trip out to Cyprus a little over a week ago turned out to be a useful one from a blogging perspective - I finally managed to get some pictures of the British Airways Galleries Club Lounge at Heathrow T5 South, I got to confirm that I don't particularly like traveling on British Airways A320 aircraft for any longer than I have to and I discovered a British Airways lounge I never knew existed - the one at Heathrow T5's B-gates.
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British Airways Improves Immigration At JFK & Etihad Giving Away Points For “Moonlight Check-In”

A look at a couple of stories that I've noticed over the past few days. One will help you earn easy Etihad Guest Miles if you're departing on a flight from Abu Dhabi to anywhere other than the US and the other is good news for British Airways travelers flying into New York JFK.
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Review – British Airways Economy Class A320 (LHR-LCA)

British Airways has two daily flights between London Heathrow and Larnaca in Cyprus - one that leaves at around 7:20am and the other which leaves at around 11:30am. The first flight is the one I try to avoid if I possibly can because it's easily the worst of the two options - to catch it I'd have to get up way earlier than I'd ideally like to and, if that wasn't bad enough, it's operated by an Airbus A320...the workhorse of British Airways' short-haul fleet and a lot less comfortable than the 767 which operates the later flight.
British Airways Galleries Lounge - T5 South

Review – British Airways Galleries Club Lounge Heathrow T5 (South)

On most of my trips through Heathrow's Terminal 5 I find myself in the British Airways First Class lounge courtesy of my American Airlines Executive Platinum status but I've been meaning to review the British Airways Galleries Club Lounge (Business Class lounge) for quite some time. I've actually looked in the Galleries Club Lounge a couple of times in the past year (specifically so that I could review it) but its always been just busy enough to make photo taking tough....so I've always ended up back in the First Class lounge. This time, however, things were a bit different.
British Airways Flights To Innsbruck

British Airways Adds New Flights To Austria

From 4 December 2016 British Airways is adding a new all-year-round service between London Heathrow and the Austrian city of Innsbruck. British Airways already flys to Innsbruck from London Gatwick but the addition of flights from Heathrow should please passengers connecting from the UK regions (more connections through Heathrow than Gatwick) and those with lounge access (BA lounges at Gatwick are currently non-existant and they won't offer First Class facilities once they re-open).
British Airways

British Airways/UK News: Route Delayed, Route Suspended, A Catering Promotion & More

A roundup of some of the smaller British Airways news stories that I've noticed in the past few days as well as a story about the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) looking into "hidden fees" charged by airlines in the UK.
British Airways Sale

The British Airways Sale – Premium Cabin Worldwide Deals

British Airways has announced a big sale for departures from London Heathrow and Gatwick and I've for a full round-up of the long-haul deals in the blog post below. Some of the premium cabin deals look very interesting indeed but I should temper any excitement by pointing out that the deals are good for departures from the UK (where high taxes and high demand ordinarily make premium cabin flights expensive). These aren't deals on a par with what we've seen in recent weeks out of Paris and out of New York but some of them still merit a closer look.
British Airways Euro Traveller A319

British Airways Will Remove Last Remaining Hot Meals From Short-Haul Economy

A lot of people suspected that British Airways would take an axe to the hot meals served in Economy Class on its longer short-haul flights when rumours first surfaced back in May that British Airways was looking to cut back on catering. At the time the British Airways CEO, Alex Cruz, claimed no decision had yet been taken but the wheels were clearly already in motion.
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What Type Of British Airways Flyer Should Collect AAdvantage Miles?

