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Destination Hotels Will Start Joining World Of Hyatt Next Month

You have to hand it to Hyatt, there isn’t another hotel chain that seems to be doing as much to expand its footprint, and it’s doing so by adding properties that readers of this blog will probably actually want to visit (I’m bored of press releases informing me of another hotel opening in a location only business people may be interested in visiting).
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Hyatt Extends & Expands Bonus Points Offer At New Properties

At the beginning of May Hyatt introduced a promotion in which World of Hyatt members could earn 500 bonus points per night for stays at new Hyatt properties that had just come online. At the time the promotion was launched only nine properties were participating and bonus points could only be earned through 31 July. Now, with a little under a month remaining to earn bonus points at the original nine properties, Hyatt has added more hotels to the promotion, and some are offering bonus points for stays made through 30 September.
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Earn Double World Of Hyatt Elite Status Credits At These Two Brands

It's a Hyatt news day today - first the hotelier begins to introduce the Alila properties into its World of Hyatt loyalty program and now we have news that two Hyatt properties are offering double credit towards World of Hyatt elite status.
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Hyatt Adds Alila Resorts To The World Of Hyatt Program (Properties From 5,000 Points...

Some links to products and travel providers on this website will earn Traveling For Miles a commission that helps contribute to the running of...
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REMINDER: Earn 100% More Hyatt Points At Most MGM Las Vegas Resorts

Sometimes it's nice to be able to top up a World of Hyatt account and this post is to remind you that there's a pretty generous promotion running right now which will allow you to do that with relative ease...as long as you're happy to visit Las Vegas.
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Get 10% Off Hyatt Award Bookings This Summer (Co-Branded Credit Card Holders Only)

Hyatt has just launched a very nice promotion in which it's offering a 10% rebate on all World of Hyatt award bookings for stays this summer. Unfortunately, the promotion is limited to holders of Hyatt's Chase co-branded credit cards so if you don't have one of those your luck is out.
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ENDS TOMORROW: Buy Hyatt Points At Just 1.71 Cents Each

Hyatt has been running its current points promotion for over a month but tomorrow is the last day to take advantage of the 40% bonus that's on offer to anyone buying a minimum of 10,000 points. Hyatt's non-targeted 40% bonus promotions don't come around all that often so now's a good time to stock up on points if the math works for you.
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You Will Soon Be Able To Earn & Burn Hyatt Points On Adventure Travel

Over the past year we've seen Hyatt announce significant expansion of its own brands (like on the West Coast and in Canada), we've seen it incorporate brands like Joie de Vivre and Thompson into its portfolio, we've seen SLH Hotels added to the World of Hyatt program in their hundreds and we've seen a nice new partnership forged with American Airlines. Things have been looking good at Hyatt of late and now the hotelier has announced a further new partnership to keep World of Hyatt loyalists interested. This partnership is with Lindblad Expeditions.
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Hyatt & American Airlines Now Offering Select Elite Members Fast Track Challenges To Status

At the beginning of March the World of Hyatt Hyatt and American Airlines AAdvantage announced they would be launching a partnership that would offer members of both loyalty programs reciprocal points earning, status challenges and, for American's very top-tier elites, complimentary World of Hyatt Globalist status. At the time of the announcement there weren't too many solid details available but now we're starting to see progress.
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You Can Now Buy Hyatt Points From Just 1.71 Cents Each

Hyatt is back with a new points promotion in which it's offering World of Hyatt members a 40% bonus when they buy at least 10,000 points. The last Hyatt promotion offered a 30% bonus and, as Hyatt's 40% bonus promotions don't come around too often, this latest offer is definitely worth a closer look.  
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Is Another Hyatt Property Playing Games With Award Availability?

For the past few months it has been Marriott's Bonvoy program that has been in the spotlight for, amongst other things, increasing the number of points needed for award bookings and allowing its various brands to pick and choose which benefits they're happy to offer elite guests...but Marriott isn't alone when it comes to shenanigans within its loyalty program.
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Amazing! Hyatt Has Actually Improved Its Best Rate Guarantee

There was a time where the best rate guarantees offered by the big hotel chains were a valuable tool in getting great deals but over the past few years most programs have watered down their guarantees to such an extent that they're not often worth very much (some don't seem to be worth anything at all).
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Hyatt Adds Thompson Hotels To The World Of Hyatt (Bonus Points Available)

