Southwest Is Making The Companion Pass Harder To Get (And Making A Small Improvement...

To earn a Companion Pass for 2020 a Rapid Rewards member has to fly 100 one-way qualifying flights or earn 110,000 Companion Qualifying Points by the end of the calendar year, but the qualification requirements for the qualification year starting on 1 January 2020 have just been increased.

Southwest Promotion: Buy Rapid Rewards Points With A Bonus Of Up To 50%

Southwest has come out with a promotion whereby Rapid Rewards members can purchase Rapid Rewards points with a bonus of up to 50% through 10 November 2017 (what bonus you get is dependent on what Southwest has targeted you for).

This Is A Fantastic Credit Card Offer For California Residents

I don't often write about credit card sign-up bonuses because, to be frank, I don't find most of them to be all that fantastic or exceptional (with a few occasional exceptions). But now we have a credit card sign-up bonus from Southwest & Chase that, as long as you're a California resident, is one you shouldn't be passing up.
Buy Southwest Rapid Rewards Points

Buy Southwest Rapid Rewards Points With A Bonus Of Up To 60%

I'm a little bit late with this post as the information turned up while I was away from home and without Internet access and I've only just seen the email! Anyway, Southwest has got a promotion running whereby you can purchase Rapid Rewards points with a bonus of up to 60% (bonus is dependent on how many points you buy) up until 13 July - there was a flash sale where, for a few hours, you could get a bonus of up to 70% but that's long gone...sorry!

Keeping Airline Miles From Expiring (Without Flying)

One of the more regular complaints I hear from vacationers new to the miles and points game is that their airline miles expire before they get a...

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