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Excellent British Airways Business Class Fares (Europe – Asia)

British Airways has published some very good Business Class fares to Asia for departures from a variety of European cities so, if you've been considering a trip to a destination like Bangkok, Singapore or Hong Kong, this could be a good time to put some plans in motion.
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British Airways Black Friday Sale Now Live – Business Class Fares From £1,008

British Airways has just published its Black Friday offers for 2016 and there look to be some pretty good deals around if you're prepared to book fast - it's unlikely that too many of these deals will hang around for too long. The best offers appear to be for couples traveling in Business Class to either the US or the Middle East with prices starting at £1,008 per person for roundtrip travel (prices for solo travelers are £200-£300 per person higher).
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BREAKING NEWS: British Airways WILL Award Avios & Tier Points For Qatar Airways’ Best...

Fantastic news for all British Airways Executive Club members - it looks as if BA has backtracked on the decision to remove Avios and Tier Point earning from Qatar Airways' "R" Business Class fares. Well...British Airways is calling this episode a "mistake" but, call me cynical, I don't think that's necessarily true.
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FARE WAR: London – USA West Coast From £377 Return!

British Airways announced a new route to Oakland yesterday and in doing so took on Europe's best transatlantic low cost carrier - Norwegian. I have no idea how British Airways intends to compete with Norwegian on a long-term basis but they appear to be starting the fight with some incredibly low fares....and that's fantastic news for travelers.
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Qatar Airways UK Business Class Sale – Fares From £1,320 Roundtrip

Some links to products and travel providers on this website will earn Traveling For Miles a commission which helps contribute to the running of...
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GREAT FARES: Business Class Europe – Middle East/Asia/Africa From €879!

Qatar Airways has launched another round of its "companion fare" promotions where, when you buy two Business Class tickets, you can get some truly fantastic fares for travel from Europe to the Middle East, Africa and Asia. With Roundtrip fares to Dubai from under €900, Johannesburg under €1,250, Singapore under €1,180 and a whole lot more just like that, there is a great selection of fares and destinations to choose from.
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FARE ALERT: Milan – New York From $1,460/€1,335 Roundtrip (Oneworld)

British Airways has published a very good fare for travel between Milan and New York (JFK) on American Airlines and on British Airways. The fact that it's British Airways that's published the fare (and not American) is excellent news for a lot of AAdvantage members - I'll explain why a little later on.
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Delta Sale Now On – Europe From $492 & Asia From $576 Roundtrip

I'm not exactly a big Delta flyer in so much as in all my years of flying I've never stepped foot on a Delta flight (that's soon changing) but I still pay attention when the airline offers good value fares...and there are some of those around right now.
Qatar Airways Business Class Sale

Excellent Oneworld Business Class Fares From Spain & Serbia

Qatar Airway has, unsurprisingly, once again published some very good Business Class fares for departures from Spain and Serbia. Business Class fares to the Middle East start at under €1,000, there's an excellent fare available for travel to Cape Town and, at under €1,400 round-trip, one of the fares to Hong Kong looks very, very good. Some of the fares offer a great opportunity to rack up AAdvantage Miles, Avios, Elite Qualifying Miles & Tier Points.
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Southwest Announces Flights To Cuba With Fares From $59 One-Way!

Southwest Airlines has announced its schedule of non-stop services between Florida and Cuba which will be starting up as soon as next month. Last month both Delta and American Airlines opened up reservations on their routes to Havana and, a couple of weeks ago, Alaska followed suit (although it will be starting services later than expected). Now its Southwest's turn to announce details of its new routes and its doing so with an introductory fares of $59 one-way....which is fantastic!
Qatar Airways 787-8

AMAZING FARE: Business Class Europe – Australia From $1,340/£1,100/€1,215

Qatar Airways has published fares, for Business Class roundtrip travel between Europe and Australia, starting at just $1,340/£1,100/€1,215. To say that is is a staggeringly low fare would be an understatement so, if you have any interest in traveling to Australia in the next few months, I'd jump on this very quickly.
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Qatar Airways – European Sale Fares Roundup