Over the past year Hyatt has been doing a good job of expanding the opportunities available to its World of Hyatt members by adding a significant number Small Luxury Hotel (SLH) properties to the list of hotels at which members can earn and burn Hyatt points....and now the expansion continues.
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Reminder: Hyatt Hotel Category Changes Are Coming In 3 Days (Monday)

We're just three days aways from seeing Hyatt's 2019 Hotel category changes kick in so I thought this would be an opportune moment to recap the changes we'll be seeing and to remind readers to book any properties that will be going up in cost before Monday.
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Hyatt & American Airlines Will Offer Crossover Earnings & Benefits

Ok, now this is very interesting. Hyatt and American Airlines have announced that they plan to offer elite members of their respective rewards programs the opportunity to earn more points and miles when they fly with American or book stays with Hyatt.
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ENDING TODAY: Buy Hyatt Points From 1.85 Cents Each

Hyatt has been running a points sale since January 22nd and today is the last day to take advantage of the offer if you need to top up your World of Hyatt balance. The 1.85 cent figure may, on the face of things, not look all that attractive but there will be times when this will constitute quite a good deal.
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Hyatt Promotion: Earn Up To 1,500 Bonus Points Per Night Through 15 May

Hyatt seems to offer a lot fewer promotions then the other major hotel chains and that's always seemed strange to me when you consider that you'd expect Hyatt, with its relatively small footprint, to have to work harder to earn traveler loyalty. Still, every now and again Hyatt throws us a bone and right now there's an interesting promotion on through 15 May.
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Hyatt’s 2019 Hotel Category Changes Announced….And They’re Not Too Bad

First we heard from IHG, then came Radisson, next up we heard about Marriott's 2019 hotel category changes and now Hyatt has let us know which of its properties will see the cost of an award night change in a few weeks time.
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Hyatt Has Launched Its First Points Promotion Of The Year

Hyatt has announced its first points promotion for 2019 and it is kicking off the year with almost exactly the same promotion as it offered around this time last year. If you buy a minimum of 3,000 - 5,000 World of Hyatt Points (the minimum purchase amount varies) Hyatt will throw in a 30% bonus. At first glance this doesn't appear to be all that attractive but, as I'll show in this post, there will be times when points purchased in this sale will save you money - possibly quite a bit.
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Earn Over 8,000 Hyatt Points Through Exhale Spa/Fitness

With the new year now well underway Hyatt and Exhale have launched a promotion which is offering World of Hyatt members the opportunity to earn up to 8,384 Hyatt points through the Exhale brand and, as 5,000 of those points come just from taking out an annual membership, you don't have to be a spa devotee and a Hyatt Globalist member to earn a nice cache of points.
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Good News & Bad News From Hyatt – Globalist Requalification Just Got Harder But...

Just as IHG appears to be doing with its Ambassador program now we have Hyatt adding benefits to the World of Hyatt program with one hand while seemingly unable to resist the urge to make things a little worse with the other.
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Register For Hyatt’s Fall 2018 Promotion & Earn Up To 60,000 Points

Hyatt is one of the hotel chains that has recently published a promotion for stays this fall but, like most things Hyatt seems to be doing nowadays, the promotion is very much skewed towards those who will put a lot of stays Hyatt's way in the coming weeks.
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Hyatt Is Offering A Mystery Bonus On Points Sales

Hyatt is teasing its World of Hyatt members with its latest points promotion as it's not giving away what bonuses are available until you login to you account. From what I've seen so far it looks like the best bonus on offer is 40% while the more common bonus appears to be 30%.
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10% Off Hyatt Award Bookings Through 30 September

If you have one of the two Chase/Hyatt co-branded credit cards you may have seen a pleasing email drop into your inbox over the past 24 hours - Hyatt is offering cardmembers a 10% rebate on all award bookings taken by 30 September 2018.
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Reminder: Fast Track To Hyatt Status [Targeted]

This fast track to Hyatt status offer is an offer that Hyatt has brought out before and that has been running for a while but it's worth mentioning again in case anyone missed it and. more importantly, because it may have just got easier to meet the conditions.
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Double World Of Hyatt Points At Andaz

Last week Hyatt announced a revamped credit card which offers elite qualifying nights just for holding the card and a path to further elite qualifying nights through spend and now it would appear that you can earn bonus elite nights at Andaz properties too.
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Earn Bonus Points At Grand Hyatt & Hyatt Regency Properties

Hyatt has launched a new promotion which offers bonus points for stays at Grand Hyatt and Hyatt Regency properties this summer. World of Hyatt members who register (via this page) by 15 July 2018 and stay between 1 June and 31 August 2018 will earn 2,500 bonus points for every 5 qualifying nights.
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Reminder: Last Day To Register For Hyatt/AAdvantage Promotion

