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Another sale: Buy United MileagePlus miles from 1.88 cents each (possibly targeted)

Just 6 days after pulling the last discount that it offered on its currency, United Airlines is back with another promotion in which it's offering a bonus of up to 100% when members buy MileagePlus miles by the end of the month.
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United Airlines adds two minor (but useful) benefits for Silver Elite members

Today, United has announced a couple of very minor extra status benefits for those of us who sit towards the bottom of the MileagePlus food chain, and if you have Silver status and fly with a few of United's Star Alliance partners, these may turn out to be benefits that have genuine value.
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Reminder: RewardsPlus is currently running a special promo for United & Marriott top-tier elites

As we covered the Marriott/United partnership yesterday, now seems like a good time to for a reminder that top-tier Marriott Bonvoy and with United MileagePlus elites are being offered a limited-time promotion which allows them to earn upgrades in the other's  loyalty program. 
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How the Marriott Bonvoy & United Airlines partnership works

In recent weeks we have highlighted Marriott's recently enhanced partnership with Singapore Airlines and its partnership with Emirates, so it makes sense to now cover the more major of Marriott's airline partnerships - it's partnership with United Airlines MileagePlus.
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The one key change to earning United MileagePlus elite status in 2024

Over the past couple of weeks, we have gone over some of the changes that have been brought in (or announced) for 2024 by Alaska Airlines, Southwest, and American Airlines, so it's only fair that we also look at the one key change that United's MileagePlus program has introduced for the 2024 elite year.
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Earn 30% bonus United Airlines miles when you convert select hotel currencies

Throughout the month of October, United's MileagePlus program is offering members a 30% bonus when they convert select hotel currencies into MileagePlus miles. For members with Marriott Bonvoy points, this could be a good deal. For people with orphaned hotel points that qualify for this promotion, this could be a good deal. For most others, this is a promotion to avoid.
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United Airlines announces a flash award sale to Europe

United Airlines is running a 4 day Economy Class award sale for travel on its routes between the US and Europe. The sale ends on 29 September and travel has to be complete by mid December.
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United Airlines is hawking a truly terrible monthly mileage deal

I'm going to have to hold my hands up and admit that I had no idea that United Airlines had a program that allows MileagePlus members to subscribe to a monthly purchase of miles. Now, however, I'm all caught up, as United has been emailing the various accounts that I control to see if anyone behind them is uninformed enough to think that what's on offer is anything but terrible value for money.
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Flash Sale: Save up to 50% on select United Airlines awards to Europe, Asia...

United Airlines has launched a Cyber Monday award sale in which it's offering up to 50% off Economy Class awards to Europe, Asia and Australia for holders of its co-branded credit cards and its premier elite members.
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United announces changes coming to MileagePlus in 2023

As of next year, United's MileagePlus program will be bringing in the elite qualification criteria that it had promised to introduce before the pandemic put a halt to the program's plans. Unfortunately, that means that the lower elite status thresholds that flyers have been enjoying for the past few years will soon be nothing more than a pleasant memory but on the upside, there is at least a little bit of good news coming out of MileagePlus today.
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Get a 50% discount on United Airlines miles (ends Friday)

United MileagePlus has launched a new flash sale ahead of Black Friday in which it's offering a discount on the cost of miles rather than a bonus. The discount being offered is 50% and while this reduces the cost/mile to levels that may tempt quite a few people, you should think carefully about how many miles you'd like to buy before participating in this sale.
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Purchases of United Airlines miles will now code as United Airlines purchases (apparently)

Earlier, I reported that United's latest mileage sale ends later today but it was something that I noticed in the terms and conditions that stuck out a lot more than the sale itself. According to United, purchases of Mileage Plus miles will now be recognized as United Airlines purchases and code as such with the credit card companies.
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Good Deal: Transfer Marriott Bonvoy Points To United With A 30% Bonus

