Star Alliance Opens A New Lounge In Amsterdam

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Star Alliance opened up its latest branded lounge at Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport on Friday giving travelers passing through another option of somewhere to spend some time before their next flight.

Opening Times & Location

The lounge is open daily between 05:30 and 21:30 and is to be found airside in the Departures 2, Schengen Area on the Panorama terrace level.

if you know where the Aspire Lounge is then head in that direction and you’ll find the Star Alliance lounge next door (Aspire manages the Star Alliance lounge too).

Access To The Lounge

The following passengers can access the new Star Alliance lounge:

  • Star Alliance First & Business Class flyers
  • Star Alliance Gold Card holders
  • Air Canada Maple Leaf Worldwide Club members
  • United Club members

Note: This lounge is open to departing passengers only and is not open as an arrivals lounge to passengers terminating their journey in Amsterdam or to Star Alliance flyers connecting on into Europe in non-premium cabins.

The New Star Alliance Lounge At Schiphol

The lounge can hold up to 150 passengers and includes the following facilities:

  • A luggage storage area
  • Individual work booths
  • Communal work table
Star Alliance Lounge Amsterdam
Image courtesy of Star Alliance
  • Dining area
  • Bar area
  • A wine bar
    Star Alliance Lounge Amsterdam
    Image courtesy of Star Alliance

    Star Alliance Lounge Amsterdam
    Image courtesy of Star Alliance
  • A relaxation area
Star Alliance Lounge Amsterdam
Image courtesy of Star Alliance
Star Alliance Lounge Amsterdam
Image courtesy of Star Alliance

There is a staffed bar during afternoon hours offering wines, spirits, and beer on tap (flyers can serve themselves when no staff are on duty) and a complimentary buffet with hot and cold meal options is available for flyers looking for something to eat.

Star Alliance Lounge Amsterdam
Image courtesy of Star Alliance

Business services such as printing and scanning are also available as well as complimentary reading materials and ‘personal care amenities’ upon request.

Star Alliance Lounge Amsterdam
Image courtesy of Star Alliance


Clearly it’s hard just to tell from pictures alone but the lounge looks very nice indeed and should be a great place to relax, unwind or get some work done before a short-haul intra-Europe flight.

The details which have been provided don’t mention anything about shower facilities so I’m left to believe that none have been provided…and that’s a shame.

It’s possible that space constraints forced Star Alliance to choose between more room for passengers and shower facilities (if that’s the case I can understand why they chose the path they did – this is a lounge for short-haul flights after all) but this is still a slight downside to the new facility.

Overall, however, the new Star Alliance lounge looks great and the next time I find a good award redemption that routes me through Amsterdam it will be top of my list to check out.


  1. I’m curious to know… There is a Lufthansa lounge in the Schengen area. Does the new star alliance lounge take the place of the Lufthansa lounge? Or is it in addition to it?

  2. Hi Ziggy – its important to note that this lounge only allows access to a certain subset of passengers DEPARTING on Star Alliance. This is not mentioned in your review and might be important for those coming from the US expecting to find a place of comfort after a long flight, only to be disappointed.

    I just flew overnight Polaris Business class from the US and was turned away even though I had a connecting flight on SAS, presumably because the short SAS flight wasn’t in “Business Class” (not available on the flight from AMS-OSL even if I had wanted it). The staff at the front desk was not only unsympathetic but gleeful in turning me and some others in line away. Sounds like something United needs to address (not only the employee with the terrible attitude but the policy itself).

    • Thanks for the suggestion – I’ve added a few lines to the “Access to the Lounge” paragraph which now (hopefully) cover the issue you faced. Let me know if you think any more needs to be said.

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