How To Get A Refund From British Airways – The Last Working Ways

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Update 13 April 2020: It may still be possible to use the original workaround on a smartphone to request a refund from British Airways online (click for more details)

Update 13 April 2020: A second refund appeared in my credit card account over the weekend.

British Airways has been one of the many airlines that have been trying their very best not to offer customers refunds (or making refund requests as difficult as possible) when their flights have been cancelled, and this is despite the fact that the European Commission and the US Department of Transport both recently restated that refunds have to be offered.

Up until a few weeks ago, British Airways was allowing customers to request refunds online but, as the seriousness of the current crisis became more apparent, that option was removed and a lot of customers were left with the impression that their only option was a voucher for future travel. A shady move by the airline.

A clever workaround was discovered by a reader of the Head For Points blog (which I outlined in detail here), and a URL was found which lead directly to a refund request form on the British Airways website…but BA was soon on to these.

The URL that once led to a refund request page now only leads to a page where flyers can request a voucher and the workaround doesn’t appear to be working for the vast majority of people who have tried it of late…so what’s left.


It’s important to remember that British Airways isn’t refusing genuine refund requests – it’s just making it harder to request them – so contacting the airline directly is still the best way to go.

Calling British Airways

I requested a refund of two British Airways award bookings on 17 & 18 March (by using the workaround that’s no longer available) but by last Sunday (5 April) I still hadn’t received any Avios back into my account and I still hadn’t seen the taxes and surcharges refunded to my credit card…so I called British Airways.

I called the Gold Line number (0800 123 111) and each time I was asked to choose an option I chose the option that most closely correlated with “other issue” and, a little surprisingly, I was put through to an agent after a hold time of just 12 minutes (I’ve been on hold to the airline for much longer when the world wasn’t under lock-down!)

The agent was polite, patient and helpful, and was able to see that refunds had been requested and that nothing had yet been refunded. Within minutes she had redeposited the Avios from both my cancelled flights into my account but she didn’t have the power to refund the taxes and fees.

Per the agent:

  • It is taking British airways up to 21 days for cash/tax/surcharge refunds to process
  • Refund requests that are made online can sometimes get caught in a loop and delayed

The agent said that she was resending details of my refund requests to the relevant department and to expect the refund within 21 days of that conversation.

On 6 April 2020, 2 days after my phone call with British Airways and 19 days after I made my second refund request, the taxes and fees associated with my second cancelled flight appeared in my card_name account.

On 11 April 2020 the monies due from my first refund request appeared in my card_name account (22 days after the request was made).

I’ve read (and been sent) other reports of people who have had success in calling British Airways and getting their flights refunded so this is definitely a route that works… but you should be prepared for long hold times (I suspect my experience is an outlier).

I suggest trying to call at times of the day when the call centers will be dealing with the least traffic (i.e not the middle of the day).

Be aware that British Airways has reduced its contact center opening hours to 08:00 – 20:00 Monday to Friday and 09:00 – 17:00 Saturday and Sunday GMT and the standard phone number to call is 0800 727 800.

Emailing British Airways

I have to confess that I assumed that British Airways would be overwhelmed with emails dealing with just about every aspect of the current crisis (not just refunds), so I never considered it as a viable route to getting my Avios and cash back from the airline… but apparently emails can work.

A TFM reader (Matt) has reported the following timeline:

24th March: Emailed requesting a refund.
28th March: Got a reply confirming the refund had been processed and our remaining flights cancelled.
7th April: The refund appeared on our ccard today.

Matt doesn’t say which email address he used, but this link to a British Airways online email form may be of help.

Bottom line

It looks like British Airways has shut down the website workaround and the URL linking to its refund request form so, if you need to request a refund, a phone call or an email appear to be the last two remaining options.

Most people are being told that that they have to call the UK call center if they wish to request a refund so make sure you use an app like Skype to call the airline’s 0800 number (from wherever you are in the world) to make sure you don’t get charged for the call.

If anyone has a story of how they managed to get a refund from British Airways (or a story of how they’re still struggling to get a refund) please share in the comments below so we can all learn what works and what doesn’t – Thanks!

Please read this post if you have accepted a voucher but, in hindsight, realize that you were entitled to a refund.


  1. Avios booking for a Qatar Airways flight was involuntary cancelled on March 19. Called BA the same day to request a refund. Avios points were refunded immediately. Taxes and fees refunded to my credit card today (Apr 7). Wait time just under 3 weeks.

    • Thanks for the data points – that’s another confirmation that refunds are taking up to 21 days to process.

      • Just to let you know .. my holiday was cancelled today . I tried the standard number it just kept cutting me off . Went through the gold exec number and got through Ba stated that refunds can take up to 14 days so will await that . Thanks for your help

    • Hi I just called the Executive Gold line and had great success in getting through easily. I have been told that the refund could take up to 28 days though. I also received a conformation email from BA regarding the refund.

      Thanks for the advice

  2. Unfortunately TAP from Portugal is doing even worst! I sent them the link that you posted from EU directives about refund ways and they simply said a big NO and the only possible way is a voucher and end of story. They simply said that this is the new rule and end of story. What can we do ? Our money is on their wallet!

  3. We are thinking that it is safest to cancel our 2 week trip to Croatia scheduled for this June-July. We are a family of 5 and don’t feel the risk is worth it. As of right now, our flight is on as schedule. Do you recommend we wait with our fingers crossed that our flight is drastically changed (our layover city is Heathrow) or canceled? Or should we contact BA now explaining that my husband has an autoimmune disease and we will need to cancel our non-refundable tickets because of the risk?

    Thank you!

