How To Check If British Airways Has Extended Your Elite Status

A number of people have emailed me to say that their British Airways status hasn't been extended despite hearing about other flyers seeing their status extensions post. This seemed odd as I know for a fact that most statuses have now been extended and, following a little bit of investigation, it was revealed that for once the fault doesn't actually lie with British Airways - a lot of people have been looking for their status extension in the wrong place!

Last Week’s Announcements From British Airways May Change My Plans Considerably

Back in April, I said that the argument that airlines shouldn't extend elite statuses because it will encourage flyers to defect to other airlines is nonsensical because people look to earn status to enjoy the joys of that status. Generally speaking, they don't earn status only to then fly with airlines with which they have no standing. I also said that if British Airways extended my status I wouldn't be seeing what other airlines I can fly. Well, it turns out that this isn't entirely true.

One $1,555 Trip Will Get Me 78% Of The Way To British Airways Gold...

At the beginning of last month, I highlighted a pretty amazing Tier Point run that was available for travel between London and the West Coast and, at the time, I said that I was tempted to make a booking for 2021. Well, a few weeks passed by, the fares for the trip didn't disappear (this trip is still bookable), and the temptation to jump on such a fantastic deal grew to such an extent that I couldn't hold out any more - the deal was too good to miss so I had to book.

British Airways Announces 12-Month Elite Status Extensions…And More

The headline says it all. British Airways has finally followed most other global airlines in announcing that it is extending elite status for its frequent flyers by a period of 12 months.
British Airways New Club World Suite - Image courtesy of British Airways

ENDING SOON: Buy Avios With The Biggest Bonus Ever!

British Airways has been running a pretty fantastic Avios sale for anyone who holds a British Airways co-branded credit card as it has been offering the biggest bonus we have ever seen the airline offer on the sale of its currency. This promotion ends on Monday 18 May so if you have been considering buying Avios to reduce the cost of an upcoming trip, you don’t have much time left to lock-in these savings.

Incredible Tier Point Runs Available From London (Travel In 2021)

British Airways is far from a perfect airline but it's still one of the airlines with a loyalty program that allows travelers to earn valuable elite status relatively cheaply if they're prepared to take circuitous routings on some of their trips. In this post I'll show you how you can earn British Airways Silver status for £1,200/$1,500 and how you can earn over half the points needed for British Airways Gold status for only marginally more. In both cases only one trip is needed.

British Airways Is Testing A New Avios Redemption Option On Its New York Route

One of the major issues with British Airways long-haul awards is the high surcharges that accompany all such bookings. While the number of Avios needed to book a flight can often be reasonable, the cash co-pay that British Airways charges can make bookings highly uneconomical...especially in Economy Class. Now British Airways is testing out a new redemption option on its New York - London route.

British Airways Reduces Elite Status Targets But Misses The Mark (By A Distance!)

British Airways has finally published details of the changes that it's making to the British Airways Executive Club Tier Points targets in light of the current travel crisis but, unsurprisingly, the changes are mostly miserly and poorly thought through.

Buy British Airways Avios With A 50% Bonus (Best Bonus Offered)

British Airways has launched another Avios sale in which it is offering bonuses of 50% on Avios purchases made through 22 March 2020 and, as this represents the best bonus we generally see British Airways offer, if you need to top up an Avios account this is may be a sale you should be considering.

Earn 720 Tier Points For £1,525/$1,982 (Oneworld Sapphire Status for £1,573/$2,045)

British Airways and Qatar Airways are both running very good Business Class sales right now (I've written about both today) and, if you know what to look for, it's possible to combine some of the better offers from these sales to rack up a serious number of Tier Points in the British Airways Executive Club. It's even possible to earn oneworld Sapphire status for under £1,600.

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