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British Airways says it’s bringing Texas BBQ to its Austin route (for a month)

Come Sunday (3 March), British Airways will have operated its Heathrow to Austin route for 10 years (with the occasional break for a pandemic) and to celebrate the occasion, the airline has adapted the menu on the Austin route for the month of March and has partnered with a famous Texas barbecue institution to produce limited edition bottles of their BBQ sauce.
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Generous Virgin Atlantic status match for British Airways elites

It's probably not a coincidence that just a few days after British Airways made a mess of announcing how it plans to align all BAEC members' elite status years, that Virgin Atlantic has published one of the more generous status matches that I've seen. Unfortunately, however, if you've status marched to Virgin Atlantic in the past, you're not invited to the party.
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Decoding the British Airways move to align Tier Point earning years

Yesterday, British Airways announced that it would be changing the timeframe in which members of its Executive Club program earn Tier Points (elite qualifying points) and to say that the messaging coming from the airline has been poor would be a gross understatement. It has been a mess.
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British Airways aligns elite status years and the results are as clear as mud

One of the stranger things about the British Airways Executive Club has long been the fact that a member's elite status year has been based on when they joined the program and not on a standard program year shared by all other members. My elite status year, for example, ends in December, while Joanna's ends in March and that can make things awkward. Apparently, this won't be how things work for much longer.
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This is how much top-tier airline status costs me each year

I gave up on the AAdvantage program and Executive Platinum status as soon as American Airlines introduced Elite Qualifying Dollars and the concept of a minimum spend requirement, and since then, I've been using the British Airways Executive Club as my primary airline program.
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Cash upgrades are not affecting British Airways Avios earnings on pre-devaluation bookings

Back in October last year, British Airways changed the way that Avios are earned as it moved from a model where the number of Avios awarded is based on a combination of the fare class and the distance flown, to a model where the number of Avios awarded is based entirely on the cost of a fare.
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Flash deal: Boost your 2023 Avios earnings by up to 3x (buy Avios from...

One of the many ways that British Airways allows its Executive Club members to increase their Avios balances is through its 'Avios Balance Boost' program and for a very limited time, this program is running a special deal that may be of use to anyone who needs a few more Avios at a relatively inexpensive rate.
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Just 7 days to book before the British Airways devaluation

For flights booked from 18 October 2023 onwards, British Airways will be offering members of its Executive Club program considerably fewer Avios that it currently does as it transitions part of its rewards program to a spending-based model.
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British Airways unveils more ‘Avios Only’ flights for 2024 (1,250+ reward seats released)

Today, British Airways has unveiled a new set of 'Avios Only' flights which sees over 1,250 Reward Seats released across five of the airline's routes for travel in August 2024. The Avios Only flights are very limited but include travel to a number of very popular destinations, so with demand for these seats likely to be high, anyone interested booking should do so asap.
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Two less well known British Airways Gold benefits that I have come to love

Since my move away from AAdvantage, British Airways Gold status has been good to me and I've come to appreciate it for more than just the oneworld Emerald benefits that it gives me. In particular, it's two of the less well known benefits of British Airways Gold status that I have come to appreciate more and more.
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British Airways announces five more ‘Avios only’ flights for 2023/24

In recent times, Qantas is probably the best known airline to publish flights on which all seats can only be purchased using miles or points (rather than cash), but in April this year, British Airways joined in the fun when it announced 'Avios only' flights to/from Sharm El Sheikh and Geneva.
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I tried out the British Airways ‘Best Price Guarantee’ earlier today

The fact that most large hotel chains offer some sort of guarantee that the price a customer will pay when they book directly through them is the lowest price available is pretty well known. What appears to be less well known is that a number of airlines offer a similar policy and earlier, I finally had a chance to see how well (or badly!) BA's best price guarantee policy can work.
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Buy British Airways Avios with a 50% bonus (best bonus offered)

British Airways is running another Avios sale and as we have seen in the past, it's offering a bonus of up to 50% on Avios purchases as long as they're completed by the end of the day on 19 December 2022.
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[Updated] Did British Airways just slash award surcharges for US departures? (Yes & No)

