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Intercontinental Travel Isn’t Going To Get Easier Any Time Soon

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Banned Former Navy Seal Doesn’t Understand What Masks Are For – That’s A Problem

In case you missed the news, a former Navy Seal who claims credit for being the person who fired the fatal shots that ended Osama Bin Laden's life has been banned from flying on Delta. The ban follows an incident in which he removed his mask onboard a flight, took a selfie, and posted it to Twitter with the line "I'm not a p***y".
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Gatwick’s CEO Wants An Unworkable Quarantine Plan For The UK

Over recent weeks the UK government has shown itself to be capable of introducing quarantine measures on arrivals into the country with little to no notice and, in a recent press conference, Gatwick’s CEO suggested that the government was taking the wrong approach to its quarantine restrictions and put forward a suggestion of his own. Unfortunately for him, it doesn't take a genius to see that his plan is wholly unworkable.
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I’ve Been On Vacation…Sort Of…

You may have noticed that there haven't been any posts on Traveling For Miles for the past nine days and there's a very good reason for that - I took a vacation. It certainly wasn't the vacation I had planned some months ago and it wasn't even the vacation I had planned just a few weeks ago but it was still a vacation and it got me out of the house.
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Another Great Example of Idiocy By The UK Government

Over the weekend the UK government suddenly reimposed quarantine restrictions on all travelers returning from Spain but, even though we all know the quarantine will be toothless, there's some logic to applying a quarantine to those returning from Spain and I don't have an issue with how quickly the new quarantine order was introduced. What I do take issue with is the truly idiotic messaging coming from two key government departments.
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London Hotels Not Passing On Tax Savings To Guests

As of today, 15 July 2020, the level of VAT being charged on UK hotel accommodation is 5% (down from 20%) and as VAT is a tax on the consumer and not the hotelier (VAT is a sales tax so the hotelier is only acting as a government tax collector), it would be reasonable to expect the cost of a hotel night to drop in proportion to the drop in VAT...but this isn't necessarily the case.
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Why You Probably Shouldn’t Book UK Hotels Before 15 July

Earlier this week, the government of the United Kingdom announced that its idiotic quarantine regulations would no longer apply to travelers visiting England from 60 nations as of 10 July but, even if you now find yourself allowed to travel to the UK, a recent announcement by the Chancellor of the Exchequer means that you probably shouldn't be rushing to book your accommodation before 15 July.
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UK Quarantine Rules Will No Longer Apply To Visitors From 60 Countries (USA Not...

In what can only be seen as an admission that its decision to impose quarantine restrictions on visitors from abroad was a monumentally idiotic idea, the British government has just published a list of 60 countries from which people may visit England without having to self-isolate for 14 days upon arrival.
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A Message For People Who Refuse To Wear A Face Covering

Yesterday was the first time in months that I ventured out of the suburb I've been living in and into a major metropolis, and it was quite an eye-opening experience. Throughout the day, I was fortunate in that most of the people I encountered in confined or enclosed areas were doing their civic duty and wearing a face covering of some sort or another (most were wearing masks), but rarely does a day goes by without a new story about a new set of idiots (usually back home in the US) who are refusing to cover their noses and mouths. This post contains a message to those idiots.
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London’s Lockdown Is Easing But The City Is Still Incredibly Empty

I've been seeing out the current pandemic in the suburbs just outside London but, until yesterday, I hadn't been into the center of the city since a few weeks before we were locked down. With the UK's lockdown rules easing, I had assumed that London had been getting back to its usual bustling self since most stores were allowed to reopen earlier this month, so I wasn't prepared for the scenes that met me yesterday morning.
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If You Have To Fly, Wear A Face Mask (It’s Really Not A Lot...

