5 Excellent Qatar Airways Business Class Fares From Europe To Asia (Book Qsuites Cheaply)

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It has been a while since we’ve seen a set of good Qatar Airways Business Class fares for travel between Europe and Asia and I was beginning to wonder if the days of cheap(er) oneworld status were over. Fortunately the answer to that question is no.

Qatar Airways is back with some very good Business Class fares for travel from Scandinavia to a number of cities in Asia and, with all fares earning a minimum of 560 Tier points in the British Airways Executive Club (or, if you’re an AAdvantage member, a whole host of Elite Qualifying Miles and Dollars) these are definitely worth a closer look.

The Headline Fare Rules

Regardless of where the fares originate or what the final destination is all seem to follow the same general set of rules:

  • Fares are valid for travel between 7 January and 10 December 2019
  • Tickets must be issued by 16 January 2019
  • Blackout dates: 23 August – 1 September 2019
  • Outbound departures permitted Monday – Thursday
  • Minimum stay of 3 days (2 nights)
  • Maximum permitted stay is 6 months
  • Unlimited free stopovers allowed
  • Stopovers must not exceed 96 hours

Regardless of what the fare rules say, it would appear that these fares are available between now and the summer months (when they disappear) and then from September onwards.

The Fares

Helsinki – Phuket from $1,654 Roundtrip

There is wide-ranging availability outside of the summer months starting immediately….

….and continuing on through May….

…and, after a break in the summer, returning from September onwards:

Qatar airways offers its excellent Dreamliner Business Class cabin between Doha and Phuket and you have a choice of the airline’s fantastic A350 or its A320 on the Helsinki – Doha leg.

I don’t really have much against the Qatar Airways A320 Business Class cabin (reviewed here) but there’s little doubt that the A350 offers the better Business Class cabin.

Choosing the A320 flights will often see you with a shorter layover in Doha while choosing the A350 flights may leave you with a noticeably longer trip:

It’s a trade off – shorter journey and a narrowbody aircraft or a longer journey and a Qatar Airways A350.

Access this fare via the Qatar Airways Finland deals page

Stockholm – Singapore from $1,588 Roundtrip (Qsuites)

This is a very good fare indeed (it’s not all that often that there’s a sub-$1,800 fare to Singapore) and, like most of these fares, availability looks pretty good (except during the summer).

You can fly almost straight away….

….availability through May mostly looks like this….

…and if you wait to travel from September onwards you’ll find the cheapest fares:

Not only is this a truly excellent fare but it also offers you the opportunity to try out the amazing Qsuites Business Class cabin.

Currently both Qatar Airways flights between Doha and Singapore offer the Qsuites Business Class cabin (both flights are operated by the new A350-1000 aircraft)…..

…so whichever flights you book you’ll get to try out what it widely regarded as the world’s best Business Class product.

Access this fare via the Qatar Airways Sweden deals page

Stockholm – Bangkok from $1,740 Roundtrip (Qsuites)

As with all the other fares you can fly this fare straight away and availability is great until you hit the summer months….

…but the fare comes back with a vengeance from September onwards so most people should be able to find dates that work for them.

If you’re looking to try out the Qatar Airways Qsuites Business Class product you’ll have to be very careful which flights your choose. Out of all the flights the airline offers between Doha and Bangkok on one (in each direction) currently offers the Qsuite product…..but it’s very definitely bookable with this fare.

As long as you make sure you book on to flights QR830/831 between Doha and Bangkok you’ll be booking into the Qsuite Business Class cabin….

…and you shouldn’t have to suffer a long layover just to try this cabin out.

Access this fare via the Qatar Airways Sweden deals page

Gothenburg – Bangkok from $1,666 Roundtrip (Qsuites)

Gothenburg is a very new destination for Qatar Airways and, in this instance, it’s offering the slightly cheaper of the two fares for travel between Sweden and Bangkok.

Availability is just as good for this fare as it is for all the others….

….and, as with a few of the other fares, if you can wait to travel later in the year you’ll find that prices are slightly lower…

Once again there’s an opportunity to book the Qsuites Business Class cabin…but only if you select flights QR830/831 between Doha and Bangkok….

….all the other flights offer perfectly good Business Class cabins (unless you book the A340) but they just won’t be quite as good as the Qsuites.

Access this fare via the Qatar Airways Sweden deals page

Oslo – Jakarta from $1,770 Roundtrip

Jakarta isn’t a destination that we often see popping up during Qatar Airways Business Class sales but it’s definitely on offer this time around…..but there isn’t a Qsuites option unfortunately.

As you’ve probably guessed by now you can book the fares for travel straight away and availability is great until you hit the summer months.

Once the summer is out of the way the fare returns and is available through November 2019:

There isn’t anything particularly exciting about the flights on offer except that you’re guaranteed a great Business Class cabin on all legs of the journey….

….the Qatar Airways A350s and 787s offer a better Business Class experience than you’ll find on most other airlines so, although you won’t get to sample the Qsuites with this fare, you should still have a great set of flights.

Access this fare via the Qatar Airways Norway deals page

Searching & Booking

My suggestion would be to use the ITA Matrix search engine to find fights that work best for you (below is an example showing the search parameters I used for one of the fares)…..

….before booking directly on QatarAirways.com.

You should be able to find all these fares though Google Flights and most OTAs but don’t forget that some credit cards (like the Platinum Card from American Express) only offer bonus points when booking directly with an airline.

Where To Credit The Flights

Most of you probably know this already but I’ll repeat it briefly for anyone new to this hobby – Qatar Airways is a member of the oneworld alliance and so these fares can be credited to any oneworld loyalty program.

I suspect that most readers will be crediting these flights to the British Airways Executive Club where you’ll earn 560 Tier points from just one trip (that’s over 90% of the Tier Points needed for Silver Status) or to the American Airlines Executive Club where you’ll earn Elite Qualifying Miles & Dollars as well as Redeemable Miles based on the distance travelled (these fares can be a fantastic way to boost your progress to AAdvantage elite status).

If you’re not sure where to credit you flights you should probably check out the wheretocredit website which will give you all the information you need.

Bottom Line

It’s great to see Qatar Airways bring back some of its very good Business Class fares between Europe and Asia and, although they may not be quite as spectacular as some fares we’ve seen in the past, these should be very useful for anyone looking to head east in a lot of comfort indeed.

Find all these fares on QatarAirways.com


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