Qatar Airways is running a number of sales out of various different countries right now and, as I've just published details of the Qatar Airways UK flash sale, I thought it would bea good idea to show what sort of fares are available from other European counties to give readers and idea of how the prices compare.
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UK FLASH SALE: Qatar Airways Business & Economy Class Fares Discounted

Qatar Airways has launched a flash sale for departures from the UK which will run to 10 October 2016. This being a sale out of the UK these fares are not going to be the cheapest you can find if you're prepared to position in to Europe but, for those that like to fly in and out of the UK with as few stopovers as possible, there could be value to be had out of some of these fares.
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UK – USA Fares From £149/$194 One-Way For Summer 2017

Low-Cost carrier Norwegian has loaded its UK-USA fares for summer 2017 and, if you can plan this far in advance and if you're not beholden to school holidays, there can be some pretty good deals to be had for travel across the pond.
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Excellent Qatar Airways Business Class Deals From Europe To Asia

The premium airline that seems to specialise in highly discounted Business Class fares is back at it again - Qatar Airways has posted some good and some truly excellent Business Class fares for travel between Europe and Asia starting right now and into 2017. With Qatar Airways being part of the oneworld alliance there are a lot of Avios and AAdvantage miles available with these fares.
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AMAZING! Delta Business Class Fares Madrid – New York From $1,052!

I have no idea what's going on over at Delta but there are some ludicrously low Business Class fares available right now for travel between Madrid and New York. Not only are the fares absolutely fantastic but they're also available through May 2017!
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Finnair Airbus A350 Business Class Deals To Asia From $1,517

Finnair has a few good Business Class deals available right now for travel between Europe and Asia and, as long as you can travel between now and May or June next year (depending on the route you want to fly), you should be able to find something that works well for you. These may not be the very cheapest Business Class flights you'll find between Europe and Asia but, if you want to keep off airlines like Ukraine International and if you want to earn miles/points in OneWorld rewards programs, these are probably some of the better choices for you.
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Etihad Sale Extended – Truly Amazing Discounts Still Available!

For the past week Etihad has been running a fantastic global sale with up to 50% off regular prices that was meant to end last night (5 September), but this has not been extended to anywhere between 9 and 14 September depending on the departure country. This is good news for those of us who meant to book one of the sale fares but got distracted and forgot (like me) and means that the spectacular Business Class fares, like Europe - Australia for under $2,000 are still around.
SWISS 777-300ER

SWISS 777-300ER Business Class – Stockholm to Bangkok From $1,675 RT

In this hobby the primary aim is usually to travel in as much comfort as possible with as little outlay as possible (I even wrote a blog about that very point)....but sometimes it's worth making a small exception to that rule. SWISS has recently introduced fantastic looking Business and First Class products on its new Boeing 777-300ER aircraft (more on those a little later) and it's not often that you see a fare as low as this one that allows you to sample a product that looks this good.
Qatar Airways Business Class Companion Fares

Yet Another Excellent Qatar Airways Business Class Offer – This Time For Companion Travel

Qatar Airways has published yet another excellent Business Class promotion and this time for two companions traveling together - solo travelers can't take advantage of this unfortunately. This time the Business Class deals are originating in Belgium (specifically Brussels) and are for travel to 35 destinations in Asia and Oceania. Prices start at $1,100/£835/€970 per person and there are over 20 destinations for which you can find fares under $2,000/£1,520/€1765 and there are particularly good fares to Johannesburg and Cape Town.
Qatar Airways 787-8

WOW! Qatar Airways Business Class Fares To Dubai From Just $898/£689/€797

Qatar Airways has come out with yet more mind-blowing cheap Business Class fares for travel between Finland/Sweden and Dubai and, as I'll show in this post, some of these fares could be a great way to earn some cheap miles if you're crediting to American Airlines AAdvantage or Tier Points if you prefer to credit your flights to the British Airways Executive Club.
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Virgin Atlantic Worldwide Sale Is Now On!