While in recent weeks, it has been heartening to read reports that fewer and fewer people are choosing to ignore the "wear a mask" advice, it's clear that there are still a significant number of flyers who, for reasons best known to themselves, are refusing to wear a mask on board an aircraft...and that's a shame. At a time when we should be doing our best to act in the interests of everyone around us as well as ourselves, this kind of selfishness is, to put it mildly, disappointing.
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Airlines Take Legal Action Against UK Quarantine Rules

On Monday, 8 June, the UK introduced the quarantine rules that were originally announced back in May, so most visitors entering the country are now expected to self-isolate for 14 days before they can join the rest of the population and go about their business. The new rules are nothing short of idiotic and now three of the UK's major airlines have filed legal papers requesting the rules are put to a judicial review.
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The UK’s Idiotic Quarantine Rules Are Now In Place

Last month, to the despair of most in the British travel industry, the UK government announced that it was planning to introduce a rule requiring most people arriving into the UK to self-isolate for a period of 14 days. As of today, 8 June 2020, that rule is now in force and it's nothing short of idiotic.
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UK Announces Its Pointless Quarantine Rules [Updated]

On 10 May, the UK Prime Minister used an address to the nation to announce that his government would be introducing a 14-day quarantine period for visitors entering the UK as well as for nationals returning from abroad. At the time of the announcement the government's messaging was inexplicably mixed, the facts were very thin on the ground, the Prime Minister looked worryingly unsure of what he was announcing, and the country couldn't even be told when the quarantine restrictions would come into effect. The whole situation was farcical.
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The UK Continues Embarrassing Mixed Messaging On Quarantine Rules

Eight days ago the UK's Prime Minister appeared on national TV to address the nation and to update it on the direction the country would be taking as it attempts to emerge from lockdown. The country was hoping for clear messaging and a road map back to normality but, instead, it was presented with 15 minutes of waffle and ideas that had clearly not been thought through.
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I’m Still Planning & Booking Travel In The Time Of Covid-19

Just like a lot of people reading this post, I've had a number of trips cancelled thanks to the current pandemic and I expect to see some of my trips planned for July and August to be badly affected too, but that's not stopping me planning for the future. 2020 may end up being a year in which I don't get to travel very much at all but I have higher hopes for 2021.
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The UK Will Impose Quarantine On Visitors…Sort Of…Sometime…

In last night's address to the nation, Prime Minister Boris Johnson made a series of announcements regarding the progress being made and the path his government will steer over the course of the coming weeks and months and, as far as travel goes, he made one very important announcement
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US Citizens Shouldn’t Assume That They’ll Be Able To Travel Internationally Anytime Soon

I made the conscious decision to see out the current crisis outside of the US and away from my home in Los Angeles and, as a result, I'm getting a close look at how another country is handling the pandemic and how other countries are viewing the US response to Covid-19. The news on the latter isn't good.
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Why I Generally Avoid Using Travel Agencies For Flight Bookings

For a lot of frequent travelers, there's a very obvious reason why booking hotels through one of the many online travel agencies may not be the best policy (you won't earn hotel loyalty points and your elite status will not be recognized), but because airlines aren't often seen to be treating travelers who have booked through agencies any differently to travelers who have booked directly, often there isn't the same level of reservation when it comes to using agencies for airfare bookings. Perhaps there should be.
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I’ll Be Using Airbnb A Lot More After This Is All Over

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My Highly Insignificant, Yet Still Highly Annoying Dilemma

Earlier this week I wrote a post about how I'm using the thoughts of future travel to distract myself from the fact that I'm grounded and stuck at home for the foreseeable future. In that post I mentioned that one of the trips I'm planning would probably require me to buy some miles - it does and this is now causing me a dilemma.
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Staying Sane: Dreaming Of Travel While The World Is Grounded

As I'm effectively being asked (told) not to leave home unless it's for exercise or essential groceries and/or medicines (it's amazing to see what some people consider "essential"), I'm having to find ways to distract myself from the fact that I've quickly gone from being one of the freest people on the planet to just another housebound human being. Thinking and dreaming about future trips has really helped.
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Remember How Airlines, Hotels and Agencies Are Acting Right Now

At some point in the future, life will return to what it was like just a few months ago and people will be going about their lives and doing their best to forget the chaos that we're witnessing right now...but I hope we don't forget everything.
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The US Adds The UK & Ireland To The Transatlantic Travel Ban – Here...