    • I would call BA and ask if you can get a refund based on your circumstances. If the airline will only offer you a voucher I would decline and then wait as long as possible to see if your flights are cancelled. Only accept a voucher if a refund is very clearly not open to you.

  4. what about people in the US? I tried their number for US and when I pressed one for change it went nowhere. I called back and pressed three for other options and it went nowhere. Tried twitter three times. finally got a reply asking for my booking number, etc. Have not heard back. I tried the Executive Club blue number and got wait until within 72 hours of flight.

    • Try calling the UK number as mentioned in the post above. If you need the refund urgently ignore the request to wait until 72 hours before your flight (if your flight has been cancelled there is no flight at all!).

      The Twitter team may yet come through for you but they’re swamped right now.

  5. I received a refund after 14 days from BA but the amount is less due to currency exchange fluctuations!
    Is there anything I can do to claim back the difference?

  6. I am trying to get a refund for cancelled BA flights LGW-Glasgow. The phone number provided on the BA site says that due to high call volumes, and to protect the health of their staff, they are unable to take my call and I should call back. Unsure of how to proceed now!

    • Your choices are:

      1) Call back at time when the lines are less busy
      2) Try the email option mentioned in this post

      • Use the Gold phone number in the thread above. I just cancelled UK BA flights with no wait time. I was on the phone for little over 2mins in total.
        Thanks to the person who wrote the article. I have been trying the general number for over a week, each day at different times, with no success.

          • On most calls to the gold line (right now), customer service agents are not discriminating based on status.

      • My flight was cancelled. I did the trying to call and being cut off thing. I then didn’t choose an option and my call was answered straight away and they are processing my refund. (Hopefully!)

  7. Thanks for the intel – I’ve been trying to call BA for the past weeks at different times but get into a whole loop until the call centre hangs up on me after countless automatic messages. I’ve tried Twitter, had some progress but that’s stopped as well.
    BA cancelled my flights in this situation but are sure making it impossible to get a refund. I do not want a voucher at this stage.
    Has anyone been able to speak to anyone at BA? seems the only viable route to request a refund. I’m worried as my cancelled flights were due on 13/04 – what happens if I have not managed to speak to anyone before the 13/04?
    Any other ideas would be super welcome

    • You don’t have to get in touch with BA before your cancelled flights were due to take off if you’re seeking a refund.

      I know that there’s a lengthy period of time that’s open to you to get your refund if an airline cancels your flight but I can’t find a reliable source to confirm just how long that time period it (hence I’m not being specific here)…but you definitely don’t need to get in touch with BA before your original travel dates.

      • Great – thanks for that info. Certainly helpful to know I’ve got a bit of time then. I’ve tried the email link as well.
        So disappointing to see how BA are making it difficult for customers.

    • Once someone accepts a voucher I’m pretty sure that’s the end. Even if they were entitled to a refund, the acceptance of a voucher almost certainly constitutes a legal agreement in which the person receiving the voucher forfeits their right(s) to any other form of compensation/refund.

      I’m not a lawyer and I’m not legally trained, but that is my understanding.

      • That appears to be the case with BA at least. We accepted the voucher before we learned of the ability to call their UK contact center for a refund and they will not now let us change to a refund. We have called the contact center and escalated our request to management, no luck. We made a mistake by accepting the voucher initially before we knew better.

  8. I have a BA Rewards flight from LHR-AMS 17th Apr returning 21st Apr. BA cancelled my return flight only and outward is still operating. What’s the best policy? Wait until the last minute and call or call now and ask them to cancel the outward and refund points plus cash?
    Any help appreciated.

    • If your booking was a roundtrip booking I’m pretty sure BA owes you a full refund for your entire trip – my understanding is that both flights in a roundtrip booking do not have to be cancelled for the rules to apply (how are you meant to get home?)

      Call BA and ask for a full refund.

  9. I wanted to try the email form option (, but membership number is a required field to fill in when sending it. I don’t have one as I’m not a member of any BA club. Is there any other way to send the email?

    As for phone calls, as Shyamal described, I get into a whole loop until the call centre hangs up on me after countless automatic messages. So, they have not even provided a waiting time where I can leave my phone waiting in queue for the agent to be free to take the call. I have to hope that when I get through countless automatic messages to finally call, that will be the lucky moment when someone else hangs up. Almost like playing lottery!

  10. Hello, this is my experience from Italy. In the email received from BA communicating the cancellation of the flight, it was clearly stated that it was possible to get a refund, by calling a UK number. I looked for the Italian office number on BA website (02 69633602), and I called it, asking for assistance in Italian language (option 1). After many calls (the line always dropped), I requested assistance in English language (option 2). My call was immediately answered and a very kind lady (I have to say that she was really very kind and helpful), helped me to ask for a refund. I immediately received on my credit card the money for the seat selection, and she told me that the complete refund should take at least two weeks, because there are a lot of requests and they are processing them. I hope this could be useful for people in Italy.

  11. I tried to get through on phones for ages with no luck. Used Twitter and did 2 x public tweets. No response. Filled in web refund form. No response. Sent a fairly strongly worded (but polite) DM reminding them of their legal obligation to refund. No response. Chased that DM twice (nicely but firmly). Success. Very helpful, cancelled my booking which was confirmed by email waiting for refund now. I think it will take several weeks. My mistake was paying via PayPal Credit. Despite them being liable for a section 75 claim they are ignoring me now so I will be closing my account as soon as BA refund.

    If in UK and paid over £100 on credit card claim under section 75 with card provider. They are jointly liable and despite what they might tell you, it is your choice who to chase for the money. You don’t have to go to BA first. They are jointly and severally liable for goods and services not received.

