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Emirates Plans To Ramp Up A380 Service For Summer 2021 (Tentative)

For the upcoming Northern Hemisphere winter, Emirates has only been able to justify scheduling its Airbus A380s on 7 of its routes, and for an airline with well over a hundred such aircraft in its fleet, that's an issue. Now, in the latest update to its Summer 2021 schedule, Emirates is looking a bit more optimistic as it prepares to increase the number of routes on which it plans to operate the world's largest passenger aircraft.
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Alaska Airlines Will Join Oneworld On 31 March 2021

Originally it was meant to happen by the end of this year, but when Alaska Airlines realized just how complicated joining a global airline alliance can be, the date for it to join oneworld was pushed back to "not before the end of the first quarter" of 2021. Well, as vague deadlines go, that one turned out to be remarkably accurate because Alaska Airlines has now announced that it will join the oneworld alliance on 31 March 2020.
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DEAL: 30% Off Alaska Airlines Flights (TODAY ONLY)

Alaska Airlines is running a fun promotion for the duration of the NFL season in which it's offering a fantastic discount on fares out of select states. The promotion is built around the scoring prowess of Russell Wilson, the quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks, and runs after every Seahawks home game in which Wilson scores.
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Big News: Alex Cruz Replaced As British Airways CEO

International Airlines Group (IAG), the parent company of British Airways, has announced that Alex Cruz is stepping down as CEO of the UK's flag carrier and, following a transition period, will be relinquishing his role as chairman too. All of this comes towards the end of a year which has seen the airline industry brought to its knees by Covid-19 and thousands of employees losing their jobs at British Airways.
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American Airlines Announces Its Switch To Beijing Daxing Airport

Before the current travel crisis, all American Airlines services between the US and Beijing used Bejing Capital Airport (PEK). All of American's passenger services to China are currently suspended but the airline has just announced that when it resumes operations between Dallas Fort Worth and Beijing, it's aircraft will be landing and taking off from the Chinese Capital's newest airport - Daxing International Airport (PKX).
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American Airlines Temporarily Reduces Frequencies & Removes First Class Between LAX & JFK

If you were hoping to fly American Airlines First Class between LA and New York in November you're out of luck. If you were hoping to have a good choice of flights to choose from on this route in November you're going to be disappointed. If, however, you're flying between LA and New York in Business or Economy Class in the month of November, you may actually like what comes next.
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Qatar Airways Confirms That It Will Bring Its Qsuite To San Francisco

Qatar Airways currently operates eight routes between Doha and the United States and from the end of the year, the airline will add a ninth - San Francisco. The West coast gateway has been part of Qatar Airways' plans in the past (back in 2018) but the planned service never materialized. This time around, however, there's a lot more reason to expect the new route to go ahead.
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BOOK QUICK: British Airways Club World Flights From £961 Roundtrip (Just 747 Tickets!)

British Airways has just said farewell to its final two Boeing 747s which have now departed London Heathrow for the final time. To celebrate the amazing aircraft's history, British Airways is selling 747 Club World seats and a "jumbo reduction" for under £1,000 each. If you find the fares on they're yours!
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Deal: Lufthansa Intra-Europe Business Class Companion Fares (From ~€191 Per Person)

Lufthansa is currently promoting a short-haul Business Class deal that I've only just noticed and if you're looking to fly intra-Europe before the end of March 2021 (and you're booking for at least 2 people), this is a deal that may well be worth a closer look.
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The Last British Airways Heathrow 747s Will Depart Tomorrow (Flypast Arranged)

Well that was quick! In the middle of July, British Airways announced that it would be retiring all of its Boeing 747s, in the middle of August the retirements began, and now we're being told that the last two British Airways 747 based at London Heathrow will depart tomorrow morning.
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United Airlines Brings Back Non-Stop Service To Shanghai

For most of this year, only a limited number of flights have been permitted between the United States and China with United Airlines and Delta being the only US carriers offering services to Shanghai. Up recently, both airlines have been serving Shanghai via Seoul but with Delta planning non-stop service to Shanghai during the upcoming winter season, United Airlines has now announced that it too will be resuming non-stop service to Shanghai from later this month.
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Qatar Airways Is Giving Away 21,000 Tickets To Teachers Around The World