Hyatt has been running a promotion in conjunction with the American Airlines AAdvantage program since the end of February and although the promotion still has 2 months to run the closing date for registration is today...so don't miss out.
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Get A 40% Bonus When You Buy Hyatt Points (Highest Bonus Generally Available)

Hyatt has launched its latest points promotion and is offering World of Hyatt members a 40% bonus when they buy at least 10,000 points. 40% Hyatt promotions don't come around all that often and when they do they're usually targeted so not everyone gets offered the top bonus....but not this time. This time the 40% bonus appears to be open to all World of Hyatt members.
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Earn 20% More Hyatt Points In Vegas (Registration Required)

There's nothing tricky, complicated or difficult to understand about the latest promotion to come out of the World of Hyatt - it's a simple "earn 20% more points" promotion available to everyone staying at Hyatt or MGM properties in Las Vegas over the coming few months....but you'll have to register first.
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How To Combine The Citi Prestige Card With Hyatt Points For A Great Trip

At the beginning of the year I was set to swap my Citi Prestige card for the cheaper Citi Premier card but, thanks to a points bonus that Citi unexpectedly threw my way, the card got a stay of execution and it's still in my wallet. I've now earned the maximum bonus Citi offered me so the card is back in the firing line and needs to earn its place in my wallet....and it may have just done so.
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Hyatt Sells The Andaz Maui As Part Of $1.0bn Deal…..But Will This Improve Anything?

Hyatt has historically differed from most of the world's larger hotel chains in that it actually owns a significant number of properties in its portfolio. Bigger chains such as Marriott and Hilton sold off most of their ownership interests some time ago choosing simply to maintain long-term management or franchise agreements at the properties instead.
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Buy Hyatt Points With A 30% Bonus (It May Save You Money)

The World of Hyatt has released its first points promotion for 2018 and it's offering members the opportunity to earn a 30% bonus on all points purchases of 5,000 or more....but just how good a deal is this?
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World Of Hyatt Makes A Customer-Friendly Move + Did Hyatt Rollover Any Nights For...

Hyatt's loyalty program was once considered one of the better hotel programs around with top-tier elites treated especially well (I loved Hyatt Diamond status for the year that I had it). Sadly, since the program was 'refreshed' and rebranded as 'the World of Hyatt', it has dropped down to being little more than mediocre and not particularly appealing to a lot of travelers.
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ENDING TODAY: Buy Hyatt Points For Just 1.71 Cents Each

Today is the last day of the latest World of Hyatt points promotion which sees the Hyatt offering its points for sale with a 40% bonus thrown in. Bonuses of this magnitude aren't all that rare with Hyatt but, unlike in this promotion, they're not always available to all World of Hyatt members - the last 40% promotion appeared back in September but it was targeted so only a select few got the full benefit.
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News: British Airways WiFi Update, Hyatt Adjusts Hotel Categories & Malaysia Airlines A380’s Will...

A roundup of some of the news doing the rounds right now with a look at the latest changes within Hyatt's hotel categories, an update on British Airways' wi-fi installation, and news that we haven't seen the last of Malaysia Airlines' A380 after all.
Andaz West Hollywood Suite King

A Hyatt Top-Tier Status Benefit I Had No Idea Existed (And Don’t See Documented)

I think I may have stumbled upon an unwritten benefit of Hyatt top-tier status that, if I'm correct and my experience isn't an anomaly, is very useful benefit to have. Back in February I decided that I'd head back to LA towards the end of this year to get my fix of Angeleno life, the hills, Griffith Park and some sunshine. I'm heading back with Joanna and mini-Joanna in tow so I needed to book a suite at the Andaz West Hollywood with my Hyatt points.
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Hyatt Is Back With a 40% Bonus On Points Purchases (Not Targeted)

As the title of this post should hopefully have told you, Hyatt is back with another points promotion...only this time they're playing nice and made the top bonus available to everyone (the last 40% bonus in September was targeted).
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Buy Hyatt Points And Get A Bonus Of Up To 40%

A little over a month after its last promotion ended Hyatt is back with another attempt at tempting us all into buying Hyatt points - this time it's a targeted promotion with a bonus of up to 40% on all purchases of 10,000 points and more.
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PROMOTION: Get Hyatt Top-Tier Status In 20 Nights (if you have/get the Hyatt credit...