    You can make a charge back on your debit card via bank if paid on debit card. If you used PayPal credit good luck. If you used PayPal with your own credit card unless it is within their buyer protection period you won’t have any luck but don’t hold your breath. Really not happy with PayPal but lesson learned.

    Not sure if similar chargeback/ section 75 options available in US / other countries.

    I’m pretty sure BA will refund but I think they are trying to avoid where possible and delay the flow. Perseverance will pay off and Twitter seems to have worked for me (eventually). Good luck!

    PS my understanding is also once you accept the voucher they have discharged their liability.

    • Thanks for the updates – BA is definitely trying to wear people down.

      Credit card chargebacks are available in the US but they’re time-limited (and I’m not 100% sure what that time limit is…I think it may be 6 months from the transaction date).

  12. After no luck with other numbers I Called the gold line number in the article above (even though I’m not a gold member) and selected the number for other issue each time. Got through to a representative after being on hold for 5 minutes and my refund has been requested. Waiting on an email to confirm and the agent said it will be processed within 10-14 days.

  13. Just called the goldline 0800 123 111 – thank you so much for the advice! I went for the last option each time, got through after less then 5 mins ( apart from all the BA recorded junk) to the most helpful, efficient and charming young man.I’m both amazed and delighted it was that easy. Flights and seat reservations both refunded, now I’ll have to wait and see how long it takes to arrive into my account. All fingers crossed!
    Again, heaps of thanks Jill

  14. My flights were cancelled and I tried calling the refund helpline number (0800 727800) numerous times but kept getting cut off as they said the line was too busy. I redailed and chose the ‘Paid with Avios’ option (I used Avios as part payment for the flight and car hire) – I was hold for about 10-15mins but eventually got through to someone who was actually very helpful and sorted a full refund for the seat reservation, flights and car hire for me.

    • Great news! Did they happen to mention when you can expect to see the refund hit your credit card?

  15. Thanks for suggesting the gold executive number. Despite not being a gold member, I called anyway and selected #3 (something else) and was on hold about 1 minute. Then a very nice woman helped me process request for a refund without any problems. I haven’t gotten a confirmation email yet, but she promised one (it has only been a few minutes). She said refund would be within 14 days.

    • Thanks for the data point and welcome to the Gold line:) (it’s actually very nice to hear that BA isn’t discriminating against non-Golds using that line)

  16. I tried going the email route (US based, small kids at home, not the easiest time in my life to be on an extended hold) and they’re added the following to the email form:

    (NB we cannot action changes/refunds via email)

    • That’s annoying. Have you tried calling the Gold line (UK toll free number if you use Skype or another similar app – +44 800 123 111). Recent reports suggest you don’t need to have Gold status to use it and the hold times are comparatively short.

      • I called the US Gold line (Number below…‭1 (800) 325-4504‬) and hit #3 each time. Was connected to someone right away. Took a total of 4 minutes. Received a confirmation email and was told my refund will be back on the original card in 3-5 business days

  17. Does anyone know what the USA Gold line number is? I’m not a member so I can’t access it on their website. I tried the Avios option first but I was on hold for 50 minutes. Thanks!

    • ‭1 (800) 325-4504‬ Is the number I called and was successful getting through with a brief hold. Good luck!

    • Tried the gold line number as suggested here but a very curt lady told me my claim couldn’t be processed As I wasn’t a gold club member, which seems strange as so many here got through that way!

      So tried the standard number and a number given by the gold card lady: 0203 250 0145 (same menu as the standard number), went for option 2 and all ‘other’ options following. Got through to a nice chap after a 10 min wait in the queue and got a refund arranged within minutes.

      I’ve been trying for the past 3 weeks on the number given on the website on the first option for refunds with no success, not even to get in a queue as it keeps dialling out! I cannot understand why BA make it so difficult for you to get your money back! It seems terrible customer service that you need to try every other option to get anywhere rather than follow the instructions for the most obvious line! I can’t understand how they are resourcing their customer service lines, madness! Happy now to have got my refund though! Good luck everyone else!

  18. Hi all
    When the main contact was set to hang up because their lines were too busy, we managed to get through to BA in about 10mins on: 0203 2500145.
    I hope that helps some people.

  19. I called the UK Gold Line +44 800 123 111 at 4:30PM GMT+1 (Friday) and was on hold for under two minutes and got my refund taken care of in under 5 minutes! Thanks everyone, for this suggestion. They said I should expect my full refund in 7-10 business days. (FYI I tried calling yesterday at 7:30PM and couldn’t get through so earlier seems to be better). 20 min later and I haven’t received the confirmation email yet but their website says they’re processing my refund.

  20. My travel agent keeps telling me that BA won’t issue a refund. I’ve gone around and around with her, telling her they’re required to, but she’s not willing to fight for us. What can I do? BA won’t talk to me since I didn’t purchase directly. I tried the email method, but their auto response is they don’t handle refunds via email.

  21. I applied for my refund on 24 March using your workaround – which worked at the time. I received the same email as you did confirming the request for a refund has been received. But I’ve had no refund paid to my credit card yet! Looks like I may have to call them as you’ve suggested to follow up.

  22. My niece in the YK had to cancel their wedding at the start of July and reschedule for April 2021. I called and was told April was too far out to reschedule and to wait until 11 days before travel on June 30th apply for the future travel voucher online. Today I got an email saying that I was not eligible for the voucher. I guess I have to wait another 7 weeks before seeing if they cancelled the flights. Anyone know how far out they do that?