Anyone who has had to homeschool their children through lockdown probably has a little more respect for the amazing job that a lot of teachers do every day they turn up at work and, as a thank you for the efforts that teachers are putting in right now, Qatar Airways has announced that it is offering complimentary flight tickets to 21,000 teachers around the world.
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American Airlines To Offer Covid-19 Testing For Flights To Costa Rica

In the middle of last week, American Airlines announced that it will be offering Covid-19 testing for passengers traveling between Dallas Fort Worth and Hawaii and that it is in discussions with various Caribbean states to offer that same on its routes out of Miami. No American Airlines says that Costa Rica will be added to that list too.
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United Airlines Announces Significant Route Resumptions & Expansions

United Airlines has just announced that it will be resuming service on "nearly 30 international routes" across Asia, Europe, and South America as well as offering customers expanded services to destinations in the Caribbean, Hawaii, Central America, and Mexico.
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American Airlines Removes A Valuable Benefit For Oneworld Elites

American Airlines has made some good customer-friendly moves of late and it has been great at telling everyone about them via social media, press releases, and email blasts. What the airline has been less good at doing is letting flyers know when it makes a negative change and at some point in the last few days, the airline has eliminated a key benefit it has been offering to select oneworld elites.
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American Airlines To Introduce Preflight Covid-19 Testing (Select Markets)

Last week saw United Airlines announce that it will be offering Covid-19 testing services for customers flying between San Francisco and Hawaii and that it is looking to expand similar testing to other routes. Now American Airlines is joining the party with its own plans to offer preflight testing for travelers traveling on select routes from next month.
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Alaska Airlines Will Add Another Five New SoCal Routes This Winter

Alaska Airlines is continuing to build on its new friendship with American Airlines by adding a number of routes out of Los Angeles and Palm Springs as well as increasing the frequencies on a further three routes that it already operates out of LAX. Coming on top of the airline's previously announced expansion at LAX, this is another big bit of positive news for travelers based in Southern California.
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Emirates Will Offer Its A380 On Just Seven Routes This Winter

Emirates operates the largest fleet of Airbus A380 aircraft in the world and it's safe to say that without the investment Emirates put into the A380 program, the aircraft would have gone out of production a lot earlier than this year. Still, even a behemoth like Emirates isn't immune to the current travel crisis and few things highlight that fact better than the airline's plans for the Winter 2020/21 season which will see it operating its A380 on just seven international routes.
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United Airlines New Hawaii Routes Now Open For Reservations

A little under three weeks ago, United announced a number of new international routes to Africa and India as well as two new domestic routes that the airline said would “make it easier than ever to travel nonstop to Maui and Kona for the 2021 summer season”. Following a weekend schedule update, the new Hawaii routes are now in the systems and is taking reservations.
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LAST DAY: Earn A Limited-Time Southwest Companion Pass In One Flight

A couple of days ago, Southwest launched what must be one of the most rewarding promotions of the year when it started offering a limited-time Companion Pass to Southwest Rapid Rewards members who book a flight by 24 September and then travel by 15 November 2020. 24 September is TODAY so there are just hours left to get in on this fantastic deal.
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Delta Is Already Scaling Back Transatlantic Plans For Winter Season

It was less than four weeks ago that Delta first unveiled its transatlantic plans for the upcoming winter season (and for summer 2020) and, at the time, I pointed out that the proposed plans looked ambitious in the light of what was going on around us. Delta has now posted a long list of updates to its worldwide schedules for winter 2020/21 and it looks like the airline has come to the same conclusion that I did as it cuts routes and frequencies proposed just 4 weeks ago.
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United Airlines Will Offer Covid-19 Testing From Next Month

United Airlines has just announced that it will be the first US airline to make Covid-19 tests available to customers as it looks to help flyers meet entry conditions put in place by states (like Hawaii) and various nations around the world as they look to protect their populations from the spread of the coronavirus.
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Emirates Cuts Capacity And Delays Restarts On Routes To The United States

As I seem to keep saying, if you think that we're anywhere the end of this current crisis you just have to look at the various plans the airlines are making to see that we're not even close. We're seeing a lot of airlines eliminating routes and cutting capacity on routes seemingly every time a new set of schedule changes is released, and the latest airline to post less than optimistic schedules is Emirates.
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FLASH SALE: 40% Discount On Select Alaska Airlines Fares (Today Only)

Alaska Airlines is running a fun promotion for the duration of the NFL season in which it's offering a fantastic discount on fares out of select states. The promotion is built around the scoring prowess of Russell Wilson, the quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks, and runs after every Seahawks home game in which Wilson scores. 
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Amazing Deals: British Airways 160 Tier Point Fares From Just £146 Roundtrip

