British Airways Is Offering A 50% Bonus On Avios Purchases

In a rather shameless way British Airways has launched a new Avios sale today less than 48 hours after it announced a devaluation to its Avios partner awards.In its latest Avios promotion British Airways is offering a 50% bonus for purchases made by 21 May 2019 just as it did in its February and December promotions. Also BA has also kept in place the increased 200,000 annual limit for Avios purchases that was introduced last year so this looks to be the new norm.

Avios Devaluation No. 1 Is Coming On 30 May 2019

British Airways has announced that it will be changing the to cost of Avios awards on partner airlines from 30 May 2019 but, for some unfathomable reason, the airline has declined to provide any clues as to what those changes will look like.

Chase Is Offering A 30% Bonus For Points Transfers To British Airways

In a move that we haven't seen before, Chase has just introduced a 30% bonus for Ultimate Rewards Point transfers across to the British Airways Executive Club.Historically Chase hasn't offered transfer bonuses to any of its Ultimate Rewards partners so this is a significant moment in the history of transferable points and, with a bit of luck, it may signal the start of Chase offering transfer bonuses to other partners too.

Earn British Airways Silver Status In One Trip (Oneworld Sapphire)

Thanks to the way in which British Airways awards Tier Points (the points needed for British Airways status) it's often possible to use a little creativity to earn a significant number of Tier Points from one trip...and that's exactly what's possible right now.

DEAL: Earn Double Avios On Flights Through 31 December

British Airways has launched a promotion in which it's offering its Executive Club members the opportunity to earn double Avios on up to six flights between now and the end of the year.

Buy Avios From $0.0184 Each (USA) Or £0.0107 Each (UK)

There's a new British Airways Avios sale out today and in it the airline is offering a 50% bonus for purchases made by 24 February 2019. As well as offering a similar bonus to the one we saw in December BA has also kept in place the increased 200,000 annual limit for Avios purchases that was introduced last year.

Excellent Deal: British Airways Offering £100 Off Long-Haul Fares For Just 5,000 Avios (UK)

During the week of 21 January BA was offering £200 roundtrip long-haul fares to select destinations (2 destinations per day for 4 days), on 1 February the airline revealed its latest promotional video (in the form of a love letter to Britain) and now, for a limited time, British Airways is offering £100 off select long-haul fares for 5,000 Avios.

87% Of The Way To Oneworld Sapphire Status For $1,370

Once upon a time (in a galaxy far far away) I was a big fan of mileage runs, status runs and any other kind of run that would improve my trips. Nowadays I'm a little happier flying to destinations I want to visit or on aircraft I'd like to try out and my days of flying around just to earn status or miles are behind me. That's why it's a little surprising that an earlier blog post of mine gave me an idea.

You Can Seriously Overpay For Avios Right Now (Be Careful!)

If you're a US based member of the British Airways Executive Club you may have received an email encouraging you to buy Avios with a 50% bonus "this week only" - please ignore the email and please, whatever you do, do not buy Avios in this sale.

Qatar Airways Has A New Route And It Has Potential To Be GREAT For...

Qatar Airways has today announced another new European route which it plans to start operating from Summer 2019 and it could mean a very nice haul of Tier Points if you're starting your travels in the UK. Ordinarily, an announcement of a new Qatar Airways route is just good news - it's another route on which to earn and burn AAdvantage Miles or Avios - but the route announced today could signify a great opportunity for UK flyers looking to earn a lot of tier points in a single trip.

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