Get A 30% Bonus When Transferring Amex Membership Rewards To Virgin Atlantic

American Express has launched a new 30% bonus for Membership Rewards transfers to Virgin Atlantic's Flying Club reprising the deal we last saw on offer between May and June of this year.

Virgin Atlantic Is Offering A Mystery Bonus In Its Latest Miles Sale

Virgin Atlantic is running a new mileage sale in which it's offering a mystery bonus on miles bough on or before 13 November 2019. How worthwhile this sale is to you will clearly depend on the bonus you've been targeted for (check here) so here are all the details you'll need. 

LAST DAY: 30% Bonus On Amex Transfers To Virgin Atlantic

American Express has been offering a 30% bonus on transfers between Membership Rewards and the Virgin Atlantic Flying Club for a little under 2 months but the deal is set to expire tonight - if you need to top up your Flying Club account or want to book a great premium cabin ANA award now may be a good time to transfer some points.

Just 3 Days Left To Get A 40% Bonus On Virgin Atlantic Miles (Book...

Virgin Atlantic has been running a mileage sale since the beginning of the month in which the airline offering bonuses of up to 40%. This sale ends on Sunday (30 June) so you have just a few days left to makes the most of this offer and, potenially, book some amazing premium cabin awards.

Get A 40% Bonus When You Buy Virgin Atlantic Miles (Book Cheap ANA Premium...

Virgin Atlantic has launched a miles sale which is offering bonuses of up to 40% through 30 June 2019. Don't let your dislike of Virgin's often outrageous surcharges put you off buying miles because, if you know where to look, there's a fantastic use for Virgin Atlantic miles that offers truly great value.

Amex Has Launched A 30% Bonus For Transfers To Virgin Atlantic

Right now American Express is offering a 30% bonus when you transfer its currency (Membership Rewards) over to the Virgin Atlantic Flying Club through 1 July 2019 (no hurry!) and, if you know where to look, this can be a very good deal to jump on.

Earn Virgin Atlantic Flying Club Miles On KLM & Air France Codeshares

Virgin Atlantic has recently undergone a reorganization in its ownership structure which has left  Delta as the owner of the largest stake (49%) and Air France/KLM as an owner as well (31%). Alongside this reorganisation, Virgin, Delta & Air France/KLM have applied to form a transatlantic joint venture (along similar lines to the joint venture already in place between a number of oneworld transatlantic airlines) and, a few weeks ago, that joint venture moved closer to reality as the European Union gave it the go ahead.

Earn 1,000 Bonus Virgin Atlantic Miles PER DAY With Avis

Avis and Virgin Atlantic are running a promotion in which you can earn up to 1,000 miles/day for rentals made by the end of May with maximum earnings of 10,000 miles.

Don’t Ignore Virgin Atlantic Miles – There’s A Good Use That Doesn’t Get Mentioned...

Virgin Atlantic Flying Club is a transfer partner for all three of the major credit card issuers (Amex, Chase and Citi) but, because the airline applies surcharges to its awards, Virgin Atlantic miles get very little love....but you shouldn't dismiss their usefulness too quickly.

Amex Is Offering Virgin Atlantic Transfer Bonuses…But They’re Targeted (USA)

No sooner has Amex's 40% transfer bonus to British Airways and Iberia ended and we get a new transfer bonus to Virgin Atlantic....only this bonus isn't nearly as friendly. Personally I'm not seeing any kind of bonus in my Membership Rewards account but Doctor of Credit has seen offers of bonuses ranging between 10% and 20% and at least one commenter has claimed he/she is seeing a bonus of 30% in their account.

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