Virgin Atlantic Extends Flying Club Elite Statuses…Again

Following two 6-month status extensions in 2020 and 3-month extensions in February and May 2021, Virgin Atlantic has decided that the continuing barriers to travel faced by a lot of its customers warrant a 5th round of elite status extensions.

Virgin Atlantic Extends Elite Statuses & Vouchers By Another 3 Months

Virgin Atlantic has taken another look at the travel landscape and decided that the time is right to offer frequent flyers yet another helping hand. Following on from the two 6-month elite status extensions that Virgin Atlantic offered Flying Club members in 2020 and the 3-month extension announced in February, the airline is now extending elite statuses for the fourth time.

Earn Up To 20,000 Bonus Virgin Points On Flights To The Caribbean [UK Only]

The UK may have just come out of full lockdown but international travel is still band for all but a few, but that hasn't stopped Virgin Atlantic from launching a new promotion in which flyer can earn up to 20,000 bonus points per roundtrip made between the UK and the Caribbean.

Buy Virgin Atlantic Points & Get A Bonus Of Up To 50% (Great Deal...

Virgin Atlantic has launched a new points sale and this may be the first sale that we've seen from the airline in over a year (the last sale I recall seeing was back in February 2020). For some, the long wait for a deal may have been worthwhile as Virgin is offering the highest bonus that we generally see it offer (50%), and it has raised the limit on the number of points that Flying Club members can buy during a calendar year.

Virgin Atlantic Status Matches Are Appearing In Accounts

Up until yesterday, Virgin Atlantic was offering one of the more generous staus matches seen on the European side of the Atlantic (Alaska Airlines has a great match on offer in the US right now) and based on my own experience, it looks like the status matches are being processed as promised.

ENDING: Virgin Atlantic’s Excellent Status Match Promotion For British Airways Elites

Towards the beginning of January, Virgin Atlantic launched a promotion with a view to persuading BA's Executive Club elites to test the water on the other side of the fence. Since then, the airline has been offering status matches to anyone with British Airways Executive Cub status and it has even improved its original offer. Sadly, all good things must come to an end and there are under 5 days left to make the most of this promotion.

Virgin Atlantic Isn’t Devaluing Delta Awards As Badly As First Suggested

On 1 January, Virgin Atlantic published a new award chart for all Delta award bookings that did not include non-stop travel between the US and UK. Shortly after publication, it became clear that the people in charge of the award chart had no idea what they were doing and that the information being supplied was wrong. Those mistakes have now, finally, been corrected.

Virgin Atlantic Promo: 50% More Virgin Points & Tier Points For Travel In 2021

Virgin Atlantic has been doing a serious amount of tinkering with its Flying Club loyalty program in the past few months (there's been good news and bad news) and today sees the airline launching a bonus Virgin Points & Tier Points promotion that's designed to tempt the Flying Club membership back into the skies and to get people buying tickets for travel in 2021.

Standby For More Points Confusion From Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic used the cover of New Year's day (a day when a lot of people aren't paying attention to the miles & points world) to cynically increase the cost of a significant number of awards for travel with Delta without any notice whatsoever. Now, it would appear as if Virgin may be about to backtrack on some of the changes and that we may see entirely different award costs (for some routes) appear at some point this week.

Virgin Atlantic Is Considering Introducing Household Accounts For All

Earlier this year Virgin Atlantic gave its Flying Club members an early Christmas present when it announced a series of positive changes to its loyalty program. Between awarding elite credits on award bookings to making its vouchers considerably more useable, Virgin Atlantic has already used 2020 to improve the Flying Club's offering significantly. Now it may be about to improve it again.

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