The United States has announced a 30-day ban on travel from 26 28 European countries to the United States which will come into force late on Friday 13 March 2020 (the UK/Ireland ban starts on 16 March). The counties affected are those signed up to the Schengen Agreement which abolished all forms of border control at the countries' mutual borders and, as of 14 March, the UK and the Republic of Ireland.
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This Is Why Heathrow’s Immigration E-Gates Can Be A Joke

The introduction of electronic immigration gates at London’s super-busy Heathrow airport was hailed as the UK’s answer to speeding up the process to enter the county, the end of long immigration lines (for eligible travelers) and it was supposed to be almost as revolutionary as Global Entry has been in the US. But it isn’t. It’s nowhere near as good as Global Entry and it turns out there’s a very good reason for this.
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Free Upgrade On Heathrow Express For Star Alliance Gold Card Holders

If you're a Star Alliance Gold Card holder (e.g. United MileagePlus Premier Platinum) Heathrow Express would like to know that it values your custom so much that it would like to offer you a free upgrade to "Business First Class" when you ride the train to/from London Paddington.
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I Don’t Understand Qatar’s New Travel Ban

As coronavirus fear spreads around the world we're seeing different nations taking different approaches in the battle to contain the virus' spread and there's one nation's approach that has left me scratching my head because it seems a little half-baked.
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14 Things I Learned/Discovered In Ho Chi Minh City

I’ve just returned from a short but fun trip to Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam and thanks to some good tours, friendly locals, a bit of personal experience and a little bit of reading I discovered a variety of things about the city and the country that I never knew before – here are 14 of the things that I learned and that spring to mind (there are probably a lot more).
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New York Residents Can No Longer Renew Or Apply For Global Entry

In December last year, the state of New York introduced a new law which allows undocumented immigrants to apply for a state driving license and, in a twist that few would have seen coming, this law is now being cited as the reason why residents of the state of New York can no longer apply for or renew Global Entry membership.
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Welcome To Brexit – What The UK Government Wants UK Travelers To Know

The United Kingdom will officially leave the European Union (EU) at midnight Central European Time today, 31 January 2020, and it’s interesting to note that the British Government waited until approximately 36 hours before that momentous occasion before it updated its webpage setting out what effect Brexit may have on its citizens' future travel plans….and the details don’t make for pretty reading.
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I Had No Idea You Could Enroll For TSA PreCheck At Staples Stores

I get TSA PreCheck as an added bonus alongside my Global Entry membership so perhaps that's why I've never realized (or noticed!) that some people can now avoid the hassle of a trip to a government enrolment center when applying for TSA PreCheck by visiting their local Staples store instead. 
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Las Vegas Taxi Drivers Will Soon Find It A Little Harder To Rip You...

Most frequent visitors to Las Vegas will have a story about how they were ripped off by a taxi driver who picked them up from the airport. From stories about circuitous routings and stories about drivers deliberately taking the busiest roads to stories of drivers selling nightclub flyers as guest list passes, there are dozens of scams that a select number of Las Vegas taxi drivers have been inflicting on unsuspecting visitors for years.
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Here’s A Great Example Of Why You Shouldn’t Rely On TripAdvisor Reviews

I haven't relied on TripAdvisor reviews (or reviews posted on most other travel/retail sites) in years but I know that a lot of people still, for some reason, put an incredible amount of weight in the opinions of strangers on the internet and they really, really shouldn't.
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Be Careful! You May Be Paying Resort Fees You Shouldn’t Be Paying

Resort fees, destination fees, facility fees (call them what you will) have been around for some time but it’s only in the past year or two that they’ve really started getting out of hand. They started out as fees charged by actual resort properties (hence the original name of ‘resort fee’) to cover spurious extras like sun loungers, snorkel set rentals and in-room water, but have now spread to properties of all types and are nothing more than a new way to rip off guests.
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Former Boeing Engineer Claims 737 MAX Project Was Underfunded & FAA Was Kept In...

In an episode of Panorama which will air in the UK tonight (29 July 2019) at 20:30, a former Boeing engineer tells journalists that the 737 MAX production line was poorly funded, that the teams working on the aircraft were under continual pressure to keep costs down and that the FAA was deliberately kept in the dark on certain matters.
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My Annoyingly Foolish Mistake You Should Learn From

I spend a lot of my time searching for great Business Class fares (sometimes Premium Economy fares) to various destinations around the world and I like to think that I have a fair amount of experience when it comes to (a) finding great deals and (b) booking the deals once I've found them. Still, sometimes I screw up.
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Here’s A Big Reason Why I’m Already Booking My Trips For 2020

I happily admit to being one of life's planners so it's not entirely out of character for me to be planning trips a year into the future. Right now, however, there's an extra special reason why I'm already checking out flights and hotels for the first few months of 2020.
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Two Great Trips That Have Got Me Excited To Travel Again

I'm incredibly lucky to be able to fly around the world in relative comfort courtesy of the miles and points hobby (and a lot of hard work) but sometimes I go through phases where the last thing I want to do is to get on another plane.
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Will I Be Happy To Fly On Boeing’s 737 MAX Aircraft?

