Deal: New York – London Business Class from $1,596 roundtrip

TAP Air Portugal is currently offering some impressively low Business Class deals for travel between New York and London via Portugal. The majority of the better deals are to be found from August onwards but there's limited availability from as early as next month.

Deals: Aer Lingus USA – Ireland Economy Class Sale

It wouldn't be St. Patrick's Day without an Aer Lingus sale and sure enough, the airline has delivered one just in time. I'm not going to claim that there's anything super-exciting here or that you can score some spectacular deals (have you seen the price of fuel?!), but if you're looking to fly to Europe before mid-June, there may be something here for you.

Great Deals: Singapore Airline Spontaneous Escapes are back!

I don't think I've seen a proper set of Singapore Airlines Spontaneous Escapes since the last quarter of 2019 but (and I still can't believe that I'm getting to finally type this again) the Spontaneous Escapes are now back with a bang and there are some great deals on offer.

Deals: Oneworld round trip Business Class Dublin – USA from $1,529

British Airways in conjunction with Iberia and American Airlines, is currently offering some very good Business Class fares for travel between Dublin and various cities within the United States. Because BA doesn't fly non-stop from Ireland to the US, all of these deals will require a change of aircraft in London but considering the fares on offer, that shouldn't put too many people off.

British Airways has launched some more deals for short-haul city breaks

British Airways is running a new set of deals for European City breaks that are now live on the airline's website so with the weather in Europe now getting warmer and fares not yet shooting up in line with the price of oil, some of these deals may be worth a closer look.

Finnair is supporting Ukrainian migrants with 95% off select one-way fares (Please Share)

With hundreds of thousands of people being displaced from their homes in Ukraine by a war waged by a vile megalomanic, Finnair has launched a fantastic offer to help Ukrainian migrants looking for sanctuary in Finland.

British Airways UK Black Friday Deals: £282 fares to the US & more

British Airways has released details of its attempt at a Black Friday sale and to say that it's underwhelming would be an understatement. The airline is offering a limited number of roundtrip fares to the US East Coast from just £282 (which, admittedly, isn't too bad), there are one or two interesting Business Class deals (which aren't officially part of the Black Friday sale) and a few savings on holiday bookings. That's pretty much it.

Qatar Airways Business Class USA – South Africa from $2,766 roundtrip [October 2022 onwards]

While this isn't published as a Black Friday deal, Qatar Airways appears to be offering a few good/reasonable Business Class fares for travel between the United States and South Africa for October onwards next year. The best deals are to be found for travel originating on the East Coast, but there are a couple of reasonable fares available from other areas too.
Finnair A350 Business Class Seat

Finnair Europe Black Friday Sale: Great Business Class fares to Asia & USA

Finnair has launched its Black Friday sale and in contrast to a lot of the other airline sales that we've been seeing, this one is definitely worth a closer look. Great deals are available out of at least five European counties (including the UK) and while most of the good Business Class fares center around a handful of cities in Asia, there are good fares available on two of Finnair's new USA routes too.

Save $100 in Lufthansa’s USA Black Friday deal (includes United Airlines codeshares)

We've seen a number of airlines unveil some form of savings or discount in honor of Black Friday but I can't say that any that I've seen have been particularly exciting so far. Sadly, things don't get much more exciting with Lufthansa's Black Friday promotion in which a promo code will get you $100 off most fares. Fortunately, the fact that codeshare flights are eligible for the discount will make this a more useful promotion than it otherwise may have been.

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