The Citi Premier® Card is still offering a great 80,000 point welcome bonus

It was back in the middle of June that Citi first raised the welcome bonus on the Citi Premier® Card to an impressive 80,000 points and as that's the best bonus that this card has ever offered, and as this is the best card that Citi issues, it's a little surprising to find that it's still available...but that's great news if you haven't yet got the card.

How to use Citi ThankYou Points to book great value American Airlines awards

One of the oddities in the miles and points world has long been the fact that Citi's ThankYou points don't transfer over to the American Airlines AAdvantage program. For years, Citi had a monopoly on the issuance of American Airlines co-branded credit cards (it still issues four of the airline's six available credit cards) but apart from a brief period in 2021, AAdvantage has never been a full-time ThankYou transfer partner.

The Citi® Double Cash Card Review (2022) – The All-Round Cash Back Card

The Citi Double Cash Card is a no-frills, no annual fee cash back card that doesn't offer any big impressive benefits or headline-grabbing earning rates in a select spending category but is still one of the very best cash back cards that you can hold. For the miles & points enthusiast as well as for someone just looking for a good cash back card, the Citi Double Cash Card can be a compelling proposition.

New 80,000 point welcome bonus on the Citi Premier® Card

Citi has now raised the welcome bonus on its excellent Citi Premier® Card to an impressive 80,000 points and that means that the best credit card that Citi issues now comes with the best welcome bonus that we've ever seen offered on this card.

Comparing Citi American Airlines consumer credit cards (all earn credits towards elite status)

Citi issues three American Airlines AAdvantage co-branded consumer cards and as tools to maximize earnings when you fly, they're not very good. They do, however, have their uses for those who like to fly with American Airlines and all three cards suddenly got a lot more interesting when American confirmed that base earnings from these credit cards will count towards the elite status targets in the revamped AAdvantage program.

How To Transfer Citi ThankYou Points To Airline Loyalty Programs (2022)

Like all the major transferable currencies Citi ThankYou points are relatively easy to earn (if you have the right credit cards) and because they can be transferred to an impressive number of airline loyalty programs, they're a key element to most people's miles & points strategy.

Citi Adds Choice Privileges as a ThankYou transfer partner

Citi's ThankYou points are one of the four major transferable currencies used in the miles and points world and the ThankYou program just got a little better with Citi adding Choice Privileges as its first hotel transfer partner. Better yet, the ratio for transfers between Citi and Choice can be more favorable than a lot of people may expect.

Unexpected Enhancement: You Can Now Transfer Citi Points To AAdvantage (For A Limited Time)

Citi’s ThankYou Points can be incredibly useful in certain situations but up until now I have  found them to be less useful than the points issued by Amex and Chase. Now, however, courtesy of a very surprising program enhancement (of the good kind!) Citi’s ThankYou points have suddenly been made considerably more useful…albeit for a limited time only.

Citi ThankYou: Transfer Partners & Transfer Times [2022 Edition]

Citi ThankYou points are one of the four big transferable currencies in the miles & points world and can be earned by using select Citi credit cards (e.g. the Citi Premier® Card), and these points can be transferred across to a variety of other travel loyalty programs.

Citi Is Targeting ThankYou Card Holders For More Bonus Points

Citi is emailing targeted holders of its ThankYou cards with an offer of bonus points for spending in select categories in the first quarter of 2021. I've been targeted for this offer on my Citi Premier Card but I've seen this offer sent to holders of other ThankYou cards too.

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