United Mileage Sale: Buy Miles With A 100% Bonus

United is back with another mileage sale and this time it's offering MileagePlus members an impressive-sounding 100% bonus on purchases of 40,000 miles or more but it has also brought back the 7.5% federal tax which had been absent for most of 2020 so the cost per mile in this sale isn't quite as good as the price we saw United charging in December (when it also offered a 100% bonus).

FLASH SALE: Buy United Miles From 1.75 Cents Each (100% Bonus)

Just a couple of weeks after United closed its Black Friday sale in which it was offering a 100% bonus on the purchases of miles, the airline is back with another 100% offer for MileagePlus members looking to top up accounts. This sale, however, is slightly different from the Black Friday sale as the number of miles on offer is less.

LAST DAY: United Black Friday Mileage Sale – Get 100% Bonus With An Increased...

United has been running its Black Friday mileage sale since Wednesday and, as a lot of us expected, it's a slightly better promotion than the sale it was offering up until last week. The sale ends tonight so you have just a few hours left to make the most of the 100% bonus and a re-increased annual cap if you need to top up a MileagePlus account.

United Announces Reduced Elite Thresholds For 2021 & Extends PlusPoints Expirations

United Airlines has today announced that it is making it easier to earn status in 2021. Technically, we already knew that United was going to do this because the airline mentioned that it was considering this earlier this year, but now it's official and we know what the reduced thresholds will look like.

United Airlines Is Selling Miles At 1.89 Cents Each

United is back with another short-term mileage sale in which it's offering MileagePlus members bonuses of up to 85% through 19 November. Compared to some of the other sales we've seen United offer this year this doesn't offer miles at the cheapest rate we've seen but, if you desperately need United Miles right now, this isn't a bad price to pay.

Earn Up To 50,000 Bonus Miles With United Airlines [Targeted]

United Airlines is currently targeting MileagePlus members for an offer that allows them to earn up to 50,000 bonus miles through the end of the holiday season. There are at least 3 different versions of this offer that have been published, but all versions only offer a maximum of 50,000 bonus points.

FLASH SALE: Buy United Miles & Get A 100% Bonus

United has launched a flash mileage sale which lasts through to the end of the day on 16 September and as the sale is offering the highest bonus we generally see United publish, and as United has increased the number of miles you can buy to 225,000 (from 175,000), this may be one of the better times to top up an account if the math works for you.

SALE: Buy United Miles From Just 1.75 Cents Each [Targeted]

United is back with another mileage sale in which it's offering MileagePlus members a "mystery bonus". The last such sale ran through the middle of July and offered targeted bonuses of up to 100% and, a little surprisingly, this latest sale appears to be offering MileagePlus members the same kind of deal. For the second month running, I've been targeted for a 100% bonus and I can't remember the last time that happened. There's a strong chance that it has never happened before.

How To Generate Even A Low Number Of United Miles At Just 1.86 Cents...

Right now, United Airlines isn't running a mileage sale but that doesn't mean that you can't buy miles at a big discount to what the airline is currently charging. In fact, it's currently possible to generate up to 72,000 United Miles at a cost of just 1.86 cents each and, possibly more importantly, you can generate as few as 4,000 miles at the same cost/mile.

United Devalues MileagePlus (Again) When It Thinks No One Is Looking

United appears to have chosen a moment in time where it thinks that its customers aren't watching to push through a subtle (yet very real) devaluation to its MileagePlus loyalty program - a program that had already been significantly devalued since the beginning of this year. 

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