I’m pretty sure there’s no need for me to go over the reasons why the Boeing 737 MAX aircraft are getting so much attention right now (I’ve gone over that ground a few times before) so I’ll just focus on the question a lot of readers have been asking me over the past few weeks – will I be happy to fly on Boeing’s 737 MAX aircraft once the authorities have re-certified the aircraft as airworthy?
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The Airbnb Rules In Los Angeles Are Emboldening Hotels To Rip Off Their Guests

From 1 July 2019 the City of Los Angeles will introduce a series of measures which will seriously limit the opportunities for residents to rent out their properties on sites like Airbnb, VBRO and HomeAway. The City of Los Angeles hasn't gone as far as two of its neighbors (Santa Monica and West Hollywood) who have already essentially banned short-term rentals outright, but the restrictions being introduced from July are still pretty severe.
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20% Cash Back On Tumi Luggage Through Ebates (Today Only)

Ebates/Rakuten is celebrating 20 years of its existence and we've already seen a slew of great deals offering 15% cashback (or Membership Rewards Points per dollar) over the past few days.
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This Is Why I Love ExpertFlyer (And Why I Wouldn’t Be Without It)

ExpertFlyer is a website that I've come to love over the past few years and it has become a tool that I don't think I could do without. As someone who books a lot of flights and loves to snag an upgrade to Business Class I've lost count of the number of times that ExpertFlyer has helped me out and the site came to my aid again last week.
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I’d Love Airlines To Limit/Eliminate Seat Recline On All Short Flights

Right now Delta is in the process of reducing the amount of recline on offer to First and Economy Class passengers in over 60 of its Airbus A320 aircraft and it's a move I cheered enthusiastically when I first heard about it.
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6 Unexpected/Odd Reasons I Loved Australia

There are plenty of reasons why Australia can be a great place to visit (the weather, the scenery and the food are just three of them) but I'm not going to discuss those here - that's what travel guides are for - here I'm just going to offer up a brief list of a few less obvious and, in some cases, slightly odd reasons why I really liked the parts of Australia we visited.
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Boeing Will Release “Fixes’ For Its 737 MAX Aircraft By Tomorrow

We still don't know for sure what caused the tragic Lion Air and Ethiopian Airlines 737 MAX 8 disasters but we do know that neither Boeing nor the Federal Aviation Administration are coming out of the investigations looking particularly good.
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No, It’s Not A Good Thing That The FAA Delegated Certification To Boeing

It's always fun when two bloggers disagree and right now I have a diametrically opposing view to Gary (View From The Wing) on the way the FAA appears to have handled the certification process for the Boeing 737 MAX aircraft.
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The 737 MAX Disasters Have Opened Up Serious Trust & Credibility Issues For Boeing...

Having two new aircraft of the same type involved in tragic and fatal accidents in the space of five months is a very unusual state of affairs but, without any solid information from the authorities investigating the crashes, it's important that we resist the urge to start apportioning blame for those disasters.
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Who Actually Checked That The 737 MAX Was Safe? (Did The FAA Devolve Responsibility...

An article in yesterday's Seattle Times makes for worrying reading if you're a flyer, a Boeing shareholder or a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) manager because it suggests that the certification process for the Boeing 737 MAX was hurried, botched and, to a significant degree, passed back to Boeing engineers to do themselves.
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Boeing 737 MAX: Is The US FAA Playing Politics With Passenger Safety?

The European Union, Australia, China and India are just an example of the regions and countries where the 737 MAX aircraft may no longer operate (temporarily) but the US airline regulator (FAA) and the US airlines who operate the aircraft are, at the time of writing, sticking firm in their stance that the aircraft is perfectly safe. Why?
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Are People Using Mobile Devices In Public Getting More Thoughtless?