Virgin Atlantic has launched a UK sale to most (possibly all?) of the destinations that it flys to and the sale is across all of the cabins that it operates - so Premium Economy and Upper Class are included as well as Economy Class. Tickets for the sale fares must be booked by 21 September 2016 although the dates for which the sale fares are valid vary from location to location.
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Good Finnair Business Class Fares To Bangkok & Shanghai

While Qatar Airways is usually my go-to airline when I'm looking for good Business Class fares between Europe and Asia, Finnair comes a close second in the "who can offer the best fares?" stakes. Right now Finnair has a couple of respectable if not spectacular Business Class fares from Europe to Bangkok and Shanghai starting at $1,580/£1,210/€1,414.
American Airlines 767 Business Class

American Airlines Business Class From $1,787/£1,350 (UK – New York)

At the end of the first week in July I posted some great American Airlines Business Class fares between Manchester and Chicago (still available!) and now I've just noticed that both American and Delta/Virgin Atlantic have some great fares between Manchester and New York too.
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Delta/Virgin Atlantic Business Class From $1,787/£1,350 (UK – New York)

Manchester appears to be the center of a mini fare war between American Airlines and Delta/Virgin Atlantic and this is great news for UK-based travelers. I'm running two back-to-back posts today which separate out the Delta/Virgin and American Airlines fare to make each a little easier to read and digest - this post details the Delta/Virgin Atlantic fare so, if you're looking for the American Airlines fare follow this link.
Qatar Airways 787-8

Excellent Qatar Airways Business Class Fares (Europe – Asia) – Ends 31 July

Yesterday I posted about a pretty fantastic Etihad Business Class sale between Europe and Asia (ending 30 July) and it looks like Qatar Airways has followed suit with its own set of great fares. While in the Etihad sale most of the routes had good availability throughout the sale period and most of the trips were of reasonable length, the Qatar Airways sale is slightly different - availability varies quite a bit depending on the time of year you want to travel and some of the fares involve long layovers in Doha...so be on the lookout for those. But make no mistake, there are some great deals out there! While in the Etihad sale most of the routes had good availability throughout the sale period and most of the trips were of reasonable length, the Qatar Airways sale is slightly different - availability varies quite a bit depending on the time of year you want to travel and some of the fares involve long layovers in Doha...so be on the lookout for those.
Etihad 2-Class 787-9

QUICK! Fantastic Etihad Business Class Sale (Europe – Asia) Ends 30 July

I'm not going to claim that I've been searching for Etihad Business Class deals for years but it's been long enough and this could be the best Etihad Business Class sale I've come across for a while. Some of the fares are unbelievably low for travel on one of the world's best Business Class airlines. Not only are some of the fares amazing but availability is fantastic, there are numerous destinations to choose from and travel dates run from September through June 2017!
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Up To 50% Off Etihad Business Class Fares From Hong Kong

Etihad has opened up a Business and Economy Class sale for departures from Hong Kong for travel between 15 September 2016 and 31 May 2017. The airline is calling this a "50% off sale" but it's worth noting that the discounts are actually up to 50% off...so don't expect massive savings on all Etihad fares from Hong Kong.
Qatar Airways A350

Qatar Airways Business Class To Various US Cities From $1,625…..But There’s A Catch

Qatar Airways has some of the better Business Class cabins on the market (especially in its newer aircraft) and, right now, you can book those cabins for travel to the US at some pretty amazing fares. With New York pricing at under $1,700, Atlanta and Washington D.C. pricing at under $1,800 and cities like Boston, Dallas and Chicago pricing at under $1,900 this is a great opportunity to try out the Qatar Airways Business Class product....but there is a little catch.
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Great Business Class Fare: Manchester to Chicago From £1,236/$1,606 RT

American Airlines has published some very attractive Business Class fares for travel between the UK and Chicago with the pick of the bunch being a £1,236 fare from Manchester at the end of December. Departures from London see a few reasonable fares too but it would probably be cheaper to fly up to Manchester and connect on to Chicago from there.
Etihad Business Class A380

50% Off Etihad Business Class Fares From UK – Just 5 Days To Book!