Last week I suggested that there may be a section of British Airways flyers who would do quite well by switching their miles/points earning from Avios to American Airlines AAdvantage...at least for the duration of the current American Airlines promotion. The original point of that post was to show how British Airways Business Class flyers could earn a very healthy haul of AAdvantage Miles in the current promotion and to show how valuable those AAdvantage miles could be, compared to Avios, for long-haul reward flights.
British Airways Economy Class A320

British Airways Updates Club Kitchen Choices & Changes Glassware In First

British Airways has announced a couple of updates to the onboard passenger experience. The first is a refresh of the snacks on offer in the long-haul "Club Kitchen" and may actually be of interest and use to passengers flying in Club World, the second is a refresh of the glassware used in First Class and will almost certainly make no difference whatsoever to the passenger experience.
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British Airways Delays Mumbai Dreamliner Service

British Airways' planned 787-9 Dreamliner service between London Heathrow and Mumbai has been pushed back by a couple of months with no reason for the delay forthcoming from the airline. British Airways new aircraft was scheduled to take over one of the two daily Heathrow - Mumbai fights from 1 September 2016 but, according to the latest schedule update from BA, the service will now commence on 30 October.
Customise Your Trip

British Airways’ New Trip Booking Tool – Customise Your Trip

British Airways has added a new feature to its website that allows users to tailor their trips to a greater degree than before and, more importantly, far more seamlessly than before. The new feature on britishairways.com is called "Customise Your Trip" and has been added to the existing search facility on the site.
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British Airways New A350 Business Class Seat Not Good Enough For Rest Of Fleet

In a conversation with Business Traveller, British Airways' new CEO, Alex Cruz, has confirmed that the new Business Class seat the airline has selected for its soon-to-be-delivered Airbus A350 aircraft isn't worth retrofitting to its existing fleet because.....and I love this......"it doesn't appear to be sufficiently revolutionary"
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British Airways Launches New Route To Santiago

British Airways has announced that it will be launching service between London Heathrow and Santiago, Chile, from January 2017. The flight will become British Airways' longest flight at over 7,200 miles and is scheduled at 14 hours and 40 minutes.
British Airways A380

[Video] British Airways A380 Aborts Landing…at the very last minute!

If you fly with any sort of frequency you've probably been on an aircraft that has had to "go around" (abort a landing) for one reason or another and, although on most occasions it's nothing serious at all, it can still be a little disconcerting....especially if you're not sure what's going on.
a city with a tower in the background

British Airways Increases Service To Johannesburg

British Airways has announced that it will be increasing capacity on the London Heathrow - Johannesburg route for the Southern Hemisphere summer by adding more A380 service to the South African city.
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Double Points With British Airways On Business & A Business Extra Promo You Should...

On Business and Business Extra are the loyalty programs from British Airways and American Airlines that are aimed at small and medium sized businesses. On Business and Business Extra have historically been standalone loyalty programs but, over the past year or so, they've got closer. American Airlines flyers based outside the US can now credit AA flights to On Business and British Airways flyers based in the US can now credit BA flights to Business Extra.
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A British Airways “Enhancement” I Managed To Miss?

A few weeks back I was flying out of London Heathrow's Terminal 5, in Economy Class, and I encountered an 'enhancement" from British Airways that I hadn't come across before. Not only was this enhancement new to me but it also appears to contravene published OneWorld tier status benefits.
a group of airplanes with red and blue tail fin

British Airways News: New Spanish Route From City Airport, Enhancement To Mobile App &...

A round up of some of the news I've noticed coming out of British Airways in the past few days including a new route to Spain out of London City Airport, a new feature for the British Airways Mobile App (which I'm not yet convinced is that great) and a reduction in Baggage Allowance for Club World travelers that's unlikely to affect too many people.
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British Airways To Fly Gatwick to Cape Town

British Airways has announced that it is to open up a new route to Cape Town from London's Gatwick Airport. The route is set to commence on 24 November but will only run for the Northern Hemisphere winter season.
a plane flying in the sky

British Airways Cancels London – Baku Route

In news that probably won't play too well with those working in the oil & gas industry (amongst others), British Airways has announced that...
a large stone structure with pillars at night with Brandenburg Gate in the background

British Airways To Fly To Berlin & Hamburg From London City

British Airways has announced that it will add Berlin and Hamburg to the list of cities it serves from London City Airport. The airline has also announced that Berlin is to receive service from London Stansted as well.
a table with blue and white text

British Airways New Short-Haul Fares Now In Effect – Good Or Bad News?