British Airways operates a number of short-haul routes on which Business Class fares earn an impressive 160 Tier Points for roundtrip travel. For the next ten days, British Airways has lowered the cost of Business Class fares on some of these routes to levels that I don't recall having ever seen before so some of the deals on offer are nothing short of fantastic.
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KLM Cuts Service To 3 US Cities & Reduces Capacity To Others

In the last 24 hours, KLM has updated its schedules for winter 2020/21 and when you compare the services the airline plans to offer to the services offered pre-Covid, it doesn't make for pretty reading. Three US cities are set to lose service altogether, while even major partner hubs like Atlanta will be seeing reduced capacity.
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The “New” British Airways First Class Seat Is Nothing To Get Excited About

It all started yesterday when an over-eager British Airways employee put out a tweet (now deleted) that let the world know that British Airways would be offering a new First Class option in the not too distant future. Earlier today, British Airways emailed staff to let them know that a "modified First seat experience" is on the way (this has been widely leaked already) but the reality behind the news is far less exciting than most had probably hoped.
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EL AL Set To Resume New York Service In October

As with all of the world's airlines, EL AL has effectively been on hiatus for most of the year so far but unlike a lot of its competitors, EL AL is yet to resume passenger services on its international routes. From October, however, that's set to change with the airline scheduling a return to New York JFK as well as to three other international destinations.
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Qatar Airways Flash Promo: Save 10% On Flights From The UK (All Cabins)

Qatar Airways has brought back a promotion that we've seen it publish in the past with the airline offering a 10% discount on bookings made through its mobile app. The discount is only being offered through 19 September so there isn't much time to make plans, but with both Business Class and Economy Class cabins included in this offer, this could be a great chance to make some easy savings.
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British Airways Responds To Virgin Atlantic: Adds New Route To Pakistan & Accelerates Another

At the beginning of September, Virgin Atlantic announced that it would be launching three new routes to Pakistan from later this year as the airline looks to move away (at least temporarily) from its heavy reliance on transatlantic traffic. Now, less than two weeks after Virgin Atlantic's announcement, British Airways has responded and it's not good news for the smaller carrier.
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Alaska Airlines’ Admission To Oneworld Delayed (Good News For Some?)

When the news that Alaska Airlines was planning to join the oneworld alliance broke last February, it was news that very few people had expected to hear. The airline followed up that surprise with another one when, earlier this summer, it suggested that its membership of the oneworld alliance may be complete before the end of this year. Sadly, that's a target that the airline no longer expects to meet.
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JetBlue Announces 24 New Routes (Includes Latin America & The Caribbean)

JetBlue has announced that it plans to add 24 new routes to its network from later this year with a view to concentrating on leisure destinations served from the airline's focus cities around the United States. With multiple new flights to cities across the US, Latin America, and the Caribbean, this is the airline's attempt at shoring up its finances while, business travel continues to show little sign of recovery.
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United Airlines Already Forced To Improve Its “No Change Fees” Policy

United Airlines was the first of the major US airlines to announce that it would be eliminating change fees for most fares booked for travel within the United States, to/from Puerto Rico and to/from the US Virgin Islands but Delta and American Airlines quickly followed with their own announcements and, in American's case, its announcement went further than United's and now United has been forced to play catch-up.
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United Airlines Announces Seven New Non-Stop Routes (International & Domestic)

Yesterday, United Airlines used social media to run a teaser trying to get customers (and potential customers) to guess what new routes the airline was set to announce today. If you didn't see that teaser or if you failed to guess the new routes, this latest announcement will tell you all you need to know - United Airlines will be flying five new international routes to Africa and India, as well as offering two new routes to Hawaii.
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What Are Your Rights If An Airline Cancels Your Flight (Covid-19 Edition)

This post aims to inform readers with bookings to/from/within the United States and/or the European Union (and select associated nations) what their rights are when an airline cancels their flight(s) in the era of Covid-19.
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Owed A Qantas Refund? The Airline Is Now Offering Incentives To Passengers Accepting Credits

One of the bigger consumer stories that has emerged during this pandemic is the story of tens of thousands of travelers struggling to get their canceled trips refunded by airlines all over the world. Qantas is one of the airlines that has been less than stellar when it comes to returning customer funds and now the airline is offering customers incentives if they choose to accept a credit for future travel over the cash they're owed.
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Great Qatar Airways Business Class Fares From The United States