British Airways appears to be pushing through some big changes to its loyalty program today and because we haven't yet had a public announcement from the airline, it's not yet clear what all the changes will look like.
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The British Airways Avios calculator appears to be returning some odd results

The British Airways Avios calculator can be a very useful tool for anyone wanting to see how many Avios and Tier Points they'll earn from whatever bookings they're making or planning but right now, I'm not convinced that it's showing the correct information.
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Coming soon: Earn Avios on Uber rides taken in the UK

British Airways has announced that at some point later this month, members of its Executive Club loyalty program will be able to collect Avios every time they make a booking through the Uber app in the UK.
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British Airways has announced a less than stellar “Double Avios” promotion

Shortly after letting the cat out of the bag and letting us know that we will all soon be earning a lot fewer Avios when we fly, British Airways has, without irony, launched a new Double Avios promotion. For some, this will be a nice bonus. For most, this will be a big disappointment.
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The inevitable British Airways Executive Club devaluation is on its way

It has been rumored for some time and now, thanks to a press release from Iberia, we know that the British Airways Executive Club will take its first step towards being a revenue-based program at some point in 2023.
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British Airways introduces a new Avios subscription service (buy Avios from 1.53 cents or...

In what may be a world-first for a major airline loyalty program, the British Airways Executive Club has introduced a subscription service that permits its members to purchase its currency at a highly discounted rate. As usual, those with US-based Executive Accounts get a worse deal than those with a UK-based account but for some, this new program may offer an easy (if a little risky) way to save some cash.
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Quick tip: You may be able to book British Airways awards further out than...

British Airways opens up award space further out that a lot of other airlines but even if you know that BA will start opening awards up to 24 days before the likes of American Airlines and Delta start to do the same, you may not find that award space if you're not being careful with your searches.
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Indirectly, British Airways is now a Citi ThankYou transfer partner

An important change that took place in the miles and points world earlier this year had the knock-on effect of making Citi's ThankYou points a little more valuable and it's that knock-on effect that I'll discuss in this article.
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Good news: British Airways reduces surcharges on Iberia bookings

For quite a few years, there have been a number of reasons why it has been a good idea for flyers to have an Iberia Plus account as well as a British Airways account despite the fact that BA and Iberia are sister airlines and share the same rewards currency. Quietly and without any apparent notice being given, British Airways appears to have removed one of those reasons.
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Chase & British Airways improve the Travel Together companion voucher

Earlier today, I wrote about British Airways improving the Companion Voucher issued by UK-issued American Express cards and while that news probably wasn't particularly interesting to US-based readers, the follow-up news that Chase and British Airways have improved the Travel Together benefit that comes with the British Airways Visa Signature® card will probably attract more attention.
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How to transfer Avios between Aer Lingus & British Airways (A Step By Step...

Because Aer Lingus is now part of IAG Group (which includes the likes of British Airways and Iberia) the airline uses Avios as its loyalty currency and there are a number of reasons why it can be very useful to know how to transfer Avios between Aer Lingus and the British Airways Executive Club (transfers can go in either direction).
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Reminder: Why it can be important to credit at least 1 Avios to the...

Normally, when you see an article or blog post reminding you to credit some activity to your rewards accounts it's because the author doesn't want you to accidentally allow your hard-earned balances to expire. This article, however, isn't about that. Instead, this article is meant to remind British Airways Executive Club members of another reason why crediting at least one Avios to your account every year could be important.
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Why you shouldn’t book Aer Lingus awards through British Airways

Over the weekend, British Airways finally updated its booking engines to allow customers to book Aer Lingus awards through using Avios. Unfortunately, while the ability to see and book more awards on is always welcome, anyone booking Aer Lingus awards this way may end up paying considerably more than they should be.
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British Airways increases surcharges on most Business Class long-haul award bookings (ex. UK)

If you're a British Airways flyer based in the United States, the airline showed its disdain for your loyalty a little while ago when it increased the surcharges for award travel originating on this side of the pond without any notice. Now, in what appears to be BA's version of 'leveling up', the surcharges for Business Class award travel originating in the UK have also been increased without warning.
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British Airways extends elite status for some & lower tier targets for all