At the end of February I posted about British Airway's planned changes to their short-haul ticketing structure but, while we knew at the time what...
British Airways Euro Traveller A319

Review: British Airways Euro Traveller A319 (MXP-LHR)

For my last flight on my 8 Flights, 7 Lounges & 3 Hotels In 5 Days trip I flew from Milan's Malpensa airport to London on a British Airways Airbus A319 aircraft in their Euro Traveller (Economy Class) cabin. I was still reasonably tired after my overnight flight from JFK to Milan on an American Airlines 767 (although I would have considerably more tired had I not been in Business Class!) and I hadn't found the Sala Montale Lounge at Milan Malpensa particularly comfortable. I was looking forward to my own bed!
British Airways Lounge Dubai Concourse D

British Airways Opens New Lounge In Dubai

British Airways has opened its new lounge and First Class Concorde Bar in Dubai Airport's new Concourse D. Some are categorising the British Airways offering...
British Airways Business Class Germany to Hong Kong

British Airways Business Class Deals From Amsterdam

British Airways has announced that customers traveling out of Amsterdam can have "the experience of premium travel at very attractive rates" when flying to the...
a group of airplanes with red and blue tail fin

British Airways Changing Short Haul Fares – Possibly For The Better, Possibly Not

British Airways has put out one of those announcements that automatically puts every frequent flyer on edge - they've announced a change to short-haul...
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British Airways Ends Unaccompanied Minor Service

British Airways has announced that, due to "a decline in demand", they have taken the decision to stop offering their Unaccompanied Minor service (Skyflyer Solo) with immediate effect. The British Airways release to the travel industry opens with the headline that the Unaccompanied Minor service is to end on 31 January 2017....but that's only for existing bookings.
a row of seats in an airplane

British Airways Business Class To USA From $1,230

Last week I pointed out that there are still plenty of Excellent Business Class Fares for Europe-USA travel in Summer 2016 but it's also worth pointing out that there are other times of the year when you can still get some truly fantastic fares for British Airways Business Class flights from Oslo to various US cities.
an aerial view of an airport

British Airways Gatwick Terminal Move Pushed Back

British Airways operations out of London Gatwick have been based in the airport's North Terminal for over 28 years but, thanks to the seemingly never-ending easyJet...
a plane flying in the sky

British Airways Launches Flights From Stansted

They can call Stansted Airport "London Stansted" as much as the like but that doesn't make it any more a London Airport than "London...
an airplane wing and the sky

London To Madrid And Back (In A Day) – Introduction

Around 3 weeks ago I wrote about Iberia scheduling one of their new Airbus A330-200s on a few short-haul European routes while they get...
the side of a plane with a name on it

British Airways Cancels Flights To US & Caribbean And Adds Frequencies to Denver &...

British Airways has announced a reduction in frequencies to a number of its routes from London Gatwick to the United States and the Caribbean. The reductions are for the Winter 2016 schedule which means that anyone traveling after 1 October 2016 should take note of the changes outlined below. The airline has also increased frequencies to Denver and Montreal from London Heathrow.
British Airways Economy Class A320

Review: British Airways Economy Class A320 (LHR-CPH)

After having a little bit to eat and getting some work done in the British Airways Galleries First lounge it was time for my first flight of the eight that I would be taking in the next five days. This was my "positioning flight" to Copenhagen which would allow me to catch my flight to Los Angeles the following day.
British Airways 787-9

British Airways: Big Changes To 787-9 Dreamliner Schedules

British Airways has made some pretty big changes to its 787-9 Dreamliner schedules including bringing forward (quite a bit) the introduction of the 787-9 Dreamliner on some routes, removing it from one route (albeit temporarily) and flying it, for a limited time, to a couple of destinations not mentioned on the 787-9 schedules up until now.
a plane flying in the sky

Joanna’s British Airways Flight To NYC

As you may have noticed this blog is partial to an airline review or two so, when Joanna and B flew with British Airways...
a group of airplanes with red and blue tail fin

British Airways – Changes To Long Haul Aircraft Scheduling (Check Your Bookings & Seat...