Etihad has launched a very nice Business Class promotion for travel between the UK and the Middle East and beyond. The airline is offering 50% off its Business Class fares for departures from London, Manchester and Edinburgh and, while not all the fares are fantastic, there are a few great deals to be had.
Lufthansa Business Class Fare To Dubai

AMAZING Lufthansa Business Class Fare: Milan – Dubai From $782/£588/€687

As I was trying to figure out how to make the most of the current good Qatar Airways deals between Europe and Dubai I accidentally stumbled upon a truly amazing Business Class fare from Lufthansa. As things stand the German airline is offering roundtrip Business Class travel between Milan and Dubai from just $782/£588/€687.
American Airlines Fares To Sydney And Auckland

American Airlines Economy Class Fares Los Angeles – Australia/New Zealand From $799 RT

American Airlines has filed some pretty good Economy Class fares for travel between Los Angeles and their new South Pacific destinations of Sydney and Auckland. Good fare availability is sporadic, which isn't ideal, but the better prices are available in Summer and Winter so, if you can be a little flexible with your dates, you should be able to find something which works for you.
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Fantastic Business Class Fare! Stockholm – Dubai $1,065/£740/€945 RT

Last week I posted a few good Qatar Airlines Business Class fares for travel from Helsinki to the Middle East and Asia but, somehow, I didn't notice this great fare that's available for travel from Stockholm to Dubai on similar dates. The cost isn't the only reason I think this fare is great but I'll come on to why that' so a bit later in this post.
British Airways Sale

The British Airways Sale – Premium Cabin Worldwide Deals

British Airways has announced a big sale for departures from London Heathrow and Gatwick and I've for a full round-up of the long-haul deals in the blog post below. Some of the premium cabin deals look very interesting indeed but I should temper any excitement by pointing out that the deals are good for departures from the UK (where high taxes and high demand ordinarily make premium cabin flights expensive). These aren't deals on a par with what we've seen in recent weeks out of Paris and out of New York but some of them still merit a closer look.
Qatar Airways 787-8

Good Qatar Airways Business Class Fares: Helsinki – Asia

It looks like Qatar Airways still has some good Business Class fares available from Helsinki to the Middle East and Asia for travel through to the end of March 2017. These aren't fares that are going to blow anyone away but, if you're looking for a comfortable way to get to destinations like Dubai, Thailand or even Vietnam then these fares could be of interest.
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Business Class Fares: New York – Europe From Under $1,300 RT (OneWorld & SkyTeam)

Both oneWorld and SkyTeam have some excellent fares for summer travel between New York and various European cities. The lowest prices can be found on British Airways courtesy of the AARP and the Chase discounts but, even if you don't have access to those, these are definitely fares that should be of interest.
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Another Amazing Business Class Fare! Paris – New York From $1,223 RT

American Airlines has posted a truly fantastic Business Class fare for travel from Paris Charles De Gaulle to New York JFK. At $1,223 round trip this fare is cheaper than a lot of summer Economy Class fares across the Atlantic and is a great example of why I believe that, if you can be flexible with your travel plans, you can get away without having a large mileage balance and still travel in comfort.
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Stunning Business Class Fares: USA – Europe (OneWorld & SkyTeam)

It looks like SkyTeam has loaded a huge Business Class sale for travel between the US and Europe and, at least on the West Coast, it looks like OneWorld is replying in kind - I love a good fare war! Great Business Class fares are available from all parts of the US and the available dates range from August right the way through March & April 2017 - so the fares aren't exactly restrictive.
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Fantastic Business Class Fares – Paris To US From $1,435 (£990/€1,282)