British Airways has just unwrapped a couple of early Christmas presents for members of its Executive Club - some members will now have their elite status extended by a further 12 months while all members will now have a reduced tier point target to requalify for elite status this year. 
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The British Airways Executive Club is still down but here’s a workaround

Last Saturday, British Airways closed down access to its Executive Club and access to all Avios-related functionality as part of a planned outage that was supposed to end yesterday morning. Well, at the time of writing, access to the Executive Club is still down but there's a workaround that may be of help if you're desperate to make a reward booking or to access your account.
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Reminder: The big British Airways outage starts tomorrow

British Airways is having extensive work done to the systems that control the British Airways Executive Club and with the works scheduled to start tomorrow, this is a reminder that the next ~24 hours will be the last opportunity for flyers to access their BAEC accounts and to perform a variety of Avios related tasks until the works are completed.
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Is British Airways paying out the wrong number of Avios on Qatar Airways Business...

The title of this post is a question to which I don't have an answer but it's a question that has come to light as a result of the recent changes that Qatar Airways made to how its Business Class fares are structured and how many Avios British Airways now says that Qatar Airways Business Class fares will accrue. If you're flying in Qatar Airways Business Class and crediting your flights to the Executive Club, this is something to look out for.
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Phew! British Airways didn’t drop the hammer when Qatar Airways refreshed its Business Class...

The title of this post probably should read "...and breathe" because ever since we heard that Qatar Airways was refreshing its Business Class fare structure for the thousandth time, I've been holding my breath and waiting for British Airways to destroy what is undoubtedly one of the easiest routes to earning valuable elite status. Fortunately, my fears appear to have been unfounded.
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Upgrade A British Airways Booking With Avios (A Step-By-Step Guide)

Compared to a lot of major airlines, British Airways makes it relatively easy for passengers to upgrade their bookings to the next cabin of service so as upgrades can be one of the better ways to get the most out of an Avios balance, I thought I'd post a simple step by step guide to show how you can upgrade an existing British Airways booking with Avios.
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British Airways Devalues JAL & Cathay Pacific Partner Awards (Another No Notice Devaluation)

Sadly, the headline says it all. British Airways has increased the cost of select Japan Airlines and Cathay Pacific partner awards without giving Executive Club members any notice whatsoever. The changes only affect short-haul flights of up to 2,000 miles but with some awards now costing over 50% more, this isn't good news for Avios collectors.
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Two Recent Small Changes In The Miles & Points World Really Helped Me Out

This weekend saw two small changes occur in the miles & points world that shared two things in common. Both were a little surprising and both turned out to be especially good news for me.
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Earn Double Tier Points With British Airways Holidays

If the last British Airways status extension wasn't as generous as you would have liked or if you're hoping to earn British Airways elite status, the news that the airline is now offering double Tier Points for select bookings covering an upcoming three and half month period may be something that brightens up your day.
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Alaska Airlines Flights Now Earn British Airways Tier Points (First Class Earns Fewer Avios)

Today is 31 March, and that means that after a slightly longer process than was first anticipated, today is the day that will finally see Alaska Airlines join the oneworld alliance as a full member. We've already seen Alaska Airlines make changes to its award chart as it prepared to join the alliance, and now British Airways has updated its systems to reflect Alaska Airlines' new status as a member of the oneworld alliance.
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SALE: Get A 50% Bonus On Avios Purchases

British Airways has launched a new Avios sale in which it's offering its top bonus (50%) on all Avios purchased made through 11 April. Considering the uncertainty that's still surrounding travel in 2021 and considering the flexibility of Avios bookings, this may be a useful sale to use to top up an account.
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No Notice Devaluation: British Airways Increases The Cost Of Some Short-Haul Awards

In a move that's very true-to-form, British Airways has quietly and without any notice to Executive Club members, increased the cost of some of its short-haul awards. The increases are already in effect (so there's no way to avoid them) and they affect most of the routes that British Airways operates within Europe.
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How To Check If British Airways Has Extended Your Elite Status

