We’re Off On Another Mystery Trip….And It Should Be Very Good!

Tonight Joanna and I will be flying out of London Heathrow for 11 nights on a trip that Joanna knows very little about. She has no idea where were flying to or if we're visiting one location or more but she does know that we'll be going somewhere warm - a girl needs to know what to pack! I did something similar for Joanna last year as a "thank you" for putting up with the hours I work and the numerous trips I take throughout the year...but this year I think I've done better.

The Sheikh Zayed Mosque Abu Dhabi (In Pictures)

I was in Abu Dhabi last week and, although I did primarily go out there to get a couple of days of sun, one...

Going Local In Aruba: Balashi & Bugaloe

I have always been encouraged to ‘Go local’. Having grown up in England in the ‘70s and’80s, I remember my parents growing their own vegetables and, more importantly, brewing their own beer. Bath time was often preceded by vats and tubing being removed from the bathtub to make space for me, and I recall evenings where their friends were invited round to sample the latest experimental brew.
Los Angeles Downtown

Los Angeles (Part 1) – Introduction & Where To Stay

After finding some pretty amazing fares to Los Angeles (here and here) it occurred to me that my one-time-home may need a bit of an...
Uspenski Cathedral Helsinki

Helsinki In 48 Hours

If you've been following my recent posts you'll know that I recently took an "interesting" routing from London to Los Angeles in order to...

Great London Restaurants You Won’t Find On A Top 10 List

Maybe it's just me, but food and restaurants appear to be increasingly faddish as the years go by.  In a quest to be cutting...
6 Reasons to Visit Aruba

6 Reasons To Visit Aruba

Aruba is a tiny little island that sits 18 miles off the north coast of Venezuela in the Caribbean sea. It's just 20 miles...

I Get Annoyed By a Lot of Things

However much I’d like to think I am level headed and easy going, I’m not. I get annoyed pretty quickly by lots of things...

Ebola: Hysteria & Ignorance Set The Agenda

My thoughts in this post are firmly directed at people who seem to be incapable of seeing past the 24-hour news frenzy that's surrounding...

Business Class Fare Alert – Europe to USA (OneWorld, Star Alliance and SkyTeam)

Every now and again we notice some great fares that are hard to turn down, and we like to keep our users updated when...

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