Las Vegas Taxi Drivers Will Soon Find It A Little Harder To Rip You...

Most frequent visitors to Las Vegas will have a story about how they were ripped off by a taxi driver who picked them up from the airport. From stories about circuitous routings and stories about drivers deliberately taking the busiest roads to stories of drivers selling nightclub flyers as guest list passes, there are dozens of scams that a select number of Las Vegas taxi drivers have been inflicting on unsuspecting visitors for years.

Here’s A Great Example Of Why You Shouldn’t Rely On TripAdvisor Reviews

I haven't relied on TripAdvisor reviews (or reviews posted on most other travel/retail sites) in years but I know that a lot of people still, for some reason, put an incredible amount of weight in the opinions of strangers on the internet and they really, really shouldn't.

Be Careful! You May Be Paying Resort Fees You Shouldn’t Be Paying

Resort fees, destination fees, facility fees (call them what you will) have been around for some time but it’s only in the past year or two that they’ve really started getting out of hand. They started out as fees charged by actual resort properties (hence the original name of ‘resort fee’) to cover spurious extras like sun loungers, snorkel set rentals and in-room water, but have now spread to properties of all types and are nothing more than a new way to rip off guests.

Former Boeing Engineer Claims 737 MAX Project Was Underfunded & FAA Was Kept In...

In an episode of Panorama which will air in the UK tonight (29 July 2019) at 20:30, a former Boeing engineer tells journalists that the 737 MAX production line was poorly funded, that the teams working on the aircraft were under continual pressure to keep costs down and that the FAA was deliberately kept in the dark on certain matters.

My Annoyingly Foolish Mistake You Should Learn From

I spend a lot of my time searching for great Business Class fares (sometimes Premium Economy fares) to various destinations around the world and I like to think that I have a fair amount of experience when it comes to (a) finding great deals and (b) booking the deals once I've found them. Still, sometimes I screw up.

Here’s A Big Reason Why I’m Already Booking My Trips For 2020

I happily admit to being one of life's planners so it's not entirely out of character for me to be planning trips a year into the future. Right now, however, there's an extra special reason why I'm already checking out flights and hotels for the first few months of 2020.

Two Great Trips That Have Got Me Excited To Travel Again

I'm incredibly lucky to be able to fly around the world in relative comfort courtesy of the miles and points hobby (and a lot of hard work) but sometimes I go through phases where the last thing I want to do is to get on another plane.

Will I Be Happy To Fly On Boeing’s 737 MAX Aircraft?

I’m pretty sure there’s no need for me to go over the reasons why the Boeing 737 MAX aircraft are getting so much attention right now (I’ve gone over that ground a few times before) so I’ll just focus on the question a lot of readers have been asking me over the past few weeks – will I be happy to fly on Boeing’s 737 MAX aircraft once the authorities have re-certified the aircraft as airworthy?

The Airbnb Rules In Los Angeles Are Emboldening Hotels To Rip Off Their Guests

From 1 July 2019 the City of Los Angeles will introduce a series of measures which will seriously limit the opportunities for residents to rent out their properties on sites like Airbnb, VBRO and HomeAway. The City of Los Angeles hasn't gone as far as two of its neighbors (Santa Monica and West Hollywood) who have already essentially banned short-term rentals outright, but the restrictions being introduced from July are still pretty severe.

20% Cash Back On Tumi Luggage Through Ebates (Today Only)

Ebates/Ratuken is celebrating 20 years of its existence and we've already seen a slew of great deals offering 15% cashback (or Membership Rewards Points per dollar) over the past few days.

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