Yesterday, British Airways announced that it would be extending the elite status of a significant number of its Executive Club members and as these status extensions have now posted and as they caused some confusion the last time they were offered, I thought I'd resurrect a post showing exactly how to check if your status has been extended.
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HUGE: British Airways Extends Some Elite Statuses By A Further Year

In a move that goes further than I ever thought the airline would go, British Airways has announced that a significant proportion of its Executive Club members will be given a further one-year extension to their elite status to see them into 2022 and in some cases, through to the end of 2022.
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ENDING: Virgin Atlantic’s Excellent Status Match Promotion For British Airways Elites

Towards the beginning of January, Virgin Atlantic launched a promotion with a view to persuading BA's Executive Club elites to test the water on the other side of the fence. Since then, the airline has been offering status matches to anyone with British Airways Executive Cub status and it has even improved its original offer. Sadly, all good things must come to an end and there are under 5 days left to make the most of this promotion.
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End Of 2021 British Airways Tier Point Run: 880 Tier Points For $1,668 (£1,200)

I haven't searched for Business Class fares between continental Europe and the United States for months, so when I finally allowed myself to dream of traveling for fun later on this year and I started to check fares, I was amazed to discover that a fantastic Business Class deal that I first saw in May last year is bookable in the final months of 2021.
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How To Upgrade British Airways Bookings Using Avios

Avios are often a much-maligned currency due to the high surcharges that are usually added to most long-haul awards by British Airways. Using Avios to upgrade a cash fare, however, can be an excellent way to get great value out of the currency so I've put together a brief post showing just how easy it is to upgrade a British Airways booking using Avios.
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2021 Could Finally Mark The End Of My Top-Tier Oneworld Status

My chosen airline loyalty program, the British Airways Executive Club, has extended elite statuses by a year and cut the targets for elite status in 2021 but it still looks like I may have to accept that I'll have to give up my top-tier status when it runs out at the end of the year.
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British Airways Is Targeting Select Executive Club Members For An Upgrade Challenge

Are you a British Airways Gold or Gold Guest List elite member? If you are, you may have been targeted by British Airways for a reasonably easy opportunity to earn a Gold upgrade for up to two passengers.
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Get A 30% Bonus When You Transfer Select Hotel Points To Avios

It appears to be the season for 30% Avios bonuses. First we have Chase offering a 30% bonus on Ultimate Rewards Point transfers to various Avios-issuing airlines and now we have British Airways offering a 30% bonus on transfers from IHG Rewards Club and Radisson Rewards. But is this promotion any good?
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30% More Avios When You Transfer Chase Ultimate Rewards

Chase Ultimate Rewards has recently launched a promotion in which it's offering a bonus on points transfers to the three key Avios-issuing airlines - British Airways, Iberia, and Aer Lingus. With Avios being one of the best currencies to use for short-haul flights and with relatively few people flying anything but short-haul right now, this could be a promotion that's worth considering.
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Ending: Book British Airways rewards flights with 50% fewer Avios

Last Wednesday, British Airways launched one of the very best Avios promotions we have ever seen when it announced that British Airways Executive Club members could book long-haul Rewards Flights with 50% fewer Avios than normal. Sadly and as with all good things, this promotion is about to end so you have under 36 hours in which to make the most of this deal.
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DEAL: Book British Airways Reward Flights For 25% – 50% Fewer Avios

British Airways has published a limited-time promotion in which it's offering substantial discounts on the Avios cost of the Reward Flights that it offers. Short-haul bookings are reduced by 25% but it's on long-haul flights where the biggest savings are to be found with the airline offering a huge 50% discount on peak and off-peak fares.
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Ends Today: British Airways Avios Sale (This Could Be Very Useful)

British Airways has been running an Avios sale since the end of August but today is the last day to participate and to buy Avios with the best bonus British Airways generally offers. As usual, if you have no plans to travel with BA in the near future this shouldn't be a sale you consider, for everyone else buying Avios in this sale could make a lot of sense.
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Amazing Deals: British Airways 160 Tier Point Fares From Just £146 Roundtrip

