British Airways Launches A Double Avios Promotion (Available Globally)

With the pilots' union claiming that it's taking the high-road in negotiations with management, it's now British Airways' turn to try to get back on the good side of customers by launching a double Avios promotion which will run through most of the remainder of this year.

Should You Buy Avios In The Current Sale? (Hint: “No” Isn’t The Answer For...

British Airways is currently offering a 30% bonus to anyone willing to buy Avios in its latest sale so it's time to take a look at just how good or bad a deal this actually is - should you be buying or should you be walking away?

Why I Still Don’t Like The Chase British Airways Visa Card

Towards the end of last month Chase made a small but noticeable improvement to its British Airways Visa card when it added "taxes and fees" statement credits to the list of benefits the card offers but, having attempted to reassess my negative view on this card, I still can't escape the conclusion that this really isn't a very good credit card at all.

Ends Sunday: Get A Bonus Of Up To 45% When You Buy British Airways...

For the past couple of weeks, British Airways has been running an Avios sale in which it has been offering members of its Executive Club the chance to earn a bonus of up to 45% on the Avios they buy. This sale ends on 18 August (Sunday) so you have just a few days left to make the most of this deal if you think the math works in your favor.

AMEX Offering 40% – 50% Transfer Bonuses To Avios (And There’s Something Odd Too)

American Express Membership Rewards has launched a great targeted transfer offer for cardholders looking to boost their Avios balances in the British Airways Executive Club, Aer Lingus Aer Club, and Iberia Plus...and something which may be a glitch (or a nice new option) looks very interesting too.

British Airways Is Trialling New UK/Europe Avios Pricing Options

A few months back British Airways ran a trial in which flyers were given the option to use Avios to reduce the cost of the taxes and fees due on its long-haul award bookings. Now the airline has extended the trial to include its short-haul flights between the UK and Europe as well as its flights within the United Kingdom.

Good News: British Airways Makes Upgrades Easier To Use

Historically, the upgrades that British Airways issues to flyers who earn a minimum of 2,500 Tier Points have, on the whole, only been usable if the airline was offering award availability in the cabin passengers were trying to upgrade into. For most people it has been a time of 'no award availability, no upgrade'.....but that just changed.

You Can Now Earn Avios Through Airbnb

Delta has been offering its Sky Miles members the chance to earn extra miles through Airbnb bookings/listings since 2016 and Qantas partnered up with Airbnb in 2017 but we haven't really had any other major miles & points earning partnership open up with Airbnb for a while. Yesterday, that changed.

Ending Sunday: Get A 30% Bonus On Chase Transfers To British Airways

Chase surprised the miles and points world in the last week of April when it launched its first ever Ultimate Rewards transfer bonus. Now, almost 8 weeks later, the 30% bonus on transfers to the British Airways Executive Club is about to end. 

Collect Up To 1,000 Avios Per Stay At Marriott’s European Properties

Here's a hotel promotion that really couldn't be any simpler: Between now and the end of the year travelers can collect up to 1,000 bonus Avios each time they stay at one of Marriott's European properties. 

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