I'd like to get some opinions on something that I'm seeing more and more of as I travel and I'd like to know what you guys think, whether I have a point or whether I'm way off base....and I'd like to hear what your recent experiences have been like too.
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737 MAX 8 Issues: There’s Nothing Boeing Can Say – We Just Have To...

There's no doubt that Boeing has a big issue on its hands with the rapidly growing perception that all may not be quite right with its 737 MAX 8 aircraft but, right now, all we have is speculation and commentary from (mostly) uninformed sources and people demanding that Boeing makes reassuring noises in the direction of the general public.
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I Have Absolutely No Willpower Whatsoever……

With so many carriers now offering a Premium Economy option across the Atlantic I recently took the decision to start reviewing some of these cabins to see what they offer and to see if they're worth the premium they charge.
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Selecting Airline Seats Is About More Than Just Avoiding Galleys, Bassinets & Lavatories

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Award Wallet Saved Me $250…And Quite A Bit Of Embarrassment

As you have probably noticed, I write about miles & points quite a bit and, despite the fact that I have a large number of credit cards and loyalty program accounts (31 at the last count), I like to think that I'm good at keeping on top of my accounts, tracking spending and earnings and generally knowing where I stand at any given moment in time.
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My Predictions For 2019 – There’s Good and Bad News Heading Our Way

It's the beginning of another year in travel and as a lot of people seem to be making predictions on what we may see happen over the next 12 months I've decided to jump on the bandwagon and play at Nostradamus (only I'll try to be more specific so it will be obvious if I'm right or wrong).
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Los Angeles Cracks Down On AirBnB – Good News For Renters, Bad News For...

Santa Monica essentially banned residents from renting out their properties via AirBnB over a year ago (AirBnB lost an appeal earlier this year), the City of West Hollywood followed suit in the first half of 2018 and now the City of Los Angeles (covering by far the biggest area of the three) has announced new rules to curb the rapid growth of AirBnB within its borders.
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My Rio de Janeiro Decision (And A Big Thank You)

Some links to products and travel providers on this website will earn Traveling For Miles a commission which helps contribute to the running of...
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Time To Legislate: This Hotel Rip-Off Needs To Stop

If you ask a group of frequent travelers what five aspects of the offerings they get from hotels and airlines they dislike the most you're likely to get a host of different answers. Some will probably point to the inability of certain airlines to keep to a schedule (that would be you AA), some will probably comment on hotel rooms that don't offer enough power outlets and some will complain about the ever decreasing amount of space passengers are given on an aircraft.....but I'm willing to wager that one ever more apparent aspect of travel will appear on most of their lists - Resort fees.
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I’m A Little Worried About A Trip I Have Planned – This Is New...

I've been fortunate enough to have visited a variety of countries around the world both for pleasure and for work and not all have been destinations you'd necessarily wish to visit with your family. Some of the places I've visited (in parts of Africa and in parts of Asia) are definitely not tourist destinations and, to put it bluntly, they're not very safe....but I was ok with that.
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GREAT DEAL: Stack Three Easy Offers For BIG Tumi Savings

Yesterday I wrote a post reminding readers to stack as many deals as possible to maximize savings and the miles & points earned during this utterly crazy shopping season. Well, it looks like you can stack at least three deals to get some fantastic savings on Tumi luggage right now.
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Addressing The “If You Want To Fly First/Business Class, Buy First/Business Class” Argument

As American Airlines has gradually made it harder and harder for its elites to score complimentary upgrades to domestic First Class or to use their miles/systemwide upgrades to move up into international Business Class one turn of phrase has gained popularity with a segment of the frequent flyer community – “if you want to fly First/Business Class, buy First/Business Class”.
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How Long Does It Take To Get Through Dublin Airport If You’re Positioning?

Positioning flights are something I write about quite often and I've recently written a post explaining what they are and why they're useful so I won't go into details again...but what follows should help anyone booking a positioning flight to Dublin.
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Why You Shouldn’t Always Trust Your Travel App (A TripIt Story)

You don't have to be a frequent flyer to know that it's a good idea to have a few travel apps on your smartphone to ensure that you're well informed about any trips you're taking. I used to rely quite heavily on the "MyFlights" app to keep me updated about a lot of my bookings but, since that app stopped having access to the information it needs to operate, I've moved over to TripIt Pro. A lot of people seem to love this app but, although I like some of its features, I'm less enthused than some. Let me explain why.
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What Are “Positioning Flights” & Why Are They Useful?