British Airways operates a number of short-haul routes on which Business Class fares earn an impressive 160 Tier Points for roundtrip travel. For the next ten days, British Airways has lowered the cost of Business Class fares on some of these routes to levels that I don't recall having ever seen before so some of the deals on offer are nothing short of fantastic.
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British Airways Sale: Short-Haul Sweet Spots For Tier Points

British Airways launched its Autumn sale a few days ago and although at the time I only focused on the excellent long-haul First Class and Business Class fares that are available, it would be remiss of me not to point out the fantastic short-haul Business Class fares that are available and that will earn an Executive Club member an incredible 160 Tier Points in just one trip.
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You Can Now Earn Avios On Lounge Pass Bookings

British Airways has partnered with the Lounge Pass program to allow customers to earn Avios when they purchase lounge access through a dedicated page. British Airways doesn't sell access to its own lounges but if you're considering purchasing access to a third party lounge,  earning some Avios from your booking could be a good way to offset some of the cost.
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British Airways Is Offering Double Avios On Flights & Vacations

British Airways is in the process of emailing out a new promotion to Executive Club members in which it's offering double the usual number of Avios on flights and vacations booked by 31 August 2020. Registration is required.
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How To Check If British Airways Has Extended Your Elite Status

A number of people have emailed me to say that their British Airways status hasn't been extended despite hearing about other flyers seeing their status extensions post. This seemed odd as I know for a fact that most statuses have now been extended and, following a little bit of investigation, it was revealed that for once the fault doesn't actually lie with British Airways - a lot of people have been looking for their status extension in the wrong place!
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Last Week’s Announcements From British Airways May Change My Plans Considerably

Back in April, I said that the argument that airlines shouldn't extend elite statuses because it will encourage flyers to defect to other airlines is nonsensical because people look to earn status to enjoy the joys of that status. Generally speaking, they don't earn status only to then fly with airlines with which they have no standing. I also said that if British Airways extended my status I wouldn't be seeing what other airlines I can fly. Well, it turns out that this isn't entirely true.
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One $1,555 Trip Will Get Me 78% Of The Way To British Airways Gold...

At the beginning of last month, I highlighted a pretty amazing Tier Point run that was available for travel between London and the West Coast and, at the time, I said that I was tempted to make a booking for 2021. Well, a few weeks passed by, the fares for the trip didn't disappear (this trip is still bookable), and the temptation to jump on such a fantastic deal grew to such an extent that I couldn't hold out any more - the deal was too good to miss so I had to book.
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British Airways Announces 12-Month Elite Status Extensions…And More

The headline says it all. British Airways has finally followed most other global airlines in announcing that it is extending elite status for its frequent flyers by a period of 12 months.
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Incredible Tier Point Runs Available From London (Travel In 2021)

British Airways is far from a perfect airline but it's still one of the airlines with a loyalty program that allows travelers to earn valuable elite status relatively cheaply if they're prepared to take circuitous routings on some of their trips. In this post I'll show you how you can earn British Airways Silver status for £1,200/$1,500 and how you can earn over half the points needed for British Airways Gold status for only marginally more. In both cases only one trip is needed.
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British Airways Is Testing A New Avios Redemption Option On Its New York Route

One of the major issues with British Airways long-haul awards is the high surcharges that accompany all such bookings. While the number of Avios needed to book a flight can often be reasonable, the cash co-pay that British Airways charges can make bookings highly uneconomical...especially in Economy Class. Now British Airways is testing out a new redemption option on its New York - London route.
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British Airways reduces elite status targets but misses the mark (by a distance!)

British Airways has finally published details of the changes that it's making to the British Airways Executive Club Tier Points targets in light of the current travel crisis but, unsurprisingly, the changes are mostly miserly and poorly thought through.
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Earn 720 Tier Points For £1,525/$1,982 (Oneworld Sapphire Status for £1,573/$2,045)

British Airways and Qatar Airways are both running very good Business Class sales right now (I've written about both today) and, if you know what to look for, it's possible to combine some of the better offers from these sales to rack up a serious number of Tier Points in the British Airways Executive Club. It's even possible to earn oneworld Sapphire status for under £1,600.
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2 Years On & My Move To The British Airways Executive Club Seems To...