  23. Successfully used the Exec Club number given and got through in a matter of a few minutes and was dealt with very politely and efficiently. 36 hours on still waiting for confirmation email, but was told one would be on its way and my refund would be processed within 3-4 weeks. Thank you very much for the advice and help.

  24. From France, we got a refund by phone (but NO confirmation by mail) 3 weeks ago (march 23). The only proof of cancelled flights and refund is the “manage booking” page on the website.We are still waiting for the refund. I called last week to get news about this, the man answered me that it could take…several weeks and we would trust him, we will be refunded…

  25. I booked and paid a BA flight to Tokyo (Haneda) on 29th April. The UK Foreign Office say no travel -anywhere.
    I tried to get a refund from BA but they say as the flight is on a code share JAL flight -and it is still operating – no refund!
    But I booked and paid with BA!
    On JAL website, there is a list of countries where citizens are denied entry -UK is one of them.

    I will never use BA again.
    Using underhand sneaky tactics to avoid giving refunds.

  26. Just used the UK Gold Line 0800 123 111 and as others have said – selected last option each time. Easter Monday at 11.00am – and was only on hold for one minute when very pleasant lady arranged refund of AVIOS points and cash paid. No questions that I was not a Gold Member.

  27. Thank you so much for this tip. Worked like a charm. No wait. Nice young man. Full refund on its way (fingers crossed). Genius.

  28. Thanks so much for this helpful information! Unfortunately, I have tried calling the Gold line (on both UK numbers provided above) but was met with a pre-recorded message saying they have now consolidated their call centres and to call on the general line. I am on the general line on another device…82 minutes holding and counting! Is anyone else finding this?

    • Hi, i also was having difficulty with being cut off on standard number of 0800727800, however i followed advice of another contributor and didn’t select any option, and got through to a very helpful man after approx 6 minutes, and although only one leg of my return flights to USA was cancelled i was given a Full refund, which should appear in my account in 7-10 days, avios points used within a week to be recredired with email confirmation of cancellation received straight after call. Thankyou so much for all the advice

  29. Update! I managed to get through to them VERY quickly on another number: (UK) 0800727800. Instead of pressing 1 for ‘refund’, I pressed 2 and was immediately greeted by a man who was able to process my refund for me. He said I should receive an email within 21 days, and it will be refunded back to the credit card I booked with.

  30. I just tried the Executive Gold contact number above in your article (I am not an Executive Gold member) and after a 5 minute wait I spoke to a friendly agent who arranged the refund for my BA-cancelled flight. He said the refund should be in the credit card I used for the booking within 7 working days…. thanks Ziggy!!!

  31. Hi, and thank you.
    I contacted BA on the UK Gold Line 0800 123 111 phone number at 11:15 this morning, and got through to speak to a very polite customer services operator after a couple of minutes of mostly choosing the correct option.
    She did my refund there and then and said the money would be back in my bank account within 7 – 10 working days and my Avios would be re-instated into my Executive Club account.
    No questions asked about my membership status.

  32. Thank you so much. Executive Gold worked for me just a few minutes ago. I went for option 3, then 4. I couldn’t believe how polite and helpful the customer services person was after I had tried so many times without success to get through on their advertised numbers. I will wait to see when I get back my money and my Avios.

  33. They asked for my Executive Gold number and when I didn’t have one they told me there was nothing they could do.

  34. Just called the USA Customer Support line at 877-767-7970 – waited on hold for about 20 minutes… then they answered and verified form of payment, address, email address, and then offered a full refund straight away.

  35. I also had great luck with the Executive Gold phone line (I’m outside the UK so used +44 208 707 4488). I got straight through, didn’t have to hold at all. The agent was incredibly friendly and helpful and processed my refund straight away. We will see how long it takes to go back on to my credit card but thank you so much for this tip!

  36. I have requested two vouchers for two flights from BA over 4 weeks ago:

    1. A return flight to Miami from Heathrow, due to leave 1 May 2020. This was paid for in avios and cash. The cash has turned into a voucher (received 26 March 2020), but I have not received any avios points yet. If you call any of the numbers for BA, and choose any options mentioning Avios, the line will hang up on you. I decided I needed to speak with someone, so chose the options so that I would get through to someone – this was a waste of time – as soon as I mentioned one of my flights was paid for with avios they immediately put me through to the other number which hangs up on you.

    2. A return flight to Gatwick from Jersey. This was paid for in cash only. I received an email that a voucher is being processed on 22 March 2020. I have had no further information.

    BA online and via telephone have made it nearly impossible to deal with flights dealing with avios. There is a chatbot on the BA website that says you will receive your avios in 7 days, but its been over a month.

    They have also made it nearly impossible to inquire about vouchers for cash flights that have not been processed – on the phone it says it will take about 14 days, but its been over a month.

    Very, very disgruntled customer.

  37. Thank you so much for the tip about calling the Exec Gold number. Had two flights cancelled needing a refund and was getting nowhere with the main free phone number they advertised on the site.

    Called this morning at around 10.25 and after going through the options I was speaking to an operative within a few minutes. Really helpful lady and processed both refunds and credited back avios points used. Said these would show up today and refund would take 7-10 working days.

    Just checked my emails and received two notices of cancellation and refund for my flights as well. Extremely happy and relieved. Just have to figure out how to get a refund on an easyJet flight now!

  38. I’ve been trying the standard number for days with no one ever picking up. Just tried the Gold number you listed and it was sorted in under 4 minutes. Thank you.

    Pretty disappointed that BA haven’t redistributed their resources appropriately and we’re having to use this work around in the first place.

