British Airways To Serve Inverness & EasyJet Adds Routes From Manchester (UK)

Inverness New British Airways Route

British Airways Announces Flights To Inverness

British Airways has announced that they will commence a daily service between London Heathrow and Inverness from 3 May 2016.

The route will be operated by British Airways’ A319 aircraft and will it will see the first BA flights between Heathrow and Inverness since 1997.

The route will be flown on the following schedule:

BA1468 LHR 09:55– 11:30 INV (Daily)

BA1469 INV 12:10 – 13:40 LHR (Daily)

As well as being the first time British Airways has served this route in nearly 20 years, it also appears to be only non-stop option to Inverness for passengers flying from Heathrow.

EasyJet serves Inverness out of Gatwick and Luton but quick ITA Matrix and Kayak searches didn’t show any other Heathrow flights.

Business Traveller is reporting that one-way fares are available from £47 (hand baggage only) and from £60 (regular fare) but I can’t seem to find fares that low.

It looks like British Airways may not have finished loading all the fare types because, firstly, the British Airways website isn’t offering me a “hand baggage only” fare and, secondly, all the one way fares from London are pricing out to £100 and the reverse journey is pricing to £75 regardless of day or month.

If you’re interested in booking a flight on this route I’d wait a few days to see if more fares are loaded.

(HT: Business Traveller)

EasyJet Announces More Routes From Manchester

Sometimes I think airlines wait for me to post about a new set of routes before going ahead and adding even more routes just to make my original post out of date within hours 🙂

Yesterday I wrote a blog about Low Cost Carriers (LCCs) continuing their expansion from UK regional airports (thinking that most of the news was out) and today EasyJet go and announce 3 new routes out of Manchester for Summer 2016.

EasyJet A320Image courtesy of Robert Orr via Flickr

From 10 June 2016 EasyJet will fly Between Manchester and Milan Malpensa 6 x per week:

U22922 MAN 14:40 – 17:55 MXP (Daily except Saturdays)
U22921 MXP 13:00 – 14:10 MAN (Daily except Saturdays)

From 13 June 2016 EasyJet will fly Between Manchester and Paris CDG 9 x per week:

U21925 MAN 07:05 – 09:35 CDG (Mon, Fri)
U21925 MAN 10:45 – 13:15 CDG (Sat)
U21927 MAN 14:25 – 16:55 CDG (Daily except Saturdays)

U21926 CDG 10:05 – 10:35 MAN (Mon, Fri)
U21926 CDG 13:45 – 14:15 MAN (Sat)
U21928 CDG 17:30 – 18:00 MAN (Daily except Saturdays)

Lastly, from 18 June 2016 EasyJet will fly Between Manchester and Olbia (Sardinia) 2 x per week:

U21919 MAN 16:35 – 20:20 OLB (Wed, Sat)
U21920 OLB 20:55 – 22:40 MAN (Wed, Sat)

A quick look at the fares on offer for the peak summer season shows that there are some pretty good deals for those traveling out of the UK’s North West.

Milan in July: If you pick your dates carefully you can fly for under £70 return (hand baggage only)

EasyJet to Milan

Paris in July: It’s hard to complain at fares from under £60 return!

EasyJet to Paris

Sardinia in August: Not so many great deals here but with just 2 flights a week it was never going to be a bonanza.

EasyJet to Sardinia

All-in-all that not a bad set of new routes from EasyJet…. and British Airways seem to have done a bit to make travel from Inverness that little bit easier. I’ve no idea how busy BA’s new route will be but, as it appears to be the only flight between Inverness and Heathrow, it should to make travel from the Highlands a little bit easier.

Featured Image: Inverness – courtesy of Dave Conner via Flickr