Last week I posted about a great Business Class fare for travel between Milan and New York which I thought would be pretty hard to beat but that's exactly what's happened. Once again the fare is for travel with the oneWorld alliance and, once again, it's Finnair that's the key to the deal.
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Qatar Airways UK Business Class Sale

Qatar Airways has published a Business Class sale for travel from the UK and, surprisingly for departures from the UK, some of the fares aren't too bad. The biggest catch to the sale is that flights must be booked by 31 May so you don't have too much time to think things over or to rearrange plans if you see a fare that interests you.
American Airlines 767 Business Class

Business Class Milan – JFK & 35,000 Miles From $1,590 (£1,095/€1,420)

There is a great Business Class fare currently available for travel between Milan and New York JFK that's not only good value price-wise but could earn you a significant number of miles as well. The one issue is that the fare isn't available for too many dates but, if you can be flexible with your dates, this may work well for you.
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Emirates Business Class From $1,899 Return (MXP-JFK)

There's been a lot of hand-wringing over the past few days as Alaska Airlines increased the cost of some Emirates First Class awards by between 67% and 100% without any notice whatsoever. One of the better award redemption opportunities disappeared overnight and caught a lot of people off guard (as the move was designed to do). Deals come and deals go, that's the nature of this game and the best way to move on is to find a good deal elsewhere. Here's a good deal you may enjoy.
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Fly London To The Caribbean For £289 Return

Low-cost carrier Norwegian is continuing its inroads into the UK market with some very enticing fares to the Caribbean next winter. As of last...
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Fare Alert: OneWorld Business Class Paris – Asia From $1,617/£1,126/€1,461

OneWorld Airline Sri Lankan has some fantastic Business Class fares available for travel between Paris and a variety of cities in Asia. I'm going...
British Airways Business Class Germany to Hong Kong

British Airways Business Class Deals From Amsterdam

British Airways has announced that customers traveling out of Amsterdam can have "the experience of premium travel at very attractive rates" when flying to the...
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British Airways Business Class To USA From $1,230

Last week I pointed out that there are still plenty of Excellent Business Class Fares for Europe-USA travel in Summer 2016 but it's also worth pointing out that there are other times of the year when you can still get some truly fantastic fares for British Airways Business Class flights from Oslo to various US cities.
Fare Alert

Excellent Business Class Fares Europe-USA Still Available

The months of July and August are low season months for Business Class travel and, as such, are often some of the best months...
Turkish Airlines Business Class Fare To Bangkok

London Gatwick – Bangkok Business Class From $1,621 (£1,085/€1,465) – Limited Time!

These are like some of those great fares that I normally find for departures from anywhere other than the UK. Finding business class fares like these from other EU countries isn't too uncommon but to find these fares for departures from London is pretty good and not that common at all.
Star Alliance Business Class

Star Alliance Business Class: New York To Paris $2,024 R/T

A couple of days ago I posted a good Upper Class (Business Class) fare on Virgin Atlantic for travel between New York JFK and Paris CDG but it would appear that LOT (the Polish airline that's part of the Star Alliance) is offering an even better fare.
British Airways Sale

British Airways: The World Is On Sale (UK)

British Airways has announced its latest "world sale" for departures from the UK. The sale starts from today (17 December 2016) and runs all the way through to midnight on 2 February 2016.
Virgin Atlantic Upper Class Fares

Virgin Atlantic Upper Class: New York (JFK) – Paris (CDG) $2,200 R/T

I've been looking for a decent Virgin Atlantic Upper Class fare for some time (you may have noticed I haven't posted a single Virgin Atlantic airfare deal before today) and, while $2,200 R/T may not be fantastic compared to some of the amazing Business Class deals we've seen across the Atlantic in 2015, this is definitely one of the better Virgin Atlantic Upper Class fares I've spotted for a while.
JAL Business Class Fares

