Has British Airways Got The Key To Unlock The Travel World

If you're one of the lucky ones who has been able to travel internationally in recent months you'll know all about the circus that can surround pre-departure Covid-19 tests, and if you're reading this while waiting for your chance to finally get back to exploring the world you should know that it's a circus that you'll soon have to deal with too.

Booking The UK’s HALO Covid Test? Be Careful!

Up until recently I've had no reason to be anything but satisfied with the HALO Verify test, but that's probably only because I had only used the test when time wasn't of the essence. If you're considering using the HALO Verify COVID-19 test before you fly out of the UK or if you're considering using it as part of the 'test to release' program, you should read on.

Understanding England’s Covid Travel Traffic Light System

As had been expected, the UK's Transport Secretary Grant Shapps has announced that England will be introducing a "traffic light" system from 17 May which will dictate what COVID tests travelers arriving from different counties will require when visiting England and what, if any, isolation measures they'll be expected to take. As this system will affect travelers wishing to visit England and well as residents of England wishing to vacation abroad, I thought that I'd take a closer look at how this system will operate.

Some Global Entry Renewals Are Processing Without Interviews

Whether you're applying for access to the US Global Entry program for the first time or if you're renewing your membership, you're usually required to attend an interview at a Global Entry processing center (usually an airport or an embassy) before your membership is approved or renewed. Right now, however, some memberships are being renewed without the need for an interview.

DoorDash Will Deliver Your COVID-19 Test As Well as Your Food

The next time you open up the DoorDash app on your smartphone, don't be surprised if you find yourself being offered a service that you probably weren't expecting. Across multiple markets, DoorDash will now happily deliver you a COVID-19 test as well as dinner from your favorite restaurant.

Enough Is Enough. Maintaining A UK Travel Ban Into The Summer Is Unacceptable

I've spent the past year supporting every measure that scientists have said are needed to help us beat back the coronavirus, and I've adhered to all the conditions imposed during three full lockdowns here in the UK, but some of the new messaging that came out of the UK over the weekend goes too far. Worse still, it's messaging that could cause a good-deal of harm.

Amex Carried Out A Travel Survey & These Are Some Of The Results

Between 15 and 24 January 2021, American Express ran a series of polls across various countries to see how people were feeling about travel this year, travel in the future, and their feelings on travel in general. There isn't anything hugely surprising in the results (although I'm not sure I understand the logic of paying more for your next trip just because you didn't take one in 2020) but as people seem to love a survey, I thought I'd post the results that Amex has made public.

Dreaming Of Travel: Budapest – A City In Pictures (And A Few Words)

I don't usually write about the many places I'm fortunate enough to visit because destination reviews aren't really my forte and there are just too many tastes to cater to. However, as most of us still can't travel internationally and as it's nice to be able to dream of visiting great places (and briefly forget about what's going on around us), I thought I'd resurrect some pictures of a trip I took to Budapest and shine a light on a city that really surprised me. I'm not about to write an in-depth review of my visit to the Hungarian capital (I can't imagine that being interesting to most readers) but I thought I'd share a few images from my trip to a city that really surprised me.

The UK’s HALO Verify COVID Test (Non-Invasive) Is Good For Travel To The US...

I may have to travel towards the end of next month so I've been looking into which coronavirus tests are accepted by the United States (my destination) and the United Kingdom (the country I'll be returning to) and to my surprise, I've discovered that one of the easiest tests to take (the one that's not invasive at all) is an approved test for both the UK and the US. That's great news for the squeamish and for families.

500,000 Dead – Time To Call Out The Covidiots

As the United States passes the tragic mark of half a million deaths as a direct result of the coronavirus pandemic, it's important to make sure that we learn as many lessons as possible from the past 12 months. Governments and scientists will have their own lessons to learn but for everyone else, one of the key things to remember will be just how many know-nothing idiots were telling us that Covid-19 is "just another bad flu".

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