Get A Very Easy $5 Statement Credit From Citi [Targeted]

I don't know how busy Citi's call centers are right now but the credit card issuer appears to be trying to bribe some (possibly all) of its customers to use its website or app to manage their accounts instead of calling in.

5 Of The Best Credit Cards To Use For Takeaway & Food Delivery Services

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I Downgraded My Citi Prestige Card And Confirmed Something Good

Over the past month, I've been reviewing my credit card portfolio and the result of the review has been that I've canceled once credit card, upgraded two and downgraded one and, in the process, I confirmed (re-confirmed may be a better term) something about the Citi Prestige card that I think is worth passing on.

GOOD DEAL: Citi Is Back With More Spending Offers On ThankYou Cards [Targeted]

I've had a number of targeted offers set to me by Citi in recent months and the last offer I used (targeted to my now closed Prestige Card) even worked for purchases outside of the US. Now Citi is back with another round of offers which, if you've been targeted in the past, you may well recognize.

Book Great “Round The World” Awards With This Citi Transfer Bonus

We've used to seeing Amex Membership Rewards offering frequent transfer bonuses to some of the loyalty programs it partners with but transfer bonuses offered by Citi's ThankYou program don't appear all that it's always nice when one turns up.

Citi Offering Bonus ThankYou Points On Select Spending Categories [Targeted]

We've already seen Chase offering cardholders spending bonuses on select cards and it looks like Citi is following suit with its own set of targeted offers. The offer I've received was targeted to my Citi Prestige card (which is a little ironic) but I've seen similar offers targeted to other Citi ThankYou cards too.

Chase, Amex & Citi – My New Transferable Currency Strategy

I love the main transferable currencies because they help to insulate me from devaluations by individual hotel & airline loyalty programs but after just having reviewed my credit card portfolio, I've decided that I'm paying at least one annual fee that I don't need to be paying and that I need to rethink my transferable currency strategy.

Earn 70,000 Or 75,000 AAdvantage Miles With These Two Credit Card Offers

Citi has brought out a couple of new welcome offers on its CitiBusiness/AAdvantage Platinum Select World Mastercard and although both offers are very similar there's a slight difference between them that may see you prefer one offer over the other.

Is It Time To Say Goodbye To The Citi Prestige Card?

I've been on the verge of canceling or downgrading my Citi Prestige Card a number of times over the past few years but each time I got close to making the call I either talked myself out of it or Citi put through a genuine enhancement that persuaded me to give the card another go. Now, with my cardholder year ending in a few months' time and with Citi having just gutted most of the Prestige Card's protection benefits, I'm once again wondering if it makes sense to keep the card for another year.

The Citi Double Cash Card Is Now Better Than Ever

The rumors that have been circulating for a while came to fruition on Sunday as the Citi Double Cash credit card morphed into a combination of a good cash back card and a good points earning card for non bonused spend.

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