JAL Business Class: Vancouver – Hong Kong/Seoul From $2,106

Right now Japan Airlines (JAL) has some good Business Class fares on offer on their Vancouver - Hong Kong and Vancouver - Seoul routes. While the fares may not be stunning they appear to be quite a bit better than a lot of the other fares out there right now and JAL Business Class isn't a bad product.
Turkish Airlines Business Class Fare To Bangkok

Fare Alert: Stockholm – Bangkok Business Class From $1,432 (£955/€1,335)

News that Turkish Airlines have brought back a great Business Class fare to Bangkok for departures from Stockholm. The fare appears to be valid for most of 2016 with availability wide open for most months. If Stockholm doesn't quite work for you as a departure point there are some slightly more expensive fares from other cities too.
a plane taking off from a runway

Fare Alert: Europe – Asia Business Class R/T From $1,732 (£1,155/€1,615)

Qatar Airways, a OneWorld partner of British Airways and American Airlines, is offering some fantastic (and some reasonable) Business Class fares between Europe and various cities in Asia for travel commencing as early as right now.
a white airplane flying in the sky

OneWorld Business Class Deals: Europe – Singapore From $1,402 (£935/€1,310)

Three of the OneWorld Alliance airlines are offering some incredibly good Business Class fares between Europe and Singapore. Sri Lankan, Finnair and Qatar Airways have all posted fares that could be very enticing for anyone looking to escape the European winter or, as some of the deals are available right away, for anyone looking to earn some end of year status miles or tier points.
Fare Alert

Europe to USA – Business Class Fares From $1,236 (£825/€1,115)

Details of some fantastic Business Class fares available for travel between Europe and most major US cities for travel in 2016. All three major alliances are offering some very enticing fares but the more flexible you are the cheeper your fare will be. Be prepared to take short-hop positioning flights to get the best deals.
British Airways First Class to Las Vegas

Fare Alert: British Airways First Class DUB-LAS From $2,651 (£1,760/€2,410)

British Airways has posted a pretty good First Class fare for travel between Dublin and Las Vegas in 2016. The best availability is in the summer (specifically July and August) but if you're looking to travel in late March/Early April you should find something too.
a city skyline at night

Fare Alert: Los Angeles – Chicago From $96 Return (UA)

I don't normally post on the weekend but these fares may not be around for long. I've been doing a lot of traveling recently so I'm not sure how long these fares have been around - but they're fantastic! United Airlines are offering some spectacularly good deals for flights from Los Angeles to Chicago O'Hare in January 2016
a white airplane on a runway

Friday Fare Alert: Washinton (IAD) To Buenos Aires Business Class From $1,414 (£940/€1,260) Return

This Friday Fare Alert is for a Copa Airlines Business Class fare between Washington DC and Buenos Aires for travel between November 2015 and March 2016. While not exactly having the most luxurious of Business Class cabins Copa Airlines still provides good value on this route.
British Airways Club World to Rio

British Airways Club World – Copenhagen To Rio From $1,974 (£1,315/€1,760)

Hot on the heels of the amazing Business Class airfares between Copenhagen and numerous US cities (I posted about this on Friday) I've noticed another great Business Class fare...and this time it's from BA. British Airways has a very good 90-day advance purchase fare available, for travel between Copenhagen and Rio de Janeiro, for travel from January through to July 2016.
a body of water with buildings and boats

Amazing Deals! Copenhagen – USA In Business Class From $1,324 (£880/€1,180) Return!

Copenhagen is the place to fly from this summer if you're heading to the US, looking for fantastic value and a lot of comfort. And when I say "fantastic value" I really do mean FANTASTIC value. Some of these Business Class fares are just a few hundred dollars more than the Economy Class fares between the same cities.

