GREAT DEAL: Buy Up To 300,000 Avios In Iberia’s Latest Sale (50% Bonus)

Iberia has launched its latest Avios sale and, for US flyers, the deal on offer is noticeably better than the deal British Airways has running in parallel - if you're short of Avios this may be a good opportunity to top up.

Possible Great Value: Buy Avios From €0.0120/$0.0136

Iberia Plus is currently selling Avios with a 50% bonus and it has increased the maximum number of Avios that an individual can purchase in a year to 200,000 (excluding bonuses). As long as you don't plan to stockpile any Avios you buy in this sale there's potential to extract some great value here.

What Happened To Your Iberia Plus Account Over The Weekend? (It Looks Like There’s...

As I reminded readers on Thursday, last Friday was the deadline by which all Avios earned in the incredibly generous Iberia Plus summer promotion had to be used. No one was 100% sure what would happen at this point so a lot of us were waiting to see what would transpire. It turns out that Iberia was as good as its word.

REMEMBER: Avios Earned In The Iberia Promotion Must be Used By Tomorrow

Back in June someone at Iberia Plus came up with an idea for a promotion that they clearly hadn't really thought through properly. They may have thought that they had considered all the consequences of the promotion but the fact that it nearly broke the internet is testament to how popular it was....and it was popular because it was ridiculously lucrative.

Last Day To Get A 40% Bonus When Transferring Membership Rewards To Avios (USA)

Since part-way through September American Express has been running a promotion for anyone looking to convert their Membership Rewards Points (US) to Avios and the 40% bonus it has been offering tempted a lot of people...and rightly so. Sadly the 40% conversion bonus ends today so, if you think you're going to need to top up your Avios balance anytime soon, today would be the day to do just that.

I’ve Already Used Up 94% Of My Avios From The Iberia Promotion

I wasn’t going to take part in the promotion Iberia launched two weeks ago but greed got the better of me and I dived in. It’s like we’re living in the 80’s again and “greed is good” because, on Tuesday, I was rewarded for my greed when Iberia dropped 90,000 Avios into my account….and I’ve wasted no time in using most of them.

The Miles Are Posting From The Iberia Promotion – Time To Get Booking!

If you participated in the recent Iberia promotion (as I eventually did) you should check your Iberia Plus account to see if you've been credited with the miles you're expecting. A lot of people are now seeing their accounts balances boosted by up to 90,000 Avios but some don't seem to have been so least not so far.

I Caved And Participated In The Iberia Promotion

Unless you're not really into miles & points you can't have failed to notice that Iberia ran a short promotion last week which nearly broke the blogosphere. In short, the airline was offering 9,000 Avios (up to a maximum of 90,000 Avios) for every Iberia flight booked by midnight on Sunday and the rules of the promotion left it wide open for abuse.

Good Deal: Buy Iberia Avios With A Bonus Of Up To 30%

I've mentioned Iberia Plus before as I believe it's a loyalty program of which everyone who collects Avios should be a member. I'll mention a few benefits of Iberia Plus a bit later as this post is primarily to let you know that you can currently buy Avios from Iberia Plus and get a bonus of up to 30% on top.

How To “Combine My Avios” & Earn Easy Avios In Iberia Plus

Yesterday I published a post explaining why Avios collectors should have an Iberia Plus account even if their primary rewards program is the British Airways Executive Club - the cash and Avios savings can be considerable in the right circumstances. The issue that faces a lot of people is that they already have a sizeable Avios balance sitting in their British Airways Executive Club (BAEC) account and they don't want to (or have the time to) build up a separate balance in Iberia Plus just in case an occasion aries when they's be better off booking a reward flight through Iberia rather than through BA.

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