United Airlines is currently offering its flyers a 30% bonus when they transfer various hotel currencies across to their MileagePlus account and while I wouldn't recommend that readers transfer over points from programs like Hilton Honors, the World of Hyatt, or IHG Rewards, a transfer from Marriott Bonvoy can make a lot of sense.
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Generate 8,000 – 72,000 United Miles At 1.86 Cents Each (Limited Time)

When United Airlines sells its miles with a 100% bonus (the best bonus the airline offers) the cost per mile usually comes to somewhere around 1.88 cents. Unfortunately, anyone wishing to buy miles at that price usually has to buy at least 40,000 miles - smaller purchases come at a higher cost/mile - but, for a limited time, there's now a way to generate as few as 8,000 United Miles at just 1.86 cents each.
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United Is Offering MileagePlus Members A Choice Of New Offers (Earn Bonus EQP)

United has announced that it has launched three new promotions and that it's giving MileagePlus elites the choice of which one promotion they'd like to participate in. Two of the promotions give flyers a chance to boost their Premier Qualifying Points (PQP) balances while the third promotion offers an opportunity to earn bonus redeemable miles through MileagePlus X.
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You can now buy United Miles with an 85% bonus

United MileagePlus is currently selling miles with a bonus of up to 85% and an annual purchase limit of 175,000 miles. This isn't the best deal we're likely to see United offer before the end of the year (we've already seen a 100% bonus offer earlier this month) but as the math will show, there are definitely going to be times when miles purchased in this sale will save you money.
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How United Airlines has made earning/retaining status easier in 2021

A recent email from United Airlines reminded me of a promotion that the airline is currently running (and that I'd forgotten about) which can make earning/retaining MileagePlus status a little easier, so I thought I'd post a quick reminder of all the ways in which United has made earning/elite status easier in 2021 in case any readers have been as forgetful as me.
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LAST DAY: United Black Friday Mileage Sale – Get 100% Bonus With An Increased...

United has been running its Black Friday mileage sale since Wednesday and, as a lot of us expected, it's a slightly better promotion than the sale it was offering up until last week. The sale ends tonight so you have just a few hours left to make the most of the 100% bonus and a re-increased annual cap if you need to top up a MileagePlus account.
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United Announces Reduced Elite Thresholds For 2021 & Extends PlusPoints Expirations

United Airlines has today announced that it is making it easier to earn status in 2021. Technically, we already knew that United was going to do this because the airline mentioned that it was considering this earlier this year, but now it's official and we know what the reduced thresholds will look like.
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How to generate even a low number of United Miles at just 1.86 cents...

Right now, United Airlines isn't running a mileage sale but that doesn't mean that you can't buy miles at a big discount to what the airline is currently charging. In fact, it's currently possible to generate up to 72,000 United Miles at a cost of just 1.86 cents each and, possibly more importantly, you can generate as few as 4,000 miles at the same cost/mile.
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United Devalues MileagePlus (Again) When It Thinks No One Is Looking

United appears to have chosen a moment in time where it thinks that its customers aren't watching to push through a subtle (yet very real) devaluation to its MileagePlus loyalty program - a program that had already been significantly devalued since the beginning of this year. 
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Warning: Stay Away From United’s Latest Mileage Sale

Right now United is trying to bring in some cash by hawking discounted miles on the open market and it's trying to make the sale interesting by offering MileagePlus members a mystery deal. Newsflash - this a terrible, terrible sale.
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United MileagePlus – Status Extensions, Reduced Elite Requirements & More

United is the second of the three big US carriers to announce measures aimed at placating its frequent flyers (Delta announced its measures yesterday) and the airline is going further than simply extending status for all that currently hold it – there are changes to this year’s elite status requirements, it will be easier to earn status through credit card spending and numerous flyer benefits will no longer expire this year.
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This is How Distance Flown Can Be Still Very Important To Earning United Premier...

United has completely overhauled the way Premier status is earned and has increased the spending thresholds for each status level too but, despite its best efforts to shift MileagePlus towards being a revenue reward program, the airline hasn't actually managed to prevent the distance travelers fly from having a significant effect on the status they can earn.
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Huge Changes Coming To United MileagePlus – Are You A Winner Or Loser?