I didn't make the change to BA lightly. I had enjoyed the best part of a decade as a top-tier AAdvantage member but the rapid devaluation to benefits that followed the US Airways takeover of American Airlines combined with the introduction of minimum spend criteria meant that AAdvantage Executive Platinum status was no longer a sensible option for me. The status cost too much to earn and math just didn't stack up.
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Earn Double Or Triple Avios At The BA Shopping Portal

British Airways has announced that Executive Club members will be able to earn double or triple Avios on spending with a host of household brands this holiday season. With increased earnings available through both the US and UK portals, these deals should be useful to quite a few TFM readers.
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Last Day To Convert AMEX Points To Avios With A 40% Bonus

American Express has been offering a 40% bonus on Membership Rewards Points transfers to the British Airways Executive Club, Iberia Plus and Aer Lingus' Aer Club since the beginning of August, but today is the last day to take advantage of this offer.
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British Airways Launches A Double Avios Promotion (Available Globally)

With the pilots' union claiming that it's taking the high-road in negotiations with management, it's now British Airways' turn to try to get back on the good side of customers by launching a double Avios promotion which will run through most of the remainder of this year.
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Should You Buy Avios In The Current Sale? (Hint: “No” Isn’t The Answer For...

British Airways is currently offering a 30% bonus to anyone willing to buy Avios in its latest sale so it's time to take a look at just how good or bad a deal this actually is - should you be buying or should you be walking away?
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Why I Still Don’t Like The Chase British Airways Visa Card

Towards the end of last month Chase made a small but noticeable improvement to its British Airways Visa card when it added "taxes and fees" statement credits to the list of benefits the card offers but, having attempted to reassess my negative view on this card, I still can't escape the conclusion that this really isn't a very good credit card at all.
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Ends Sunday: Get A Bonus Of Up To 45% When You Buy British Airways...

For the past couple of weeks, British Airways has been running an Avios sale in which it has been offering members of its Executive Club the chance to earn a bonus of up to 45% on the Avios they buy. This sale ends on 18 August (Sunday) so you have just a few days left to make the most of this deal if you think the math works in your favor.
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AMEX Offering 40% – 50% Transfer Bonuses To Avios (And There’s Something Odd Too)

American Express Membership Rewards has launched a great targeted transfer offer for cardholders looking to boost their Avios balances in the British Airways Executive Club, Aer Lingus Aer Club, and Iberia Plus...and something which may be a glitch (or a nice new option) looks very interesting too.
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British Airways Is Trialling New UK/Europe Avios Pricing Options

A few months back British Airways ran a trial in which flyers were given the option to use Avios to reduce the cost of the taxes and fees due on its long-haul award bookings. Now the airline has extended the trial to include its short-haul flights between the UK and Europe as well as its flights within the United Kingdom.
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Good News: British Airways Makes Upgrades Easier To Use

Historically, the upgrades that British Airways issues to flyers who earn a minimum of 2,500 Tier Points have, on the whole, only been usable if the airline was offering award availability in the cabin passengers were trying to upgrade into. For most people it has been a time of 'no award availability, no upgrade'.....but that just changed.
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You Can Now Earn Avios Through Airbnb

Delta has been offering its Sky Miles members the chance to earn extra miles through Airbnb bookings/listings since 2016 and Qantas partnered up with Airbnb in 2017 but we haven't really had any other major miles & points earning partnership open up with Airbnb for a while. Yesterday, that changed.
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Ending Sunday: Get A 30% Bonus On Chase Transfers To British Airways

Chase surprised the miles and points world in the last week of April when it launched its first ever Ultimate Rewards transfer bonus. Now, almost 8 weeks later, the 30% bonus on transfers to the British Airways Executive Club is about to end. 
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Collect Up To 1,000 Avios Per Stay At Marriott’s European Properties