British Airways has made a lot of changes to the aircraft it's planning to use on a number of international routes next year. If you've got...
British Airways App

British Airways App Update: Reward Flight Finder

British Airways have updated their iPhone and Android Apps and introduced a feature called Reward Flight Finder. You probably won't be too surprised to find out that the feature helps you find reward flights on your phone but what may surprise you is that it's actually quite good!
British Airways Sale

British Airways: The World Is On Sale (UK)

British Airways has announced its latest "world sale" for departures from the UK. The sale starts from today (17 December 2016) and runs all the way through to midnight on 2 February 2016.
a map of the earth with lights

Europe News: British Airways Looking For New JV, New OneWorld Option To South Africa,...

A look a the news coming out of various European airlines in the past few days, including British Airways looking for a new Trans-Atlantic joint venture, KLM increasing its operations to San Francisco an easyJet competition and a new option for OneWorld flyers to South Africa.
British Airways 787-9 Dreamliner

UK News: British Airways 787-9 Route, Norwegian Routes & easyJet Tickets On Sale Today

A few bits and pieces of UK flyer news that I've noticed over the past couple of days that seem worth a mention - with...
a group of airplanes with red and blue tail fin

British Airways: Sharm el-Sheikh Update, New Fast Track Security At Heathrow & Using Apple...

A round-up of some of the news from British Airways in the past few days including an update on flights to/from Sharm el-Sheikh (it's not good news!), news of a new fast track security entrance at London's Heathrow Airport and what British Airways is introducing to help out passengers with an Apple Watch.
a sign with red letters

A British Airways Crew Shows How To Handle A Moron

Everyone was in their seats on BA662, the aircraft had pulled away from the gate and we were taxiing towards the runway (we may have even been on the taxiway parallel to the runway at this point)......
British Airways

British Airways News: New Routes To Greece & Narita Loses First Class

British Airways has announced two new short-haul routes to Greece from London Heathrow for summer 2016. From 30 April 2016 British Airways will fly a...
British Airways 767 Economy Class review

Review: British Airways Economy Class 767 (LHR-LCA)

Late last week I traveled out to Cyprus on a British Airways 767 departing from London Heathrow Terminal 5. I've explained how I came...
Low Cost Carriers vs British Airways

British Airways Vs Low Cost Carriers & A “Trick” That Could Save You Money

The most common questions I get when people find out that I write this blog are "where do you go to book your tickets?" and "how do you find the cheapest tickets" The answer to the first question is "there's never one place/site that I use" - there's no silver bullet. The answer to the second question is "by jumping through a lot of hoops" (even then, I don't necessarily book the cheapest tickets).
a close-up of logos

Finnair Forced To Deny IAG Takeover Rumors – Is Europe Going the Way Of...

With the ink on the Aer Lingus take over barely dry is IAG already setting its sights on its next take over target? Possibly, as yesterday Finnair was forced to issue a statement denying that negotiations with IAG are ongoing or that any contact had been made.
British Airways WiFi

British Airways Confirms WiFi Plans (Again) But they’re In No Hurry To Roll It...

British Airways' parent company, IAG, used an investor day last week to confirm plans for WiFi on its aircraft. The airline has confirmed that it is looking to offer WiFi on both short-haul and long-haul routes but, despite their comments, don't expect to see the technology available regularly any time soon.
Inverness New British Airways Route

British Airways To Serve Inverness & EasyJet Adds Routes From Manchester (UK)

A few new route announcements from British Airways and EasyJet. British Airways is finally reconnecting Heathrow to the Scottish Highlands and EasyJet has some good new routes out of Manchester for summer 2016 - and some pretty decent prices too.
British Airways First Class to Las Vegas

Fare Alert: British Airways First Class DUB-LAS From $2,651 (£1,760/€2,410)

British Airways has posted a pretty good First Class fare for travel between Dublin and Las Vegas in 2016. The best availability is in the summer (specifically July and August) but if you're looking to travel in late March/Early April you should find something too.
the side of a plane with a name on it

British Airways Roundup: No 787 For Toronto, New Short-Haul Route To Denmark & Reminder...