Friday Fare Alert: Rome To Johannesburg Business Class From $1,688 (£1,125/€1,510)

Ethiopian Airlines, a Star Alliance member, has loaded very good Business Class fare for travel between Rome and Johannesburg (via Adis Ababa) and, at over $500 cheaper than the nearest competition, it's definitely worth a closer look.
Fare Alert

Friday Fare Alert (2): Los Angeles – Miami From $228 (£156/€210) AA/UA

Both American Airlines and United Airlines have some very good fares available for flights between Los Angeles and Miami in the first few months of 2016 and some are even mileage-run worthy (4.9c/mile on American and a stunning 3.3c/mile on United)....but availability is rapidly diminishing.
Air France Copenhagen to Los Angeles

Friday Fare Alert (1): Copenhagen – Los Angeles, Air France, From $461 (£307/€415)

Fare Alert: Air France (SkyTeam) has posted a good fare between Copenhagen and Los Angeles for travel between November 2015 and March 2016.
Business Class Fares to Hong Kong

Business Class Europe – Hong Kong OneWorld/Star Alliance From $1,998 (£1,330/€1,785)

Following on from the last two days of good fares to Singapore and yesterday's emergence of a good British Airways fare to Hong Kong, a few other airlines offering good fares to Hong Kong have appeared on my radar.
Turkish Airlines Business Class Italy to Singapore

Singapore Fare Alert (3): Turkish Airlines & SWISS Business Class From $1,987/£1,325/€1,775

After finding a number of good business class fares to Singapore yesterday (posted here and here) it looks like there are yet more good deals to be had - this time on Star Alliance members Turkish Airlines and SWISS.
British Airways Business Class Germany to Hong Kong

British Airways Discounted Business Class Fares To Hong Kong Are Back!

This is like something out of the Walking Dead. It's the fare that just won't die. Granted, it keeps getting a bit more expensive each time it reappears but the price is still pretty great. For those of you wondering what I'm going on about here's a quick recap:
Air France/KLM Germany to Singapore Business Class Fare

Singapore Fare Alert (2): AF/KLM Business Class From $2,028/£1,350/€1,810

Air France/KLM have a couple of great fares available to book right now for travel to Singapore. And with travel dates from January through to the end of the booking period in August of 2016 there are plenty of dates to choose from.
a white airplane flying in the sky

Singapore Fare Alert (1): Finnair Business Class CDG-SIN From $2,009/£1,340/€1,795

Finnair is offering business class tickets between Paris Charles-De-Gaulle and Singapore (via Helsinki) from just $2,009/£1,340/€1,795.
Fare Alert

Friday Fare Alert (2): SFO to PVG From $601 or 4.1c/mile (AA/DL/UA & More)

In the first of today's fare alerts I posted fares between Seattle and Shanghai/Beijing for the last three months of 2015. The most direct fares were with Hainan and Delta but American Airlines had a fantastic milage-run-worthy fare which came out to just 4.4c/mile.
Fare Alert

Friday Fare Alert (1): Seattle to Shanghai/Beijing From $550 (AA/AC/CA/DL/HU)

There are some great looking fares for travel from Seattle to China over the next 3 months. On the Shanghai route it looks like Hainan and Delta are battling it out for supremacy with American getting involved too. On the Beijing route its a battle between Air China/Air Canada and Hainan.
British Airways Germany to Hong Kong Club World

BA Club World To Hong Kong From $1,800 (£1,160/€1,578) – 48 Hours To Book!

British Airways has, again, brought back its great offer on Club World flights to Hong Kong for departures from Europe. As with previous versions of the offer the cheapest flights either originate or terminate in a German city (it doesn't have to be both) so, one way or another, you'll be traveling from Germany.
Air China A330

Friday Fare Alert (2): Stockholm/Frankfurt To Hong Kong (Return) From $388/£254/€346

StarAlliance airline Air China is currently showing a great fare for travel between Stockholm and Hong Kong. . At just $388/£254/€346 this is probably the cheapest fare I've ever spotted for a Europe to Hong Kong return trip (if anyone has seen better let me know in the comments).
Fare Alert

Friday Fare Alert (1): Europe To New York (Return) From $389/£254/€346 – Includes British...