Here's a hotel promotion that really couldn't be any simpler: Between now and the end of the year travelers can collect up to 1,000 bonus Avios each time they stay at one of Marriott's European properties. 
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AMEX Is Offering A 40% Bonus On Points Transfers To British Airways [Targeted]

American Express is currently on a bit of a roll with multiple transfer bonuses to Membership Rewards partners running right now. Virgin Atlantic Flying Club, JetBlue True Blue and Qantas all currently have Amex transfer bonuses available and now, if you're fortunate, you can add British Airways to that list.
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I Used A British Airways Gold Benefit I Never Thought I’d Use

I'm very new to British Airways status (having given up on American Airlines status last year) so I'm still learning the finer details of what my Gold status gets me in the British Airways Executive Club but, after a few months of paying closer attention than normal, I'm finally starting to feel like I'm getting on top of everything I really need to know.
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British Airways Releases New Partner Award Costs (And The News Isn’t Too Bad!)

Earlier this year British Airways made a less than helpful comment indicating that it would be revising the cost of partner awards without actually telling us how the costs would be revised so we've been waiting to see just how good or bad the news will be. Well, now we know.
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British Airways Is Offering A 50% Bonus On Avios Purchases

In a rather shameless way British Airways has launched a new Avios sale today less than 48 hours after it announced a devaluation to its Avios partner awards.In its latest Avios promotion British Airways is offering a 50% bonus for purchases made by 21 May 2019 just as it did in its February and December promotions. Also BA has also kept in place the increased 200,000 annual limit for Avios purchases that was introduced last year so this looks to be the new norm.
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Avios Devaluation No. 1 Is Coming On 30 May 2019

British Airways has announced that it will be changing the to cost of Avios awards on partner airlines from 30 May 2019 but, for some unfathomable reason, the airline has declined to provide any clues as to what those changes will look like.
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Chase Is Offering A 30% Bonus For Points Transfers To British Airways

In a move that we haven't seen before, Chase has just introduced a 30% bonus for Ultimate Rewards Point transfers across to the British Airways Executive Club.Historically Chase hasn't offered transfer bonuses to any of its Ultimate Rewards partners so this is a significant moment in the history of transferable points and, with a bit of luck, it may signal the start of Chase offering transfer bonuses to other partners too.
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Earn British Airways Silver Status In One Trip (Oneworld Sapphire)

Thanks to the way in which British Airways awards Tier Points (the points needed for British Airways status) it's often possible to use a little creativity to earn a significant number of Tier Points from one trip...and that's exactly what's possible right now.
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DEAL: Earn Double Avios On Flights Through 31 December

British Airways has launched a promotion in which it's offering its Executive Club members the opportunity to earn double Avios on up to six flights between now and the end of the year.
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Buy Avios From $0.0184 Each (USA) Or £0.0107 Each (UK)

There's a new British Airways Avios sale out today and in it the airline is offering a 50% bonus for purchases made by 24 February 2019. As well as offering a similar bonus to the one we saw in December BA has also kept in place the increased 200,000 annual limit for Avios purchases that was introduced last year.
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Excellent Deal: British Airways Offering £100 Off Long-Haul Fares For Just 5,000 Avios (UK)

During the week of 21 January BA was offering £200 roundtrip long-haul fares to select destinations (2 destinations per day for 4 days), on 1 February the airline revealed its latest promotional video (in the form of a love letter to Britain) and now, for a limited time, British Airways is offering £100 off select long-haul fares for 5,000 Avios.
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87% Of The Way To Oneworld Sapphire Status For $1,370

Once upon a time (in a galaxy far far away) I was a big fan of mileage runs, status runs and any other kind of run that would improve my trips. Nowadays I'm a little happier flying to destinations I want to visit or on aircraft I'd like to try out and my days of flying around just to earn status or miles are behind me. That's why it's a little surprising that an earlier blog post of mine gave me an idea.
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You Can Seriously Overpay For Avios Right Now (Be Careful!)