Qatar Airways is currently running a number of excellent Business Class sales all around the world for travel deep into 2021. A number of the fares available out of various US cities are well worth a closer look, especially if you're looking to book one of the world's Business Class cabins and are looking to pick up a considerable number of credits towards American Airlines AAdvantage status.
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Virgin Atlantic Will Offer Its New Business Class To Barbados

For the Northern Hemisphere Winter Season, Virgin Atlantic has scheduled one of its new Airbus A350-1000 aircraft to operate its route between London and Barbados. This means that customers flying in the airlines Upper Class cabin will be treated to Virgin Atlantic's best Business Class seats.
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10,000 Bonus Miles & Discounts On American Airlines Vacations

American Airlines Vacations has long been a good way to book some of the airline's better long-haul Business Class fares if you don't mind adding a hotel and/or car to you booking and, for a limited time, travelers can now earn 10,000 bonus miles, a "secret saving" and/or a $200 saving on vacations taken through 31 July 2021.
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Deal: London – San Francisco True Polaris Business Class From £1,250 Roundtrip

The British Airways Business Class sale has a number of great long-haul First & Business Class deals but if you're looking for a combination of great price and a great Business Class cabin to the West Coast, you'll be hard pushed to beat this one. United's Polaris Business Class is considerably better than BA's standard Club World and at £1,250 roundtrip from London, this West Coast deal is fantastic.
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American Airlines Plans To Restart Flights To Australia This Year

Qantas says it doesn't plan on restarting services to the United States before July 2021 and Australia is still a country that's off-limits to most of the world, but that's not enough to discourage American Airlines. Starting later this year American Airlines plans to resume service between Los Angeles and Sydney and it plans to offer four flights per week.
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[Updated] Virgin Atlantic Plans Three Routes To Pakistan From December 2020

Virgin Atlantic has today announced that it plans to offer three new services between the United Kingdom and Pakistan from December 2020. To some, this may seem like an odd path for Virgin Atlantic to choose, but the fact is that what we're witnessing is an airline coming to terms with a very key weakness and looking for ways to mitigate the risks that weakness brings.
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United Airlines Will Operate 40% Of Its October Schedule Next Month

United Airlines has just announced its planned schedules for September and October and the airline has confirmed that when its routes are taken as a whole (i.e. international + domestic routes together), it is expecting to operate 34% of its full schedule in September and 40% of its full schedule in October. These figures are in comparison to the routes operated in the same months last year.
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Delta’s Misleading Cancellation Email Really, Really Annoyed Me

Just as I was arriving home last night, I heard the iPhone in my pocket "ping" in the way it always does when a new email drops into my inbox and, upon closer inspection, it turned out to be an email from Delta letting me know that my December trip home to Los Angeles had been cancelled. Considering the state of flux that the airline schedules are currently in, the cancellation of my flight wasn't a huge surprise so I wasn't overly disappointed, but the wording Delta used in its email really, really annoyed me.
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More Savings + Marriott Resort Credits In The British Airways Sale [UK]

Last week, British Airways launched its latest sale in which it's offering some fantastic First Class and Business Class long-haul deals out of the UK, and in which it's offering some incredibly cheap short-haul Business Class fares that will earn flyers 160 Tier Points in just one roundtrip. Also in this sale (this is an aspect I haven't touched on so far) are a number of deals available from British Airways Holidays which shouldn't go unnoticed.
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Hawaiian Airlines Is The Latest US Carrier To Eliminate Change Fees

One of life's rules has always been that when an airline pushes through a change that's negative for customers all of its competitors rush to follow suit. Rarely have airlines rushed to copy a change that's positive for customers, and yet here we have the fifth US airline in a week announcing that it is eliminating most change fees for is customers. This has been a good week for flyers.
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British Airways Will Offer Its Club Suite On Flights To The Maldives

British Airways' Business Class offering was given an enormous boost when the airline announced the introduction of its new Club Suite but with the new suite limited to the airline's new Airbus A350 aircraft and a number of refitted 777s, it's a product that's not available on the majority of BA's routes. From later this year, however, British Airways is scheduled to offer its new Business Class cabin to/from the Maldives.
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Now Alaska Airlines Eliminates Change Fees Permanently (Is There A Hidden Bonus?)