If you're looking to book a trip to New York in the next few months there are some truly fantastic deals to be had if you have a bit of flexibility - and they're not on Low Cost Carriers (LCCs).
Wow Air

London To Boston or Washington DC From $153 (£99/€136) One-Way

WOW Air is one of the airlines I've promised myself that I'll try out within the next year. It's one of the new breed of low...
Fare Alert

Friday Fare Alert – Europe To Miami From $415 (£276/€376)

There's something about finding a good, cheap airfare that I love....even if I can't/don't want to use it myself. It's like finding a curly fry...

Great AirFares From New York to Europe – Delta And Norwegian

Right now there are some great economy fares available for travel between New York's JFK airport and Europe. Delta: New York to Paris (JFK - CDG)...
Great Star Alliance Fares

Great Star Alliance Fares (Europe – USA)

I've been guilty of neglecting all the Star Alliance loyalists for quite a while now (I fly, primarily, on OneWorld airlines so I tend...
Qatar Airlines OneWorld

Excellent Business Class Fares (Europe – Asia) For Next 11 Months!

Hot on the heels of the Staggeringly Cheap Fares (Europe - Los Angeles), it looks like there are also some excellent Business Class fares for flights from continental...
planes parked in a terminal

Staggeringly Cheap Fares (Europe – Los Angeles)

I'm not sure if these are mistake fares or if there's something else going on here but I'm seeing economy class fares from Europe...
Qatar Airways Sale

Qatar Airways UK Sale vs British Airways UK Sale

Yesterday, British Airways announced a UK sale for World Traveller (Economy) and World Traveller Plus (Premium Economy) tickets. As I said at the time, there...
British Airways Sale

New British Airways UK Sale – Economy & Premium Economy

After posting a teaser on their website earlier this morning, British Airways have now announced a world-wide sale on flights and holidays for departures...
Southwest Airlines Sale

Southwest 3-Day Sale Extended by 24 Hours

On Wednesday I posted news of a pretty decent 3-day Southwest Sale that covers most of their routes. The sale should have ended at...
Southwest Fare Sale

Southwest Airlines 3-Day Sale – Prices from $49 One-Way

Southwest Airlines launched a 3-day fare sale yesterday (yes, I missed day 1!) with fares starting as low as $49. Some of the fares look...
Qatar Airways Sale

Qatar Airways 6-Day UK Sale

Qatar Airways has unveiled a new 6-day sale (starting today) to celebrate the newest addition to their fleet - the Airbus A350 XWB. The sale...
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USA – Dublin Business Class Fare Deals (Summer/Fall/Winter)

There are some good Business Class fare deals between numerous US cities and Dublin at the moment. All three major alliances are represented although not...
a group of airplanes parked at an airport

Good Business Class Fares From Europe to Asia (OneWorld/Star Alliance/SkyTeam)

We've found some found some reasonably good business class fares for anyone looking to fly out of Europe to Asia in September/October/November this year. If...
Business Class Fares

Business Class Fare Alert For European Users (OneWorld)

While this isn't even remotely to do with timeshares, Marriott or Starwood, the amount of interest our our other "fare alert" posts got means that we...
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Good Fares to Hawaii From Seattle Nov-Feb (DL/AS/HA/UA)

We're always on the look out for any decent deals to our favourite group of islands and it looks like some of the airlines...
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Fare Alert – Boston – St Thomas ($293)

With Marriott's Frenchman's Cove being one of our users' favourite Caribbean vacation rental properties we've recently been on the lookout for good deals to St Thomas. Right...
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More Good Business Class Deals From Europe (Spring Break/Easter Holidays)

Some links to products and travel providers on this website will earn Traveling For Miles a commission which helps contribute to the running of...
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Business Class Fare Alert – Europe to USA (OneWorld, Star Alliance and SkyTeam)

Every now and again we notice some great fares that are hard to turn down, and we like to keep our users updated when...
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ITA Matrix Airfare Search – The Basic Search


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