  39. my flight london- rome was cancelled. they just offered voucher even in the first mail. they say to get refund in manage my booking but nothing.. I tried the different ways on this website but none of them is working, and tried to call all their numbers and they just hung up.even the gold line hang up just now while giving the usual message of high volume calls etc… I expected more from them. I want my refund and I think they lost a costumer…. there are more concerning situations and they are just providing more people calling their lines and trying not giving a refund that should be processed automatically

  40. The silver and gold executive club numbers do not work in the US and calling the regular number got me nowhere. I use the email link that was provided and while it took several days, I did in fact get the refund that way with no trouble.

  41. Thank you! The smartphone option didn’t work but I just tried the Gold Exec number, choosing option 3 then 4 when prompted, and got through within minutes. Full refund on its way, confirmed by email.

  42. I called the Gold Exec number, didn’t press any options but just waited on the line and got through to an agent withing 5 minutes. Full refund on its way (she said it can take from a few days to a few weeks, but hey, better than a voucher!). Cancellation and refund confirmed by email as soon as I hung up.

  43. After unsuccessfully trying the iphone option (which now appears to have been closed off by BA) plus several hours wasted calling the BA recommended 0800 727 800 number (and being told they were not taking calls due to high call volumes) I called the Executive Club Gold (I’m a Blue member) number 0800 123 111 – I went for the last option each time, got through after less then 5 mins to a very helpful and efficient man who refunded my Avios for the flight within 5min and told me my credit card payment for the taxes and charges would be back on the card within 14 days. Many thanks for your very helpful advice.

  44. Wow, just called the gold line (I am a blue member), avios refunded straight away and refunds put in for the cash amount.
    Very helpful and very polite person on the phone. Only waited 2 mins to get through.
    Thank you for the gold line information.

  45. I just want to say thank you so much for the information about ringing the gold line. I would have never thought of that since I’m only a blue member. I’m currently pregnant and we had flights for a babymoon this month and then to go visit family in the US next month. With a baby coming this summer, the vouchers were not a great option for us given how many Avios points we had used and not knowing when we would be travelling. We felt like we could not guarantee we would be able to use the vouchers before the 12-month expiration. Calling the number BA provided got me nowhere, but when I rang the gold line within less than 10 minutes the kind lady I spoke with refunded all of our Avios points and our companion voucher with the additional time to use it as well confirming that all the taxes, etc would be refunded within 14 days. It was so easy! Thank you so much for this information! It was so helpful!

    • You are very welcome. Thank you for the kind comment and I’m delighted things have worked out for you better than they may otherwise have done. Good luck with the baby and congratulations! 🙂

  46. So i’ve just used the gold card route from the UK and it took less than 5 mins to get through and have the refund processed without question of any kind. We received and eMail this morning to say our o/g flight on May 13th to Seattle, USA from Heathrow T5 was cancelled.The return flight although not as yet recorded as cancelled was refunded too as it was all on one booking reference.

    I wasn’t even asked if I was a member but clearly when the operator looked up the booking they would have seen we are bronze not gold members. (6pm Uk time)

  47. Thank you so much. Had no luck on the 0800 number so tried the Gold Member number using option 3 then option 4 and was surprised to get through in a few minutes at 6pm today. Very lovley chap processed refund and have received confirmation email. I am a Blue Member not Gold and was worried he would object but didn’t. Very happy thanks for the tips.

  48. I have just checked my credit card balance. After phoning the Gold helpline number to ask for a refund the full amount was paid back to me the following day.

  49. Just off phone uk Gold line No – Chose last options…. got through to lady, she actually noticed I was blue not gold, transferred me to blue team…..waited 3 mins (didn’t press any options on messages)…lovely lady took my booking reference…..processed refund on CC and avois ( paid by cash & avois). Told it would up to 14-21 days.

    Thx for tip phoned the 0800 827800 lots of times it kept hanging up on me

  50. I don’t have Gold Membership but called the Gold Line number (0800 123 111) and got a refund sorted within 5 minutes, no waiting.

  51. Try their Dutch number, I just called it and was answered within 10 minutes.
    Very friendly lady and requested refunds instead of voucher. No problem, got confirmation email within 2 minutes.

    I’ve tried all the listed numbers, this was the only one working.

    +31 (0) 20 346 9559

  52. Hi,
    I had round trip flights to London and back to Boston in May. On Friday, April 17th, I received an email cancelling the return flight. I called the BA US number : 18777677970 at 8:30am Eastern time. I was on hold for 30 minutes and then spoke to a very friendly agent who cancelled my second flight and processed the refunds for both flights within 10 minutes. The total credit turned up on my credit card this morning (4/20). I’d rather be in London, but I’m a happy customer.


  53. Thank you for the tip! I had two return flights from London to Rome this coming weekend which BA cancelled a few weeks ago. I just called the gold number and someone answered within about four minutes and sorted me out with my full refund. They said they would send a confirmation email (which I am still waiting for, but I guess their email system is overwhelmed at the moment), and that the refund would take about two weeks. They were really helpful and lovely on the phone. Thanks for the great tip!! I had been having real problems getting through on the normal customer service line – the system was so busy it wouldn’t even let me wait on the line.

  54. Thank you so, so much for this advice – I was able to get through on the Gold line almost immediately, and received refund confirmation emails for two flights within minutes, despite being a Blue member. What a relief!

  55. Nice tip! Phoned the gold number and got through in 10mins! (8.30am). Refund processed over phone and confirmation email received. Great tip!