In a lot of the posts I write describing how I plan, book and pay for my trips I mention the fact that I booked a "positioning flight" to help keep the costs down. Over the past few months I've had a number of readers email me to ask about positioning flights so I thought I'd write a post to explain what they are and how they can be incredibly useful.
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Why I Don’t Think Most Ultra Long-Haul Routes Will Work

Qantas launched the first non-stop route between Australia and Europe when it flew its first flight from Perth to London at the end of March but it's far from being the first airline to fly an ultra long-haul route. United operates a service between Houston and Sydney which takes between 16 and 17 hours, Emirates flies between Dubai and Auckland which can take over 17 hours and Qatar Airways currently flies the longest flight in the world (9,032 miles) between Doha and Auckland which I tried out shortly after the route opened.
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If We Absolutely Have To Tip Can We At Least Get It Right?

There is so much to hate about the tipping culture we have in the US that I almost don’t know where to start. I hate the credit card machines that ask me if I want to tip when all I’ve done is wait in line to order a coffee to go, I hate the modern day expectation of a tip regardless of the service provided and I hate the holier-than-thou preachers that attempt to guilt everyone into tipping but do nothing about the underlying issue.
an airplane wing over a snowy landscape

It’s Time To Do Something About Bad Flight Attendants

Historically I’ve not been someone who writes in to airlines complaining about their staff very often. I reported an atrocious British Airways gate agent back in February but, other than that occasion, I can’t remember the last time I wrote an email complaining about a flight attendant or another member of airline staff. That’s going to change.
a pile of money bills

Rewarding High Revenue Passengers Isn’t Always The Clever Thing To Do

There have been a lot of changes put through the AAdvantage program over the past 18 months and American Airlines has attempted to position a lot of these changes as changes made to reward their most loyal (high-paying) flyers. Leaving aside the fact that a lot of the changes are definitely not rewarding their highest-paying customers (they're bad for everyone), I'm not sure that's an entirely sensible policy to adopt.
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Making The Best Of It When I Screw Up

I've known for months that I need to book a single night an airport hotel at Paris CDG for a trip I'm taking in the not too distant future but, for one reason or another (mostly forgetfulness) I haven't got around to making the booking. I looked at a some hotels a few months back but couldn't decide which property to book and then I forgot all about it....till today.
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I’m Actually A Little Apprehensive About My Next Trip…..

I've got a trip coming up soon and, unusually for me, I'm actually a little nervous about it. I'm not going anywhere dangerous, the airlines I'm flying are perfectly acceptable and there are no risky connections in my itinerary so there's no outwardly obvious reason why I should be nervous...and yet I am.
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My Travel Plans For 2018 (So Far….)

Recently I shared a summary of all the trips I took in 2017, what airlines I flew, how those trips broke down into long-haul and short-haul flights , what cabins I flew in and, ultimately what airline and hotel statuses I ended up with to keep me going through 2018. Now I'm looking forward into 2018 and I thought I share where I'm at with my plans, where I know I'll be visiting and what my aims are for this year - it will be interesting to compare this post to the summary I'll write at the end of the year.
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Pet Peeve: I HATE It When Blogs Do This

There are a number of things that I occasionally see in the miles & points blogosphere that annoy me (like bloggers cozying up to airlines or hotel chains when they should be bashing them for some of their unfriendly practices) but there's one thing above all others that seems to get me really, really annoyed and some blogs are a lot more guilty of this than others.
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My Travels In 2017 – The Numbers

I've had a few emails from readers asking how my travels in 2017 panned out, what statuses I managed to earn for 2018 and a lot more so I thought I'd condense all that information in to one simple blog post....and here it is.
JW Marriott Singapore South Beach

AMOMA.com Has Some Sketchy and Pushy Practices – Be Aware

I have to be careful how I phrase this blog as I really can't afford a lawsuit but, at the same time, it's worth the risk as I absolutely detest practices that could potentially see travelers out of pocket or pressured into a booking they may not wish to make. Here's the experience I recently had with a hotel booking site called AMOMA.com
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Trusted Traveler Website – A Step-By-Step Guide To The New Global Entry Portal

