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Lyft Is Offering Free Car Rental Upgrades with SIXT

Lyft has been offering car rentals for some time but it was only last year that it partnered with SIXT to expand its offering. I've never used the Lyft app to book a rental car, but that might change now that Lyft is offering its Lyft Pink members free upgrades with SIXT.
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EASY: Hilton Honors Will Give You 1,000 Points For Getting A Lyft

In May 2019 Hilton Honors and Lyft launched a new partnership under which Hilton Honors members can earn points towards future stays when they use the Lyft ridesharing service. Now Hilton is back with a new offer to tempt guests to link their Honors and Lyft accounts.
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NEW: Earn Hilton Honors Points When You Book With Lyft

Hilton and Lyft have just announced a partnership that allows Hilton Honors members to earn points on all the rides they book with the ridesharing service. The partnership is effective immediately so the sooner you link your Hilton and Lyft accounts the sooner you'll start earning Hilton Honors points.
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Uber Replied To My Complaint And Mostly Missed The Point

On Monday I wrote about my experience with Uber at London's Heathrow Airport where, after requesting a ride via the Uber app, I had drivers calling me up to ask where I was going then cancelling my ride within minutes of me refusing to answer the question. After pulling together the evidence of what had gone on I emailed Uber to report the drivers concerned and I've now had a reply.
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Uber Drivers Playing Annoying Games At London Heathrow

I don't normally have to take Uber rides when I fly into London Heathrow as there's a local car service on which I usually rely. Last week, however, my usual service was unavailable so I decided to see what Uber was like when I flew in to the UK....I wish I hadn't.
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Uber’s CEO Doesn’t Know How His Own App Works (Either That Or Uber Lied...

A post written by View From The Wing yesterday really made my blood boil. Actually, saying that it made my blood boil is an understatement of colossal proportions. It actually made me want to slap the Uber CEO into the next zip code...and that's disappointing because I don't condone violence against anyone.
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I Wish People Would Rate Their Uber Drivers Accurately

I had a mixture of good and bad experiences when using Uber on a recent visit back to Los Angeles and one of the things that really stuck out for me was how quickly I stopped having much faith in the ratings I was seeing in the app.
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UBER In Los Angeles: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly From A Recent...

Joanna and I were back in LA recently and decided to experiment with not having a rental car and, instead, use Uber whenever we needed to get anywhere that required a car. The experiment was one that came to us when we realised that the cost of renting a car for the 6 nights we were in town coupled with the cost to park was verging on the ridiculous.

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