Holders of the Chase Hyatt Visa card have been receiving emails offering them a chance to fast-track their way to Hyatt mid- and top-tier status by the end of the year. There doesn't appear to be anything stopping people applying for the Chase credit card just to have access to this promotion (in fact that's probably what Chase and Hyatt want to see happen) but just be aware that not all is as it appears.
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When Buying Hyatt Points At 1.71 Cents Makes A Lot Of Sense

Hyatt is currently offering to sell us points at around 1.71 cents each and, while most of the time I'm more than a little sceptical of points purchases, there is a specific instance where buying Hyatt points at this level could be a pretty nice money saver.
buy hyatt points

Should You Buy Hyatt Points For 1.85 Cents Each?

The latest targeted "buy points" promotion is out from the World of Hyatt (I still hate that name) and it's offering members the opportunity to purchase points with a 30% bonus. The last targeted Hyatt promotion I remember seeing (back in October) offered up to 40% bonus points (so you could purchase points for 1.71 cents each) while what we're seeing now is the exact same promotion Hyatt ran 12 months ago.
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RUMOUR: Big Changes Coming To Hyatt Gold Passport

Matthew Klint of the Pen and Passport Blog is reporting that Hyatt is about to revamp its Gold Passport loyalty program and the changes are going to be huge....and not necessarily for the better. As things stand the Hyatt Gold Passport program is very lopsided in that all the worthwhile benefits are to be found in the top tier of the program (Diamond status) while the middle tier (Platinum status) doesn't really offer very much of interest at all - that's probably why it's given away with the Chase Hyatt credit card and why it's currently achievable in 5 nights. This looks like it's all about to change.
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Last Chance: Buy Hyatt Points For 1.71 Cents Each

Hyatt has been running a promotion since the first week of the month which allows you to purchase Hyatt Gold Passport points for as little as 1.71 cents each. This has been the best (cheapest) promotion we've seen from Hyatt this year and it's set to end at 11:59 pm ET, today, 25 October 2016.
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Round Up: Bonus Hyatt Points In Las Vegas, Air New Zealand Adding WiFi &...

A round up of some of the smaller bits of travel news I've noticed over the past week that don't warrant a blog post of their own but that could be useful nonetheless. Included Air New Zealand announcing the introduction of WiFi onboard, Hyatt offering bonus points in Las Vegas, JAL partnering with Priority Pass and more.
Buy Hyatt Points

Hyatt Offering 40% Bonus On Points Purchases – Best Bonus This Year

Back in August Hyatt was offering a 30% bonus to anyone who wanted to purchase 5,000 or more Gold Passport points and that was about as good a non-targeted promotion as we've seen all year (Hyatt offered a targeted 40% bonus back in the summer). Hyatt is clearly feeling a bit more generous right now as the latest bonus is not targeted and offers 40% to all Hyatt Gold Passport members.
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Hyatt To AAdvantage 25% Conversion Bonus – Good Or Bad Idea?

Hyatt has launched a 25% bonus for anyone looking to convert their Hyatt Gold Passport points into American Airlines AAdvantage miles and, if you convert 50,000 points to AAdvantage in one transaction, Hyatt will add a further 5,000 mile bonus. But just how good a deal is this?
Hyatt More Points More Play Promotion 2016

Hyatt’s “More Points, More Play 2016” Promotion Now Live

Hyatt's final promotion of 2016 (which it's calling "More Points, More Play") is now live and it's a promotion that definitely more likely to be of use to the road warriors amongst us than to the casual traveler - I for one won't be getting much out of this promo. Disappointingly Hyatt has opted to show absolutely no imagination whatsoever and has simply brought back its April through June 2016 promotion under a different name - what was once "Stay More, Play More" is now "More Points, More Play". As far as I can tell there is absolutely no difference between the two promotions.
Buy Hyatt Points With 30% Bonus

New Hyatt Promotion – Buy Points At 1.85 Cents Each

Hyatt has revived a promotion it ran both in February and in May this year which gives Gold Passport Members a 30% bonus on purchases of 5,000 points or more. Although you have to buy a minimum of 5,000 points to get the bonus (which isn't exactly many anyway), the price per point remains the same regardless of how many points you buy above the 5,000.
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Buy Hyatt Gold Passport Points From 1.71 Cents Each

Hyatt has brought out a new "buy points and get a bonus" promotion that runs though 31 July. This promotion sees an improvement over the 30% bonus promotion that we saw back in May...but not by that much. This time around the bonus on offer is 35%. As with the last promotion, Gold Passport Members have to purchase a minimum of 5,000 points for the bonus to kick in but should you be buying Hyatt points in the first place?
Hyatt Gold Passport