Well, this has certainly been a good start to the week for US flyers. First, we have United Airlines announcing that it would eliminate most domestic change fees, then Delta followed suit, and American Airlines rounded off the news from the "Big 3" by improving upon United's change fee announcement and improving its Basic Economy fares too. Now Alaska Airlines has joined in by confirming that has eliminated all change fees on most domestic and international bookings.
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American Airlines Improves Basic Economy & Eliminates Select Change Fees

United Airlines may have started the ball rolling by being the first of the major US airlines to eliminate change fees on domestic itineraries, but American Airlines has now taken the ball further by eliminating change fees on more routes than United or Delta and by making some significant improvements to its Basic Economy fares.
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Delta Follows United’s Lead & Eliminates Domestic Change Fees

United Airlines caught a lot of people off guard when it announced that it would be eliminating most change fees for domestic itineraries with immediate effect and, not all that surprisingly, Delta has followed suit and confirmed that it has also eliminated most domestic change fees with immediate effect.
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United Airlines Is Eliminating Select Change Fees Permanently

With the travel industry in a state of crisis, airlines are being forced to try and find new ways to persuade travelers to choose them over their competitors. So far we've mainly seen airlines playing the "who's aircraft are cleanest" game with airlines sometimes appearing to claim that they've found a new and better way to sterilize an aircraft every week. Now, however, we've seen United Airlines fire the first new salvo for a while - the airline claims it's elimination change fees permanently.
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British Airways Sale: Business Class & First Class From £1,181 & £1,593 Respectively (UK)

British Airways has launched a sale on flights and holidays for travel deep into 2021. Over 150 destinations are included in the sale but I'm going to be focusing on the best long-haul Business Class and First Class fares that I've found. Some are very good indeed.
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Delta’s Transatlantic Plans For Winter 2020/21 & Summer 2021

Delta has announced that it plans to significantly increase the number of flights it offers across the Atlantic and across the Pacific in the coming winter and summer seasons. The airline says that the peak will come in the summer 2021 season when it will be operating over 50 more transoceanic flights than it had in the summer 2020 schedule.
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American Airlines Schedules New Shanghai Service From Seattle

Back in July, American Airlines announced plans to move the service it operated between Los Angeles and Shanghai to Seattle and, subject to government approval, that's what American Airways has done. The route is now in the schedules and is open for reservations.
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Delta’s Transpacific Plans For Winter 2020/21 and Summer 2021

Delta has announced that it plans to significantly increase the number of flights it offers across the Atlantic and across the Pacific in the coming winter and summer seasons. The airline says that the peak will come in the summer 2021 season when it will be operating over 50 more transoceanic flights than it had in the summer 2020 schedule.
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What Does The Free Virgin Atlantic Covid-19 Insurance Cover?

Virgin Atlantic has been on a roll with announcements of late and, once again, the latest announcement (published yesterday) caught most people unawares. For flight bookings for travel through the end of March 2021, the airline will offer all passengers free Covid-19 insurance with no restrictions on age, travel class, or length of journey. But what exactly does this insurance cover?
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Virgin Atlantic Will Only Be Flying To Five US Destinations By October

Virgin Atlantic has been fighting for survival for most of the summer and it's only recently that the airline has been back in the skies and flying back and forth across the Atlantic. A recent schedule update published by the airline confirmed that, for September/October 2020, it will offer customers flights to just five US destinations.
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DEAL: Qatar Airways Business Class Milan – Melbourne From €1,995/$2,360

Australia isn't exactly a destination that's welcoming visitors right now and Melbourne isn't exactly a destination that a lot of us would consider traveling to at this moment in time (even if we could) but with great availability into June 2021, this amazing Business Class fare may still be very tempting to some.
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Book London – New York In Business Class From Under £1,100 (For Travel...

Most people are probably not ready to travel right now but a few are making plans for 2021 and for those people, we're starting to see a number of great Business Class fares emerging for travel between Europe and the United States. Coming hot on the heels of the great Business Class fares I discussed yesterday comes a great deal for travel between London and New York courtesy of TAP Air Portugal.
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Delta & United Airlines Add More Flights To Shanghai

Delta and United currently operate two weekly flights each between the United States and Shanghai with both airlines routing their operations through Seoul Incheon Airport. An agreement announced yesterday between the United States and China to increase the number of flights between the two counties from four to eight will now see both carriers doubling the number of flights they offer to Shanghai.
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British Airways Has Started To Retire Its 747 Fleet