Some links to products and travel providers on this website will earn Traveling For Miles a commission that helps contribute to the running of...
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Here’s How You Can Manufacture United Miles From Just 1.01 Cents Each [My Valuation]

Earlier this week I wrote about a great way to generate "cheap" miles with which you can then book American Airlines premium awards at a very good rate (assuming you can find the awards you need), and now it looks like it's possible to do something similar with United MileagePlus.
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Huge News: United Is Eliminating Old Upgrades & Introducing “PlusPoints”

United Airlines has today announced that it is replacing Regional Premier Upgrades (RPUs) and Global Premier Upgrades (GPUs) with a new upgrade benefit called "PlusPoints". The new system shouldn't see any members disadvantaged and, instead, should add a bit more flexibility to how members can upgrade their flights.
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United Now Offering Discounted/Free CLEAR Membership To Its Flyers

CLEAR is a program that relies on biometrics and allows enrolled travelers to reduce the amount of time they spend passing through security at select US airports by automating the document check portion of the TSA’s screening process.
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FLASH SALE: United Mileage Plus Is Selling Miles With A 40% Discount

United Airlines has launched a flash sale of its miles in which it’s offering discounts of up to 40% through 26 July 2019. This doesn’t leave you with very many days in which to buy miles at a discount, but make sure you work out the math before you rush into any purchases.
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Issue Over: You Can Once Again Book Singapore Airlines Awards On

United's Mileage Plus program has been having a lot of issues with partner awards this year. Back in January, quite a few people noticed that wasn't showing award availability for a number of its Star Alliance partners despite the fact that other sites (like Aeroplan) were showing that lots of awards seats were up for grabs.
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AVOID: United’s New Points Sale Is Terrible

United Airlines has launched its latest points sale/promotion and its one that just about everyone should be avoiding. This is one of the weakest promotions United dares to put out and is only worth considering if you absolutely have to top up and account.
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United Mileage Plus Is Offering A ‘Surprise Miles Bonus’ On The Sale Of Miles

United is back with another mileage sale and this time it's a targeted promotion with different bonus offers for different Mileage Plus members. My promotional offer was a 60% bonus and the other accounts I control all got the 60% bonus offer too but the nature of the promotion suggests that there are better (and possibly worse) deals out there too.
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LAST DAY: Buy United Miles With A 70,000 Mile Bonus

United MileagePlus has been running its current sale for a couple of weeks and today is the last day to take advantage of the offer if it's one that makes sense for you. In short, the airline is offering MileagePlus members the chance to buy up to ~174,500 miles at 2.25 cents per mile. 
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Buy United Miles & Get A Bonus Of Up To 70,000 Miles

United's last mileage sale ended on 1 March and it hasn't taken the airline long to come back with another attempt at tempting travelers into buying its currency. The last points sale offered up miles at around 2.03 cents each so let's take a look at what this latest promotion is offering.
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United Restores Thai Airways & TAP Award Availability…Still Waiting For Singapore Airlines Awards

Some links to products and travel providers on this website will earn Traveling For Miles a commission which helps contribute to the running of...
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QUICK: Up To 40% Off United Saver Awards To Tahiti (TODAY ONLY)

United Airlines has just launched a pretty fantastic set of discounts for anyone looking to use their MileagePlus miles to get to Tahiti. For today only (February 8 2019) MileagePlus members can book roundtrip Economy Class travel to Tahiti from just 42,000 miles.
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BAD NEWS: United Airlines Is Blocking Singapore Airlines & Thai Airways Awards

There are few things that annoy me more in the miles & points world than loyalty programs who don't play fair and right now United MileagePlus is being extraordinarily underhand in the way it's treating its members. United is a member of the Star Alliance so it should be possible to use United MileagePlus Miles to book most award types for travel on its fellow Star Alliance member airlines...but that's not the case right now.
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United Relaunches Its MileagePlus X App & Launches United Visa Rewards With A 1,000...