A round-up of some of the British Airways news from the last few days including the removal of the 787 from the London - Toronto route and new short-haul route between London and Denmark and a reminder of a small change to British Airways' schedule between London and New York JFK.
a city skyline at night

British Airways Adds More Heathrow Flights To Vegas But Cancels Gatwick – Vegas Service

News that British Airways is adding an extra flight to their summer Heathrow - Las Vegas route while, at the same time, cancelling their 3 x weekly Gatwick - Vegas service. If you're booked to fly to Vegas from gatwick you may want to check your reservation.
a bridge over water with a city in the background

British Airways Brings Back Gatwick-New York, Aer Lingus To Fly To LAX, Delta Adds...

A quick roundup of some of the more important airline route news from the past few days. There's good news for travelers flying across...
British Airways Club World to Rio

British Airways Club World – Copenhagen To Rio From $1,974 (£1,315/€1,760)

Hot on the heels of the amazing Business Class airfares between Copenhagen and numerous US cities (I posted about this on Friday) I've noticed another great Business Class fare...and this time it's from BA. British Airways has a very good 90-day advance purchase fare available, for travel between Copenhagen and Rio de Janeiro, for travel from January through to July 2016.
British Airways 787-9 Dreamliner

British Airways Bits: BA Gets Its First 787-9 Dreamliner & Avis Has An Avios...

British Airways has taken delivery of its first Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner and is set to fly it to Delhi from the end of the month. Plus Avis has brought in another Avios promotion.
Heathrow Terminal 5

British Airways Heathrow Terminal Changes

British Airways is moving a number of its flights between terminals at London Heathrow. From Wednesday 14 October 2015 eight long-haul flights will now depart and arrive from Heathrow T3 rather than T5 - so don't be caught out.
London City Airport

London City Airport – A New Route & An Avios Promotion

A new British Airways route out of London City airport has been announced and passengers on British Airways flights to and from Geneva can earn bonus Avios.
a plane on the ground

Review: British Airways Club World A380 (LAX-LHR) – Part 2

In part 1 of this review I looked at the cabin and the seat on offer in British Airways' A380 Club World cabin as well as the connectivity and entertainment provided. In today's final part I'll take a look at the "soft product" side of things (which means anything that isn't bolted to the fuselage) and a few other bits-and-pieces to do with the flight we took.
a large airplane parked at an airport

Review: British Airways Club World A380 (LAX-LHR) – Part 1

When it comes to flying I'm a big believer in sticking to a product I like. Most of my flights are long-haul and personal comfort comes way above any need to discover what other airlines are like. That's why almost all of my trans-Atlantic flights are on American Airlines.
British Airways Business Class Germany to Hong Kong

British Airways Discounted Business Class Fares To Hong Kong Are Back!

This is like something out of the Walking Dead. It's the fare that just won't die. Granted, it keeps getting a bit more expensive each time it reappears but the price is still pretty great. For those of you wondering what I'm going on about here's a quick recap:
airline fare codes

What Are Fare Codes & How Do You Find Them On American Airlines &...

When discussing air travel we normally discuss the tickets that we book in terms of the class of travel that we're booking into (First, Business, Premium Economy, Economy) because that's usually what's most important to us. But airlines see things a little differently. Airlines have subdivisions within each of those classes that, in simple terms, allow them to set different prices within a single class of travel and offer different benefits to travelers depending on which price they pay . These subdivisions are called "fare codes" (sometimes, to my mind incorrectly, called "fare class").

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