In the middle of last month, British Airways announced that it planned to retire its 31 Boeing 747 aircraft with immediate effect and starting yesterday, the airline's 747s are now being shipped out to meet whatever fate awaits them.
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Japan Airlines (JAL) Increases Services To The United States

Right now, Airlines are making alterations to their schedules on a daily basis as they attempt to adapt to the ever-changing entry rules that various counties have been introducing. Recent restrictions introduced by the likes of the UK, Vietnam, and Thailand have seen numerous flights to those countries cut from the schedules so it's nice to be able to report that JAL will be increasing services to the US from September.
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Emirates Restarts Services To Two US Cities & Increases Services On Others

Emirates has announced that the month of August will see it recommence operations on two of the US routes it suspended earlier this year taking the number of routes that it operates between Dubai and the United States to six.
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Ending Tomorrow: 10% Off Qatar Airways Flights Worldwide + 1,000 Bonus Miles

Qatar Airways has been running a flash sale for the past few days in which it has been encouraging customers to book flights using its mobile app. The flash sale is offering bonus miles and a 10% discount on Qatar Airways flights worldwide but there are less than two days left to book.
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Qatar Airways Boosts Services To JFK & LAX And Returns To Two More US...

Back in June, Qatar Airways announced its return to four major US cities and, as of today, the gulf carrier now operates on six transatlantic routes to the United States. Starting tomorrow, 12 August, Qatar Airways will begin boosting frequencies on its existing US routes and, from September, the carrier will restart services to two more US cities.
British Airways New Club World Suite - Image courtesy of British Airways

British Airways Schedules Club Suite Service To Los Angeles (Finally!)

After months of waiting, Los Angeles-based oneworld flyers will soon no longer have to choose between a great Business Class seat combined with poor service (American Airlines) or a poor Business Class seat with pretty good service (BA) as British Airways has finally scheduled a Club Suite equipped aircraft to serve LAX from later this year.
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Cathay Pacific Will Only Serve Three US Cities In September

Before the travel world came to grinding halt, Cathay Pacific offered flights between Hong Kong and eight US airports across 7 US cities but, in a further sign of how slowly travel is currently recovering, the carrier is only set to operate to three of those cities in September 2020.
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Air France Is Now Replacing The A380s In Its Schedules

It has been over two months since Air France announced that its A380s wouldn't be taking to the skies again (at least not as a part of Air France's commercial operations) but it's only now that Air France has updated its schedules to show what aircraft it will be using on the routes that the A380 once operated.
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RIP BA1 – British Airways Retires Its All-Business-Class A318

IAG, the parent company of British Airways, has published its latest quarterly results and alongside the news that the airline group made a loss of €1.3bn ($1.55bn) between April and June of this year, IAG announced that it was "exiting" the A318 fleet as part of its response to the current crisis and, with that, signaled the end of the all-business-class service that British Airways operated between London and New York.
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British Airways Won’t Fly From London Gatwick Before November

If anyone you know needs a reminder that the current crisis is far from over, point them in the direction of an airline schedule. While some airlines are clearly doing their best to ramp up operations and restart routes (e.g. Qatar Airways), a lot of major airlines are still running vastly reduced services and are pushing back the dates for planned service resumptions.
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Be Careful When Using Select British Airways Vouchers (Itineraries Not Ticketing)

As I've been navigating the various processes involving British Airways vouchers I've been finding out quite a bit about how they work but, more importantly, I've also been finding out that the process of applying a voucher for future travel isn't always a smooth one and caution is required.
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American Airlines Schedules Dreamliners On 4 Domestic Miami Routes

I've been known to get a bit over-excited when I've managed to book a Business Class seat on a widebody aircraft on a domestic route (after having expected to be booking a standard domestic First Class cabin), so I'm expecting the news that American Airlines is going to offer its premium cabin flyers yet more opportunities to fly to/from Miami in comfort, to go down very well.
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Air France’s Tahiti Route Returning To LAX in September

A couple of days ago I published Air France's plans for its USA routes in the months of September and October but, while the new schedules look good for SkyTeam flyers based in the US, there was no news surrounding the return of Air France's flight between Los Angeles and Tahiti which was set to return in August. Well, we now have news.
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Air France Is Reintroducing More “Normal” Meal Services Onboard

Now that airlines are trying to get their schedules back on track and tempt people back into the skies, we're seeing more and more carriers announcing the return of a little more "normality" onboard and Air France is the latest airline to confirm that passengers can expect to see improved service levels and offerings from this month onwards.
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KLM Will Operate More Flights To Select US Cities in August/September