United Airlines has announced the relaunch of its MileagePlus X app which can be used to earn miles on everyday purchases and can be a powerful tool for anyone looking to boost their MileagePlus balance.
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United Caves – Basic Economy Fares Now Qualify For Elite Credits

Let's be honest and open about this - Basic Economy fares are a rip-off. Airlines would love for us all to blindly believe that Basic Economy fares are just super-cheap, no-frills fares brought in to compete with the low-cost carriers...but they're nothing of the sort. Basic Economy fares are no cheaper than the cheapest fares that were around before Basic Economy was even a thing - they just come with considerably fewer benefits.  Remember that the next time you read about an airline CEO telling us all how Basic Economy is great news for the budget traveler.
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Earn United MileagePlus Miles When You Play Golf

Golf isn't exactly one of the cheaper sports to play and I know a lot of people who donate a significant portion of their income to indulge their passion so it's going to be a bonus for some that you can now earn United Miles in four different golfing ways.
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DEAL: Earn Up To 24 United Miles Per Dollar At Accor Hotels (Fairmont, Sofitel,...

On Friday I wrote about a promotion that Accor is running in which members of its Le Club AccorHotels loyalty program can earn 4x the normal number of United MileagePlus miles for stays booked and consumed by 28 February 2018. The promotion requires registration but is very simple and is predicated on the fact that, for a limited time, Le Club AccorHotels points will convert to United MileagePlus Miles at a ratio of 1:2 (the usual conversion rate is 2:1). As I showed on Friday, this can be a very good deal if you're a MileagePlus Miles collector but it now looks as if Accor has made the promotion significantly better.
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Earn 4x United MileagePlus Miles On Accor Reservations (Fairmont, Sofitel, Novotel etc…)

Accor Hotels is the hotelier that is best known for brands such as Sofitel and Grand Mercure at the more upscale end of the market, Novotel in the middle of the market and Ibis in the budget range... but its reach is far greater than that. The group completed the acquisitions of the Fairmont and Raffles hotel groups in late 2015, it purchased OneFineStay in April 2016 and it's slowly building up a pretty impressive footprint across the globe (although it's still very "Europe heavy").
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LAST CHANCE: Buy United Miles From Just 1.88 Cents Each (Ends Tonight)

United has been running a mileage sale since the middle of August but the offer finally closes tonight and it's one you may want to take a closer look at.  The current promotion is offering miles from 1.88 cents each (the lowest rate we’ve seen so far this year) and at that price there's definitely value to be had.
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Earn Up To 50 Miles/Dollar At Airline Shopping Portals This Labor Day

It's a holiday weekend so naturally there are sales and deals appearing all over the place right now. Some are pretty good while others are a complete waste of time but, if you can drag yourself away from the grill, some of the offers at the airline shopping portals may be of use.
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United Is Offering A Bonus Of 85% On Miles Purchased By July 11

United Mileage Plus is running a new promotion in which its offering a bonus of up to 85% to anyone willing to purchase miles by the close of business next Wednesday. The cost per mile isn't the lowest we've seen this year but some may find it low enough to make a purchase worthwhile.
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LIMITED OFFER: Buy United Miles From 1.88 Cents Each

United Airlines has come out with a limited offer/limited time miles sale in which MileagePlus members can buy miles from 1.88 cents each....if they're quick. United is selling miles in bundles and when the first bundle sells out the next bundle is introduced at a more expensive price point.
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You Can Now Buy United Miles At 2.21 Cents Each….But Should You?

