British Airways Sale: Short-Haul Sweet Spots For Tier Points

British Airways launched its Autumn sale a few days ago and although at the time I only focused on the excellent long-haul First Class and Business Class fares that are available, it would be remiss of me not to point out the fantastic short-haul Business Class fares that are available and that will earn an Executive Club member an incredible 160 Tier Points in just one trip.

British Airways Sale: Business Class & First Class From £1,181 & £1,593 Respectively (UK)

British Airways has launched a sale on flights and holidays for travel deep into 2021. Over 150 destinations are included in the sale but I'm going to be focusing on the best long-haul Business Class and First Class fares that I've found. Some are very good indeed.

DEAL: Qatar Airways Business Class Milan – Melbourne From €1,995/$2,360

Australia isn't exactly a destination that's welcoming visitors right now and Melbourne isn't exactly a destination that a lot of us would consider traveling to at this moment in time (even if we could) but with great availability into June 2021, this amazing Business Class fare may still be very tempting to some.

Book London – New York In Business Class From Under £1,100 (For Travel...

Most people are probably not ready to travel right now but a few are making plans for 2021 and for those people, we're starting to see a number of great Business Class fares emerging for travel between Europe and the United States. Coming hot on the heels of the great Business Class fares I discussed yesterday comes a great deal for travel between London and New York courtesy of TAP Air Portugal.

Great Europe – USA Business Class Fares Out Of Paris (Oneworld)

In the last couple of years, Paris has emerged as the originating point for a significant number of excellent transatlantic Business Class deals and, following a few months with an understandable dearth of great fares, the city is once again the starting point for some great Business Class fares to cities across the United States (for Christmas and travel deep into 2021).

Deal: Get 15% Off Most TAP Air Portugal Fares (Book Amazing Business Class Fares)

Over the past couple of years, TAP Air Portugal has been one of the more generous airlines when it comes to offering discount codes for a variety of routes and destinations but, unsurprisingly, these codes haven't been around of late. Now, however, it looks like TAP is ready to coax people back into the air with a new 7-day sale in which it's offering 15% off Business Class and Economy Class fares on numerous routes to/from/within Europe.

One $1,555 Trip Will Get Me 78% Of The Way To British Airways Gold...

At the beginning of last month, I highlighted a pretty amazing Tier Point run that was available for travel between London and the West Coast and, at the time, I said that I was tempted to make a booking for 2021. Well, a few weeks passed by, the fares for the trip didn't disappear (this trip is still bookable), and the temptation to jump on such a fantastic deal grew to such an extent that I couldn't hold out any more - the deal was too good to miss so I had to book.

Qatar Airways Appears To Be Pulling Its Best Business Class Deals

Last Thursday, we discovered that Qatar Airways had introduced one of the most amazing cancellations/rebooking policies most of us have ever seen which opened up a wealth of possibilities for anyone willing to book speculative travel for later this year. Within 24 hours of this policy being confirmed, we started to see the airline taking measures to limit how easy this policy is to game with a number of rule changes and, over the weekend, it looks like the airline went even further.

Incredible Tier Point Runs Available From London (Travel In 2021)

British Airways is far from a perfect airline but it's still one of the airlines with a loyalty program that allows travelers to earn valuable elite status relatively cheaply if they're prepared to take circuitous routings on some of their trips. In this post I'll show you how you can earn British Airways Silver status for £1,200/$1,500 and how you can earn over half the points needed for British Airways Gold status for only marginally more. In both cases only one trip is needed.

Still Available: Incredible Qatar Airways Qsuites Fare: JFK – Kyiv From $1,627 Roundtrip (Qsuites)

This is a fare that first appeared at the beginning of March (just as the current crisis was getting going in the US and Europe) but now it’s cheaper than ever, availability has improved, and the fare is still widely available well into 2021 – you’re unlikely to find a cheaper way to try out one of the world’s best Business Class products on a route originating in the US.

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