Big News! BA Club Suites Coming To Multiple New US Destinations

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The new British Airways Business Class cabin is among the most eagerly anticipated new airline products in 2019 and we’re currently in the middle of a flurry of information regarding the routes on which the new Club Suites will appear.

At the end of last week, we found out that Toronto will no longer be the first long-haul destination to get the Club Suites service and we also found out that BA’s first refurbished 777 aircraft (complete with Club Suites) will be flying the London – JFK route from 27 October this year.

Now there’s yet more news.

British Airways New Club World Suite - Image courtesy of British Airways
British Airways New Club World Suite – Image courtesy of British Airways

Routes Online has noticed that British Airways has updated its Winter 2019/20 schedule to reflect the introduction of more reconfigured 777 aircraft into its fleet.

What You Need To Know

Some routes will be getting the shiny new Business Class cabin for no more than a couple of flights while others are scheduled to see more significant service, but everyone should be aware that there’s still a significant element of uncertainty surrounding these schedule updates.

Schedules are changed frequently so there is absolutely no guarantee that a flight currently scheduled to offer Club Suites will be offering the Club Suites once the day of departure comes around – BA can change aircraft on a whim and there’s nothing anything any of us can do about that – you have been warned!

What makes things tougher (for anyone hoping to book the new Business Class cabin) is the fact that only a seat map of the Business Class cabin will tell you if the 777 flight you’re looking at is offering the new Club Suite product – BA’s flight information gives no hint whatsoever.

If a British Airways aircraft is offering the new Club product the Business Class cabin will show a 1-2-1 seating layout similar to the ones shown below.

British Airways New Club World Suite - Image courtesy of British Airways
British Airways New A350-100 Business Class seat map 

If you use ExpertFlyer this is the sort of seat plan you should be looking out for:

a screenshot of a computer

New Routes Getting Club Suite Service

London Heathrow – Abuja

  • 2 flights/week from 30 January 2020
  • 3 flights/week from 18 February 2020
  • 5-6 flights/week from 24 February 2020

London Heathrow – Bahrain – Dammam

  • Outbound on 8 & 10 January
  • Inbound on 9 & 11 January

London Heathrow – Boston

  • BA215/214 – on various dates from 2 February 2020
  • BA239/238 – on various dates from 2 February 2020

London Heathrow – Chicago O’Hare 

  • BA297/296 – on various dates from 28 January 2020

London Heathrow – Dubai 

a tall building with a curved roof with Burj Al Arab in the background

This route will be getting A350 (Club Suite) service from 2 September 2019 and a further A350 will join the route from 1 March 2020 but, for one day only (13 February 2020), this route will also be getting a reconfigured 777 complete with Club Suites

London Heathrow – Jeddah

  • 2 flights/week from 20 February 2020

London Heathrow – Kuwait City

  • 2-3 flights/week from 1 February 2020
  • 5 flights/week from 3 March 2020

London Heathrow – Nairobi

  • 1 flight/day from 14 January 2020

BA65 LHR 10:10 – 21:50 NBO
BA64 NBO 00:05 – 06:15 LHR

London Heathrow – Newark

The route to New York JFK route will be getting a reconfigured 777 aircraft from 27 October (see more info below) but the Newark route is only currently scheduled to get Club Suite service on one day only (21 January 2020) as flights BA185/184.

BA185 LHR 10:10 – 14:00 EWR
BA184 EWR 00:05 – 06:15 LHR

London Heathrow – New York JFK 

a city with many tall buildings

As reported on Friday, British Airways will be sending a reconfigured Boeing 777 to New York from 27 October 2020 as BA177/174 but, in the latest schedule update, things have become noticeably more complicated.

Here’s when the current schedules are a reconfigured 777 will be flying between Heathrow and New York JFK:

  • BA177/174 – From 27 October 2019 – multiple days per week
  • BA115/176 – From 2 November 2019 – 1/week (not at all in February 2020)
  • BA175/116 – From 9 December 2019 – multiple days per week
  • BA173/112 – Between 2 January & 20 February 2020 – 2/week
  • BA179/182 – From 23 February 2020 1/week

I have no idea why BA has chosen to complicate the schedules to this extent (it seems unnecessary) but this is what we have to work with right now.

London Heathrow – Philadelphia

  • BA69/68 – from 11 March 2020 – 1/week

London Heathrow – Riyadh

  • On various dates from 29 January 2020

BA263 LHR 13:25 – 23:00 RUH
BA262 RUH 01:05 – 05:20 LHR

London Heathrow – Seattle 

Space Needle with a tall tower
Image courtesy of Jonathan Miske via Flickr
  • BA53/52 – from 2 January 2020 – 1/week (not 20 February – 19 March 2010)
  • BA49/48 – from 20 February 2020 – multiple days

London Heathrow – Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv will be one of the first destinations to which British Airways will fly its new A350-1000 so we have known for a while that it will be seeing Club Suite service from 1 December 2019…but it’s now also going to get a renovated 777.

From 30 January 2020 BA165/164 will be operated by a renovated 777 on multiple dates so there will now be days on which both daily flights between London and Tel Aviv will offer the new Business Class product.

Bottom Line

With some of the scheduling looking incredibly complicated I would urge flyers to go into any bookings they make with eyes wide open – it’s very likely that further changes will be made to these routes so there’s no guarantee that a flight showing Club Suite availability today will be offering the same product in a month or more’s time.

Overall, it’s great to see destinations like Boston, Chicago, Seattle, and Philadelphia scheduled to get the new Business Class product but it’s hard to get excited about Abuja, Jeddah, and Kuwait City…and we’re still waiting to find out when LA will finally get a little love.


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