KLM has recently updated its worldwide schedules and in the months of August and September, the European carrier will be increasing the number of fights it offers to select cities in the United States with some destinations getting twice as many flights as they're currently seeing.
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British Airways To Retire ALL Boeing 747s With Immediate Effect

In an email sent out to employees a few hours ago, British Airways effectively announced the end of the road for its Boeing 747s. With the travel world still in turmoil and with recovery not expected for a number of years, the viability of BA's least efficient aircraft was always going to be called into question, so it's not altogether surprising to read that the 747 has flown its last commercial flight for British Airways.
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Etihad Expands Hand Baggage Only Fares To Select Long Haul Destinations

It was September 2018 when Etihad became the first of the Gulf carriers to introduce a "hand baggage only" fare but, unlike most other airlines that offer a similar option, Etihad has only been offering these fares on select short-haul routes in its local region. As of this month, however, things have changed and flyers can now buy Etihad's "Deal Fare" on routes further afar.
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Big News: American Airlines In Surprise Tie-up With JetBlue

American Airlines and JetBlue have today announced that they are entering into a strategic partnership that will see American Airlines launch new international services out of New York JFK, JetBlue expanding at all three New York airports, and members of both airlines' loyalty programs enjoying reciprocal elite benefits.
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Air France USA Routes & Frequencies For Sept/Oct 2020

Most airlines have been operating skeleton schedules for most of the past few months but, over the past few weeks, we've slowly started to see a few airlines announcing plans to increase the number of flights they offer. The latest airline to announce increased routes and services to/from the US is Air France.
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Which Delta Sky Clubs Are Open And Which Are Opening?

Delta managed to keep approximately 15 of its Sky Clubs open for most of the current crisis and, so far in July, the airline has reopened a further 4 Sky Clubs and is promising to reopen at least 3 more before the end of the month.
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American’s Seattle – London Service Is Open For Bookings

American Airlines will be starting service between Seattle and London from the end of March 2021 and the plan was to have the service bookable from early May of this year. The crisis that unfolded since the original route announcement saw American Airlines delay the opening of reservations for its newest route but, following a recent schedule update, tickets are now on sale.
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Delta Has Restarted Select Beverage Services On Domestic Flights

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Qatar Airways Now Requires Masks AND Face Shields For Economy Class Passengers

In a move that's almost certain to polarize opinion, Qatar Airways has modified the health and safety rules enforced onboard its aircraft to include a requirement for Economy Class passengers to wear both a mask and a visor for the duration of the flight. Business Class passengers will continue to be asked to wear a mask and/or shield at their own discretion.
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You Can Now Use Your American Airlines Vacations Elite Credit

Back in the middle of April, American Airlines announced a series of measures that it was taking to (mostly) try to stop its more frequent flyers from defecting to other airlines. These measures included elite status extensions, Admirals Club membership extensions, and, amongst other things, a promise of future American Airlines Vacation credits. Details of these credits are now being emailed out to AAdvantage elite status holders.
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Emirates Starts To Reopen Lounges & Restarts Services To 11 Destinations

Emirates has announced the reopening of one of its lounges in Dubai and has confirmed that its Chauffeur Drive service is once again being offered to customers with select premium bookings. In addition, the airline has continued to restart routes to countries around the world and will offer services to over 50 cities in July.
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Review: American Airlines Premium Economy Boeing 777-200

American Airlines offers a Premium Economy cabin on most of its long-haul fleet and this is a review of the airline's product on its Boeing 777-200 aircraft flying between London Heathrow and Los Angeles. With a flying time scheduled at well over 10 hours, there was plenty of time to get a good sense of what the American Airlines Premium Economy cabin and service are all about.
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Qantas’ Recovery Plan Could Mean That It Never Operates Its A380s Again

Qantas has unveiled the 3-year recovery plan it will be following as it navigates its way out of the current crisis, and the details shared by the airline show Qantas cutting a significant number of jobs, keeping a large proportion of its fleet grounded, retiring its 747s earlier than planned and admitting that the days may be numbered for in A380 aircraft.
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Qatar Airways Suggests It Will Introduce A New First Class Cabin

Qatar Airways offers arguably the best all-around Business Class product in the world and it's a product that's better than a number of First Class cabins that I can mention. It also currently only offers its own First Class product on its Airbus A380 aircraft which the airline has already said it will be will Qatar Airways really introduce a brand new First Class cabin?
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Are People Actually Jealous Of Legacy British Airways Cabin Crew?