United's last points sale ended at the end of March so, unsurprisingly, the airline is back with another attempt at tempting travelers into buying its currency. The last points sale offered up miles at around 2.25 cents each while this time around the cost/mile is slightly less...but should you buy?
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United MileagePlus Flash Sale – Buy Miles For 2.25 Cents Each

United's MileagePlus program is running a flash sale for anyone looking to buy some miles with the best price per mile sitting around 2.25 cents. As with all "flash sales" this one isn't going to be around for long so if an account needs topping up don't wait too long.
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Earn & Burn United Miles At BP Gas Stations (US Only)

United Airlines has joined up with BP to offer MileagePlus members a new way to earn miles when they gar up at the pump and, if you have more miles than you know what to with, you can now spend United Miles at BP gas stations too.
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Buy United Miles, Get A Bonus & A Chance To Win 1,000,000 Miles

United's MileagePlus program is back with yet another mileage sale but this time the promotion offers a little bit more than normal. The last MileagePlus sale offered me a bonus of up to 60% (others may have been targeted for better bonuses) while the latest sale is offering a bonus of up to 75%. On top of this there's a chance to win 1,000,000 miles in a sweepstake plus $9,800 to help cover any taxes incurred should you be the lucky winner.
United Airlines MileagePlus Status Earning

Are You Missing Bonus United Miles From A Choice Privileges Promotion?

Back in November there were a couple of fantastic Choice Privileges points sales that, thanks to a number of stackable promotions, effectively allowed you to buy United Miles from as little as 1.13 cents each. That's an incredibly low rate at which to buy United miles but, if you participated in these sales, have you checked that you have actually received all the miles due to you?
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Buy United Miles And Get A Bonus Through 22 January

The latest United miles promotion is now live and the airline is once again offering customers a bonus if they add miles to their Mileage Plus account. It's unclear if the latest promotion is targeted but, for reference, the highest bonus I can earn is 60%. With United's last miles promotion having just closed on December 31st it hasn't taken long for a new offer to come out - United is becoming more like American Airlines every day.
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DEAL CLOSING: Buy United Miles From 1.88 Cents Each

United has had a few mileage sales recently and the latest promotion has been offering miles at one of the lowest rates we’ve seen this year. You have until 31 December to make the most of this current sale but, before you jump in and buy, just how good is the current offer?
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United MileagePlus Is Back With Another 100% Bonus When You Buy Miles

If you ever want proof that most of the people running airline loyalty programs are just phoning it all in take a look at the mileage promotions they come out with.  Yesterday I posted about the lasted American Airlines AAdvantage mileage sale which turned out to be identical to their Black Friday sale (which in turn was identical to their Black Friday sale last year) and now we have the latest offering from United. If I'm being charitable I'll concede that United Mileage Plus has changed its promotion from the flash sale it has a little under two weeks ago....but the changes are so small they're essentially insignificant.
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EXTENDED – 100% Bonus When You Buy United Miles

United Airlines MileagePlus has launched a one two day flash sale on its miles and is offering a bonus of up to 100% of the miles you purchase through 11:59pm CT 29 November 2017. As usual the bonuses on offer vary depending on how many miles you buy (the more you buy the bigger the bonus) but, on this occasion, the banding is quite generous so you don't have to buy all that many miles to get the full 100% bonus.
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ANOTHER AMAZING DEAL: Buy Cheap United Miles (Again) – This Time For 1.18 Cents...

Last week I wrote about a way you could parlay a Choice Privileges bonus into United Mileage Plus miles that cost from as little as 1.13 cents each. That was a fantastic offer and I didn’t think we would see another like it for a while. I was wrong.
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United Airlines Promotion – Buy Miles & Get A Mystery Bonus

The latest mileage sale is out from United Airlines and this time around the airline is offering MileagePlus members a "mystery bonus" when they buy miles. My maximum personal mystery bonus was 50% (as was the bonus linked to the other two MileagePlus accounts I have access to) but others may have better offers.
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GREAT DEAL: Buy United Miles From Just 1.13 Cents Each!

While I usually advise readers that converting hotel points to airline miles is generally a poor proposition, every now and again deals line up in a way that changes the math for the better. Right now is one of those times and, as a result, you can currently buy United Miles at anywhere between 1.13 cents and 1.3 cents each. That's fantastic.
United MileagePlus

United Increases The Number Of Miles You Can Buy By 67%….But Only For Overseas...

