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I’m giving away my Hyatt Club Access Awards (expire end of February)

As a Hyatt Globalist member, the Club Access Awards that I have earned over the past two years are not of any real use to me as my status gives me access to Hyatt’s clubs/lounges anyway and, up until now, they have just gone unused. Now, however, thanks to the gifting option that’s live on Hyatt’s website, I can give them away to someone who can use them on a future stay … so that’s what I plan to do.
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Don’t cry ‘clickbait!, it’s not our fault!

Accusations of 'clickbait' are to be found all over the internet, and while it's often a term that's misused by those too lazy to think up a more relevant rebuke or by those who don't appear to know what clickbait actually is, there's no arguing with the fact that genuine clickbait can be very annoying.
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Catching Covid & an unplanned break from writing

It's been a while since I last published an article on TFM so as I slowly get this site back up to speed, I thought that I'd take time (and 900+ words!) to explain what's been going on with me and, just as importantly, to get myself back into the habit of writing again. 
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I’m Taking A Break

The last time I set foot in an airport or an aircraft was over 7 months ago and, by quite a margin, this has been the longest period of time in which I haven't traveled in almost 20 years. With the world in the state that it's in right now, I'm still not ready to travel abroad for fun or for the blog, but I definitely need a break from work and my daily routine so it's time for a staycation of sorts.
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Up A Mountain With No Wi-Fi & No Cell Service….And It’s Great!

Regular readers may remember that each summer I fly out to the Mediterranean to help out a friend who’s in the middle of a long rebuilding project and, once again, that’s where I am right now. It's fantastic. I'm approximately 2,500 feet up a mountain with great weather, beautiful views, and great food (it's hard to bead good Mediterranean food).
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I’m Taking A Proper Vacation (Of Sorts)….And I Can’t Wait!

I'm more than a little aware that from the outside it can appear as if all the traveling I do is a recipe for a fantastic lifestyle and that my life is essentially a never-ending carousel of premium cabin luxury and hotel room upgrades....but that's not really how things are.
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Sorry For The Silence….Trips & Tiredness Took Their Toll!

Some you may have noticed that there weren't any posts on Traveling For Miles on Thursday and Friday last week and, as I've had a few emails asking what's up, I thought I'd quickly explain what I've been doing and the reason for a few days silence on the blog.
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Blog News: Traveling For Miles Has Joined BoardingArea!

If you've had your morning cup of coffee before visiting Traveling For Miles this morning you may have noticed a small new floating link on the bottom right of every page. It's a link with a logo that I'm very proud to have on the site because it shows that Traveling For Miles is now part of the BoardingArea family of blogs.
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TFM Is Back!

Over the past few weeks I've been in the blissful position of having little to no internet access whatsoever which is why there have been comparatively few posts appearing on Traveling For Miles (and no posts since August 9th).
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Ooops – I’m Going To Be Without Internet Access For Weeks!

Regular readers may remember that I occasionally fly out to the Mediterranean to help out a friend who’s in the middle of a long rebuilding project and, as it happens, that’s where I am right now. 
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Welcome To The New Look Traveling For Miles

I've been meaning to give Traveling For Miles a new look for some time but I've never really had the time to keep the site running and do the wholesale changes TFM actually needed. Recently it became obvious that I would never have enough time to do both so I decided to put TFM on a temporary hiatus and get down to changing a lot of things I wanted to change.
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Ooops! No, We Were Not Hacked…..

Earlier today a number of our subscribers will have received a Traveling For Miles email which contained links to posts that were nothing short...
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I’ll Be Traveling Without Internet & It’s Going To Be Bliss!

For most of this week I'm going to be away from home and without regular access to the internet. I may be able to get the occasional email when I find cell phone service but internet access is going to be almost non existent and, even if I do find a connection, it will almost certainly only offer speeds last seen in the 1990's. I can't wait!
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I’m Taking A Proper Vacation! (Sort Of…..)

I have a really good time flying to all the various places I get to visit and I love exploring new cities and cities I can't resist revisiting but, when it comes right down to it, I'm almost always working. I don't get on an aircraft without taking at least a hundred pictures and I can't walk into a hotel room without taking at least a hundred more. When I'm in airport lounges I'm almost always writing (and taking yet more pictures) and, even when I'm a few thousand miles away from home and visiting a fantastic new city, I'm usually doing something blog-related before I allow myself to go out and explore.
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Merry Christmas From Traveling For Miles

I'm taking a break from posting today and you'll probably notice a few less posts going out over the holidays as I enjoy some...
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I’m Up A Mountain, Mostly Cut-Off From The World…And It’s Fantastic!

Some of you may have noticed that, for the past week-or-so, Traveling For Miles has been posting 2 blogs a day rather than the more usual three…and there’s a very good reason for that. I’m not at home and I’m not even traveling. Right now I’m on a Mediterranean island helping a friend renovate his house. The weather is fantastic, the food is great, the beer is cheap and life is good...but that’s not the best bit.
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GIVEAWAY: Free American Airlines International Upgrade To A TFM Reader (Pinned Through 4 Nov)

One of the major benefits of traveling as much as I do it that I rack up quite a few miles and points in various loyalty systems as well as various perks that make travel a lot more comfortable than it would otherwise be. Unfortunately not all of those points and perks last for ever and I find myself in a position where I have an American Airlines Business Extra upgrade certificate that I'm not going to be able to use before it expired at the end of the year. So, rather than letting it go to waste, I thought I'd give it away to a Traveling For Miles reader.
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Traveling For Miles Is One Year Old!

I first published a post to Traveling For Miles on 31 August last year but it wasn't until 15 September 2015 that the blog...
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Traveling For Miles Is Back!

After an unexpectedly long hiatus (over a month!) I'm back writing Traveling For Miles and getting back into the swing of checking an inordinate number of travel sites and travel feeds every day to keep up with what's going on in the travel world.
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TFM Going On Vacation

I'm making the most of the miles and points I've got in my various accounts and Joanna and I are taking an extended break over the next couple of weeks. This means that the usual 3 blogs per day (5 days per week) will not be the norm for a while.
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Welcome To Traveling For Miles

Welcome To Traveling For Miles Traveling For Miles is a Miles & Points centric blog that aims to provide travelers with information that will help make...
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We’re Launching Something New!

Our aim at Vacation Smarter has always been to help our users make informed decisions when it comes to their vacation plans. Whether we're highlighting...

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