If you're a US based member of the British Airways Executive Club you may have received an email encouraging you to buy Avios with a 50% bonus "this week only" - please ignore the email and please, whatever you do, do not buy Avios in this sale.
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Qatar Airways Has A New Route And It Has Potential To Be GREAT For...

Qatar Airways has today announced another new European route which it plans to start operating from Summer 2019 and it could mean a very nice haul of Tier Points if you're starting your travels in the UK. Ordinarily, an announcement of a new Qatar Airways route is just good news - it's another route on which to earn and burn AAdvantage Miles or Avios - but the route announced today could signify a great opportunity for UK flyers looking to earn a lot of tier points in a single trip.
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Was Earning BA Gold Status Cheaper Than Earning American Airlines Executive Platinum?

Late last year I wrote a post in which I concluded that simple mathematics suggested that I shouldn't credit my 2018 flights to the American Airlines AAdvantage program. Now, almost a year to the day since I wrote that post, I've finished my flying for 2018 and it's time to see how that decision played out.
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Last Day To Get A 40% Bonus When Transferring Membership Rewards To Avios (USA)

Since part-way through September American Express has been running a promotion for anyone looking to convert their Membership Rewards Points (US) to Avios and the 40% bonus it has been offering tempted a lot of people...and rightly so. Sadly the 40% conversion bonus ends today so, if you think you're going to need to top up your Avios balance anytime soon, today would be the day to do just that.
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GOOD NEWS: British Airways Releases 50,000 Extra Business Class Awards

As of today British Airways has released an extra 50,000 Club World (Business Class) seats across a variety of routes to/from London. Bookings must be made by 2 December and Travel must be taken by 31 March 2019.
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Beware Of The “40% More Avios” On Offer At the British Airways eStore (UK...

Shopping portals can be a very easy way to boost your miles & points balances without spending any cash you weren’t planning to spend (as long as you’re disciplined) and, right now, the British Airways eStore is offering what looks like a very tempting offer - 40% bonus Avios.
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DEAL: Earn Double Avios On Flights Through The End Of The Year

British Airways has launched a promotion offering double Avios on flights through the end of 2018 and you don't even have to fly with British Airways to make the most of this deal.
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When Does British Airways Release Avios Reward Seats?

A couple of days ago, in a bored moment, I tweeted that I was "patiently waiting (and watching the clock count down) so that I [could] snag two Avios rewards when British Airways releases them in 14 mins". Since then I've had a few emails asking how I knew when BA would be releasing reward flight inventory so I thought I'd give a brief explanation here.
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Save 15% On The Avios Cost Of Hotels & Car Hire

British Airways is sending out emails to its Executive Club members promotion a deal in which you can save on hotel bookings and car hire when you pay with Avios rather than cash. The headline savings rate is 15%....but is this even an offer you should be considering?
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Earn Up To 50 Miles/Dollar At Airline Shopping Portals This Labor Day

It's a holiday weekend so naturally there are sales and deals appearing all over the place right now. Some are pretty good while others are a complete waste of time but, if you can drag yourself away from the grill, some of the offers at the airline shopping portals may be of use.
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Earn Double Avios Through The British Airways Shopping Portal

The British Airways shopping portal (the Avios eStore) is offering double Avios on purchases through July 8th and this sees retailers like Apple, Macy’s and Saks offering 6 Avios per dollar while you can earn as many as 20 Avios/dollar at retailers like New Balance and eBags (the UK version of the store has a similar promotion running too).
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You Can’t Trust British Airways Staff To Correctly Change Your Frequent Flyer Number

While I've had some very positive recent experiences with British Airways cabin crew I'm continually frustrated by some of the limitations of, the incompetence of BA's IT department and the inability of BA call centre staff to carry out simple tasks.
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Should You Take Avios Or Cash If You’ve Just Been Downgraded By BA

Thanks to the ongoing issues surrounding the Rolls Royce engines on BA's 787-9 Dreamliners the airline has had to wetlease a number of Airbus A330 aircraft from Qatar Airways. These aircraft are covering some of BA's flights between London and Delhi, Muscat and Kuwait this summer and, if you're booked to fly on one of these routes, you have some choices to make.

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