One of the benefits of having a genuine address outside of the US is that I can use it for my United MileagePlus account. While having a foreign address on your American Airlines AAdvantage account makes little or no difference, with United (and Delta) it means that you don't have to meet the minimum qualifying spend criteria for elite status.
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Is This The Worst “Buy Miles” Deal United Has Ever Released?

Last month United offered up a flash sale in which Mileage Plus members could earn a 75% bonus if they purchase over 30,000 miles and, while a 75% bonus may sound good, the offer was actually pretty poor. The math on last month's promotion meant that United was effectively selling miles at a cost of 2.15 cents per mile and, if I though that was bad (which I did!), I'm left almost speechless at what United is offering as its best rate this month.
buy united miles

You Can Buy United Miles With A 75% Bonus For A Limited Time…But It’s...

United Airlines has launched its latest "buy points & get a bonus" promotion" and, this time around, it's offering MilagePlus members the chance to earn a 75% bonus if they buy enough miles....which I think is a poor deal.
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Win 100,000 AAdvantage, Alaska Or United Miles When You Shop

Shopping portals can be a very good way of boosting your rewards balances while you go about your regular shopping. If you're sensible and disciplined (i.e you don't shop just because you're earning miles) you can keep the miles rolling in without spending any more than you would have done if the miles hadn't been on offer.
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United Airlines Is Selling Miles With A 100% Bonus

United Airlines has launched its latest "buy points & get a bonus" promotion and, on this occasion, it's offering MilagePlus members the opportunity to earn a 100% bonus if they buy enough miles. The question is, however, just how good of a promotion is this and should you be looking to buy?
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United MileagePlus Devaluation Coming 1 November 2017

United Airlines' MileagePlus program has announced that, from 1 November 2017, quite a few things will be changing - mostly for the worse. The main changes involve the repricing of United's international Saver Awards, the introduction of variable price "Everyday Awards" and the repricing of United's partner awards.
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United Airlines Basic Economy Fares – Full Details Announced & You’re Not Going To...

United Airlines is holding an investor briefing as I type this and it has used the occasion to, amongst other things, announce details of its Basic Economy Fares. This is an announcement frequent flyers have been anticipating for some time as we've been waiting to find out what benefits United will strip away from regular Economy Class fares to create this new fare offering. Now we know....and there are a few surprises.
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MileagePlus Offering Bonuses Of Up to 50% On Points Transfers From Hotel Programs

An often unmentioned aspect of the United MileagePlus program is that you can convert points from various hotel rewards programs into United MileagePlus miles...but there's a reason it's often unmentioned - it's almost always a terrible deal. Still, right now United is offering bonuses of up to 50% to anyone wishing to convert hotel loyalty points to United Miles so I thought I'd take a look at the promotion.
United MileagePlus Flash Sale

The United Airlines Mileage Sale You Should Probably Avoid

United Airlines has posted a flash sale in which MileagePlus members can buy miles from 2.25 cents each.....and that's a truly terrible headline number. The flash sale lasts until 11:59pm CDT on 2 September 2016 but there shouldn't be too many people rushing to buy miles at these prices.
Buy United MileagePlus Miles

Reminder: United Offering Miles At 1.88 Cents Each

Somehow I managed to miss this bit of news and that's a little embarrassing considering how long it has been around (sorry!). Still, there's still time to buy United MileagePlus Miles from 1.88 cents each as long as you buy before the end of the day on 15 August 2016. As an added incentive United will enter all those who purchase miles in this promotion into a draw to win a share of 500,000 MileagePlus Miles (but you don't actually have to purchase miles to enter the draw).
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Earning Status With The Big 3 US Airlines – Meeting Minimum Spend Requirements

On Tuesday I took a look at the qualification criteria set by the Big 3 US legacy airlines for anyone looking to earn status in their respective rewards programs and yesterday I followed that up with a post on how the Big 3 US airline award miles towards elite qualification. Today I'm going to take a look at the second major requirement that all three legacy carriers now have as part of their rewards programs - the minimum spend requirements - and specifically look at how flyers can meet the spend requirements on the 3 Big US legacy airlines.
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Earning Status With The Big 3 US Airlines – Earning Miles Towards Elite Qualification

