On What Routes Does Delta Offer Its Delta One Suites?

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Delta One Suites - Image courtesy of Delta

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We got our first sight of Delta’s Business Class “Delta One Suites” when the airline started introducing its new A350 aircraft into its fleet towards the end of 2017 and, ever since then, Delta has been able to lay claim to having one of the best Business Class seats around.

While Delta’s A350s have slowly been coming on-line the airline has also been refitting its 777 aircraft with the new Delta One Suite and we’re now finally starting to see the suite offered on enough routes that a sighting is no longer a rarity….but on what routes does Delta actually offer Delta One Suites?

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Delta One Suites – The Routes

In alphabetical order – full details further below

  • Atlanta – Paris (CDG)
  • Atlanta – Seoul
  • Atlanta – Tokyo (NRT)
  • Detroit – Amsterdam
  • Detroit – Beijing
  • Detroit – Seoul
  • Detroit – Shanghai
  • Detroit – Tokyo (NRT)
  • Los Angeles – Shanghai
  • Los Angeles – Sydney
  • Los Angeles – Tokyo (HND)
  • Minneapolis – Paris (CDG)
  • Minneapolis – Seoul
  • Minneapolis – Tokyo (HND)
  • Seattle – Seoul (ICN) – from 1 August 2019
  • Seattle – Shanghai (PVG) – from 1 July 2019
  • Seattle – Tokyo (NRT)

Full Route Details

From Atlanta (ATL)

Paris (CDG)

Singapore Airlines SilverKris Lounge Hong Kong - Business Class

Delta will operate a 777 equipped with Delta One Suites to Paris CDG between December 13, 2018 and March 29, 2019.

Here’s what the schedule looks like currently:

DL82 ATL 16:08 – 06:10+1 day CDG
DL83 CDG 09:10 – 13:38 ATL

Seoul (ICN)

a man in a red robe and hat standing in a archway

Since 24 March 2018 Delta has been employing an Airbus A350 on its Atlanta Seoul. The schedule is as follows:

DL27 ATL 00:51 – 05:45+1 day ICN (Daily)
DL26 ICN 18:30 – 17:51 ATL (Daily)

Tokyo Narita (NRT)

a city street with many colorful signs

Delta plans to start offering its Delta One Suites on its Atlanta – Tokyo Narita route from 1 March 2019. The route will be operated by a refitted 777 aircraft on the following initial schedule:

DL295 ATL 11:15 – 15:35+1 day NRT (Daily)
DL296 NRT 17:30 – 16:00 ATL (Daily)

From Detroit (DTW)

Amsterdam (AMS)

a brick path with trees and buildings on the side

Delta started offering its Delta One Suites on its Detroit Amsterdam route on 31 March 2018 when it replaced its A330 with a new Airbus A350.

The current schedule is as follows:

DL134 DTW 18:24– 08:00+1 day AMS (Daily)
DL135 AMS 10:30 – 13:17 DTW (Daily)

Beijing (PEK)

a wall on a mountain

Delta first deployed an Airbus A350 on it’s Detroit – Beijing route on 17 January 2018. For the first month the aircraft operated the route on alternate days but, from 23 February 2018, the A350 has appeared on the route daily.

Here’s the current schedule:

DL189 DTW 14:25 – 17:10+1 day PEK
DL188 PEK 18:55 – 18:40 DTW

Seoul (ICN) — since November 18, 2017

a group of people walking in a street with colorful signs

Delta has been operating an Airbus A350 between Detroit and Seoul since 18 November 2017. Initially the aircraft appeared on the route on alternate days but, since 16 December 2017, the A350 has operated on this route daily.

Here’s the current schedule:

DL159 DTW 12:24 – 16:30+1 day ICN
DL158 ICN 10:50 – 09:58 DTW

Shanghai (PVG)

Shanghai Night View

Delta added an Airbus A350 to its Detroit – Shanghai route on 19 April 2018 and, since then, the route as offered daily Delta One Suites service.

This is the currently published schedule:

DL583 DTW 15:45 – 19:55+1 day PVG (Daily)
DL582 PVG 11:40 – 12:25 DTW (Daily)

Tokyo Narita (NRT)

a city with many tall buildings

This was the inaugural route for Delta’s Airbus A350 and was launched on 30 October 2017 (first departure from Tokyo was on 31 October 2017).

DL275 DTW 12:20 – 15:50+1 day NRT (Daily)
DL276 NRT 18:10 – 16:11 DTW (Daily)

From Los Angeles (LAX)

Shanghai (PVG)

a group of people walking in a park with a tall building in the background

On 2 July 2018 Delta replaced an antiquated 777-200LR aircraft which had been operating between Los Angeles and Shanghai with a shiny new Airbus A350. Ever since then the route has offered flyers Delta One Suites service.

The A350 is currently flying the route on the following schedule:

DL89 LAX 12:00 – 18:35+1 day PVG (Daily)
DL88 PVG 21:35 – 17:05 LAX (Daily)

Sydney (SYD)

Sydney Opera House with pointed roof and a city in the background

Tuesday 16 April 2019 will see Delta launch A350 (and Delta One Suites) service to Sydney with the first A350 service returning to LA on Thursday 18 April.

As things stand the schedule looks like this:

DL89 LAX 22:30 – 06:35+2 days SYD (Daily)
DL88 SYD 11:00 – 07:45 LAX (Daily)

Tokyo Haneda (HND)

a group of boats on water with a bridge in the background

Delta has confirmed that, from 31 March 2019, it will be replacing the Airbus A330 that currently operates on this route with an Airbus A350.  At the time of writing the planned schedule is as follows:

DL7 LAX 10:51 – 14:20+1 day HND (Daily)
DL6 HND 19:20 – 12:42 LAX (Daily)

From Minneapolis (MSP)

Paris (CDG)

people looking at the eiffel tower

From 13 December 2018 Delta will replace the A330 that operates this route with a reconfigured Boeing 777 complete with Delta One suites. At the time this route was announced the reconfigured aircraft was only scheduled to fly this route through the winter season but, following a recent schedule update, in now appears the MSP – CDG route is set to keep the Delta One Suites for the foreseeable future.

Here’s the currently published schedule:

DL42 MSP 16:02 – 07:10+1 day CDG (Daily)
DL43 CDG 10:15 – 12:13 MSP (Daily)

Seoul (ICN)

a group of people standing in front of Gyeongbokgung

Back in June Delta announced that it would be starting up a new route to Seoul from Minneapolis thanks to its closer ties with Korean Airlines. The new route is set to start up on 1 April 2019 and will be operated by a refurbished Boeing 777 on the following schedule:

DL171 MSP 14:21 – 17:20+1 day ICN (Daily)
DL170 ICN 19:30 – 17:35 MSP (Daily)

Tokyo Haneda (HND) — starting November 16, 2018

a street with signs and people walking around with Kabukichō, Tokyo in the background

Delta has had a refurbished Boeing 777 operating between Minneapolis and Tokyo Haneda since 16 November 2018. As things stand this is what the schedule looks like:

DL121 MSP 11:20 – 14:55+1 day HND (Daily)
DL120 HND 16:25 – 12:33 MSP (Daily)

From Seattle (SEA)

Tokyo Narita (NRT)

a red and white tower

From 1 March 2019 Delta will replace the 767 that operates this route with a new Airbus A350 aircraft complete with Delta Suites and the airline’s new Premium Economy cabin. As things stand the route is set to keep the A350 through to the end of the current bookable period.

DL167 SEA 112:27 – 15:40+1 day NRT (Daily)
DL166 NRT 17:20 – 09:34 SEA (Daily)



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