  56. Perhaps I can assist, I had a refund of 1,053 pounds sterling approved on 1 April for flights in mid March from the UK to the USA, although the outbound flight from London had not, at the time I called BA to inquire on its status, BA could not legally have let me board as the US had banned inward travel for non-US nationals who had been present in the UK for the previous two weeks prior to my planned departure date. In any event, the r for the full fare was approved, credit to BA On this score. However, be prepared for significant delays in getting the money, my latest call to BA on 28 April, which ended up being handled by a call centre in Hong Kong, waiting time one hour, disclosed that the refunds are being processed in India, which is affected by Covid 19. I was told by a very helpful employee that it would probably be another two weeks, which if correct, would total six weeks for payment of the refund. Also, don’t expect promised emails to arrive, normally when a refund is approved, the customer receives a system generated email confirming the refund, I am still waiting for that. However, I am satisfied that it had been approved. Patience is required but my experience is that BA are pretty fair with refunds, you just have to be prepared to make calls and wait, wait, wait some more. James U.

  57. I just called up the number and got through to someone after two rings and she issued a full refund of tickets and seat reservations!!

  58. I would just like to say thank you, I have been trying for the last 2 weeks to contact BA regarding a refund to no avail, I have just rung the gold number stated on here, and within 5 minutes my refund has been processed.
    So thanks again

  59. I was emailing customer relations about a refund for my travel voucher . As an infrequent flyer and not seeing a refund option on offer I assumed my only option was this voucher .
    Through email I’ve been told ‘they won’t refund this voucher and I should have called up for a refund ‘ to which I asked how I was meant to know that as any communication I’d had from BA told me not to call unless I was flying within 72 hours. To this I was told customer relations could no longer help me and to contact a disruption number. I can not get through and the line keeps cutting me off! Infuriated and anxious to say the leastb

  60. On March 22 I got through to BA to request 2 refunds on flights which had been cancelled.(info posted on this site). I’d already accepted a voucher for a 3rd flight which was also cancelled by BA.
    I was told it could take 7 weeks for the refund to come through. I’ve waited patiently but as of 5 May no refund received. I’ve tried all the phone numbers suggested. Gold line cuts out, 0203-250-0145 just receive a message saying reduced hours for staff safety, they’re busy, taking longer than usual, be patient. etc..then get cut off.
    How are you supposed to actually speak to someone?
    So very frustrating. Any help or ideas welcome.

  61. I have called both BA numbers for a refund and all you get is a recorded message that hangs up on you at the end. Any ideas?

  62. Thank you for this info. I just used the Gold tel number – stay silent on the Options – and after about three-five minutes got through to a v. helpful staff member who confirmed the refund would be processed. At the moment he, said they are taking about three weeeks to reach the credit card account.

  63. Got through on the Gold line but told as im not a gold member they couldn’t help me.

  64. Called the Gold line, as above did not select any options. After about 5 mins got through to a lady who said as I was calling from abroad (Thailand) she’d help me. Full refund should be credited to my card in 14 days.

  65. I used the US line they provided- 1.877.767.7970 and waited about 15 – 20 minutes. Call EARLY. I called at 6AM and waited about 15 – 20 minutes and received email confirmation of refund….it was no hassle, but I was only calling British Airways to refund my seat assignments and baggage that I prepaid. The airfare was refunded by my credit card company since I had booked the flights through Chase Travel. They dealt with BA and I received both airfare refund and CC points back with no hassle. BTW, if you used your Chase Preferred card, there’s a separate phone# at Chase to call them regarding your travel. Good luck, everyone!

  66. Thank you so much for the information, have already had to request a refund for cancelled flights at the end of March and got through quite quickly to BA and had my refund within 2 days. This time however just keep getting cut off after going through all the press 2 etc………. So on finding this site rang to Gold line number and was answered within 5 minutes, have now received email confirming cancellation and refund. Now to see how long the refund will take!!

    Thanks again for the information, my patience are very limited and were already beginning to wear thin only after a day of trying to get through!! One more set of flights to go which haven’t been cancelled yet, hopefully they will have upped their game and got this problems sorted out before then.

  67. This advice was excellent, I got through and completed from the US in less than 8 minutes (0700 EST) total with a confirmation of cancellation e-mail in hand. The automated message said have your gold number ready, but they did not ask for it. They said to expect about 7 days, but being able to get through so quickly was well worth it.

  68. Thanks very much for the gold line number. I am not a gold member but called it anyway. I got through first time. After choosing the “other” option a couple of times I spoke to a very pleasant guy, Casey, who took me through the refund details and told me the refund would be with me in 14 days. He immediately sent me email confirmation.
    Thank you very much for your tip!

  69. Thank you so much fro the advice!!
    I had tried calling the Silver and normal lines with no luck. I tried the email and got a reply informing me they could not refund a booking via email.
    I called the Gold line and waited, less than 10 minutes. I just told the very nice lady that my flights had been cancelled and I needed a refund and she did it in five minutes, brilliant!
    Thank you so much for the tip 🙂 stay safe everyone!

  70. So glad I found this article.. Just phoned the gold line at 19.11..I was asked for a gold membership number but just explained I hadn’t had any luck with the normal number.. Guy helpfully agreed to process my refund no problem.. Took less than 5 mins.. Brilliant

  71. Many thanks for the article by Ziggy on obtaining a refund from BA. I tried the Gold Members number (0800 123 111) on 5th May 2020 after failing many times on loads of BA numbers. I got through in 2 minutes, spoke to a lovely lady and she promised me a refund for my cancelled tickets to Corfu (June) and money was credited to my credit card today (7th May). I am amazed and very grateful. Craig

  72. I called before lock down and was told to wait 7 days for a refund. Called again 3 weeks after the first call and was told it was authorised but need to wait 21 days.

    8 weeks and still waiting….