If you've applied for or been a member of any of the "Trusted Traveler" programs that the United States offers then you'll have come across the GOES website somewhere along the way. The GOES website was where you filled in your application, moved through the processing stages and where, once approved, you could edit your information. As of 1 October 2017 the GOES website no longer exists.
BA Redemption Finder

BA Redemption Finder – A Free Tool For Finding British Airways Avios Awards

As a post I wrote on the free iPhone app I think every flyers should have appears to have been pretty popular I thought I'd write a post on the tool I prefer to use when searching for British Airways Avios awards - BA Redemption Finder.
a blue circle with a white airplane in the middle

The Free iPhone App That I Think Every Flyer Should Have

There aren't may non-Apple apps on my iPhone that I would consider indispensable but amongst the few that are is the MyFlights App - I love it and I'm an unabashed fan of what the app offers.
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It’s Time To Say Goodbye To TUMI – It’s Not The Brand It Used...

You may have noticed that I travel a lot. Probably not as much as some who read this blog (I tip my metaphorical hat to you guys) but more than most people. As a result I take quite a bit of care when it comes to selecting the luggage I carry around with me.
Andaz West Hollywood

How I Select Which Hotels I Use On My Trips

I’ve had a few emails recently asking for some specifics on how I search for the flights and hotels I book, what my thought processes are and what I look for when booking my various trips….so I thought I’d address these in a couple of blog posts – the first one posted yesterday and covered flights so, today, I'll concentrate on hotels.
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Don’t Forget This Airline Booking Quirk – Knowing It Could Save You A LOT...

Due to the nature of how airlines price up their fares it can make a big difference which of the one airline's many websites you use to book you flights - using the wrong website can end up costing you a lot of money. I've written about this quirk in the past but, as I've just seen it rear its head again and as I have just noticed that this same quirk applies to online travel agents too, I thought it was worth bringing it up again.
Seoul Airport Railroad Express (AREX)

Using The Airport Railroad Express (AREX) To Get From Seoul Incheon Airport To Downtown...

As we often see nice Business Class fares published for travel between Europe and Seoul, and as Korean Airlines is a popular Chase points redemption from the US, I thought I'd share my experience of getting into downtown Seoul from Seoul Incheon airport on the off chance that this helps someone out.
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How I Find, Select & Book My Flights

I’ve had a few emails recently asking for some specifics on how I search for the flights and hotels I book, what my thought processes are and what I look for when booking my various trips….so I thought I’d address these in a couple of blog posts – the first one, today, will concentrate on flights.
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I Hold Just One Airline Credit Card…..And Here’s Why

What credit cards we all hold will vary considerably depending on our individual circumstances but I thought I'd share with you why it is that, despite holding over fifteen credit cards (which isn't that many compared to some), I only actually hold one airline card in my collection. This isn't by chance or by omission this is simply because I don't think I need any more airline credit cards right now.
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What Are The Best Business Class Seats On The American Airlines 777-300ER?

I recently reviewed the American Airlines 777-300ER Business Class product on a daytime flight between London and Los Angeles and I've been getting a few questions about which seats are the ones to choose and why I prefer some seats to others....so here are my thoughts. The first thing to point out is that, unlike 3rd rate carriers such as British Airways, American Airlines does not charge for seat selection in its Business Class cabin.
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We’re Off On Another Mystery Trip….And It Should Be Very Good!

Tonight Joanna and I will be flying out of London Heathrow for 11 nights on a trip that Joanna knows very little about. She has no idea where were flying to or if we're visiting one location or more but she does know that we'll be going somewhere warm - a girl needs to know what to pack! I did something similar for Joanna last year as a "thank you" for putting up with the hours I work and the numerous trips I take throughout the year...but this year I think I've done better.
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A Simple Way To Improve Your Upgrade Chances

There are a number of complicated ways in which experienced travelers maximise their chances of getting a complimentary upgrade or having one of their upgrade instruments clear....but there's one simple thing everyone hoping for an upgrade can do to give themselves the best possible chance of sitting upfront.
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WARNING: Why You Should Be Careful When Booking Positioning Flights

A week or so ago I saw a headline on a "consumer advocate" site that read "why you should never, ever book your flights this way" and it's that headline that's prompted me to write this post. The story the consumer advocate was writing about involved a traveler who booked a trip with more than one itinerary (i.e she booked flights from A to B with one airline and then booked flights from B to C separately with another airline) and who then faced a lot of issues when one of her flights encountered delays resulting in a missed connection.
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Don’t Forget Eurostar – It Could Save You Money & Time

