Last day to buy Alaska Miles with a bonus of up to 60% (Targeted)

Alaska's Mileage Plan program has been running a mileage sale since Monday but in a change to how these sales usually operate, the best deal this sale is offering is only valid  through the end of today. If you're lucky and see a 60% bonus in your account (check here), this could be a good sale for you. If all you see is a 50% bonus it may be worth waiting to see if the next sale offers you anything better (unless you only need a few miles to top up an account)

Buy Alaska Airlines Miles with a 50% bonus [Possibly Targeted]

Alaska Airlines has launched a new mileage sale in which it is offering targeted members bonuses of up to 50% when they purchase a minimum of 30,000 miles. This sale is running through 25 June so while there's no need to hurry, now may be a good time to perform a few award searches to see if miles purchased in this sale could save you money on your next trip.

Grrr…apparently oneworld elites cannot reserve seats on the Alaska Airlines website (+ 1 more...

Alaska Airlines has been a member of the oneworld alliance for almost exactly a year so with that 12 month anniversary approaching, I don't think it's unreasonable for a customer to expect the airline's website to be able to deal with all of the more basic benefits that the oneworld alliance offers. Apparently, however, this is too much to ask.

Alaska’s Mileage Plan adds Malaysia Airlines awards…but it may as well not have bothered!

In the past 24 hours, Alaska Airlines has added another oneworld partner to its Mileage Plan program - Malaysia Airlines - but now that I've seen the levels at which the awards have been set, I can't help but wonder why the airline bothered.

Alaska’s Mileage Plan will make it even easier to requalify for elite status

Alaska's Mileage Plan program has been doing its best to take care of its frequent flyers this year. Not only have all Mileage Plan elite statuses been extended through April 2022, but members have also been able to earn 50% bonus elite miles all year long so earning and retaining Mileage Plan elite status hasn't been particularly challenging (for most) this year.

A good Alaska Airlines mileage sale that you should avoid (for at least 10...

Alaska Airlines has launched a new mileage sale that runs through most of December and which is offering a solid bonus of up to 50%. Ostensibly this is a perfectly good sale, but while I'll provide you with all the details you need about it in the post below, be aware that I think that this is a sale that most people should be avoiding for at least the next 10 days.

Why Does Alaska Airlines Have A High Segment Requirement For Top-Tier Status & American...

Last week we finally got to find out a lot more about the new top-tier elite status that Alaska Mileage Plan first mentioned back in January and one of the bigger surprises that we were given was the news that to earn top tier MVP Gold 100K status, flyers will have to book 24 segments that are marketed and operated by Alaska Airlines. In this post, I speculate on what the key driver of this requirement may be and why American Airlines doesn't have a similar requirement.

Alaska Airlines Has Now Revealed Details of Its New Top-Tier Elite Status

At the very beginning of this year, Alaska Airlines announced that it would be creating a new top-tier elite status level for the 2022 qualification year but the airline wasn't forthcoming with any details of what the new status tier would offer or what the qualification requirements would be like. Now, with a little over three months to go before the 2022 qualification year begins, a lot has been revealed.

Flash Sale: Buy Alaska Airlines Miles With A 50% Bonus

Alaska Airlines is back with a new mileage sale and just as we saw back in March, this will be another short sale from the airline (this may be a new trend). This latest sale sees the airline carry on offering what was, pre-pandemic, its best-ever deal - a 50% bonus - and with more and more people now apparently comfortable with traveling once again, this may end up being the best deals we see going forward.

How American Airlines & Alaska Airlines Reciprocal Upgrades Work

Last year, American Airlines and Alaska Airlines announced that they would be taking their relationship to the next level by offering each other's elite flyers reciprocal upgrades. These upgrades have now been available to AAdvantage and Mileage Plan members for a couple of months so this is a roundup of what is currently being offered, what we're told will be on the way, and how the upgrades work.

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