    Called today and can not get through, just get cut off. Even if I was lucky enough to get through I doubt it would get me anywhere?!

    • Just called the Gold Members number (0800 123 111) – as mentioned above by Craig (and others). Got straight through to someone within 2 mins and was told she would escalate the refund so will be in my account within 7-14 days!

      Lets see what happens – thanks Craig (and others! 😉 )

  73. I had been super frustrated with the main BA number which essentially answers your call, tells you a per recorded message asks you to select an option and then hangs up on you because they are too busy! Also their web site just displays a blank page when you try to “manage your flight”. Tried this option day and night. You apparently can’t even email in anymore for a refund though I did try. The Gold Members number however (0800 123 111) works like a charm! It didn’t matter at all that I wasn’t a Gold member – just that I had booked direct with BA. Only a few mins wait and then instant email confirmation that the flights were cancelled and refunds were in progress. The email for the refund of the extra legroom I had paid for had the amount to be refunded on it. Whereas the email for the refund of the actual seats was quite vague. But I was told this was the system and not to worry. The amount will go back on the same card that I paid with in approx 14-21 days. My advice is to have all your details ready as they will take you through detailed security and you need your payment card details to hand. Fantastic and thanks to all the above. I nearly didn’t try it, but I am glad that I did!

  74. So glad I ran across this website! BA had cancelled the flight and I followed the recommendations for calling the US Gold Line. The call was answered immediately and a polite man refunded the entire cost of the trip for both travelers. He advised it would be 7-10 days before the refund would be credited to the card and I received an email confirmation as we spoke. So appreciate the advice, no doubt saved hours of frustration!

  75. Tried for 3 weeks on the regular UK BA number, then tried the Gold Members number today as mentioned on here, got through, but first thing he did was ask for Gold Members number, and as I am not one he said he couldn’t process my refund. However, he did put me through to a ‘direct line’ which sounded like the regular BA one again, however, it worked, refunds coming in a few weeks. I think its a bit hit and miss with the Gold Line option though.

  76. Hey fellow travelers! My flight from Vienna to London on April 3 was cancelled, and I failed both to request a refund form online and gave up calling the customer service after several unsuccessful attempts. I put the whole thing on hold up until today AND I got through to a customer service agent IMMEDIATELY and my cash refund request was successfully logged. The agent was very helpful and told me the refund should be transferred to my account in the next 4 to 5 weeks. I asked for a reference number for the refund, however, I wasn’t given one. The number I called is +44 20 3250 0145 and I called in the last hour of the customer service hours, after 7pm (the custmer services was availaible until 8pm). I am not sure if I was simply lucky or because I called after the rush hour, but I thought this might be helpful.

  77. Hello everyone,
    Its been 9 weeks since I first called and requested a refund due to a flight canceled by BA. I was not given a confirmation number but was told the refund will be processed in 2 weeks. I have since then called twice and the agents agree the refund is processed, however there is a delay in actually providing the refund. I went ahead and filed a dispute eventually with my Credit card company.

  78. I was promised a ‘full’ refund for my frankfurt to london return flight (I live in germany) which was either side of a return trip to Beirut from HR, which BA cancelled on March 11th. I immediately contacted BA and they promised me a full refund for the Frankfurt – London flight as ‘an act of goodwill’. They said it would be in two parts – normal taxes etc first (which I received in 2 days) with the remainder to follow in 14 working days. (incidentally, I got the full Beirut refund in 14 days – they cancelled it not me!). It’s now May 28th, 2.5 months later and no refund. I must have called the Gold member helpline at least 8 times and been told that it’s in the system and a request to expedite it has been made, but it’s processed in India and they are on lockdown so no one is working there! Can this be true? Is it because it’s a ‘goodwill’ refund? Any advice will be gratefully received.

  79. Just called the gold members line and as described press all the ‘other’ options, got through to an operator quickly, only for them to hang up on me as soon as I mentioned refund! BA employing every little dirty little tactic they can to avoid paying out.

  80. Hi
    BA have cancelled my flights however despite ringing to get a refund ,I can never get through
    What happens if I don’t request a voucher and the original date it was booked for expires
    Do I lose my rights to claim a refund or get a voucher ? Or do BA automatically refund you ?
    I was told that if they cancel a flight it should be automatically refunded within 7 days and I shouldn’t have to apply for a refund
    Any advice would be appreciated
    Don’t see why I should have to take a voucher

    • If the airline cancelled your flights, you don’t have to take a voucher and you don’t have to get your refund before the dates of travel – try calling the UK Gold line 0800 123 111

  81. Thank you so much to this blog and all the comments the executive number works like a charm, my refund was processed under 10 minutes. I was concerned at first as I’m calling from abroad but the 0800 number still works with an international dial code i.e. +44800123111 good luck!

  82. I called the Gold Line 0800 123 111, got through within 10 mins, guy on phone just asked for my PNR when i mentioned a refund. Didn’t ask for my executive card number. Was a very friendly chap and had a nice chat about the trip i would have taken. I recommend trying this number if you need a refund for your avios flights!

  83. Thanks much for your article and all updates! I would like to report that, when choosing the email form, there is a dropdown menu with possible topics which says “(NB we cannot action changes/refunds via email)” –> is that a new thing or do you think they just do it to prevent people from using the form for refunds?