I tend to focus primarily on airlines and hotels here on Traveling For Miles but I thought it was worth flagging up the potential that Eurostar has for saving you both time and/or money on your next trip. One of the big issues with airline travel from the UK is the high amount of tax levied on departures from most UK airports. It's that tax and other ancillary fees that form the main reason why most of the great Business Class fares I highlight originate somewhere in continental Europe and not in the UK. Put simply if you're looking for bargain flights to/from Europe then you're probably best avoiding the UK if you can....and that's where Eurostar can help.
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Hong Kong Airport Express, Free Hotel Shuttles & Kowloon Check-In

Before I even arrived in Hong Kong I had decided that I was going to take the Airport Express from the airport into Kowloon (where I was going to be staying at the Hyatt Regency). I didn't want to take a taxi because they can be expensive (especially if you get caught up in traffic) and I didn't want to use Über because I don't have a great roaming plan on my phone and that's a bit of an issue when you're reliant on your phone to call and find your car.
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Connecting At Zurich Airport – A Quick Look

As I often suggest travelers take "positioning flights" around Europe (and the US) to make the most of any great Business Class fares that come around or to make the most of award availability that appears somewhere that isn't your home airport, I thought I'd share my experience of doing just that at Zurich airport.
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Can We Have A Fine-System For People Who Delay Fellow Passengers?

I had a brief (very) Twitter exchange with a fellow blogger this weekend in which I, half-jokingly, suggested that anyone attempting to take fireworks on to an aircraft should be placed on the no-fly list for stupidity (if I'm honest I'd also like to see these people banned from voting but that's a whole other issue) and this got me wondering...can we penalize people for inconveniencing fellow travelers?
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ExpertFlyer & Why I Love It

ExpertFlyer is an online tool that I've come to love over the past few years. As someone who books a lot of flights and loves to snag an upgrade to Business Class I've lost count of the number of times that the information on the site has improved my trips.
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Should An OTA Be Allowed To Demand This Information?

I like to think that I've made my fair share of internet hotel bookings. Whether it's been directly through a hotel chain's website, via an online travel agency (OTA) like Expedia and Orbitz or via the more opaque sites like Priceline, I've booked a fair few rooms over the years.....so I thought there wasn't much that could surprise me during the booking process. Well, it turns out that I was wrong, as Agoda decided to prove to me just the other day.
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Free Travel In London With MasterCard Tomorrow (Monday 29 Feb)

Just a quick reminder that tomorrow, Monday 29 February, is the first of three Mondays where UK MasterCard holders can enjoy free travel on the whole Transport For London Network just by using their UK MasterCard with Apple Pay.
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Flying: My Pet Peeves

Even the most patient of people (of which I am definitely not one) have pet peeves and if you happen to do something that involves a lot of interaction with the general public (like traveling) you tend to build up a dossier of items that get under your skin and generally annoy the hell out of you. This is the tip of the iceberg that is my dossier.
Madrid Airport Terminal 4/4S

Madrid Airport: OneWorld Transfers And Facilities

I'm doing quite a few transfers at European Airports this year so, as I'm constantly advocating that travelers book cheap business class flights from whichever...
a large white building with domes and people standing in front of it with Sheikh Zayed Mosque in the background

The Sheikh Zayed Mosque Abu Dhabi (In Pictures)

I was in Abu Dhabi last week and, although I did primarily go out there to get a couple of days of sun, one...
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A Traveler’s Thoughts

It's that time of year where a lot of us tend to take stock of where we're at in life, what our year has...
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Going Local In Aruba: Balashi & Bugaloe

I have always been encouraged to ‘Go local’. Having grown up in England in the ‘70s and’80s, I remember my parents growing their own vegetables and, more importantly, brewing their own beer. Bath time was often preceded by vats and tubing being removed from the bathtub to make space for me, and I recall evenings where their friends were invited round to sample the latest experimental brew.
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Travel Selfies: It’s Hard To Overstate Just How Much I Hate Them

You often hear the phrase “It broadens the mind!” trotted out whenever the subject of travel comes up. It’s the stereotypical response to just about any...

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