The dispute between British Airways crews and management has been well documented in the press and on various blogs and, aside from the actual plight that the British Airways crews find themselves in, the thing that has struck me most in all of this has been the nature of some of the comments directed at British Airways legacy cabin crews made by people seemingly unconnected to the airline - they make no sense.
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Emirates Brings Back Its A380 To London & Paris

The Airbus A380 may be the world's largest commercial aircraft but in an era of economical aircraft like the A350s, the A330neo, and the Boeing Dreamliners, the A380 is an uneconomical dinosaur. None of the airlines that operate the A380 have been flying them during the current crisis and some airlines have gone as far as to say that they'll never fly their A380s again...but for Emirates that's not an option.
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Qatar Airways Expands Services To Offer 270+ Flights To 45+ Destinations

Qatar Airways has grown to be the largest airline in the world during the current crisis, primarily due to the fact that it has continued to serve a variety of routes while most other large airlines have dramatically shrunk their capacities. Now, as airlines around the world begin to ramp up their services once more, Qatar Airways has confirmed that it now offers over 270 weekly flights to over 45 destinations...and the numbers keep growing.
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Virgin Atlantic Plans To Be Flying To 23 Destinations By October

Virgin Airlines has been living on the edge ever since the current crisis first hit the headlines as, unlike a lot of its competitors, it found itself unable to access the aid on offer from its home government. In its fight for survival, we have seen the airline cut over 35% of its workforce and abandon one of its hub airports and we have seen multiple pleas for help from the UK government go unanswered...but the airline keeps soldiering on.
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Malaysia Airlines Introduces Hand Baggage Only Economy Class Fares

Malaysia Airlines has announced that it has introduced "enhanced Economy fare options, putting customers’ needs as priority" which, in normal everyday language, means that it has introduced "hand baggage only" Economy fares which offer customers very little in return for no price decrease at all. Regardless of how Malaysia Airlines tries to spin this news, this isn't good for passengers.
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Etihad Plans Increased Services To Chicago & New York

Etihad has joined the growing list of airlines that are scheduling increased services between their home hubs and various cites in the United States and, in some cases, restarting routes that have been mothballed since the start of the current crisis. Etihad's latest schedule changes seen the airline planning to significantly increase services to Chicago and New York in just a few weeks' time.
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Delta Will resume Flights To China In 3 Days Time…But There’s A Twist

Back in May, it was suggested that Delta would be restarting services to China from the beginning of this month but 1 June came and went and there was no sign that Delta was ready to head back to China. Now, in an announcement put out today, Delta has confirmed that it's restarting operations to Shanghai later this week...but they're restarting with a twist.
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Turkish Airlines Brings Back US Routes & Increases Frequencies

The latest schedule update from Turkish Airlines sees the airline planning to restart services to three US cities and ramping up services to a further four US cities that it currently serves. Here's what you need to know about the airline's new schedule
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American Airlines Is Trying To Raise $3.5bn From Equity, Bonds & Loans

American Airlines chose to use Sunday afternoon to announce that it is looking to raise at least $3.5 billion through a combination of a public stock offering, the issuing of loan stock, and a new secured credit facility. 
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Qatar Airways Announces Its Return To Four Major US Cities

Qatar Airways has been the only big Middle Eastern carrier that has kept a number of services operating to the United States throughout the current crisis and now, as the airline enters an eight week period during which it hopes to get as many as 70% of its routes back online, it has announced plans to resume flights to four major US cities.
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JetBlue Launches Mint At Newark & Announces 30 New Routes

JetBlue has offered a nice distraction from the current travel crisis to announce a series of new routes out of nine East Coast/Florida airports and the introduction of its acclaimed Mint Business Class cabin to two new transcontinental routes out of New York Newark airport. Additionally, the airline also announced that nine temporarily closed cities and several summer seasonal destinations will reopen in early July.
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Emirates Returns To Washington DC And Nine Other Destinations

Emirates has announced plans to boost flights to 14 of the cities it currently serves and it has confirmed the dates on which it plants to recommence services to 10 destinations it dropped when the current crisis took hold. It won't be all plain sailing, however, as some of the planned destinations are currently closed to overseas visitors, but Emirates has a plan for this.

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