  84. Thanks for all this info. I had tried the usual BA website & then turned to the phone numbers (0800 727 800 / 020 3250 0145) and was continually ‘dropped’ from the call – unable even to queue – then I followed the advice above, tried the Gold Line 0800 123 111 but as soon as I gave my Exec Club No. I was put routed to the other OGM, as I was a Blue Member not a Gold Member – and then dropped off again. On reading more of these comments I realised that others had succeeded so I tried again, admitting immediately that I was ‘Blue’ not ‘Gold’ but that I’d read it was a potential workaround, in these difficult circumstances . . and Jamie could not have been nicer! He ran through the booking info and said that my C/C will be refunded in full within 10 working days. The whole process took less than 4 minutes. I also just received a confirmation email. So it seems to depend on who you get on the Gold line! I think it helped that I tried not to sound too frustrated & I was also lucky. The people actually answering the phones are very nice, though I’d agree that it’s a dodgy BA policy (to have removed the online refund option, offering only the voucher or endless calls to nowhere.) Do persevere with the Gold Line number and be honest about why you’re doing it – good luck.

  85. Just got through on the normal number, super helpful and polite and full refund for Avios flights booked for this summer – I’d been putting off calling as thought it would be a nightmare but credit to them they were brilliant.

  86. Went via the gold line and explained that after four weeks of trying the regular line I was really hoping I could get some help. Paul was extremely helpful thanked me for my honesty and processed the refund in under three minutes. Confirmation of cancellation and refund email received almost immediately. Hopefully the card will be refunded soon. Thanks for your suggestions.

  87. I also called using the gold line number (around 11am on a Monday) and got through relatively quickly. The person I spoke to was extremely friendly and dealt with everything calmly and efficiently. Like others above, I mentioned that I knew I wasn’t calling the correct number and was being cheeky, but he said they have experienced lots of similar calls and were just happy to help.
    Thank you for the tip.

  88. I too contacted the gold line number today (28th June 10.30 a.m.) and as everyone else has said politeness, efficiency and helpfulness was at the top of the agenda. The young man I spoke to said it didn’t matter that I wasn’t a Gold Member, as he said – everyone was a gold member to them!
    I have a confirmatory email to say all is in hand for a refund

    Thank you for the suggestion.

  89. Contacted the Gold line number, was on hold for 6 minutes, processed the refund application and sent a confirmation E-mail. Truly the only way to actually get a refund processed promptly.

    Looked at booking an internal flight from London to Glasgow in August. If I used 19000 avios I could go for £1, if I used 4600 avios I could get the flight for £90.

    Logged out of my account and tried booking online, paying for a bag each way the cost return is……………… £85 – go figure!

  90. Go to the online portal to make a complaint, and there it also gives you the option to request a refund. Very hidden and sneaky

  91. I totally understand BA trying to give a certificate. I would have taken one in other circumstance. I used the number it took a few minutes to have my money refund agreed and a confirmation email sent. The man answering the phone was totally helpful and polite didn’t even ask if we were gold members. It was such a relief thank you. 1st July

  92. Our flight to Athens on July 15 was cancelled yesterday. Today I called the Gold Line number (10.00am), and got through without waiting at all. Connected immediately. Was asked for my booking reference or membership number and as I’m not a member I gave the booking reference. Application went through, got email and just waiting for the money to be refunded. I would have preferred an online mechanism, but calling them was pretty straighforward and without any problems.

  93. Thank you for the information

    I have a different problem where BA are saying I applied for a voucher when I did not and they are refusing to pay back any of my money but I have a voucher?

    No matter how many time (4 now) that I get a person on the phone they all say the same thing, as I explain I want my money back not a voucher.

  94. I have just tried the Gold Line number and was answered fairly quickly. I am not a gold member and only had to give my booking reference number. This was call 13 to BA. Call centre number is not being answered now.
    My refund from flight 26th April was processed whilst I was on the phone. I was given the total to expect and told 3-5 days for it to show in my bank account.
    So glad I found this tip.

  95. Thank-you for really helpful advice re. gold line. Like many others I couldn’t get through on the number they issue on the website so I called the gold exec number (choosing option 3) & was greeted by very polite pleasant lady called Anna. She apologised for the cancellation & has sent my request to the refunds team & said I should expect the cash back to my card within 7-10 days & the avios I used as part payment within next few minutes.

  96. The Gold line number works brilliantly! I had been trying for 3 weeks to get through on the usual number after BA cancelled our flights to Nairobi but wasn’t even put in a queue each time- very frustrating! I called the 0800 123 111 number and within a minute I was put through to a very polite lady who only asked for the booking reference and then promptly refunded the whole amount to the same card. She said it would take 7-10 days. A confirmation email then arrived. Thank you for the top tip!

  97. Thank you for the above information. The gold line number 0800 123 111 (without the options selection) works really well. Have been trying the other numbers (with and without selecting the options) with no luck for the past couple of days. Call was answered by a nice lady called Molly who just asked me for the booking reference and processed my refund. She said it would take 14 working days for the full amount to be returned. She also confirmed the full refund amount. Thank you for your amazing tips!

  98. Wow,

    I followed the tips above and actually got a really nice lady on the phone within three minutes! She didn’t ask for my card number and just put me through the refund options immediately. Flight got cancelled and refund will be on my card soon. So for anyone not being able to get through, call the GOLD CARD number Anabela mentioned (it’s 0044800123111 when calling from outside the UK and I believe it’s free since it’s an 0800 number, except for your usual mobile costs).

    Thanks a bunch everyone!

  99. Got a refund within 4 minutes ringing the gold line number and she was lovely to me.
    Couldn’t even get in a queue on the normal number.
    I don’t understand why BA are trying to put off future customers in this way, but I guess it must be working for them on the whole.
    Thanks for the tip!

  100. Just tried the gold card number and was refused any further help not being a gc member. She told me to ring the bulk standard number that most people are having no joy with. Maybe if I try again and hope for a different assistant!

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