American Airlines Extends Route Cancellations & Reduces Services To Vancouver

This is a brief post to highlight a few changes to American Airlines’ operations that I’ve noticed mentioned on Routes Online in the past few days. American Airlines' customers flying in/out of New York or Vancouver may wish to pay special attention.

American Airlines Schedules Final MD-80 Flights

American Airlines has just announced that the last commercial flights its ancient MD-80 aircraft will operate will be on 3 and 4 September 2019 and the airline has released a list of the final 22 flights to be operated by the retiring aircraft.

WARNING: Don’t Assume American Airlines Gift Cards Will Trigger Amex Credits Again

One creative and effective way of using American Express airline credits has long been to buy gift cards from American Airlines, Delta and Southwest (and then use those for airfare purchases) but, sometime around the beginning of February, something went wrong.

Who Can Access American Airlines Flagship Lounges & Flagship Dining Facilities?

Since I wrote a brief post about the opening of the new American Airlines Flagship Lounge at Dallas Fort Worth last month I've had a number of readers get in touch with me asking for clarification about the rules of entry to the Flagship Lounges and the Flagship Dining facilities so here's a roundup of what you need to know. 

American Airlines Delays The Reintroduction Of Its 737 MAX Again

American Airlines used a very quiet Sunday morning to announce that it is extending the cancellations of all flights set to be operated by its 737 MAX aircraft through 3 September 2019.

Tentative: Winners & Losers In The Haneda Slot Lottery

It seems long ago than February but it was only three months ago that United, together with American, Delta, and Hawaiian, applied to the US Department of Transport to operate the new Tokyo Haneda slots that are up for grabs. The US DoT has just 12 slots it can bestow upon the carriers it thinks will use them best (in the interest of consumers) but, between them, the US carriers applied for 19 so that left the DoT with some decisions to make.

American Airlines Is Adding New Routes To Mexico, Latin America & The Caribbean

American Airlines has just announced that it will be adding a number of new routes to its network towards the end of this year with seasonal and year-round flights set to start up to destinations in Mexico, Latin America, and the Caribbean.

Why I’m Starting To Choose British Airways More (And Why American & United Should...

I haven’t exactly been the biggest fan of British Airways since I started this blog and I’m usually one of the first to point out the airline’s failings and shortcomings but, despite the fact that not much has really changed in how BA operates, I’m slowly starting to actively choose to fly with BA more than in the past.

American Airlines Business Extra Awards & Upgrades Are Now Bookable Online

American has slowly been sending out emails letting Business Extra members know about a new booking tool (American Airlines for Business) which allows users to view award availability, book award flights and apply upgrade certificates all without having to interact with an American Airlines employee.

American Airlines Brings In Stricter Rules For Emotional Support Animals

It's not hard to find a frequent flyer who thinks that a large percentage of animals who are allowed to fly inside an aircraft cabin because they're categorized as an 'emotional support animal' are bogus and, based on recent trends, it would appear that the US airlines concur.

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