Singapore Airlines Awards Bookable Through Alaska Mileage Plan (View The Full Award Chart)

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Updated 16 October 2019 – Alaska Airlines has corrected an error that once showed intra-Asia Business Class awards costing just 25k and First Class awards costing just 35k.

Singapore Airlines has been an Alaska Mileage Plan partner since September 2017 but although it has been possible to earn Alaska Miles on Singapore Airlines for the past two years it’s only now that Alaska Miles can be used to book Singapore Airlines awards.

Unlike some airlines (like American) Alaska Airlines doesn’t publish a separate award chart for each of its partner airlines preferring instead to ask Mileage Plan members to select the region they want to travel from and the region they’re looking to travel too before presenting a set of results.

That’s fine if you have a reasonable idea of how you’d like to use your miles but not very efficient if you’re looking for inspiration so, based on all the information on the Alaska Airlines website, I’ve put together a single award chart showing the number of Alaska Miles needed for various Singapore Airlines awards.

Alaska Mileage Plan Singapore Airlines Award Chart

All costs are for one-way travel

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It’s worth pointing out that at the time of writing Alaska Airlines may still be updating the information in its systems as there are a number of little anomalies that I wouldn’t normally expect.

The first and most obvious anomaly is that there are routes on which Business Class awards can be found with ease while Economy Class awards appear non-existent and that’s the reverse of what I’d expect to see.

The second anomaly is that there are a number of routes for which I’d expect to see an award cost published but for which a cost doesn’t currently appear on the Alaska Mileage Plan pages.

Why would Mileage Plan offer up awards between Europe and the South Pacific but not between North Asia and the South Pacific?

The third anomaly is that Alaska doesn’t appear to have published any costs for awards in Singapore Airlines Premium Economy – this may deliberate or it may indicate that the award chart is incomplete and I guess we’ll know which it is in the coming days.

I’ll be watching the Mileage Plan pages closely over the next few days and updating the award chart (above) if necessary.

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Singapore Airlines Suites Class

Thoughts & Sweet Spots

Mostly this looks like an expensive award chart and it looks as if most people will struggle to get great value out of it if they’re buying miles in the frequent Mileage Plan miles sales and looking to use those to book Singapore Airlines awards.

The best price we normally see for Alaska Miles is ~1.97 cents/mile and applying that cost to a number of popular routes shows just how expensive this award chart actually is:

  • USA – SE Asia Business Class – 100,000 miles or $1,970 + taxes (one way)
  • USA – SE Asia First Class – 130,000 miles or $2,561 + taxes (one way)
  • USA – North Asia Business Class – 80,000 miles or $1,576 + taxes (one way)
  • USA – North Asia Class – 110,000 miles or $2,167 + taxes (one way)

Yes, there will be times when booking an award using miles purchased at 1.97 cents each will be cheaper than buying the cash fare for the equivalent cabin, but these are far from being “amazing” deals.

Note: When the Singapore Airlines award chart was first released there was an error on it which suggested that intra-Asia Business Class awards could be booked for 25,000 miles and First Class awards could be booked for 35,000 miles – this error has since been rectified.

Bottom Line

I have a feeling that Alaska’s award chart for redemptions on Singapore Airlines is still a work in progress so there may well be updates made to this page over the coming days.

If you’re looking to buy Alaska Miles in a good sale and book a Singapore Airlines premium cabin award from/to the US you’re not going to find any bargains (although you may be able to save money).

What do you think of how Alaska has priced up Singapore Airlines awards?