The announcement on Monday that American Airlines will be introducing minimum spend criteria to its AAdvantage program spurred me into taking another look into how elite status can be earned on the Big 3 US legacy airlines. Yesterday I took a look at the criteria set by American, Delta and United for those wishing to attain status in their rewards programs and today I'm going to take a look at how easy each airline makes it to earn the required number of miles that each elite status level requires.
a group of logos with text

Earning Status With The Big 3 US Airlines – The Requirements

After yesterday's news that American Airlines is further devaluing the AAdvantage program in a number of different and disappointing ways, including introducing a spending requirement for elite status, I thought it would be interesting to compare the criteria for earning status with all three of the remaining legacy US airlines. I also thought it would be interesting to see how easy or difficult each airline makes it to earn their status based on how they award miles, what exceptions they make to status requirements and what extra ways (other then flying) they offer to help travelers attain status faster.
Buy United Miles

3 Days Only – Buy United Miles With 100% Bonus

United Airlines' MileagePlus program has launched a promotion for anyone interested in purchasing the airline's miles. The promotion offers MileagePlus members the opportunity to purchase miles with varying bonus sizes depending on how many miles they're willing to purchase - the more you buy the grater the percentage bonus offered.
a man in a suit and tie with his hands up

United MileagePlus “Best Frequent-Flyer Program For Twelfth Consecutive Year”

Every now and again I catch a glimpse of a PR newswire that makes me look again. PR statements are, by definition, self-promoting so it's never particularly surprising to see airlines boasting about accolades no one really cares about or claiming to have the best of something that no one can really measure. But a PR release by United Airlines just caught my eye and I had to click on the link to make sure I wasn't misreading something.
United MileagePlus

United MileagePlus vs American Airlines AAdvantage (Part 2) – Earning & Burning Miles

Recent changes and devaluations to the American Airlines AAdvantage program have left me less than happy with what has been my loyalty program of...
United MileagePlus

United MileagePlus vs American Airlines AAdvantage (Part 1) – Earning Status & Upgrades

Over a series of posts I'm going to take a look at how United's MileagePlus and American Airline's AAdvantage programs match up from my point of view. I'll see how status earning and status benefits compare, how award travel differs between the two airlines and anything else that may affect my view of both airlines' loyalty programs.
United MileagePlus Purchase Miles Offer

United MileagePlus Promotion – Buy United Miles From 2.1 Cents Per Point (Targeted)

News of a targeted "purchase miles" offer from United Airlines MileagePlus that's appearing in the latest MilagePlus statements that were sent out yesterday and today. It looks like the bonuses on offer will vary from person to person with the best offer (so far) being an 80% bonus on purchases of between 40,000 and 80,000 miles.
United Airlines Dreamliner

United Airlines Extends Deal With Chase Card Services

Some links to products and travel providers on this website will earn Traveling For Miles a commission that helps contribute to the running of...
Rocketmiles v Kaligo x PointsHound

Rocketmiles vs Kaligo vs PointsHound (Part 5) – Collecting The Right Miles

Some links to products and travel providers on this website will earn Traveling For Miles a commission which helps contribute to the running of...
Rocketmiles v Kaligo x PointsHound

Rocketmiles vs Kaligo vs PointsHound (Part 3) – Miles Earning Opportunities (USA)

Some links to products and travel providers on this website will earn Traveling For Miles a commission which helps contribute to the running of...
a screenshot of a boarding pass

Collecting Airline Miles & Points – The Basics

Most vacationers that I speak to tell me that the biggest problem they face when thinking about award travel is that they never seem to...

Keeping Airline Miles From Expiring (Without Flying)

One of the more regular complaints I hear from vacationers new to the miles and points game is that their airline miles expire before they get a...

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