British Airways UK Black Friday Deals: £282 fares to the US & more

British Airways has released details of its attempt at a Black Friday sale and to say that it's underwhelming would be an understatement. The airline is offering a limited number of roundtrip fares to the US East Coast from just £282 (which, admittedly, isn't too bad), there are one or two interesting Business Class deals (which aren't officially part of the Black Friday sale) and a few savings on holiday bookings. That's pretty much it.

Qatar Airways Business Class USA – South Africa from $2,766 roundtrip [October 2022 onwards]

While this isn't published as a Black Friday deal, Qatar Airways appears to be offering a few good/reasonable Business Class fares for travel between the United States and South Africa for October onwards next year. The best deals are to be found for travel originating on the East Coast, but there are a couple of reasonable fares available from other areas too.
Finnair A350 Business Class Seat

Finnair Europe Black Friday Sale: Great Business Class fares to Asia & USA

Finnair has launched its Black Friday sale and in contrast to a lot of the other airline sales that we've been seeing, this one is definitely worth a closer look. Great deals are available out of at least five European counties (including the UK) and while most of the good Business Class fares center around a handful of cities in Asia, there are good fares available on two of Finnair's new USA routes too.

Save $100 in Lufthansa’s USA Black Friday deal (includes United Airlines codeshares)

We've seen a number of airlines unveil some form of savings or discount in honor of Black Friday but I can't say that any that I've seen have been particularly exciting so far. Sadly, things don't get much more exciting with Lufthansa's Black Friday promotion in which a promo code will get you $100 off most fares. Fortunately, the fact that codeshare flights are eligible for the discount will make this a more useful promotion than it otherwise may have been.

Air France UK offer: Save £50 on your next flight (includes codeshares)

Air France has just launched a limited-time offer on bookings for departures out of five UK airports. The offer comes with a minimum spend requirement and isn't valid for travel to the United States but it can still be a very nice money saver at a time when fares are anything but cheap.

Air Canada’s Black Friday sale is offering 20% off & bonus points

Air Canada is currently running its Black Friday sale which, for US flyers, is valid on all fares to Canada, South America, and "sun destinations" as well as on select fares to Asia and Australia. If you're purchasing an Air Canada fare that originates outside the US, other destinations may be included.

Aer Lingus USA Sale: Save up to $300 of round trip fares to Ireland

A little earlier than I expected, Aer Lingus has launched its 2021 Black Friday sale in which it's offering flyers up to $300 off round trip travel between the United States and Ireland/Europe in 2022.

Flash Deal: Students can get up to 40% off Qatar Airways bookings

Apparently, it has been a year since Qatar Airways introduced its 'Student Club' to the world and in celebration of the Student Club's first anniversary, Qatar Airways has launched a flash deal in which members of the club can get up to 40% off select Qatar Airways fares.

Excellent TAP Air Portugal Business Class fares from NYC/Boston

TAP Air Portugal is currently offering a number of fantastic Business Class fares for travel to various European cities next year. The best fares that I've seen all seem to originate in either New York or Boston but there are one or two good deals available out of Chicago as well.

DEALS: Great Business Class fares from Dublin to North America (oneworld/Star Alliance)

Right now, airlines from the oneworld alliance and the Star Alliance are offering some very nice Business Class deals for departures out of Dublin. If you're prepared to take an overnight stop in Lisbon, you'll find roundtrip deals for under $1,300 and if you'd like to get to your destination a lot sooner, you should find that you don't have to go over $1,700 to book roundtrip travel to a wide variety of cities in Noth America.

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