Hyatt Changes Award Categories At 106 Properties

Hyatt Gold Passport has announced that, from 1 August 2016, 106 of its hotels will be moving up or down in Gold Passport category meaning that 106 Hyatt hotels will see the cost of an award night change on that date. Fortunately for Gold Passport fans there seems to be more good news than bad news on this occasion (I don't get to type that too often nowadays!) so there isn't any immediate reason to panic.
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30% Bonus When You Buy Hyatt Gold Passport Points

Hyatt has brought back a promotion it last ran in February this year where Gold Passport Members can purchase points with a 30% bonus. As with the last promotion you have to purchase a minimum of 5,000 points for the bonus to kick in but should you be buying in the first place?
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Hyatt “Stay More Play More” Promotion 2016

OneMileAtATime has details of what appears to be an upcoming promotion from Hyatt that will allow guests to earn up to 75,000 Hyatt Gold Rewards Points. There has been no confirmation of this promotion, as yet, from Hyatt but the images of the promotional material that Lucky has been given look plausible enough to me.
Park Hyatt Dubai

Reminder: Hyatt Diamond Suite Upgrades Expire Monday

One of the major benefits handed out to Hyatt's Diamond elite status holders is the 4 Suite Upgrade awards that can be used on...
Hyatt Gold Passport Points

Buy Hyatt Gold Passport Points With 30% Bonus

Hyatt Gold Passport is currently offering a 30% bonus on all purchases of 5,000 or more Gold Passport Points made by 7 March 2016. While you have to buy at least 5,000 Gold Passport Points to get the 30% bonus, once you're over the 5,000 point hurdle, the cost per point remains the same.
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Hyatt Diamond Status – My Favorite Benefit

At the beginning of December I was one of the lucky people who was given a status match to Hyatt Diamond tier status (courtesy...
Hyatt Diamond Suite Upgrades

Hyatt Diamond Suite Upgrade Policy Is Changing After All

There was a line used in a popular 1980's political sit-com that read "never believe anything until it's officially denied" and, while that line...
Hyatt Diamond Suite Upgrades

Hyatt Diamond Suite Upgrades v Starwood Suite Night Awards

Of the major hotel loyalty programs only two offer suite upgrade instruments as an official perk of the program while the others may or...
Hyatt Gold Passport

Hyatt Gold Passport – Getting Started As A Newbie

Having recently been lucky enough to get a status match to Hyatt's Diamond status level I've been doing my best to learn as much...
Hyatt Gold Passport

Hyatt Diamond Upgrades – Why I Still Think Change Is Coming

On Friday I posted about a phone conversation I had with a Hyatt Gold Passport representative (Rumor: Hyatt Diamond Suite Upgrades – Change Coming)...
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Rumor: Hyatt Diamond Suite Upgrades – Change Coming

I may have recently been given a status match to Hyatt's Diamond Tier but the truth of the matter is that I know staggeringly...
Hyatt Diamond

Hyatt Diamond Status – Exactly What Do You Get?

A little over a week ago, just like over 10,000 other people, I contacted Hyatt to see if they would match my top-tier Marriott...
Hyatt Diamond Status Match

Hyatt Diamond Status Match – What Level Will You Get?

As most people probably know already, last Friday (20 November) Hyatt decided to try to capitalise on concerns being voiced by Starwood Preferred guest members as a result of Marriott's impeding take over of Starwood.
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Hilton, Hyatt, IHG & Starwood – Buy Hotel Points & Get A Bonus

As Black Friday and Cyber Monday approach we're seeing more and more hotel programs bringing out their seasonal offers for those looking to top up their account balances. American Airlines have had their offer out for a while now but here's a round-up of the hotel points-buying offers out there.
Hyatt Gold Passport

Hyatt Cash & Points Awards And Upgrades Now Bookable Online

Towards the beginning of 2014 Hyatt Gold Passport (Hyatt's loyalty program) introduced a series of changes to the system, one of which was the introduction of a Cash & Points option for award redemptions. And, up until today, these cash & points awards were not available to book online - you had to call in to check availability and to book.
Carmelo Resort & Spa

New Hyatt Hotel In Uruguay And It Looks Nice!

Hyatt has announced that the Carmelo Resort & Spa in Carmelo, Uruguay (a one-time Four Seasons Resort) will be joining the Hyatt family of...

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